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00:15 I'd like to invite you to take your study guide out,
00:19 I want to begin with a little bit of review. Last night
00:23 we looked at this metal man, let's read our first paragraph
00:27 on your study guide, it says: Here at the Discovery Prophecy
00:31 seminar we believe that Jesus is coming soon, is there
00:35 anyone else out there that shares that conviction
00:36 that Jesus is coming soon. I'm going to give you reason
00:39 tonight why we believe that. We ask the question:
00:41 how do we know that this is true, and how soon is soon?
00:44 People have been saying for centuries, people have been
00:47 saying for decades that He's coming soon, and that raises
00:50 the question, how soon is soon? How can we be sure
00:54 that the second coming really is imminent?
00:57 Fortunately, the Bible powerfully, compellingly,
00:59 and clearly answers these very questions.
01:01 Let's turn our attention to the Bible and see what it has
01:03 to say about this important topic.
01:05 Let's do a little bit of review. Just there, a quick review
01:08 of Daniel 2.
01:10 A great metal man of Daniel 2 tells the story of the history
01:16 of this planet. The 5 elements of that image:
01:20 gold, silver, brass, iron and clay represent
01:24 the 5 major kingdoms from the time of Daniel
01:28 to the setting up of God's kingdom. [text on screen]
01:43 Daniel, in about 150 words accurately foretells
01:47 2500 years of earth's history beginning in the time
01:51 in which he lived, Babylon, moving through the whole
01:54 sweep of history, down to divided Rome;
01:57 today what we'd called modern Europe.
01:59 Today we live in those feet of iron and clay,
02:03 partly strong and partly weak, and the very next thing
02:08 that happened is that God would set up His own kingdom,
02:13 and it was represented by a stone,
02:17 and where did it hit the image?
02:21 It hit the image in the feet and it smashed the gold,
02:24 the silver, the bronze, and the iron to bits.
02:27 Then it says that that stone that struck the image
02:29 grew and became a great mountain.
02:33 Look at the last part of that paragraph, the second
02:38 to the last sentence says: The dream applied to
02:42 the latter days. The kingdom of God is at hand.
02:47 As you take a look at that image, that great timeline
02:49 that moves us through the sweep of history
02:51 from 600 years before the time of Jesus until now,
02:54 I want you to notice that there is nothing bellow the feet,
02:58 that's it. As we said last night,
03:00 God said there would be Babylon, and there was Babylon, number 1.
03:03 God said that there would be Medo-Persia and there was
03:05 Medo-Persia, number 2. God said that there would be
03:07 Greece and there was Greece, number 3.
03:09 God said that there would be Rome, and there was Rome,
03:10 number 4. God said that Rome would be divided
03:12 and it was divided, number 5.
03:13 And God said that Rome would remain divided, and it has
03:16 remained divided despite the overtures of some of the
03:18 so called great men of history, and it has remained
03:21 divided to this day. The very next thing to happen
03:24 is that God will set up His own kingdom, that's the next thing.
03:28 So someone might ask, legitimately and rightfully:
03:32 when will that happen? And that is our message tonight.
03:35 We asked the question last night: what would you wager
03:39 if you were a gambling person, what would you wager?
03:42 Just think it through, you don't have to be a religious person,
03:45 you don't have to be a theologian, you don't have
03:47 to be a super spiritual person, just to think about
03:49 this logically. We discussed already
03:52 that historians tell us about the past, and news anchor people
03:56 tell us about the present, but God alone can tell us
04:00 about the future. And God is sending us a signal
04:03 in the apocalyptic books of Daniel and Revelation.
04:06 He's saying that it's getting nearer and nearer,
04:09 now you're going to ask: how much more time
04:11 do we have? The answer is: I don't know,
04:14 but I'll show you tonight, I don't think we have
04:16 much time left.
04:18 The stone that struck the image became a great mountain
04:21 and filled the whole earth. The end of all things,
04:25 is it here, is it near, or is it mere fear?
04:31 This is not just something that theologians and Bible scholars
04:35 are dealing with, not at all, even popular media magazines
04:39 like Newsweek and Time: "Prophecy, what the Bible"
04:43 "says about the end of the world."
04:44 If you can see the writing here: "The end of the world?!"
04:47 "Apocalypse Now", "Will Computers Melt Down?"
04:50 "Will Society a Guide to Millennium Madness?"
04:53 It's not just popular culture that has an interest
04:57 in the end of all things, what's called apocalyptic studies.
05:00 Notice this remarkable quotation from a man by the name
05:02 of Bernard McGinn from the University of Chicago
05:05 Divinity School, he says: [text on screen]
05:16 In other words, from an academic point of view, from a scholastic
05:19 point of view, there is more research, more study,
05:22 in the last day events in the last 30 years than in
05:25 the foregoing, in the previous 300 years.
05:28 Not only is there an increase in the common media,
05:31 in the mass media, even scholars
05:33 are interested in what is going on, it's almost like there is
05:37 something tangible, something palpable in the air,
05:41 people have a sense that something is about to happen,
05:45 and I would say that has increased 10 fold since 9/11.
05:49 The post 9/11 world is a very different world
05:52 than the pre 9/11 world, and everything is in flux,
05:56 people are wondering: what is going on?
06:00 I want to tell you tonight, and I believe this with all
06:02 of my heart, with all of my soul, with every bit
06:06 of my being, that the Bible alone can give us real,
06:10 compelling and true answers about what is going on
06:14 in the world today. The politicians do not
06:17 have the answer. They might have some
06:19 of the answers, and they'll do their best, and hey listen,
06:23 fine fine fine, but they don't have the ultimate answers.
06:26 The world religious leaders, many of them do not
06:29 have the answers, God alone has the answers as to
06:32 what's happening, he's given them to us in His Word,
06:35 and we can know them if we'll study and look at them.
06:38 The end of the world, is it here, near, or mere fear?
06:42 You might be saying: "Well that's religious talk David".
06:46 Look at your study guide, the subheading says:
06:48 What do the experts say?
06:52 It is not only the Bible and Bible believers that insist
06:56 we are living in strange and unusual time,
06:58 you say, "Awe, that's religious talk; you wild eyed"
07:01 "religious fanatics have been saying these kinds of things"
07:04 "a long time. Oh sure, Jesus is coming,"
07:06 "oh sure, the end of the world is coming, we've heard it"
07:09 "all before." Let me tell you something,
07:12 I was not a Bible believer, I had no interest in things
07:15 religious, I had no interest in things Christians,
07:18 23 years old, I had no interest in these things
07:21 and God got my attention and I think I can say
07:24 with a degree of objectivity that we are living
07:27 in strange and unusual times. The world appears to be
07:30 coming apart at the seams, do you tend to agree with that
07:32 or disagree with that? [Audience replies] Agree.
