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00:04 Tonight I want to begin by sharing with you an allegory.
00:09 Now an allegory is a fictional story that has a spiritual
00:14 lesson to it, and it goes like this. "It is said the truth
00:19 had an appointment in a certain town one day, and the people were eagerly
00:24 waiting for him to come, and to tell them the truth. So truth was traveling
00:29 along a hot dusty road in the middle of a summer day. And the afternoon
00:35 sun was beating down upon his back and he was sweating profusely
00:40 but in the distance he saw a nice cool pond of water.And he
00:45 thought how wonderful it would be to stop, and take a brake, and jump into those waters
00:50 and that's what he did. He took off the lovely white garments of the truth and hung them
00:55 on a near by branch. And then he jumped in the water, refreshing himself on a
01:00 hot summer day. But you know wherever the truth goes
01:05 lie follows close behind. And lie was traveling along
01:10 the same hot dusty road. It was the middle of a summer day. He too
01:15 was sweating profusely. But eventually he saw that same pond
01:20 of water in the distance and the same thought crossed his mind, "I'm going to take a
01:25 nice cool swim." But as he neared the water's edge
01:30 there he saw the truth was already swimming in the water. And he looked around
01:35 and he saw the lovely white garments of the truth hanging on that near by branch.
01:40 and so truth, or lie got a sneaky idea.
01:44 He said forget the swim, I'm just gonna steal truth's clothes.
01:48 And he did! So he quickly took off the old ragged garments of a lie,
01:52 threw them on the ground, and he started to put on the lovely white
01:56 garments of the truth. And so then he made his way
02:00 to the town just as he was. And as he neared the city gate
02:04 all the people looked out, and they began to get excited, and they said,"Look everybody!
02:08 Here comes the truth! Here comes the truth!
02:12 Until one perceptive elder looked a little closer
02:16 and he said,"Now wait a minute everyone, that's not the truth,
02:20 that's a lie with truth's clothes on." And so
02:24 it was. And the people were very disappointed.
02:28 Meanwhile back at the pond, truth had gotten out of the water. And
02:32 he noticed that his clothes were no where to be found. As he looked around
02:36 there he saw it, the old ragged garments of a lie
02:40 ,lie right there on the ground and he realized what had happened
02:44 Lie had stolen his clothes. And so now Truth had an
02:48 awesome decision to make. He could put on those old raggedy
02:52 garments of a lie. Or he could go to the town just
02:56 as he was in his present condition. And he thought to himself," Before I
03:00 wear those old ragged garments, I will simply go wearing nothing at all."
03:04 And that's what he did. And so as he traveled down the raod he neared
03:08 the city gate. And all the people looked out and they got excited! And they said,
03:12 "Look everybody! Finally! Here comes the truth!
03:16 Here comes the Truth! Why look! It's the naked Truth."
03:20 And so it was.
03:24 Now we tend to chuckle at a little story like that. But I
03:28 tell you tonight subject is much like that story because
03:32 tonight comes the Naked Truth.
03:36 Now truth is an interesting thing. Some people love the
03:40 truth and they will embrace it, but there are others who would prefer to believe
03:44 a lie. Notice what it says in Hebrews chapter 4
03:48 and verse 12
03:52 The Bible says, "For the Word of God is living, and powerful,
03:56 and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even
04:00 the division of soul and spirit." Notice
04:04 that God says His word is like a what?
04:08 Like a sharp two edged sword, and it will pierce us with the truth.
04:12 Now sometimes the truth hurts doesn't it? Whether it's in a religious
04:16 world or whether it's in the secular world. But lies and
04:20 deceptions hurt a lot more. And God loves us
04:24 too much to let us be deceived. And so therefore in His mercy
04:29 He brings us the truth to guide us along
04:33 our paths in this life.
04:34 our paths in this life. But Bible prophecy tells us about a
04:37 power that doesn't like truth.
04:41 A power that would seek to distort God's truth and lead us away
04:45 from the word of God. Bible prophecy calls it the
04:49 antichrist power. I want you to take your bibles and we're going to
04:53 review one verse before we go into Revelation tonight. I want you to go to
04:57 Daniel chapter seven and verse twenty-five.
05:01 Daniel chapter seven. And I want to read something
05:05 that we studied the last time that we were together.
05:09 Daniel chapter seven and verse twenty-five.
05:13 Now here in chapter seven, this entire chapter
05:17 describes the work of antichrist. What
05:21 activities will he seek to do on this earth?
05:22 activities will he seek to do on this earth? Now we're
05:25 going to spend two whole nights on this chapter a little later in the seminar.
05:29 But for tonight's subject, I just want us to notice what verse twenty-five
05:33 says because it will be a spring board into our topic
05:37 tonight. Daniel chapter seven verse twenty-five.
05:41 The Bible says,"And he shall speak
05:45 pompous words against" Who? "The Most High
05:49 shall persecute the saints of the Most High, and shall
05:50 shall persecute the saints of the Most High, and shall
05:53 intend to change times and law or the
05:57 King James version says, "He shall think to change times
06:01 and law." and we learned in its context right here in verse
06:05 twenty-five it says,"He works against the Most High."
06:09 So in other words antichrist will think to change
06:13 or to do away with God's times and God's
06:17 law. And remember we learned the other night how
06:21 the spirit of antichrist is working today to try to cover up
06:25 the principles of God's holy law- His ten commandments.
06:29 because we live in a world now that says that God's law is ancient.
06:33 That it is out dated that it is archaic
06:37 that modern man doesn't need the principles of those ten commandments.
06:41 And so now we find in this generation, that law is longer
06:45 taught in our homes. It's not taught in our school systems.
