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00:07 It was April of 1994
00:11 And a great controversy was
00:15 Early in a small African nation
00:19 But its name was Rwanda
00:23 For many years to people rooms have dominated the landscape of the country and ask
00:27 Hootoos and the Tootsies. For years
00:31 They had learned to coexist together peacefully
00:35 they worked together, they played together, they even
00:39 went to church together. but all that changed one
00:43 terrible day in 1994. When the Hootoos
00:47 president boarded is plane in order tp go on an international trip
00:51 but minutes after takeoff his plane was shot down
00:55 he was murdered and assassinated in cold blood
00:59 nobody knew who did it or why
01:03 immediately the Hootoos in the government blamed the
01:07 Tootsies and through a series of brainwashing and propaganda
01:11 they put the word out that the Tootsies were to blame
01:15 that they were the enemies of the country and in order for the country to
01:19 survive all Tootsies must be exterminated
01:23 and so for the next few weeks when the sun
01:27 went down at night Hootoos would arm themselves
01:31 with machetes and clubs and weapons
01:35 they would scour their village and neighborhoods
01:39 and burst into homes of Hootoos neighbor, rape the
01:43 women, and butcher the men and children.
01:47 and in about 100 days 800,000
01:51 people lost their lifes in that
01:55 blood stain nation and all the while the United States
01:59 said nothing. The United Nations
02:03 did nothing. The world turned a blind eye
02:07 to the massacre. It was the worst
02:11 conflict ever to hit the African soil
02:15 perhaps some of you may remeber that But you know revelation talks
02:19 about another great controversy one that is
02:23 far worse than the Rwandan Genocide. One that surpasses
02:27 any world war put together on the face of the earth
02:31 Revelation calls it the controversy between good and evil
02:35 or this conflict between Jesus Christ and
02:39 Satan because the Bible tells us that it was Satan
02:43 who first brought woe and sin and sorrow to this planet
02:47 that he has been working to try to pull mankind away
02:51 from God and since that time Jesus has
02:55 been working against him. The Devil has been trying to destroy
02:59 us Jesus wants to save us and to bring us back
03:03 to God and so as we study this controversy
03:07 in the book of revelation we are gonna find out that this earth
03:11 is the playing field and more specifically every decision
03:15 that we make in our heart and our mind is another playing field
03:19 for that great controversy in fact tongiht
03:23 we are gonna answer these three questions. Number one how
03:27 did this controversy begin? 2nd, how
03:31 did sin come into our world where did the devil come from?
03:35 and third what is the solution. And
03:39 im happy to say that revelation gives some clear answers to
03:43 all three of those questions so I want you to take your bibles and
03:47 turn with me to revelation 12
03:51 and begin in verse 7. "and war broke
03:55 out, Where? in heaven Micahel
03:59 and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels
04:03 fought but they did no prevail
04:07 nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer
04:11 so that great dragon was cast out
04:15 that serpent of old who is called the devil and satan
04:19 who deceives the whole world he was cast to the
04:23 earth and his angels were cast
04:27 out with him now we are gonna stop there for a second
04:31 right here revelation gives us the picture of
04:35 a great controversy it gives us a picture of this
04:39 conflict where it says that Michael and his angels fought against
04:43 the dragon and his angels and what revelation is
04:48 telling is really the shocking truth that at one point
04:51 Satan was a faithful angel in the courts of heaven
04:56 do you realize that. Revelation tells us taht he was
05:00 once a mighty cherubim who loved God who honored
05:04 God who was willing to follow the principles of God
05:08 but the Bible also tells us that at some point
05:12 in his existence Satan lost his love for his
05:16 Creator It came to the point where
05:20 he began to plant insidious seeds in the minds of the
05:24 other angels that God is not love that God
05:28 cannot be trusted that Holy angels should not have
05:32 to follow God's principles they should not be subjecty to God's lawes
05:36 holy angels should be able to rule themselves and over a period
05:40 of time which the bible does not say how much time he
05:44 continued to plant these seeds of deception until it eventually
05:48 broke out in a full scale rebellion that a
05:52 portion of the angels actually sided with Satan and
05:56 tried to take over the throne of God and when
06:00 that happened revelation tells us that God was
06:04 basically forced to cast out Satan and his angels
06:08 and he became a fallen angel and he was cast where?
06:13 to this earth.