07:36 I want to show you tonight that it is not just so called
07:38 religious people that believe we are living in strange
07:41 and unusual times. In fact, you'll notice that
07:44 in your study guide. Many recognized experts
07:46 and authorities in various fields suggest that we are
07:50 living in an extraordinary and unique period of earth's history
07:54 Many of these individuals are not writing from a Biblical,
07:58 or a so called theological perspective.
08:01 They're simply writing from an observational and an evidentiary
08:04 perspective, they see that the evidence points in a fearful
08:08 and unusual direction.
08:15 I cite for you this evening as case in point Nr.1
08:19 a man by the name of Eugene Linden. Eugene Linden is an
08:22 award winning journalist and several years ago
08:25 he wrote a book entitled "The Future in Plain Sight",
08:29 the subtitle of the book was: 9 Clues to the Coming Instability.
08:34 When Mr. Linden says "the coming instability", again, he's not
08:39 writing from a religious perspective, he's not writing
08:41 from a Biblical perspective, not at all.
08:43 When he uses that language, "the coming instability",
08:46 sometimes he calls it "massive global instability",
08:49 that secular code speak for "the end of the world as we"
08:54 "know it", "9 Clues to the Coming Instability".
08:57 Let me share with you very quickly Eugene Linden's
09:01 concerns, notice, none of them are Biblical,
09:04 none of them are so called religious reasons.
09:07 This is what he says, we're not going to spend time
09:09 going into them, but let's just look at a few of them.
09:11 He says: [text on screen]
09:26 [In regard to Nr.5] The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
09:30 He says it's reaching epidemic proportions, he goes on:
09:33 [text on screen]
09:40 [In regard to Nr.8] - He cites both a resurgence of old
09:42 diseases and a resilience of modern diseases,
09:44 he says that the diseases are getting smarter and more
09:47 resilient to antibiotics, etc. [text on screen]
09:52 Notice again, Dr. Linden is not writing from a Biblical
09:56 perspective, and he says we are living in strange, unusual,
10:00 and extraordinary times.
10:03 I cite for you now a man that is considered by many
10:06 to be the single greatest scientific mind on the planet.
10:09 With a raising of hands, how many of you are familiar
10:12 with who this man is: Dr. Stephen Hawking,
10:14 many of you would be. He's authored the best selling
10:18 science book of all time. It's a book entitled
10:20 "A brief history of time", again, he's considered
10:23 by many to be the greatest scientific mind on the planet,
10:26 he's hailed as Einstein's successor.
10:28 You're looking at his picture and you're thinking he doesn't
10:30 look like he's very fit, like he's very well,
10:33 and that's exactly right, he has a terrible disease,
10:36 Lou Gehrig's Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,
10:39 he can't even speak as a matter of fact, all he has
10:41 is just a very small amount of movement in one
10:44 of his fingers, which he is able to use on a very sophisticated
10:47 computer and craft sentence, he does presentations.
10:52 He spoke recently at a group, convention of academic leaders
10:59 and others, and this is how Dr. Stephen Hawking concluded
11:05 his lecture that was entitled: "Is mankind determined or free?"
11:10 I want you to notice this, the language is a little obtuse,
11:13 and I apologize for that, but you'll get the thrust of it
11:16 right away. Dr. Stephen Hawking said this:
11:20 [text on screen]
11:24 He believes in the process of evolution, we'll talk more
11:26 about that maybe in our seminar. [text on screen]
11:45 You see what he's saying is: "I'm very concerned."
11:49 The man holds the Sir Isaac Newton Chair of Mathematics
11:52 at Cambridge University, he says "I'm concerned."
11:56 Notice what he says next, here's his solution: [text on screen]
12:06 He said this 6 years ago, [continues to read]
12:21 You see what he's saying "We're living in strange times,"
12:23 "we're living in unusual times", he says "I'm concerned"
12:26 "for the long-term survival of our species, however,"
12:28 "if we can just keep from destroying one another"
12:30 "for 100 years, technology will have been developed"
12:32 "and you man might go to Mars, and you man might go"
12:35 "to another planet, we can go to different planets and then"
12:37 "no one tragedy or atrocity will eradicate us all"
12:40 "at the same time." Am I the only person here
12:43 that thinks that that sounds just a little crazy?
12:46 [Audience laughs]
12:47 Now that is not out of disrespect to Dr. Hawking,
12:49 he's a brilliant man, he's a wonderful man, I hope that
12:52 the man is converted and accepts the Lord Jesus as his personal
12:55 Saviour, the point is that that is a little strange.
12:58 I found this cover here from Time Magazine, I thought
13:02 it was kind of cute, they show a sort of astronaut looking man
13:04 walking his robodog, and it says "In the future will we?"
13:08 That's exactly what Dr. Stephen Hawking is advocating,
13:13 he says: "Hey look, this planet is waxing old like a garment,"
13:16 "this planet is groaning under the weight of all of these"
13:20 "different things", this worries him, not from a religious
13:23 perspective, not from a Biblical perspective,
13:26 not from a theological perspective, simply from
13:29 a scientific or observational perspective.
13:31 Let's turn our attention to the Bible.
13:34 I cite these instances for you, and we'll give a few more
13:37 momentarily to show that this is not just wild eyed,
13:39 so called "religious fanatics" that believe we're living
13:42 in strange and unusual times. In fact, I would say
13:45 if you don't think we're living in strange and unusual times,
13:47 you're not paying attention. I saw a bumper sticker
13:50 the other day that said "If you're not outraged,"
13:54 "you're not paying attention." [Audience laughs]
13:57 [text on screen]
14:04 1 out of ever 25 verse, it is the preeminent theme,
14:08 one of them, of the New Testament.
14:10 Let me give you 5 verse from the book of Revelation,
14:12 they're all right there in your study guide,
14:15 and what I want you to notice is that all of these
14:17 verse have something in common, see if you can pick it out.
14:20 Revelation 1:7, John says: [text on screen]
14:49 The Bible has promised those that put their faith
14:51 in Jesus a crown of righteousness, He says:
14:53 "I'm coming quickly, hold on so that no one else"
14:56 "gets the crown that belongs rightfully to you."
