How To Face Death Unafraid And With Absolute Confidence

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00:16 Good evening everyone, a great privilege to be here yet again.
00:20 I'm looking forward to tonight's presentation: How to face death
00:23 unafraid, and with absolute confidence.
00:27 Death is something that we've all thought about, some of us
00:29 are a little older and thinking about it more than, perhaps,
00:33 the younger class, but the reality is that this is
00:35 a question that everybody wonders about, no one is immune
00:39 from thinking about this question of death.
00:42 Most people would probably face death with fear, with
00:46 trepidation, with confusion, with concern, and our message
00:49 tonight is entitle: How to face death unafraid and with absolute
00:54 confidence. So what are we going to do first everyone?
00:57 - [Audience] Pray. - That's right, we're going
01:00 to pray, so let's begin with a word of prayer together.
01:04 Father in heaven, we come to You this evening believing
01:08 that Your Word holds the key, holds the answer to this
01:12 question of death. Father, we think about our
01:15 Savior, Jesus who faced death, the Bible says He tasted death
01:20 for every man, but the great good news of the gospel
01:24 is that even though Jesus died and was buried, that He rose
01:28 again in accordance with the Scriptures.
01:31 So Father, today as we study this question of how to face
01:34 death unafraid, may our faith, our confidence not be in self,
01:41 may our confidence not be in us, for Father, every one of us
01:44 will face this great eventuality, may our confidence
01:48 be in Him alone who has conquered death, that is Jesus.
01:54 Be with us now as we open Your Word, may You open
01:56 our hearts, for we ask it in Jesus' name, let everyone say
02:01 amen. Alright, let's go directly
02:03 to our study guide: How to face death unafraid and with
02:07 absolute confidence. Let's go right to our study
02:10 guide and we'll commence by reading the opening paragraph
02:13 there, it say: The question of death, and what happens when
02:17 one dies is a question that has intrigued mankind since the very
02:21 dawn of time. Even today with significant advances in
02:24 technology, medicine and science, the question of
02:27 the mystery of death remains entirely unanswered.
02:30 Truth be told, science is ill equipped to deal adequately
02:34 with the issue of death.
02:36 Death is more than the cessation of physiological
02:38 functions and activities; it has mental, emotional and certainly
02:43 spiritual ramifications as well, both for the dying and for
02:46 those who remain. The Bible, the Holy Scriptures,
02:50 contains the keys that unlock this mystery of death.
02:53 The Bible can provide the kinds of answers that humanity
02:57 is seeking concerning this question of death.
03:00 The Bible alone can illumine death's dark door.
03:06 I suppose it was a couple months ago I was looking through
03:08 a magazine I had received. It was on the extremes in
03:11 nature, it was entitled something like "Time's Extreme:
03:15 "Nature Special", or something like that, and very interesting
03:18 in there, there was this quotation from a TV camera
03:22 man who was caught in the Mt. Saint Helen's eruption
03:25 and these were, he thought, his very last words.
03:28 Notice this, Mt. Saint Helen's eruption, D. Crocket,
03:31 the TV Camera man, he says: [text on screen]
03:44 You know we're all like that aren't we?
03:46 We think that we would face death with such courage,
03:48 with such confidence, but the reality is that for the vast
03:52 majority of people, when we are knocking right at
03:55 death's door, we can have a tendency to be cowardly,
03:59 and to wonder in confusion: "Is this the end? And if it"
04:02 "is the end, am I ready? " You sense that here in
04:04 this quotation, he says "I'm either alive or it's dark, "
04:09 "God, I want to live. " Notice there on your study
04:13 guide it says: According to the Bible, death is not the end.
04:23 It is not the terminal stop on this journey of life,
04:26 there is more beyond death's door.
04:29 The next chapter following the death event is what
04:32 the Bible calls "The resurrection"; that's what you'd
04:35 write in there on that line. The next event after the death
04:38 event is what the Bible calls "the resurrection".
04:42 In fact, as we will learn in a future lesson, there are
04:44 actually 2 resurrections. We have been studying and
04:50 spending quite a bit of time in the book of Revelation,
04:52 and no other book in the entire Bible gives us a broader,
04:56 more powerful, more amazing picture of the resurrected
05:00 Christ than the book of Revelation, and of course, that
05:02 would be expected. Revelation 1, 4, 5, 7, 14, 19,
05:08 all have pictures of the post resurrection Jesus.
05:12 Now, there's good reason for this, and I want to turn your
05:14 attention here to Revelation 1:18, Jesus said
05:18 these words to John as He appeared to him on the island
05:21 of Patmos, He said: [text on screen]
05:30 And notice what He says next, absolutely awesome, Jesus says:
05:33 [text on screen]
05:37 The word "Hades" is the Greek word, it means "the grave".
05:39 He says "I have the keys of the grave and of death. "
05:42 Jesus appears to John, He says "I am Him who am alive, "
05:46 "but I was dead, and now I will be alive forever more. "
05:50 The book of Revelation shows Jesus in His post resurrection
05:53 appearances all throughout the whole book,
05:56 the resurrected Christ, absolutely, totally powerful.
06:02 Notice here on the screen: the resurrected Christ is
06:05 the foundation of the Christian faith, that's right there
06:08 in your study guide. The resurrection of Jesus Christ
06:11 is the foundation, and the cornerstone of the Christian
06:15 faith, notice this: [text on screen]
06:23 I'm opening my Bible to 1 Corinthians 15, where the
06:26 apostle Paul, writing to the church of Corinth says
06:29 this very thing, 1 Corinthians 15, you can say
06:32 amen when you get there. I'm in 1 Corinthians 15:12,
06:40 we'll read several verses here, kind of climaxing in
06:44 verse 20, I'm in verse 12. The apostle Paul says:
06:47 "Now if Christ is preached that He has been raised from"
06:49 "the dead, how does some among you say that there is no"
06:52 "resurrection from the dead? But if there is no resurrection"
06:55 "of the dead, then Christ is not risen. "
06:57 You see the logic here, very logical, very linear:
07:01 "And if Christ is not risen then our preaching is empty"
07:05 "and your faith is also empty", King James says "vain".
07:08 Verse 15: "Yes, and we are found false witnesses of God"
07:11 "because we have testified of God that He raised up Christ, "
07:14 "whom He did not raise up, if in fact the dead do not"
07:17 "rise, for if the dead do not rise, then Christ is not risen",
07:20 and notice verses 17-19, he says: "and if Christ is not"
07:24 "risen, your faith is futile. " I want you to think about
07:29 that for just a moment, Paul says if Jesus is not raised
07:32 from the death, your confidence in Christ, your faith in Christ,
07:36 as the one who has overcome death is absolutely, totally
07:39 futile, which means vain and silly.
07:41 Verse 18: "Then also those who have fallen asleep in Christ"
07:45 "have perished. " I want you to do something
07:47 here for me. Notice it says there in verse 18
07:49 "Those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished. "
07:52 I want you to take that phrase there, "fallen asleep in Christ"
07:55 I want you to take that idea, and hang it on a hook
07:57 in your mind because we're going to come back to it.