06:49 You can't display them in government buildings, and even many times when
06:53 religious pulpous today we hear 'well that law is done away with'
06:57 and it's not important anymore. And so you see
07:01 the spirit of antichrist already at work trying to do away with
07:05 God's law. But in this verse
07:09 it also talks about God's times
07:13 and what we're going to discover is that the spirit
07:17 of antichrist has attacked a very
07:21 specific part of God's law. And it's the part that deals
07:25 with time and worship.
07:29 And so with that background information
07:33 now we can launch into Revelation chapter fourteen
07:37 that's where I want to invite you to turn. Revelation chapter fourteen
07:41 and we're going to start reading in verse six. The
07:45 Bible says," Then I saw another angel
07:49 flying in the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting
07:53 gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth
07:58 to every nation tribe, tongue, and people."
08:02 Now lets stop here for a second. How many people must this
08:06 message go to according to Revelation? Everyone.
08:10 It basically says every people group tribe, tongue, and
08:14 language. So whatever the message is, right away it's
08:18 telling us it's for everyone. It crosses geographical line.
08:22 That means it doesn't matter whether I'm American or Russian
08:26 or Chinese or Norwegan. This message is
08:30 for me! It also crosses racial lines
08:34 Does it matter whether I'm black and white or browned skin
08:38 this message is for me! In fact it crosses
08:42 denominational lines. Which means it doesn't matter if I'm Protestant
08:46 or Catholic, or Atheist, Or a Muslam, or whatever I am
08:50 God says these three messages are for every single
08:54 person that's living in the world. So that
08:58 ought to give us a clue as to how important the book of Revelation
09:02 considers it to be. So now the question is
09:06 Well what's this all important message? Lets read it
09:10 in verse seven. The Bible continues to say,"
09:14 Saying with a loud voice fear God
09:18 and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgement
09:22 is come. And worship him who made the heavens
09:26 the earth, the sea, and the springs
09:30 of water." Now lets stop there for a second
09:34 The begging of this message says we should fear God and give glory to him. Why?
09:38 The hour of His judgement is
09:42 come. In other wards the angel was telling people who live on
09:46 earth in these last days. People who are distracted
09:50 People who are caught up in all sorts of things in this secular
09:54 world. People like you and me who might be neglecting
09:58 our relationship with Jesus. The angel was warning and saying," Listen
10:02 the hour of his judgement is come. Jesus
10:06 is coming soon! We are reaching a point where
10:10 God is preparing to look over the record of our lives. That He is going to come
10:14 and save his people and so it's time to turn
10:18 our eyes upon Jesus, Can you say amen? Cause really the
10:22 hour of his judgement, that phrase simply refers to the end of time when
10:26 Jesus is about to come. But then
10:30 the message goes on. And you noticed the second part
10:34 of this message. And it's a rather interesting one
10:38 the angel goes on to say,"Worship Him
10:42 who made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and the springs of water.
10:46 In other wards the angel is directing people back
10:50 to worshiping and honoring God as the
10:54 creator of all things
10:58 and reading Revelation right here by quoting that is pointing us
11:02 all the way back to creation on the book of Genesis.
11:06 Because if the angel was telling the world to worship and honor God as the creator
11:10 that means Revelation causes us to ask
11:14 a question. How do we honor God
11:18 as a creator? How are we suppose to remember as the creator
11:22 of heaven, the earth, the sea, and the springs of water? Can I do that
11:26 how ever I want, or has God given us a specific way that
11:30 is meant to be a blessing? And what we're going to discover
11:34 is this. That is actually a quote
11:38 from the fourth commandment of God
11:43 law. And we're going to see that in a second. But the get there let me ask
11:47 you a question. Here on earth, when we want
11:51 to honor someone or remember an event what do we
11:55 at least us Americans, what do we tend to do?
11:59 We arract memorials. For example, when the tragedy of nine
12:03 eleven happened and those twin towers came down, it was suggested
12:07 that we build a memorial on that sight and that now has been done.
12:11 And the purpose of that memorial is to honor those
12:15 who have been slain and to always remember what happened
12:19 there so that we never forget. Even if you go to
12:23 many metropolitan cities around this nation. in quite a
12:27 few of them, you will see memorials errected to honor
12:31 those who fought in the wars for our freedom. And so
12:35 this country has set aside at least one day
12:39 where those war veterans are to be honored. What day is that? Well one of them
12:43 is memorial day. And what we will discover is as we
12:47 go back to Genesis, God gave us his own memorial
12:51 day in which to honor and remember him
12:55 as the creator. And so since Revelation here in this first angel
12:59 message. Since it talks about honoring God as the creator
13:03 Revelation in a sense is pointing us to go back to Genesis
13:07 and seek to understand it. So I've got a temporarily
13:11 leave Revelation, and follow the sign that is pointing
13:15 me back to Genesis. So lets take our bibles and since
13:19 Revelation talks about honoring God as the creator lets go to Genesis
13:23 chapter two beginning in verse one.
13:27 Genesis chapter two beginning
13:31 in verse one. And we're going to use out bibles a lot tonight
13:35 just like we do everyother night
13:39 In Genesis two, this is describing the week of creation when God created
13:43 life on this earth. Now I'm just going to read the first three verses
13:47 I-I want you to try and picture this in your mind.
13:51 Genesis two verse one. The Bible
13:55 says," Thus the heavens and the earth
13:59 and all the hosts of them were finished. And on the seventh
14:03 day God ended his work which he had done
14:07 and he rested on the seventh day from all his work
14:11 which he had done
14:15 then God blessed the Sabbath day and what's that next word? Sanctified in because in it
14:19 He rested from all his work, which God had
14:23 created and made." Now let's stop there for a second
14:27 Here is says that after God creates life on tis
14:31 earth, then comes the seventh day
14:35 and when you read here in Genesis two, it uses a very
14:39 perticular word to describe that seventh day
14:43 what was the word? He blessed and sanctified it
14:47 now if you were to look up the word sanctified in the Hebrew
14:52 you know what the word sanctifies means? That's right
14:56 It means to set aside for a special purpose
15:00 or for a holy purpose. So in other wards gone from the beginning
15:04 is saying that this seventh day is suppose to be
15:08 set aside as special, holy, time. As a way
15:12 for mankind to honor God as their creator
15:16 and remember that he's the one that made life along with the
15:20 heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the springs of water.
