The War Behind The Wars Part 2

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00:16 Father in Heaven, we pause now to ask your presence
00:21 to come here and be our instructor.
00:23 Father we want to thank you, you have been with us already
00:27 every night, and we anticipate and expect that you will with us
00:30 again this evening.
00:31 Father, as we pull back the curtain that separates
00:35 the seen from the unseen, as we pull back the curtain
00:39 that separates this world from the eternal world.
00:42 As we see the war that is behind the wars,
00:46 we pray tonight that we would see that this is not just an
00:49 intellectual truth or a concept, but this is a war that we are
00:54 very much involved in ourselves.
00:57 Father, may we be making decisions, daily decisions,
01:01 that plainly align ourselves, with Christ and with you.
01:06 Please Father be with us now as we open your Word,
01:10 as we're asking you to open our hearts,
01:12 in the marvelous name, of Jesus Christ,
01:15 let everyone say Amen.
01:18 Excellent!
01:19 Now last night just as we were closing,
01:21 I realized that I did not get through the last two paragraphs
01:24 of last night's presentation.
01:26 I originally thought, you know what we'll do is we'll
01:28 spend the first part of tonight doing that, but actually
01:30 what we are going to do is sort of spend a little time
01:32 in review, and my hunch is that you will be able
01:35 to figure those blanks from last evenings presentation,
01:39 and if you are not, you can come and ask me about it
01:41 personally, and I will help you fill them in.
01:43 So let's go right to the introductory paragraph on
01:45 tonight's study guide, right to the introductory paragraph.
01:49 It says in the last two lessons we learned,
01:52 that there is a great "what" everyone?
01:55 "Battle," waging between the forces of light and darkness,
01:59 good and evil, that might sound a little bit like
02:01 Star Wars to you, but this was occurring
02:03 long before George Lucas came on the scene.
02:06 Satan's undiluted fury is being poured out
02:10 upon this planet, we saw that last night
02:12 in Revelation 12:
02:13 we read the whole chapter through and saw that.
02:17 He has already been cast out of heaven
02:18 and is now confined to "where" everyone?
02:22 To this planet!
02:23 If we are to withstand the increasing and ongoing attacks
02:27 of the Devil, then we must have a potent and powerful
02:30 weapon to employ.
02:32 Fortunately the Book of Revelation promises
02:34 just such weapon, in this lesson we learn about this
02:38 important weapon.
02:40 Look with me at the screen here, just by way of review,
02:43 we have learned that all of the evil in world is traceable
02:47 to a rebellion.
02:48 Lucifer an exalted angel, made the choice to rebel against God,
02:54 and became Satan, or Sawtawn, the fallen foe.
02:58 Last night we looked at the six stages of the great battle,
03:03 this great conflict that exists between the forces
03:06 of light and darkness, and good and evil.
03:08 1. The victory was declared, who remembers where everyone?
03:12 In the Garden of Eden, that's exactly right.
03:15 Remember there Genesis 3:15, God comes into the garden,
03:18 He says I will put enmity between you and the woman,
03:21 and between your seed and her seed,
03:22 and it will crush your head.
03:25 2. The victory then began, in the earthly ministry of Jesus,
03:29 remember Luke 11: "He said, when a strong man
03:32 is guarding his house, then everything is fine,
03:34 but when a stronger than he overcomes him,
03:37 he could spoil his goods. "
03:39 That's exactly what we find in the gospels.
03:41 Jesus begins to heal and to restore, and even to Resurrect
03:45 so that those that Satan had claimed for his own
03:48 were being reclaimed by the Lord Jesus Christ
03:51 in His earthly ministry.
03:52 Can you say "Amen" to that?
03:53 - Amen! - Praise the Lord!
03:54 Everybody who has put faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,
03:57 has been reclaimed from Satan and his captivity.
04:01 3. The victory has been achieved "where" everyone?
04:05 On the cross, that's exactly right.
04:07 We'll spend a lot of time on that this evening.
04:08 4. The victory was proclaimed by the "resurrection," very good.
04:14 5. The victory is continued in the church,
04:17 the church, that's right, in all of our lives,
04:19 the victory of Christ over Satan is being carried out
04:23 in this present world.
04:24 6. The victory is concluded in Revelation 20:
04:28 when Satan himself is dealt that final death blow.
04:33 The end of Satan, the victory concluded when he is cast
04:37 into the lake of fire.
04:38 Can you say "Amen" to that?
04:39 That is going to be a glorious day.
04:42 We also read Revelation 12: through in it's entirety,
04:45 and we saw the 5 central elements of Revelation 12:
04:49 1. Was the woman. Now what does a woman represent
04:54 in Bible prophecy?
04:55 The church or the people of God.
04:57 2. The wily dragon. Who was the dragon
05:00 in Revelation 12:?
05:01 That's right Satan, or Sawtawn.
05:03 3. The war. Remember war broke out in Heaven
05:08 and remember the war begins in Heaven,
05:10 but where will that war be concluded?
05:13 On earth, that exactly right.
05:14 4. The weapon. That's what we're going
05:16 to talk about tonight, the cross of Jesus Christ.
05:19 5. The winners. Revelation 12:17,
05:22 A powerful verse, it says "The dragon was wroth with
05:25 the woman," and went to make war with
05:28 the rest of her offspring, those who keep the commandments
05:31 of God, and have the testimony of Jesus.
05:33 Verse 11: also says that they overcame him
05:36 by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.
05:39 Let's open our Bibles to Revelation and the 12th chapter.
05:42 Revelation 12: the last book of the Bible,
05:46 Revelation chapter 12:
05:48 Last night was the war behind wars part one,
05:53 tonight the war behind the wars part two.
05:56 Let's look at Revelation 12: and hone in on verse 10.
06:01 Verse 10, it says "Then I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven.
06:07 Now salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God,
06:12 and the power of His Christ have come for the accuser of
06:16 our brethren who accused them before our God,
06:19 day and night" has been "what" everyone?
06:21 Cast down! You can actually fill that in
06:23 right there.
06:24 That verse Revelation 12:10 is the blanks that should be
06:28 filled in there, under the sub-heading of the cross.
06:31 Who remembers how many times does that word cast
06:34 occur here in Revelation 12:?
06:36 Five times, three times in verse nine alone,
06:40 and two other times.
