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00:07 Heavenly Father
00:11 Lord your people are gather together in this place
00:15 Lord you know we all come from different
00:19 Walks of life, we come from different religious back grounds
00:23 But we're coming here to study Your Word tonight
00:27 Lord we recognize that your return to this earth
00:31 Is a significant teaching in the Bible so we want to ask
00:35 You give us light and understand this evening
00:39 That you would help to see what is Your Word teaches
00:43 but most of all how does it affect our lives today
00:47 so tonight our hearts our minds are open to you
00:51 this we pray in Jesus name Amen
00:55 I would like to begin asking you a question
01:00 How many of you like to travel can I see you Hand? Ok
01:03 A good many of you I like to travel as well but what I discovered
01:07 There are usual two type of travelers, the first
01:12 simply wants to their destination and they want
01:15 to do something quit and restful sun bathing
01:19 on the beach appeals or maybe taking a quit
01:24 nap lying on hammock but then on the other hand
01:27 There are those and they want get their destination and they want to something
01:31 Exciting, rock climbing on the edge of
01:36 cliff would appeal to them or maybe sky diving
01:40 out of an of an airplane at ten thousand feet in the air
01:44 may even enjoy bungee jumping off of a bridge thousands of feet
01:48 well if you're more of the adventurous type I
01:52 I got an journey for you did you know right now
01:56 now the ordinary citizen can take into journey into space
02:00 I want to introduce to company the is call Virgin
02:04 Galactic is the world's first space line
02:08 No notice a did not say air line what did i say space line
02:12 According to their website they are right now building a
02:16 Special spacecraft that will launcht he ordinary citizen into
02:20 space from their special space port in the mojave desert
02:24 you can board that special spacecraft and you
02:28 will be launched into the atmosphere at 2500 miles per hour
02:32 that is three times faster than the speed of sound
02:36 They brochure says that once you pass the carnum line
02:40 which is the boundary between earth and space
02:44 you will experience 0 gravity for the very first time.
02:48 They say that you can get out of your seat and do sommersalts in the air
02:52 you can float from one end of the room to the other and
02:56 you even throw up a grape and watch it be suspended in mid air.
03:00 the whole journey will last about 2.5 hours and you can go back
03:04 to the space port in Mojave desert and tell all
03:08 your jealous friends about the adventures jouney
03:12 you have just been on The cost for this is a measly $200,000
03:16 Now I know it sounds incredible
03:20 but it is true In fact on their web sites they are now taking the names of
03:24 People who want to be part of that very first
03:28 luanch all you have to do is put your name down and lay down a
03:32 deposit of $20,000 so now
03:36 how many of you are ready to go can I see your hands we have no
03:40 takers tonight well if you do not like the journey
03:44 I have another one you Because bible prophecy says that one day soon
03:48 Jesus Christ is going to burst through this atmosphere
03:52 He is going to come back to his word and rescue his people
03:56 and togetherthey will take a journey to the Kingdom of heaven
04:00 And the wonderful thing is that journey does not cost $200,000
04:04 You don't even have to lay down a deposit
04:08 Because if know Jesus Christ as our savior it is absolutely free
04:12 So that is what we're going to study to night the return
04:16 Of Jesus Christ because when you think about
04:21 That is greatest prophecy and the book of revelation
04:25 Because if Jesus Christ is not coming back to this earth's
04:29 none of the other prophecy is really matter that is why
04:33 the Bible calls it the Blessed Hope so three things we're going to cover
04:37 You always see on the screen number one we are going
04:41 to look at some warnings that Jesus gave about His coming
04:45 Number two we're going to look at The bible describes
04:49 the return of Jeus And number three
04:53 and most importantly How can we be ready
04:57 for his coming So let us go ahead and start with the warnings
05:01 that Jesus as gives I want you to take your bibles and I would like you to turn to
05:05 matthew chapter 24 beginning in verse 3
05:09 Matthew Cahaper 24 and we are going to start
05:13 in verse 3 Now you got to get used to bring your bibles every night
05:17 Because you ought to know by now we are definitely
05:21 Going to be using them matthew 24
05:25 And verse 3
05:29 I want you to notice The bible says now as he sat
05:33 on the mount of olives The disciples came to him privately saying
05:37 Tell us when will these things be and what will
05:41 Be the sign of your coming and the end
05:45 of the age. Jesus answered and said to them
05:49 take heed that no one does what? deceives you
05:53 Now we're going to stop their if you were here last night
05:57 we already looked at this verse so it's maybe a review for some of you
06:01 When they asked Jesus what signing should we look for
06:05 when you come before Jesus launches
06:09 into giving them Anything specific and very first thing he says
06:13 He is concerned about people being deceived did you catch that
06:17 See you may wonder why is Jesus so concerned
06:21 About people being deceived concerning the seconds, coming
06:25 I want us to think about something let us go back
06:29 In the first coming of Jesus Christ when he came as a baby
06:33 Born in a manger in bethlehem
06:37 Were people deceived when Jesus came the first time
06:41 Absolutely see they were confused because all the religious
06:45 establishment they were looking for a savior or messiah
06:49 not one who was meek and lowly
06:53 not one who was going to travel from one town to the other
06:57 paying attention to the blind and deaf and lepers
07:01 They were looking for one and one is going to be mighty warrior
07:05 Who was going to free an Israel from Roman captivity
07:09 And make them the greatest capital in the world that is the messiah that they wanted