14:58 Revelation 22:7: [text on screen]
15:06 "That book" being the book of Revelation, [continues to read]
15:26 5 times "I'm coming quickly", what do these verse
15:30 have in common? There's a sense of urgency here.
15:34 God is saying it's not time to be lackadaisical,
15:37 it's not time to be lazy anymore.
15:39 You say "wait a minute, the book of Revelation was written"
15:42 "2000 years ago", you're right, but in the book of Revelation
15:45 there is a key that lets us know when quickly
15:48 is really quickly. And notice that in your
15:51 study guide: what do these verse have in common?
15:53 There's a sense of urgency in every one of them.
15:56 Clearly the second coming is a prominent component
15:59 of Revelation, it is the capstone of the book,
16:02 the whole Bible and of God's plan of salvation.
16:06 But notice the next subheading: how quick is quick?
16:10 How soon is soon? And how close is close?
16:14 These are excellent questions, these are the very kinds
16:17 of questions that people ask today, they might say
16:19 something like this: "People have been saying for years"
16:22 "that Jesus would return, how do you know that"
16:24 "He actually will?" Is there anyone in here
16:26 today that has heard something like that, a variation of that,
16:29 you tried to share with a family member, tried to share
16:31 with a friend and he said: "Come on, people have been"
16:33 "saying that forever, how do you really know?"
16:34 Raise your hands if you've heard that before.
16:36 Sure, many of us have heard it before, and it's sometimes
16:38 said with kind of a snicker, a snide sense of
16:41 "come on, get over it." Notice this,
16:44 the key is in our next verse which is also in Revelation,
16:47 Revelation 16:15: [text on screen]
17:04 Now this is not speaking about literal nakedness,
17:06 it's speaking about spiritual nakedness, which is what happens
17:08 when you've not put your faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
17:11 That's not the main thing we want to look at right now
17:14 though, what I want you to see is that the operative word
17:16 in this passage is that word right there that begins
17:20 with a "w": "watches".
17:23 In fact, you'd write that in right there, it says:
17:26 What is the operative word in this passage?
17:28 And the word is "watch". The word "watch" means
17:32 "to look", "to see". If you remember those verses
17:36 that we were just quoting from Revelation,
17:38 all the ones that are listed, many of them began
17:40 with the word "behold"; what does the word "behold" mean?
17:46 What does that mean? "Beauty is in the eye"
17:49 "of the beholder", what does it mean to behold?
17:52 It means to look. So you have this reverberating
17:55 bottom line, they're saying "Look! Look!"
18:00 And then here he says: "blessed is he who looks."
18:04 Very interesting, let me show you several other verses,
18:06 in fact, I think I've got them all for you:
18:08 Matthew 24:42 right there, take this home and study it
18:11 yourself, Jesus speaking, He says: [text on screen]
18:19 Notice Jesus says "watch". 1 Thessalonians 5:4,6,
18:26 the apostle Paul, notice what he says: [text on screen]
18:36 There's that language again, many people have heard
18:38 that language "He comes as a thief", many people
18:40 don't know what that means, we'll talk about that
18:43 in another presentation, "that Day" is the second coming,
18:46 notice verse 6: [text on screen]
18:53 Paul knew that there would be people that would be asleep,
18:55 Paul knew that there would be people that would say
18:58 "[Yawns] Oh yeah, we've heard that all before."
19:00 "No! Let us not therefore sleep as others do, but let us watch"
19:05 "and be sober" - that means be serious minded.
19:09 It doesn't mean you can't have a little fun, nobody in this
19:11 room likes to have fun more than David Asscherick,
19:13 I guarantee you that, you ask my wife, she'll tell you
19:15 that's the truth, but we should be sober minded
19:18 about the times in which we're living.
19:22 He says "watch", John in Revelation says "watch",
19:28 Jesus in the gospel of Matthew says "watch".
19:32 Here Paul is saying "watch", and Peter actually says
19:34 the same thing in 1 Peter 4:7: [text on screen]
19:47 John says "watch", Paul says "watch", " Peter says "watch",
19:50 Jesus says "watch", is there any question in anybody's
19:53 mind tonight that the Bible is telling us to watch
19:56 for something?
19:59 The question is: for what?
20:02 Does that sound good? It says: "keep your eye out,"
20:05 "I'll tell you, keep your eye out,"
20:08 but you're going to say "David, what am I keeping"
20:11 "my eye out for?"
20:13 Notice your study guide, what do all of these verses
20:18 have in common? They all deal with the end
20:20 of time. Each of those verses
20:22 we just looked up deal with the end of time.
20:25 All of these verses tell us to watch, but the question is:
20:31 for what? The disciples questioned Jesus
20:35 on one occasion about the end of the world.
20:40 Open your Bibles with me to Matthew 24,
20:46 first book of the New Testament, you can find that.
20:48 If you're sitting next to someone who has difficulty
20:50 finding it, just help them out, first book of
20:52 the New Testament, right between Malachi and Mark.
20:56 Matthew 24.
21:03 We're being told to watch and the question is for what?
21:09 And here's the answer, Matthew 24:1:
21:13 "Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple",
21:18 Jesus left the temple, "and His disciples"
21:21 "came to show Him the buildings of the temple,"
21:23 they were trying to cheer Him up, the reason
21:25 they were trying to cheer Him up if you read in the last
21:28 3 verse of the chapter before it, Jesus has left the temple
21:31 for the last time, in fact, He says in verse 37
21:34 of the previous chapter: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem,"
21:37 "the one who kills the prophets and stones those"
21:39 "who were sent to her, how often I wanted to gather"
21:42 "your children together as a hen gathers her chicks"
21:44 "under her wings, but you were not willing."
21:47 Never forget that, God is a gentlemen, He will not
21:51 force His way into your life, He begs and He hopes,
21:55 and He calls, and He pleads, but God will not force.
21:59 Jesus says "I wanted to bring you under my wings"
22:02 "as a hen gathers her chicks, but you were not willing."
22:04 Verse 38: "Your house is left to you desolate."
22:10 "For I say to you, you will see Me no more until you say,"
22:13 "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord",
22:15 and He walked out of the temple, that was the last time
22:18 that Jesus, the Messiah, the very one to whom
22:21 the temple pointed, would ever set foot in those precincts.
