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00:07 Heavenly Father,
00:11 tonight we find ourselves coming together
00:15 to study the book of Daniel. Father
00:19 we come here just as we are we don't hide our mistakes,
00:23 we don't hide our weaknesses but we
00:27 need to see a picture of Jesus, as we open up your prophetic word,
00:31 we are asking for hope, we are asking for encouragement,
00:35 we are asking for the answeres that we know your word
00:39 gives us. So we pray for the Holy Spirit, we ask
00:43 the Holy Spirit to be our teacher and to give us ears to hear.
00:47 This is our prayer in Jesus name amen
00:51 Throughout the Bible there are literally
00:55 hundreds of prophecies foretold future
00:59 events and when youy compare the prophecies of the Bible
01:03 with history you discover very quickly that the prophecies of the Bible
01:07 have never ever failed in fact prophecy
01:11 is there in order to strengthen our faith in the word of God
01:15 and to show us that we can trust the Bible
01:19 that is why Peter has said that prophecy is like a light
01:23 that shines ina dark place. it helps us to understand
01:27 the past, it makes clear the present, and it helps
01:31 us to understand the future so tonight we are going to
01:35 take a look at a very specific prophecy in teh book of Daniel.
01:39 it is known as the 70 weeks prophecy
01:43 and it is really one of the most dramatic ones you will find in the old testament
01:47 and here is why. This prophecy pinpoints
01:51 the exact time period when Jesus would come
01:55 as the messiah the first time and it pinpoints
02:00 the very time when he would die on the cross of calvary for our sins
02:03 there is no other prophecy that i know of in the old testamnet
02:07 that uplifts Jesus Christ more and unmistakably
02:11 identifies him as the Son of God
02:15 so I want to invite you to take your Bibles and turn with me to Daniel
02:19 chapter nine becasue we are going to be there for quite a while
02:23 you want to go to Daniel chapter 9, so Danial
02:28 chapter 9 now before I start reading
02:32 I actually want to give you the background of what is happening during this
02:36 period of earth's history becasue if we wanna understand a prophecy
02:40 in the Bible it is always good to get its context can you say amen
02:44 here in chapter 9 it is somewhere around
02:48 500 BC. The Jewish Nation
02:52 and the prophet Daniel are living in captivity to the
02:56 Persian empire. What empire did I say? Persian empire
03:00 You see years before that God had spoken
03:04 through Jeremiah and many other prophets warning the
03:08 nation of Israel that if they continued to be unfaithful, if they continues
03:12 to worship other Gods and get involved in sexual
03:16 immorality with other nations that in order to wake them up,
03:20 God would allow a foreign power to conquer them
03:24 and to take them captive and unfortunately in
03:28 586 BC that is exactly what happened. King Nebuchadnezzar
03:32 and the kingdom of Babylon came down from the north
03:36 and conquered and besieged the city of Jerusalem
03:40 partially destroyed it and tore down the walls. and
03:44 thety took many of the people captive as you can see in the picture
03:48 on the screen above me and one of the men who was taken captive
03:52 was the prophet Daniel who was propbably just a teenager
03:56 at that time so now you fast forward a few years
04:00 probably 70 years and now Persia has conquered babylon
04:04 they are the dominant power in the world so the Jewish nation
04:08 are now living under the Persians
04:12 and chapter 9 opens up with
04:16 one of the most sincere prayers you will see or hear in the Bible
04:20 Daniel is praying for his people
04:24 Daniel is praying and asking the Lord
04:28 when will you deliver us when will He save us and allow us
04:32 go back to Jerusalem when can we rebuild our city
04:36 And rebuild our walls and be free again and
04:40 Daniel confesses the unfaithfulness of his people. I want you to pick it up now
04:44 I would like to read verse 4-6 to get you can get a picture of
04:48 the humility that that you see in Daniels charter
04:52 Daniel 9 verse 4
04:56 The Bible says, and I prayed to the Lord my God
05:00 and made confession and said oh
05:04 Lord. Great and awesome God
05:08 who keeps his covenant and mercy with those who love him and
05:12 with those who keep his commandments now notice verse 5. We
05:16 have what? sinned and commited iniquity
05:20 we have done wickedly and rebelled even by
05:24 departing from Your precepts and Your judgements
05:28 neither had we heeded your servatns the prophets who spoke in your name
05:32 to our kings and princes to fathers and all
05:36 the people of the land. Do you sense Daniel's
05:40 sincerity yes or no. Now I want you to notice something in this
05:44 prayer. Daniel does not have a judgemental
05:48 critical attitude towards his people. He does not come across
05:52 in a holier than though manner because the truth is Daniel
05:56 is not the unfauithful one. he is living in captivity
06:00 becasue of the unfaithfulness of other people in the Jewish nation but
06:04 Daniel doesn"t cop an attitude he doesn"t say oh Lord
06:08 these wicked people and unfaithful rulers of ours
06:12 caused all this to happen but Oh Lord I have been faithful he doesnt
06:16 do that you notice the pronoun that Daniel uses,
06:20 he says we have sinned. We
06:24 have rebelled. He puts himself right there with his
06:28 people the nation of Israel and you see the humility
06:32 of Daniel. That is why God could use him can you say amen
06:36 and it is really a lesson for us. Sometimes we see people who