07:13 And so when Jesus actually came because deception
07:17 and confusion and all the religious establishment
07:21 rejected Jesus ehen He came the first time
07:25 And when you realize that that is rather astounding
07:29 so Jesus knew that if the devil deceived people the first time
07:33 he is certainly going seek to do it the second time
07:37 So now the question is well how can we be deceived
07:41 While there is two ways number one we can
07:45 be deceived by being distracted in this world
07:49 you save what you mean Pastor Dave I can become
07:53 so involved in my life in this world that I may neglect my
07:57 spiritual life I can be so involved in building a business
08:01 I can become so involved and my hobbies maybe
08:05 so involved in the entertainment world that I began
08:09 to not pay attention to my relationship with Jesus Christ
08:13 Now there is nothing wrong with those things and selves it
08:18 is good to work at our business and is fine to have some hobbies
08:22 you know there are some things in the entertainment world that might
08:26 be wholesome and good, but when it gets to a point where I am so
08:30 obsessed With those things that I'm not going to church that I'm not
08:34 spending time in the Bible that are not spending time praying
08:38 and connecting with Jesus Christ that ought to be a
08:42 red flag that's something is wrong, does that make sense
08:46 when it gets to a point where i can name all my favorite players
08:50 on a local baseball team but I cannot even find
08:54 The book of Joseph and the bible something is wrong
08:58 Some of you will get that about 10 minutes from now
09:02 but that make a point to illustrate this
09:06 I'm going to share a little story Now I don't get a chance to watch a lot of TV
09:10 one of the things I do like to watch when I can is game show
09:14 by the name of Jeopardy What game show did I say?
09:18 Jeopardy How many of you have seen jeopardy I am always
09:22 amazed at the contestants on that game show
09:26 They seem to be some of the most super intelligent people you would ever meet
09:30 They seem to know anything about everything
09:34 no matter what subject they put on the board it could be a British literature
09:38 it could opera it could be biology
09:42 it could be medical sciences before Alex Trebek
09:46 is finished read the question they know the answer
09:50 but you what i have notice every once the while
09:54 thet wiil put the bible up there as one of the categories
09:58 it is shocking that some of these individuals who
10:02 know absolutely everything else cannot answer
10:06 some of the simplest question of the Bible question I know
10:10 my nine year old daughter could answer. Why
10:14 becasue we are distracted by the other things in this world
10:18 see to separately me from Jesus and devil doesnt have to
10:22 get to me murder soemone or rob a bank though that is not a good idea
10:26 All he has to do is to make me so utterly busy
10:30 that I do not have time to spend with Jesus
10:34 And the relationship deteriorates
10:38 one person offered this test to me, He said
10:42 said take your Bible and place it beside your television
10:46 remote control right there on the coffee table and see which
10:50 one you reach for the most which ever one you reach the most
10:54 that is an indication of where your heart is
10:58 That would be a hard test would not but it
11:02 the point The other way we can be deceived is through false teaching
11:06 How will Jesus come? is he going to sneak
11:10 into this world Are we going to turn CNN on one day and find
11:14 out that Jesus is over in India and He is making his way over here
11:18 Because the bible was warned us there will be false christ's
11:22 and false prophets so It is important to know what does the bible says
11:26 of earths last hour let's go
11:30 to the second warning now. It is already there in Matthew 24
11:34 let us start reading in verse 23 Matthew chapter 24
11:38 now I want to start in verse
11:42 23 know I'm going to read all the way to verse 27
11:46 The Bibels says! Then if anyone says to you, 'Look
11:50 here is the Christ!' or 'There!' do not believe it
11:54 For false christs and false prophets will rise
11:58 and show what? great signs and wonders
12:02 to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
12:06 See, I have told you beforehand. "Therefore if they
12:11 say to you, 'Look, He is in the desert!' do not go out
12:14 'Look, He is in the inner rooms!' do not
12:19 believe it. In fact the King James put it more succinctly
12:23 it says if they say he is in the secret
12:27 chamber believe it not
12:31 For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west
12:35 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be
12:39 Now I got to stop there because there is a number of important things there
12:43 first of all Jesus warns us that there will
12:47 be false christ and false prophets he lets us know
12:51 it may very well be that someone will try to impersonate
12:55 the devil amy try to impersonate the coming of Jesus Christ
12:59 But what is shocking is it says these false christ and prophets
13:03 Can do signs and wonders
13:07 you say well how can that be
13:11 can you imagine how deceptive that would be for people
13:15 the majority would say oh well if they can do
13:19 miracles they must be from God.
13:23 see here is a principle not many people recognize
13:27 did you the devil can
13:31 perform miracles as well he is able
13:35 to do signs and wonders he is not more powerful than God
13:39 to give you an example of that let me take you back to a story
13:43 in the old testament You remember how God called Moses
13:47 to do stand before Pharaoh and tell him to let the people of Israel
13:51 go how many people remember that story well I would hpe most hands wwould go up
13:55 when God called to do that did Moses want to go
13:59 yes or no he did not. he said Lord he is
14:03 the most poerly man in the world at lest one of them he is not going to lisen to me
14:07 he is going to ask who is this God that sent you
14:11 remember what God told him to do he told Moses to throw
14:15 down your staff In front of him and the staff will turn to a What?
