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00:07 A young Russian Czara
00:11 was taking a walk in the royal garden one day
00:15 And as he was walking around in the royal gardens he was admiring all
00:19 the flowers and all the shrubbery that was there.
00:23 But eventually he looked beyond the wall into a vacant field that
00:27 was far in the distance. And he noticed there was a lone
00:31 soldier standing there, all by himself. He
00:35 appeared to be guarding something. Well the Russian Czara was
00:39 curious so he walked out to the empty field and he asked the
00:43 soldier what he was doing. The soldier looked at the Russian Czara and he said,
00:47 "I'm just guarding this spot, sir."
00:51 And the Russian Czara said, "What do you mean? There's nothing
00:55 here to guard, you're in an empty field. What are you doing here?"
01:00 "I'm just guarding this spot, sir." "But there's
01:04 nothing here to guard! Why are you doing this?" "I'm
01:08 just following orders, sir." So the Russian Czara went
01:12 and foudn the commanding officer and he said, "Did you send that
01:16 soldier out there?" "Yes, sir. I did." "Well what's he suppose to be doing?"
01:20 "He's guarding that spot, sir!"
01:24 And the Czara said, "I know that! That's what he told me, but there is nothing there!"
01:28 -It's an empty field what's he suppose to be guarding?"
01:32 "I don't know, sir. I'm just following orders."
01:36 Well the Russian Czara is going crazy, trying to figure out why in
01:40 an intellegent empire such as his is sending a soldier out to
01:44 an empty field to guard absolutely nothing.
01:48 Adn so the Czara decided to research this in the royal archive.
01:52 And what he discovered..shocked him.
01:56 Indeed there was a decreet or an order to send a soldier
02:00 out to this empty field. And it went all the way back
02:04 hundreds of years to the time of Cathrine the great.
02:08 See at the time of Cathrine the great, she had a beautiful
02:12 rose garden that she opened up tot he subjects of her kingdom.
02:16 And in that rose garden, which was in that vacant field
02:20 she had a very rare and special rose.
02:24 bush. And she had positioned a soldier to stand guard
02:28 over that rose bush to make sure that nobody destroyed it.
02:32 But long after Cathrine the great died and centuries
02:36 had passed, no one ever bothered to change the order and so
02:40 for years after, a soldier was sent out to guard that
02:44 spot, even though nothing was there.
02:48 That is a true story. Now we tend to
02:52 chuckle at something like that, saying, "How could someone do such a thing?"
02:56 But the truth is, you and I are endanger of doing
03:00 the same thing even in our spiritual lives. Because
03:04 so often we are so content to follow something that someone said
03:08 simply because its a tradition, its been handed down
03:12 for generations, but we never bothered to check where
03:16 it comes from or if it is even founded in the
03:20 word of God. In this seminar
03:24 I have made a promise that this would be a Bible Base Seminar
03:28 That we would only follow the Bible and the Bible alone. I hope that
03:32 you feel that promise has been kept. As last night
03:36 as we started to take a look at what the Bible teaches of the Seventh day
03:40 Sabbath. This special time that helps
03:44 us to remember God is the creator. Time set aside
03:48 to specifically grow in our relationship with Jesus
03:52 Christ. So tonight lets just take a few minutes and
03:56 review some of the verses we looked at last night before
04:00 we move into part 2
04:04 So I'm going to put it in high gear now, so we really need to focus and pay attention.
04:08 It began in Revelation 14:6
04:12 The Bible said, "Then I saw another angel
04:16 flying in the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting
04:20 gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth. To every
04:24 nation and tribe and tongue and people
04:28 Saying with a loud vice, Fear God and give glory to him."
04:32 For the hour of his judgement has come.
04:36 And worship him who made the heavens and the earth
04:40 and the sea and the springs of water.
04:44 And we noticed that here in Revelation in this first
04:48 angel's message that is suppose to go to every living person on the
04:52 face of the earth. It specifically quotes the
04:56 fourth commandment about the Sabbath.
05:00 Its directing us to go back to creation and remember
05:04 he who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of
05:08 water. And so we spring boarded back to Genesis
05:12 where we read this. Gensis 2:1.
