Does Jesus Christ Have A Twin?

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00:15 Good evening again everyone, you all have the study guide?
00:19 Yes or no? [Audience] Yes.
00:21 Okay, tonight is the first of a 2 part series in which
00:24 we're going to be discussing the Biblical topic
00:25 of the Antichrist, and I want to let you know that we
00:29 will be revealing, not tomorrow night, but the following night,
00:34 precisely who the Antichrist is.
00:36 And you're sitting there thinking: "What?!"
00:38 "Is he really going to say it? Is he going to tell us"
00:41 "who the Antichrist is?" The answer is "no",
00:44 you're going to tell me who it is because we're going
00:46 to put all the Biblical identifiers up there,
00:49 and you will see there is only 1 power, only 1 individual
00:52 that can meet all of those specifications, and I'm not
00:55 whistling Dixie when I you will tell me who it is.
01:00 But before we get right into that, this is the first part
01:03 tonight, and before we talk about the identity
01:06 of the Antichrist, what we're going to do this evening
01:09 is talk a little bit about the principle behind the Antichrist.
01:12 What does that even mean? Many people have a very wrong
01:16 idea of what it means to even talk about an Antichrist,
01:19 they say: "Oh, here's Jesus Christ, so the Antichrist"
01:22 "would be someone against Christ", that's what
01:25 they think, well, we're going to discover that that is
01:28 an overly simplistic definition of what the Antichrist is,
01:31 and our message is entitled "Does Jesus Christ"
01:34 "have a twin". Is that kind of an unusual
01:36 title, yes or no? [Audience] Yes.
01:39 And you're going to discover tonight why we give it
01:42 that somewhat unusual title. Before we get right into
01:45 the Bible proper, what are we going to do first?
01:48 - [Audience] Pray. - So let's do that together.
01:50 Father in heaven, we come before You just now.
01:52 We want to confess that we are sinners in need
01:55 of a Saviour. We want to confess
01:58 that it is not our own intelligence, and our own
02:01 education that will enable us to understand Your word.
02:05 Spiritual things are spiritually discerned, so Father,
02:08 tonight we need You to come into this room, to give us
02:11 Your Holy Spirit that we may understand Your word
02:15 correctly and right. Father, as we open Your word
02:19 may You open our hearts and teach us great
02:21 and mighty, and true things, in Jesus' name let everyone
02:26 say amen. Okay, let's go directly
02:29 to our study guide, if you need a study guide, you can raise
02:31 your hands and I think the ushers will be glad to get
02:33 you one. Discover Prophecy Nr. 7:
02:37 "Does Jesus Christ have a twin?" Let's begin in the introductory
02:40 paragraph: This lesson and the following lesson will address
02:44 the very important issue of the Antichrist from a Biblical
02:51 perspective. Conjectures, opinions and ideas about
02:55 the Antichrist, the identity of the Antichrist abound.
02:58 I'll be perfectly candid with you, much of it is rubbish;
03:02 much of it is not based upon the Bible, much of it
03:05 is not based upon the Scriptures, and you'll be
03:08 seeing that over the course of the next 2 meetings.
03:11 We are not interested in opinions, we want to know
03:15 the truth, we want to know what the Bible actually teaches.
03:19 This is a serious topic, so we want to be sure to be honest
03:24 and humble in our study, God will richly bless us if we seek
03:28 to do this. Let's talk about simple
03:30 salvation as we begin this evening.
03:33 Perhaps the simplest salvation text in all of the Bible
03:36 is John 17:3, fill in the blanks and I'll quote it for you:
03:40 Jesus was speaking and He said "And this is life eternal"
03:46 "that they might know Thee, the only true God,"
03:50 "and Jesus Christ, whom Thou has sent. "
03:53 I'll repeat it again: "And this is life eternal that they"
03:56 "might know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ"
04:01 "whom Thou hast sent. " In other words,
04:03 the essence, the distillation of salvation is to know God
04:08 and to be in a faith relationship with Him.
04:13 We talked about that last night, so here's Jesus Christ,
04:16 Jesus says: "come unto Me all ye that labor and are"
04:20 "heavy laden and I will give you rest. "
04:22 This is life eternal, to know God, to have a relationship
04:26 of trust and of faith with God; in its simplest distillation,
04:30 salvation is to know God.
04:35 So we're asked the question tonight, does Jesus
04:39 have a twin? I'm back to the study guide,
04:41 it says: There it is, simple, having a faith relationship
04:45 with Him, to know God is to have salvation,
04:49 to not know God is to fail of experiencing salvation.
04:53 As we shall see, the thrust of Satan's attack through
04:57 the Antichrist is to prevent individuals from coming to know
05:01 God personally and truly. This is precisely why
05:07 we spent the last 3 lesson grounding ourselves
05:10 in the cross of Jesus Christ and its prophetic importance.
05:13 Knowing who the Antichrist is won't save anyone, knowing
05:19 who Jesus Christ is, however, will result in Salvation.
05:23 I want you to think about this, it's very simple,
05:26 in fact, it's so easy to understand that my little
05:28 5 year old boy could understand it: if salvation comes from
05:32 knowing God, then Satan is going to try to prevent us
05:36 from knowing God, and thus obtaining salvation,
05:40 does that make sense everyone? What we're going to discover
05:42 is that the thrust of the Antichrist's attack
05:45 is to prevent us from knowing God personally and truly.
05:51 Very simple, so we're asking the question tonight:
05:54 Does Jesus Christ have a twin? This is an artist's portrayal
06:00 of the Antichrist beast of Revelation 13, does this look
06:04 like Jesus' twin? [Audience] No.
06:07 Of course, we don't know what Jesus looked like,
06:09 the picture that we had up there just a moment ago was
06:12 an artist's representation, but we could be very confident
06:15 that this beast with the body of a leopard, the feet of a bear,
06:18 the mouth of a lion, this horrific, strange, amalgamated
06:20 beast surely is now Jesus' twin.
06:23 Go back to your study guide and it says:
06:25 Are you deceived? Are you sure?
06:32 Never forget this: [text on screen]
06:45 For example, you never see anyone walking around
06:48 with a sign around their neck saying: "I'm being deceived"
06:52 because if they had a sign around their neck that said
06:55 "I'm being deceived" it means they know it,
06:58 and be definition deception is when you don't know it.
07:01 It's a little bit like this, think of sleeping.