14:19 a snake or a serpent lo and behold Moses stands before him
14:23 Pharaoh is not listening so he throws it down and it turns into a serpent
14:27 now I admit that would impress me
14:31 But you remember what happened next pharaoh called his magician
14:35 his sorceresr his wizards
14:39 and they did the exact same thing
14:43 now is that God working for the wizards and sorcerers
14:47 No That is that devil also doing signs and wonders
14:51 so as to deceive now what happens next is
14:55 pretty cool The bible says the Moses serpent ate up
14:59 their serpent Can someone say amen because that represents that God
15:03 is always more powerful than the devil
15:07 We need to make sure I understand that in the last days just because
15:11 someone may come along and might be able to do
15:15 what seems like Supernatural signs and wonders that is no guarantee
15:19 they are sent from God we are not to put our faith
15:23 in miracles alone we must judge
15:27 whether that person is leading us towards the word
15:31 of God and toward Jesus as long as we know the bible teaches
15:35 We do not have to worry about being deceived
15:39 Those other two warnings that Jesus gives us so here is what we are
15:43 going to do the bible gives four crystal clear facts
15:47 In describing what will be like when Jesus comes
15:51 There are so simple and so easy to understand that we
15:55 don't have to worry about being deceived by any false chrisis
15:59 any prophets or any false teaching all have to
16:03 do is let God's word speak for itself
16:07 And so let us start going through these four facts
16:11 fact number one Seems pretty elementary but the bible tells us
16:15 This will be a literal event
16:19 Take your bibles and go to Acts chapter one
16:23 verses 9 through 11 wou ant to turn to
16:27 acts chapter 1 verse 9 thtough 11
16:31 for those of you who may be watching this by video but also at home
16:35 I still want you to take out your bible follow along you'll see
16:39 the reference on the screen if you just listen to me audibly
16:43 you will retain some of the information but we learn much
16:47 more when we actually open the bible for ourselves and we visibly
16:51 read along But at what the speaker because I believe that gives
16:55 the holy spirit greater access to our hearts and our minds
16:59 So if you're already there in a chapter one. those of you in the live congregation
17:03 can I hear you say amen Acts 1
17:07 I'm going to start reading verse 9 through 11
17:11 The the bible says Now when he had spoken these
17:15 things While they watched he is taken up
17:19 and a cloud received Him out of their sight
17:24 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up
17:27 behold two men stood by them in white apparel
17:31 Who also said men of Galilee why do you stand gazing
17:36 Up into heaven this same Jesus
17:40 who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come
17:44 in what way? like manner as you saw Him go into heaven."
17:48 And now we got the brakes on right here
17:52 This is describing the ascension of Jesus 40 days
17:56 after the resurrection Now was this a real event yes or no
18:00 in deed it was in fact as Jesus was
18:04 ascending into clouds and I want you to take that
18:08 word cloud and fix it in your mind. because you are going to see it
18:12 over and over again in the verses we're going toread tonight
18:16 Because those angels said those men in white pacifically
18:20 said that this same Jesus is going to come back
18:24 in like manner now if you're going to do something like manner
18:28 What does that mean that means it means your going to do it
18:32 same way or a similar way so ig He goes up in the clouds
18:36 then how is He going to come down in the clouds
18:40 as well now let me ask you something did the
18:44 disciples to hear the ascension of Jesus Yes or no
18:48 Yes Did they see it did that they experiencing it
18:52 then it going to happen the very same way
18:56 now that may seem elementary us You may think we'll pastor Dave i knew that
19:00 But you have to understand there are groups in the world today teaching
19:04 that the return of Jesus Christ Is not a literal event
19:08 Some will oh the second coming of Jesus that is when you invite Jesus
19:12 into you heart He is not actually oming back to this earth
19:16 now I am glad that Juses wants to live in my heart are you but that is
19:20 not the same thing as the second coming of Christ
19:24 There is other groups that will say oh that is just meant to be symbolic
19:28 Jesus already came back in the early 1900s
19:32 but folks my bible tells me that Jesus Christ is coming
19:36 back in a very real way Just as he ascended into the heavens
19:40 He is coming back to save you and me so fact number 1
19:44 It is a real and literal event
19:48 But now let's go to that number 2 The bible also tell
19:52 us this is going to be visible event
19:56 so now in order to understand this we need to go the book
20:00 of Revelation let's go to Revelation chapter one
20:04 and verse seven Revelation chapter 1
20:08 and verse 7
20:12 Now as you look this up you're going to discover something chapter
20:16 One is the induction to the book of Revelation
20:20 An so before John goes into any
20:24 of the apocalyptic prophecy in this book I want you to notice one of
20:28 first things he said Revelation chapter 1
20:32 verse 7 The bible says
20:36 Behold, He is coming with What?