05:16 The Bible says, "Thus the heavens and the earth
05:20 and all the host of them were finished and on the seventh day
05:24 God ended his work which he had done.
05:28 And he rested on the seventh day from all
05:32 his work which he had done. Then God blessed the seventh day
05:36 and sanctified it. Because in it he
05:40 rested from all his work which God had created
05:44 and made. And we noticed that all the way back in the beginning of time
05:48 the week of creation, God sets aside this
05:52 seventh day and he specifically says its blessed
05:56 and its sanctified that he would set it apart
06:00 for special use to where Adam and Eve and all of
06:04 creation could set their work aside and grow
06:08 in their relationship with their creator. It's about knowing
06:12 God in a personal way
06:16 And one of the things we noticed is this was long before there was ever a Jewish nation on the face of
06:20 earth. Long before there were different nartionalites, long before there
06:24 different denominations and we realized God meant
06:28 the Sabbath to be a blessing to all man kind for
06:32 all of time! And he considered it so important
06:36 that he included it in his ten commandment holy law
06:40 so then we jumped to Exodus 20:8
06:44 The Bible says, "Remember the Sabbath Day
06:48 to keep it holy. Six days you labor and do all thy work.
06:52 but the seventh day is the
06:56 sabbath of the lord your God. In it you shall do no
07:00 work. For in six days the Lord made the
07:04 heavens and the earth and the sea and all
07:08 that is in them and rested the seventh day, therefor
07:12 the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and he hallowed it.
07:16 Now notice God repeated himself. It says he blessed
07:20 and made holy this special day.
07:24 And one of the things we noticed, is what word this commandment
07:28 begin with. Remember, what did most of the other commandments begin with?
07:32 Thou shall not. Is it interesting
07:36 that the very commandment that begins with the word
07:40 forever is the one that most of
07:44 the world has forgotten.
07:48 It's the one that even most of the religious world says, "isn't important anymore."
07:52 The other nine are o.k., but not the one about
07:56 the Sabbath. Is it by coincidence that God
08:00 said remember?And something
08:04 that really caught our attention last night is when we
08:08 read Revelation 14:7, you can see that it is a direct quote
08:12 of that fourth commandment, that God is pointing His people
08:16 in the end of time back to rediscovering the
08:20 blessings of the Sabbath that has been lost sight of.
08:24 Well we didn't want to stop in the Old Testament last night, so we journeyed
08:29 in to the New Testament and we looked at the example of Jesus.
08:33 In Luke 4:16 the bible said, "so He came
08:37 to Nazzareth where He had been brought up, and as His
08:41 custom was He went in to the synagogue
08:45 on the Sabbath day and He stood up to read."
08:49 Now remember we mentioned if it's your custom how often to you do it?
08:53 On a regular basis. It was Jesus'
08:57 regular habit to be honoring the Sabbath day because He knew
09:01 it honored His Father as the Creator.
09:05 And we thought well if Jesus didn't do away with the Sabbath, then we
09:09 should be able to find it in the early New Testament church. And we
09:13 took a journey into Acts and one of the verses we looked at
09:17 was Acts 13:42 where the bible said,
09:21 "The Gentiles begged that these words might be preached to them
09:25 them next Sabbath. And on the next
09:29 Sabbath almost the whole city came
09:33 together to hear the word of God." So here you have
09:37 New Testament Christians honoring the Sabbath, using
09:41 it as an opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus
09:45 to other people, can you say amen? And so after
09:49 looking up all these verses we started to ask the question last
09:53 night, and we wondered, if the bible is so clear about
09:57 the Sabbath, where in the world and
10:01 how did we lose site of it through the centuries?
10:05 And this is where we came to a dynamic prophecy in
10:09 Daniel chapter 7 that we've read quite a few times now.
10:13 Daniel 7 describes the work of Antichrist in thi
10:17 world and Daniel speaks these words. The bible
10:21 says, "and he shall speak great words
10:25 against the Most High, shall persecute
10:29 the saints of the Most High and shall think to change
10:33 times and laws." In other
10:37 words the spiriti of Antichrist will be working even in
10:41 the last days to do away with God's times and God's
10:45 laws. Cause he works against the Most High. And we've already
10:49 seen how Antichrist has been working to the point where this
10:53 world has rejected God's ten commandments and said it's
10:57 archaich, it's irrelevant, we don't need it anymore.