08:00 Look at verse 19: "if in this life only we have hope in"
08:02 "Christ, we are of all men most miserable. "
08:06 It is not difficult to follow Paul's line of reasoning here,
08:09 what he basically says is the Christian person has put
08:12 their confidence in the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus.
08:17 If Jesus is not raised, if Jesus is not resurrected, what he's
08:21 saying is our confidence in the resurrection of Jesus
08:24 is foolish, silly and futile. Apparently there were some
08:28 in Corinth who were denying the resurrection of the dead,
08:31 and Paul says "Listen, of course there is a resurrection, "
08:34 "Christ Himself was raised from the dead", and look at verse 20,
08:37 here the apostle Paul affirms this in the most powerful,
08:40 unequivocal language, verse 20: "But now Christ is risen from"
08:44 "the dead, and has become the first fruits of those"
08:47 "who have fallen asleep. " There it is again, remember,
08:50 that's that phrase I told you to hang on a hook in your mind,
08:52 "fallen sleep", 2 times he says it, and we're actually going
08:55 to look at it a little later into our presentation.
08:58 It's not difficult to follow Paul's line of reasoning,
09:00 it's not difficult to sort of say "Yeah, that makes sense, "
09:03 "I see where he's headed with this. "
09:04 The Christian faith is rooted and grounded, and founded
09:08 on this great fact of the death of Jesus, the burial
09:13 of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus.
09:17 Paul says, and it just makes good common sense, if Jesus
09:21 is not raised, then your faith in Christianity, your faith
09:24 in Jesus, is totally, completely futile, and that's why we say
09:28 here: "without the resurrection we have no hope. "
09:33 So you're back there in your study guide, very, very simple.
09:36 Notice here the underlined portion, it says: "The future"
09:38 "resurrection of Christ's followers is founded upon"
09:42 "the historical fact of Jesus' own resurrection. "
09:46 In other words, the reason that we can have confidence in our
09:49 own resurrection is that we have confidence in
09:51 the historical resurrection of Jesus.
09:54 G.B. Hardy in his marvelous book, "Countdown", put it
09:57 this way, he said: "There are only 2 essential requirements, "
10:08 "number 1: has anyone ever cheated death?"
10:11 "and number 2: is it available to me? "
10:15 Mr. Hardy goes on to say: "Let us survey the historical"
10:17 "record; Confucius' tomb: occupied; Buddha's tomb: "
10:22 "occupied; Mohamed's tomb: occupied; Jesus' tomb: "
10:28 "empty", that's exactly right. Hardy goes on to say:
10:31 "argue as you will, but for me and my purposes, "
10:34 "there is no point in following a loser. "
10:40 When Mr. Hardy here uses the phrase "following a loser", he's
10:43 not using that phrase in the sort of "nanny-nanny-boo-boo"
10:46 pejorative sense, he's not saying "My dad can beat up"
10:50 "your dad" kind of a thing, what he's saying is
10:52 that everyone will have to face this great eventuality
10:55 called death. Buddha faced it, and lost
10:58 the battle, Confucius faced it and lost the battle,
11:01 Mohamed faced it, and lost the battle, but Jesus faced it
11:05 and He was victorious, He won the battle with death.
11:09 And as Mr. Hardy says very simply, very powerfully, very
11:11 logically, there are only 2 essential requirements:
11:14 has anyone ever cheated death, the answer to that is yes,
11:16 the man Christ Jesus, and the second was: is it available
11:19 to me, and Jesus said in John 3:16, when speaking
11:22 to Nicodemus, "For God so loved the world, Nicodemus, "
11:26 "that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth"
11:29 "in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. "
11:38 Yes, someone has cheated death, number 1, and yes, it is
11:41 available to you by faith if you put your confidence,
11:44 your belief, and your trust in the man, Christ Jesus.
11:48 Let's go back to our study guide here, we're on page 2,
11:51 we're making excellent time, for which we praise the Lord.
11:54 Notice here on the screen, we're going to ask a question,
11:56 it's the same question that's there in your study guide,
11:59 and it is a question that unfortunately many people have
12:02 not reflected adequately upon. It says: [text on screen]
12:09 These 2 things are mutually exclusive.
12:16 It's an either/or situation, not a both/and.
12:20 You can't say "Oh yes, the soul is immortal, and there's"
12:23 "a resurrection", it doesn't make any sense, we'll talk
12:26 about that in a little bit. It's either that the soul
12:28 is immortal, that is, non-dying, unending, or there's
12:32 a resurrection, either this or that.
12:36 Notice there in your study guide it says: This is a very
12:39 important question, one that most Christians have not
12:42 reflected upon adequately, even non-Christians.
12:45 Consider, for example, the case of Mary.
12:49 Mary, the mother of Jesus, has been making frequent appearances
12:52 here on planet earth to encourage, inspire, and warn
12:56 believers of a coming calamity.
12:59 These appearances are sometimes called apparitions, are
13:03 occurring with increasing frequency. Millions of people
13:06 claim to have seen Mary at locations all over the globe,
13:10 both urban locations, rural locations, western nations,
13:14 eastern nations, so called, 3rd world countries, and so called
13:17 1st world countries; millions of people claim to have
13:19 seen this Mary.
13:21 Bleeding statues, weeping statues, visions in the sun
13:24 and clouds, and physical appearances are all cited
13:26 as mounting evidences that Mary has returned with an important
13:30 message. This phenomenon has even
13:32 been reported in many of the popular newspapers, and news
13:35 magazines of the world. In fact, if I had time, I could
13:38 walk you though a stack of materials that I have in my own
13:41 study that's probably an inch to 2 inches thick, just full of
13:47 articles about this very thing, people see Mary in the clouds,
13:50 people see Mary between 2 buildings in the sunlight,
13:53 people see Mary, remember this? ...even in a grilled cheese
13:56 sandwich. People say "Oh, there's Mary",
13:59 in fact, I heard that that sandwich actually sold,
14:01 believe it or not, on EBay for some $10,000.
14:05 People are seeing Mary everywhere.
14:08 Some of this is sort of silly, and we understand that, but some
14:10 of it is downright, unquestionably supernatural:
14:13 bleeding statues, and weeping statues, and even Mary
14:17 appearing in some kind of a bodily form to people.
14:20 I'm back at the study guide: even Protestants, agnostics,
14:23 atheists, and others have reportedly been visited, or in
14:26 some way touched by this "Mary", I'm using the term "Mary"
14:30 in quotes, by the way, "Mary". All of this raises serious
14:33 questions for the committed Christian believer.
14:37 Is this really Mary? Could it even be Mary?
14:40 And how can we tell if this is true, or if it is
14:43 a dangerous deception from Satan?