20:40 clouds there you see those clouds again And every eye
20:44 will see Him, even they who pierced Him And all
20:48 the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even
20:52 so, Amen. we got to stop their there is a lot that verse
20:56 The fact that there in revelation is something will
21:00 always be very special to me here is way
21:04 you may remember Pastor Mark mentioning that I used to work for an international
21:08 ministry called Christian record services it was a
21:12 ministry based in Lincoln Nebraska that provides services
21:16 for people who are blind and who are visual impaired
21:20 now I worked there for almost 6 years when walk inside
21:24 their office right there in the lobby you'll
21:28 see this huge mural their wall depicting
21:32 the return of Jesus Christ and this very verse
21:36 Revelation 1-7 there that every eye shall see Him
21:40 and what the artist was don he a has painted
21:44 blind people looking up into the face of Jesus
21:48 people who had seeing eye dogs by their side
21:52 people who had white canes men and women with dark glasses
21:56 throwing them to the aside for now for first time
22:00 They can see the face of Jesus and the first thing
22:04 they see is Jesus coming in the clouds of glory
22:08 Can you say amen to that that will be a glorious day and not just people
22:12 who are blind but for all of us as well
22:16 The other thing I want us to notice is how import and John
22:20 make this because long before John ever talks
22:25 about seven churches and seven seals you want us to know that Jesus is coming soon
22:29 Long before he ever mention seven trumpets and seven last plagues
22:34 he wants us to know that Jesus is coming soon
22:38 Long before he write about ani-christ or the mark of the beast
22:42 He wants us to understand Jesus is coming soon
22:46 because that is the focal point of the book of revelation
22:50 if he is not coming that other stuff really doesn't
22:54 matter so I want us to notice why John puts this in the very
22:58 first chapter of this apocalyptic book
23:02 but then something that goes into a bit of detail
23:06 John specifically writes
23:10 every eye shall see him
23:14 He is telling us that when Jesus comes
23:18 We are going to notice it
23:22 Every living eye is going to see it when
23:26 this event happens we are not going to need to turn on CNN
23:30 or CBS and hear a news report Oh Jesus is
23:34 over in this side of the world He is make his way over our time
23:38 zone Revelation says every eye is going to see him
23:42 now sometimes people are going to ask the question well how
23:46 is that going to be if the world is round and we have all these time zones how
23:50 are we all going to see him at the same time well to be honest in my
23:54 finite human mind I dont know all i
23:58 know is that if Jesus the one who created this world,
24:02 If God is the one who created time I reckon
24:06 he will know how to do it in away that every eye will see him can you say amen
24:10 you see that how we take God's word by faith.
24:14 In fact this reminds me of something when I worked for that organization
24:18 Christian Record i used to travel a lot so i
24:22 would go and speak at many churches pastors retreats and
24:26 talk to them about the ministry resourcesthat are available
24:30 For the blind and for the visually impaired and remember when ever
24:34 I would come home from traveling that I would go to our door
24:38 and the We lived in was split level house you know what I mean
24:42 You would walk in you either go down stairs to the lower level or you would go up
24:46 the main living area well my youngest daughter
24:50 Emily She was probably one or two years old at the time
24:54 Whenever she would hear me, coming to the door
24:58 the key jiggling through the lock she cimb over to the gate that we had
25:02 by the stairs she would put her hands on top left her eye
25:06 And see who is coming through the door and when she would see my face she'd get so
25:10 excited she would say daddy daddy is home
25:14 you that just melted my heart you know
25:18 I wonder maybe going to be just a little bit like that
25:22 for us when Jesus comes that for those who have
25:26 gone through All the trial's all the heartache
25:30 All the pain and tribulations that sometimes this world has to offer
25:34 That when we finally seen Jesus face
25:38 we finally realize that we're not going to live in this messed up world anymore
25:42 When we realize that the plan salvation is being fulfilled
25:46 Perhaps we will look up in the sky and we'll be as happy to see Jesus
25:50 face s my daughter was to see mine face when
25:54 I would come hoem from work the bible says he wants us
25:58 to be like little children Eager to see the face of Jesus
26:02 can you say Amen but you know
26:06 the bible also tells us that not everyone
26:10 It's going to be happy when Jesus comes
26:14 I would like very much to be able to skip
26:18 this next passage gut you know God tells
26:22 me that I need to preach thw whole counsel of the Word God
26:26 I'm not to just pick and choose thins make me popular or that
26:30 might make people like me. It nice to have good bubbly brook
26:34 sermons that make us fell us wonderful the bible is very encouraging book
26:38 But but they are also times when God love us enough
26:42 hit us between the eyes to get our attention
26:46 beacuse if we are being distracted by in this world sometimes
26:50 Jesus has to drastic tings to be able to wake us up
26:54 and this next verse is probably one of the
26:58 saddest verses that are in the bible I want you to notice what it
27:02 says This one I have written on the screen for you it's
27:06 Matthew 24 and verse 30
27:10 I want you to notice what the bible says this is Jesus speaking
27:31 but notice the one pharse in that
27:35 verse It says the tribes of the earth
27:39 will mourn That means there going to be a group
27:43 of people who greatly disturb when
27:47 They see Jesus coming because they realize
27:51 they're not ready For the first time maybe they will realize
27:55 All the stories of Jesus were true
27:59 they will realize for the first time this bible is not a book of fables
28:03 maybe they will realize all these years
28:07 God spirit tried to woo their hearts and they rejected it
28:11 and now as Jesus is coming probation is over
28:15 time is no more and they are lost
28:19 so Jesus describes that they will mourn in ways
28:23 that are indescribable in fact
28:27 the book of revelatio picks up on this package and actually
28:31 describesit in a much more vivid way I want you to go back to
28:35 to the boot of Revelation and I want to read to you how John describes
28:39 this Revelation chapter 6 and
28:43 verses 14 through 17 now I want to give you a minute
28:47 to be able to look that up because I you to follow a long with me
28:51 it really not important what I says it's only important what God says
28:55 Revelation 6 and we are going to start in verse 14
28:59 Now chatper 6 talks about the 7 seals
29:03 I'm not going to get into that tonight, we are going to spend a whole hour on the 7
29:07 seal a little bit later in this seminar but just for tonight
29:11 you will notice that these verse talk about the sixth seal which
29:15 involves the return of Jesu Christ I want you know how John
29:19 graphically describes this scene revelation
29:23 6 verse 14 The bible says
29:27 Then the sky receded as a
29:31 scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island
29:35 was moved out of its place. And the Kings above the earth
29:39 the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men,
29:43 every slave and every free man hid themselves
29:47 in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and they said to the
29:51 all on us and to do What?