07:04 Have you ever noticed that you didn't know you were asleep
07:06 until you wake up. Try that experiment at your home
07:09 some time. You suddenly have the awareness
07:13 "Oh, I was asleep", but you don't have that awareness
07:16 until you have a perspective of being awake.
07:21 So the only way you would ever know if you were deceived
07:24 is to get undeceived. You might sitting here tonight
07:29 and thinking: "I'm glad I'm not deceived", the problem
07:32 is that's exactly how deceived people think. [Audience laughs]
07:40 So the essence of deception is that you are unaware that you
07:45 are being deceived, that's why we say "Are you being deceived",
07:49 you say: "No", "Are you sure?"
07:52 "How would you know?" Look at the study guide,
07:54 down to the bottom: The problem is that this is exactly
07:57 how deceived people think. How can we be sure that
08:00 we will remain undeceived? Simple: be sure that everything
08:06 you believe is consistent with the Bible.
08:11 The Bible is the cure for deception.
08:19 Don't trust what a man says, we spent a little time
08:22 on that the other evening, and we put that picture up there
08:25 of Dr. Hose Louise De Jesus Miranda, who claims to be
08:29 Jesus on earth, who claims to be Christ on earth
08:32 and who has an estimated 1-10 million followers.
08:37 Are those people deceived that are following that man?
08:40 Yes or no? [Audience] Yes.
08:43 Do they think they're deceived? [Audience] No.
08:45 And that's the point. How could they become
08:48 undeceived, by listening to him? No, by listening to the Bible.
08:52 We're on the second page: The apostle Paul and
08:57 the Antichrist. What did the apostle Paul
08:59 have to say about this? Well, first of all, let's talk
09:02 about this whole concept of Antichrist.
09:05 We've already said that some people think:
09:06 "This'll be elementary, this'll be easy, this'll be"
09:09 "a piece of cake, here's Jesus Christ and whoever"
09:11 "is against Jesus Christ in a violent opposition,"
09:14 "well that's clearly the Antichrist. "
09:17 Is the Devil that stupid? Hardly, in fact, what we're
09:22 going to discover tonight is that the prefix "anti"
09:25 from the Latin "anti" does not mean "against",
09:29 notice the actually definition from the Strong's Exhaustive
09:32 Concordance: [text on screen]
09:48 So look, in definition "a", "instead of", definition "b",
09:52 "as a substitute". So "anti" is not this elementary
09:56 simple definition "one who is against", the Antichrist is one
10:00 who tries to substitute for Christ,
10:05 not somebody who violently opposes, but somebody
10:08 who subtly betrays. More on that in just a moment,
10:12 but open your Bibles to 2 Thessalonians 2.
10:16 That's in the New Testament, you can find it, 2 Thessalonians 2.
10:24 Here we find the apostle Paul writing to the church
10:27 in Thessalonica warning them about an Antichrist power,
10:32 an Antichrist figure. 2 Thessalonians 2:3.
10:40 He says: "Let no one deceive you", so Paul was concerned
10:45 about deception, "Let no one deceive you by any means"
10:49 "for that day", in the context "that day" is the second
10:52 coming, "for that day will not come unless a falling away"
10:58 "comes first".
11:02 The Greek word here for "falling away" is "apostasia",
11:05 or "aposteia", it means "to divorce".
11:12 That's exactly what he's saying "Let no one deceive you"
11:14 "by any means for that day will not come unless a divorce"
11:18 "comes first". I want you to just think
11:21 about that for a moment: could you divorce someone
11:24 that you were never married to? That would be impossible,
11:27 so think about it this way, in order to have a divorce
11:30 you must first have had a prior favorable relationship.
11:37 So my wife is sitting right here in the front row
11:38 and I would never think of divorcing her because she's
11:41 the best wife I've ever had, I like to tell people,
11:44 she's my first wife, but could I get a divorce from her?
11:48 God forbid, is that possible? Sure, but she's sitting next to
11:51 my friend Andrea, who I've never been married to,
11:54 could I get a divorce from Andrea? No, so the moment
11:57 you start talking about divorce you know automatically there
12:00 must have been a prior favorable relationship.
12:07 So look, he says: "Don't let anyone deceive you"
12:09 "for that day", what day? The second coming of Jesus,
12:12 "... will not come until a falling away, or a divorce"
12:15 "comes first. " Now notice this:
12:17 "And the man of sin is revealed", that's
12:20 the Antichrist, "the son of perdition who opposes"
12:27 "and exalts himself above all that is called God"
12:30 "or that is worshipped so that he, as God, sits in the temple"
12:34 "of God showing himself that he is God. "
12:37 Notice it doesn't say: "So that he is as God,"
12:40 "sitting in the temple of God showing himself that he's"
12:43 "against God", it doesn't say that at all, it says he goes
12:46 into the temple of God to show that he is God.
12:49 Is that the idea of against and opposition, or is that
12:51 the idea of substitution? Substitution! I want you
12:56 to notice something very interesting. On your study guide
12:59 there are 2 phrases, 2 names that the apostle Paul used
13:03 to refer to this Antichrist power, Nr. 1 was "the man of
13:09 sin", and the other one is "the son of perdition".
13:15 Notice the paragraph there: What is the significance
13:18 of that second name? That name "son of perdition"
13:21 occurs in only one other place in the Bible, it's in John 17:12
13:28 The only other person in the Bible referred to as the son
13:31 of perdition is Judas Iscariot. I'll quote it for you
13:37 very quickly. Jesus was praying in the garden, He said
13:40 "Father, of all that Thou hast given me I have lost none"
13:43 "but 1, the son of perdition that the Scriptures might be"
13:46 "fulfilled", so when the apostle Paul uses the term
13:49 "son of perdition", he is thinking of language of Jesus
13:52 referring to Judas as the son of perdition.
13:56 Only 2 figures in all of Scripture referred to by that
13:59 name: the Antichrist and Judas Iscariot.
14:04 Now look at this, you can fill in your blanks there:
14:07 But watch this, Judas Iscariot did not violently oppose
14:11 Jesus Christ, rather he subtly betrayed Him.
14:18 He came not from the violent opposition of the Pharisees
14:21 or the Romans, but from the very inner circle of Christ's
14:25 followers, the disciples, he looked friendly, but secretly
14:30 he betrayed. When the apostle Paul
14:33 uses the term "son of perdition" to refer to the Antichrist,
14:36 what he's saying is: "Don't expect a violent political"
14:40 "opposer, hardly, no ones going to fall for that. "
14:43 Remember that the issue at the end of time is the issue
14:47 of worship. So don't expect a violent
14:50 opposition to Jesus Christ, if that's what you're looking for,
14:53 you think "that's going to be Antichrist", wrong,
14:55 you missed it. He employs the analogy
14:58 of the son of perdition of Judas Iscariot because Judas
15:01 Iscariot came from within the inner sanctum not to oppose
15:06 Christ, but to betray Him.