06:17 you see it is actually a sad story to realize that sin
06:21 came into existence because one loving
06:25 angels or rather one unfaithful angel rebelled
06:29 against his loving creator
06:33 but when you think about it the same rebellion that he instigated in the courts
06:37 of heaven he has now brought to this earth becasue
06:41 he plants the same insidious seeds in our minds
06:45 in mankind that God is not love that God cannot
06:49 be trusted that mankind is too sophisticated
06:53 we need not be subject to the principles and the commandments of God
06:57 and as a result we have all kinds of woe
07:01 and heartache and sorrow right here on this earth beacsue think about it
07:05 when some of the angels in heaven pulled away from the principals of
07:09 God's word did it bring pain yes or no
07:13 indeed and so here on this earth the more
07:17 the devil pulls us away from the principles of happiness
07:21 contained in the bible the more suffereing we begin to see
07:25 on the face of the earth that is the great controversy which
07:29 revelation begins to talk about. But you know
07:33 revelation is not the only book in the bible that gives us a glimpse
07:37 into this rebellion I wanna go all the way back
07:41 to the old testament because God gave some of his old
07:45 testament prophets a bigger window into this
07:49 controversy. Turn in your Bibles to Isaiah chapter 14:12-14
07:53 Isaiah Chapter 14 and I want to start reading in verse 12
07:57 You want to go Isaiah chapter 14
08:02 and what you are going to read here rather interesting
08:06 God actually gave Isaiah
08:10 a picture into what was going on
08:14 in the heart of Satan when he rebelled the Bible
08:18 is actully going to reveal his inter most thoughts
08:22 Isaiah Chapter 14 and verse 12
08:26 The Bible says, how
08:30 you are fallen, from where?
08:34 heaven oh Lucifer son of the morning how you are
08:38 cut down to the ground you who weaken the nations
08:42 for you have said in your heart I will ascend into
08:46 heaven I will exalt my throne above the
08:50 stars of God I will also sit on the mount
08:54 of the congregation on the farthest signs of the north I will
08:58 ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like
09:02 the most high. I'm gonna pause there
09:06 for a second here in Isaiah we are
09:10 told that the devil's name in heaven was actually what? Lucifer
09:14 now see, Lucifer simply
09:18 means daystar which indicates to us that
09:22 he was a glorious a beautiful and a mighty angel
09:26 that God had actually given him power and authority
09:30 over a portion of the angels but you see
09:34 Lucifer has now become synonomous with evil
09:38 because Lucifer is a fallen angel
09:42 and really that influences our world even today because when you think about it
09:46 if you have ever watched a science fiction movie
09:50 many times, they tend to give the most villanous character
09:54 in the film. What do you think? they call him Lucifer.
09:58 When is the last time you saw a mother who has just given birth
10:02 to a baby lay that baby on her bosom and look to the nurse
10:06 and say you know I'm gonna call him Lucifer
10:10 that never happens, I'mm sure its happened somewhere but it is very rare
10:14 becasue even today Ludifer in synonymous with evil
10:18 in fact I'll give you anotehr example of how the Bible influences the
10:22 modern world let us take a girls name what girls that comes
10:26 from the Bible that mothers nver name daughters?
10:30 you got it Jezebel because that has become synonymous with evil
10:34 as well so here you have Lucifer now
10:38 a fallen being leading a rebellion against his creator
10:42 and Isaiah shows us what he was thinking
10:46 in his heart taht he will ascend into heaven
10:50 that he will exalt his throne above God's
10:54 in that he says I will be like the Most High
10:58 and he was willing to do anything
11:02 to get the trhone of Heaven and that included
11:06 instigatinga full scale rebellion
11:10 against God. That is a very sad story
11:14 when you think about it. An angel. Lucifer
11:18 who was given probably everything
11:22 an angel could want. Honor and glory
11:26 living in perfect paradise in teh courts of heaven and for
11:30 whatever reason it just wasnt enough and when he
11:34 rebelled, he was cast out of heaven
11:38 along with those angels that chose to follow him
11:42 and he continues to bring that rebellion upon us taht we
11:50 can be our own God that
11:54 we dont have to be subject to a higher auithority or
11:58 to a creator and as he continues to lead us away from God
12:02 we become separated from him becasue sin
12:06 separates us from God just like sin separated the fallen
12:10 angels who decided to follow lucifer.
12:14 but you know Isaiah is not the only old testament
12:18 prophet that was given a glimpse into this conflict.
12:22 i wanna take you somewhere else you'll find that revelation actually takes
12:26 us all throughout the different books of the Bible I want us to go to the book of Ezekiel
12:30 now this one I already have written on the screen for you
12:34 because it brings up some very important points here it is Ezekial 28
12:38 verses 13-16
12:42 Because this is going to answer the question did God
12:47 create the devil. Ezekial
12:51 28:13
12:55 This is God speaking to Lucifer.
13:39 Now Im gonna go back to something written int he middle of that passage. notice the bible
13:43 says of Lucifer that he was a
13:47 created being. And that when he was created he was
13:51 what in all his ways. Perfect.