11:01 But what about God's times? Isn't it
11:05 interesting that the Sabbath is found in the heart
11:09 of God's law. It's God's special time,
11:13 that is meant to honor Him as the creator
11:17 and it's about worship.
11:21 And the devil would like nothing more than to cover up
11:25 the symbol that points to God as our
11:29 creator. That's what we studied last
11:33 night and we just did it in about ten minutes. We're not going to go that fast again.
11:37 Now we are going to shift into slow gear. And if
11:41 you're a member I gave you a loving challenge last night
11:45 that you were to go home and do what? Do you remember?
11:49 Search the scriptures for yourself and find one
11:53 verse anywhere from Genesis to Revelation
11:57 that says the Sabbath is done away with and changed to the first day of the
12:01 week. And if you decided to do that you probably discovered
12:05 that verse does not exist. But for
12:09 those who didn't get a chance to do it what we are going to do tonight, we're going to
12:13 look up every single verse in the New Testament that
12:17 mentions the first day of the week. Now there is only eight of
12:21 them. How many did I say? Eight. You say now why are we doing this?
12:25 Because we gotta be fair. When you study a subject in the bible,
12:29 it's not right to just study one side of the subject
12:33 and ignore the other. You got to look at both sides put all
12:37 of the versed of the bible together and then the Holy Spirit will
12:41 lead us into truth. So if the Sabbath was
12:45 ever changed to the first day of the week we should be able to find
12:49 it in one of those eight texts. If it's not in one of
12:53 those eight texts, that means it's not in the bible.
12:57 So let's go ahead and begin this journey, so you might as well get out your
13:01 bibles because I'm gonna have you look up each one with me.
13:05 Because it's not important what I say.
13:09 It's not important what Pastor Mark says. It's not even important what a church says.
13:13 What's most important is what does the word of God say.
13:17 That's where we're gonna go tonight. So let's go to the
13:21 first text, which is in Matthew Chapter
13:25 28 and verse 1.
13:29 Now many of these have to do with both the crucifixion and
13:33 and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28: 1
13:37 and many of these verses will also be in your handout when you leave.
13:45 love to see people take notes. In a seminar, many times
13:49 the people who take notes tend sit in the front and I can see
13:53 them better and they got their blank pieces of paper and they're just writing down
13:57 everything. I love to see that! Because it tells me'
14:01 this is a mind that is open to God's word and is
14:05 searching for truth and for life. Matthew
14:09 28:1. The Bible
14:13 says, "Now after the Sabbath
14:17 as the first day of the week began to dawn
14:21 Mary Magdaline and the other Mary came to see
14:25 the tomb." Now in the first text it mentions the first day of
14:29 the week in the New Testimate.
14:33 Is there anything in that verse that say God's special
14:37 Sabbath was changed to the first day of the week. Is there anything inthat verse?
14:41 Nothing. In fact, it actually gives us a clue as to which day
14:45 is the Sabbath! We don't even need the calender for that. Notice, it says
14:49 "After the Sabbath," What day came next?
14:53 The first day of the week! When Jesus rose! So the
14:57 Sabbath is the day before the first day of the week!
15:01 The day before the resurrection. We would call it
15:05 what? Saturday! Because everyone knows
15:09 Easter, Jesus rose on a Sunday! Well that's the first
15:13 one. There's nothing there so let's go to the second text.
15:17 This one is in Mark 16: and
15:21 verse 1. In fact, we're gonna have to go to all four so
15:25 gospels. Mark 16
15:29 :and we're going to go to verse 1. Mark 16
15:33 :and verse 1, the Bible says
15:37 "Now when the Sabbath was," What?
15:41 "Passed, Mary Magdaline and Mary the mother of
15:45 James and Solomee, bought spices.
15:49 That they might come and anoint him. Very early in the morning
15:57 on the first day of the week, they came to the
16:01 tomb when the sun had risen." Now,
16:05 in that reference did it say anything in there about
16:09 the Sabbath being changed to the first day of the week, yes or no? -No.
