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00:21 Hello friends and welcome to
00:23 Books of the Book.
00:24 We are continuing our study
00:26 in the book of Daniel.
00:27 We are in Daniel Chapter 12.
00:29 My names is James Rafferty.
00:30 James, this brings us to our
00:33 final study in the book
00:34 of Daniel.
00:36 In Chapter 12 and there
00:37 is so much material here.
00:38 There is no way we are going
00:39 to be able to exhaust all
00:41 the material, there are time prophecies for example.
00:44 We really do need to direct our viewers to so
00:51 that they can get the detailed studies and time prophecy
00:54 chart that explains the time prophecies of Daniel
00:57 Chapter 12 as well as the other time prophecies in the
00:59 book of Daniel in detail.
01:01 Having said that, let's cover as much as we can in
01:04 Daniel Chapter 12.
01:05 Well Daniel 12, verse 1 is really a continuation of
01:09 Daniel Chapter 11.
01:11 We have looked at the Chapter before it as a summation
01:16 of all of all the different prophetic visions of the book
01:19 of Daniel 2, 7 and 8 and at the same time we recognize that
01:22 this prophecy in Daniel 11 takes us all the way down to
01:25 the very end of time.
01:27 In a time when all the powers of this earth unite
01:31 economically, militarily and in the contrast when the gospel,
01:35 the good tidings, the new covenant message is being
01:38 preached to every nation, kindred, and tongue, and people.
01:41 There is a time when this power establishes itself between
01:44 the seas and glorious mountain, "he comes to his end and"
01:47 "none shall help him because at that time," verse 1 of
01:50 Chapter 12, "Michael shall stand up. "
01:52 Who is Michael?
01:53 He is the great Prince which "stands for the children of"
01:56 "your people and there shall be a time of trouble such as"
01:59 "never was since there was a nation. "
02:00 Even at that same time, "at that time shall thy people be"
02:04 "delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the"
02:08 "book. " Powerful!
02:09 Well first of all let's revisit the subject of Michael.
02:12 In our study on Chapter 10 of Daniel we identified Michael and
02:17 were very careful to identify Him as the pre-incarnate
02:23 Jesus Christ, and yet to carefully point out that by
02:28 identifying Michael as Jesus, before His incarnation,
02:32 this in no way indicates that Jesus is a created being,
02:36 or one of the angelic host but rather the chief of the
02:38 Angels, the one under whose charge are all the angelic
02:42 armies of heaven.
02:44 We know that Michael is Jesus for a number of reasons.
02:48 Among them Michael, the name means one who is like God.
02:55 Jesus when He came to this world was identified as One
02:59 who is like God.
03:01 He is the perfect radiant, beautiful Revelation of the
03:04 character of the Father.
03:06 He has brought that Revelation into our world in His
03:10 person, in His sacrifice on the cross, in His resurrection,
03:13 His ascension to the throne of heaven,
03:16 and His mediation in the heavenly sanctuary.
03:18 The entire ministry of Jesus communicates to us the
03:22 character of God, Jesus is Michael for that reason.
03:26 But also we know that Michael is Jesus because He is
03:30 identified throughout the book of Daniel as the Prince
03:33 of the host, the Prince of the covenant I should say.
03:37 Prince of the people of Israel.
03:40 And Messiah the Prince, and right here the great Prince
03:43 which stands for the children of Your people.
03:45 We know that is pointing to our Savior, our Messiah
03:49 Jesus Christ and we see Him standing up.
03:52 Which means that He is now going to take His place,
03:55 His position as ruler of the kingdoms of this world.
03:59 The kingdoms of this world are going to fall, as it has
04:01 been depicted in the image of Daniel 2.
04:04 Michael is going to stand up and these kingdoms are going
04:07 to become God's kingdom.
04:09 They are going to again be reestablished and God's throne
04:13 is going to be established upon this earth.
04:14 It will be reestablished under the leadership,
04:16 the headship of Jesus Christ.
04:18 Anything and everything that happens on this earth
04:21 from this time on is going to be fully controlled
04:24 by Jesus Christ.
04:25 This is referring back to Chapter 7 where it says that the
04:29 kingdom will be delivered into the hands of Jesus, the Son
04:33 of man, in Chapter 7.