13:55 in all his ways until iniquity was found
13:59 in him. You see it is important to understand
14:03 God did not create the devil. God
14:07 did not create evil to be on the face of the earth
14:11 that was not part of his original plan. What God did
14:15 is he created a perfect loyal angel who
14:19 used his freedom of choice to rebel against God
14:23 and iniquity was found inside him because truthfully
14:27 where does sin begin. In the ehart
14:31 andthen from the heart we act out on it
14:35 Ezekial says that violence was found in lucifer from within
14:39 and eventually he acted out on it ina full scale
14:43 rebellion and when that happened God cast him
14:47 out of heaven and into this earth
14:51 but that leads us to a question that
14:55 many people ask. Does God
14:59 know the future yes or no. Does he know
15:03 the end from the beginning indeed he does so many wonder
15:07 if God knew that Lucifer was gonna turn
15:11 evil, if he knew Lucifer would rebel
15:15 and cause this heartache why did God
15:19 create him to begin with. How many people think that is a good question
15:23 can i see your hands. Sure it is anybody who maybe is
15:27 reading the Bible for the first time would be very apt to answer that question
15:31 or ask that question so this is where we have to understand
15:35 the concept of free will. You see God
15:39 did not create his angels nor does he create us
15:43 as robots who are forced and programmed to follow him
15:47 we have a choice because you
15:51 cannot developa love relationship with a robot
15:55 in order to develop a love relationship with a
15:59 being you create they must have the freedom to choose
16:03 to love you back let me give you an example lets take a husband and a wife
16:07 relationship. Now it may be there are some wives here
16:11 who may be thinking you know if I could just open my husbands
16:15 head and program his brain to think exactly
16:19 like I do and do waht I want him to do
16:23 we would have the perfect relationship and
16:27 conversely i suppose some men would also
16:31 say you know if I could program my wife to think like me and do what i want
16:35 then yes life would be perfect
16:39 on the outside that might seem
16:43 logical, but let me ask youa question
16:47 could you truly fall in love with each other
16:51 you could not because in order for a love relationship
16:55 to develop two people must have teh freedom
16:59 to love each toher back. If you are forced
17:03 to do it, it is not love
17:07 someone has the freedom to choose there is always the risk
17:11 that they mauy not choose to love oyu back
17:15 probably all of us have faced that pain inaour life weather it is a dating relationship
17:19 that broke up or a marriage that broke up
17:23 and that is a very very painful experience
17:27 see God knew that if he creates us with the freedom to choose
17:31 there is the risk that we might cause Him pain
17:35 by choosing not to love him
17:39 back. But God takes that risk becasue he loves
17:43 us enought o give us liberty and the ability to choose
17:47 all of us are created with the desire for freedom
17:51 and liberty in fact there are many citizens of countries
17:55 around the world crying out for that same liberty
17:59 even our forefathers wrote that liberty is an
18:03 inalienable right something that God put inside of us
18:07 and they were right about htat. God gives us a free
18:11 will. But we can go farther than that.
18:15 Yous ay well ic an understand why
18:19 God gave them the freedom toc hoose but what about
18:23 this question. A quwestion that somebody is bound to ask one
18:27 once satan was given the freedom to choose whether or not he rebelled, once
18:31 he made that choice why didn't God just destroy him when he rebelled
18:35 couldn't you see someone reading the Bible and in revelation
18:39 it says that Lucifer rebelled against God and he was cast out of heaven
18:43 and where was he cast? To this earth. Could you see someone
18:47 asking the question, God! WHy did you send him down here
18:51 why did you give hima chance to bring woa
18:55 woe to this earth why ddin't you just destroy him why
18:59 didnt you give a lightning bolt and blot him out of existence? You know
19:03 according to human thinking that would sound like a logical idea
19:07 but there is two reasons at least that God
19:11 did not do that. One has to do with
19:15 fear. Now think about it
19:19 i want you to picture the angels here. Lucifer has told them
19:23 that his way is better thanGod's so as soon as Lucifer
19:27 questions God and steps out of line boom God kills him
19:31 and blots him out of existence imagine in your mind the conversation
19:35 the otehr angels would have had. boy did you see what happened to Lucifer>
19:39 as soon as he stepped out of line God killed him. Boy we
19:43 better tow the line or God may kill us too.
19:47 And the angels would have began to serve God
19:51 out of fear becasue they were afraid not to
19:55 and you see when you have a relationship of fear
19:59 that is not something God wants with his creation
20:03 the Bible says perfect love casts out
20:07 all fear so to have a love relationship,
20:11 fear cannot be involved
20:15 in this earth we would call a relationship of fear a dysfunctional relationship
20:19 you know a psychological term. I'll give you an illustratuion
20:23 unfortunately all of us have probably seen
20:27 or heard about a woman who was being abused
20:31 by her husband and
20:35 for whatever reason continues to go back over and over and over again
20:39 because she is afraid she is afraid that if she leaves
20:43 that he will do worse to her or that he may
20:47 find her children and so she stays with him
20:51 not because shes in love with him but because
20:55 it is an enslaving relationship of fear
20:59 we would call that dysfunctional. That is not the kind of relationship God
21:03 wants with his angelic beings or with the human beings
21:07 that he created. He wants free choice
21:11 he wants a relationship of love and so taht
21:15 the angels would not fear him he did not destroy Satan on the spot
21:19 second reason think this through
21:23 Satan claimed that his program was better than God's
21:27 did the angels know what Satan's program was had
21:31 they ever seent he rpogram of sin carried out anywhere
21:35 not really all they had known was the perfect
21:39 paradise that God had given them surrounded with
21:43 unutterable love that should have been enough
21:47 for them. But in order to be fair this is basically what
21:51 God does. He says alright i will give lucifer a chance
21:55 i will send you downt ot he earth
21:59 and if and only if the people allow you i will allow you
22:03 to carry out your program. I wil lallow human beings
22:07 and the universe to see what sin is and when time is all said
22:11 and done and i will let them choose who they want to follow
22:15 but see there is catch to that. The only
22:19 way Lucifer, Satan would be allowed to carry out his
22:23 program on this earth is if human beings opened the door
22:28 human beigns had to choose to follow Satan
22:32 way and to see his program and so now
22:36 when you go back to the book of Genesis you begin to see the
22:39 fall of Adam and Eve which opened the window
22:44 for Satan to bring his rebellion to this planet.