16:13 Nothing! Did it say anything about honoring Sunday because the resurrection
16:17 in that verse. Nothing! Again it says that
16:21 after the Sabbath was passed, then came the
16:25 first day of the week. So the Sabbath was the day before
16:29 Sunday, that's what we would call Saturday.
16:33 So far, we've looked up two texts, honestly. We haven't found anything
16:37 yet. But don't lose heart, there's six more texts to go to.
16:41 So let's go to the third one. Which is actually in the same chapter
16:45 just go to verse 9. Mark chapter
16:49 16 and verse 9. The Bible says,
16:53 "Now when he rose early on the
16:57 first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdaline
17:01 out of whom he he had cast seven demons.
17:05 Now does it say anything in there about a change in the sabbath?
17:10 Nothing! However I cant help but notice,
17:14 Mary Magdaline seems to be quite involved in the resurrection in these
17:18 verses, doesn't she? Because, you see, Mary Magdaline understood
17:22 what it meant to be changed. I mean, Mary Magdaline
17:26 life was basically in the gutter. I mean, she
17:30 was seperated from God, she was on a path where she
17:34 was making wrong choices, the pharisees wanted nothing to do
17:38 with her. They considered her to be a lost and a condemned
17:42 soul. But Jesus Christ spent time with
17:46 Mary Magdaline. Because Jesus Christ ministered to those
17:50 that other people considered to be worthless.
17:54 And you know the love and the mercy and the acceptance that she
17:58 experienced from Jesus, changed her life. Can you say amen?
18:02 You see, people don't change until
18:06 they know that we love them. That's a good lessons for famalies
18:10 that's a good lesson for churches. And you notice Mary Magdaline
18:14 is one of the first ones who was at that tomb.
18:18 And she's one of the first ones, actually the first one, besides the
18:22 angels who proclaimed a living savior, can you say amen?
18:26 Alright, let's go the the fourth text, on the first day
18:30 of the week, that would be in Luke chapter
18:34 23: and we're actually going to start in vers 52.
18:38 Luke, chapter 23: 52
18:42 Now, I'm purposely looking up these texts
18:46 even though many of them say the same thing! Because I want
18:50 us to feel like we have done a thurl study of the Bible
18:54 on this subject, because let's be honest. Popular theology
18:58 says Sabbath is an important. But I don't wanna go
19:02 with popular theology, I want to go with God's theology.
19:06 Can you say amen? So I'm purposely going through these texts.
19:10 Luke 23:52...
19:14 Now this is describing when Joseph, of Aremethia
19:18 asked if he could take down the body of Jesus from the cross
19:22 on Friday afternoon when Jesus was crucified. So let's take a look
19:26 In verse 52, the Bible says,
19:30 "And this man went to Pilot
19:34 and asked for the body of Jesus.
19:38 Then he took it down, wrapped it in linen, and
19:42 laid it in a tomb that was hued out of the rock
19:46 where no one had ever laid before.
19:50 That day, speaking of the day he was crucified and put in the tomb, "That day
19:54 was the preparation." Now the words, 'The preparation day
19:55 was the preparation." Now the words,"The preparation day
19:58 and the Sabbath drew near. And the woman who
20:02 had come with him to Galalee followed after and they observed
20:06 the tomb and how his body was laid.
20:10 Then they returned and prepared spices and frequent oils
20:14 and they rested on the Sabbath according to the
20:18 commandment." And then verse 1, "Now on the
20:22 first day of the week, early in the morning,
20:26 they and certain other woman with them came to the tomb
20:30 bringing the spices which they had prepared."
20:34 That was quite a few verses, but it's actually quite important.
20:38 It actually gives us the order of events and the order of days here!