06:41 He was cast out, he was cast out, he was cast out.
06:44 There on your study guide, it says the blank of blank,
06:48 is Revelations blank.
06:49 The cross of Jesus Christ is Revelations weapon,
06:55 beloved you can not fight the devil in your own strength.
06:58 You cannot fight the Devil with your fists.
07:00 In order to overcome Satan, we need a weapon far more
07:04 powerful than that, far more spiritual than that.
07:07 The only thing that we can employ to overcome Satan,
07:10 and his sophistries is the cross of Jesus Christ.
07:14 Can you say Amen?
07:16 Look at verse 11, we just read Revelation 12:10,
07:19 look now at verse 11.
07:20 It says, "And they overcame him by the "what" everyone?"
07:24 The blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony. "
07:30 So that's what you would write in there in numbers one and two.
07:33 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
07:36 the blood was shed "where" everyone?
07:38 On the cross, and by the word of their testimony.
07:42 So there at the bottom of that first page of the study guide,
07:46 it says that is the cross, and the individuals
07:52 personal experience with that cross.
07:56 Think of it this way.
07:58 Jesus' death on the cross is an historical event,
08:02 "What" kind of event everyone?
08:04 Historical event!
08:06 It happened some 2,000 years ago,
08:07 but that historical event will not benefit you in an eternal
08:11 sense, unless you accept it as your personal salvation.
08:16 Jesus is the Saviour of the world,
08:19 but in order for it to benefit you in an eternal sense,
08:22 He has to become your personal Saviour.
08:25 Can you say Amen?
08:27 That's why it says there in verse 11,
08:28 they needed both things, they needed the historical fact
08:31 of Jesus death, and then they needed their own testimony
08:34 with that historical fact, and beloved Jesus is alive!
08:40 Amen!
08:41 Jesus is alive!
08:42 I'm on page two now of the study guide.
08:44 Now we say sure Satan was cast out,
08:47 but why did God wait?
08:51 How many times I have heard the question,
08:53 Why didn't God just destroy the Devil right at the beginning?
08:57 How many people here have ever thought that or heard that
08:59 question before?
09:00 I mean if God knew the Devil was going to do what he did,
09:02 why didn't he just destroy him at the outset?
09:04 That is an excellent question.
09:06 Notice the top of page two in the study guide.
09:09 It says as we discovered last lesson,
09:12 Satan was cast out of Heaven following Jesus death
09:16 on the cross.
09:17 I quote for you very quickly, John 12:31,
09:20 remember what Jesus said?
09:21 "Now is the judgment of this world,
09:24 now the prince of this world will be cast out. "
09:28 Then verse 32, "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth,
09:32 I will draw all men unto me. "
09:35 Jesus says in the context of the cross,
09:38 Satan was cast out.
09:41 In the context of the cross Satan's insinuations
09:45 and accusations were judged and he was cast to the earth.
09:49 Now you are still there in Revelation 12:
09:51 notice with me verse 12.
09:53 Revelation 12:12, what's the first word everyone?
09:57 Therefore!, and when you see the word therefore in the Bible,
10:01 you ask yourself, what's it there for?
10:03 That's right, "Therefore on the basis of the fact that Satan
10:07 has been cast out, therefore on the basis of the fact
10:11 that the kingdom of God has come, and the power
10:13 of his Christ, therefore rejoice,
10:16 "who" according to that verse?
10:18 Oh Heavens, and you who dwell in them,
10:22 but woe to the inhabitants of the earth, and the sea," why?
10:28 Because the Devil has come down to you having "what"
10:30 everyone?
10:32 Great wrath, because he knows he has just a short time.
10:36 Fascinating, isn't it?
10:38 What John is saying here is, if you live in heaven,
10:41 then rejoice because Satan has been cast out.
10:43 If however you live on the earth, woe to you.
10:47 The word woe means, doom, it means danger,
10:51 watch out, then look at verse 13.
10:53 It says "When the dragon saw that he had been cast
10:58 to the earth, he persecuted the woman,"
11:02 and who is the woman everyone?
11:03 The church, he persecuted the church, and this attack
11:07 on the church reaches its climax, it's escalation,
11:12 in verse 17, look at that.
11:14 And the dragon was enraged, Old King James, "wroth,"
11:21 with the woman, and went to make war with the rest
11:24 of her offspring, who keep the commandment of God,
11:27 and the testimony of Jesus.
11:30 Now look at this, right there at the top of the second page.
11:33 As we discovered last lesson, Satan was cast out of Heaven
11:38 following Jesus' death on the cross.
11:40 Now this will be new for some of you so listen very carefully.
11:43 Prior to this Satan still had limited access
11:49 to Heavenly beings.
11:50 You say "what," there was limited access,
11:52 absolutely.
11:54 Open your Bible to the book of Job:
11:56 "What" book everyone?
11:58 Job! That's in the Old Testament,
12:00 if you open up right to the middle of your Bible.
12:02 You will probably be in Psalms: and it's the book
12:05 immediately before Psalms:
12:07 Job chapter "what", Job 1, beginning in verse 6,
12:19 Job 1:6, it says, "Now there was a day when the sons of God
12:26 came to present themselves before the Lord.
12:29 Now we are not told where this heavenly council is convened,
12:32 it doesn't say where it took place.
12:34 But we know by the context that it didn't take place
12:37 on planet earth.
12:39 You say well, how do you know that?
12:40 I will explain in just a moment.
12:41 There was a day when the sons of God came
12:43 to present themselves before the Lord,
12:45 and who also came among them?
12:47 Satan.
12:48 Yeah, that's right the Devil comes walking in,
12:50 Oh! hey! You are all here, I just thought
12:51 I would come and join.
12:52 Now watch what happens next.
12:55 Verse 7, And the Lord said to Satan, from where do you come?
13:01 In other words, where are you coming here from?
13:03 Now if they were on planet earth,
13:05 God wouldn't have asked that question.
13:07 He would say, where are you from?
13:08 Well, what do you mean where am I from?
13:09 I'm here where I've always been.
13:10 He asks the question, where are you from,
13:13 and I want you to notice his response.
13:15 So Satan answered the Lord and said, from going to and fro
13:20 on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.
13:26 He basically says, oh I've come from earth.