14:47 These are some of the very questions that we will seek
14:49 to answer, and in answering these questions we will
14:52 answers our larger question about the resurrection,
14:54 and about the immortality of the soul.
14:56 Several years ago I came upon this book entitled
14:59 "The Thunder of Justice: the warning, the miracle, "
15:02 "the chastisement, and the era of peace" written by 2 Catholic
15:05 individuals, Ted and Maureen Flynn.
15:07 Ted and Maureen Flynn are here claiming, and documenting,
15:12 that Mary, that is, what they believe to be Mary,
15:14 has been appearing to people as we've just suggested,
15:16 all over the globe, and she has a special message of warning,
15:21 a special message of chastisement for planet earth.
15:25 It's actually quoted right here in this book entitled
15:27 "The Thunder of Justice" in the opening page, it says this,
15:31 this is supposedly the "virgin Mary" speaking, she says:
15:35 [text on screen]
15:51 Fascinating, here's Mary
15:53 coming back from the dead, coming from heaven with
15:57 a special message for us, a special message for planet
16:01 earth, and of course, the question for the commit believer
16:04 like myself, and like many of you, is: is this really Mary?
16:07 And how can we know for sure? I mean, we really only have
16:10 2 options, one is that it really is Mary, and she really does
16:14 have a special message for us, or number 2, that it is
16:17 a dangerous, subtle deception of the enemy.
16:21 We shouldn't be surprised if that is the case incidentally,
16:24 because as we've already learned, Satan transforms
16:27 himself, not into an angel of darkness, but into an angel
16:30 of light. We would not expect Satan
16:32 to show up with red leotards and a pitch fork, and a pointy
16:36 tail, no, the Bible says he would transform himself
16:40 into an angel of light, so we have a very serious question
16:43 before us this evening, and that is this: are these so called
16:46 Mary apparitions the real deal, or are they a deception brought
16:51 about by the father of lies? In answering that question
16:55 we're going to answer the larger question of how to face death
16:58 unafraid, and with absolute confidence.
17:01 Has Mary, the mother of Jesus been sent with a special
17:05 message for planet earth. I want to let you know right
17:08 now, I believe the answer to that question is "no".
17:11 And here's why, at least I'll give you the answers
17:13 to why, and you can make your own determination,
17:15 but I'll say this, if you're going to trust the Bible, and
17:18 the Bible only, I think you'll be forced to come to the same
17:20 conclusion. Unfortunately for us,
17:23 false prophets do not show up like this: [on screen]
17:33 If a false prophet showed up like this, with a sign,
17:36 or a placard hanging around his or her neck, it would be so
17:39 easy to detect them. Yet, as we've already seen
17:42 in Matthew 24, Jesus said, I don't remember if it was 3
17:45 or 4 times, "take heed that no man deceives you",
17:48 "that no man deceives you", He said false Christs and false
17:50 prophets would arise and deceive, not a few knuckleheads,
17:53 not a few that weren't paying attention, he said that they
17:56 would arise and deceive many.
18:00 And the reason that deception is so dangerous, as we've already
18:03 said, that you're unaware that you're being deceived.
18:06 Satan doesn't show up as some kind of figure of darkness
18:10 who openly opposes Christ, etc, the Bible says that he would
18:14 transform himself into an angel of light, and that his ministers
18:17 would transform themselves into ministers of light,
18:20 rather than ministers of darkness, and that's our
18:23 quotation here, 2 Corinthians 11:14:
18:25 [text on screen]
18:34 And that's why we can't just look at this thing and say:
18:36 "Oh, it's Mary, clearly it's true, clearly it's from God, "
18:39 "clearly it's Biblical", no, no, no, we have to test this
18:42 to see if it is Biblical, to see if it is true, and ask
18:45 the question: is it even possible that Mary has come back
18:49 from the dead. In doing that, let's begin
18:51 by looking at a text of Scripture that's actually not
18:54 in your study guide, I want to be crystal clear about something
18:57 and I'm going to Leviticus 20. That's the 3rd book of
19:02 the Old Testament, Leviticus 20, and I'm going to read the last
19:05 verse of that chapter, Leviticus 20:27, it says:
19:10 "A man or a woman who has a medium, or who has a familiar"
19:14 "spirit shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall"
19:22 "be upon them, they shall stone them with stones "
19:25 It's a consistent teaching in the Old Testament that if
19:29 somebody was a channeler, or a medium, or somehow communicating
19:33 with the dead, that these people were not to be praised,
19:36 these people were not to be looked up to for their spiritual
19:39 gift, the Bible actually goes so far as to say, God speaking
19:42 to Moses, Moses speaking to the children of Israel,
19:44 these people should be stoned. Why so severe?
19:48 Why so harsh? Why was God so insistent about
19:51 the austerity, and the seriousness of this punishment,
19:55 the answer is this: God knew that people that were
19:58 communicating with the dead were not communicating
20:01 with the dead at all, in fact, they were actually communicating
20:04 with the Devil and his demons. In fact, I'm in
20:07 Deuteronomy 18, you're there in Leviticus, just go to the next
20:10 book, which is numbers, and the next book which is Deuteronomy,
20:12 Deuteronomy 18:9: "When you come into the land"
20:20 "which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not"
20:23 "learn to follow the abominations of those nations".
20:26 Verse 10: "There shall not be found among you anyone who"
20:30 "makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, "
20:33 "or anyone who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, "
20:36 "or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who"
20:40 "conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritualist, or one who",
20:43 listen: "calls up the dead. " Verse 12: "For all who do these"
20:47 "things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these"
20:51 "abominations the Lord your God is driving them out from before"
20:54 "you, you shall walk blameless before the Lord your God. "
20:57 Fascinating, here 2 times in the Old Testament, and other
21:00 instances could be cited, God says if there's a channeler,
21:03 or a medium, somebody who is calling people up from
21:07 the dead, God does not say "Oh sure, laud them for their"
21:10 "spiritual keenness, laud them for their spiritual gifts, etc",
21:14 no, God says "those people are an abomination to Me, they"
21:17 "should be an abomination to you, they aught to be stoned. "
21:21 Again, we are forced to ask the question: why is God so
21:23 strong here? Why is God so serious here?
21:26 Why is God so seemingly austere here, it's because God knows
21:30 that people that are talking to the dead are not really
21:32 talking to the dead. They're talking to the Devil
21:37 himself, masquerading himself as a dead loved one, or etc, etc.
21:44 So this really, right at the very outset gives us
21:47 very strong cause to wonder: is it even possible that Mary
21:52 has returned back and is communicating with people in the
21:55 present tense?