20:42 It says, the preparation day, which was always Friday, that's when you prepared for the
20:46 Sabbath. That's when Jesus wascrucified on the cross, that's
20:50 when Joseph asked to take the body of Jesus down and to
20:54 put it in the tomb. It says the next day was
20:58 the Sabbath when they rested according to the commandment
21:02 And then after Sabbath was over, came the first day of
21:06 the week, Sunday. When he resurrected. See, really
21:10 the ladies were going down to that tomb, not because they expected to see
21:14 him resurrected, they were going down to the tomb because they
21:18 didn't have enough time before the Sabbath to buy these spices
21:22 and ointments. They were going to finish anointing him for burial.
21:26 But whent hey got there, they foudn it wasn't necessary
21:30 can you say amen? Because Jesus was risen.
21:34 And its hard to notice, and I don't know if it says much for my
21:38 gender, but it seems like all the people that are down there, and the good news
21:42 is the women! And they had to go back to the men and alter on we're going to
21:46 find out the men didn't believe them to begin with! So I don't know
21:50 I guess there's a lesson even in the resurrection that husbands should listen to their
21:54 wives more. You ladies can say amen! Let's go t the
21:58 fifth text! It's John chapter 20
22:02 :and verse 1. John
22:06 chapter 20:1, this also describes the resurrection.
22:10 John 20:1
22:14 the Bible describes it in this way,
22:18 "On the first day of the week, Mary Magdaline went
22:23 to the tomb early while it was still dark and saw that the
22:27 stone had been taken away from the tomb.
22:31 Is there anything in there that says that the Sabbath was changed
22:35 to Sunday and God's holy law was done away with? Anything in that verse?
22:39 Nothing! Now so far we've went through five! But
22:43 now we're going to go to text number six. And this is one we
22:47 need to slow down on. Because if we
22:51 read it on the surface level, it's quite possible to understand
22:55 something. So the sixth text that we want to go to,
22:59 about the first day of the week, is John 20: same chapter
23:03 but verse 19. John chapter 20
23:07 :and verse 19. He
23:11 here the Bible says, "Then
23:15 the same day at evening, being the first
23:19 day of the week, when the doors were shut, where the deciples
23:23 were assembled for fear of the the jews
23:27 Jesus came and stood in the midst and said to them,
23:31 'Peace be with you.'" Now let's stop here for a second.
23:35 We got to be honest with scripture, what day is this happening on?
23:39 First day of the week. It does say
23:43 that they were assembled together in a place.
23:47 Now I cant act like thats not there. Thats not fair
23:51 but before I jump to conclusions, as some may do, and say "Oh!
23:55 Well see they were assembled together, they were having a formal worship
23:59 service, so that shows the Sabbath was changed and God's Holy law was done
24:03 away with. Thats really reading a lot
24:07 into that verse that it doesn't actually say.
24:11 See, we have to be careful that we don't come to the Bible
24:15 with our preconceived ideas, now thats a hard
24:19 thing to do. Thats why we need to ask the holy spirit to guide our study.
24:23 Because depending on things we've heard in our life
24:27 or have been taught, sometimes even I go to the Bible and
24:31 expecting it to say certain things and without realizing
24:35 it may be even unconsciously I make the Bible say what it actually
24:39 doesn't say. Now it doesnt say anything in here
24:43 about it being a formal worship service or that npw
24:47 one of God's commandments is changed and done away with.
24:51 In fact, when you read a little closer, the verse actually
24:55 tells you, why they were assembled together! And it had nothing
24:59 to do with worship. There's one phrase
25:03 in verse 19 that is absolutely key. It says,
25:07 "When the doors were shut where deciples
25:11 were assembled," What does the next phrase say?
25:15 "For fear of the jews!" They weren't assembling to
25:19 worship a risen savior, they didn't even believe he was risen!
25:23 At that point! Mary Magdaline and the women had come back
25:27 to try and tell them and they said, "You're crazy! You're emotional!"
25:31 You're imagining things!" Thats why Jesus had to appear
25:35 and say, "Peace be with you." because they didn't believe it
25:39 . The reason they were meeting together is because they were
25:43 shut behind closed doors, for fear of the jews.
25:47 They were scared to death! They had just seen their savior
25:51 Cruely cricified on Friday and they figured the athoriites
25:55 were going to come after them next! So they are assembling
25:59 behind closed doors, for fear of the jews!
26:03 It had nothing to do with the Sabbath being changed.