15:10 Hey, wow, that goes along perfectly with that language
15:13 he had just used, that a falling away, or a divorce,
15:19 so we're getting this idea "anti" is a substitute,
15:22 "anti" is one who stands in the place of,
15:25 like a Judas Iscariot who would subtly betray, and there would
15:28 be a divorce. Rather than violent
15:30 opposition, we're looking at subtle betrayal.
15:34 That's exactly what we have here. [text on screen]
15:50 This is very important to grasp, you can fill those in
15:54 on your blanks. Notice also according to verse 4
15:57 the Antichrist goes also into the temple of God
16:00 not to show himself, that he is against God, but rather that he
16:05 is God. Next paragraph: Another
16:08 important text taken from a sermon by Paul preached
16:11 in Ephesus is found Acts 20:28-30, we've got that
16:16 on the screen for you, Acts 20:28-30.
16:19 This is Paul preaching, Luke writing, Paul knows
16:22 that he's on his way to Jerusalem where he'll
16:25 be betrayed, and then he's going to Rome.
16:28 Okay, now watch this, verse 28, he's speaking to the elders
16:32 of the church in Ephesus: [text on screen]
16:41 He says: "You're the leaders of the church, take heed!"
16:44 [continues to read]
16:51 So Paul is talking to the leaders of the church.
16:56 Notice the next verse, verse 29: [text on screen]
17:06 That must have been shocking to them, but what he said
17:08 next must have been very shocking, verse 30:
17:12 "Also from among the Romans", is that what it says?
17:18 "Also from among the Pharisees", is that what it says?
17:22 No, "From among the heathen", is that what it says?
17:25 No, [text on screen]
17:37 Paul was concerned that there would be a falling away within
17:42 the church itself.
17:46 He says: "Hey listen, I know that after my departure"
17:49 "savage wolves are going to come in among the flock,"
17:52 "even from among your own selves will men arise,"
17:54 "speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples"
17:57 "of the Lord after themselves. " So we're getting this picture
18:00 in our mind of a subtle betrayal rather than a violent
18:04 opposition.
18:07 Let's continue on then: Here Paul says that these
18:10 coming deceivers would arise from within the church,
18:18 just like Judas. Where did Judas come from?
18:21 Was he a violent opposer or was he from within the very
18:23 inner circle? The inner circle.
18:26 Just like Judas Iscariot, the conflict comes from inside,
18:30 betrayal, not from outside, overt opposition.
18:34 Now, before we go to the book of Revelation,
18:38 remember that the dividing issue in the book of Revelation
18:40 is worship, it deals with the issue of worship.
18:45 Remember also that Satan uses the Antichrist as a front man
18:50 in order to procure what he has always wanted,
18:53 and what has Satan wanted since his fall?
18:56 Worship. Remember, the highest form
18:59 of his intoxication, the highest form of his audacity
19:02 was there in the wilderness when he said to Jesus Himself,
19:06 "all this will I give you if you just fall down"
19:10 "and worship Me. " I mean, height of follies.
19:15 Here, the created is asking the Creator to worship him,
19:20 total insanity, this is the longing desire of Satan's
19:26 perverted heart, is to receive worship,
19:29 but we've already said it: if the Devil walked in here
19:32 tonight and said "Hey everyone, notice to have you all here,"
19:34 "my name's Satan and I want you to bow down and worship me.
19:37 " Would you do it? [Audience] No.
19:40 You'd say "No, we're not going to do it".
19:42 The Devil, does he know that? Of course he knows that
19:45 so what he does is he gets himself a front man
19:47 and he props him up, and when he props up that front man
19:51 by giving him, as we saw in Revelation 13 the other night,
19:53 his power, his throne, his great authority,
19:57 when the beast is worshipped, who really is being worshipped?
20:01 Satan himself. It's called worship by
20:04 representation. Just think about that
20:07 for a moment, I'm going to quote a few words of Jesus
20:09 for you, Jesus said: "No man comes unto the Father"
20:14 "but by Me", beloved, how do we worship the Father
20:18 in spirit and in truth? We worship Jesus Christ.
20:23 We worship Jesus, Jesus is our representative before the throne
20:28 and the Father gave His power, His throne, His great authority
20:32 to Jesus, isn't that what Jesus said in Matthew 28?
20:35 "All power is given unto Me in heaven and on earth,"
20:37 "go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them",
20:40 in other words, the way that we have access to the Father
20:43 is through Jesus Christ. So we worship Jesus
20:46 in spirit and in truth, and that worship is transferred
20:49 to His Father, because He's the representative of His Father,
20:52 "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father. "
20:56 In fact, it's actually quite powerful, you have a counterfeit
20:59 trinity in the book of Revelation, how many of you
21:02 knew that? There's a counterfeit trinity
21:04 right in the book of Revelation. In the nature of God
21:07 you have Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
21:13 Some people say: "The Bible never says the word trinity",
21:16 of course the Bible doesn't use the word "Trinity",
21:19 it's a contraction of 2 words, "tri" which means three
21:21 and "divinity", which is God. The Bible actually uses
21:24 the word "God head", and somebody says "Well, I don't"
21:26 "like the word Trinity", then I have a good piece of advise
21:29 for you, don't use it. If you go to the doctor
21:32 and you say "Oh doc, when I bend me arm like this,"
21:35 "that just hurts, I just can't bend it back like that. "
21:38 Any good doctor's going to say: "Don't move your arm like that".
21:42 So if you don't like the word "Trinity", hey, you don't have
21:45 to use it, instead use the Biblical word, and that
21:48 word is "Godhead", but what it says is that God
21:50 is 3 in 1: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
21:55 But when you come to the book of Revelation do you know
21:58 what you have? You have the dragon,
22:01 which is Satan, the false prophet, and the beast.
22:04 Just as you have a real Godhead: Father, Son,
22:07 Holy Spirit, there is a trinity in the book of Revelation
22:10 of a Satanic trinity: the dragon, the false prophet
22:15 and the beast, it's incredible. This counterfeit theme
22:19 is amazing in the book of Revelation.