04:35 The Saints of the most high God will participate in that
04:39 victory and will become the processors of the kingdom of
04:43 God with Jesus.
04:45 Revelation 3 says we will sit on thrones with Him, we will
04:47 rule with Him, so we have this beautiful picture of the
04:52 establishment of God's kingdom.
04:53 We have in the context of Daniel Chapter 12 a happy ending.
04:58 The happy ending to intense struggle that has taken place
05:00 over the years, over the centuries and all the way down
05:04 to the time at the end.
05:05 The time in which we live, time future to our time.
05:08 We do not know how much future it is to our time.
05:10 A time when the struggles between a religious liberty and
05:14 the trust and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ is
05:17 contrasted with another gospel, another Jesus, another
05:22 message and that battle takes us all the way down to the
05:25 time Michael stands up to deliver us.
05:27 Before the happy ending,
05:28 verse 1 of Daniel 12 says,
05:30 the point at which Michael
05:33 stands up is a time in history
05:35 when there is a time of trouble such as never was since
05:39 there was a nation.
05:41 That sounds like a pretty serious time in history.
05:44 It is an intense time and I
05:47 do not think there is a person
05:48 in the world today who would
05:49 not recognize that we are
05:50 heading to that kind of time.
05:52 We are heading to a time of trouble such as never was.
05:54 It's going to get worse before it gets better according
05:57 to Matthew Chapter 24, it's going to be like a woman
05:59 travailing in pain to give birth.
06:02 We are going to see it intensify and become more frequent,
06:06 intense with natural disasters, with wars and rumors of
06:08 wars, we are going to see the leaders, the presidents,
06:11 the rulers of this world seeking to work together more and
06:15 more to try to alleviate in some way the economic downfall
06:20 and all the different factions that are developing and
06:24 crises that are developing all over the world.
06:26 We are going to see everything they try to do utterly fail in
06:29 the end and the only solution, the only bomb, the only hope
06:32 for us is to put our complete trust in the kingdom and power
06:35 of Jesus Christ.
06:37 James this time of trouble such as never was since there
06:40 has been a nation referred to in Daniel Chapter 12 is
06:44 brought to view in Matthew Chapter 24, that you were just
06:47 quoting from.
06:48 I want to point out that as these signs of the times,
06:52 as we often referred to them in Matthew 24, unfold it says
06:57 there is going to be war, kingdom will rise against
07:00 kingdom, nation against nation.
07:01 It says there's going to be famine and pestilence in
07:04 verse 7, it says there's going to be natural disasters,
07:07 earthquakes increasing obviously because verse 8 says
07:11 that this is the beginning of sorrows, or birth pains, which
07:15 the original language indicates that this is like
07:19 a woman who has gone into labor.
07:22 The symbolism is that her contractions become more and
07:26 more intense and more and more frequent.
07:28 So Jesus is telling us that there have been these things
07:32 all through history, wars and rumors of wars and
07:35 pestilence and earthquakes etc..
07:37 All of this stuff has been going on throughout human
07:39 history but it is going to become more intense, more
07:42 frequent as we near the end of time.
07:44 Then Jesus says in verse 9, "they will deliver you up to"
07:48 "tribulation," that is to trouble.
07:50 "They will kill you and you will be hated by all nations"
07:54 "for my namesake. "
07:56 I think that it is interesting that Jesus says you will
07:59 be hated by all nations.
08:01 It sounds there are like there is going to be an alliance
08:05 between nations.
08:06 We see all the present situation in the world,
08:10 we see history moving toward a unification of
08:15 powers in the world.
08:17 A unification economically first and foremost.
08:21 Unification ultimately it seems is going to involve
08:26 military and maybe legislative unity, this is a uniting
08:34 of powers to persecute God's people at the end of time.
08:37 Hated of all nations for My namesake.
08:41 Absolutely, in fact you look at this and there is another
08:44 word that pops out at you and that is the word name.
08:46 For His namesake, the name, the character of God.
08:50 The person of God, the person of Jesus Christ.
08:52 You look at another prophecy that I think is really
08:55 interesting and it is found in Malachi.
08:57 This one really parallels what we are reading here in
09:01 Daniel Chapter 12, because Daniel 12 verse 1 closes with
09:06 this statement.