06:40 are not acting properly in church or families
06:44 or neighborhoods and we are tempted to have that judgemental
06:48 attitude that holier than though attitude
06:52 like the pharisee you say oh Lord thank you that I'm not like this tax colelctor
06:56 but what God would want us to do is have
07:00 the attitude of gentleness and humility to remmeber
07:04 that yes that person amy be struggling but you know what
07:08 we have our own issues don't we? Why look for the log
07:12 in someone else's eye when there is a spec in my own
07:16 God can always use a humble and gentle
07:20 attitude can you say amen. That is what you see in Daniel. Daniel then
07:24 ends the prayer in verse 19 where he says with much emotion,
07:28 Oh Lord hear or Lord forgive
07:32 oh Lord listen and act do
07:36 not delay for your own sake my God
07:40 for your city and your people are called by Your name
07:44 that is the sincerity of Daniel's prayer and then
07:48 what you notice is right away in verse 20 and 21
07:52 God hears that prayer and he sends the
07:56 angel Gbriel to give Daniel a
08:00 prophecy of hope so let's pick it up now beginning in
08:04 verse 21 to 23 notice what Daniel writes
08:08 verse 21. The Bible says, yes
08:12 while I was speaking in prayer the man
08:16 Gabriel whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning
08:20 being caused to fly swiftly reached me
08:24 about the time of the evening offering and he informed me
08:28 and he talked with me and he said oh Daniel
08:32 I have now come forth to give you skill
08:36 to understand at the beginning of your suplication
08:40 the command went out and I have come to tell you for you
08:44 are (What is that next phrase?) greatly beloved
08:48 therefore consider the matter
08:52 and understand the vision now I have got to stop there
08:56 before we jump into the prophecy there
09:00 are some really neat lessons in that passage notice
09:04 at first it almost appears like wow Daniel prays one prayer
09:08 and boom the angel Gabriel is there to answer his prayer
09:12 and we might be tempted to think boy I wish it happened like that
09:16 for me because I can tell you when I pray about something
09:20 never has an agel just appeared on the spot to answer
09:24 my prayer has that ever happened to anyone here? It rarely happens that way
09:28 but you have to understand something
09:32 you must think is this the first time Daniel prayed that prayer for his people?
09:36 I highly doubt it he had been in captivity almost 70 years by then
09:40 Daniel prayed that prayer probably everyday
09:44 every week every month year after year he was
09:48 persistent and that is the lesson God wants to teach us
09:52 so often we may pray about something one time
09:56 and then forget about it of course God hears those prayers
10:00 but think about your children. You take a walk through Toys R Us
10:04 and for those who may watch this perhaps from another country, Toys R Us is a
10:08 very big toy store in the United States and your child sees
10:12 that special toy that Hasbro has made and
10:17 seen the commercial on TV they want that toy now if they only
10:21 bug you for three or four days and you never hear about it again
10:25 you know it just a passing fad but if they bring it up
10:29 over and over and over again over a period of weeks
10:33 and months, you know they're serious about it in a sense
10:37 that is how God wants our prayers to be, consistent and persistant
10:41 not that we have to convince God to hear and answer our prayers
10:45 but God knows the more persistent we are
10:49 the more we daily bow before Him the
10:53 more it will strengthen our personal relationship with Christ
10:57 so God wants us to be persistent just like Daniel was
11:01 in praying for his people the other thing you see here
11:05 notice the angel says Daniel your prayers have been heard
11:09 you are greatly beloved. What would that be like
11:13 to hear one of God's angels say you Perry
11:17 or Mark or Bob or Christine are
11:21 greatly beloved, your name is kown in Heavem
11:25 how many people think taht would be awesome can I see your hands well I got good news for you
11:29 God has already said that about you You say really what book of the Bible is it? in
11:33 It is on the cross of calvary because when'
11:37 God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on calvary
11:41 to give you his righteousness that was God saying to you
11:45 and me, you are greatly beloved in my sight amen?
11:49 now, the angel begins to give Daniela
11:53 prophecy that will answer his questions what is going to happen
11:57 to his Jewish people what does the future hold
12:01 so lets pick it up in verse 24
12:05 and right now I'm kinda gonna turn this into slow gear
12:09 because we are going go through this one verse at a time
12:13 Daniel 9, verse 24 the angel is speaking
12:17 The Bible says,
12:21 70 weeks are determined for your people
12:25 and for your holy city to finish the transgressions
12:29 to make an end of sins to make
12:33 reconciliation for iniquity to bring in
12:37 everlasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophecy and to
12:41 annoint the Most Holy now we have to stop there
12:45 obviously you see where they get the 70 weeks from it is the angels
12:49 says
12:53 Let's us answer a simple question If
12:57 Daniel is a Jew what people is the angel talking
13:01 about. The Jewish nation Israel
13:05 and what is the holy city? Jerusalem
13:09 so whatever these 70 weeks are about we know it has to do with
13:13 Jewish nation and Holy City
13:17 Of Jerusalem If that makes sense can you say amen.
