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00:07 Heavenly Father
00:11 We are gathered here on what seems like a cold wintery night
00:15 but Father we believe there is ablessing here for us
00:19 not just because it is a church building but you have promised
00:23 that where 2 or 3 people gathered in your name
00:27 that there your presence would be. Lord you have said that if any
00:31 one lacks wisdom that we should ask and you would give liberally
00:35 so tonight we come to you with a surrendered heart
00:39 We're to give us wisdom to know what these prophecies saying
00:43 saying to use today we would ask you to give a heart
00:47 and a mind that is open to the voice of the Holy Spirit
00:51 these thing we ask in Jesus name
00:55 Amen. For years
00:59 Mr. Smith had neglected to pay his taxes
01:03 year after year when the forms would come in the mail
01:07 he would just connveniently set them aside and forget about
01:11 them. He figured he had better things to do than
01:15 fill out forms besides the government already
01:19 had enough of hs money so he thought they didnt need any more
01:23 so as each year went by he would buy new cars
01:27 take expensive vacations and add to his material possessions
01:31 but he never paid his taxes.
01:35 well one day the bomb was dropped
01:39 they received a notice in the mail from the IRS that their
01:43 back taxes of ten years were long overdue
01:47 and payment was expected to be made in 60 days
01:51 well Mr. Smith's wife was frantic and she
01:55 went to her husband and begged him to please go to the IRS and
02:00 confess his neglegance and work things out
02:03 but he wuldn't do it. He said honey its just a form letter
02:07 they have no intentions of following through besides
02:11 they don't even know where we live
02:15 Mr. Smith was a bit naive. at the end of the 60 days Mrs. Smith
02:19 took it upon herself to call the IRS and to ask
02:23 for an extension and they graciously agreed to do so
02:27 they gave them another 60 days
02:31 during that time she begged, pleaded with her husband
02:35 to go take care of this business to make things right before
02:39 they lost everything they had but he just wouldn't do it.
02:43 At the end of the second set of 60 days
02:48 she again called the IRS
02:52 and asked for another one and believe it or not they glacially
02:56 agreed to do so.They were given another
03:00 change of 60 days during this time she
03:04 tried everything she cold she with he husband pleaded,
03:08 screamed at him, she even threatened him with divorce if
03:12 so he doesn't take care of it but he absolutely refused.
03:16 and at the end of that third set of 60 days She again
03:20 called the IRS and ask for another extension
03:24 but this time they refused
03:28 they explained to Mrs Smith that her husband had
03:32 evaded taxes for over 10 years and they had been given
03:36 two extensions on the deadline but now it was time
03:40 for the taxes to be paid the next day
03:44 when he came home from work he walked in the door to see
03:48 three men in black suits waiting as they approached
03:52 him one man read him his rights while the other two
03:56 took him by the hands placed them behind his back
04:00 and put on the handcuffs and Mr Smith wasled out the door
04:04 to face charge of tax evasion
04:08 as her husband was led out the door she sobbed uncontrolably
04:12 and officers felt bad about the situation
04:16 they hadn't meant to hurt the wife but what could
04:20 Mr Smith had plenty of Opportunities
04:24 to do what was right he just ran
04:28 out of time
04:32 tonight's prophecy is a lot like that story it is a prophecy
04:36 in the Bible that actually talks about this world running out of time
04:40 it is known as the 2300
04:44 day prophecy and is found in Daniel Chapter 8
04:48 now this is meant to be a wake up call for chrsitians
04:52 who are living at the end of time it is really meant to be
04:56 a prophecy warning us that we are living in God's hour of judgement
05:00 and above all things it is a prphecy that is telling us
05:03 that it is time to turn our eyes
05:07 upon Jesus so I want to invite you to take your Bibles
05:11 and we're gonna go to the main part of this prophecy which
05:15 in Daniel chapter 8 and verse 14
05:19 What chapter? 8 We are going to start in verse
05:23 14 now it is interesting this was a prophecy studied
05:27 by a group of people about 200 years ago
05:31 but they misinterpreted part of it because they thought they found the date
05:35 when Jesus would come and of course thye were disappointed becasue
05:39 no man knows the day or the hour but just because some people made an innocent
05:43 mistake 200 years ago does that mean that we should ignore
05:48 this prophecy put in God's word for a reason what do you think?