22:24 He walks out, His heart was burdened, His heart
22:26 was sad, He went up on a mountain called
22:29 the Mount of Olives, and the disciples could tell
22:31 there was something wrong. Jesus had begun His public
22:33 ministry, you might remember the story.
22:36 He went in and He threw all the money changers out,
22:38 remember that story? And He said: "take these things"
22:41 "out of here, you have made My Father's house a den of thieves"
22:44 So at the beginning of Jesus' ministry He said
22:46 "My Father's house", but here at the end He says
22:49 "Your house is left to you desolate."
22:51 3 and a half years earlier it was "My Father's house",
22:54 at the end of His ministry it's "your house", why?
22:57 Because the Jewish nation had consistently rejected
22:59 the evidences of Jesus' Messiahship, He says:
23:02 "hey, listen, what more can I do, you won't see Me again"
23:05 "until you say, Blessed is He who comes in the name"
23:06 "of the Lord." He goes up,
23:08 He sits on the Mount of Olives, the disciples come in verse 1,
23:10 we've already read it, to try and cheer Him up:
23:13 "Oh Jesus, look at how beautiful the temple is,"
23:15 "Oh Jesus, look at how the sun glistens off of its"
23:17 "glorious marble walls", but Jesus would not be comforted.
23:22 Look at verse 2, Jesus said: "Do you not see all these"
23:26 "things, assuredly I say unto you, not 1 stone will be"
23:31 "left here upon another that will not be thrown down."
23:35 The very thing that the disciples were trying to cheer
23:38 Jesus with, Jesus says: "do you see it all?"
23:40 "It's going to be destroyed, in fact, it'll be so destroyed,"
23:43 "so utterly decimated that there won't even be 1 stone"
23:46 "upon another; the temple destroyed, Jerusalem destroyed,"
23:50 and in the minds of the disciples they're thinking:"
23:51 "What?!"
23:52 "The destruction of the temple, the destruction of Jerusalem?"
23:55 "Surely He's talking about the end of the age,"
23:58 what the Greeks called the "eschaton",
24:01 "Oh, that must mean the end of all things".
24:05 Verse 3: "As He sat upon the Mount of Olives,"
24:08 "the disciples came to Him privately saying,"
24:11 "tell us when will these things be?"
24:14 "And what will be the sign of Your coming"
24:16 "and of the end of the world", or "the end of the age?"
24:23 The disciples thought they were asking 1 question,
24:28 "when will of all these things be and what will be"
24:30 "the sign of your coming and of the end of the age,"
24:33 but that's really 2 questions. What Jesus does is He
24:35 parallels the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD
24:39 under the Roman Emperor Titus, and the end of the world,
24:42 and that's really what Matthew 24 is,
24:44 it's this marvelous answer in which Jesus takes these 2 events
24:47 and interweaves them in a marvelous tapestry.
24:52 Let's look at our study guide, consider Matthew 24,
24:55 we're on the bottom of the second page.
24:59 In Matthew 24 Jesus deals with the issue of the end
25:03 of the world, in this chapter Jesus masterfully parallels
25:09 the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD with the destruction
25:16 of the world at the end of the age.
25:19 In this parallel Jesus employs 2 revealing and helpful
25:23 analogies for understanding the last days and the end
25:27 of the world. Let's look at these 2 analogies.
25:33 The first one is actually found in Matthew 24:8.
25:39 I'm reading this evening from the New King James Version,
25:42 it says: "All these are the beginning of sorrows".
25:49 How many of you have a translation that says
25:50 the same thing in Matthew 24:8? "All these are the beginning"
25:53 "of sorrows."
25:55 Who has a translation that says something different than that?
25:58 What does yours say? "Birth pangs",
26:00 that's exactly right, that's what the Greek word is.
26:02 Just as the RSV says here: "All of this is the beginning"
26:06 "of birth pangs", in other words, contraction, ladies.
26:10 That's the Greek word that Jesus is employing,
26:13 He was probably speaking in Aramaic, but here Jesus says
26:16 "All of this", all of what? We'll get there in just
26:18 a moment, He uses the analogy of contractions,
26:22 we'll come back to that.
26:23 He employs a second analogy as you turn the page
26:32 you can write this down, look in Matthew 24:32.
26:40 Jesus says: "Now learn this parable", a parable is a story
26:45 that illustrates a larger spiritual significance.
26:48 "Now learn this parable from the fig tree", that's interesting,
26:54 Jesus is going to teach us a story from a tree,
26:57 a lesson from a tree, "when its branch has already"
26:59 "become tender and puts forth leaves you know that Summer"
27:04 "is near." Now notice verse 33, He makes the application,
27:09 "So also when you see all these things, know that it",
27:15 "it" in the context is the second coming,
27:18 "know that it is near, even at the doors."
27:21 Jesus employs 2 analogies here, the 2 analogies are this:
27:26 [text on screen]
27:32 Those of us here in Michigan know what Jesus
27:34 is talking about. We don't have many fig trees,
27:36 but we have lots of other kinds of trees, and we have
27:38 winters here. I grew up in South Dakota,
27:41 and I know something about winters and we know
27:43 when Spring is just around the corner, or I should say
27:46 we think we know when Spring is just around the corner.
27:47 I've heard it said: "If you don't like the weather"
27:50 "in Michigan, wait 5 minutes." [Audience laughs]
27:52 Where I come from in South Dakota we have 2 seasons,
27:55 we have winter and road construction, seems like you
27:58 have the same right here in Michigan as well.
28:01 We know that something is about ready to happen when the leaves
28:05 begin to appear and the branch gets tender.
28:07 Jesus says: "Pay attention", He uses these 2 analogies;
28:13 labor pains and a budding fig tree, these analogies
28:18 have 3 things in common.
28:22 [text on screen]
28:35 [In regard to Nr.2] - that is they start here,
28:37 and they move toward here, and as they move,
28:41 they increase in frequency and in intensity.
28:45 And number 3: [text on screen]
28:48 The budding fig tree announces Summer, the labor pains
28:52 of a woman's contractions announce a child,
28:56 they all end at something, an event.
29:01 You say "what is it? What are these things"
29:02 "that we're supposed to watch for?"
29:04 Peter says "watch", John says "watch", Jesus says "watch",
29:07 Paul says "watch", we haven't even talked about
29:09 what we're watching for, but we know we should be watching
29:11 for something. He gives 2 parables,
29:13 the fig tree and the labor pains, these are visible,
29:17 progressive and climactic, and you say "what is it?"