21:57 If we're going to look at the Old Testament picture of this,
21:59 the idea that Mary has returned from the dead to communicate
22:02 with us, now that would be significant cause for concern
22:05 because people in the Old Testament, people in the Bible
22:10 times who communicated with the dead were stoned to death
22:14 because it was such a serious abomination and infraction
22:17 to God. Let's continue on here,
22:20 in order to understand this question about death,
22:23 and immortality, it will be absolutely critical for us
22:27 to recognize something, and that is this: man is not,
22:30 by nature, immortal. I want to say that again:
22:34 man is not, by nature, immortal. There are many people that
22:38 believe that, but Bible believing Christians should
22:41 not believe that, the Bible nowhere says that man is,
22:44 by nature, immortal, the Bible nowhere says that man is
22:47 inherently immortal, the Bible says that immortality is given
22:51 to us as a gift when we exercise faith in the Lord
22:54 Jesus Christ.
22:59 In fact, we've already quoted John 3:16, let's quote it again:
23:02 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only"
23:04 "begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not"
23:08 "perish, but have eternal life. "
23:12 So notice that eternal life, or immortality, comes as a result
23:15 of accepting Jesus as your personal Savior,
23:18 it's not something you posses inside of yourself, it's not
23:21 something that you posses innately, or inherently,
23:23 it's a gift that God gives you, we'll come back to they point
23:26 in just a moment. There are people that believe
23:28 that you are naturally, innately, inherently immortal,
23:32 but most of them are New Age spiritualists,
23:38 like this man here, Marshall Applewhite, you might remember,
23:41 he led 38 people, himself being the 39th, to commit the largest
23:45 mass suicide in the history of the human experience here
23:48 in the USA, 39 people, many of them intelligent people,
23:52 well educated people, ending their lives, why?
23:57 I'll tell you why, because this man had convinced them
23:59 that they were immortal. Of course, the word immortal
24:02 means you can not die, and he had them convinced that when
24:05 they ended their life here they weren't really dying in
24:07 the traditional sense, they were just, as he said,
24:10 "shedding this shell, shedding this skin and moving on"
24:13 "to a higher plain. " And the higher plain, as you
24:17 recalled it, they were going to get on was they were
24:20 going to get in some kind of a spacecraft, a space mobile,
24:23 and ride around through the universe behind the comet
24:26 Hale-Bopp.
24:28 Beloved, this man believed in the natural immortality of
24:31 the soul, but he was wrong. Bible believing Christians
24:35 who are going to stand on what the Bible says, and not what
24:39 New Agers say, or what spiritualists say, they are
24:42 going to have to base what they believe about death
24:45 on the Bible, and nothing else, if you believe that, say amen.
24:49 So let's go to our study guide here as we address this
24:51 question of the issue of immortality.
24:54 Notice right here on your study guide that there are 2
24:56 essential elements that sort of under gird, and are
25:00 the foundation for spiritualism. Spiritualism is founded upon
25:04 2 essential elements, the first is: [text on screen]
25:15 That's one of the foundational, cardinal elements of
25:18 spiritualism; the second is: [text on screen]
25:22 That's New Age spiritualism, that's Egyptian Paganism,
25:26 that's Babylonian Paganism, that's Greek Paganism,
25:29 it's not Biblical Christianity, as we've already seen, in the
25:32 Bible if somebody was communicating with the dead, or
25:34 channeling the dead, or acting as a medium for the dead, they
25:37 weren't lauded for the spiritual gifts and attributes, they were
25:39 stoned. Beloved, you know I'm speaking
25:42 very strong here, and powerful here, but the reason is this:
25:46 there is a gross deception that is sweeping the world,
25:50 and that is this idea that mankind is naturally immortal,
25:53 and it's not just people like Marshall Applewhite, and others,
25:56 who are going to fall for it, even many Bible believing
25:58 Christians, many good people, have been lured into this
26:03 ridiculous, non-Biblical teaching that when you die
26:06 you don't really die.
26:10 Now, 2 cardinal elements of spiritualism, number 1:
26:14 natural immortality, that is conscious life after death,
26:17 and number 2: the dead can communicate with the living.
26:20 As we've already said, in Israel those who communicated
26:23 with the dead were stoned, that's exactly right.
26:27 So, where is Mary, the mother of Jesus?
26:29 Does she have a special message?
26:32 I believe the answer to that question is going to be
26:36 easier to find when we go to man's original creation,
26:39 Genesis 2:7.
26:45 First book of the Bible, Genesis 2:7, we're going
26:48 to take a look at creation, in order to understand
26:50 death we're going to first understand creation, and what
26:53 we're going to find is that creation is very easy,
26:55 very simply to understand, it's 1+1 mathematics.
27:00 1+1 equals something else, and we'll see that right here
27:03 in Genesis 2:7. It says: "And the Lord God"
27:06 "formed man", notice this carefully, "out of the dust"
27:09 "of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath"
27:12 "of life, and man became a living soul."
27:17 Does everyone see that there? That He formed man out of
27:20 the dust of the earth, and so here was this man this form,
27:22 this figure, a cadaver, if you will, but it was lifeless,
27:27 it had no energy, it had no vivifying power, so God
27:30 had to breathe into this man the breath of life, and then
27:35 notice what it says, notice the language very, very carefully,
27:38 it doesn't say that God gave man a soul, it doesn't say that
27:41 man possessed a soul, it says became a living soul.
27:48 I want you to think about that for just a moment,
27:50 it's not as though Adam could have reached into his
27:52 pocked and pulled out and said "Oh, look what I have here, "
27:56 "I have my soul. " No, he didn't posses a soul,
28:02 he didn't own a soul, he didn't have a soul as much as he
28:06 was a soul, and that's directly out of your study guide,
28:09 and it's directly out of the Bible; man became a living
28:13 soul. Let's all say that together:
28:15 Man became a living soul. But what were the 2 elements?
28:23 [text on screen]
28:26 That is the dust of the ground, plus the breath of God,
28:29 equals a living soul. So there it is, body+breath
28:33 equals a living soul, 1+1 equals 2, you've got it.
28:38 I'm on page 3 of your study guide.
28:40 Think of a light bulb, in order for us to have light
28:45 we would have to have 2 elements, number 1:
28:47 we'd have to have the housing, that is the physical housing
28:50 of the bulb, but then we'd have to have power.
28:56 So notice this, here's our light, and it's shining
28:59 because both elements are there, we have power, and we have
29:02 a housing, but what happens if we take that light and we go
29:07 and unplug the power source, the light goes out.
29:12 Beloved, where does the light go when the power source is
29:17 pulled out? Where does the light go?
29:20 Well, let me tell you where it doesn't go, it does not go
29:23 to light heaven, did you catch that? It doesn't go to light
29:28 heaven, it ceases exist, so here let's look at it again, here we
29:34 have the light, because both elements are there, you have
29:36 the housing, that would be just like Adam, he was there in
29:39 the garden, not yet alive, just a form, a piece of dirt, a piece
29:44 of dust, and then God breathed into his nostrils the breath of
29:48 life and Adam comes to life. Both elements are there,
29:51 just like the light bulb and the power, both are there,
29:55 but if we take the power out, if we unplug it, what happens
29:58 to the light? Well, as we've already said,
30:00 the light goes out, so too if God would have removed His
30:04 breath, if God would have removed His Spirit from the form
30:07 of Adam, Adam would have crumpled over like a rag doll,
30:10 and he would have gone out. So both elements are essential,
30:13 body+breath equals a living soul, again, let's say that
30:17 together: body+breath equals a living soul.