22:22 Take, for example, God has a city, that city is
22:25 New Jerusalem, Satan has a city, that's Babylon,
22:28 spiritual Babylon. God has a church, and you find
22:31 that in Revelation 12, a chased woman who's standing
22:35 on the moon, the sun and the stars, and then you go to
22:38 Revelation 17 and the Devil has a church, a harlot
22:41 who's decked of all kinds of gaudy jewellery etc.
22:44 So you have this counterfeit theme, and now you begin to see
22:49 "Oh, that's why they ask the question: Does Jesus Christ"
22:53 "have a twin?" I'm on page 3:
22:57 Does Jesus Christ have a twin? The book of Revelation
23:02 as we would expect, agrees perfectly with what Paul says
23:05 about the Antichrist. We discover that the Antichrist
23:08 is a religious entity that seeks to obscure the true place
23:12 and person of Jesus Christ. You say: "Wait a minute,"
23:15 "how do you know it's a religious entity?"
23:18 Because he goes into the temple of God to show himself
23:20 that he is God. If you're showing yourself
23:23 as God, that would make you a religious entity.
23:29 Notice as we go on here: In fact, strange as it may seem,
23:32 the Antichrist actually seeks to impersonate Jesus Christ,
23:36 this is portrayed very clearly in Revelation,
23:38 and this is why the lesson is entitled: "Does Jesus Christ"
23:40 "have a twin?" Of course the answer to that
23:43 question is "no", but the way the Antichrist seeks to ape
23:46 Jesus, one would wonder. Here's what we're going
23:49 to do tonight: we're going to compare the picture
23:53 of the Antichrist beast in Revelation 13 with the Lord
23:57 Jesus Christ and we're going to look at 8 points of counterfeit.
24:06 You can begin to write them down now, we're going
24:08 to look at them in your Bible, we're going to have them
24:11 up on the screen so you can write them down, and we'll
24:14 look at them in your Bible. Let's note Nr. 1- Jesus began
24:18 His earthly ministry by rising from the water.
24:24 Jesus began His earthly ministry, He went down to
24:27 the waters of the River Jordan, He walked up to John,
24:30 He said: "John, I need to be baptized by you. "
24:33 He said: "I can't baptize You, I can't even unloose Your"
24:36 "sandals", and He said: "suffer it to be so for now, for thus"
24:39 "it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness sake",
24:42 and Jesus was baptized, and coming up out of the water
24:45 according to Matthew 3, there was a voice from heaven
24:48 that said: "This is My beloved Son in whom I am"
24:51 "well pleased", and then Jesus goes out into the wilderness
24:53 and from that day forward begins His public ministry.
25:01 So, Jesus begins His public ministry by rising from
25:06 the waters of baptism. Now look at Revelation 13,
25:11 keep your finger all night in Revelation 13 because we're
25:16 going to spend all night in this chapter.
25:20 So if you've got one of these little ribbons, you just keep
25:22 your finger or a pen, or something right in there,
25:26 Revelation 13, because we'll be flipping back and forth
25:28 from other passages in the Bible to Revelation 13.
25:31 I'm reading in Revelation 13:1, John says: "Then I stood"
25:36 "upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out"
25:42 "of the sea, having 7 heads and 10 horns, and on his"
25:46 "horns 10 crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name".
25:51 Interesting, here the beast is depicted by John as rising
25:55 up from the water to begin his mission to deceive and destroy.
26:01 Notice the parallel, Jesus Christ begins His ministry
26:03 to save by rising from the waters of baptism.
26:06 The Antichrist begins his ministry, symbolically,
26:10 to deceive and to destroy by rising from the water.
26:16 Nr. 2- Jesus Christ resembles His Father.
26:23 We've already quoted it for you, I'll quote it again,
26:26 this is John 14, Jesus says: "Phillip, have I been so long"
26:29 "time with you that you have not seen the Father?"
26:32 "He who has seen Me has seen the Father. "
26:38 I'll give you several other verses to write down:
26:40 Hebrews 1:1-3, where the author of Hebrews says
26:46 that Jesus Christ is the express image of God.
26:51 Here's another verse you can write down, 2 Corinthians 4:6
26:59 where the apostle Paul says: "For God, who commanded"
27:02 "the light to shine out of darkness has shone in our"
27:05 "hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory"
27:09 "of God in the face of Jesus Christ. "
27:13 So Jesus resembles His Father, not just in a physical sense,
27:19 but if you had seen Him and seen His love, seen His
27:21 kindness, seen His care, seen His munificence,
27:24 you have seen the character of the Father.
27:28 But the Antichrist resembles Satan.
27:34 Look at Revelation 13, notice what it says.
27:40 Verse 1: "Then I stood upon the sand of the sea"
27:43 "and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads"
27:47 "and 10 horns, and on his horns 10 crowns,"
27:51 "and a blasphemous name. " Keep your finger right here
27:54 and go to Revelation 12:9. In fact, don't even have
27:57 to turn the page in my Bible, Revelation 12:9.
28:03 We can look at it in several places here,
28:06 pick it up in Revelation 12:3, it says:
28:11 "Another sign appeared in heaven, behold a great"
28:16 "fiery, red dragon", according to verse 9 who's the dragon?
28:21 - [Audience] Satan. - So the great dragon
28:24 was cast out, that serpent of old called the Devil
28:27 and Satan. So back to verse 3, it says:
28:29 "Another sign appeared in heaven, behold a great fiery"
28:32 "red dragon having 7 heads, and 10 horns, and on his horns"
28:38 "crowns", do you see the similarity?
28:40 The Antichrist beast is depicted symbolically as having
28:43 7 heads, he has 10 horns and he has crowns upon those horns.
28:47 He looks just like the dragon. The dragon has 7 heads,
28:55 10 horns, how many crowns? Doesn't say exactly,
28:58 but crowns on those horns probably 10.
29:01 So just as Jesus Christ resembles the Father,
29:04 the Antichrist resembles Satan. We've already said several times
29:09 tonight, we just looked at the verse right here, that
29:12 the Antichrist has horns and crowns.
29:18 Did you know that in the book of Revelation Jesus is depicted
29:21 as having horns and crowns? Look at this,
29:24 you're in Revelation, keep your finger in 13, go to
29:27 Revelation 19. Many of you already know
29:33 this verse by heart, if I began to quote for you verse 16:
29:35 "He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written"
29:38 " 'King of kings, and Lord of lords'", so you know this vision
29:43 already, now look at verse 12. This is speaking of Jesus
29:49 "His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head"
29:53 "was many crowns. " You can be sure it's Jesus,
29:58 jump down to verse 13: "He was clothed with a robe"
30:00 "dipped in blood, and His name if called, The word of God. "
30:05 Who's the word of God? Jesus of course.