22:48 let's go back now we started in revelation so where are we going right now
22:52 Genesis. In Genesis we started int eh last book of the bible now we are in the
22:56 first book of the Bible becasue the great controversy'
23:00 is cahnging playing fields now it started
23:04 in the courts of heaven now it is coming down to planet earth
23:08 and into our hearts and minds so lets go back to Genesis
23:12 3 and lets notice how sin came into
23:16 this plabnet. Genesis 3
23:20 verse 1-6
23:24 Genesis 3:1-6
23:32 The Bible says,
23:36 now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord
23:40 God had made and he said tot he woman
23:44 has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree of the
23:48 garden? And the woman said we may eat
23:52 the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the
23:56 tree which is in themidst of the garden, God has said you shall
24:00 not eat it nor shall you touch it lest
24:04 you die. Now was God clear there
24:08 was there any mistaking what he said. don't eat it, don't touch it
24:12 or you will die. verse 4. Then the serpent
24:16 said to the woman you will not surely die
24:20 the first lie ever told on the face of the earth
24:24 for God knows that in the day that you eat of it your eyes
24:28 will be opened and you will
24:32 be like God. Knowing good and evil
24:36 so whent he woman saw taht the tree
24:40 was good for food, taht it was pleasant to the eys
24:44 and a tree desirable to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate
24:48 and she also gave to her husband with her
24:52 and he ate. Now we have to stop right here
24:56 there are so many lessons pictured
25:00 in that passage that we often skip over them too fast
25:04 Here now the devil apparently
25:08 changes himsel finto a serpent and
25:12 he plants himself right beside the tree of knowledge of good and evil
25:16 the one tree that God said they should not
25:20 go near now there is a principle there God didn't
25:24 allow him to roam all the other parts of
25:28 the garden trying to find adam and eve he
25:32 was apparently limited to that one area where God had told adam
25:36 and eve they are not to go. Se ehow
25:40 fair and just God is. He didnt just throw satan to adam and eve
25:44 he was restricted to that part
25:48 of the garden adn genesis leads us to believe that somehow
25:52 eve finds herself near that forbidden
25:56 tree and as she nears it
26:00 she notices the serpent in its branches adn teh serpent
26:04 begins to talk to her now ive gotta stop right there
26:08 i can tell you that would not have worked
26:12 with my wife becasue as soon as she wouldve seen that snake she wouldve been out the door you know
26:16 running away she would not even have waited for the thing to speak so they
26:20 she wouldve had to been tempted another way am i right honey yes or no
26:24 absolutely. Now if it was me i guess none of us know
26:28 what we would do but ic an tell you if i saw a snake and that thing
26:32 started speaking to me i wouldnt be waiting around to see what it said
26:36 but Eve listened and he says to her
26:40 has God said you cant eat of any of the trees?
26:44 now did God sayt hat? He did not. God did not
26:48 say you cant eat any of them he said you can have all of them except
26:52 the one in the middle. You see
26:56 how the devil is already trying to twist God's word
27:00 and confuse Eve, and then finally Eve said
27:04 to him, this was her mistake. She stood there and had a conversation with
27:08 the devil when temptation comes our way God says
27:12 run pray get away from it dont even
27:16 put ourselves in a position where we can be tempted
27:20 now there are sometimes when we may not have control over that
27:24 when things happen at work we cant stop what people do
27:28 but within our power God tells us not to
27:32 purposely put ourselves ina position where we know
27:36 that weak human nature is going to be tempted
27:40 now she begins to reason witht he devil which is always a very
27:44 bad idea. And she says oh no god says we
27:48 can eat of all the tress just not the one int he middle. God says when we eat of it we die
27:52 it will bring death into this world. And teh devil
27:56 comes right back and says you will not
28:00 surely die. And i want you to notice
28:04 what he says next becomes very important there is someting here
28:08 that is directly ties to revelationa nd isaiah
28:12 he says
28:16 God knows
28:20 in the day you eat of this fruit, your eyes will be open
28:24 you will have special knowledge
28:31 you will be like God. in other words he is insinuating
28:35 God is withholding something good from you
28:39 why this tree the fruit in this tree is something that is good
28:43 it is something desirable if you eat of it you'll know good and evil
28:47 youll have a higher knowledge that you have now!