05:52 we need to continue to study it and you will fimd that the word
05:56 of God makes this very clear and very understandable
06:00 Daniel chapter 8 and in a minute we want to read verse
06:04 14 but this what Daniel is seeing vision
06:08 He is seeing a picture of the major nations of the world
06:12 fighting against each He see
06:16 a vision of a goat and a ram in conflict
06:20 they represent the superpowers of the day. Persia and Greece empire
06:24 but what I want us to focus on is something the angels
06:28 says at the end of this vision that got
06:32 Daniel's attention. Daniel 8
06:36 and verse 14 the The Bible says and the angel is speaking
06:40 And he said to me for
06:44 For two thousand three hundred days; then the sanctuary
06:48 shall be What. cleansed Is't that awesome
06:52 isnt that a wonderfull prphecy and you're looking at me thinking
06:56 yeah except for one thing what in the world does it mean
07:00 because so far we see two things in that
07:04 sentence that make no sense to us at this point
07:08 What is this 2300 day business and
07:12 and Question number 2 What does it mean that the sanctuary
07:16 shall be cleansed? What is it takling about
07:20 Here is what we need to so since we see something in the book of
07:24 Daniel that we don't understand, a phrase we dont have a definition for
07:28 instead of guessing or Speculating or making somthing
07:32 up you know what we have to do? You go to a another
07:36 part of the Bible to find the answer see that
07:40 is the proper way to study God's word when you see something
07:44 not quite making sense don't just make something up go to other
07:48 portions of the Bible that talk about the same subject
07:52 and God will begin to make it clearer to you and
07:56 one phrase we need to focus on is this term that is
08:00 called the cleansing of the sanctuary
08:04 because what we need to go to another part of the Old Testament
08:08 because all the way back in Exodus and Leviticus
08:12 there was something that was called the cleansing of the sanctuary
08:16 something that God had instructed
08:20 Moses and the Israelites to do so we want to understand what Daniel
08:24 is talking about here the first thing we are going to have to do
08:28 just keep our finder here in Daniel but for fifteen or twenties minuties
08:32 we're going to have to go another part of the Bible
08:36 and let it explain it to us what is this cleansing of the sanctuary
08:40 to do that we are going to have to study Old Testament
08:44 sanctuary, so I would like you to take your Bibles and we're
08:48 going to go now to Exodus chapter 25, now you can keep
08:52 your finder in Danile 8 because we are go to go back there but first
08:56 we have to understand some other things
09:00 Exodus chapter 25 amd I'm going to be reading verses
09:04 8 and 9 Now this is
09:08 God speaking to Moses and the Israelites and you remember
09:12 that as soon as God delivered them from slavery in Egypt
09:16 one of the first things God told them to do
09:20 is to build him a What? sanctuary so
09:24 let'spick this up, Exodus 25 and verse 8
09:28 The Bible says
09:32 and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell
09:36 among them according to all I show you
09:40 that is the pattern of the tabernacle and
09:44 the patter of all furnishings just so you shall make it
09:48 Now we got to stop there. Clearly God has just given
09:52 Moses and the Israelites a command he said
09:56 I want you to build a sanctuary where my presence
10:00 shall dwell and he says they need to make it
10:04 after the specific pattern that He gave them
10:12 through Exodus and Leviticus you will find that God
10:16 went into excruciating detail as to how
10:20 that sanctuary should be built. he told them what kind of wood to use
10:24 what color the cloth and tapestry should be
10:28 He told them what kind of symbols and pictures ought to be on
10:32 that cloth I mean he went into so much detail about it
10:36 and you might say why? because everything in that
10:40 sanctuary was to represent something about
10:44 the plan of salvation everything that went on in that
10:48 sanctuary all these sacrifices of all these animals were to
10:52 point foward to the time when Jesus would coming the Messiah
10:56 and he would shed his blood for the sin of the world
11:00 that is why it was so important so what I would like to do right now for a moment
11:04 I'm going to put a little diagram of the sanctuary
11:08 on the screen and we are study this for just a moment
11:12 you will find that many churches and christians dont pay a lot
11:16 of attention to the old testament becasue they feel it is not relevant
11:20 to our world today but the truth is so many lessons
11:24 about Jesus and there are so many lessons salvation
11:28 even in the Old Testament because there because there is no way to have a
11:32 new testament if you don't have a What? an old testament
11:36 so everything in that sanctuary will tell us someting
11:40 about our Savior now you see the diagram just above me
11:44 The Old Testament sanctuary was basically divided into two
11:48 compartments. How many did I says? Two
11:52 In the holy place you see three pieces of furniture
11:56 now it is a little small for me to see there you notice have the
12:00 lampstand that what brought and shed light enter part of
12:04 sanctuary there that lampstand was meant to represent
12:08 Jesus Christ who would be the light of the world
12:12 on the other side you see the table of shew bread
12:16 where bread was placed that also represent Jesus Crist
12:20 as Jesus himself said I'm the bread that came down from where?