13:21 The angel clearly outlines that but now the question is
13:25 what is supposed to happen during those 70 weeks
13:29 notice what verse 24 says we have outlined this on the screen
13:33 during the 70 weeks they are to finish their transgression, make an end
13:37 of sin, So God can bring in evelasting righteousness
13:41 to seal up vision and prohecy
13:45 You say great what does that mean you have to keep in mind
13:49 did God have a purpose for Israel yes or no
13:53 he did his purpose for them was to be a light to the world
13:57 God wanted to have a nation or a people that
14:01 would live according to his laws. His principles
14:05 and his commands so that they could be an example to the rest of the
14:09 pagan world what a blessing it is to serve the true
14:13 God of heaven and his purpose was that when the
14:17 messiah came, that Israel would accept christ as their
14:21 messiah and they would be the ones to take the gospel to the world
14:25 and introduce people to Jesus that was God's original plan
14:29 for Israel. But there is a problwem
14:33 becasue right now Israel is living in apostacy
14:37 they have been worshipping foreign gods, ignoring the ocmmandments
14:41 they have become like the other pagan nations that is
14:45 why they are in captivity and you see God
14:49 wants to bring the messiah Jesus but He cant do that
14:53 while Israel is living in unfaithfulness so
14:57 in a real sense, the rest of the pagan world is having to wait for the
15:01 Messiah to come. And so God is basically saying to the
15:05 Jewish nation and to Daniel I am giving your people
15:09 seventy weeks of probabtion. Seventy weeks to start
15:13 keeping your end of the covenant to be faithful
15:17 so that you will be a light to the world and I can bring the messiah
15:21 does that make sense that is what the 70 weeks are for
15:25 you say okay I can understand that but now lets go
15:29 a little farther. This is where I need to introduce you to that
15:33 prophetic principle of interpretation known as a
15:37 day for a year. In symbolic portions of Bible prophecy
15:41 there is a principle that almost all scholars of various
15:45 denominations agree upon is that is
15:49 one day symbolizes one year Iwant you to say that with me
15:53 one day, one year. That is only
15:57 in the symbolic portions of prophecy that's not referring to
16:01 narrative portions of scripture. you say a narrative that
16:05 means the storys in other words When it says King David rule for 33 years that
16:09 Literally means 33 years you know 24 hour day.
16:13 The seven days of creations. That literally means 7 24 hour days
16:17 it is only in prophecy when there is a
16:21 beginning date and ending date that you apply a day to a year
16:25 now real quick I just want to show you where scholars get
16:29 this from the Bible. not going to spend a whole lot of time but you
16:33 remember that story when Moses and the Israelites were on the border of the promised land?
16:37 they had been wandering in the wilderness and Moses sent
16:41 how many spies to go into the promised land and check it out? do you rember?
16:45 He sent 12 spies to check it out. And their job was to go
16:49 throughout the land, see what it looked like, and were the people like they were going
16:54 to have to Conquer and after 40 days in
16:58 the land they came back and presented a report
17:02 to the rest of the encampment Israel and 10 of them
17:06 What kind of report? a bad one, oh we will never
17:10 conques this land It is beautiful and glorious
17:14 but the people are tall there like giants and mighty warriors
17:18 and they started said Oh we should have never
17:22 listened to Moses. We should stayed in Egypt were we would been better off
17:26 And they forgot everything God had done for them
17:30 wandered through the wilderness. All those miracles and there were only
17:34 two who gave a faithful report and encouraged the people. Listen God
17:38 brought us this far by His power we can take this land
17:42 You remember who thos two were? Caleb and Joshua
17:46 but you know who the people listened to? The majority
17:50 see the majority is not always right and they listened to those 10
17:54 and were ready to stone Moses and God finally said you know what?
17:58 after all I have done and you still don't trust Me
18:02 God says in right here in Number 14:34
18:22 For every day they spent complaining against God as they spied out the land,
18:26 that was fority days they would spend a year in the wilderness
18:30 which ended up being 40 years. That is one of the verses that
18:34 present the day for a year principle and you see the same thing
18:38 in Ezekial 4:6
18:42 so now if we apply the day for a
18:46 year principle it to 70 weeks, guess what
18:50 we have to a little calculation, I bet you never new when you did you math calss
18:54 high school that this would ecome helpful when you study the propchey of the bible
18:58 so here is what we do. How many days
19:02 are in a week seven. So if I want to
19:06 know how many days are a seventy week period what must I do
19:14 so there is 490 days in a seventy
19:18 period but when I apply the day for a year
19:22 principle it is not really 490 days,
19:26 but 490 WHAT? years So God is saying
19:30 to Israel I'm giving you 490 years to
19:34 start be faithful to me, keep my law and commandments.