30:20 Here's another way of communicating it: imagine
30:23 that I had here box. This box is made of 2
30:28 components, it's made of boards and nails.
30:33 So I've put my box here all together, and we're looking
30:35 at my box, we're admiring my fine workmanship,
30:38 we're admiring my box, but then I want you to imagine that
30:40 I take my hammer and I put the boards over here,
30:44 and I put the nails over here, okay, 2 components, right?
30:47 The boards and the nails, let me ask you this question:
30:50 where did the box go?
30:55 That's exactly right, it ceased to exist.
30:57 What I want you to notice is that the box did not go
31:01 to box heaven, it simply ceased to exist, and that's
31:05 exactly what we're going to discover here in our study
31:08 guide and in the Bible. [text on screen]
31:18 Think about it, if body+breath equals life, then body minus
31:25 breath would equal death. So death is simply creation
31:30 in reverse. If you take the body, the form
31:33 that God has given us, this physical form that's here,
31:36 if God takes His breath back, then of course, I would die.
31:40 In fact, let me show you that, we're in the book of
31:43 Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, you open your
31:45 Bible right to the middle, you're probably in Psalms,
31:49 go forward to Proverbs, and then we land in Ecclesiastes.
31:52 Ecclesiastes 12, and notice with me here, let's say if we can
32:00 discover it, Ecclesiastes 12:7.
32:07 It says: "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was"
32:11 "and the spirit will return to God who gave it. "
32:15 So the dust goes to the earth as we say, "ashes to ashes, "
32:18 "and dust to dust", and notice it says here: "the spirit"
32:20 "returns to God who gave it. " You might be saying
32:23 "Oh, but David that says the spirit", the word "breath"
32:25 and "spirit" in the Old Testament are translated from
32:28 the word "ruwach", and it's the same word, "breath"
32:31 and "spirit". In the New Testament it's from
32:33 "pneuma", that's the spirit and that's the breath, we have
32:36 pneumatic tires, we have pneumatic drills, it just
32:38 means "breath", or "spirit". So very simple here, it says
32:42 that a man's body returns to the dust, and the breath
32:45 of the spirit returns to God who gave it.
32:48 So life is body plus breath, equals a living soul, and death
32:53 is body minus breath, equals death, or the cessation of life.
32:58 You're getting it, it's very, very simple as a matter of fact.
33:00 Now, let's address this whole question of immortality
33:03 because there's going to be someone who hears these tapes,
33:05 or who sees these DVDs, or who's sitting in our audience tonight
33:09 who's just bound to believe that you are naturally immortal.
33:11 Notice this, 1 Timothy 6:16, it's speaking of God, it says:
33:16 [text on screen]
33:25 Now according to that verse, who alone has immortality?
33:28 God, God has immortality innately, God has immortality
33:32 inherently, and God gives us immortality as a gift when we
33:36 accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.
33:39 In fact, if you'd like you can write down 1 John 3:15,
33:43 let's see if I can find it quickly, if you'd like to meet
33:46 me there you're welcome to do that, 1 John.
33:52 1 John, after Peter, there it is, 1 John 3:15, it says,
33:59 listen carefully: "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer"
34:03 "and you know that no murder has eternal life"
34:07 "abiding in him. " "No murderer has eternal life"
34:11 "abiding in him. " Okay, so if the murderer
34:15 doesn't have eternal life, that means he doesn't have
34:19 immortality. Of course, the unrepentant
34:22 murderer does not get eternal life, the only one who gets
34:25 eternal life are those who put their faith in Jesus Christ,
34:28 as we've already quoted John 3:16 several times,
34:31 only those who put their faith in Jesus receive everlasting
34:33 life because God gives them immortality.
34:40 Now let's just look at that word "immortality" so we can
34:43 better understand it. [text on screen]
34:55 Question: is man subject to death?
34:58 Absolutely, so is he mortal or immortal?
35:01 He's mortal, God alone has immortality.
35:05 It's interesting to note, by the way, that the Bible never
35:08 uses the terms "immortal soul", or "immortality of the soul",
35:11 you won't find those terms anywhere in the Bible,
35:14 "immortal soul", or "immortality of the soul", in fact, as we're
35:17 going to discover perhaps today, and perhaps in a future
35:19 lesson, they this whole idea of the immortality of the soul
35:23 is actually a Greek idea. It was called "Platonic Dualism"
35:27 or sometimes referred to as "anthropological dualism",
35:30 it is not a Biblical idea, the Bible writers saw man as
35:33 a holistic entity, not in this dual fashion that the Greeks.
35:38 The Greeks believed that man had a physical component that
35:42 would die, but then he had an invisible component that was
35:45 eternal, and imperishable, and thus immortal.
35:50 We're going to discover that's a Pagan concept, not
35:52 a Biblical concept. Now look at Psalm 115:17,
35:57 right there in your study guide it says: [text on screen]
36:07 I want you to notice that, the dead don't praise the Lord,
36:10 very simple; the dead do not give praise to God.
36:14 Beloved, what many people teach is that the moment you die
36:18 you are whisked away into heavenly places, and of course,
36:22 if we're in the presence of God I'm going to be praising Him,
36:24 aren't you going to be praising Him?
36:26 Sure, of course, but notice what it says: "the dead no not"
36:30 "praise the Lord, nor any who go down to silence. "
36:32 In fact, there are several passages right there in your
36:34 study guide, let's look up just a few of them very quickly,
36:37 let's see if your fingers are as dexterous as mine.
36:40 I'm in Psalm 146, you're there in Psalm 117, so it should
36:43 be easy to find Psalm 146:3.
36:50 "Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man"
36:55 "in whom there is no help, his spirit departs, he returns"
36:59 "to his earth, in that very day his thoughts perish. "
37:04 That's verse 3 and 4, so notice: "don't put your trust in"
37:06 "princes", in a modern day translation it would probably
37:09 say something like "don't put your trust in politicians, "
37:11 "don't put your trust in presidents". Why?
37:15 Because they're going to die. Put your trust in God
37:18 who can't die, or better yet, put your trust in the Lord
37:22 Jesus Christ who did die, but through His power, overcame
37:25 this great enemy called death at the resurrection.
37:28 Notice he says "don't put your trust in princes because they"
37:31 "die, their dust returns to the earth and their breath"
37:34 "is gone. " Very simple. It says that very day
37:38 their thoughts perish, their plans perish.
37:43 You're there in Ecclesiastes, remember, that's easy to find,
37:45 Psalms, and then you go to Proverbs, and then you go
37:47 to Ecclesiastes 9. We've already been in chapter 12, so you
37:53 should be able to find it pretty easily, Ecclesiastes 9:5.