29:21 Go back to Matthew 24, the disciples have asked Jesus
29:25 the question. Verse 3, "when will all of this happen?"
29:30 "What will be the sign of the end of the age?"
29:33 Jesus says in verse 4, the very first words
29:36 out of His mouth: "Take heed that no one deceives you."
29:41 In other words: "be careful that no one deceives you."
29:45 In fact He says that 3 times in this 1 chapter,
29:48 "be careful that no one deceives you."
29:52 Friends, the only thing that you can be guaranteed
29:56 that will keep you from being deceived is knowing
29:59 the Bible for yourself. I can stand up here
30:04 and say something wrong, in fact I'll tell you this,
30:05 if I ever do say something that's wrong, don't come back,
30:07 you don't have to come back. If what I say doesn't
30:09 come from the Bible, don't come back.
30:11 What I like to tell Christians is this:
30:13 you should know your Bible well enough to know when a minister
30:16 misquotes it.
30:19 You pay attention to me, sometimes I'll purposely
30:22 misquote it just to see if you're paying attention.
30:25 "That's not what it says, you hang in there."
30:27 Jesus gave these signs, He said "be careful that you're"
30:32 "not deceived", and He gives us 10 signs,
30:35 not all of them come from Matthew 24, but most of them do.
30:38 10 signs of the times. I just want to underscore
30:42 that these are not just religious people that say
30:45 these things, these are not just so called religious,
30:49 spiritual people that think that we're living
30:51 in strange and unusual time, people like Eugene Linden,
30:54 people like Dr. Stephen Hawking say: "Wow, we're living"
30:56 "in strange and unusual times". Jesus says
31:00 "I'll show you what it's going to be like."
31:04 Jesus gives 10 signs of the times, verse 5:
31:07 "For many will come in My name saying, I am the Christ,"
31:12 "and will deceive many." Notice it says that "many"
31:16 "will come in My name and will deceive many."
31:19 People will come and say "I am the Christ."
31:21 The very first sign that Jesus gives, signs in
31:24 the religious world, He says there will be a proliferation
31:27 of false Christs and false prophets; do we see that
31:30 in your day and age today? Sure, just quickly
31:33 off the top of my mind I've selected a few of them for you,
31:36 [text on screen]
31:46 Marshall Applewhite - he's the one in the background
31:48 of the picture, the man who led 39 people to kill themselves
31:51 in San Clemente, California, so that they could go
31:54 ride around in a spaceship behind the comet Hale-Bopp.
31:56 How many of you remember that one?
31:59 Jesus says that there will be "a state of general"
32:01 "religious confusion just before I return."
32:04 Isn't that the case?
32:08 Let's talk for a moment as a case in point just to show you
32:11 how naive and how gullible people can be.
32:13 I don't want to pick on anyone, no no, that's not my purpose,
32:16 I'm a friendly person, I love people, I love to spend time
32:19 with people, but let's just look at how gullible people can be.
32:24 Take for example, number 2, this Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda.
32:28 I introduced to this fellow about 6 months ago
32:30 when someone sent me a clip on the internet, a show
32:34 that he had done on NBC's Today Show, this guy claims
32:38 to be Jesus.
32:41 I was on his website just today, I thought you might like
32:44 to take a look at it, there's his official English website,
32:47 I'm not going to tell you the name of it, why should we
32:49 give this guy any more credit then he deserves?
32:52 He deserves no credit whatsoever, but if you can see
32:54 in the upper right hand corner, it says "The Man, Christ Jesus,"
32:57 "Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda is coming to the United States"
33:00 "of America, the Kings of kings and Lord of lords has arrived"
33:03 "in America." [Audience laughs]
33:06 This is the official release from his website,
33:08 this is a direct quote from his website, Mr. Miranda's website:
33:11 [text on screen]
33:36 The man has an estimated 5-10 million followers who genuinely
33:42 believe that he is Jesus Christ. You think this guy
33:46 is just whistling Dixie, you say "Oh David, that's no big deal,"
33:48 "there's a guy down my street that thinks he's Jesus Christ",
33:50 but has the guy down your street appeared on CNN?
33:53 Has the guy down your street appeared on CBS National News,
33:56 Fox News Live, NBC's Today show, and dozens of local and
33:59 Latino networks? Do a little Google search
34:02 on this guy, this guy claims to be Jesus, you watch
34:05 the interviews on Anderson Cooper.
34:07 Anderson Cooper says to him straight out "Are you Jesus?"
34:09 He says: "I'm Jesus and I'm greater than Jesus."
34:11 - [Audience] Oh no! - And then they cut away
34:14 to his followers and they're all rejoicing and dancing
34:16 around, holding up signs that say: "The Son of Man is here."
34:22 Now beloved, we don't want to make fun of anybody,
34:24 in fact, we want to pray, but the point is this:
34:27 the guy is a 60 year old ex-heroin addict who spent
34:30 time in prison, and you have hundreds of thousands,
34:33 potentially millions of people that say: "Jesus is here."
34:36 How could they possibly believe such a ridiculous thing?
34:39 They're not studying their Bibles. [Audience says amen]
34:45 Jesus said that's what it would be like just before He returned.
34:48 Other examples could be given.
34:49 Notice the next sign that Jesus gives, verse 6:
34:54 "And you will hear of wars and of rumors of wars."
34:57 "See that you are not troubled for all these things"
35:00 "must come to pass, but the end is not yet."
35:03 Do we live in a time when there are wars and rumors
35:06 of wars, yes or no? [Audience replies] Yes.
35:08 Atheistic philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said:
35:10 "the 20th century would be the bloodiest ever",
35:12 and he was right. [text on screen]
35:43 Jesus said that there would be wars and rumors of wars.
35:46 That reminds me of a story: a man by the name
35:49 of Richard J. Gatling drew this patent drawing
35:51 and submitted it to the US Patent Office, May 19, 1865,
35:56 you've probably seen the old west movies, and you'd turn
36:00 a crank and it was basically the first machine gun.
36:03 He was showing his patent to several arms manufacturers
36:06 and guns manufactures in his day, and they did
36:08 an unveiling and the people were walking around this gun
36:12 and they were all looking at it, and one of the gun
36:15 manufacturers looked at Mr. Gatling and said:
36:19 "But Mr. Gatling, won't this weapon make war"
36:23 "all the more terrible?"
36:28 "The loss of life will be so easy now, people can just"
36:31 "be mowed down in a moment, in a second."