28:51 you will be like God who was it that isaiah
28:56 said wanted to be like God? Lucifer.
29:00 and he is now putting the same thought in the mind
29:04 of human beings and when eve
29:08 took of tht fruit and ate it and ave it to her husband
29:12 that opened the door. That gave
29:16 permission to Satan to begin to carry out
29:20 his program of sin on this earth
29:24 and from that moment on, every
29:28 person that was born into this world after Adam and Ever
29:32 is born with sin all
29:36 ready in them. Do you understand that?
29:40 You see traditionally we think sin is only bad things we do
29:44 well that is part but it is like a disease we are all
29:48 born with like a cancer inside of us
29:52 you see that sin means we are born with a tendency
29:56 to do whats wrong it is easier for me to do wrong
30:01 than it is for me to do right when I am left on my own
30:05 sinful human nature now to give an example of that Im
30:09 always safe to use myself. Lets suppose that I am putting siding
30:13 on my house. And I am outside nailing it together
30:17 etc and low and behold im not paying attention, the hammer slips
30:21 boom i hit my finger and automaticallt in less
30:25 than half a second maybe something comes out of my mouth
30:29 that shouldnt come out of the mouth of a christian the curse word
30:33 flys and I am mortified i cant believe that i said that
30:37 because I actually have to think about doing right
30:41 the word came out quickly nad naturally becasue
30:45 it is part of my nature it is easier for us to do wrong
30:49 than it is to do right I'll give you
30:53 another example we could even use children for this actually im gonna use
30:57 my two little girls. I have two little girls. 9 and 6. Sweetest cutest
31:01 things youd ever imagine but let me ask you a question do you think
31:05 I have to teach my two girls how to fight with each other
31:09 i dont have to teach them that they do it automatically
31:13 it is in thei rnature and not just my children
31:17 all children because they have the same human nature iactually have to
31:21 teach them how not to fight do you think
31:25 you have to teach your children how to be selfish and hoard their toys
31:29 do you have to teach them that come on now youre not being honest
31:33 no they do that automatically
31:37 it is part of this tendency towards evil
31:41 that we were born with ever since sin came into this world
31:45 you can read about this it is actually in the book of romans
31:49 Romans 3:23 says,
31:53 for all have sinned and fall short of the
31:57 glory of God no whow many people here believe
32:01 the bible can i see your hands howmany people does it say sin
32:05 All. Does that leave any one out. No human
32:09 being. All of us are already born with sin
32:13 inside of us. But then it gets worse
32:17 the wages of sin according to Romans 6:23 is death
32:21 now lets just think this
32:25 through for a second so far do those two verses give us
32:29 good new yes or no that isnot good news. If all
32:33 of us are born with sin, some of us ahve sin inside of us
32:37 that we willeventually act out on and the Bible says teh result
32:41 of sin is death because that is what sin does it separates us from God
32:45 it means eventually we will die eternal death and be eternally separated
32:49 from Him. That is not good
32:53 that means from the time of Adam and Eve every human being would
32:57 be hopeless and unable to be saved
33:01 that is not what God wants
33:05 now pictur eGod's dilemma. man has
33:09 just sinned. Opened the door
33:13 to Satan's programming
33:17 God's law says the wages of sin is death. The sinner
33:21 must eventually die or sin would exist forever.
33:25 But God created man
33:29 God loved man. God
33:33 doesnt want man to have to die
33:37 so how does God get rid of sin
33:41 but save man who is a sinner at the
33:45 same time
33:49 and that is where prophecy introduces to us
33:53 what the Bible calls the gloriuous plan
33:57 of salvation. I want you to read with me John 3:16
34:01 if oyu would. the Bible says, for God
34:05 so loved the world that he gave his only begotten
34:09 son. That whosoever believeth in Him
34:13 should not perish but have everlasting life
34:17 see what God did
34:21 is Jesus took the form of a human being
34:25 that he would lead the perfection of heaven
34:29 a place where all anbgels bow to him
34:33 in adoration that he would come down here
34:37 and take our nature that he would walk this earth
34:41 for 33 and a half years, this chaotic
34:45 sin ridden earth and allow himself to be nailed to a cross
34:49 that he would pay that death penalty for us
34:54 and when we accept him as savior he would allow his righteous
34:57 life to count for you and for me
35:02 see that is what the Bible calls the plan of slavation which had been formulated
35:05 from the foundation of the world.