37:59 "For the living know that they will die, but the dead know"
38:06 "nothing", plain as the noonday sun, "the dead know nothing, "
38:09 "for the memory of them is forgotten, neither have they"
38:12 "anymore reward of anything that is done under the sun. "
38:15 You can drop down to verse 6: "also their love, their"
38:17 "hatred, their envy have now perished, never more will they"
38:20 "have any share in anything that is done under the sun",
38:23 and finally Ecclesiastes 9:10, "Whatever your hand finds"
38:26 "to do, do it with all your might", why?
38:28 "For there is no work, or device, or knowledge, "
38:31 "or wisdom in the grave where you are going. "
38:34 Beloved, it's very simple, in the day you die your
38:37 emotions perish, your love perishes, your hate perishes,
38:40 your envy perishes, in the day you die your thoughts perish,
38:43 in the day you die your plans perish, in the day that you die
38:46 conscious existence comes to an end.
38:50 you say "What?! I've never heard such a radical idea. "
38:54 Beloved, that's what the Bible is teaching.
38:56 The moment that you die conscious existence comes
39:00 to an end. In fact, that's right there
39:03 in your study guide, all of these texts speak of death
39:07 as the end of conscious existence, it's like a sleep.
39:16 What was that word I told you at the beginning of the message
39:19 to hang on a hook in your mind? What was that word?
39:22 It was the word "sleep". Open your Bible with me
39:25 to John 11, and we're going to find that this is precisely
39:29 how Jesus referred to the question of death, He referred
39:34 to it as a sleep. I'm in John 11.
39:37 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, 4th book of the New Testament,
39:40 John 11:1, it says: "Now a certain man was sick, "
39:45 "Lazarus, of Bethany, in the town of Mary and her sister, "
39:48 "Martha. It was that Mary who anointed the Lord with fragrant"
39:51 "oil and wiped His feet with her hair, who's brother, Lazarus, "
39:53 "was sick. therefore the sisters sent him saying "Lord, behold, "
39:56 "he whom Ye love is sick. " Verse 4, Jesus says:
39:58 "this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God"
40:01 "that the Son of God might be glorified through it. "
40:03 Verse 5: "Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sisters, "
40:06 "and Lazarus, so when He heard that He was sick, He stayed"
40:09 "in that same place 2 more days. Then He said, "
40:12 "Let us go to Judea again. " The disciples protest, they say:
40:15 "Lord, the last time we went to Judea they tried to stone You",
40:17 but Jesus says something very interesting, He says in verse 11
40:21 "Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I'm going to go wake him up. "
40:25 2 days earlier Jesus has received a message,
40:27 "Your friend, Lazarus, is sick", now Jesus says "Lazarus"
40:30 "is asleep, I'm going to go wake him up",
40:32 and the disciples say "Oh no Jesus, maybe we need"
40:35 "to explain something to you about the principles"
40:38 "of health, maybe we need to explain something to you about"
40:40 "the principles of how you get better, and how you feel"
40:43 "better after you've been sick for a time, you've got to let"
40:45 "him sleep", notice that in verse 12, the disciples said:
40:48 "Lord, if he sleeps he'll get better. "
40:51 "If he sleeps he'll do well. However Jesus spoke of his"
40:56 "death, but they thought that he had been speaking of taking"
40:59 "a rest in sleep. Then Jesus said to them plainly, "
41:03 say it with me, "Lazarus is dead. "
41:09 What did Jesus first call this? He said "our friend Lazarus"
41:14 "sleeps. " When the disciples didn't get
41:16 it, Jesus reluctantly used the term "death", Lazarus
41:20 is "dead". So Jesus shows up there,
41:24 and of course, He's greeted by Martha, and He's greeted
41:28 by Mary, we'll pick it up in John 11:21: "Now Martha said"
41:32 "to Jesus, Lord, if You had been here my brother would"
41:35 "not have died, but I know that even now, whatever You ask"
41:37 "of God, God will give it to You. "
41:40 Jesus said to her, "hey listen sister, you're brother will"
41:42 "rise again". Now Jesus is thinking in His
41:45 mind "in about 20 minutes", but I want you to notice
41:48 Martha's response, Martha said to Him, verse 24:
41:51 "I know that he will rise again in the resurrection", when?
41:58 "at the last day. " We might legitimately ask
42:02 the question: what did Martha believe about death?
42:06 Did she believe that Lazarus was up in glory?
42:09 Did she believe that, as so many modern day preachers
42:11 teach, did she believe that Lazarus was up just chilling
42:14 with Gabriel on streets of gold in the New Jerusalem?
42:17 She didn't believe that for a moment, Jesus said:
42:19 "Your brother's going to rise again", and she said
42:22 "I know he'll rise again in the resurrection at the last day. "
42:25 Powerful, Jesus says to her, here it is in verse 25:
42:28 "I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in"
42:31 "Me, though he may die, yet he will live. " Powerful.
42:38 Let's jump all the way down to verse 38: "Jesus then again, "
42:41 "groaning within Himself, He came to the tomb, it was"
42:44 "a cave, a stone lay against it, Jesus said, Take away"
42:46 "the stone, and Martha, the sister of him who was dead, "
42:49 "said, Lord, I don't think that's such a good idea, "
42:52 "he's going to stink. He's been in there for 4 days. "
42:54 Then verse 40: "Jesus said to her, Did I not say to you"
42:56 "that if you would believe you would see the glory of God? "
42:59 "Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead"
43:01 "man was lying, and Jesus lifted up His eyes, and He"
43:04 "said, Father, I thank You that You have heard Me, and I"
43:06 "know You always hear Me, but because of the people who are"
43:09 "standing by I said this, that they may believe that You"
43:13 "sent Me. Now when He said these things He cried with a loud"
43:17 "voice: Lazarus, come forth. "
43:23 "Lazarus", not "come down", not "come up", Lazarus come forth.
43:34 Look at verse 44: "And he who had died came out, bound hand"
43:38 "and foot with grave clothes, and his face was wrapped"
43:41 "with a cloth, and Jesus said, Lose him and let him go. "
43:45 There's Jesus at the tomb, He doesn't say "Lazarus come"
43:49 "down" because Jesus knew what Martha new,
43:52 Lazarus wasn't in heaven, he was in the grave;
43:56 what was he doing in the grave? Jesus said he was sleeping.
44:04 So He doesn't say "Lazarus come down", I mean, wouldn't that
44:07 have been a story? Can you imagine Lazarus up there
44:09 in heaven, one arm around Gabriel, one arm around another
44:12 angel, just praising the Lord Jesus, to be in glory,
44:15 and he hears this voice: "What, what?!",
44:18 and he looks down, and he looks over a cloud there, and sure
44:20 enough it's Jesus saying "Lazarus, come down. "
44:25 I can imagine Lazarus saying "No, no, no, I've been there, "
44:29 "I don't want to go back to that dark old world. "
44:33 Jesus didn't' say "Lazarus come down" because Jesus knew
44:36 Lazarus wasn't in heaven. Martha didn't believe that,
44:40 Jesus didn't believe that; He said "Lazarus come forth",
44:43 why? Because he was in that grave,
44:45 as we've already seen, man is not naturally immortal.