36:33 "Mr. Gatling, won't this weapon make war more terrible?"
36:39 And Mr. Gatling, as the story goes, looked that man
36:41 right in the eye and he said "No, this weapon"
36:44 "will make war impossible."
36:48 What he was saying is this: people will see the futility
36:52 of war, it will be so easy to kill, that people see
36:56 how foolish it really is. How wrong was Mr. Gatling?
37:00 When today we have single weapons, single bombs
37:03 that can annihilate tens of thousands of people
37:07 in a moment. August 9, 1945,
37:10 73,884 people killed when a bomb was dropped
37:14 on Nagasaki, 3 days earlier, 60,000 were killed
37:17 when a bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, so wrong
37:21 was Mr. Gatling, the Gatling gun didn't make war more impossible,
37:24 it made it more terrible, and today we have weapons
37:26 of mass destruction, and weapons of war that could
37:30 destroy the planet multiplied hundreds of times over.
37:34 We live in an age where war is on proliferation,
37:36 not on the decrease, is this true, yes or no?
37:39 - [Audience replies] Yes. - Absolutely true.
37:41 Jesus said it would be just like that before He returned,
37:45 but Jesus went on, there are still more signs,
37:46 you're still there in Matthew 24:7:
37:49 "For nation shall rise against nation,"
37:52 "and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines,"
37:55 "and pestilences, and earthquakes in various places."
37:59 Famines: the United Nations tells us that: [text on screen]
38:12 Many countries are not blessed like the USA and are not
38:15 exporting countries, in fact, many countries produce
38:18 not enough food to feed their own population,
38:20 and if it wasn't for countries like the US,
38:23 many countries would literally wither up.
38:25 Suffering goes beyond these mere numbers,
38:27 here living in sterling heights, or wherever we live,
38:30 these just look like numbers on a screen, but these are
38:33 real people that are really dying of starvation,
38:35 can you think of a worse way to die?
38:38 [text on screen]
38:45 Jesus said that the last days would be marked by famines.
38:50 He said there would be pestilences, you say:
38:51 "What's a pestilence?"
38:53 A pestilence is not your kid brother or your kid sister,
38:56 [Audience laughs]
39:01 a pestilence is a noxious illness.
39:05 Do we live in an age of illnesses and diseases today?
39:08 Sure: [text on screen]
39:12 Some of these diseases you've never heard of before
39:15 10 years ago: [text on screen]
39:28 You just do a little Google search on flu epidemic
39:31 and there are many world health professionals that are
39:33 very concerned that if there was a flu outbreak,
39:36 it could literally kill millions of people.
39:40 [continues to read text]
39:44 Jesus said there would be earthquakes.
39:47 [text on screen]
39:52 I want you to notice what I say, I chose my language
39:54 very carefully, I didn't say: "The actual number"
39:57 "of earthquakes has increased," that's debatable.
39:59 You go on the USGS website, the Unite States Geological Survey,
40:02 and they seem to suggest that the number has not actually
40:04 increased, but I'll tell you what has increased,
40:06 Nr.1- we are more sophisticated now with our seismological
40:10 devices so we know that more are happening,
40:12 so there's the appearance of more, but Nr.2- because people
40:16 are moving towards more urban centers when earthquakes
40:19 do take place, instead of 1 or 2 or 5000 dying,
40:22 you have earthquakes where tens of thousands of people die,
40:25 like the tsunami that just happened, December 26, 2004,
40:29 in which 300,000 lost their lives in one of the greatest
40:33 natural disasters in all human experience, and it happened
40:37 because of an earthquake. Jesus said there would be
40:40 earthquakes, they would be deadly, they would be prominent.
40:45 The first 5 signs of the times, the last 5: [text on screen]
40:51 Jesus said in Luke 21:25,26: [text on screen]
41:04 "sea and the waves" - weren't we just talking about
41:07 the tsunami? [continues to read]
41:17 What He's saying is: "the world is going to look"
41:19 "like it's falling apart at the seams; the world is going"
41:21 "to look like it's going to hell in a hand basket,"
41:23 "and people are going to be basically fainting"
41:26 "and freaking out because they don't know what's happening."
41:30 Is that the world we live in? That is the world we live in!
41:33 If people would just take a moment to stop
41:35 and really look around, they'd see that things are not
41:38 business as usual, it's not status quo any longer,
41:42 but we have distractions that keep us occupied
41:45 so we're not paying attention to how things are really going,
41:47 I'll talk about that more in just a moment.
41:49 I collect these things, here's just a few magazine covers
41:53 that I scanned in, I don't know if you can read the writing,
41:57 but Discover Magazine is hardly a theological journal,
42:01 and here it says: "What in the world is wrong"
42:03 "with our weather?" They're asking that
42:05 from an evidentiary basis, not a religious basis.
42:08 The one there, Life Magazine: "The Year of the Killer Weather"
42:10 "Why has Nature Gone Mad?" And do I have to tell you
42:13 anything about hurricanes? Last year was the first time
42:15 in the history of recorded hurricanes where
42:19 the meteorologists had to go all the way through the 22-23
42:23 letters picked up and they had to start with alpha, beta,
42:27 gamma, etc.
42:31 We know about it, don't we? There is an environmental
42:34 connection, and there is an increasing number of scientists
42:37 and world leaders who are saying: "Yeah, I'll tell you"
42:39 "why the weather's getting worse, it's not just because"
42:41 "we're going through a cycle." People say: "Oh, you know"
42:44 "these meteorological, and climatological, these things"
42:47 "go in cycles", and some people are saying: "Yeah,"
42:50 "but we're accelerating the cycle by adding to it."
42:53 Listen, I'm not a scientist, but the world is not that big.
42:56 I know that because my home is in Wyoming
42:58 and my wife's family lives in California, and every year
43:00 we drive from Michigan to California, it doesn't take us
43:03 that long to do it really, we can do it in about 3 days,
43:05 and if you look at a map you can see you're going
43:08 from here to here. If it was possible to go around
43:12 the circumference of the earth, you'd just drive around,
43:14 it's not that big of a planet, I can get in an airplane
43:16 and be in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 15 hours.
43:19 You take all of us and millions more and you put them in
43:23 cars and those cars start running, SUVs and every other
43:26 kind of thing, it just makes sense to me that this
43:28 would start to have a deleterious effect on a fragile
43:31 environment, I don't think that's a political statement,
43:33 I think it's common sense.