19:38 be a light to the the world But after the 490 years
19:42 if you have not kept your end of the covenant if you have
19:46 rejected the Messiah when he comes, God is saying I am going
19:50 have to go on a different path to take the gospel
19:54 to the world. So God is giving Israel 490
19:58 years now we understand that thus fair
20:02 seventy weeks or 490 years but here is the question
20:06 We're still missing something important and what is that
20:10 a starting date. When does this begin
20:14 when are we supposed to start this 490 years. Now
20:18 we have to go to verse 25 and it gives us a clue
20:22 verse 25 of chapter 9
20:26 in Daniel. The Bible says,
20:30 no therefore and understand that
20:34 from the going forth of the command to restore
20:38 and build Jerusalem until Messiah the
20:42 prince and Im gonna stop there
20:46 im gonna break that into 2 becasue there is a lot in it
20:50 notice the angel has said that the beginning date of this prophecy
20:55 is when a command goes froth
20:59 to restore and build Jerusalem did you catch that in other words
21:03 when the persian empire puts a decree that allows
21:07 the Jews to go bakc to Jerusalem, rebuild their
21:11 city etc when that decree is uttered
21:15 that is the beginning of this prophecy so the question is
21:19 did Persia do that and if so
21:23 what was the date. and when you go back in history you know hwa tyou find?
21:27 there are multiple dates
21:31 you say lovely which one
21:35 Cyrus in 537, Darius in 520, Artaxerxes in 457
21:39 No wi suppose we could
21:43 vote and do majority rule sbut that wont neccesarily mean we have the truth
21:47 we could I suppose flip a coin
21:51 but the best way to do it is by the Bible
21:55 so the ione we actuyally want
21:59 is Artaxerxes because is Cyrus decree was powerful enough
22:03 would you need a seocnd one by darius?
22:07 no if Darius was powerful enough would you have needed Artaxerxes
22:11 Artaxerxes decree is the one that allowed any jew
22:15 who wanted int he Persian realm to go back to Jerusalem
22:19 gave them permission to rebuild the city, the walls,
22:23 and the temple and begin their own
22:27 civil government again. It gave thema large measure of freedom
22:31 now they were still under persian rule but they were
22:35 given much of their ffeedoms back and Artaxerxes decree
22:39 is the one recorded almost word for word in the
22:43 Bible. if you were to read Ezra chapter 7, im not gonna do that right now
22:47 but in ezra 7 you can read his decree
22:51 in the word ofGod and what is amazing is do you think
22:55 it would cost money for all those people to go back and rebuild thier city wha tdo you think
22:59 yeah. You know who paid for it? Artaxerxes
23:03 you tell me if that is not a miracle from God
23:07 that the persian king gives them permission and he
23:11 finances tthe trip that is a fulfilment of
23:15 bible prophecy so Artaxerxes is
23:19 the decree we want. 457 BC. So now all we have to
23:23 is look at the cahrt on the screen here or the
23:27 handout. If 457 is the beginning
23:31 if I add 490 years
23:35 to 457 BC it is going to tell me
23:39 when the 70 weeks or 490 years
23:43 has ended when probation is done for the Jewish nation
23:47 and if you do the addition you know what year you come to?
23:51 I have it on the ssreen
23:55 34 AD. God is
23:59 saying, by 34 AD
24:03 if my Jewish people have not kept their end of the covenant
24:07 if they have not accepted their Messiah, God
24:11 is saying I am going to have to go on a different path to
24:15 take the gospel to the world so the Jewish nation has
24:19 until 34 AD.
24:23 do you know what what happen in 34 AD that sealed
24:27 the Jewish nattion's rejection of the gospel
24:31 of the covenant and of the messiah Jesus
24:35 in 34 AD the
24:39 first christian martyr was stoned
24:43 at Jerusalem or just outside the gates of Jerusalem it was
24:47 Stephen. I wanna read this to you from the scripture its comes
24:51 from Acts chapter 7 beging in verse 54
24:55 Now this is somewhat lengthy but I just want to read the Bible's description of what
24:59 happened at the end of this 70 weeks. The Bible says
25:52 He was equating Jesus with God
25:56 of course we know that to be true but the jewish leaders
26:00 and nations did not want to hear that. The Bible goes on to say then
26:48 See the bible is describing for us what happened at this time period
26:52 for years they had listened
26:56 about the preaching of Jesus, they had seen Jesus, they had watched His miracles
27:00 even after he died on the cross the Bible tells us
27:04 the apostles still mainly stayed in Jerusalem trying to
27:08 reach their own people but by 34 AD
27:12 unfortunately Israel was so tired of hearing the gospel message
27:16 about Jesus that now they started killing
27:20 and stoning the christians and when Stephen
27:24 was stoned, it said at that time a great persecuation
27:28 broke out in Jerusalem led by what man
27:32 Saul who later became Paul and Saul literally
27:36 went outside of Jerusalem to all the cities to drag
27:40 believers back tot heir death so at that point
27:44 it broke God's heart
27:48 but his own people had rejected Him
27:52 their messiah and savior and even though
27:56 it was not part of His origianl plan God knew
28:00 that if the rest of th epagan world was to be saved
28:04 he was going to have to go to a different plan to intorduce Jesus
28:08 to the world and that is where he started using the christian church
28:12 to take the gospel all over the then known world
28:16 in fact Jesus even aludes
28:20 to this as sad as it is if you read Matthew 21:4
28:24 43 during the last week of His life on earth
28:28 he spent a lot of time in and around the temple
28:32 at Jerusalem becasue of passover
28:36 and in a controversy and ocnflict with jewish leaders