15:24 Now having read that, sometimes it raises
15:28 a question in people's minds. Because right here we see the beginnings
15:32 where God gives mankind what would be called
15:36 the seveth-day sabbath. Cause Revelation is pointing us back
15:40 there. But the sincere question that sometimes crosses our mind
15:44 is we wonder, well I've always heard that was the Jewish
15:48 sabbath and that was just for the Jews. But lets ask a honest question
15:52 here. Here in Genesis chapter two, this is the
15:56 week of creation. How many people are alive on the face of the earth?
16:00 I hope you know. Two!
16:04 What were their names? Adam and Eve. Where they Jews?
16:08 No. The Jewish nation did not exist for
16:12 hundred, and hundreds, and hundreds of years into the future
16:16 In fact here in Genesis two this is really before there
16:20 were different races, there were different colors of skin. Long
16:24 before there were different denominations. So aparently
16:28 all the way back at creation, God meant this seventh-day
16:32 sabbath to be a blessing for all man throughout all
16:36 time. You say 'well why did God consider that
16:40 to be so special, this seventh-day?'
16:44 Lets think about it for a second. God created
16:48 life. Adam and Eve, man and woman, on what day? Remember?
16:52 The sixth day, which, we would call Friday
16:56 Do you notice that very next day God created the sabbath.
17:00 The sabbath, the seventh day, would've
17:04 been Adam and Eve's very first full day with God.
17:08 You see in a sense God is saying that he is a
17:12 relational God. That he wants to know us in a very
17:16 personal and intimate way. He didn't just create Adam and Eve and say
17:20 'You know what, I gave you life so now I'm going to go off into the distant universe
17:24 somewhere. You're on your own.' That's not how the bible describes
17:28 our creator. Because God wants to know us
17:33 Because he wants to be intimate with us. Have a
17:37 personal relationship, God now creates the seventh
17:41 day sabbath. And he says to Adam and Eve and to us
17:45 every seventh-day, I want you to rest from your labors.
17:49 I mean and it actually says God is going to rest from His. And they're
17:53 going to come together in holy time and holy communion
17:57 to grow their relationship with their creator
18:01 Now think about this a second. When Adam and Eve where created
18:05 were they created all ready knowing everything
18:09 about the character of God? Yes or No? No/
18:13 They didn't know everything about His character. That's why they were
18:17 to spend time with Him. To grow in that relation
18:21 ship. That's why God gave the sabbath. Because when you're
18:25 remembering as the creator every week it's awful
18:29 hard to forget. Can you say Amen? See that seventh-day sabbath
18:33 time was about a relationship. Being intimate with the ones that
18:37 you created. That shows how much God must indeed
18:41 love us. And what we're going to discover
18:45 is even from the beginning of time. The
18:49 devil has unleashed a ferocious attack
18:53 through the spirit of antichrist against that day. Why?
18:57 Because if it's a day set aside to honor God as the creator
19:01 the devil would like nothing more than to destroy that special time
19:05 And that's why Daniel wrote. He would think
19:09 to change God's times and God's law
19:13 And the sabbath is God's
19:17 special time found in the very heart of his law
19:21 and it has to do with worship.
19:25 In fact God considered that to be so important that He
19:29 went and included it in his ten commandment law. So let's go
19:33 there. Exodus chapter twenty. And let's go to verses
19:37 eight through eleven. Now we're going to make our way
19:41 from old testament to new testament. Because if Revelation is
19:45 directing us back and is quoting the fourth commandment that means I need
19:49 to be sure to understand why. So I have to study it. Revelation
19:53 doesn't give me the option of skipping over it as though it was unimportant.
19:57 Exodus chapter twenty. And lets read verses
20:01 eight through eleven. Exodus twenty
20:05 and verse eight. The Bible
20:09 says,"Remember the Sabbath day
20:13 to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do
20:17 all your work. But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord
20:21 you God. In it you shall do no work. You, nor your son
20:25 ,nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant,
20:29 nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates.
20:33 And then verse eleven tells us way. What''s purpose of this? What's the purpose
20:37 of setting aside the secular labor Lord? And He answers
20:41 the question. He says,"For in six days the Lord
20:45 made the heavens, the earth, the sea,
20:49 and all that is in them. And rested the seventh day
20:53 therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and
20:57 hollowed it. Now it's interesting in there
21:01 again it says that he blessed that Sabbath day, hollowed it, or made
21:05 it holy, set aside for special use. God
21:09 considered to be that important. But then if you go a little
21:13 bit closer you read in this, it's kind of interesting. He specifically says
21:18 the seventh day is the Sabbath. Which we would expect cause that's what we just read
21:22 in Genesis. God's not going o contradict His word. But
21:26 something that you note in this particular commandment is this.
21:30 The majority of all the other commandments, what phrase do they
21:34 begin with? Thou shall not. They begin kind of
21:38 negatively in a sense. But this commandment is different.
21:42 What word does it begin with?
21:46 Remember. Now think about it.
21:50 Isn't it interesting, that the very commandment
21:54 that begins with the word remember
21:58 is the one that most of the world has
22:02 forgotten. Maybe thst's why Revelation
22:06 is specifically pointing us back to that time.