43:37 Many are saying that we're living in strange and unusual
43:39 times when it comes to our environment.
43:42 There's a DVD that was just recently released,
43:44 this is not an endorsement of this DVD, it was a full length
43:47 movie motion picture that went in theaters, I didn't see it,
43:49 this is their website, it's called: "An Inconvenient Truth",
43:52 has anybody seen this? Absolutely amazing.
43:55 It is amazing, you can go to their website:
43:59, and basically they're saying:
44:02 "Listen, we're living in strange and unusual times."
44:05 The man, Eugene Linden that we cited earlier,
44:07 "The Future in Plain Sight", he just released a book
44:10 this year, 2006, entitled "The Winds of Change",
44:13 can you read the subtitle there? "Climate, Weather,"
44:16 "and the Destruction of Civilizations."
44:20 Eugene Linden is not the only one saying these kinds
44:22 of things; a very well respected and conservative
44:25 English scientist by the name of Dr. James Lovelock
44:28 has written a book called "The Revenge of Gaia",
44:31 "Earth's Climate Crisis and the Fate of Humanity."
44:34 Notice this from the opening introduction of his book,
44:37 he says: [text on screen]
44:49 In case you're saying, "Oh well, these are just those crazy"
44:51 "liberal scientists, these are those liberal scientists"
44:54 "that don't like George Bush, they publish these things"
44:57 "to get him out of office." Listen!
44:59 This is not a political statement,
45:02 I couldn't care less right now about politics,
45:04 I want to talk about God's word, but I'll tell you that this man
45:06 right here, do you know who this man is?
45:09 That's Tony Blair, this man is anything
45:12 but a liberal scientist. In fact, in his own country
45:15 he gets all kind of trouble because they say
45:17 George Bush has got him in his back pocket.
45:19 He's not the kind of person that would want to say
45:21 something to upset his relationship with the USA,
45:25 but look at the date, 10/31/06, that's 2 weeks ago,
45:28 or not even 2 weeks ago, about 1 week ago,
45:31 he did an appeal to world leaders at a science conference,
45:34 and this is what Mr. Blair said, again, not some radical,
45:37 renegade, liberal scientist, this is Tony Blair,
45:40 our ally in the war on terror, conservative, he said:
45:45 [text on screen]
45:57 If you've ever heard this man speak, he's not a wild eyed,
46:00 fanatic, not even close.
46:02 He's a very sober minded, very articulate, very intelligent
46:05 person. He says: [text on screen]
46:21 Okay, let's just say you disagree with him,
46:22 that's just your prerogative to disagree with him,
46:25 the point is this, even non- religious people say
46:28 we're living in unusual times, is that clear, yes or no?
46:31 [Audience replies] Yes. That's the point.
46:33 "Increasing violence." Do I need to say anything
46:35 about this?
46:36 Do we live in an increasingly violent society?
46:40 Nothing needs to be said here, whether it's the TV,
46:44 or Rap music, or video games, Lord have mercy,
46:47 look at these video games that people are playing,
46:50 it's so real.
46:52 I love it when they get these experts on these TV programs,
46:55 my parents used to live just outside of Columbine, Colorado.
46:58 In fact, they lived in Columbine when that terrible tragedy
47:01 took place and those 2 boys went in and killed 11-12
47:03 of their classmates, and then they'd have these experts
47:06 on CNN and C-Span and other places and they'd say:
47:08 "Now we'd like to ask you Dr. So-and-so,"
47:11 "we notice that these boys are listening to violent music"
47:13 "and they're playing violent video games, and they're"
47:16 "watching violent TV programs, do you think that it might"
47:18 "be possible that there is some causal explanation,"
47:22 "that maybe it's possible, perhaps, that the things"
47:26 "that they're exposing themselves to,"
47:28 "these media things are causing them to do this?"
47:31 "Well, you know..." [Audience laughs]
47:34 "...we're not sure." And I'm thinking: "AHH, the whole world"
47:37 "has gone insane." [Audience laughs]
47:42 We don't need to say anything about an increasingly
47:44 violent society, Jesus said that the love of many
47:47 would wax cold, and that the thoughts of men would be
47:49 only on evil continually at the end of time.
47:53 Pleasure driven society, Nr.8. Is that the society
47:57 that we live in today? Oh Lord, have mercy!
48:00 Jesus says at the end of time the pornography business
48:03 will be booming, Jesus says at the end of time
48:06 everybody's going to be interested in sports,
48:09 Jesus says at the end of time TV is going to be huge,
48:12 at the end of time cinema houses are going to be huge.
48:15 Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure! Why is pleasure so much
48:18 on our minds? I'll tell you exactly
48:20 why it's on our minds, because we're looking for distractions
48:23 to keep our minds out of what is really happening
48:25 in the world today.
48:27 There's actually a psychological phenomenon here
48:29 called "compartmentalization", it's when, just imagine with me,
48:33 you think you're going on vacation to Orlando.
48:35 You say you've got the whole family loaded up
48:37 in the SUV, and you're going to Orlando, and you think
48:40 you're on your way to Orlando, you're all happy:
48:42 "This is going to be great in Orlando, can't wait"
48:44 "to get on that beach", and you pass a sign and the sign
48:48 says "Akron, Ohio", and you think: "Huh, that's alright,"
48:52 "we're on our way to Orlando, turn up the iPod",
48:54 driving on your way; and you pass another sign
48:57 that says: "Columbus". "Ahh, never mind that sign"
49:00 "anyway, we're on our way to Orlando, just turn up"
49:02 "the music", that's the experience that many
49:04 are having: there are signs and indicators that the world
49:08 is falling apart at the seems, but we just turn it up,
49:11 turn up the pleasure so we don't have to think
49:13 about what's really happening in the world today,
49:15 are you follow me everyone? [Audience replies] Yes.
49:17 It's a psychological phenomenon called "compartmentalization"
49:20 because we don't like to think about these things.
49:23 Yet, Jesus is saying "watch", and Paul is saying "watch",
49:26 and Peter's saying "watch", and John is saying "watch,
49:29 and we're saying "Yeah, we will watch 'Must See TV' ".