09:07 It says, "and at that time your people will be delivered"
09:10 "everyone that is found written in the book. "
09:12 In what book?
09:14 Will look at Malachi Chapter 3 in verse 16.
09:17 It says here, "then they that fear the Lord spoke often"
09:23 "one to another, and the Lord hearkened and heard it,"
09:26 "in a book of remembrance was written before him for them"
09:30 "that feared the Lord and thought upon his name. "
09:35 "They shall be mine said the Lord of hosts in that day"
09:38 "when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man"
09:40 "spares his own son that serves him. "
09:43 Here is the people who were serving God, a people who are
09:46 meeting together often and speaking together often about
09:50 the Lord and our thinking upon the name,
09:53 and the character of God.
09:55 These people are written in a book, they are the ones that
09:58 are found written in this book and therefore will be
10:01 delivered in this time of trouble such as never was.
10:04 So what this is telling us Ty, is that the key element,
10:08 the most important aspect of preparation for what is ahead,
10:12 the crises that we are in and are moving deeper
10:15 and deeper into, is spiritual preparation.
10:19 It is spending time in the word of God and focusing on
10:22 the Lord of the word of God, on Jesus Christ our Savior.
10:26 Becoming more like Him in character.
10:28 Having His name written in our foreheads.
10:30 That is what is going to carry us through this time of
10:32 trouble such as never was.
10:34 It is logical and it makes sense to prepare ourselves for
10:40 this end time crisis, economically.
10:43 It would be very wise for us to strategically put ourselves in
10:49 a position where during this time of trouble
10:52 we are not indebted heavily so we are not a part of it.
10:56 We are not drastically affected by the economic troubles
11:01 that are going to come.
11:02 But that is not really what Bible prophecy is pointing
11:04 us to, I mean that is just wisdom, but not what is
11:07 spoken of here.
11:08 Daniels prophecy is telling us that we need to be
11:11 absolutely certain that our names are written in
11:13 the Book of Life.
11:15 We need to be partakers of the grace of God and put ourselves
11:20 in Christ by faith, and be certain that eternity is ours
11:26 by God's grace through faith.
11:29 That is what is going to carry us through this time of
11:32 trouble into eternity future.
11:34 Absolutely, when you look back on the
11:35 life of God's people.
11:37 When you look back on the life
11:38 of His followers of not only
11:40 the New Testament followers and
11:42 believers, but the Old Testament
11:44 followers and believers.
11:45 Over and over again they
11:46 went through trials and
11:47 persecutions and mockings and misunderstandings.
11:50 They lost their goods and had no certain place to dwell.
11:54 You look at the early church, and look at Paul, he was in
11:57 prison, he was beaten, he was jailed, he was stoned,
12:00 and he was shipped wrecked.
12:01 But he was able to endure all of that, Why?
12:04 Because he had his focus on Jesus.
12:06 He knew nothing among the people but Jesus Christ
12:09 and Him crucified.
12:10 He was embedded and saturated in the gospel of Jesus Christ
12:14 and that is what God is calling us to friends.
12:16 God is calling us to put our entire focus, our entire trust
12:19 in Jesus Christ and His righteousness.
12:22 To trust in Him with everything we have.
12:24 To seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness
12:27 and all these other things will be added unto us.
12:30 This is why we see this specific warning,
12:35 this specific directive given to us in the context of
12:38 Michael standing up.
12:40 Only those who are found written in the book and parallel
12:42 that with Malachi Chapter 3.
12:44 Those who think upon and focus upon the name and character
12:47 of Jesus Christ.
12:48 It is interesting to note James that when we come to
12:51 Chapter 12 of Daniel through verse 3, this is a
12:55 continuation of Daniel's vision in Chapter 11.
12:59 Everything that we have been told so far up to verse 3 is
13:02 Daniel in vision receiving instruction, words directly
13:06 from the angel, Gabriel.
13:08 This means friends that we need to give special attention
13:12 to these words and point by point unpack what it is that
13:16 Gabriel has been instructing Daniel.
13:19 And through Daniel to us who live at the time when this
13:23 vision is to be fulfilled.
13:25 So when we come back after the break, we are going to
13:27 continue our study of Daniel Chapter 12.


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