26:07 See, this is an example of why its important
26:11 to not just read the things on a surface level, I cant take one text
26:15 in the Bible and build a doctrine around it, while ignoring
26:19 many other clear texts that are in the word of God.
26:23 You have to put everything together! Does that make sense?
26:27 Can you say amen? Lets go to the seventh text.
26:31 And this is another one to slow down on just a little bit.
26:35 This says Acts chapter 20 verse
26:39 7 Acts chapter 20 verse 7
26:43 Now if you were here last night and we did a
26:47 study of the early Christian church there in the book of Acts,
26:51 do you remember how many verses we looked up that mentioned
26:55 the Sabbath over and over and over again?
26:59 now I don't exactly haw many verse it was ,but you remember there was
27:03 so many that clean the Sabbath was still an important part of
27:07 Christian walk , I mean why not in the New Testament is
27:11 God still creator, is Jesus Christ still our savior
27:15 absolutely so Sabbath time would still be
27:19 important even then, but now lets go
27:23 to Acts chapter 20 and take honest look at
27:27 what sometimes seen as a difficult passage
27:31 actual I love this passage, because there is something in it that I find
27:35 quite humors you'll see in a second Act 20 verse
27:39 7 lets read through first , I want you to
27:44 picture this in your mind, use your imagination
27:48 as this describe by Luke the author of Acts
27:52 The Bible says.
27:56 Now on the first day of the week, when the disciples
28:00 came together to break bread, Paul,
28:04 ready to depart the next day, spoke to them and
28:08 continued his message until (when?) midnight.
28:12 There were many lamps in the upper room where
28:16 they were gathered together. now there are two things I want you to remember so far
28:20 I want to remember the word midnight
28:24 and what was burning in the upper room? Lamps
28:28 midnight and lamps remember those two words
28:32 It's going to become important in just a few minutes
28:36 verse 9 And in a window sat a certain
28:40 young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep.
28:44 He was overcome by sleep; and as Paul
28:48 continued speaking, he fell down from the third story
28:52 and was taken up dead. The that to ruin a time together
28:56 Verse 10 But Paul went down,
29:00 fell on him, and embracing him said, "Do not
29:04 trouble yourselves, for his life is in him."
29:08 Now when he had come up, had broken bread and eaten, and talked a long while,
29:12 even till daybreak, he departed. Lets pause
29:16 here. If I read this on the surface
29:20 I might misunderstand, because. Lets be honest
29:24 What day is this happen on? first of the week
29:28 The disciples or together and what's Paul doing?
29:32 he preaching a message so on the surface
29:36 I kinda see were a person might look at this and assume
29:40 with out further study, I guess they just
29:44 they start Sunday holly now, but is that
29:48 what the verse says or am I reading reading something into
29:52 with preconceived ideas, does the verse specifically say
29:56 that God's Sabbath is change to the first of week
30:00 and HIs Holly Law is done away with,
30:04 it doesn't in fact if God was going to change eternal
30:08 ten commandments, don't you think He would make it appsolutely
30:12 clear that it would scream out to us from Bible
30:16 He wouldn't make it something hidden that we have to indirectly find
30:20 but see as you read this verse you
30:24 out very quickly, this is not a Sunday morming
30:28 worship service, it is a Saturday night
30:32 You say how do you know that? Two reason, number one
30:36 many modern translation translate actual
30:40 it as Saturday night we know it was evening for
30:44 two reason. What were the words I told you to remember?
30:48 Midnight and Lamp
30:52 If this was Sunday morning gathering and Paul preached
30:56 till midnight; Paul preached a long
31:00 long , long time
31:04 He would have been the most long winded preacher ever, you think
31:08 I'm long going for an hour, imagine him, It said what was burning?
31:12 Lamps, why to do burn lamps in the upper room
31:16 because it is dark outside it's Saturday
31:20 evening that's why the poor guy Eutychus fell asleep
31:24 I don't know why he was sitting in the window, I don't understand that
31:28 but sitting in the window, Paul is going on and on, lamps are
31:32 burning it's closed to midnight poor falls asleep fall out
31:38 the window and dies, you know I think there another lesson in there
31:40 you should never fall asleep when the preacher is preaching,
31:44 you never know what could happen. I'm sorry
31:48 I couldn't resist that, but know it says, that could have put a damper
31:52 things but Paul and God in mercy when down
31:56 and he prayed and this man life was brought back to him. Can you say amen?