28:40 and rulers he made this statement he said
28:52 Now Jesus didnt
28:56 say that with anger. Im sure he said that with tears in his eyes
29:00 he knew that Israel had rejected him
29:04 oh yes there were a few who believed in him
29:09 but overall the leaders, the pharisees the government rulers
29:13 had rejected their messiah. he knew they were gonna nail Him to the cross
29:17 he knew they were gonna persecute his disciples
29:21 afterwards. And he said the kingdom of God
29:25 the gospel is gonna be given to another people
29:29 that other people is the christian church
29:33 of all nations around the world because later on
29:37 Jesus said to them when he walked out of the temple courts that day remember the words he uttered
29:41 he said your house is left unto
29:45 you desolate and the spirit of God departed formt he temple
29:49 in Jeruslame and that is why Paul wrote what he
29:53 did after his conversion and he understood things better
29:57 in Galations 3:28,
30:09 And in verse 29 he says something
30:13 important we normally pass by he said
30:17 if you are Christ's then you are What? Abraham's
30:21 Seed, and heirs accoring to the promise
30:25 do you undersdant what that is saying? that saying to be a part of God's
30:29 chosen people. You don't have be literal ethnic Jews that born
30:33 born in Jerusalem if you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior
30:37 you are Abraham seed that is what Paul is saying
30:41 you are what is called a spiritual Jew, not a literal one born
30:45 ethnicly in Israel but anyone who accepts
30:49 Christ as savior can recieve all the promises
30:53 made to Israel in the old testament see
30:57 the covenant is not gone, He is still going to fulfill those promises
31:01 but it is not going be to literal Israel it is going to be to spiritual
31:05 Israel all those who have chosen to accept Jesus Christ as
31:09 as thier Sevior that means it can be Americans it can be Russians
31:13 it can be people from Finland it doesn't matter what language you speak
31:17 it doesn't matter the color of your skin it doesn't matter
31:21 what country you are from if you belong to Christ
31:25 you are Abraham's seed and all those promises made to
31:29 Abraham will be fulfilled to God's Christian people today
31:33 Can somebody say amen? Now just to make sure we don't
31:37 misunderstand sometimes we get an attitude with the Jewish nation
31:41 say well if I had lived back then I certainly wouldn't have crucified Jesus
31:45 we make sure that we don't have a holier than thou attitude
31:49 because that kind of attitude is also what started anti-semitism
31:53 Particularly during World War II yes the
31:57 Jewish nation made a mistake but can you and set here
32:01 say we have never made a mistake there are protestant
32:05 churches today that have made mistakes and wish they could do things differently
32:09 I'll will give you an one example I don't want to get to far off track
32:13 50 60 years ago was the civil rights era and there
32:21 person away from thier church becasue they were a different color of skin
32:25 or they would say sorry youve gotta sit in the floor because
32:29 we're the superior race or youve gotta go down the street
32:33 was that according to the Bible? no
32:37 is that believe that the Bible says all men are created equal
32:41 That was a mistake protestant churches made
32:45 many of us wish we could take that and do away with it and they ahve repented of it
32:49 so we have to understand no nation is perfect
32:53 no church is perfect. In fact in romans 11
32:57 it says God's Jewish people can be grafted back in again
33:01 that as they accept Jesus as their savior the promises are available
33:05 to them once again and you see that happening today
33:09 its in the messianic Jewish movement that many Jews today
33:13 are seeing that their fore fathers made a mistake and are choosing
33:17 to accept and follow Jesus Christ as their savior
33:21 because we're all one in His name so that what you see going on in
33:25 this prophecy but now we need to go a little farhter
33:29 beasuse in verse 25
33:33 it is gonna talk about a 69 week period now this whole prophecy covers
33:37 what time period? 70 weeks but in verse 25
33:41 the angel says something important will happen after
33:45 69 weeks. Let spick it up again in verse 25
33:49 The bible says, know therefore
33:53 and understand that from the going forth of the command
33:57 to restore and build Jerusalem
34:01 until messiah the prince there shall be
34:05 7 weeks and 62 weeks. The streets shal be
34:10 built again and the wall even in troublesome times
34:14 now I'm going to stop there because depending on what version of the bible you have
34:18 it is worded differetnly but it all calculates the same
34:22 notice it says in 69 weeks from the begining of this prophecy
34:26 who is going comes? Messiah the prince
34:30 will begin his minisrty on this earth His coming
34:34 the first itme. Now I am going to put something on the screen
34:38 if you are using KJV it says
34:42 7 weeks three score and 2 weeks if you add all that up
34:46 it is 69 weeks when the NKJV that I'm using is says
34:50 7 and 62 week,s well what is 62 plus 7
34:54 69 so it doesnt matter what version of the Bible you use
34:58 it all equals 69 week so now
35:02 we have got to apply the day for a year principle how many days are in one
35:06 week? 7 so if i wanna know how many days are in
35:10 69 weeks i must I do? 69
35:14 times 7 when you do that calculation there
35:18 is 483 days in a 69 week period
35:22 apply the year for day principle 483 years and what it is saying is
35:26 in 483 years
35:30 from the being of this prophecy Messiah
35:34 the prince will come and begin His ministry
35:38 wow was it fulfilled?