44:48 As we've already seen, in the day you die, you don't praise
44:51 the Lord, in the day that you die your thoughts perish,
44:53 in the day that you die your emotions perish, in the day
44:56 that you die, your plans perish, why?
44:57 What's happening? Jesus equated it to a sleep.
45:03 Now I'm not one of these people that falls asleep in church,
45:06 or that fell asleep in school, but there are people like that,
45:09 and I can remember on one occasion I did fall asleep
45:11 in school, and it was one of those things, you might have had
45:14 a similar experience where I just put my head down for
45:17 a moment, and I was just so tired, I think it was maybe
45:20 Chemistry class, or something, and I just [yawns],
45:26 and it felt like it was about 15 seconds, I just...
45:31 And when I woke up I was in social studies class,
45:36 an hour and a half had passed and it had seemed like just
45:40 a moment. I'm a very deep sleeper, in fact, every night
45:44 I go to sleep and the last thing I say to my wife is
45:47 "Sweetheart, I love you very much", and the next thing I know
45:49 is my alarm clock, that's how I am, I'm just a very deep
45:52 sleeper. In fact, sometimes my wife
45:55 will say: "Oh sweaty, did you hear the thunder, and see"
45:58 "the lightning?", or "did you hear the heavy rains? ",
46:00 and "did you hear the boys crying at night? "
46:03 And I'll say "Nope", when I go to sleep I go to sleep,
46:06 for me it seems like a moment, it seems like a second,
46:09 and I go to sleep, and the very next thing is I wake up,
46:12 that's how death is. Beloved, death is like a sleep,
46:16 it's a suspended state of consciousness, it's a suspended
46:20 state of awareness, so that if, heaven forbid, tonight as I'm
46:24 driving home from the meeting, driving home and a car would
46:27 hit me and I were to die, the very next thought that I would
46:32 have, the very next thought that would be in my mind is
46:35 the resurrection and the second coming of Jesus.
46:38 Guess what, that would be true for Adam, that would be true
46:41 for Abraham, that would be true for Isaac, and Jacob, because
46:44 while you're in that grave you have no conscious,
46:47 cognizant awareness of time. Lazarus, all he knew is that he
46:52 was there on the deathbed getting sicker and sicker,
46:57 and the next thing he knows he's coming out of tomb wrapped
47:00 with all these funny clothes, the grave clothes.
47:05 Beloved, that is God's plan. The Bible calls death a sleep.
47:10 Let's say that together: the Bible calls death a sleep.
47:17 You see beloved, the dead sleep the sleep of death until
47:19 the resurrection. Go with me in your Bibles
47:21 to 1 Corinthians 15, we read this at the outset when we
47:26 looked at the first few verses there when the apostle Paul
47:28 says if Christ isn't risen your faith is futile, but what
47:30 I want you to do now is go to the last part of
47:32 1 Corinthians 15:50.
47:39 "Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit"
47:41 "the kingdom of God; nor does corruption inherit"
47:44 "incorruption. Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not"
47:46 "all sleep, but we shall all be changed - in a moment, "
47:52 "in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump."
47:57 "For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised"
48:00 "incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible"
48:03 "must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on"
48:05 "immortality. So when this corruptible has put on"
48:08 "incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, "
48:11 "then", and not a moment before, "shall be brought to pass"
48:14 "the saying that is written: Death is swallowed up"
48:17 "in victory. " Did you see it there everyone?
48:19 Remember that word I told you to hang on a hook in your mind,
48:22 it was the word "sleep", and that's what the apostle Paul
48:25 says here, he says not everyone is going to sleep, but we'll
48:27 all be changed, in other words, some people are going to be
48:29 alive when Jesus returns, some people, like Enoch of old,
48:32 and like Elijah, who was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot,
48:35 are not going to die, they'll be translated directly to heaven
48:39 without seeing death. Oh Lord, I want to be in that
48:42 number when the saints go marching in.
48:46 I want to be in that number, don't you?
48:48 I would just assume "not die" as "die", that's what Paul says.
48:54 We're not all going to sleep, but we will all be changed,
48:57 and did you hear the language, he says at that time at
49:00 the last trump "this mortal will put on immortality. "
49:10 Beloved, we get immortality as a gift, when?
49:15 At the resurrection, you've got it.
49:18 Powerful. So this sleeping the sleep
49:20 of death is Biblical. In fact, there are so many
49:23 texts, the Bible actually refers to death as a sleep
49:26 more than 70 times; more than 70 times the Bible refers
49:30 to death as a sleep. Jesus knew that, you have
49:32 all kinds of Old Testament passages like this,
49:35 2 Samuel 7:12: [text on screen]
49:43 Sleep, it doesn't mean you'll take a nap with your dad,
49:46 it doesn't mean you'll take a nap with your grandpa,
49:48 what it means it you're going to die.
49:51 Over 70 times the Bible refers to death as a sleep.
49:55 It's like God is trying to get our attention, He's trying
49:57 to say "It's like a sleep, it's like a sleep".
50:03 What's it like when you sleep? When you sleep you go to sleep
50:06 and the very next thing you know is you wake up, right?
50:10 The very next thing you know is "I'm awake", and that's
50:13 how the resurrection will be. I want to be sensitive here
50:16 because I know there are some who have believed that
50:19 Uncle Benny, or Aunt Judy, or some dear loved one has been
50:25 in heaven, I want to speak to you as a pastor, I want to speak
50:30 to you as a friend, beloved, that's not Biblical.
50:34 The great truth of the Scriptures, the great truth
50:37 of the New Testament is that when you die you sleep
50:40 the sleep of death, and you awake the resurrection,
50:43 and because Christ was raised, we can be raised.
50:46 In fact, nowhere is this clearer in 1 Thessalonians 4,
50:49 go there with me. 1 Thessalonians 4, unmistakable
50:53 language, 1 Thessalonians 4, the apostle Paul writing to
50:58 the church at Corinth. 1 Thessalonians 4:13, Paul says:
51:07 "But I do not want you to be ignorant brethren, concerning"
51:09 "them which have fallen asleep", notice that, he says
51:12 "I don't want you to be confused about those who have fallen"
51:15 "asleep", he's clearly not talking about those who have
51:17 taken a rest and napped, because it says in the rest of verse 13,
51:21 it says: "...lest you sorrow not, even as others who have"
51:25 "no hope". If I go to take a nap my wife
51:28 doesn't start crying, if I go to take a nap my wife isn't
51:30 sad, what he's saying here is "I don't want you to be"
51:33 "ignorant concerning those who have fallen asleep like others"
51:36 "who don't have the hope of the resurrection, how they"
51:39 "sorrow. Sure we sorrow when someone dies, but we don't"
51:42 "sorrow like they sorrow. " Verse 14: "For if we believe"
51:45 "that Jesus died and rose again", and how many of us
51:47 believe that tonight? "...even so God will bring"
51:49 "with Him those who sleep in Jesus", and someone says
51:52 "Oh, look, He's bringing them back with Him", no, no, no,
51:55 look at verse 15, the context makes is abundantly clear:
51:58 "For this we say to you by the word of Lord, that we who"
52:01 "are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by"
52:04 "no means precede those who are asleep. "
52:06 See, that's what the people in Thessalonica thought, they
52:09 thought "Oh no, this person died; oh no, this person died; "
52:12 "oh no, this person died, God has forgotten about them"
52:15 "and the Redeemer's going to come and they'll be"
52:18 "lost forever. " No, Paul is saying
52:20 "I don't want you to be ignorant concerning those that have"
52:22 "fallen asleep because if we believe that Jesus died"
52:25 "and rose again", and we all believe that, amen?