13:28 Now again, we don't know exactly where this
13:30 heavenly council was convened, but we know it must have been
13:32 somewhere other than this earth.
13:36 Verse 8, Then the Lord said to Satan, have you considered
13:39 my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth
13:43 a blameless and upright man, one who fears God,
13:47 and shuns evil.
13:48 It's very interesting, when God says to Satan,
13:51 where are you coming from and he says earth.
13:52 What he is basically saying is just walking to and fro,
13:55 down on my planet, you know, just thought I would show up
13:58 to your little meeting here from "my place,"
14:01 and God says wait a minute, you think that's your place.
14:04 Have you thought about my servant Job?
14:06 My seventh Job doesn't go along with your plans.
14:08 My servant Job doesn't go along with your principles.
14:11 Then Satan raises an accusation against God.
14:15 He raises a "what" everyone?
14:16 An accusation! We already saw that
14:18 in Revelation 12: that Satan is called the accuser,
14:23 notice this accusation in verse 9.
14:25 "So Satan answered the Lord and said,
14:27 does Job fear God for nothing?"
14:30 He basically says are you kidding?
14:33 Of course he's obedient.
14:34 Verse 10, have you not made a hedge around him,
14:37 around his household, and around all that he had
14:39 on every side.
14:40 You have blessed the work of his hands and his possessions
14:42 have increased in the land, but now, stretch out your hand
14:45 and touch all that he has, and he will curse you to your face.
14:49 Is that an accusation, yes or no?
14:52 I mean think of basically what he is saying,
14:54 that would be like me saying, you know,
14:55 I am talking to someone and I say,
14:57 Oh my wife loves me so much
14:58 and they say, yeah right!
14:59 You think your wife loves you, she only loves you because
15:02 you buy her all those flowers.
15:05 If my wife wasn't here I would say a lot more, ummm!
15:10 Ah, You love her because you are so nice to her,
15:12 I'm trying to come up with something here,
15:13 sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to put you
15:14 on the spot like that.
15:16 But you can just imagine, you know if I said,
15:17 oh my wife and I we have a wonderful relationship,
15:19 and someone comes in and says,
15:20 you don't have a good relationship with your wife.
15:22 In fact, the only reason your wife likes you at all
15:24 is that you do a bunch of good stuff for her.
15:26 Her appreciation of you is not really for you,
15:29 it's just because of the goodies.
15:30 Is that an accusation, yes or no?
15:33 Now get this whole scene in your mind.
15:35 It's really an amazing scene.
15:38 God here has convened a heavenly council,
15:41 and all of the sons of God, these must be
15:43 heavenly intelligences of some kind,
15:45 have presented themselves before God and here comes
15:48 the Devil walking into the assembly.
15:49 God says, Hey what are you doing here?
15:51 You know, I've just been walking down to my planet,
15:53 just hanging out on planet earth.
15:55 You think that's your planet?
15:56 What about my servant Job?
15:58 He doesn't go along with you, with your governing principles,
16:01 with your ways.
16:02 Ahh!, Job, I mean really, the only reason that Job loves you,
16:05 the only reason that Job respects you is that
16:08 you take care of him and give him good stuff.
16:10 Is that an accusation, yes or no?
16:13 It's a huge accusation, and it is only a case and point
16:18 of the very kinds of accusations that Satan raised against God
16:22 beginning back in heaven.
16:24 Revelation 12:7, it says "And war broke out in heaven. "
16:34 That word war is a very interesting word.
16:37 You might to make just a note of this,
16:39 the word war is the Greek word polemia,
16:44 POLEMIA would be the English transliteration.
16:47 Think about that, there's an English word called polemics,
16:52 How many of you have heard that word before, polemics?
16:54 It's basically arguing, the Bible says when war broke out
16:59 in heaven, the primary manifestation of that war,
17:02 listen very carefully, was not physical.
17:06 It was not "what" everyone?
17:08 Physical, the word polemia means it was a war of words,
17:13 it was a war of ideas, it was a war of accusations,
17:18 and insinuations.
17:19 How many of you have ever heard of the Christian writer,
17:22 well known Christian writer, C.S. Lewis, raise your hand.
17:25 Excellent! Love that brother!
17:27 One of my all time favorite Christian authors.
17:29 He wrote a book entitled God Is In The Dock.
17:33 Now C.S. Lewis was an English man, and in the English court
17:39 the dock was the place that the person was on trial
17:43 gave their defense.
17:44 How many of you knew that?
17:46 So when C.S. Lewis says God is in the dock,
17:48 what he is saying is God is on trial,
17:52 accusations have been raised against God, incidentally,
17:56 many people in modern times have picked up on
17:59 Satan's accusations.
18:00 You can read in your own insurance policies
18:03 that there are certain ways that insurance companies
18:06 can get out of paying you because of "acts of God. "
18:11 Have you read that, and the acts of God is anything bad
18:13 that happens in the world.
18:15 We have this idea that God is the causer of bad things,
18:19 but we have already seen in our study when Jesus
18:22 found that woman there and healed her.
18:24 He said whom Satan has, do you remember, bound,
18:29 and also when he spread the good seed out,
18:31 and the weeds came up, the servants came and said,
18:34 hey, where did all the weeds come from?
18:36 Remember he said five words, "an enemy has done this. "
18:42 These so called acts of God are not acts of God at all,
18:46 God is getting a very bad rep in the universe.
18:51 These accusations are being leveled against Him.
18:54 Go back to your study guide, according to Job we see,
18:59 that some time after the creation event,
19:02 Satan had limited access, "what kind of access?"
19:06 Limited access to heavenly intelligences.
19:10 But at the cross that access ceased,
19:14 and that's what John says in Revelation,
19:16 Rejoice, "who everyone," Oh heavens, because at the cross
19:22 all of the on looking heavenly intelligences, all of heaven,
19:27 saw that Satan was a murderer.
19:30 Let's continue on, right there in your lesson.
19:32 The cross convinced the universe, that Satan's ideas,
19:37 plans, and accusations were groundless and false.
19:41 But why didn't God just destroy Satan in the beginning?
19:43 After all He certainly knew what was going to happen
19:46 with Satan's rebellion.
19:48 In order to understand this we go back to the
19:50 parable of wheat and the tares.
19:53 Go to Matthew 13: first book of the New Testament.
19:56 Now tonight, how many of you again, have ever asked yourself
19:59 that question?