30:07 John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word"
30:11 "was with God and the Word was God. "
30:14 So this is Jesus on that white stallion, riding back
30:18 to conquer His foes, to conquer His enemies, to conquer His
30:21 adversaries, and it says He has many crowns.
30:26 Go to Revelation 5. Here we find
30:34 a marvelous vision, in Revelation 4 John sees
30:38 this throne, and then in Revelation 5 he begins
30:43 to weep because there's the scroll and there's something
30:45 about that scroll, and he knows that that scroll needs
30:48 to be opened, but no one was found worthy to open the scroll,
30:51 and then the lion of the tribe of Judah appears, verse 5:
30:56 "But one of the elders said to me, Do not weep John,"
31:00 "behold, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David"
31:04 "has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its"
31:06 "7 seals. " Verse 6: "Then I looked and behold"
31:10 "in the midst of the throne, and of the 4 living creatures"
31:12 "in the midst of the elders stood a lamb as though"
31:16 "it had been slain, having 7 horns. "
31:25 This is symbolic, let's think about what was a horn
31:28 in the mind of the Israelites, you find that many times.
31:31 For example, in the Old Testament, the book of Psalms,
31:34 it would say things like: "O God, raise up a horn"
31:37 "of salvation", you think: "What does that mean?"
31:39 "Raise up a horn of salvation?" It's actually very simple:
31:43 the Israelites and the Jewish people and others
31:46 in ancient Palestine, they had goats and they would see
31:49 these different kinds of goats up on the rocks.
31:52 When mating season would come they would smash their heads
31:55 into one another, you've seen the rams do that
31:58 when they sort of rear back and do that thing [demonstrates]
32:01 and in the mind of the ancient Israelite, the one with
32:04 the larger horns tended to prevail, so the horn came
32:09 to symbolize strength, the horn came to symbolize power,
32:14 does that make sense? So when it says here
32:16 that this lamb has 7 horns, 7 is a very important number
32:19 in the book of Revelation by the way, there are 7 trumpets,
32:22 7 seals, 7 plagues, seven, seven, all throughout
32:25 the book of Revelation, it's like God is trying to say
32:28 something about 7, "pay attention to the number 7",
32:30 He says, "Seven, seven, seven", but here it says He has
32:33 7 horns, 7 is the number of completion.
32:38 It's the perfect number; the earth was created and
32:41 constructed in how many days? 7 days,
32:44 it's that number of fullness, of completion, so here this lamb
32:48 is in the midst of the throne and He has a horn, which means
32:51 strength and power, and he has 7 of them, which means
32:54 He has perfect strength and power.
32:58 So far so good? So Jesus Christ in the book
33:01 of Revelation is depicted as having horns and crowns.
33:03 Think about a crown, who wears a crown?
33:06 A king wears a crown, and so, when a king has a crown
33:10 and has a horn symbolically, this would represent
33:14 kingly power.
33:19 So the Antichrist is depicted as having kingly power,
33:22 and Jesus Christ, as the King of kings, is depicted
33:25 as having kingly power. Point Nr. 3.
33:28 Now look at point Nr. 4: [text on screen]
33:36 Look at Matthew 28, first book of the New Testament,
33:41 last chapter of that book, Matthew 28,
33:47 say "amen" when you get there. Matthew 28.
33:50 Your flipping, flipping, trying to write, trying to flip,
33:53 trying to keep up, you can do it. [Audience laughs]
33:59 See, I'll slow down when that clock slows down,
34:02 the moment that clock starts slowing down, then I'll slow
34:05 down, but the clock isn't slowing down, so I can't
34:08 slow down, okay? Matthew 28:18:
34:14 "Jesus came and spoke to them saying, All authority has been"
34:19 "given to Me in heaven and on earth. "
34:22 Question: who gave Jesus all authority?
34:25 God did, that's exactly right, so Jesus receives authority
34:29 from the Father. Very quickly, while we're here,
34:32 just look up at verse 17, just very quickly so we don't have
34:35 to come back here, it says: "And when they saw Him"
34:38 "they worshipped Him, but some doubted", hang on to that,
34:42 take that verse, verse 17, and hang it on a hook in your mind,
34:45 we're going to come back to it. Jesus receives His authority
34:48 from the Father. Go to Revelation 13,
34:52 you've still got your finger in there, so you should be
34:54 able to just flip right back like I just did.
34:57 Revelation 13:1:
35:02 "Then I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw"
35:05 "a beast rising up out of the sea, having 7 heads"
35:08 "and 10 horns, and on his horns 10 crowns, and on his heads"
35:11 "a blasphemous name. The beast which I saw"
35:14 "was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear,"
35:16 "his mouth like the mouth of a lion", you're thinking:
35:19 "Whoa, where's all of this coming from?"
35:22 You've got to hang in there, in fact, we're going to spend
35:25 a whole lot of time on that on Monday,
35:28 but look at this, it says: "The dragon", who's the dragon
35:31 everyone? [Audience replies] Satan.
35:33 "The dragon gave him", who's "him"?
35:36 The Antichrist beast. Notice this: "... his power,"
35:39 "and his throne, and his great authority. "
35:42 I want you to think about that, that's amazing.
35:44 What did we just learn in our presentation last night?
35:48 Satan wanted to go up or down?
35:50 He wanted to go up, "I will exalt my throne,"
35:53 "and I will go up, up, up", we had that picture
35:56 yesterday, a powerful presentation, and Jesus Christ
35:59 is willing to go down. So Satan here apparently finally
36:02 gets his throne, and when he gets his throne what does
36:05 he do with it? He gives it away,
36:08 look at it in verse 2, it says: "The dragon gave him",
36:11 the Antichrist, "his power, and his throne, and his great"
36:15 "authority", the very thing he wanted to obtain,
36:17 he gets it only to give it away? Why is he so quick
36:21 to give it away? Because he knows no one
36:24 will worship Satan as Satan. So he gets himself a religious
36:29 front man called the Antichrist, not one who's against Christ,
36:33 but one who's in the place of Christ, he props him up,
36:36 sets him up real good, "you have my throne, you have"
36:39 "my power, you have my great authority", he steps back,
36:42 so when he's worshipped, who's really worshipped?
36:45 - [Audience] Satan. - You've got it.