35:10 Do you realize the Bible tells us that God the father
35:14 and God that son and the Holy Spirit
35:18 had already formed the plan of slavation before Lucifer
35:22 ever rebelled.They had a plan
35:26 already made in their minds that if men or if angels
35:30 would use their free will to rebel against him
35:34 that Jesus would be the one who would come
35:38 and pay the death penalty for us
35:42 God will not change the wages of sin
35:46 so God himself ocme sint he form of jesus
35:50 to pay that death penalty so you realize what that means
35:54 Jesus is the answer can you say amen he took
35:58 the blame for our sins he is the one that offers
36:02 forgiveness he allows his perfect life to count for us
36:06 so that when someone accepts christ as their savior
36:10 their unrighteous life, their filthy rags as teh Bible
36:14 says was laid on Jesus on the cross that
36:18 he was stricken because our sins
36:22 he took the blame.
36:26 Think somethign trhough. How many fo you ahve ever experiences
36:30 guilt when you know you did something wrong
36:34 how does guilt feel. Lousy doesnt it
36:39 let me ask you something some people can barely
36:43 their own guilt for wrong choices they have made
36:47 do you realize when Jesus died on
36:51 the cross fo calvary, he was
36:55 bearing the guilt and responsibility
36:59 of every single sin
37:03 that would ever be comitted on the face of this earth
37:07 for thousands of years by billions
37:11 and billions of people. he
37:15 felt as though he was the one that committed all the sins
37:19 the murders the robberies. See, Jesus didnt just
37:23 simply die because he hung on a cross thats part of it tats
37:27 why the Bible alludes to the fact that he died form a broken heart he felt
37:31 that separation from God because he was bearing the guilt
37:35 of the world an awful feeling of guilt we can't even begin
37:39 to understand that is why in the garden of gethsemony Jesus said Father
37:43 if possible let this cup pass from me
37:47 he was already feeling that guilt
37:51 Jesus did that fro you he took your guilt
37:55 so that you could take his righteousness and that you could
37:59 be saved can yousay amen so here is what I wanna do
38:03 in our time remaining tonight. We understand
38:07 the great controversy we understand the war between
38:11 good and evil and how sin came to the world which by the way
38:15 this is also why God does not stop every bad thing from happening
38:19 see we sometimes wonder, God it isnt fair
38:23 good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to
38:27 good people why God
38:31 it is part of the great controversy
38:35 if God stopped every evil thing from happening in this world
38:39 we would never get a true picture of what sin really is
38:43 we would never get a true picture of how much
38:47 we need slavation and how much we need christ
38:51 crucified so even though it breaks God's heart
38:55 to see the tragedies and atrocities
38:59 that happen on this earth the majority of the time God does not stop
39:03 it form happening but he does promise that in the end
39:07 when he comes all wrongs will be made right
39:11 he is allowing us to see what sin is
39:15 so that we will choose to follow him and to gain eternal
39:19 life. And so now here is the question
39:23 how do i accept Jesus as my savior
39:27 you say why should you cover this ina prophecy seminar
39:31 sometimes we think this is not a prophetic subject
39:35 but i wanna ask you a question what is the purpose of the book of revelation
39:39 is the purpose to educate
39:43 us about antichrist and the mark of the beast? oh we
39:49 might say that is a secondary purpose but what is the main purpose
39:53 to lead us toa saving relationship with Jesus Christ
39:57 that is what all prophecy is meant to do to point
40:01 us to Jesus not to antichrist
40:05 not to mark of the beast yes we'll study those things but prophecy points us
40:09 to the cross so for me i feele that it would be un
40:13 contionable for me to spend a few weeks going through
40:17 20 some topics in the bible
40:21 and never once explain how do I accept Jesus Christ
40:25 as my savior that is what i wanna do
40:29 in our time remaining see many poeple ask the question
40:33 what do i do to accept Jesus
40:37 am i supposed to say a few magic words?
40:41 if I just go tochurch and sit ina pew does that mean he is my savior?
40:45 do i have to come forward ina na altar calla nd do something
40:49 how do I accept him as my savior you will be amazed
40:53 how many people do not know the answer to that question and just
40:58 assume because they sit in a pew and listen to sermons that they
41:02 have accepted him so what i would like to do is
41:06 take you through the three steps of accepting christ
41:10 as your savior because in every meeting that ive done
41:14 almost always there is at least one person who realizes i have never accepted
41:18 Him as my savior and chooses to do so
41:22 on that night. for some this may be a review to help us recommit our
41:26 life to Jesus but i dont feel i can go any farther in revelation
41:30 until we talk about how i invite Jesus into
41:34 my life. SO i would like to share with you the three steps
41:38 Step 1. Repentance
41:42 now the order is not what is important there may be a different order
41:46 in these three steps God works with people in different ways but yous ee repentance
41:50 is when I experience a sorrow for sin
41:54 that i am desiring something better thanwhat i have
41:58 now we talked about this in our question and answer
42:02 period. That i am going down a path where I am not following
42:06 God his principles arent in my life and so those choices
42:10 are bringing me pain and heartache and I want something
42:14 better than what I have now. That is God's
42:18 holy spirit trying to reach us and give us the
42:22 gift of repentance notice what is says in John 6:44
42:26 on the screen. Jesus spoke these words
42:38 now this reminds me of a story
42:42 there was a man going to a set of revivals
42:46 much like this and he went ot the preacher
42:50 because one night the preacher used this very verse that
42:54 talked about the father drawing people and the man was intrigued by it
42:58 so he went to the preacher after that meeting and he said preacher you read that verse
43:02 from John 6:44 let me ask youa question when i come home
43:06 from work each night i am so dog tired
43:10 i just wanna sit in my chair, order a pizza, and
43:14 rest and relax and watch TV the rest of the night i dont wanna go out
43:18 anywhere but there is something deep inside of me
43:22 that says you ought to go to that meeting tonight.