20:01 If God knew what the Devil was going to do,
20:02 why didn't He just "shoot,"
20:03 snuff him out right at the beginning.
20:05 Raise you hand if you have ever wondered that.
20:06 Here's the answer, it's the Biblical answer,
20:11 and it's a powerfully logical compelling answer.
20:15 Matthew chapter 13, Matthew "what chapter everyone?"
20:20 13, we're going back to that parable,
20:22 The parable of the man who sowed the seeds in the field.
20:26 Matthew chapter 13, we will pick it up in verse 24.
20:30 Another parable He put forth to them saying:
20:34 "The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed,
20:38 "what kind of seed in his field?"
20:39 "good seed," verse 25, but while men slept,
20:42 his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat,
20:43 and went his way.
20:47 But when the grain had sprouted and produce a crop,
20:49 and the tares also appeared, so the servants of the owner
20:52 came and said "Sir do you not sow good seed in your field?"
20:57 How then does it have tares, in other words,
20:59 where did all of these weeds come from?"
21:01 He said to them five words, say it with me.
21:03 An enemy has done this.
21:07 Exactly right! The servant said to him.
21:08 Do you want us then to go and gather them up?
21:11 Hey! We'll do you a favor and gather up all of the bad stuff,
21:14 notice his response.
21:16 But he said "what?" No!, Why!,
21:22 "Lest while you gather up the tares, you also uproot the
21:25 wheat with them," now look at verse 30, this is the key.
21:29 "Let both grow together until the harvest
21:35 and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers.
21:39 First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles,
21:41 and burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn. "
21:45 Now remember we don't have to wonder what this parable means
21:47 because we can go right to Jesus own interpretation
21:50 in verse 37.
21:51 Look at verse 37.
21:52 He who sows the good seed is who everyone?
21:55 Son of man!
21:57 The field is the world, the good seeds are the sons of the
22:01 kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked one,
22:03 the enemy who sowed them is the Devil, now look at this,
22:07 the harvest is, the end of the world, yeah, the end of the
22:12 world, your Bible maybe says world, my Bible says,
22:14 the end of the age, and that's actually the word.
22:18 It's not the word for world, in the sense of this terra firma,
22:22 this planet, it's the end of the age, the end of this era.
22:26 You have to wait until the harvest.
22:30 Wait until the "what" everyone?
22:32 Harvest! Are there any gardeners here
22:34 this evening, any gardeners, do you have a green thumb,
22:36 anyone here, Ok just about two of you.
22:39 Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
22:41 Well listen, you are exactly the reason why this parable
22:45 will make so much sense ok.
22:47 We are reading right from our study guide.
22:49 It can be difficult to distinguish desirable plants
22:55 and non desirable weeds when they first begin to sprout.
22:59 Is that true of false?
23:01 - True. - Absolutely, sure especially
23:03 to the uninitiated which is apparently every single
23:05 person in this room.
23:06 To the uninitiated Gardner they can look almost "what"
23:13 identical, even after weeks of growth, certain weeds
23:18 prove to be almost indistinguishable from
23:20 certain plants, yet the difference is clear to the
23:24 seasoned experienced Gardner.
23:26 Remember what they said, Hey you want us to go gather up
23:29 the bad stuff, Jesus said no! no! no! no!
23:30 because if you do that, you will also pull up
23:33 some of the good.
23:34 Why?
23:36 Because when something first starts to grow,
23:38 it can be difficult to distinguish the good
23:42 from the bad.
23:43 Are we all clear on this, yes or no?
23:45 See now the parable is really starting to come alive.
23:47 Look at this.
23:49 Only at, what would go in there?
23:52 The harvest! Can the inexperienced
23:56 see the difference between the weeds and the wheat.
23:58 I mean anybody can tell the difference between a thistle
24:01 and a tomato when they are full grown,
24:03 but when they are just beginning to poke their little heads,
24:08 I know I use that term,
24:09 up through the dirt it can be difficult.
24:11 But when you have the full grown tomato plant,
24:13 and the full grown thistle, anyone can tell the difference,
24:17 at the harvest.
24:19 At the "what" everyone?
24:21 The harvest!
24:22 Does anyone in here eat thistles?
24:23 Does anyone here eat artichokes?
24:28 Ok, then you eat thistles. Ha! ha!
24:30 The artichoke is a thistle, many people don't know that, anyway
24:33 I just thought I would play a little trick on you there.
24:35 Look at this, this is exactly what Jesus parable is
24:42 designed to teach, look at the next paragraph.
24:46 God knew from the beginning, the terrible direction
24:51 that Satan was headed.
24:52 Can you say "Amen" to that, I mean is that true?
24:54 Sure it is.
24:56 Think of this, the parable of the wheat and the tares,
25:00 is a powerful parable that helps us to understand
25:03 why God didn't just sliiiit! cut Satan off
25:07 at the very beginning.
25:09 The harvest, something about the harvest
25:14 when the weeds and the wheat in this context,
25:17 when evil and good have come to full fruition,
25:21 then everyone would be able to see, what God could see
25:25 from the beginning, you are getting it, that exactly right.
25:30 Look at John 8:44, I'll put it up here on the screen for you
25:33 this is the words of Jesus, ok, look at this.
25:36 Speaking he said:
25:54 Now isn't that interesting, he was a murder from the
25:57 beginning, but when really did he commit his greatest
26:03 act of murder, it's when he took Jesus and nailed him
26:07 to that cross.
26:08 Now, you say well God knew that Jesus was going to come,
26:11 Jesus came to die, of course, but God certainly did not intend
26:14 to die that hideous, terrible, ignominious, humiliating death
26:20 that He did, it was the Devil that designed the cross,
26:23 it was the Devil who invented that thing,
26:26 so he could stick the Son of God on it, and mock Him.
26:29 How many of you have ever heard of the word excruciating
26:32 You hit your thumb with the hammer and say ah! that's
26:36 an excruciating pain.
26:37 The word excruciating comes from two words,
26:41 X which means out of, if you turn to the back you see Exit
26:44 sings, exit means out, and crucia which is the cross.
26:49 The word excruciating means out of the cross.
26:53 It was a word that was coined by the Romans,
26:56 because crucifixion was so horrific, so painful,
27:00 so terrible, people would be literally existing,
27:03 right on the verge of death and life.