36:47 So Jesus Christ received His authority from the Father,
36:50 and the Antichrist receives his authority, his throne
36:53 and his power from none other than Satan himself.
36:56 Do you see the parallels everyone, yes or no?
36:59 - [Audience] Yes. - Powerful, in fact,
37:02 this counterfeit theme is a consistent in all of Revelation.
37:05 Many scholars have brought this out, it's impossible
37:08 to miss, God has a city, Satan has a city,
37:11 God is [triune], Satan has a [triune] counterfeit, etc.
37:16 Notice this, crowns indicate kingly authority as we've
37:19 already said, we go now to the last 4.
37:27 Beginning at number 5: [text on screen]
37:41 Now you say: "Well where's the verse that says that?"
37:44 There's not a single verse that says that, you have
37:47 to study the gospels, particularly the gospel of John
37:50 and you see that there were 3 Passovers that took place
37:53 during the ministry of Jesus. Jesus was baptized
37:56 in the fall of 27 AD.
38:00 Now watch my fingers very carefully, baptized in the
38:03 fall of 27 AD. Then the fall of 28
38:06 would be 1 year, that's 1 Passover; the fall of 29
38:09 would be 2 years, that's another Passover; the fall of 30
38:12 and then have a year, 3 and a half years,
38:15 3 Passovers. Baptized in the fall,
38:17 crucified in the spring, Passover took place
38:20 in the spring. It would take me probably
38:23 15-20 minutes to show you that out of John, but you can look
38:26 at it yourself, just look up the word "Passover" in a
38:28 concordance through the book of John, there were 3 Passovers,
38:31 Jesus' ministry lasted approximately 3 and a half years
38:34 from being baptized in the fall of 27 AD and crucified
38:37 in the spring of 31 AD, does that make sense everyone?
38:39 Very powerful, in fact, if I had time I could show you
38:42 very easily. Now look at Revelation 13.
38:48 This beast here, Revelation 13:5, it says:
38:53 "And he was given a mouth, speaking great things and"
38:57 "blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue"
39:04 "42 months", this is one of the most important time periods
39:08 in all of the Bible, in fact, this time period occurs
39:10 7 times in the Bible, and it's always in the book of Daniel
39:14 and Revelation, sometimes it's called the 42 months,
39:17 sometimes it's called the 1260 days, and sometimes it's called
39:20 a time, times and half a time. How many years would
39:24 42 months be? 3 and a half
39:27 because 1 year would be 12, 2 years would be 24,
39:31 3 years would be 36, and then half of that would be 6,
39:35 and that would be 42. So how long does the mission,
39:39 the prophetic mission of the Antichrist figure last?
39:42 3 and a half. So we have Jesus' ministry
39:45 lasting 3 and a half literal years, the Antichrist's mission
39:48 to deceive lasts 3 and a half prophetic years.
39:52 Very very powerful. Now go to Nr. 6:
39:57 [text on screen]
40:00 Do I have to go to a verse to show you that?
40:02 You know that. Jesus Christ was slain
40:06 and He was resurrected. You say: "Well, what?"
40:09 "Are you saying the Antichrist was slain?"
40:11 Oh yeah, sure, look at your Bible, Revelation 13:3.
40:16 John says: "I saw one of his heads as if it had been"
40:20 "mortally wounded. " If you're reading the King James
40:25 it says "wounded to death", is that what it says?
40:29 Okay, a mortal wound is a deadly wound, "I saw"
40:31 "one of his heads as if it had been wounded to death",
40:35 but notice what the rest of that verse says: "... but his deadly"
40:38 "wound was healed", and after that what happens?
40:42 "All the world marveled and followed the beast. "
40:45 Let me ask you a question: if you get a deadly wound,
40:48 what happens to you? [Audience] You die.
40:51 You die, and if a deadly wound is healed, what happens to you?
40:54 You are raised from the dead. Does that make sense?
40:57 So Jesus was slain and then resurrected, the Antichrist
41:01 was wounded to death and then healed, but it gets
41:04 even more amazing. We just read it, remember
41:07 I told you to take that verse and hang it on a hook
41:10 in your mind? Matthew 28:17, that many people
41:13 worshipped Him after His resurrection,
41:17 so Jesus Christ receives worship after the resurrection,
41:24 but what did we just read there?
41:27 Look at it there, Revelation 13:3: "I saw one"
41:30 "of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded"
41:33 "and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world"
41:35 "marveled and followed the beast. "
41:40 Look at verse 4: "So they worshipped the dragon",
41:43 and the dragon is? [Audience] Satan.
41:46 So they worshipped Satan, who gave authority to the beast,
41:50 and they worshipped the beast, saying: "who is like the beast?"
41:53 "Who is able to make war with him?"
41:55 In other words, no wonder they're saying: "Who's like"
41:58 "the beast, who's able to make war with him?"
42:01 He had been slain and resurrected.
42:03 They said: "Whoa, who could make war with him?"
42:06 "Even if you knock him down he just rises up again. "
42:09 "Even if he's slain, he resurrects again. "
42:12 You see this counterfeit theme. And number 8:
42:15 Jesus Christ was given universal dominion, we already saw that,
42:18 "all authority, all power has been given to Me"
42:21 "in heaven and on earth. " Now look at Revelation 13:7.
42:32 It says: "It was granted to him to make war with the saints"
42:38 "and to overcome them, and authority was given him"
42:44 "over a couple, few people, not very many people"?
42:49 What does it say? "Authority was given to him"
42:52 "over every tribe, and tongue and nation. "
42:55 That sounds like universal authority, doesn't it?
42:58 That's exactly what it sounds like, every tribe, every tongue
43:01 and every nation. Jesus Christ was given
43:05 universal dominion, the Antichrist claims
43:07 a counterfeit universal dominion.
43:10 Do you see the counterfeits everyone?
43:13 Okay, so take a look at it, the resurrection of Jesus
43:17 Christ, He raised from the dead. Let's go to our review.
43:21 Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship.
43:24 Okay, and 1 more, I was ahead of myself.
43:27 Powerful, look at this: the Antichrist will not appear
43:31 as a violent opposer, but as a subtle impostor.
43:39 That's very interesting, go to the last page of your
43:42 study guide.