29:55 hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne
29:59 and from the wrath of the Lamb!For the great day of His wrath
30:03 has come, and who is able to stand?"
30:07 Now notice how Revelation describes it
30:12 it says the sky comes apart like scroll that mountains
30:16 and islands are moved out of their places
30:21 to picture-groups of people who are actually running away
30:26 from the face of Jesus. I mean, they run to the mountains
30:30 and the rocks. They call for them to fall on us and to hide us from his face
30:34 Can you imagine how that's gonna make Jesus feel?
30:40 To see people that he loves, running away from him.
30:44 To see people that he created,
30:48 People that he prepared for them a place in Heaven
30:52 People he tried so desperately
30:56 to save and get their attention.
30:58 But now they're running away from his face
31:02 Because they're not ready
31:06 I truly believe that's gonna bring tears to the face of Jesus
31:10 because the Bible says he doesn't desire
31:14 Anyone to be perished He wants all to come to repentance
31:18 But the truth is we have a free will And each person
31:22 has a own choice to make Whether it's one way, or the other
31:25 You know what's sobering to think about
31:30 Some of those individuals who are running the face of Jesus
31:34 are probably those who call them self's professed chrsitians.
31:38 You say what? well think about it
31:41 God has not set any of us up to the judge
31:44 of each other But I think we realize that just
31:48 because a person calls themselves a of disciple of Jesus doesn't
31:52 necessarily mean they are just see because I set in the pew
31:56 doesn't necessarily mean I have given my whole heart to
32:01 Jesus Christ these may be people who went to church
32:04 but but never developed a saving born again relationship
32:08 with Jesus maybe they went to church sipmly because
32:13 that what their family does or maybe they when there that's
32:17 where their firends go or maybe it is a place to go to come up
32:21 good business contacts or business deals.
32:25 But they never had the time to know Jesus
32:29 personally. And now the event that should bring them
32:33 the greatest joy brings them the most bitter
32:37 sorrow. See it is interesting
32:41 two great groups looking at the same event. One group
32:45 is filled with rejoicing to see Jesus face the other is
32:49 watching the same event and to them it's a day of wrath
32:53 you see when Jesus comes there are two reactions
32:57 I'm either going to be rejoicing or I'm going be mourning
33:01 and so the big question is what
33:05 will be my reaction when Jesus comes
33:09 my prayer is that everyone in this room tonight will be rejoicing
33:13 to see his face but let us
33:17 go to fact number 3 not only is it literal event
33:21 not only does the Bible describe that we are going see it happen
33:25 but you'll find the scriptures describe it is an audible
33:29 event let us take our bible's go back to the words of Jesus
33:33 now. You want to got to matthew chapter 24
33:37 and verse 31. You might say will now pastor dave we have been
33:41 tis book and now this book you are taking me all over the bible. my answer
33:45 is exactly that is my purpose to do that. Matthew 24
33:49 and we want to go to verse 31 I want you to know how
33:53 Jesus describe His coming you know when you think about it
33:57 it is an if anybody knows how Jesus is going to come I reckon
34:01 it would be Jesus Can you say amen? Matthew 24
34:05 verse 31 The Bible says, "
34:09 and he will send his angels with a great sound of
34:13 of a what? trumpet. And they will gather together
34:17 his elect from the four winds from one end of heaven to
34:21 the other. Now I know that is pretty much just one sentence
34:25 but we need to look at that a little more in depth
34:29 notice it says that when Jesus comes what's going to be blowing
34:33 a trumpets now I dont know what a heavenly trumpet sounds like
34:37 but i do know what an earthly one sounds like
34:41 see when I was a kid the school I went to
34:45 they offered music lessons and my mother who always wanted
34:49 a little boy who took piano lessens encouraged me
34:54 to sign up so I did and so for two years i learned to play
34:58 the piano. But you know when a boy is about 9 or 10
35:02 years old do you think he woud rather stay in the house and practice
35:06 for an hour or go and play with his friens What do you think
35:10 I wanted to go out and play with my friends so practicing piano
35:14 all these piano lessons didnt last long I quit
35:18 much to the dismay of my mother in fact she still brings it up today sometimes
35:22 but a couple years later my school was offering
35:26 music lessons again and this time somebody
35:30 introduced me to A different instrument and you can probably guess what
35:34 that is what do you think? Ii would be the trumpet And
35:38 so i compared the two instrument on one hand this
35:42 instrument has 88 keys on the other hand
35:46 the trumpet has 3 buttons which on is going to easer
35:50 to play so I chose the instrument with 3 buttons.