27:06 Sometimes for more than a week in total pain, it was designed
27:10 in the bowels of hell itself to bring maximum
27:14 pain and torture to an individual, excruciating
27:18 is out of the cross.
27:20 God could look down when Satan began his rebellion
27:23 there in heaven.
27:25 God could look down through the corridors of time,
27:27 and He could see that Satan would
27:30 one day kill Jesus on the cross.
27:33 Could God see that yes or no?
27:35 Sure He could, absolutely, that's what Jesus says
27:38 he was a murderer from the beginning.
27:42 Notice this quotation!
27:43 This is from the epistle 1John 3:8,
28:05 Now go back to your study guide there.
28:08 God knew from the beginning the terrible direction
28:12 that Satan was headed, but here is an important point.
28:16 The angels didn't see it so clearly.
28:20 Think of it this way, just imagine with me,
28:23 there is a terrible scandal that breaks out in the White House.
28:27 A terrible scandal, and one of the closest individuals
28:31 to the president, and begins to accuse him of all kinds
28:33 of moral impurities, and all kinds of money laundering,
28:37 and it's a huge scandal in the White House and there's
28:40 one person who is willing to ring the bell,
28:42 there is one person who said he did it.
28:44 I know it all, I've got it all documented, he's a bad guy,
28:48 in the moral area, he's a bad guy in the financial area,
28:51 he's not what you think.
28:53 Raising these accusations, we're going to say oh, we didn't
28:57 think that, oh! Really, really,
28:58 give us the documentation and then suddenly he turns up dead.
29:02 What do you suspect immediately
29:06 if he turns up mysteriously dead?
29:08 What do you think about his accusations now?
29:12 They were probably true, he was on to something,
29:16 think about this is in the context of all of heaven.
29:19 Satan begins to raise his insinuations,
29:23 Satan begins to basically say, I could govern the universe
29:27 better than God could, and we'll look at that here
29:29 in just a moment.
29:30 If all of a sudden Satan turns up missing,
29:33 the other angels would have thought, whoa I wonder
29:36 why that is.
29:38 What's God so afraid of, why get rid of Satan in such a
29:42 quick way, why get rid of Satan so un-ceremoniously.
29:45 Number one and two, they would begin to serve God potentially
29:50 out of fear, and perfect love casts out all fear.
29:58 God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power
30:02 and of love, and of a sound mind.
30:05 The service of fear is not an acceptable service to God.
30:09 Now fear is a motivator, but it cannot be the primary motivator.
30:14 Can someone say "Amen?"
30:15 So God could see it, as plain as the noon day sun,
30:20 exactly where this rebellion was going to lead
30:22 but for the benefit of the other angels,
30:25 the other heavenly intelligences and frankly for the benefit
30:29 of you and me, God lets this thing play out until the harvest
30:36 and we all can see plain as the noon day sun,
30:39 that's the Devil, that's Christ,
30:41 I choose to stand with Christ.
30:44 If that makes sense, say "Amen!" Powerful!
30:48 Let's go back to our study guide here.
30:49 Here is an important point, the angels didn't
30:52 see it so clearly.
30:53 Think of this, Satan's arguments, ideas,
30:56 and insinuations, must have been very persuasive indeed.
31:02 Don't forget that he deceived a full one third of the angels.
31:08 Let me ask you a Bible question here.
31:09 What is the first adjective that is used to describe Satan
31:15 in the Bible?
31:16 - Subtle! - That's exactly right.
31:19 Genesis 3: we read it yesterday, it says that: "The serpent,
31:23 and of course it was Satan that inhabited the serpent
31:26 at that moment, it says that the serpent Satan was more subtle.
31:31 He's subtle, he's manipulative, he's persuasive. "
31:37 What word everyone?
31:38 Persuasive you've got it.
31:41 A full one third of the angels.
31:43 God allowed Satan to come to this planet to demonstrate
31:47 his way of running things, his governing principles.
31:54 The angels in the entire on looking universe was then
31:58 invited to watch and see.
32:01 Open your Bibles to 1Corinthans 4:
32:04 see if you can get there before me, 1Corinthians, are you there?
32:11 You beat me 1 Corinthians 4: I'm there.
32:13 1 Corinthians, you've got Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,
32:17 then you've got Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians.
32:20 Ok, 1 Corinthians, I still hear the pages rustling, don't worry,
32:24 we'll wait for you.
32:26 1 Corinthians 4: now look at verse 9.
32:32 Wow! This is an amazing verse.
32:35 Verse 9, Paul says, for I think that God has displayed us
32:41 the apostles last, as men condemn to death,
32:45 for we have been made a spectacle to the world,
32:49 both to angels and to men.
32:52 My Bible says a spectacle, does any other version here say
32:57 something different?
32:58 Do you have another version?
33:00 A theater, I heard someone say it.
33:03 In my Bible there's a little marginal reference there,
33:05 that's a little number 1, and that means I look over
33:08 into the margin and the word is, a theater.
33:11 Let me read it to you with that word.
33:13 God has displayed us the apostles last, as men condemned
33:19 to death, for we have been made a theater to the world,
33:23 both to angels and to men.
33:26 The Greek theater and the Roman theater with something
33:29 in common in the days of Paul and
33:31 Paul here chooses that word theater.
33:33 What he basically says is, we're on the stage,
33:37 as Shakespeare said all the world is a stage,
33:40 but here that is really true.
33:42 Just as Satan presented himself before the sons of God,
33:48 Ah, I've been walking back and forth on my planet
33:50 and God says, what about my servant Job?
33:53 Job was on the stage of life, the apostle Paul says,
33:59 we're on a stage, it's not a game beloved.
34:02 It's a real life experience, a stage, and people are looking
34:07 in to see what we will choose.
34:10 Who's side will we stand on?
34:13 Who's governing principles will we follow?
34:16 Will we believe the lies and the persuasion, and the insinuations
34:20 of Satan, or will we stand on the side of God.
34:24 Go to your study guide there you can fill it in,
34:27 he says we are made a theater to the world,
34:30 both to angels and to men.
34:33 Beloved what we are trying to do here, and I hope
34:35 we are succeeding, by the grace of God,
34:37 I hope I'm succeeding, is to help you see
34:40 that there is a big picture.