43:26 there is something good waiting for you there you need to go and open up the word
43:30 of God and even though I am so utterly exhausted
43:34 something pulls me out of that chair to cme to that meeting
43:38 preacher is that like what Jesus said, is that God drawing me
43:42 and the preacher said yes sir it is that is God trying
43:46 to draw you to something better
43:50 see i believe that is what is happening to everybody who is here tongiht
43:54 God is drawing you i mean im no fool lets be honest it is friday night
43:58 it is not like there is nothing else you could be doing int his world right
44:02 i mean you could be going to a restaurant you could be home watching TV you could be
44:06 cleaning the house although i dontknow anybody taht particularly likes cleaning the house but there is a 100 other
44:10 things you could be doing its not like you arent busy
44:14 but for some reason the holy spirit has drawn you
44:18 and you have responded to dedicate an hour or an hour and a half of your time
44:22 to come and open up th word of God becasue you want something better
44:26 believe me it is not your human nature drawing you
44:30 here tonight that is God's holy spiit drawing you
44:34 to Jesus wanting to give you that something better
44:38 can you say amen so when you begin to experience that
44:42 is God trying to reach a person
44:46 but then comes step 2 becasue not everybody
44:50 responds to the desire for smething better
44:54 step 2 is then confession this is where
44:58 I admit that i ama sinner i recognize
45:02 that i have sinned in my life and I need a savior and I actually
45:06 take the step of in prayer asking
45:10 Jesus christ into my life ro forgive me cleanse me of sin
45:14 and become my savior i cant just sit there
45:18 adn assume it i must ask him and give him
45:22 permission to do so Jesus will not force his way
45:26 into our lives that is where the Bible compares
45:30 our relationship with God as marrying him
45:34 think about it when I met Marquita and asked her to marryme
45:38 in collegedale tennessee or technically we were in
45:42 Chatanooga it was thanksgiving time
45:46 it was a year after we graduate we were going down to visit her family for thanksgiving
45:50 and we had gone to one of the special parks we had gone to
45:54 and had a pier over one of the lakes we had gone there many many times
45:58 in fact i can remmeber that
46:02 i had decided long before we ever left home that i was gonna ask
46:06 her to marry me over thanksgiving so
46:10 we were sitting there
46:14 on the pier and she has a different version of the story
46:18 but she is not speaking so youll hear my version you can ask
46:22 her about hers later she says taht I
46:26 just pussyfooted around before i ever asked the question and took about an hour
46:30 before i would get the wordsout of my mouth i dont quite remember it that way
46:34 but that is what happened but eventually i got down on my knees
46:38 and i said marquita i love you would you marry me
46:42 would it have been a good idea for me to go ahead
46:46 and rent a hall and send invitations before i even
46:50 asked her to marry me would that be good idea?
46:54 probably not now i could have gone on faith im pretty sure she would have said yes
46:58 but oyu ought to ask the person first it is the same
47:02 with Jesus i must ask Him to be my savior
47:06 he already wants to but ive got to invite Him in
47:10 in fact in 1 John 1:9
47:14 he gives us this promise. 1 John 1:9 says
47:22 he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to
47:30 think about the promise that says
47:34 he is guaranteeing us that if we ask
47:38 him to be our savior if we confess that we are a sinner who needs forgiveness
47:43 it says if he is faithful he will wipe our
47:47 slate clean he will cleanse us from all unrighteousness
47:51 because he takes the unrighteousness away from our record book
47:55 and he gives us his righteousness
47:59 now i have to tell you a story connected to this
48:03 i have a preacher friend who was
48:07 once invited to go to a christian school
48:11 and speak for their week of prayer
48:15 when they have chapel services during a spiritual week of emphasis
48:19 and so while he was there the officials came to him and said listen
48:23 we had one of the trouble makers
48:27 and would you have a counseling session with him so the preacher
48:31 friend said id love to. i love bad boys i used to be one
48:35 and os they put him in this roomand this kid just
48:39 walks into the room and you could see attitue written all over his face.
48:43 big chip on his shoulder so he goes and he
48:47 asked the preacher let me ask you a question
48:51 does God see and hear everything we do and the preacher knew
48:55 this was a trick he was being led into something but he had to answer it honestly
48:59 and what is the answer? yes
49:03 so the kid says
49:07 in chapel today you said we have to go confess our sins to God
49:11 well if he sees and hears everything i do why do i gotta go tell him
49:15 about it if he knows you think that is a goodquestion?