22:10 See because God knows if there is any generation in history
22:14 that needs sabbath rest. If there's any generation that needs
22:18 to set aside secular labors so that they can connect in their relationship with
22:22 God. If there's any generation in history that is so
22:26 distracted. So caught up in this world that they're neglecting their
22:30 spiritual life, God knows that those final generations
22:34 are probably going to need the sabbath more that anyone. Because it gives them
22:38 time to grow in their relationship with Jesus
22:42 Christ. See the Sabbath points me to Jesus
22:46 But here is something that really caught my
22:50 attention because it is hard to overlook. I want you to
22:54 compare with we just read in the fourth commandment. To what we just read in
22:58 Revelation fourteen seven. And I want to see if you can find any
23:02 similarities here, and I'm going to put it on the screen. In Revelation
23:06 seven. This first angel that has a message that is to go to all the world
23:10 he said this, "Fear God, give glory to
23:14 Him, for the hour of his judgement is come." Now notice the second part
23:18 Worship Him who made heaven, the earth,
23:22 the sea, and the springs of water." Do you know that
23:26 is a direct quotes from the fourth commandment.
23:30 It's a strong illusion there is no doubt about it.
23:34 That Revelation is pointing the final generations back
23:38 to re-discovering the fourth commandment. Because notice Exodus twenty
23:42 eleven. For in six days the Lord made the heavens,
23:46 the earth, the sea, and all that is in them.
23:50 I wonder, did God say remember
23:54 because he know that people
23:58 would forget. See the sabbath
24:02 is in the heart of God's law. It's special
24:06 and holy time, and it's about worship.
24:10 And all three of thoughs are mentioned there.
24:14 in Revelation fourteen, seven. Would it be
24:18 easier for me to just skip over and act like it's not there? It might be
24:22 but if God put it there, that means there must be a blessing
24:26 in store. Who doesn't need rest in this crazy
24:30 chaotic world? Can you say amen?
24:34 And have that time set aside. Where I can connect with Jesus Christ
24:38 That is meant to be a blessing that God gave man
24:42 from the beginning of time. As you move on
24:47 even Ezekiel talks about this in Ezekiel twenty verse
24:51 nineteen. The Bible says,"Hallow
24:55 My Sabbaths, and they will be a sign between Me
24:59 and you, that you may know that I am the Lord your
25:03 God." Now notice He said it's going to be a special sign.
25:07 See when I honor the Sabbath in my life
25:11 That's a sign that says," I acknowledge
25:15 God as the creator of the universe.
25:19 I acknowledge that He is the supreme authority
25:23 in my life as God's special sign according to Ezekiel.
25:27 Now to help us understand the relational aspect of the Sabbath because
25:31 what happens is. We kind of get caught up in the idea of well
25:35 don't do this, don't do that. and we can make it look so legalistic
25:39 The point of the Sabbath is
25:43 carving out that special time on the seventh day. Where I'm
25:47 putting aside my secular labors. You know my errands, my grocery shopping
25:51 etc. for what purpose? So I can show God I'm
25:55 serious and I deserve to go to heaven? NO! The pursose
25:59 of setting it aside is so that now I have this
26:03 special holy time where I can connect with the one who
26:07 created me. Where I can purposely and specifically
26:11 worship him and grow my spiritual life.
26:15 Because the only we can be saved is to have a personal relationship
26:19 with Jesus Christ. The Sabbath is an avenue that helps
26:23 us to grow in that relationship and to get to know him
26:27 better! Can you say amen? Now I want to illustrate this
26:31 using earthly relationships. Now it's not a perfect illustration but I think we
26:35 get the points. Ladies I want to use you as an example
26:39 Ladies how would you feel if your husband, or let's say your boyfriend
26:43 came to you and said," You know what, I love you so
26:47 much. I value our relationship
26:51 that I'm going to set aside this day every week. I'm going to put everything
26:55 else aside and honey, I'm just going to send it with you.
26:59 Whatever you want to do." Ladies how would that make you feel?
27:03 Awesome! Wonderful! Because you know what it would be saying? It would be
27:07 saying that man values the relationship. Now I use that example
27:11 once in a seminar and when I asked the question, Ladies how would that make
27:15 you feel? Or what would you do? One lady blurted out," I drop
27:19 dead and faint." and I felt bad because her husband
27:23 was siting right beside her when she said it and
27:27 I meant it to be a retoricle question you know? And I thought Oh
27:31 dear I might have to do some marital counseling after this. But see here's the point
27:35 God has done the same thing for us.
27:39 Because He values his
27:43 personal relationship with you and Me
27:47 He says," I am giving you the gift of the Seventh day Sabbath. Not as a burden,
27:51 but as a time for you grow to know me better
27:55 because I want to know you and I want you to know
27:59 me." and you know how easy it is to get caught up
28:03 in this world. Running like chickens with our heads cut off. You know
28:07 seven days a week. twenty four a day God say I'm giving you
28:11 permission to rest. I'm giving you the sabbath time
28:15 6so you can know Me.
28:19 I'm going to use me and my wife for an example. Suppose I said that to my wife," Honey I'm
28:23 going to set aside this special day just for you." And so on that
28:27 day we go out to a nice restaurant, or we, maybe we walk
28:31 along the lake side, have a romantic day together on this
28:35 day that I say honey I'm going to set it aside just for you. How do
28:39 you think it would go over if on that day,
28:43 that while we were sitting eating or walking in the park or whatever we were doing
28:47 that I just started reading the paper. Checking the scores of the besketball
28:51 games on my iphone. Reading my books. You know
28:56 and doing all sorts of other things except paying attention to her. How well do you
29:00 think that would go over with my wife? You're not very
29:04 imfatic. How well do you think that would go over? Not good in fact
29:08 you're in here aren't you? How well would that go with you? Not
29:12 well at all. Because what would it be saying? I
29:16 would be saying these other things are more important
29:20 to me than my relationship with you.
29:24 God gives us His Sabbath as a relation
29:28 blessing. Infact to put it in
29:32 perspective try to understand well, why would the Devul
29:36 through the spirit of antichrist, why would he want to do away this that
29:40 special time? Well let me ask you a question.