35:54 Now of course no one told me you could make 100 different sounds
35:58 by the way you blow into the mouth piece but then trumpet lessons
36:02 now I don't if you realize it if depends if you have taken
36:06 music lessons but when you the play piano it's not
36:10 it is not always obvious if you miss a note there are so many keys and you got 10 fingers
36:14 ten that you can put on those keys ,unless you're and music teacher you can
36:18 miss a few notes and most people wouldn't realize it, but with
36:22 the trumpet if you miss a note on the trumpet
36:26 it is obvious and you cannot hide it
36:30 because that squeaking squealing sound is about a annoying
36:34 as when you put finder nails across caulk board so when
36:38 I would go hame and practice I grew up int he inner city
36:42 and so we lived in what's called row homes how many people here
36:46 know what a row home is can I see your hands ok we've got aome faulks
36:50 Row homes mean they are all in a row there is no space between them
36:54 the house have adjoining walls so if the
36:58 family on the other side of the wall is having an argument about something
37:02 you can hear it.So you can imagine that when I was practicing
37:06 my trumpet the family in the other house probably
37:10 knew it and when it came to a point where i decided to quit
37:14 the trumpet as well i would imagine the people next door were
37:18 quite glad that I did but see here is the point. If an earthly
37:22 trumpet is loud what is a heavenly trumpet sound like
37:26 that means the angels are gonna be blowing the heavenly trumpet
37:30 to announce the coming of the king of kings
37:34 and bible prophecy tells me that those trumpets are so loud
37:38 that they will even wake the dead
37:42 Let me read it to you in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4
37:46 Now this I have written on the screen for you of course your welcome to
37:50 to look it up in your bibles as well you may be asking well
37:54 if this prophecy seminar how coming you are going to all these different books in the bible
37:58 well you may remember on the one of the important principle I
38:02 exampled in the book of Revelation half of the
38:06 half of the of the content of Revelation is found in other parts of the bible
38:10 so if we want to understand the issued and symbols in Revelation
38:14 we have to understand other parts of bible first
38:18 so the first couple weeks we're just be building foundation
38:22 and when we start to dig heavenly into the book of Revelation
38:26 trust me it will much more understandable and you will be glad
38:30 glad we took time to build this foundation so 1 Thessalonians
38:34 chapter 4 verse 16 the bible says
39:19 now i cannot tell you how many times i have
39:23 read those verses at a funeral to a grieving family
39:27 and i would best pastor mark has done the same thing
39:31 but notice what those verses they say. The Lord himself is coming witha shout
39:35 the voice of the archangel resoantes thorughout the globe
39:39 the trumpet of God echoes throughout this planet
39:44 and the Bible says it actually pierces the walls of the graves.
39:48 just like the voice of Jesus pierced the tomb of Lazarus
39:52 the dead in Chrsit will rise that day they are going
39:56 to meet Lord in the air and those of us who are alive when Jesus comes
40:00 we also rise to meeet him in the air and the says Bible
40:04 thus shall we ever be with the Lord
40:08 but now i wanna ask you something
40:12 do you understand how magnificent
40:16 that day will be to think that loved ones who
40:20 have been separated by death will be reunited again
40:24 How many people have sat at a funeral
40:28 Or how many people have sat by the bedside
40:32 of someone whose life was ebbing away And they just
40:36 weren't quite ready to let go in the grief was overwhelming
40:40 You see bible prophecy tells me
40:44 they will only be gone for a little while because bible prophecy
40:48 tells me that a day of being reunited is coming
40:52 that on that day we are given the gift of enteral live
40:56 immortality brothers and sisters are united
41:00 Grandparents and grandchildren are reunited
41:04 To bring his home, I wnat to tell you a true story
41:08 When worked over at christian record services that ministry
41:12 Lincoln Nebraska One of my colleagues was a man by the name of
41:16 Keith now Keith was good friend of mine He had a son
41:20 in his early twenties his name was Brad now
41:24 Brad had just married his girlfriend Valerie so they were a young
41:28 newly wedded couple Now they had just graduated from seminary
41:32 And we're getting ready to give their lives in service to Lord
41:36 And so the first call they took thier very first assignment they
41:40 chose to the missionaries over in Korea and they decided
41:44 to work at and English language institute so that they could teach English
41:48 to the people that was an avenue for them to make friends
41:52 And be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ
41:56 but you know they were not there for more than a couple of months
42:00 And Valerie started to get sick and no one new why
42:04 now at first we thought it might be a common cold for maybe even
42:08 just the flu But you know as the weeks went on
42:13 instead of getting better she actual grew worse
42:17 None of the doctors knew what was going on
42:21 They finally came to a point where she had to be flown back to the states
42:25 And she went to a hospital in Tennessee to be examined and what They discovered
42:29 she had a very serious form of cancer
42:33 already in its late stages
42:37 and Nothing could be done
42:41 Right away people started prayer chains
42:45 groups of people Around the world petition to God
42:49 Churches began to pray I remember this was going all over the Internet
42:53 for reasons I did understand
42:57 For reasons I can fully explain
43:01 Despite prayers Valerie died in any way
43:05 and Brad is hart broken
43:09 You see all of us have probably gone to experience is where we
43:13 wondered why God I do not understand