49:19 i do. You ever think about the answer
49:23 if God sees and hears everything we do
49:27 he knows we're a sinner why do i have to confess
49:31 which he knows about
49:35 lets illustrate it this way
49:39 lets suppose ill use Mark since hes on the front row
49:43 lets suppose after the meeting tonight im out there int he lobby shaking hands and greeting people
49:47 and as mark walks by the devil puts a dirty thought in my mind
49:51 and I decide to stick out my foot and trip him
49:55 and he falls on his face and i laugh and say oh mark is
49:59 such a dunce he cant even balance and stay on his feet hahaha
50:03 and Mark being the good chrisitian is gonna get up and dust himself
50:07 off turn the other cheek and walk away
50:11 later that night before i go to bed Marquita gets ahold of me
50:15 she says David
50:19 why did you do tht
50:23 to Mark? You tripped him, made fun of him,
50:27 you embarassed him that was an awful thing to do
50:31 and now i am feeling guilty. and i think
50:35 oh honey youre so right ic ant believe i did that in front of all those people
50:39 what kind of an example am i oh what a horrible thing and that
50:43 night i cant sleep the next morning i cant eat my breakfast i
50:47 cant wait for a meeting that night to apologize to mark
50:51 I say mark im so sorry the other night
50:55 i tripped you, you fell, i laughed, amde fun
50:59 mark would you forgive me
51:07 now let me ask you a question
51:11 when i go to mark and tell him
51:15 am i telling him something he doesnt lready know?
51:19 if anybody knows what i did its mark
51:23 but i confess becasue it is restoring my relationship
51:27 with mark and it is relieving me of my load of guilt
51:31 that is why we confess our sins to God
51:35 it is restoring our relationship with him it is allowing
51:39 Jesus tot ake that load of guilt off of our backs
51:43 that is why confession is important
51:47 it is not telling God what he doesnt know he already knows that it allows us
51:51 to reconnect with him and God tells
51:55 me i can go directly to Jesus to confess
51:59 my sins according to 1 John 1:9
52:03 but then theres step 3
52:07 may times we stop after the first 2 and have the impression
52:11 oh well i just speak words and now i confess
52:15 and live like the devil but god wants more
52:19 he doesnt want to leave us alone at the moment
52:23 we accept him he wants to move on to the third step
52:27 conversion where the holy spirit
52:31 no wbeigns to cahnge us and takes
52:35 the bad and turn it into good
52:39 change the way i think change my speech
52:43 and that doestn happen ina day does it
52:47 now we can be saved ina moment we can accept Jesus as our savior in one moment
52:51 genuinelty and truly but being changed and confronted
52:55 happens over time doesnt it
52:59 when i give my life to Jesus does that mean my nature changes
53:03 or that i will never be tempted or never fall again in fact
53:07 it is quite likely the devil will work harder than ever before
53:11 and so now the spirit does a work of conversion
53:15 and transformation taht is why Jesus said in Matthew 27
53:19 26:41
53:35 You know what watch and pray simply trtranslate
53:39 it means spending time with jesus
53:43 in Bible study and prayer
53:47 paying attention to one spsiritual
53:52 life. You see the best way I can open
53:56 my heart to the holy psirit to do this work of transformation
54:00 is by spending time in the bible every single day
54:04 setting aside those thirty minutes where i read God's
54:08 love letter to me i let my
54:12 heart be immersed in Hima nd change
54:16 who i am and through prayer
54:20 i share my life with God one christian
54:24 writer said prayer is like opening your heart to God
54:28 as you would ot a friend. Not about facny
54:32 and special words it is about being who you are and speaking toGod
54:36 does he care about the little insignificant things yes or no
54:40 indeeed he cares aout the sparrow that falls
54:44 he cares about you and me
54:48 i can talk to him about the thigns i talk to afriend about
54:52 becasu ehe is my best friend you see in the bible
54:56 God speaks
55:00 to me and in prayer i speak to him and as i spend time wit him
55:08 the hoyl spirit changes me
55:12 and he converts me
55:16 to be more like Jesus as time passes
55:20 You say how fast?
55:24 well i gues sit depends on how completely we're willing to submit
55:28 and surrender to God see we all have low point sin out
55:32 experience we all go through valleys
55:36 sometimes fast or sometimes slow but
55:40 the wodnerful thign is Jesus says i will never leave you
55:44 i wil never forsake you infact jhe
55:48 gives us this promise.
55:56 maybe youre thinking
56:00 i need to accpet Jesus
56:04 i have never actualyl prayed that prayer
56:08 maybe there are people her ewho wanna say
56:12 you know i jusrt need to rededicate my life to christ
56:16 i wanna invite you to take out
56:21 than the usual cards
56:25 this is special and says revelations
56:29 king. There are soem in english, some in russian
56:33 becasue we have some russian speaking folks with us in this semianr
56:37 now if oyu do not have this card that says revelations king
56:41 i invite you to raise your hand andushers will get you one


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