12:24 Heaven then right next to the vail
12:28 that separated the holy place from the most holy place you see the
12:32 altar of burnt incense and what would happen incense
12:36 would be continually burned and when the smoke of that incense
12:40 walk up into the air it would go into the Most Holy Place
12:44 and that represented God actively
12:48 hears the prayers of His people. Then
12:52 you go in the most holy place an in there
12:56 is a very special peace of furniture
13:00 it was known as Ark of the Covenant
13:04 the Ark Covenant was like a chest overlaid
13:08 in pure gold on top on either side
13:12 were two golden cherubim or golden statues
13:16 of angels and In-between angels in the midst
13:20 that's that where dwelt, what was called the Shekinah Glory
13:24 of God inside the Ark of the Covenant were three
13:28 things Now I'm going to quiz you, do you know what they were?
13:32 one was the origianl 10 commandments, the second was a
13:36 pot of manna, to remind them how God
13:40 had constantly delivered them in the wilderness and the third was
13:44 was Aarons rod that budded that showed he and his family would be
13:48 the lioneage of the high priests so now that we understand
13:52 and see what his sanctuary's was made of here is what would happen
13:56 every single day and you will notice
14:00 there is a reason why I have stuffed lamb it is right here
14:04 buy the podium everyday
14:08 people of Israel would bring a lamb
14:12 to the courtyard of the sanctuary the person
14:16 on the head of the lamb as you see in the picture
14:20 and he would confessed his sins
14:24 the sins of that perosn would then be transferred to
14:28 innocent little lamb the would then be
14:32 slain and the blood of the Lamb
14:36 was taken into the holy place and sprinkled
14:40 on the horns of the altar of burnt incense
14:44 and so the sin of that person would be transferred to the lamb
14:48 and then would be transferred to the sanctuary
14:52 sanctuary which also represented Jesus so want you to picture this in your mind
14:56 everyday people were bring lambs to the sanctuary
15:00 everyday they are confess their sins on the lamb
15:04 the lamb slain which represetns Jesus on the cross of Calvary
15:08 the blood of that lamb is taken into the sanctuary
15:12 where God accepts the blood of the lamb in place of the blood of the sinner
15:16 and so as the quote sin is being transferred
15:20 into the sanctuary that means single everyday
15:24 the sanctuary is filling up with sin so to speak
15:28 becasue the people are confessing on the lamb and the blood of lamb
15:32 it is going inside the sanctuary but then
15:36 so then one day out of the year on a day
15:40 known as the Day of Atonement there would be something called
15:44 the cleansing of the sanctuary
15:48 and it happen like this in the cleansing of
15:52 the sanctuary once a year the high priest, and only
15:56 the high priest would bring a goat to the sanctuary
16:01 he would lay his hands on it, and confess the sins of the
16:04 of all Israel for that year. The sins
16:08 would be transferred to the goat, The goat would be slain
16:12 and the blood was taken into not to the holy place
16:16 this time but into the Most Holy place
16:21 and sprinkled before the presence of God at the ark of the covenant
16:25 and when that happened God would accept the blood
16:29 of the goat in place of the blood of the sins of Israel
16:33 and what would happen is that Israel was cleansed of their sins
16:37 for the entire year and the sanctuary was cleansed
16:41 of all sin building up inside of it everyday
16:45 of the year. You can ready about in Leviticus 16
16:49 So I want to summarize this again because it is important
16:53 everyday the people of Israel would bring a lamb
16:57 to the sanctuary confess their sins on it the blood would be taken into the sancturay
17:01 sin would be transferred into the sanctuary
17:05 every single day the sanctuary would build up and build with
17:09 sin but on the day of Atonement
17:13 the sanctuary was cleansed when the High Priest would take
17:17 the blood of the goat into the present of God at Ark of the Covenant
17:21 and the entire sanctuary would be
17:25 cleansed, when that happen on the day of Atonement