29:44 What is the easiest way to destroy a relationship between
29:48 two people? Now you know
29:52 sometimes people would say just throw another woman into the picture.
29:56 Well that's not the easiest way. That certainly wouldn't help
30:00 but it's not the easiest way. The simplest way is simply
30:04 take away the time they spend together.
30:08 They don't have to get into a big argument. They don't have to necessarily
30:12 commit adultry and find someone else. if you take away
30:16 the time they spend together, that relationship will
30:20 eventually ditierriorate.That is exactly
30:24 what the devil has done with the blessings of the seventh day Sabbath
30:28 in the beginning. That's why he attacks it because if it means special time
30:32 to grow on our relationship with Jesus, the devil hates that and so
30:36 he wants to take away that time we have with the creator.
30:40 That's why Daniel said,"He will
30:44 think to change God's times and God's law
30:48 The Sabbath is in the heart of God's law
30:52 It deals with holy time
30:56 And it's about worship. All three are mentioned
31:00 in the message of the first angel in Revelation fourteen seven.
31:04 It's quoting the Sabbath commandment. Because God wants
31:08 to find final generations to rediscover that
31:12 blessing. Now so far to be fair.
31:16 We've preety much looked up old testiment texts.
31:20 Sometimes we have the understanding well wasn't the Sabbath done away with?
31:24 in the New Testimate? So lets go into the New Testimate and get a
31:28 claerer understanding of this. And you may wonder well what do we have to study this for?
31:32 Is this something paster Dave made up? Think about it. If
31:36 Revelation fourteen seven quotes the fourth commandment. Quotes
31:40 it! That means Revelation wants me to understand it.
31:44 And if Revelation fourteen twelve describes God
31:48 people at the end of time as keeping His commandments, isn't the Sabbath
31:52 part of that? It doesn't just eight or just nine
31:56 or just pick out the ones we like. It means God's end time people
32:01 will love him enough to honor His commandments. Not as a way to get
32:04 saved. But because they're already saved and they're
32:08 thankful for what Jesus has done for them. So
32:12 now let's go into the new testament because who is the best example
32:17 we can look at? What do you think? Jesus. Let's go to
32:21 Luke chapter four and verse sixteen.
32:25 Luke chapter four verse sixteen and let's just look at the
32:29 example of Jesus here. Now a few years ago
32:33 I don't remember how many years ago. They had this fad going on where you
32:37 you know you wore bracelets or something that said WWJD. Remember what that
32:41 stood for? Yeah what would Jesus do? Now granted that
32:45 was a fad, but it's a pretty good principal don't you think? It's an eternal
32:49 principal. So let's look at Jesus example. Did he consider
32:53 the Sabbath important? Luke chapter four
32:57 and let's read verse sixteen.
33:01 The Bible says,"So he
33:05 came to Nazareth, Where He had been brought up.
33:09 And as his," What's that word? ," custom was,
33:13 He went into the synagoue on the Sabbath day and stood
33:17 up to read." Now let's put a little pause there.
33:21 Notice it said that Jesus custom was, now that
33:25 word custom, what does that mean? Yeah
33:29 is a custom something you do every once in a while?
33:33 That means that's your regular habit. you do it one a regular basis.
33:37 For example. I'm going to guess that probably you have
33:41 a custom that you do every morning. What is something that you do
33:45 on a regular basis every single morning? Just yell it out
33:49 Eat breakfast or brush your teeth right? At least I hop e
33:53 so. Your co-workers would greatly appreciate that. You don't do it
33:57 every once in a while. You do it regularly, daily.
34:01 So the scriptures described Jesus that He had to come
34:02 So the scriptures described Jesus that He had the custom
34:05 of honoring the Sabbath day. That He
34:09 used it as an opportunity to be worshiping in the synagogue
34:13 as an example to us. And actually is you keep reading in verse eighteen
34:17 He used Sabbath as an opportunity to
34:21 proclaim the gospel and that He was the Messiah
34:25 the Son of God. So see Jesus gave that
34:29 as an example. Not because He was a Jew. Because we already
34:34 read in Genesis that the Sabbath was given to all man kind
34:38 long before there was ever a Jew on the face of the earth. It's
34:42 a blessing to all. So the next question is
34:46 did Jesus say anything else about the Sabbath? Now I
34:50 don't have this text in the screen but we're doing really good on time tonight.
34:54 I don't kow if that's because I'm talking to fast? Or what? Or if the Holy Spirit is just opening the door
34:58 so I'm going to add a text. How any people give me permission to add a text?
35:02 Alright, I want you to go to Matthew twenty-four
35:06 verse twenty. Jesus says,"
35:10 And pray that your flight may not be in the
35:14 winter." Why do you think Jesus said I hope it's not in the winter?
35:18 Well if you're running away from Jerusalem because your city is being destroyed.
35:22 Winter is going to be a pretty hard time to survive. But then He goes on
35:26 to say,"Pray that your flight may not be in winter
35:30 or when? On the Sabbath day.
35:34 Because obviously you're not going to be remembering God as your creator
35:38 when you're running for your life.
35:42 And so here Jesus is looking
35:46 fourty years into the future because he was crucified around 3100 A.D.
35:50 He is looking fourty years into the future expecting
35:54 that His people are still honoring the blessings of the Sabbath.
35:58 If He intended for that to be obsolete after the cross He would never have made
36:02 such a statement. You say, well pastor Dave that
36:06 makes a lot of sense but then if the Sabbath is meant for all men
36:10 for all time, shouldn't we find records of it? In the
36:14 early New testament church? And the answer is you're absolutely right.
36:18 Let's go to the book of Acts because what we discover
36:22 is the Sabbath is all over the book of acts.