34:41 A "what" everyone?
34:44 Your salvation is not just about you, there are larger issues
34:53 at stake, namely the vindication of God's own character.
34:58 Satan has raised radical insinuations about God's
35:03 character.
35:04 Beloved when we take a stand for Jesus, we're saying to the
35:06 whole on looking universe, I reject Satan's lies,
35:10 I reject Satan's propaganda, I will stand with Jesus.
35:15 Amen!
35:16 Powerful, I'm trying to paint the big picture here.
35:19 There are two great revelations of the cross,
35:22 you can fill it out there in your study guide.
35:23 The cross teaches us two things, powerfully, amazingly,
35:28 and unequivocally:
35:34 In fact if you think about it God's in a real pickle,
35:38 because the supreme object of God's love, sinners,
35:43 is bound up inexorably with
35:48 the supreme object of His hatred "sin. "
35:49 God has to perform the most difficult operation
35:53 in all of the universe, a sin endectomy.
35:57 He has to take the supreme object of His love
36:03 and separate that from the supreme object of His hatred
36:06 because God hates sin, but He loves sinners.
36:11 The problem that he has, is that half the time we love sin.
36:16 The two great revelations of the cross, God's love for sinners,
36:23 and God's hatred of sin.
36:25 Go to Isaiah 14: we've already actually been to this before,
36:29 but lets look at this.
36:30 By the grace of God you are going to see this big picture
36:34 here, in a way that you have never seen it before.
36:38 We're going to Isaiah, Isaiah 14: now we've been here
36:43 before, and here is what I want you to do.
36:45 In Isaiah 14: I just lost my place there,
36:49 Go to Isaiah 14: and then keep your finger there,
36:55 put something there, like I have one of these little
36:56 fancy ribbons here, so I'm going to put it right there
36:59 and then go to Philippians 2: that's in the New Testament.
37:02 Philippians 2: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians,
37:07 chapter two.
37:08 So you've got one hand in Isaiah 14, one hand
37:13 in Philippians 2: Ok.
37:15 I'll give you time to get there, don't worry.
37:17 One is Isaiah "what" everyone?
37:20 Fourteen, and the other is in, Philippians 2:
37:24 Ok, keep your fingers right there,
37:26 and you say well why do I need to do that.
37:27 because we're going to be flipping, swish, swish, just
37:29 like that. Ok!
37:30 Here we go!
37:31 Isaiah 13: beginning in verse 13.
37:34 These are the thoughts of Satan himself.
37:35 "For you have said in you heart, I will ascend
37:41 into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God,
37:45 I will sit also on the mount of the congregation,
37:48 on the farther sides of the north,
37:49 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
37:52 I will be like the most "what" everyone?
37:55 - High. "
37:56 So take a look at your study guide there, five steps,
37:59 very different directions.
38:02 This next part of our study is both stunning and
38:04 easily understood.
38:06 In a simple comparison of two passages we will see
38:10 the essence of the character of God, as contrasted
38:12 with the essence of the character of Satan.
38:15 Prepare to be amazed and humbled by the infinite
38:19 and eliminateable love of God.
38:21 Satan's five steps up is what you would write in there.
38:27 Five steps up, notice the upward direction of all
38:31 of these verses: 1. I will ascend into Heaven,
38:37 2. I will exalt my throne, 3. I will sit on the mount.
38:42 Is the mount a high thing or a low thing?
38:44 High thing! In the congregation of the north.
38:49 North is at the top, you look at a map, north is up.
38:52 4. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.
39:00 5. I will be like the Most High, you've got it.
39:05 If you look at this verse it's very simple,
39:07 Satan says I'll go up! I'll go up! I'll go up! I'll go up.
39:11 I want to be higher than the position, the office that God
39:17 has appointed me to.
39:18 Satan's basically saying, I could do it better
39:21 than God could.
39:22 If I was running things, it would be better and different.
39:27 I'll go up, I'll go up, I'll go up, I'll go up.
39:31 Keep your finger right there in Isaiah,
39:33 and flip over to Philippians 2:
39:35 Philippians "what chapter" everyone?
39:37 Two! Beginning in verse 5,
39:41 Philippians 2:5, Let this mind be in you, which was also
39:48 in "what" everyone?
39:49 Christ Jesus! Who being in the form of God
39:52 did not consider it robbery to be equal with God.
39:55 The Greek here is a little complicated,
39:57 but basically what it says is, he was God,
40:00 so it was not something that he had to lay hold on to be God.
40:03 Verse 7, But made himself of no reputation, taking the form
40:08 of a bond servant, and coming in the likeness of men,
40:12 and being found in the appearance of man,
40:14 he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death,
40:18 even the death of the cross.
40:22 Now look at that, these are Jesus Christ's five steps down.
40:29 1. He made Himself of no reputation,
40:32 who else could make God of no reputation?
40:35 The only being in the universe that could humble God is God.
40:40 Does that make sense?
40:42 Who else could do it?
40:43 If anyone is going to humble God, it has to be God Himself.
40:46 He made Himself of no reputation,
40:49 that's a choice that God made, He stepped down.
40:52 2. He took the form of a servant, think of it,
40:55 The Infinite, Eternal, Omnipotent, Omni benevolent,
40:59 God of the universe, not constrained by either time
41:05 or space, condescended to become like a slave.
41:11 3. He came in the likeness of "what" everyone?
41:15 A man! Think of it, let's just say for sake of illustration
41:19 he was six foot tall.
41:20 Here you have the Illimitable, Infinite God of the universe
41:23 confining Himself to a man that's six feet tall.
41:27 As if that wasn't enough, God, the very fountain of life,
41:33 4. Became obedient to death.
41:36 5. Even the death, not a noble death, not a death where
41:42 He looked like a hero when everybody said Ho! ta ta ta da!
41:45 Look at how wonderful He is, look at how great He is,
41:47 No! no! no! He died bruised and beaten, and bloodied,
41:50 and battered, and naked, on a pathetic cross,
41:54 that was designed to torture common criminals.
41:58 Jesus looked down from heaven when He saw Adam and Eve fall
42:03 and when He saw you fall, and when He saw all of us fall.
42:06 The love of God and the love of Jesus compelled them,
42:11 it forced them into action.
42:14 They said I will come down from my lofty throne,
42:16 I will come down from my lofty sphere, down, down, down, down,
42:22 just to rescue My children.