17:29 it signified a very serious
17:33 time of judgement see the cleaning of the sanctuary
17:37 was a time when people really examine their lives
17:41 and get right with God. Becasue the people knew God was going to blot out
17:45 their sins for that entire year see 10
17:49 days before the priest would blow trumpets
17:53 and that signified to Israel the day of Atonement is coming
17:57 the cleansing of the sanctuary is almost here and it
18:01 was signal to they had to be sure to be right with God
18:05 because He was going to blot out those sins is was a time when they prepare
18:09 for the coming of the Messiah the first time
18:13 So if that is the term cleansing of the sanctuary
18:17 means then then we can go to back to Daniel
18:21 because apparently Daniel is telling us
18:25 about sometime in the future there is going to be a timne of judgement
18:29 when God look to blot out the sins of the world
18:33 and Jesus is coming that is what the cleansing
18:37 of the sanctuary representing. So back in Daniel
18:41 8:14 Daniel said,
18:49 we'll stop there for second, if you were here last night we learned
18:53 a prophetic principle of interruption that was
18:57 known as the day for a year principle
19:01 can I see your hand scholars of all denominations agree upon that
19:05 so when the angel is saying Daniel, in 2300 years
19:09 the sanctuary will be cleansed and it is going represent a time of judgement
19:13 what the angel really saying that in 2300 years
19:17 far into the future now that leads to
19:21 a question a couple of questions number one
19:25 when is this serious time in earth history? and
19:29 numebr two what sanctuary is supposed to be cleansed
19:33 does this mean some sanctuary that will be rebuild in Jerusalem or
19:37 does it mean something else so here is where we have to go
19:42 to another part of the bible to get the answer because
19:46 do you realizet The Bible talks about a heavenly sanctuary
19:49 heavenly sanctuary did you know that?
19:53 See that is why God told Moses I want you to build it after the pattern
19:57 I give you becasue the earthly sanctuary in Israel's time
20:02 was pattern after God's heavenly sanctuary
20:06 I want you to notice what John wrote in revelation
20:10 Revelation 11:19 in vision
20:14 John actually sees a picture of God's
20:18 heavenly scanctuary and he writes this
20:22 The bible Says
20:34 So very clearly John in vision is telling us
20:38 that there is a heavenly sanctuary
20:42 now before we go farther I got to share a beautiful
20:46 truth with you that is not always well known did you
20:50 know after Jesus died on the cross, and rose
20:54 from the grave and 40 days latter ascended back to heaven
20:57 did you know he ascended into the heavenly sanctuary
21:01 to be in the presence of the Father before
21:05 we go back to Daniel I want to show you a couple verses in the book of Hebrews
21:09 that is just fantastic take your bibles
21:14 go to Hebrews chatper 9 and verse 24
21:18 24 Hebrews chapter 9 verse 24
21:22 and we would to go to verse 24
21:26 and I want you to notice something that Paul writes and if you listen
21:30 this verse very clearly you hear him talking about
21:34 a heavenly sanctury Hebrews chapter 9
21:38 verse 24
21:42 The bible says, for Christ
21:46 has not entered the holy places made with hands
21:50 which are copies of the true but into
21:54 heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God
21:58 for us. that is what Paul wrote there
22:02 he said that Jesus Christ has ascended into
22:05 heaven it self to appear in the presence of God
22:10 That means right now Jesus is not sitting
22:14 on a cloud twittling his thumbs waiting for the Father
22:18 to tell him when he can go back and rescue his people
22:22 Jesus is not sitting up in heaven saying great I died on the cross
22:26 I'm just set here bored until I can come back rescue my people
22:30 The bible says Jesus Christ is actively
22:34 interceding for you and I in the presence of the Father
22:37 in what is called the heavenly sanctuary we ought
22:42 to says amen to that. Do you realize that means that I
22:46 have a living savior who brings all my needs all my requests
22:50 into the very presence of God.