36:26 We just tend not to see it. Let's turn to the book of Acts. We're just
36:30 going to look a few things up here. You want to go to Acts
36:34 chapter thirteen, and I want to read a few verses together. What book
36:38 are we going to? And What chapter? Thirteen.
36:42 Acts chapter thirteen and verse fourteen.
36:46 This is describing Paul and
36:50 Barnabas in the city of Antiach. The Bible says,"
36:54 But when
36:58 they departed from Perga, they came to Antiach
37:02 in Pasidia. And went into the synagogue," on what day?
37:06 "Sabbath day an sat down to read. And after
37:10 the reading of the law and the prophets, the rulers of the synagogue sent
37:14 to them saying,"Men and brotheren, if you have any word
37:18 of exoration for rhe people say on." Now you know
37:22 that's using old english there. But when they say listen if you have any word of exoration
37:26 say on what are they really saying? You want me to put it in
37:30 modern vernacular? They're saying preach it brother. You know Paul
37:34 and Barnabas are using the Sabbath. Keeping it
37:38 holy as the commandment said, as they saw their Savior do
37:42 as they're using it as an opportunity to teach people
37:46 about Jesus. I mean think about that. They're resting
37:50 physically in the Sabbath from secular labors, and using it to teach people
37:54 how to put their faith in Jesus. How to
37:58 rest in Him spiritually. And they don't just do this
38:02 with Jews. I want you to notice. Let's go to verse fourty-two
38:06 We're going to skip ahead here in the chapter, and we're still in antiach, but notice when it says
38:10 in verse fourty-two. The bible says,"
38:14 So when the Jews went out of the synagogue," who came next?
38:18 The Gentiles begged that these words might be preached
38:22 to them the next Sabbath. Now when the congregation had broke
38:26 up, many of the Jews and devout prosilites, That means
38:30 the converts, followed Paul and Barnabas. Who's speaking
38:34 to them. perswaded them to continue in the grace of God.
38:38 And then verse fourty-four says. On the next Sabbath
38:42 almost the whole city came together to
38:46 hear the Word of God.
38:51 You say now why is thatt signifigant? Notice. They're not just
38:55 doing this when they're in a Jewish town or city. Because it says
38:59 now the Gentiles came next. So regardless of whether they were
39:03 in a jewish city, a Gentile city, a Pagan city it didn't make any difference.
39:07 Here are new testament christians honoring the Sabbath
39:11 living in the grace of God, preaching about
39:15 Jesus. And the thing I love about verse fourty-four
39:19 it says on the next Sabbath how much of the city came together? The whole city
39:23 Now that would excite me. Can you say amen? Boy what would it be like if the whole
39:27 city of Nixa came together to hear the Word of God.
39:31 Or Springfield, or St. Louis where I live. That would be an absolute
39:35 miracle and I believe some day the holy spirit is going to do that.
39:39 Can you say amen? Now here this is just one example
39:43 We don't have time to go to all the references about Sabbath in the book at Acts.
39:47 But we are going to cover two or three. Since you're already there
39:51 it wont take you long to turn to chapter eighteen. Let's go to chapter
39:55 eighteen and verse four. Acts
39:59 chapter eighteen and verse four. It's actually only
40:03 one sentence long. The Bible says, and this is describing Paul
40:07 in the city of Corinth. By the way was Corinth a Jewish city?
40:11 No. This was about as pagan of city as you can get.
40:15 Even when they raised up the christian churches in Corinth how many letters did Paul right?
40:19 to Corinth? Two. Because we have two books in the new testament
40:23 called what? First and second Corinthians. Now are they short
40:27 books or long book? They're long books cause the Corinthian church
40:31 had some serious problems. So Paul is working
40:35 in a pagan city and even when they became christians you know it still took
40:39 some time for them to let go of the old, and embrace the new.
40:43 but notice what Paul write. Acts eighteen four.
40:47 It says,"And he reasoned in the synagogue," When?
40:51 "Every Sabbath." Perswading who?
40:55 "Both Jews and Greeks." I mean Paul is bold.
40:59 He's doing this in a pagan city. And the new testament says he's
41:03 spent eighteen months in corith. And Acts tell us every
41:07 Sabbath He was honoring that day, worshiping the creator,
41:11 using it as a chance to teach people about Jesus. See whe
41:15 He physically rested of the Sabbath, he was teaching peole
41:19 how to rest their faith Jesus as their savior.
41:23 In fact since we're already there, let's go to Acts
41:27 sixteen thirteen. Because even when they didn't have a building to go
41:31 to. I want you to notice what happens. Acts sixteen thirteen. Just
41:35 go a couple chapters back. And this is going to describe
41:39 Paul and Silas when they were in
41:43 Phillipi. Acts sixteen thirteen
41:47 It says," And on," what day?
41:51 Sabbath day," We went out of the city to the river side where
41:55 prayer was customarily made. And we sat down and spoke
41:59 to the women who met there. So even in Phillipi
42:03 When aparetly maybe they didn't have a big group there, they didn't have a building to go to
42:07 even on Sabbath. No synagogue there aparently.
42:11 They went out to the river side. Used that holy time for
42:15 prayer and communion with they're creator and with Jesus
42:19 Christ, their savior. So you find it all
42:23 throughout the book of Acts. If I'm really willing to look at it
42:27 with an open and a surrendered heart.
42:31 But there is another verse in the Bible and I'd like to take you to
42:35 it. Now this one I got printed out on the screen. It's in Hebrews
42:40 chapter four. This is sometimes a miss understood verse. But it's
42:44 very important. In Hebrews four four
42:48 Paul wrote this. The bible says,"
42:52 For He has spoken in a certain place
42:56 of what? "The Seventh day in this way. And
43:00 God rested on the seventh day from all His works."