32:00 And you know that is really a lesson for us preacher I guess, I kinda learn
32:04 sometimes the hard way, somebody might look like there sleeping in church
32:08 somebody may look like not listening whith there head down and they could care
32:12 listening what being said, you know sometime what I have discovered
32:16 I was wrong on in what I judged on the outside
32:20 they heard every word, they just didn't want other people
32:24 to know that they were listening
32:28 so there is a lesson there to, but see that why the man fell asleep
32:32 this was Saturday evening, Paul was getting ready to leave the next
32:36 day, because it said he left at day breake, Sunday morning, he paid
32:40 fair got on a ship and continued his missionary journey he
32:44 treated Sunday like an ordinary day of the week the reason he preached till midnight
32:48 he knows that he is probably not going to see this people agian and he had a hard
32:52 saying good bye, that's why the poor guy fell asleep
32:56 so see when put the verse of the bible
33:00 together and don't just read it on the surface the bible becomes
33:04 very, very clear so far
33:08 we have lookup seven of the eight text, we got one more
33:12 if it is not in next text, that means
33:16 it not in the bible, so let's to the the eighth test
33:21 1 Corinthians chapter 16
33:26 1 Corinthians just a few books forward chapter 16
33:30 and verse one and this another one we must careful
33:34 not to a quick cursory reading of
33:38 1 Corinthians 16 verse 1 The bible says
33:42 and Paul writing, I still hear some pages turn
33:46 I want to give time to get there. 1 Corinthians 16 verse 1
33:50 Now concerning the collection for the saints,
33:54 as I have given orders to the churches of Galatia,
33:58 so you must do also: On the first day of the week
34:02 let each one of you lay something aside, storing up
34:06 let each one of you lay something aside, storing up
34:10 I come. Sometime I have read in books or commentaries
34:14 where they jump on this aw see like a Sunday school
34:18 offering so it shows that Sabbath was to the first day, God's
34:22 holy law was changed and done away with, that's really
34:26 reading in to the text a lot does it actually says that?
34:30 Paul is saying listen, on the first day of the week
34:34 the begin of your work week I want you to lay something
34:38 aside at home lay something
34:42 aside so when I or the other Apostle's come, we can
34:46 collect it. What were they collecting for? The poorer christians
34:50 in Jerusalem, this is not first time the collected
34:54 funds like this what the Apostle's did because christain
34:58 Jerusalem were being persecuted,the Jews nation totally
35:02 rejected Christ and his message, the were losing house and home and
35:06 basic necessity of live, some of these Christian who came
35:10 paganism would actually give of their funds
35:14 that the Apostle's could take back to Jerusalem and support
35:18 their bother and sister they never met or laid eyes
35:22 on before that tells you something about the ultimate
35:26 love and compassion that early christian church had
35:30 and why that church changed the world
35:34 it doesn't God's holly law or Sabbath
35:38 being done away with. So now we have taken the time
35:42 to lookup all eight test we found nothing
35:46 so we can come to the conclusion that are over
35:50 hundred verse in the bible about the seventh-day Sabbath
35:54 But there is not one verse saying the Sabbath changed
35:58 to Sunday, that would make Sabbath one of
36:02 the clearest most indisputable teaching that are based
36:06 on the Bible and Bible alone
36:10 now that we done a thorough study of the bible
36:14 let's address some practical question
36:18 that will no doubt will cross our mind, and one question
36:22 you maybe be ask right now is this,
36:26 what is the difference? Does it really
36:30 matter which day Sabbath or Sunday
36:34 on the surface, it may not seem
36:38 like it matter very much, but you have to go to
36:42 deeper issue behind it, see Sabbath
36:46 is about the truth of bible
36:50 Sabbath is about the commandments of God
36:54 Sabbath is about authority of God being above
36:58 everything else Sunday
37:02 Sunday is a traduction of a church
37:06 Sunday is the commandments of men
37:10 Sunday is the authority of men
37:14 So the real issue is this. Do I go with
37:18 the truth of the Bible or do I go with tradition?