42:26 Keep your finger right there in Philippians.
42:30 Watch this, this is awesome.
42:36 So look what I'm doing here, ok, repeat after me.
42:39 Here's Philippians right here, and here is Isaiah.
42:42 Ok, now watch what happens, go to Isaiah 14,
42:46 Isaiah 14 then get ready to whoop! flip right over to
42:49 Philippians ok.
42:50 Isaiah 14:13, You have said in your heart I will ascend
42:55 into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God
42:58 I will sit also on the mount of the congregation on the farther
43:00 sides of the north, I will ascend above the heights
43:03 of the clouds, I will be like the most high,
43:05 I will go up, I'll go up, I'll go up, I'll go up.
43:08 Look at verse 15, you will be brought down.
43:09 Isn't that interesting, his desire is to go up,
43:18 but the end result is he will be brought down.
43:21 Now look at Philippians 2:
43:23 Philippians 2:8, "And being found in the appearance of a man
43:29 He humbled Himself, of course who else could
43:31 humble God, but God.
43:32 He humbled Himself and became obedient to death,"
43:36 even the pathetic, ignominious, death of the cross,
43:39 He went down! down! down! down!
43:41 Verse 9: Therefore, remember when you see the word therefore
43:44 say hey! what's that there for.
43:46 "Therefore God has highly exalted Him, and given Him a
43:52 name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus,
43:56 every knee should bow, of those in heaven and those
43:59 on earth, and of all things under the earth,
44:01 that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ
44:04 is Lord to the glory of the Father. "
44:05 Can you say "Amen?"
44:07 Do you see the contrast, yes or no?
44:09 Satan says I'll go up! I'll go up! I'll go up! I'll go up!
44:12 I want to be more than the office that God has appointed
44:15 me to, and God says, in your desire to go up,
44:18 you'll be brought down.
44:19 Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord,
44:23 and He will lift you up.
44:24 Then Jesus says I'll go down, I'll lay my crown aside,
44:29 I'll go down, I'll lay my throne aside, I'll go down.
44:32 I will go down for the benefit of others,
44:35 down, down, down, hanging bruised and beaten,
44:41 and humiliated, falsely accused, spat upon,
44:44 His beard torn out, on a cross.
44:48 He went to the bottom, to the dregs,
44:50 to the basement, to the lowest place,
44:53 and God says, I will exalt Him.
44:56 Powerful!
44:59 Look at the bottom of page three there,
45:01 At the end however, Satan is cast down,
45:04 and Christ is exalted.
45:07 Can someone say "Amen!
45:08 Powerful!
45:10 One the cross, think of it you are an angel,
45:12 you are one of the two thirds of the loyal angels,
45:14 I mean think about it.
45:15 One third followed Satan, and the two thirds
45:18 remained loyal, but still you must know that there
45:20 must have been questions in their mind.
45:22 Of course they were loyal to God,
45:24 but they always wondered what is Satan up to.
45:26 A full one third is like our own civil war.
45:29 The Mason Dixon Line is drawn and people on this side
45:33 and people on that side, and the angels were
45:35 always kind of thinking hmm, I wonder what this is about,
45:38 and then they saw Golgotha.
45:40 They saw the devil and all his Satanic fury,
45:45 lay the precious Son of God down,
45:49 humiliate Him, pull out His beard,
45:52 and no, no they said, no, surely, surely, surely
45:56 he's not, and they saw him do it, and when they saw that.
46:01 When they looked down, I can't believe it,
46:06 he's not, he's going to do it, when they saw that.
46:12 When they saw what happened on the cross,
46:16 their minds were made up, they were already loyal,
46:21 and they said we don't have all the answers.
46:23 But we don't want to have anything to do with this
46:26 devil, and therefore, he was cast out,
46:28 not even limited access any more to heaven.
46:29 That's why it says rejoice O heavens.
46:32 But there is one planet, one place where that decision
46:38 has not been made, that is this planet.
46:41 Something interesting, is that this planet is not
46:44 going to make that decision wholesale.
46:46 We'll make that decision, as individuals.
46:50 God isn't going to save this whole planet,
46:53 someone say "Amen!"
46:54 You see here it's different, with us it's different,
46:57 with us individuals will make the decision.
47:00 I will align myself with Satan, and with his governing
47:03 principles, or I will align myself with Christ,
47:06 and His governing principles, and if you're having
47:08 difficulty making that decision look at the cross.
47:12 Satan says I'll go up, up up, at the expense of others,
47:15 Christ says I'll go down, down, down down,
47:17 just to save others.
47:19 Look there at your study guide there at the bottom.
47:23 One embodies almost reckless condensention for the benefit
47:30 of others, that's Jesus.
47:31 Condesention, for the almost reckless,
47:34 He throws away His crown, He throws away His throne,
47:37 and He says I'm going down, got to get My children.
47:41 The other embodies calculated exaltation at the expense
47:47 of others.
47:48 Last page:
47:51 Just think of it, the Infinite, Illimitable, God
47:56 of the universe, condescended to become a Man,
48:01 more than this He condesended to die, and even more than this,
48:07 He condescended to be ridiculed, mocked, and die the ignominious
48:11 death of a common criminal.
48:12 What love, what marvelous condensention,
48:16 what absolute selflessness.
48:18 The word condescend has it's root word, descend.
48:24 What does descend mean?
48:26 To go down, the prefix con means together,
48:30 so the word condescend means that He goes down
48:33 together with us.
48:35 Is there anyone in this room who has been at the bottom?
48:37 Anyone want to raise their hand, I've been at the bottom.
48:40 Well, Jesus has been there too.
48:42 He came down to get me, and to get you,
48:47 that's what the word condescend means.
48:49 By His incomparable love, you've heard it before,
48:53 but it's become so quaint,
48:54 we've seen it at football stadiums,
48:59 we've seen it all over, it's almost quaint now,
49:02 it rolls off the tongue so easily, so readily.
49:06 Oh yeah, yeah, I've heard that verse before,
49:07 Half the time as a minister of the gospel,
49:09 I say open up your Bibles to John 3:16,
49:11 90% of the people don't even open their Bibles,
49:13 oh I know that one been there done that.
49:15 Beloved think of it:
49:29 Can you say "Amen?"