22:54 Hebrews chaspter 8 talks about this you know
22:58 we may ask what does it mean to intercede for me
23:02 since we are already in Hebrews let's go back one chapter
23:06 and let's read chapter 8 verses 1 through 2
23:10 Notice what the Bibke says here
23:14 Now this is the main point of the things
23:18 we are saying. We have such a high priest
23:22 who is seated at the right hand of the throne of
23:26 the majesty (where) in heaven a minister
23:30 of the (what) sanctuary and of the true
23:34 tabernacle that the Lord erected and not man
23:38 now let me ask you, when it says we have such a high priest
23:42 in the heavenly scanctuary not the one man erected in Jerusalem the one
23:46 God built,who is it is it talking about that is are high Priest?
23:50 it is Jesus Christ!
23:54 I really want you to think about this that means
23:58 that when I pray that means
24:01 When you are on your knees beside your bed
24:06 or maybe you're silently pray when you are ride in the car that means
24:10 Jesus Christ takes my pray that means
24:14 Jesus Christ knows what I need intercedes
24:18 for me in the presence of the Father that he
24:22 opens up all the resources of heaven for His people
24:26 and for His church when they need it. It is
24:30 and confess my sins telling me I don't need to go to an earthly religious leader
24:34 and confess my sins I can go directly to Jesus
24:38 to the one who laid his live on Calvary
24:42 to the one who shed His blood for me becasue when I pray
24:46 Jesus Christ hears. Can you say Amen?
24:50 Now I may not feel like my paryers go higher that the
24:54 ceiling but praise God it is not based on feelings. Can you say Amen
24:58 it is based on the promise that Hebrews says Jesus is my High
25:02 Priest he is in a heavenly scanctuary the presence of the
25:06 Father and He talks to the Father about me and
25:10 about you because it tell me I don't have to be unsure
25:14 about my salvation I dont have to doubt whether I am
25:18 truly forgiven I have a living Savior who
25:22 shed his blood and he says I am forgiven
25:26 and you see just as in the earthly
25:31 sanctuary God accepted the blood of the lamb
25:35 in place of the blood of the sinner
25:39 when Jesus stands before the presence of the Father and the
25:43 Father see the nail prints in His hand and in His feet
25:47 the wound in His side the Father
25:51 accepts the blood of Jesus in place
25:55 of the blood of the siner in place of you and I
25:59 he says that Jesus sacrifice is perfect
26:05 that Jessus sacrifice paid the price and because
26:09 he is our high priest you and I have the opportunity to be saved everybody ought to say amen on that
26:13 if you leave here tonight not understanding everything anything except the fact
26:17 that Jesus is your high priest it is worth being here tonight
26:21 now that we understand that
26:25 we can go back to Daniel becasue here is what we've learned so far
26:29 now follow me here the bible told us there was an earthly sanctuary
26:33 in Moses time and when that scanctuary
26:37 when that scanctuary was cleansed it represented a time of judgement for the people
26:41 of Israel it signified they show examine their lives
26:45 to get right with God because God was preparing to blot out
26:49 their sins and the Messiah was going to come
26:53 so if Daniel is talking about a cleaning of the Heavenly
26:58 Sanctuary that will be far in the future at the
27:02 end of time that must mean that there is going be a time
27:06 judgement for this world a time when people should
27:10 examine their lives a time when God is preparing
27:14 to blot out the sin of the world forever
27:18 a time when people need to prepare for Jesus
27:22 to come and so the question is
27:26 when is the Heavenly Sanctuary cleaned, now you realize that is symbolic
27:30 that doesnt actually mean there is sin Heavenly Sanctuary but when is
27:34 this time of judgement for the world when is this time
27:38 when we should examine our lives and God is getting read to blot out sin becasue
27:42 Jesus is going to come this is where we now need
27:46 go back to the prophecy in Daniel 8:14 and we will begin
27:51 to understand so if you kept your finger in Daniel 8
27:55 you might as well flip back there now. We now have all
27:59 the neccesary information we need to start put
28:03 the pieces of the puzzle together do you see how we went