43:04 Ok right here Paul is quoting from Genesis. That comes from
43:08 Genesis chapter two. And so Paul brings up this seventh
43:12 day, the seventh day Sabbath. Them as he continues to right
43:16 at the end of the passage. Notice what he writes in verse nine and
43:20 ten. The Bible goes on to say,"
43:24 There remains therefore a," What? "A rest for the
43:28 people of God." And by the way in the Greek it actually says
43:32 Sabbath rest. For he who has entered
43:36 His rest," That's meaning God's rest. "Has himself also
43:40 ceased from His works as God did from His."
43:44 You say well what's that saying? Paul is
43:48 comparing the physical rest of the Sabbath
43:52 with spiritually resting in Jesus. He's not
43:56 saying the Sabbath isn't important. That would contradict the rest of scripture.
44:00 What Paul is telling me, is when I physically
44:04 rest from my secular labors on Sabbath
44:08 that is a sign that says I spiritually
44:12 rest my faith in Jesus. It's a symbol
44:16 that I have stopped trying to earn salvation by my
44:20 works. I"m resting my faith in the completed
44:24 work of Jesus on the cross
44:28 resting on the Sabbath ponts me to the cross.
44:32 It points me to the spiritual rest in Jesus which makes the Sabbath
44:36 one of the most important symbols of grace that you fond
44:40 in the new testament. Tha'ts why the devil hates it.
44:44 Let me ask you a question. If I were to
44:48 say to you. WHo created the heavens and the earth?
44:52 What would the traditional answer be?
44:56 Meaning who? God the Father most would say.
45:00 Do you realize that the Bible teaches Jesus Chist
45:04 is as much the creator of this earth. Notice what it syas
45:08 in Collossians one fifteen. Now the print there is a little bit small.
45:12 But Paul wrote,"For by Him," He's speaking of Jesus, "
45:16 For by Him all this were created that are in
45:20 heaven and that are on the earth. All things were created
45:24 through Him and for Him. Now catch that.
45:28 All things were created through who? Jesus Christ.
45:32 So that, and actually the whole God head was involved in creation when you
45:36 think about it, you know God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Genesis talks
45:40 about. So really if the Sabbath is a memorial
45:44 of creation. That means the Sabbath is pointing
45:48 to Jesus as my creator. And when I rest of the Sabbath
45:52 it's pointing me to Jesus as my Savior.
45:56 So see thus far. The Bible teaches us at least four
46:01 things about that special time. One the sabbath is
46:04 about spending time with Jesus. It's about developing
46:09 the personal relationship him, and it's about honoring
46:13 Him as creator and resting in Him as our
46:17 savior. Can you say amen? Is it any wonder
46:21 that the devil would like to obliterate that day, that
46:25 special time? Remember. That's why Daniel said
46:29 he shall think to change God's
46:33 times and God's Law. The Sabbath
46:37 is in the heart of God's law. It's about holy time
46:41 And it's about worship. All
46:45 three are mentioned in the book of Revelation.
46:49 In fact as you study this through. Cause Revelation basically forces to study
46:53 this. We can't over look it. When I study it and I see that
46:57 there are over a hundred verses in the bible about the seventh day Sabbath
47:01 And then I see there's not one verse that says that Sabbath
47:05 was changed. To Sunday or any other day
47:09 Then it makes me ask a question. And it's probably a question that has
47:13 gone through all over out minds at some point. You may be asking right now
47:17 Well I mean I can see what the bible says. Pastor it's
47:21 I mean, It's so clear. How could I miss this?
47:25 And you may be wondering
47:29 if the Bible mentions the Sabbath over and over
47:33 How did we get to a point where the seventh-day Sabbath has
47:37 been totally lost sight of? That's
47:41 what we're going to talk about tomorrow night in part two.
47:45 In fact tomorrow we're going to go through history an find out
47:49 how in the world did we lose sight of the Sabbath. How in the world did
47:53 it quote "Get changed?'' And to be fair. Because you got to be fair
47:57 When youre studying something. We've looked up all the Sabbath text. So if we want to be
48:01 fair, and do an honest Bible study, what do we have to do?
48:05 We're going to look up all the texts the mention the first day of the week
48:09 tomorrow night. Because we got to be fair and honest. Where I'm going to look up
48:13 every text in the new testament that mentions the first day of the weel.
48:17 So if there is ever a change in the first day of the week we should find it in one of
48:21 those texts. Now incase you're thinking well we'll be here all night if we're going to look up
48:25 all of them. No there's only eight texts in the new testaments that mentions the first
48:29 day of the week. We're going to look them all up. But because I know you're
48:33 curious I wont leave you hanging. I will give you a five minute summary
48:37 of hoe the Sabbath was lost sight of. Then we'll go into more
48:41 detail tomorrow night. Here's basically how it
48:45 happened throughout history. I'm going to spring board from something Paul
48:49 wrote. In second Thessalonians two, three
48:53 Paul made this statement. He said,
48:57 "Let no one deceive you by and means;
49:01 for that Day," now he's speaking of the second coming. "For that day
49:05 will not come unless," What happens first?
49:09 "The falling away comes frist. And the man of sin
49:13 is revealed the son of perdition." See Paul knew
49:17 that after the death of the appostiles, he knew that false teaching
49:21 would come into the church. Because even while they were alive they had to battle against it
49:25 didn't they? That's why you have these appistles in the new testament
49:29 many of them are battling against false teaching. And so Paul said before
49:34 Jesus comes back to this earth, the church is going to fall
49:38 away from truth. And one night we're going to see how that
49:42 happened, little by little through the middle ages. And unfortunately
49:46 that's what happened with the Sabbath. Christianity
49:50 started to fall away from the pure word of
49:54 God. And it basically happened like this.
49:58 In those early first centuries. And remeber this is the short version of it.