43:48 It says: The stage is set, we are now prepared
43:53 to identify the Antichrist. The Biblical picture
43:57 is compelling and conclusive. In our next lesson
44:00 we'll give you 10 identifying characteristics of
44:03 the Antichrist. We began this lesson with
44:06 John 17:3: "And this is life eternal, that they might know"
44:10 "Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou"
44:13 "hast sent", and we concluded that eternal life comes from
44:17 knowing God. So then Satan's attack
44:21 would be to prevent us from coming to know God in
44:26 a true way. This text makes it very clear
44:30 that salvation is beautiful in its sublime simplicity.
44:34 Salvation is based on a relationship of love
44:36 and commitment between an individual and God.
44:39 The plan of Satan through the Antichrist, in brief, is to
44:43 obscure the person and place of Jesus, and thus compromise,
44:51 or prevent all together that relationship.
44:56 The essence of deception is that one doesn't know that he or she
45:00 is being deceived. So a person may actually
45:04 believe that he has a relationship when in reality
45:08 he may have been deceived by the Antichrist.
45:13 The Bible is the cure for deception.
45:15 Our relationship with God must be based on love and truth,
45:20 Biblical truth. This is what Jesus meant when
45:24 He said in John 4 that we must worship in spirit and in truth.
45:30 Final paragraph: Bible truth makes our love for God
45:37 intelligent.
45:43 Some people are going to be satisfied to worship God
45:46 in any old willy-nilly way, but beloved, God wants
45:50 to be worshipped in the way that He asks us
45:53 to worship Him. Think of Cain and Abel
45:56 in the Garden of Eden. Both of them brought an offering
46:00 to the right God, isn't that true?
46:03 Cain brought his offering to the right God, he just brought
46:06 the wrong thing. He didn't bring what God
46:08 had asked him to, and I can imagine Cain saying:
46:11 "Well, you know, God'll understand, God's a big boy,"
46:14 "He'll understand an appreciate, surely. "
46:17 So he brings his thing, the first fruits of the field
46:20 and God rejected it, why? Because God's a great big meany?
46:23 No, because that's not what God had asked for.
46:28 Some of us have parents that just let us get away
46:31 with whatever we wanted to get away with.
46:34 My dad wasn't that way, I hear that there are parents that way,
46:38 but my dad was 36 years in the military, he had an index
46:41 finger about that long and he'd point it at me all the time.
46:43 He'd say: "Boy!" Think this through,
46:47 God asks us to worship Him in spirit and in truth.
46:55 That doesn't mean: "Well, I'm going to worship God"
46:57 "how it makes me feel good, and blah blah blah",
47:00 listen, you might be worshipping God in a way that makes you
47:03 feel good, but if it's not in a way that's Biblical,
47:07 you are in danger of being deceived.
47:11 Does that makes sense? [Audience] Yes.
47:14 That's the world in which you live; the culture, the society
47:17 in which we live says "hey, if it's true to you, it's fine".
47:22 You've heard that ridiculous saying, it's an absolute
47:24 effrontery to the English language, people say:
47:27 "Well, that's true for you, but it's not true for me",
47:30 that doesn't even make sense grammatically, something is
47:32 either true or it's not true. "Well, you know, 2+2 is 6... "
47:37 "... for you, but for me it's 3." [Audience laughs]
47:42 No no no, listen! I come from a different day
47:46 and age, I come from a day and age, I'm a whole 34 years old
47:50 so everyone older than me will understand exactly
47:52 what I'm talking about. When I was math class
47:55 we would have to go up to the board and do the problems
47:58 that were on the board. Does anybody remember this?
48:01 - [Audience] Yes. - In front of the whole class,
48:04 "9x9", and you're going up there, absolute fear,
48:07 absolute trepidation, all of the students looking,
48:09 every student in the classroom knows the right answer,
48:13 and you can't remember if it's 81 or 82, and you get up there
48:15 and you say: "82" and you write it down, and the teacher
48:18 said: "Wrong!" [Audience laughs]
48:23 Nowadays the teacher would say: "Well, that's another way"
48:27 "of looking at it. " [Audience laughs]
48:31 "You know David, I just want to affirm your creative"
48:34 "and of the box thinking, good job", [claps].
48:38 No! Not the society I grew up in, not the school system
48:41 I went to, that was wrong. [Audience laughs]
48:45 But in today's day and age "we don't want to make"
48:48 "the kid feel bad". I want him to feel terribly bad
48:51 if he's going to go on and become an engineer
48:54 and design a bridge, I want him to know his math.
48:57 [Audience laughs]
48:59 Amen? [Audience] Amen!
49:01 That's the world we live in, we don't want to hurt
49:04 anybody's feelings. God doesn't want to hurt
49:07 anybody's feelings either, but God gives us truth in His word,
49:10 and if what God says is A, and we say: "well, I prefer B",
49:13 shame on you.
49:15 "Well, I think God understands, I think God... ".
49:18 Listen, God does understand, God understands that He
49:21 told you what to do, He made it clear what He wanted you
49:24 to do, and you didn't do it, He understands just fine.
49:27 Beloved, the Bible is not hard to understand, but there are
49:30 going to be many people at the end of time who will be
49:33 deceived not because God's word wasn't clear,
49:37 but because they just went about it their own way.
49:40 "I'll do my own thing". No, no, no!
49:45 God makes His commands, and His teachings, and His truths
49:50 clear.
49:54 If everything we believe is grounded and rooted in this
49:59 word, there is no danger of being deceived.
50:11 Everything I believe as a Christian, every single thing
50:14 I do, everything I believe, I can give you a plain
50:18 "Thus sayeth the Lord" for it, I don't say: "Well, that's"
50:20 "the way my church does it. " "Well, that's the way my"
50:23 "pastor does it. " "Well, that's just the way"
50:26 "I prefer it", no, everything I believe comes from what
50:29 the Bible says, and you should do the very same thing.
50:33 Many people go looking for a "church" that fits them:
50:35 "I want to find a church where I'm comfortable",
50:38 a church where you're comfortable?
50:41 Find a church where they're teaching the truth!
50:44 Lord have mercy, you can be comfortable every other day
50:46 of the week, go find a church that's teaching the truth.
50:51 "Oh, I'll find a church and hopefully it's comfortable"
50:53 "for me", no! First find the truth
50:56 and then go find a church that's teaching what's true,
50:58 not the other way round.
51:01 Jesus Himself had to change churches.
51:04 Jesus began His earthly ministry and He said:
51:07 "Take these things out of here, you've made My Father's house"
51:10 "a den of thieves", He began His earthly ministry,
51:12 it was "My Father's house", but at the end of 3 and a half
51:15 years He went back into that same temple and He walked
51:18 out and He said: "Your house is left to you desolate", why?