28:08 from one part of the Bible to the other how we saw a term in Daniel
28:12 we did not understand the cleaning of the Sanctuary so we went back
28:16 to Exodus and other parts of the old testament it begin to
28:20 fill in the blanks and tell us what us what that represent in time of judgement
28:24 so now we go back to Daniel 8:14 let's
28:28 read again. Daniel 8:14 the bible says,
28:32 And he said to me, for
28:37 2300 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed
28:41 well if you apply the day for a year principle
28:45 that means 2300 years
28:49 the sanctuary would be cleansed there would be a time of judgement
28:56 Daniel is realizing woah
29:00 this is way near the end of time in his mind he is thinking
29:04 well Sanctuary Jerusalem is destroyed the
29:08 wall of Jerusalem are broken down Daniel doesn't understand what the
29:12 Angel is trying to say so now we pick it up in verse 15
29:16 because the angle explains even more and there is something very
29:20 very key in verses 15 through 17
29:24 verse 15 the Bible says Then it happened,
29:28 when I Daniel, had seen the vision
29:33 and was seeking (that means that He didn't understand it at first)
29:37 that suddenly there stood before me one
29:41 having the appearance of a man And I heard a man's voice
29:45 between the banks of the Ulai, who called, and said,
29:49 "Gabriel, make this man understand the vision."
29:53 verse 17 so he came near
29:57 where I stood and when he came I was afraid
30:02 and fell on my face but he said to me understand
30:06 son of man that the vision refers to
30:11 (What?) the time of the end
30:15 now we got to stop there
30:19 Daniel is wondering what is this 2300 day and year
30:23 business all about and the angel Gabriel is sent
30:27 to him and of course Daneil a little bit afraid now I have never seen
30:31 an angel but I imagine if you saw the glory of an angel you would probably
30:35 be bit afraid too and the angel says to Daniel
30:39 Daneil this vison refers not
30:43 to your time (but to what?
30:47 the time of the end notice not my opinion not
30:51 a commentary interpretation. The Bible itself tells us
30:55 that the end of the 2300 years the end of the 2300
30:59 years is going to be in the future, in the time of
31:03 the end. Wow.
31:07 Daniel was so astonished
31:11 you know that he actualy faints in this vison go to verse
31:15 27 it actual describes Danial fainting
31:19 and I Daniel fainted and was sick for
31:23 (how Long?) days afterward I arose and I
31:27 went about the kings business I was astonished by the vision
31:31 but no one understood it
31:35 chapter 8 then ends becasue obviously
31:39 when daniel faints the vision is over the angel goes away
31:43 but the angel hadn't explained everything yet so
31:47 chapter 9 opens up with Daniel praying a very sincere
31:51 prayer He startes paraying for his people
31:55 Israel but in verse 21 of chapter 9
31:59 the same angel Gabriel comes back
32:03 and begins to explain what this vision means
32:07 so now I want you to follow me skip over chapter 9
32:11 and I'm going to read verse 21 to 23
32:15 Daniel 9: verse 21
32:19 The Bible says, and this is Daniel speaking
32:23 yes, while I was speaking in prayer the man
32:27 (who?) Gabriel whom I had seen
32:31 in the vision at the beginning being caused to fly
32:35 swiftly reached me about the time of the evening offering
32:39 and he informed me and talked with me and said
32:43 oh Daniel, I have now come forth to give you
32:47 skill to understand. at the beginning of your supplications
32:51 the command went out and I have come to tell you
32:55 you are greatly beloved therefore consider the matter
32:59 and understand the vision now let's
33:03 pause there for a second Notice what angel
33:07 come to Daniel in chapter 9 who was Gabriel
33:11 he was the same angel that led
33:15 Daniel at beginning all the way back in
33:19 chapter 8 when it talks about the 2300 days
33:23 so clearly chapter 9 and chapter 8 are integrally link
33:27 together then the angel goes on
33:31 to explain things here is what he does here is where we actually
33:35 studied last night. I will not review the 70 weeks from last night
33:39 here is what hapens the whole prophey
33:43 is 2300 days but the angel knows that
33:47 the 2300 days is irrelevant to Daniel so he actually
33:51 breaks this prophecy into 2 and takes the first
33:55 70 weeks and in verses 24 to 27