35:42 it was becasue if you add
35:46 483 years to 457 BC you know
35:50 what year you come to
35:54 27 AD you say what happen in 27 AD
35:58 according to the scriptures That is
36:02 when Jesus came to the river Jordan to be baptized
36:06 by John the baptist that is when He began His public
36:10 ministry on this earth because think about it
36:14 before he was baptized by John he never once preached a sermon
36:18 never proclaime dhimself the Son of God, never healed anybody,
36:22 never performed a miracle he waited until he was baptized
36:27 in 27 AD Why? because
36:31 Jesus knew this prophecy Jesus was a student
36:35 of Bible prophecy can you say amen and he knew the messiah
36:39 was not supposed to come until 27 AD
36:43 that doesn't mean when He was born, it means when he publicly begin his ministry
36:47 of proclaiming himself as the messiah. Some may ask the question
36:51 how do you know it was 27 AD let me show
36:55 you something awesome In Luke chater 3 verse 1
36:59 It says that Jesus was baptized 15th year of
37:03 year of Tibersias Cacsar he was the Roman emperor at the time
37:07 and if go back secular history books
37:11 just take a guess to when the 15 year of
37:15 Tibersias Cacsar was
37:19 27 AD Jesus came
37:23 right on time.
37:27 That is why Jesus always said things like my time has not yet come
37:31 my time has not yet come what time? He was referring to this prophecy
37:35 He knew when He was suppose to come
37:39 forth and to begin His ministry just like Daniel said
37:43 this was prophesied hundreds of years before Jesus
37:47 was ever born this gives us
37:51 the confidence that Jesus Christ this man of Nazareth
37:55 that history said died on a cross He is certainly
37:59 the prophesied messiah of the old testement
38:03 no doubt about it he came right on
38:07 time but now,
38:11 if this is a 70 week prophecy and
38:15 the first part talks about 69 weeks how many weeks do we have left
38:19 1 week. so lets talk about that for a second
38:23 let me read to you something in verse 26 in verse 26
38:27 it says And after sixty-two weeks
38:31 Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself and the people
38:35 of the prince who is to come Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary
38:39 you say what is that referring to it is saying sometime after the 62 weeks
38:43 messiah will be cut off. that is referring to His crucifiction
38:47 on the cross that Israel would reject Him and where
38:51 it talks about the people of the prince destroying the city and sanctuary
38:55 this is refering to the roman armies who would come into
38:59 Jerusalem years down the road in 70 AD and destroy the
39:03 city of Jerusalem and tear apart that holy temple
39:07 becasue remember that was part of the retribution
39:11 of rejecting thier savior. Jessus said
39:15 your house is left desolate infact he said there will not be stone left upon another
39:19 and you know when Rome destroyed that temple
39:23 they started a fire inside of it and it burned
39:27 that gold and melted it and it got in between the cracks of those huge
39:31 stones and those roman soldiers wanted that gold so they
39:35 did they tore that temple apart rock by rock
39:39 to get that gold until literally there
39:43 was not one stone left upon another
39:47 but now lets focus on verse 27 because
39:51 now we're going to come to the last week of this prophecy now let me ask you
39:55 a question how many days
39:59 are in a week 7 and if we apply the day for a year
40:03 principle this is talking about a 7 year period this last
40:07 week, this last week is a source of controversy in the
40:11 christian world becasue there are different doctrines that surropund it but lets go
40:15 back to the word of god and let the scriptures it give us
40:19 the answer lets read verse 27.
40:23 The Bible Says The He shall
40:27 confirm a covenant with many for HOW LONG?
40:31 one week but in the middle of the week He shall bring
40:35 and end to sacrifice and offering
40:39 we'll stop there the big question is this
40:43 who is the He
40:47 who is the He that confirms this coventant who is the he that
40:51 brings an end to sacrifice and offering
40:55 let me ask you something who is
40:59 this whole prophecy centered around you tell me
41:03 Jesus Christ. It prophecies when He would come and beginning of his ministry,
41:07 it talks about messiah the prince so the he
41:11 in verse 27 is clearly Jesus now sometimes
41:15 popular theology says its antichrist
41:19 but when you look at the context it clearly talks about Jesus
41:23 you what is amazing when Jesus was on
41:27 this earth he mainly worked for his Jewish people becasue he knew
41:31 it wasnt until 34 AD that the nation
41:35 would reject that covenant and in verse 27
41:39 when it says that the he whoever the he is
41:43 says in the middle of the week He brings an end to sacrifice and offering
41:47 do you know hwat happened in the middle of that seven year period
41:51 from 27 AD to 34 AD Jesus
41:55 was crucified on the cross of calvary around
41:59 31 AD. right in the middle
42:03 of that 7 year period that last week
42:07 when Jesus died he put an end to the entire sacrificial
42:11 and offering system beceacues remember God
42:15 had instituted sacrificing lambs, and goats and dove
42:19 all that was to point forward to what? Jesus Christ
42:23 the real lamb of God so now that Jesus has died
42:27 that system is no longer neccesary that is why is
42:31 Hebrews said we dont put our faith int he blood of lambs and goats but
42:35 in Jesus Christ himself and that is why Matthew
42:39 27:51 says that when he died the veil in the temple
42:43 that separated the holy from the most holy place it was
42:47 torn into from top to bottom signifying that
42:51 this system is now done away with because
42:55 the true Lamb of God has died for the sins
42:59 of the world, the He is Jesus
43:03 the prophecy tells us when messiah would come
43:07 it tells us when the messiah would be crucified on the cross
43:11 Jesus came and died right on
43:15 time. i mean think about it why did Jesus allow
43:19 himself to be taken to the cross in 31 AD did they
43:23 and kill Him before that Yes they wanted to stone him push him off a cliff
43:27 what did Jesus always say my time has not yet come my time has not yet come
43:31 What time? The time of this prophecy he knew
43:36 he was not to die on the vross until around 31 AD
43:40 Now I do have to address this.