51:21 Why had He changed? Because they had consistently
51:23 rejected the evidences of His Messiahship, He says:
51:26 "If you won't follow the truth, I'll take My show"
51:30 "somewhere else. " [Audience] Hallelujah.
51:33 Are we clear? [Audience replies] Yes.
51:35 We say: "My grandpa went to this church, my grandmother,"
51:38 "she played that organ, and my uncle, he made that stained"
51:42 "glass", and oh good for you. Beloved, Jesus Christ Himself
51:46 went into the very temple that was built and designed
51:50 as an edifice to show Him, but when truth wasn't being
51:54 taught there anymore, He took His 12 disciples and He went
51:57 and met under and oak tree. Amen!
52:02 Because truth is more important than a building.
52:07 That's not the world you live in though.
52:09 The world you live in says "Well, you know, truth-smuth",
52:12 "come on, we all get along. The Bible is so hard"
52:15 "to understand, there are so many different interpretations",
52:18 how many of you have ever heard that before?
52:20 "That's your interpretation and this is mine",
52:23 let me tell you something: there are only 2 kinds
52:26 of interpretations: right and wrong.
52:28 "Well that's just your interpretation of 9x9,"
52:31 "mine's a little different. My interpretation is"
52:33 "that it's 84." No!
52:36 The Bible says there is no private interpretation,
52:39 2 Peter 1.
52:41 You got me fired up, see how that works?
52:44 [Audience laughs]
52:46 Beloved, there is a real danger, the Devil is not
52:48 whistling Dixie, he is out to deceive,
52:54 and deceived people are unaware that they're being deceived.
52:57 Again, you're sitting there thinking "Man, I'm just so glad"
53:01 "I'm not deceived", that's how every deceived person
53:03 in the world thinks. The moment that you know
53:06 you're being deceived, you're un-deceived, makes sense?
53:10 Because now you're aware of it, it's just like when you wake up
53:13 and think: "Oh, I was sleeping", yeah, now you're awake.
53:18 And the Antichrist comes in to subtly counterfeit Christ.
53:24 People have this ridiculously obvious, elementary idea
53:27 that the Antichrist is going to come with a great big sign
53:30 around his neck that says: "Antichrist, I hate Jesus,"
53:33 "honk if you don't love Jesus. " Everybody's going to say:
53:36 "Oh, there's the Antichrist, don't have anything to do"
53:39 "with him", are you kidding?
53:41 The Antichrist comes on the scene not to show himself
53:44 that he's against God, but that he is God.
53:47 He's a religious figure, like a Judas Iscariot, not who will
53:51 violently oppose, but who will subtly betray, and Revelation
53:54 sets us up for this. Jesus began His ministry
53:56 by rising from the water, the Antichrist begins his mission
53:59 by rising from the water. Jesus resembles His Father,
54:02 the Antichrist resembles his father.
54:05 Jesus has horns and crowns representing kingly authority,
54:08 the Antichrist, horns and crowns representing kingly authority.
54:11 Jesus received His authority from who? The Father.
54:14 The Antichrist receives his authority from who?
54:17 The Dragon. And then Nr. 5:
54:19 Jesus' ministry lasted 3 and a half literal years,
54:22 the Antichrist's ministry lasts 3 and a half prophetic years.
54:25 Jesus was slain and resurrected, the Antichrist was wounded
54:28 to death then healed. Jesus receives worship
54:31 after the resurrection, the Antichrist received worship
54:34 after his deadly wound was healed.
54:36 Jesus is given universal dominion, the Antichrist
54:39 is claims universal dominion. What you're seeing here
54:42 is a counterfeit, an impostor, and that's why we ask
54:45 the question: does Jesus Christ have a twin?
54:48 The answer is "No", but if the Antichrist has his way
54:51 you'll think so. Are we clear everyone?
54:54 2 questions as we close tonight, Nr. 1: has this been clear?
54:57 Raise your hand if it's been clear.
54:59 Okay good. 2nd question is this:
55:02 how many of you... listen, I'm not up here
55:04 for my good health and I don't make a penny off of these
55:07 meetings, I couldn't care less about all of that,
55:10 I want to know how many of you are committed to taking
55:13 everything that you believe, everything that you stand on,
55:16 your religious experience with God and saying:
55:19 "If it's not traceable to here, I'm willing to give it up. "
55:24 Come on... slowly wind the crank. [Audience laughs]
55:31 Are you with me? Beloved, that's dangerous
55:34 what you just did there is dangerous.
55:36 Look, my hand's up.
55:39 If it's not in here it's not worth believing.
55:44 This is the essence and the elixir of deception.
55:47 In today's day and age, you go to many churches,
55:50 they place a bigger emphasis on feeling good than on
55:53 doing good.
55:55 I've been to churches where I've said: "Open your Bible"
55:58 "to the book of Hezekiah", and everybody starts looking:
56:01 "Oh yeah, Hezekiah, that's in the New Testament right?",
56:04 there is no Hezekiah! [Audience laughs]
56:07 Beloved, we need to know this Word, we need to love this Word.
56:10 We won't be here tomorrow night, but we will be here on Monday,
56:13 we're going to look at "The Actual, Certain, Definite,"
56:16 "Unavoidable Identity of the Antichrist", and it won't be
56:19 from me, it'll be from the Word, I guarantee that.
56:24 I won't tell it to you, you'll tell it to me.
56:27 So bring a friend, bring an enemy, don't bring a pet,
56:30 bring anyone, [Audience laughs]
56:33 we'll see you on Monday night. Let's pray together.
56:37 Father in heaven, we want to know what's true.
56:43 So please Father, give us a passion for Your word.
56:48 Father, we live in a society, and a world, and a culture
56:51 that is turned upside down and what's wrong is right
56:53 and what's right is wrong, and everything in between,
56:56 but Father, You are calling us to know truth.
56:59 You tell us that Your church is the pillar and ground
57:02 of truth, we want to know what's true.
57:04 So help us Father tonight, as we bring our hearts to You,
57:09 we bring our lives to You, we bring our worship to You,
57:12 Father, refine us.
57:15 Make us willing to let go of the dearest things if they can't
57:19 be traceable to Your word.
57:22 Father in heaven, bind our hearts together with Your heart,
57:28 and bind our hearts together with one another in Christian
57:31 love.
57:33 God we love You, teach us how to love You more and better.
57:39 In Jesus' name, let all of God's humble people say amen.


Revised 2014-12-17