33:59 he explains it to daniel because the first 70 weeks
34:03 are relevant to Daniel and the Jewish people
34:07 and the city of Jerusalem but the whole 2300 day
34:11 prophecy that's for the people living near the time
34:15 of the end and so here is what we are going to
34:19 verses 24-27 start go through the 70 week prophecy
34:23 now I'm not going to go though that again becuase that took an hour last night
34:27 so I can't do that for an hour right now. if you weren't here last night
34:31 I'm going to go really fast so make sure that you get the handout
34:35 to fill in the blanks. but when the 70 weeks prophecy
34:39 began it the same begining date as the 2300
34:43 day prophecy and in verse 25 the
34:47 angel told daniel when this prophecy would begin
34:51 whenever there was a command put forth to
34:55 restore and build Jerusalem that is when the 2300 day
34:59 and the 70 week prophecy would begin keep in
35:03 mind israel is in captivity at the time to the persian empire
35:07 but Artaxerxes made a decree that in
35:11 457 BC any Jew who wanted to go to Jerusalem
35:15 and rebuild the city could and 457 is the beginning
35:19 date of this prophecy so if I add
35:23 2300 years because remember
35:27 A day repersents what in Bible prophecy one
35:31 year if I add 2300 year to
35:35 457 BC what year
35:39 do we come to?
35:43 1844 now I really
35:47 want to let this sink in so that we understand what this prophecy
35:51 is saying 200 years ago there was
35:55 a group that thought well 1844 Oh that must the year Jesus
35:59 will come that is not what the prophecy is saying
36:03 what the prophecy is saying that 1844 marks
36:07 the period when the Heavenly Sanctuary would be cleansed
36:11 and that marks a time of beginning of judgment
36:15 it marks a begining of a period which the bible
36:19 call the time of the end it tells us
36:23 it is time when Jesus is getting ready to blot out sin
36:27 forever that Jesus is preparing to come so the world
36:31 needs to turn thier eyes upon Jesus
36:35 1844 is the beginning of the time of the end
36:39 we are now living in a period of earth's history that prophecy
36:43 identifiesas the time of the end when Jesus is
36:47 soon to come what this is telling us
36:52 is that for 170 years now
36:56 we have been living a period of history
37:00 that Daniel calls the time of the end and
37:04 ever since 1844 many
37:07 of the prophecies and end time signs of the Bible
37:11 have been steadily being fulfilled
37:15 what it is telling me? this prophecy is simply
37:19 saying it is time for us to wake up it is time
37:23 for us to realize that Jesus is closer than we think
37:27 it's time to turn our eyes
37:31 upon the Cross of Calvary
37:35 I wanna end with this story
37:40 there was a woman who got off of work rather late on night
37:44 and she hopped in her car and she started driving
37:49 down the highway she looked in her rearview mirror
37:52 and she noticed that there was a large truck far in the distance
37:57 she didn't think much of it becasue truckers drive a lot during the night
38:01 on the interstate but this trucker seemed to be going rather fast
38:05 and after a few minutes he came up right behind her
38:09 he was within inches of her bumper and all of a sudden he
38:13 started honking his horn flashing his lights and waving his hands
38:17 the women wondered what in the world he is doing she at
38:21 first though maybe I'm going fast enough for him so she sped up
38:25 when she sped up he sped up and he remained inches
38:29 behind her bumper honking his horn flashing his lights
38:33 waving his hands well the women thought maybe I'll slow down
38:37 so he can pass me, when she slowed down he slowed down
38:41 and he continued to honk his horn and flash his lights and
38:45 wave his hands she thought I'm going get in the left lane
38:49 so he can pass me in the right he followed her
38:53 he followed her to the right when she switch to the left lane he switch
38:57 to the left lane and he continued remaining inches behind her bumper
39:01 honking his horn flashing his lights and waving his hands
39:05 finally the women became terrified
39:09 and she was convinced that this trucker must be evil that is up to no good
39:13 he is gonna runher off the road so she put the pedal to the metal and
39:18 sped down the highway and got off at the erery first exit
39:22 she turn on to a local road, and