52:27 "...we believe that Jesus will come, and He will"
52:30 "raise the dead. "
52:31 Powerful. And then it goes on to say:
52:34 "We who are alive and remain will by no means precede"
52:36 "those who are asleep, for the Lord Himself will descend from"
52:38 "heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, "
52:41 "and with the trumpet of God, " that's the 3rd time we've seen
52:44 that today, "the trumpet of God", and notice this:
52:46 "...and the dead in Christ will rise first, then we who are"
52:49 "alive and remain shall be caught up together with them",
52:52 who's them? Those that were dead that have
52:54 been raised, " the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, "
52:57 "and thus we shall always be with the Lord", and look
52:59 at verse 18, verse 18 is powerful, it says:
53:01 "Therefore", and remember beloved, when you see the word
53:04 "therefore" ask yourself "what's that there for? "
53:07 "Therefore, comfort one another with these words. "
53:10 What words? With the words that there's
53:12 the hope of the resurrection because we're trusting in
53:16 the resurrected Christ. Notice he doesn't say
53:19 "Comfort one another with the words that's they're already"
53:22 "in glory", "comfort one another with the words that they're"
53:24 "already in heaven hanging out with Gabriel and the other"
53:27 "angels", he doesn't say that at all, what he says is:
53:30 "comfort one another with the words that even though"
53:32 "they've died, even though they're in the grave, they will"
53:34 "not remain there, because the resurrected Christ has the keys"
53:37 "to death, He has the keys to Hades, and He can awake them"
53:40 "by His grace and mighty power", if you believe that
53:43 say amen. Don't get me stirred up here.
53:47 The word "spirit", we're going to skip right over that,
53:50 we've already talked about that. James 2:26, notice James
53:52 says it as plain as can be: [text on screen]
53:59 The body minus the spirit is dead, death is a sleep.
54:07 Well, where did this idea of the immortality of the soul come
54:10 from anyway? Someone says "Well where did"
54:12 "that come from, I've always believed that. "
54:15 Remember what the serpent said there to the woman?
54:17 He said "In the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt"
54:20 "not surely die. " God had said 4 words:
54:23 "In the day that you eat of it, thou shall surely die",
54:26 and the Devil inserted a word, didn't he, he said
54:29 "You will not surely die". That's what many people
54:31 believe today, they believe that when you die, you don't
54:34 really die, you only sort of die, kind of die-ish.
54:40 Beloved, God was telling the truth, did Adam die?
54:44 Sure he did. Did Eve die?
54:45 Sure she did, God has said "Thou shalt surely die",
54:49 4 words, it was the Devil who said "Thou shalt not surely die"
54:55 and that's what all the Pagans believed, that's what
54:57 the Babylonians believed, that's what the Greeks believed,
55:00 that's what New Agers believe, that when you die you don't
55:03 really die, you only kind of die, and that's why they
55:06 believe you could communicate with the dead.
55:15 You see, it's all coming full circle now, isn't it?
55:18 This is not just a little theoretical truth,
55:21 this is a powerful Biblical truth, because as we began
55:24 this presentation we asked the question: has Mary been sent
55:28 with a special message for planet earth?
55:30 The answer is absolutely not.
55:35 Where, according to the Bible, is Mary?
55:37 She's in the grave awaiting the resurrection.
55:44 "What's the big deal?" you might say.
55:47 Beloved, it saves us from deception.
55:51 Not only that, it's a much better plan.
55:55 God's plan is so much better, why?
55:58 Because we all get to go to heaven together.
56:03 When? At the resurrection.
56:07 Jesus said "let not your heart be troubled, you believe"
56:10 "in God, believe also in Me. In My Father's house are"
56:12 "many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you, "
56:15 "I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare"
56:17 "a place for you, I will come again to receive you unto"
56:20 "Myself that where I am you might be also".
56:22 Notice Jesus didn't say "Peter, I'll see you in a few years"
56:24 "when you're crucified upside down, and Bartholomew,
56:26 "I'll see you in a few years, and Thomas, I'll see you in"
56:29 "a few years when this happens...and I'll see you all"
56:31 "at different times. " No, knew that He was going
56:33 to see all of His disciples at the same time when He came back
56:37 to call them from the graves.
56:41 Beloved, I don't want to be one of those that dies,
56:44 I'd rather be one of those that is translated without
56:46 seeing death, but the reality is that a crowd this size,
56:49 some of us likely are going to die before Jesus returns,
56:52 but you have the hope that Jesus died and was raised,
56:55 and you can be raised because He was raised, He has the keys
56:58 to death, He has the keys to Hades; this saves us from
57:01 Pagan ideas, this saves us from non-Biblical ideas, and most
57:04 of all, it gives us a very powerful, very beautiful,
57:07 very accurate world view, it gives us a Biblical picture
57:12 of death. You can face death with absolute
57:14 confidence and unafraid. How many of you tonight want
57:17 to accept this Bible truth, and accept the death, burial,
57:20 and resurrection of Jesus as your personal hope
57:22 your personal confidence?
57:26 Amen.
57:28 Let's pray together. Father in heaven, we are
57:31 thrilled as we see the Biblical picture, not some man made,
57:36 manufactured picture, but the Biblical picture.
57:40 Give us confidence, resolute confidence in the resurrected
57:44 Christ. Father, help us not to imbibe Paganism, or New Ageism,
57:50 help us, Father, to imbibe the Bible. Jesus said death
57:53 was a sleep, Paul said death was a sleep, the whole Bible says
57:57 death is like a sleep, and Jesus calls to raise His
58:01 sleeping children from the dusty graves, and He has every
58:06 right to do it because He Himself was in the grave
58:10 and was raised. As we began Revelation 1:18,
58:14 "I am He who was dead, but I'm alive forever more, "
58:19 "and I have the keys of death, and of Hades. "
58:21 Oh Father, we put our trust in Him who has the keys of
58:24 death and of Hades: Jesus Christ. Let everyone say
58:28 amen.


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