49:31 This verse is for you beloved, this verse is for you,
49:37 This verse is for me.
49:38 Jump down to the third paragraph,
49:42 the cross of Jesus Christ is the very center of it all.
49:45 The cross alone enables us to make sense out of this
49:49 troubled and sin filled world in which we live.
49:51 The cross of Jesus Christ utterly demonstrates
49:54 God's character as a character pre-dominated,
49:57 and characterized by love.
49:59 But it also upholds the principles of His justice.
50:05 That's what you would write there, it also upholds
50:08 the principles of His justice.
50:10 God couldn't just forgive sin willy-nilly, well you know
50:14 I changed my mind about the eating of the tree of
50:16 the knowledge of good and evil.
50:17 No, sin is a hatred thing, it's a violation of the
50:20 very character, the very eternal law of God
50:22 and so God is in a real pickle here, isn't He,
50:24 He needs to uphold His loving character,
50:27 but not compromise His justice.
50:29 Well how pray-tell can He do that,
50:32 It upholds the principles of His justice,
50:34 and His eternal law, more on that later.
50:37 Yes at the cross, both God's love and His justice,
50:43 were plainly and perfectly demonstrated.
50:45 If that makes sense, I want you to say "Amen!"
50:48 Psalm 85:10 is right there, in your sheet:
50:58 On the cross, God didn't have to lay aside His law
51:04 and His justice, and His character in order to save us
51:08 but He did have to put His Son on the cross.
51:12 Friends, if God could have just changed His mind
51:15 willy-nilly, Jesus wouldn't have gone to the cross.
51:18 The fact that Jesus hung on the cross, is proof
51:22 that God's character is immutable, it cannot change.
51:26 The principles of His law cannot be laid aside.
51:30 The fact that Jesus died on that cross is prove positive
51:35 that God's justice is not up for negotiation,
51:38 but neither is His love, and there was only one way
51:42 Jesus says I'll go down, I'll go down,
51:47 I'll go all the way down.
51:49 This verse beloved is for you.
51:52 At this time I'm going to invite my good friend Clint
51:55 to come up, and our ministry partners are going to
51:57 distribute to you a card.
51:58 I would like to ask my ministry partners to stand
52:01 up right now, and distribute those cards.
52:02 You are going to get a card right now.
52:04 As they are distributing this card, I'm want to ask
52:06 you a question tonight:
52:07 1. Has this presentation made sense?
52:12 Say Amen if it's made sense.
52:13 "Amen!"
52:14 Ok!
52:16 You're getting a card, this is a decision card.
52:18 A "what" everyone?
52:21 And you notice on there it doesn't say,
52:23 decision for David Asscherick.
52:25 It says decision for "who" everyone?
52:28 Decision for "what" does it say?
52:30 "Christ!"
52:34 Beloved, tonight we have done our very best
52:36 to present to you the big picture,
52:38 the big picture, the big conflict between the
52:42 character of Christ, the character of God,
52:45 and the character of the enemy.
52:47 There is a war behind the wars and that war is being waged
52:51 right here, right now in your life and in this room.
52:55 Take a look at that card, there are several boxes here
53:00 that could be checked:
53:01 1. I understood tonight's presentation.
53:04 First of all please fill out your name, your address,
53:06 all of that, we're going to have to have that information.
53:08 If you are making a decision for Christ tonight we want to
53:10 follow that up, we want to stand with you on the side of Jesus.
53:14 Please as a personal favor to me, fill that out,
53:18 put your name down, put your address down,
53:20 put your contact information down, please.
53:22 1. I understood tonight's presentation.
53:26 If you need a pen just raise your hands high to heaven,
53:28 Michael is here with pens.
53:29 2. I reaffirm my personal acceptance of Jesus Christ's
53:35 death for me.
53:37 Ok you want to do that, you mark that, you check that,
53:40 you say Yes! Maybe you've done it before,
53:43 but you see it tonight, and you say Yes! and Yes again.
53:45 3. For the first time there is not a doubt in my mind,
53:51 that there is someone in here who's never made this decision.
53:54 Someone in here tonight who has never understood it
53:56 as you've understood it tonight.
53:58 That Jesus came down for you so that you could live forever.
54:01 His righteousness becomes your righteousness.
54:07 Your unrighteousness, becomes His unrighteousness.
54:09 There is a divine exchange that takes place,
54:12 He suffered the death which was yours, you can live the life
54:15 which is His.
54:16 You can check that number three, you say for the first time
54:20 I want to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour
54:22 from sin and death.
54:23 4. I have wandered from God and His plan for my life,
54:27 and I want to return to Him, if that describes you,
54:29 you check that, we want to meet with you,
54:31 we want to pray with you, we want to minister,
54:32 whatever we can do to help you, we're here.
54:35 Some of you have wandered from God, and you've been away
54:40 for a long time, well tonight is the night to wander back.
54:42 5. I would like to be baptized,
54:46 perhaps you have not been baptized.
54:47 Perhaps you have not made that decision to make a full
54:51 commitment to Christ, and to go through the Biblical
54:54 ceremony of baptism, you mark that.
54:56 6. I would like a personal visit.
54:58 7. I need special prayer for, please fill that card out.
55:01 Here's what's going to happen, my good friend Clint McCoy,
55:04 who's going to be doing our concert tomorrow night,
55:06 is going to sing us a song titled Give Me Jesus.
55:09 When that song is done the ministry partners
55:12 are going to collect these cards, please don't slide these
55:15 cards into your Bible, give them to the ministry partners
55:17 they go to me, I pray over every card.
55:19 Beloved I love you very much, tonight I want you to see that
55:24 God loves you dearly.
55:26 "Amen!"
55:39 In the morning when I rise, In the morning when I rise,
55:49 In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.
55:58 Give me Jesus, give me Jesus, you can have all this world,
56:14 but give me Jesus.
56:20 And when I am alone, oh and when I am alone,
56:29 when I am alone, give me Jesus, give me Jesus,
56:45 Give me Jesus, you can have all this world, give me Jesus.
57:00 And when I come to die, oh and when I come to die,
57:14 when I come to die, give me Jesus, give me Jesus,
57:30 Give me Jesus, you can have all this world,
57:40 you can have all this world, you can have all this world,
57:53 just give me Jesus.


Revised 2014-12-17