43:44 but I don't want to spend alot of time on it but it may raise a question in your mind
43:48 because you may ask, I have always heard that last
43:52 week of that 7 year period represent something else
43:56 Because see one popular doctrine in the christian world today
44:00 is that that 7 year period is broken
44:04 off from the prophecy in Danial and thrown 2000
44:08 years into an ambiguous future at the end of time
44:12 and thatis a secret rapture of the saints,
44:16 that the he comes in the middle is antichrist
44:20 and at the end 7 years that is the coming kindom of God where
44:24 people will have a second chance. here is what alway important to do
44:28 if you forget anything remember this principle we never base
44:32 a doctrine on that which is popular we
44:36 never base it on how many books have written you always base
44:40 a teaching on what? what the word of God
44:44 says and clearly the word of God tell us
44:48 That last 7 years is not to be broken away from the prophecy
44:52 it is part of uplifting Jesus and it is amazing to me
44:56 that we can take a prophecy that completely glorifies
45:00 Jesus as Savior of the world twist and change it around
45:04 instead of uplifting Jesus we're uplifting antichrsit
45:08 any prophecy or doctrine throwing Jesus out the door
45:12 and starts uplifting antichrist ought to raise a red flag
45:16 in our minds you say
45:20 well lets look at this a little bit farther that is only fair its not fair
45:24 to look at one side and then ignore the other
45:28 the idea of a secret rapture theory basicly says this
45:49 The question we have to ask is that according to what
45:53 the Bible teaches im going give you a polite challenge
45:57 did you know there is absolutely
46:01 no place in the Bible that uses the phrase 7 year tribulation
46:05 get a concordance and try to look up
46:09 7 year tribulation you wont find it anywhere from Genesis to Revelation
46:13 Really? Where does it come from it comes from taking the
46:17 last 7 years this prophecy and it breaking off into the future
46:21 but you will never find that term used
46:25 in the Bible you say really? Where did it come from then!
46:29 i just want to briefly give you the history I don't want to go into too much detail
46:33 but if something is not based in the bible it might be important to understand
46:37 where is the source of it it actually comes all the way back
46:41 from around the 1500s when the reformation is going on
46:45 we are going to talk about that later the seminar becasue i believe it reformation symbolized
46:49 in parts of revelation martin luther and the reformers
46:53 were preaching that people can come to Jesus directly for salvation
46:57 that it is not neccesary to do indulgences and penances
47:01 and things like that and since Rome was the persecuting power
47:05 of those days the reformers were preaching
47:09 that Rome is the antichrist and beast of revelation 13
47:13 and see that made reformation gain steam at that time
47:17 becasue Rome was persecuting those who wanted to follow
47:21 or translate the bible so what Rome did at that time and
47:25 I'm saying this to be down on particular any group of people I don't believe that God
47:29 pleased when we speak of other in a denigrating way
47:33 this only to show what has happen in history and how Bible
47:37 prophecy has been fulfilled. What Roman they commissioned a
47:42 Jesuit scholar named Francisco Robero
47:46 we need you to come up with a different interruption about ani-christ
47:50 Luther and the reformers are says that we're the
47:54 beast Revaltion 13 are fellowing them and believe them
47:58 so come up with a different interruption and so Francisco Robero
48:02 wrote a commentary that said antichrist would be one person
48:06 who only rises at the end of time and that was the beginning
48:10 of what was known as futurism
48:14 as time passed another Jesuit named Manuel Lacunza
48:18 he wrote a manuscript called the coming of the messiah and
48:22 glory and majesty he started writing about antichrist being one person
48:26 at the end of time his manuscripts were published in different countries
48:30 and various parts of the world and what eventually happend is
48:34 a protestant preacher Edward Irving a very popular preacher
48:38 in the 1800s he translated Lacunzas work
48:42 into English in a book that has a rather long
48:46 title they them long titles back then is was called
48:50 The Coming of Massiah in Glory and Majesty with a Prefiminary Discourse
48:54 And so now Edward Irving started preaching this in the 1800s
48:58 then John Nelson Darby another popular preacher
49:02 puts together the secret rapture theory and start teach it
49:06 and eventually it made its way into the Scofield reference
49:10 Bible into the foot notes of that Bible and it has
49:14 been popular ever since but the truth is
49:18 before the 1800s the idea of a rapture
49:22 or snatching away was never taught by any
49:26 protestant church it is Actually a new
49:30 theory that has only developed in the last 200 years
49:34 it goes all back to roman in the reformation to take heat
49:38 off them at that time and when you realize
49:42 it comes man theory made and does not come from of the word of God
49:46 it should raise a little red flag in our minds
49:50 becasue if you were here when we studied the second coming of Jesus we did that
49:54 Last Sunday night remember what we learned
49:58 remmeber all the verses said we will see Jesus in the clouds
50:02 powery and great glory trumpets are blowing
50:07 the tribes of the earth are mourning the Lord descends with a shout the voice
50:11 of the acrchangelis heard the dead in Christ rise
50:15 The sky recedes as a scroll mountains and island are moved out of there plces.