43:17 Why God did you let this newly wedded couple
43:21 In the early twenties giving their lives to ministry and now brad
43:25 he is a widower his wife is gone
43:29 It is not fair it's not just
43:33 Why God the truth is on this earth
43:37 We may never know why but what bible prophecy
43:41 promised us that on that day when Jesus comes
43:45 All wrongs will be made right cand you say amen
43:49 On the day when He comes, will be reunited and perhaps the answers
43:53 We could not get on this earth we can get directly
43:57 the mouth of Jesus himself how many
44:01 us are looking forward to seeing someone that we lost
44:05 I mean I'm looking for to see my grandma
44:09 she died probably when she 96 or 97 I would go to house
44:13 every Thursday night when my parents would go grocery shopping
44:17 they would drop me off I'd play with the dog I'play with the cat
44:20 until is found out that I was allergic to the cat
44:24 but then She would take me to Jim and Nena pizza shop across the street
44:28 And we would eat pizza together I can remember grandma
44:32 She would share bible verse with as a little child
44:36 really She was one of the God women I think I
44:40 have every meet I'm looking forward that even
44:44 though lot of Alzheimer's took her away from us
44:48 I'm looking forward to the day at the resurrection where we can be reunited again
44:52 And on that day we can say what Paul wrote long ago
44:56 Oh death Where is your sting Oh grave where
45:00 is your victory But thanks be to God
45:04 who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord can you say amen
45:08 to that I'm forward to be able utter those words not because I'm good
45:12 not because we any power in us but because have our faith
45:16 in Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior
45:20 now so far as we have looked these things up this a summary of
45:24 what the bible tells us When Jesus comes we see Him
45:28 in the clouds, it happens power and great glory,
45:32 Trunpets are blowing, Tribes of the earth are mourning
45:36 The Lord descend with a shout, the voice of the arcangel is heard
45:40 The dead are resurrected and meet the Lord in the air
45:44 the sky recedes as scroll mountain and island are moved out of there place.
45:48 I do not know about you but I think it would be hard
45:52 to miss that don't you think And so here is what I want to invite you to do
45:56 Even though there is many different doctrines floating around about the coming of Jesus Christ
46:00 You just take those doctrines and compare them to the bible says
46:04 Because when you take the bible and will
46:08 help you to flow through all the different teachings that are in the world today
46:13 becase then I do not have to focus on what a preacher says
46:17 even this preacher I don't have focus on jst wht a church says
46:21 I don't have to focus on what the biggest church in town
46:25 All I have to do is open up the word of God and let
46:29 the scripture speak for themselves it's
46:33 inportant that we do that because I do not know much
46:37 But I know in 16 years of ministry truth is never decided
46:41 Based on what the majority says truth
46:45 Truth is never decided based on how many book a person may have
46:49 sold. truth is not even decide on a board meeting when
46:53 they vote on something, truth is always settle by the
46:57 word of God because the word God is above preachers
47:01 the word God is even above churches and word of God
47:05 is above tradition this is the supreme
47:09 authority in the christians life and if we take time to read it
47:13 and to study it we need not worry aboue being
47:17 deceived lastrly we have fact number four
47:21 facts number four syas that coming of Jesus
47:25 is a glorious event notcie what Jesus
47:29 says in Matthew 16 evrse 27. The Bible says
47:45 See when Jesus comes then the reward is given not based on our
47:48 behavior becasue we are not saved by works
47:52 now our behavior does indicate who we are allowing
47:56 to rule in our hearts but we are saved through what Jesus did on the cross of calvary
48:00 but see when he comes there is osmething amazing in this verse there are two things
48:05 in the glory who? His Father now think about this
48:09 has anyone ever seen the full Glory
48:13 of God the Father ? No least not any human being
48:17 closest one was who do your remember? Moses
48:21 The Bible says that when Moses into Sinai to get the 10 commandments
48:25 when he came down what did the people notice about his face
48:30 it glow so bright that the couldn't stand to be around him
48:34 they told hime please wear a veil and then God told him listen you can't see my face
48:38 I'll hide you in cleft of the rock I'll let you see my back
48:42 Moses was the closest I wonder
48:46 what it will be like When Jesus comes with a the full
48:50 unveiled Glory of God the Father
48:54 in addition to that He is not only coming with the glory of His Father
48:58 who else does it say? oh come on you can tell me
49:02 The angels now there is a story in the old testament
49:06 about how Assyria would encamp count against Israel
49:10 Assyria was an enemy of God people Israel and they
49:14 came to attack them and to protect Israel the Old Testament
49:18 says that God sent one angel one
49:22 single solitary angel into the
49:26 camp of the assyrians and he slow 185,000
49:30 Assyrian Soldiers Now if one angel
49:34 can do that what is it going be like when Jesus comes
49:38 with millions of His Glories angels alone with Glory
49:42 God the Father that is going to be the most stupendous
49:46 event this the most fantastic thing world has
49:50 seen and Bible Prophecy says it is coming
49:54 one day every soon
49:58 here is our summary of what we have learned tonight Number 1 the return of Jesus is
50:02 real literal event secondly it is visible event
50:06 number 3 it is an audible event and finally number 4
50:10 What else is it? It is a glorious event
50:14 here is the real question, you may say Pator
50:18 Dave I'm so glad to know this but is that all I need to know?