49:32 [Audience laughs]
49:36 2 Timothy 3, notice what Paul said: [text on screen]
49:51 "...disobedient to parents", any parents want to say
49:53 amen to that? [continues to read]
49:59 "brutal" - I just think of those images of terrorists
50:03 literally hacking the head off a man right on TV,
50:06 knowing that their families are going to see it,
50:09 brutal!!! [text on screen]
50:21 Loss of family values, Nr.9. Divorce rate is over 50%
50:27 in the US. I had the honor,
50:29 but the terribly sad honor last year of burying my grandfather,
50:32 he was like a father to me, I never had the privilege
50:35 of meeting my biological father, so my grandfather
50:38 was like my dad. I had the privilege last year
50:41 of performing his funeral, I wish he was still with me,
50:44 he died at the age of 92 years old, and if he would have
50:47 lived 4 more months, he and my grandmother,
50:50 who's still alive, would have been married for 70 years.
50:54 That is the exception today and not the rule.
50:57 [text on screen]
51:02 I don't want to say much about this because God loves
51:04 homosexual people, can someone say amen to that?
51:07 But he does not love homosexuality,
51:09 see that's the thing, God loves the sinner, but He hates
51:12 the sin; we're the opposite: we love the sin and hate
51:15 the sinner.
51:18 But when I was in high school, and I want to be very candid,
51:21 but the worst thing that you could have been called
51:25 was "gay". When I was in high school,
51:27 you'd get beaten up just for somebody suggesting,
51:30 and now it's all "hey, everybody's gay now."
51:33 [Audience laughs]
51:35 "Gay and proud, gay and loud", listen, there's
51:38 an agenda going on here. [text on screen]
51:58 Family values literally eroding right before our very eyes.
52:01 Look at this statistic, it will just blow your mind.
52:05 Michael and Diane Medved wrote their book, "Saving Childhood",
52:08 the Wall street Journal review of this book said
52:10 that "if this isn't an important book, I don't know"
52:12 "what an important book looks like."
52:14 This is from page 19, [text on screen]
52:28 That is the society that you live in, that is the society
52:32 that your children are growing up in.
52:33 In 1940 Reader's Digest took a pole of the top 7
52:37 disciplinary problems in schools, look at these,
52:41 any teachers here today? Wouldn't you love to have these:
52:44 [text on screen]
52:57 [In regard to Nr.6] - you say to our young people today
52:59 "dress code", they say "a what code?", they don't even know
53:01 what that is, a dress code? [continues to read]
53:05 They took the same survey in the year 2000, top 7 problems
53:09 for educators: [text on screen]
53:19 Have times changed, yes or no? [Audience replies] Yes.
53:22 Times have changed.
53:28 Matthew 24, but notice the greatest sign of all,
53:37 phenomenal. Jesus says:
53:41 "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached"
53:44 "in all the world as a witness", verse 14, "and then"
53:48 "the end will come."
53:49 The greatest sign is that while the world is going down
53:53 like this, God says that His kingdom will be building up,
53:56 that the gospel will go to all the world to give
53:59 everyone a chance to be saved. The gospel is going
54:02 to all the world, the end, is it here, near, or mere fear?
54:06 The answer of the is that it's very near.
54:08 You say: "Well, how near?" The answer is: I don't know,
54:11 but I do know this: in a world of uncertainty,
54:13 Bible prophecy provides us with certainty.
54:15 You might be saying: "Well, there's always been"
54:18 "earthquakes, and there's always been famines,"
54:21 "and there's always been pestilence, and there's"
54:23 "always been those things", but remember,
54:26 what were the 2 illustrations as we close?
54:28 The 2 illustrations, the 2 analogies that Jesus used
54:31 were labor pains and a budding fig tree.
54:33 Think about contractions. I don't know them experientially
54:36 but I've been with my wife 2 times through this process
54:38 and the start far apart and they're not very intense
54:41 and then they get closer and closer, and as they get closer
54:43 they get more intense, closer and more intense,
54:46 it's not that some new sign would come on,
54:48 but that the same old signs would be
54:50 at fever pitch, at maximum volume, very close together,
54:55 very intense, and that is the world that you live in.
55:00 But the good news is that the end of this world
55:05 is the beginning of the world to come.
55:09 This is not bad news, it's bad news in a sense,
55:12 but for the believer this is all good news
55:15 because "this world is not my home, I'm just passing through",
55:19 you heard that song? "My treasures are laid up"
55:23 "somewhere along the blue", God has a home for you,
55:26 Jesus said: "Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God,"
55:30 "believe also in Me." John 14, "In My Father's house"
55:32 "are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you."
55:35 "I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare"
55:38 "a place for you, I will come again and receive you"
55:40 "unto Myself, that where I am you may be also."
55:44 If you're a believer, this world is not your home.
55:52 It's all about priorities, isn't it?
55:59 My studied conviction is that we are living in the very toes
56:06 of this image, and one of the several things that we're
56:09 going to do here in this Bible prophecy seminar
56:12 is to set a sense of urgency to show you "this is how"
56:15 "it's going to end according to the Bible", not according
56:18 to 1 man's ideas or 1 man's opinion, but according
56:20 to what the Bible says, this is who it's all going to wrap up,
56:23 so you can get ready and stay ready.
56:27 I don't know about you, but I want to be ready,
56:29 raise your hand with me if you want to ready.
56:32 You want to say: "This world is not my home."
56:34 Let's pray together, Father in Heaven, this world
56:37 is not our home, we say that by faith, this world is passing
56:40 away and it's not just religious people that are saying it.
56:44 Father, the evidence is in, very few of us in this room
56:47 are hardcore scientists, and climatologists,
56:51 and astrophysicists, but we have eyes to see,
56:56 the world looks like it's going crazy Lord.
57:00 We turn on the TV and we know that life is not supposed
57:02 to be like this, we know that something is wrong.
57:05 Those of us who have young children are deadly afraid
57:08 of raising our kids up in this world, how do we even
57:11 teach them what's right and wrong.
57:12 Father, give us grace.
57:16 I want to pray for every person here, I pray that you'll be
57:20 with their homes, with their families, and help them
57:24 to be making decisions in their daily lives that indicate
57:27 that their real priorities are not in this world.
57:29 It doesn't mean that we can't have a little fun
57:31 every now and then, of course, You've said that You've come
57:34 that our life might be full of joy, and that we might
57:36 have life and have it more abundantly, but Father,
57:38 help us, as Peter said, and as Paul said, to be sober
57:42 and to be serious about the times in which we're living.
57:45 Father thank you for bringing us here tonight,
57:46 bring us back safely tomorrow night, and bind our hearts
57:51 together with Your heart, we ask in Jesus' name
57:53 let everyone say amen.


Revised 2014-12-17