50:19 does that sound like something that would be secrete not
50:23 according to the word of God you say where did that idea
50:27 come from then I just going to show two things in the Bible
50:31 That are sometimes taken out of context and I do wand to spend just a few
50:35 minutes on this because it illustrates an important principle
50:40 never take a verse out of its context and build a doctrine
50:44 on it let me give you an example 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 10
50:48 The Bible Says But the day
50:52 of the Lord will come as a What? thief in the night, now
50:56 if i took just that part of the verse honestly that almost does makes it sound like
51:00 kind of secret but if i read the rest vesrse
51:04 instead of just taking a half verse out of its context it
51:08 clarifies it because the rest of verse Says
51:25 you say ok What about Matthew 24:40? what about that phrase
51:37 If I just take
51:41 two verse i can see how a sincere person would think
51:45 wow that must be secret but remember you always have to read
51:49 the verses before and after to get the context
51:53 so lets do that and see what it really says
51:57 lets start in verse 36
52:51 See Jesus is comparing his coming to the time of Noah
52:55 think about that when Noah preached that a flood
53:00 as coming and built the ark how long did he peached
53:03 120 years. So when the
53:08 flood finally came did every body know the rains stared
53:12 coming sure that wasn't hidden and so what does it says
53:16 some were on the ark and they were saved
53:20 those how were left behind what happen
53:24 they perish there was no second change they perish
53:28 So when your realize the bible is using that
53:32 term two men will be in the field: one will be taken, there are meeting the Lord in the air the others
53:36 are left behind to perish it is comparing to the time
53:40 of Noah and that is why jesus says watch
53:44 therefore becasue you dont know the hour He is coming
53:48 not that it is secret He know world will no be
53:52 paying attention for some it will come
53:56 unexpectedly see
54:00 The reason rapture theory as wonderful as it may sound
54:04 the reason it could be dangerous is thsi beaude I have heard people say
54:08 you know what I'm just to wait until people are suddenly snatched away
54:12 and planes crash and cars diving through a ditch
54:16 then when I see that happen then i will get serious with God
54:20 see it can cause people to be lackadaisical about thier relationship with Christ
54:24 because if I live my life delaying my discussion
54:28 because I think a second change is coming
54:32 when Jesus comes I find out there is no second change what is going to happen to me
54:36 I will be lost my
54:40 second shange is now our scond change was the cross
54:44 that is why Jesus said or Hebrews said today
54:48 if you hear His voice do not harden
54:52 your heart you see folks this is the most glories prophecy
54:56 in the old testament it prophesied when Jesus would begin
55:00 begin His ministry and when the Messiah would come it prophesied when He would die
55:04 on the cross it tells us that Jesus came
55:08 come right on time
55:12 that is why John wrote
55:24 Frinds I don't know what your life
55:29 been like I don't want tragedies have come
55:33 your way I don't know what path life has taken
55:37 you on in your life right now struggling with gilt
55:41 gilt because of the past you may be struggling with a sense of
55:46 unworthiness because you can't change the chooses you have made
55:50 you may struggling and you may feel enslaved by addictions may be trapped
55:55 by habits and you begin to wonder can Jesus really love me
55:59 wonder can I truly be saved but this prophecy tells
56:03 there is a savior this prophecy tells me there is
56:08 substitute that there is someone that trod this earth
56:12 for 33 1/2 years that here is someone
56:17 loves me who died for me that there is
56:21 a redeemer who will take His righteousness and put in my record book
56:25 it says he was wounded for our transgressions
56:30 by His strip we are healed
56:34 and so whatever your struggles may be Jesus just invites you
56:39 to come, that why the book of Revelastion ends
56:43 with a invitation
56:56 whatever is going in your world and your life Jesus says come to me as you are
57:01 I will forgive you I cleanse you
57:05 I will change and transform you I will
57:10 I will make you free all we have to do is
57:14 simply come tonight if
57:18 you are willing to say in your heart Lord Jesus I believe you are the Son of God
57:23 and I want to spend eternity with you
57:27 I would like you invite you to stand with me as I pray in your heart
57:32 I believe that Jesus is the prophesied Son of God and I
57:36 desire to be in heaven with him I invite you to stand
57:41 as we close Heavenly Father
57:45 we are excited about the prophecy of Your Word
57:49 we are in awed that you would love us so much
57:54 that much you would predict when Jesus would come so we could identify him
57:58 but most of all you would invite us to come
58:03 as sinful as our life maybe thank you Lord for
58:07 sending Jesus and whatever decision we need to make
58:11 we pray give the power and the courage
58:15 to follow the Messiah with all of our hears and all of souls
58:19 and all of our might these thing we ask and pray
58:24 in Jesus Name Amen


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