50:22 The answer is no, it's
50:26 it's good to know how that Jesus will come because it keeps from being confused
50:30 or deceived but he the truth is just knowing
50:34 that information intellectually isn't going to save me.
50:39 Jesus boils it down to one simply
50:43 statement, Notice what he says Matthew 24 verse 44
50:47 The Bible says
51:01 you see the real question is am I
51:05 ready Jesus says He will come in an hour when we don't
51:09 expect him doesn't mean that Jesus is try to surprise us
51:13 what does mean God knows we will
51:17 tend to be so busy and distracted that we
51:22 wouldn't that we be paying attention and Jesus tell us
51:26 the most important thing is to have the assurance and
51:30 confidence in heart that I'm ready when Jesus comes
51:34 not because I think I'm a perfect righteous person, but
51:38 but because I have put my faith in what Jesus has done on the
51:42 cross because when I except Jesus as my savior
51:46 you understand the perfect live that Jesus lived that
51:50 counts for you in the record book in heaven
51:54 Revelation says there is a record of all of our lives that is almost scary to think about
51:58 but the gospel tell us that when accept Jesus the
52:03 perfect life that he lived is put in our
52:07 record book so God looks record of your life
52:12 He doesn't see your sin your short comings your mistakes He sees
52:16 Perfect life of Jesus that is now counting for you
52:20 do you understand what that means that means when He looks at you
52:25 He sees someone who is perfect not because you
52:29 really are but because Jesus rigthness has been give
52:33 to you He has taken your unrightness and
52:38 took guilt and shame and responsibility when He
52:42 died on the Cross of Calvary That is what it means
52:47 to take Jesus savory a substitute and
52:51 you say pastor Dave how can I
52:55 be ready for Jesus to come the best to be ready
53:00 is to simply nurture your spiritual life
53:04 and spend time with Jesus every single day
53:08 and word of God the daily devotional life is one of the most
53:12 important things for the christian and that is why that's why
53:16 the devil wants to keep us so busy that is why daniel 12:4
53:20 says we will be running to and fro because the Devil wants us away
53:24 from from spending time with Jesus in his word in
53:28 prayer because the more I open up this book and spend time
53:32 it holy spirit is able to transform my heart
53:36 and my mind and after weeks and months
53:40 pretty soon the holy spirit makes changes
53:44 in me that I could never make in myself
53:48 so when we go home tonight I would to encourage ask
53:52 your self and my self these three question are you
54:09 If we can't answer yes to those question the we need to go
54:13 home and get on our knees and say Lord Jesus
54:17 is there anything stand between me if there is anything
54:21 keeping me from confident assurance Lord show
54:25 me what it is Lord help me to give my
54:29 heart to you fully and freely and unconditionally
54:33 because Jesus says he will never leave us
54:37 He never will forsake us all He invites us to do is
54:41 come as sinful as we are with allthe mistakes
54:45 we have made He invites us to come and give us
54:49 the assurance of salvation. Tonight
54:53 is it your desire to say Lord I wanna be with you in Kingdom
54:57 Heaven is it your desire to spend eternity
55:01 with Jesus? would you pray with me.
55:05 Heavenly Father, Lord we are thankfull
55:09 for this marvelous truth in your Word that you have not
55:13 abandon us in this world you have not left us a lone
55:17 Heavenly Father we pray that you would give each one of us
55:21 that assurance and confidence that we are right with you
55:25 in fact every head bowed and every eyed closed just now
55:29 if you would simply like say Lord Jesus I do want
55:33 be with you in the Kingdom of Heaven Lord I want you to say me
55:37 would you slip up your hand right now every heed is bowed
55:41 every eye is closed my eyes only one's that is open
55:45 and you just raise your hands so the Lord can see it
55:49 you are not perfect you are saying Lord I desire that you save me I want to
55:53 be with You in the Kingdom of Heaven just slip up your hand that God may see that
55:57 Father you see any hands that are raised
56:01 we pray as leave here today You them the peace
56:05 that passes all understanding knowing that Jesus
56:10 is there Savior this ask and pray in His precious name
56:14 Amen


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