50:02 In the early first century who was it that dominated
50:06 the earth what world power? Rome did
50:10 did Rome like the Jewish nation? They did not they hated Jews
50:14 The problem was, they view Christianity as
50:18 as a sect of Judaism because on of the things they in common
50:23 was the seventh day sabbath so they're persecuting christian now
50:27 Christianity was illegal in Rome some Christian tough you know
50:31 we need to differentiate ourselves from the Jewish nation
50:35 as they kinda got to think about and though you know what about
50:40 Sunday Jesus resurrected on a Sunday what if we simply
50:44 started making that the holly day and we would be different from the Jews plus
50:48 we are trying all these pagans to Christ and the pagans
50:52 worship sun god and guess what day they do that
50:56 that why it is called Sunday and they though you know if we
51:01 Sunday the holy day then pagans won't really have to change anything
51:04 except instead of worshiping the sun god they could worship
51:08 the Son of God and so over the
51:12 centuries this didn't happen in a day, over the centuries
51:17 little by little more emphasis was placed on Sunday
51:21 less emphasis was placed on the true Seventh Day
51:25 Sabbath of the Bible what eventual gave momentum to it
51:29 was this ever hear of a guy named Constantine
51:33 he was an Roman emperor Constantine in 313
51:37 covered to Christianity so called
51:41 and Christianity went from an illegal religion
51:45 to being accepted and when that happen
51:49 shortly there after Constantien issue one of the
51:53 first sunday law there he said this
52:05 Now when the emperor said that how many people
52:09 Do supposed listen well the majority if want to keep your life
52:13 and so it started to spread even more as centuries
52:17 went by eventual a religious system came out of Rome kown as
52:21 Papal Rome and then what eventual happen when church
52:25 state united Papal Rome include it in the catechism
52:29 now I'm reading this to be negative on any particular on faith group
52:33 I don't believe that God is honored when we do that this simply to show the facts of
52:37 history and it happen in the convert's catechism
52:41 you ever grew up Catholic you when to catechism it says this
52:57 and that happen in the council of laodicea
53:01 336 AD and see what happen
53:05 issince had the power of church and state for thousand
53:09 years and really read there bibles because it was forbidden
53:13 it was spread all though the world
53:17 then I realized that really Sunday
53:21 simply comes from man's law beign placed above God's Law
53:25 Man's authority above God's
53:30 authority and I have to ask myself what do
53:34 I consider to the most authority is the word of
53:38 of God or is it tradition of men
53:42 that is serious for question us to ask when we study any teaching
53:46 in the Bible so here what I'm going to evite you do
53:50 believe me I recognize that if you are hearing this for the first time at first
53:55 it can be a little describing my wife experienced this a number of
53:59 years ago when she first learned about the Sabbath and her first question was
54:03 it's so clear in the Bible how did I miss this
54:07 I mean your welcome to ask her afterwards if you like so she decided you know what
54:11 I'm not preacher word for it, I'm going home and I'm studying
54:15 the Bible and she did hers is what I want to invite you to do
54:19 don't take my word for it don't ever take my word it I you
54:23 go home and I want you to study these verse's in the Bible in fact
54:27 I want to give fun assignment even though it is serious subject can I you fun
54:31 assignment Yes or no here is fun assignment I what to go
54:35 all you have to do is find one verse entire bible
54:39 that the sabbath is not important and it was change to Sunday from
54:43 Genesis to Revelation one verse that says the Sabbath was changed
54:47 to Sunday that is all you have to do in fact you may want to get some friend to help you
54:51 maybe some family members just you know kinda make a little game even thought it a
54:55 serious thing but as you do I'm just let you know from experience
54:59 I guarantee you, you are going to be told one of five things I'm just already go
55:03 ahead and tell what it is. Number one
55:07 :someone is going says the Sabbath is just for the Jews but already
55:11 in Genesis got God gave from the beginning of time Number
55:15 two: someone well the well law done away with it was nailed to the cross
55:19 and we already learned that it was Moses law of ceremonies
55:23 you know sacrificing lambs and goats Number three: well you can keep any day
55:27 as the Sabbath, well I would agree with except one thing
55:31 God said the seventh day is the Sabbath and He didn't give me the right
55:35 to change his word. Four: We keep Sunday in honor of the
55:39 resurrection well that is nice idea, but the bible doesn't us to do that.
55:43 that what easter for, or Number five: Don't go back those meetings
55:47 I mean I have had that people who in the
55:51 word of God but do you know what test
55:55 is for us when come to something in the word God that
55:59 goes against what I previously though sometimes
56:03 it is hard for me to surrender to the word of God and I'm tempted
56:07 Lord that's not convenient for me Lord that's different from I
56:11 what I to hear and I don't hear anymore
56:15 see we should always no matter the subject is help me to fully
56:19 surrender to your word or someone may say to you Oh don't
56:23 go back to those meeting he doesn't preach what is popular will I confess
56:27 I don't preach what is popular, I made a comment
56:31 ever since I became a minister that I would only preach what the word God
56:35 said if that makes me popular fine, if doesn't
56:39 I can live with because the one I want to be popular is Jesus
56:43 not man and so really folks
56:47 here is the issue her is the question for us to ask in our life
56:52 do I value may relationship with Jesus would I like to
56:56 experience the gift of that Sabbath
57:00 man might say don't worry about it but Jesus says
57:03 If you love me, keep
57:07 My commandments see I have two choices
57:11 I can say thank you Lord thank that you love me
57:15 so much give me special time to know you I accept you gift
57:19 help me to find a blessing it
57:23 and surrender my heart to you or I can say
57:27 Lord it's too different Lord I'm
57:32 too busy it's just too inconvenient
57:36 and I can turn my face the other way
57:40 my prayer which is the hard part for all of us my prayer
57:44 is when it comes to the word of God that we always pray even when
57:48 it is tough Lord I need your Help, Lord
57:52 you show Your truth and whatever that my be
57:56 help me surrender with all my heart my soul
58:00 and with all my might


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