39:26 turned left and came to a screeching halt inside of a gas statiom
39:30 she opened the door and ran screaming into the station yelling
39:34 for help this same truck got off
39:38 at the same exit careened around the same corner
39:42 came to a screeching hult in the parking lot of the gas station
39:46 and trucker jumped out of his cab, ran up to the
39:50 back door of the car opened it up,
39:54 and he pulled out of the back seat a man
39:58 with a knife in his hand
40:02 see the trucker from his high vantage point
40:06 was able to look down into the window and he could see there was
40:10 the enemy in the back seat the women was
40:14 in danger and she didn't even know it
40:18 and all this time it turned out
40:22 she was running from the wrong person
40:26 she was running from the only one who could
40:30 save her Jesus
40:34 is a lot like that trucker from His high
40:38 vantage point he can look down into our lives
40:42 He see the temptations that Satan bombards us with
40:46 the deceptions He see the trials and suffering
40:50 that we go through but because of his unconditional love
40:54 Jesus unrelentlessly pursues us just like that trucker
40:58 when we speed up Jesus speeds up
41:02 when we slow down Jesus slows down when we switch lanes
41:06 and try to lose Him Jesus switch lanes with us because
41:10 He does not want let us go but at
41:14 some point in our life we have got to
41:18 realize it is time
41:22 to stop running from the wrong person
41:26 it is to stop running from the only
41:30 one who can save us
41:35 that is why revelation says in revelation 3:20
41:51 Revelation says Jesus is waiting to enter our lives
41:55 it pretty much pictures him standing at the
41:59 door of our heart and we basically have two
42:03 choices. I can choose to
42:07 open the door and let him in
42:11 or I can keep the door closed and
42:15 I can keep running
42:19 from the the wrong person the bible question
42:23 to you tonight is this, When
42:28 will you open the door? When will you stop running?
42:32 When will you stop making excuses?
42:37 When will we chose to turn
42:41 our eves upon Jesus and follow him
42:46 with our hearts all of our minds and all of our souls
42:50 are you willing to open the door and make
42:55 that choice tonight I want to
42:59 invite you to get out your responce card you should be use to these night by
43:03 night if the Holy Spirit has laid something on your heart
43:07 some comment you want to make some question that you have
43:11 I invite you to write on that card however the Holy Spirit leads you
43:15 that is between you and God you can hand them in at the registration
43:19 table you will use them as response cards tomorrow night
43:23 for our drawing for Tuesday night, but at this time I want to ask you
43:28 stand as we pray because I want to make an appeal through the prayer
43:32 that we open that door, would you stand with me.
43:37 Heavenly Father
43:41 It's a strait forward prophecy
43:45 but Lord you have given it to us because you love us
43:50 in such powerfully way
43:54 God we surrender our hearts to you tonight
43:59 I have issue in my live
44:03 stand here has issue that they are dealing with
44:08 but tonight we want to give ourselves to you
44:12 and tonight Lord we want to give permission to help us
44:16 to help us to love you with all of our hearts
44:21 tonight with ever head bowed and ever eye closed
44:25 if you would like to say deep in heart Lord Jesus
44:29 I'm going to stop running
44:33 and I chose with you with all my heart
44:37 all my soul would you just raise your hand tonight ever head is bowed
44:42 every eye is closed you know what the struggles are in your life no ones else needs to know
44:46 you simply want to say Lord I not going run away from you any more
44:50 I give you my heart I give you my mind I give you
44:55 everthing I have so Lord I ask you to please
44:59 save me I'm opening my heart to you
45:03 if that is your desire tonight just keep your raised high
45:07 Lord you see any hands that are raised tonight
45:11 whatever circumstances are represented we ask
45:15 you to bless that person to bless their families
45:19 and enable them to make the chooses they need to make
45:23 and may they be filled tonight with the joy of the Lord
45:27 and rejoice in there Your salvation this
45:31 ask and pray in Jesus name.


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