37:22 Do I believe that commandments of men are above the commandments of God?
37:26 Whose authority will I choose to follow?
37:30 That's the real and deeper issue.
37:34 because, now I'm just going to be plain, I hops you still love me, if I look
37:38 at the word of God and I say Lord
37:42 I know what the Bible says, but I
37:46 don't think it matters, Lord I know what the Bible says
37:50 but this church over here doesn't think is important
37:54 Lord I know what your word teaches, but
37:58 this pastor says I don't worry about it, what really doing
38:02 is I'm putting the authority of someone above
38:06 what the word of God says or if I say it doesn't matter
38:10 really I'm braking the first commandment in a sence
38:14 I'm making myself a god above God that what
38:18 I say and think, my opinion is more important than what
38:22 God says, that more than just
38:26 Sabbath we can do that any issue in the word God, can't we?
38:30 That the part were have to learn how surrender the
38:34 heart and that not ease for this human heart and it's not ease for me
38:38 I could come the word of God were it says, I'm
38:42 to be faithful to my wife and I oh Lord
38:46 can't I have little fun on the side, what really matter?
38:50 I may come with all sorts of what I think are good reason
38:54 but it doesn't change that fact that I'm
38:58 trying put what I think above God says.
39:02 See the most foundational princple
39:06 for christianity, this the most basic question we would have to answer
39:10 well the most I follow Jesus as my savior
39:14 the next most basic question this, do I believe that this
39:18 is word of God or not, do I
39:22 believe that is highest is authority
39:26 on the the earth or am I will to say that church
39:30 tradition can be placed above the Bible, do you understand where
39:34 deeper issue comes in? It's far more than just about today.
39:38 The same thing is really in the garden of eden when you
39:42 What was Eve sin? On the surface what was her
39:46 and Adaw sin on the surface, they took what?
39:50 A peace of fruit, now on the surface
39:54 without going deep, is there any sinful about eating fruit
39:58 in of it self? No, or I have sined today,
40:02 because I ate some peaches, it's deeper issue
40:06 they choose to ignore what God said
40:10 and they believe someone else, I.E the serpent or
40:14 themselves, the deeper issue was, they ignore
40:18 commands that God had given them, and so when I do that
40:22 I begin to compromise God's word so if I
40:26 compromise in the area of Sabbath or any other the
40:30 principle in the Bible, see I'm in danger get on a
40:34 slippery slope of comprise, because then when I come to
40:38 something else in the word God where I say well Lord I know what it says
40:42 But that's inconvenient for me
40:46 Lord I know says but that's not what I believed all my live
40:50 Lord I know what your saying but I really think it
40:54 matters. We start to pick and choose and compromise
40:58 things in the word God and God says He wants all
41:02 of our hearts, all of our souls, and
41:06 all of our mind, because Jesus did not do any
41:10 less for us on the Cross of Calvary. When He
41:14 went the Cross He gave everything
41:18 He gave all He had
41:22 and He tell me take up cross follow me
41:26 and though there may be challenges, there will
41:30 blessing in store. Can you say amen? You say well pastor Dave,
41:34 you know the majority don't believe or understand
41:38 it. I know if I did not talk about
41:42 Sabbath, I my seminar would be bigger
41:46 if I did not talk about Sabbath, I know might be on television and radio
41:50 but see it's not about what the majority thinks
41:54 I'm not willing to compromise for what the Bible say for popularity
41:58 That certainly is a temptation for all of us, see if I
42:02 go with the majority, I would have been in trouble Noah days, would I?
42:06 because the majority were mistaken
42:10 I would be with Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah, because
42:14 the majority were wrong, I would have been trouble
42:18 in Jesus day, because the majority
42:22 which included religious leader with many
42:26 degree and education, did not except
42:30 the Savior when He came. That why Jesus
42:34 always tells me to got the word of God, because
42:38 this is where we find truth. Amen?
42:42 But now we have to get to a couple of other question
42:46 people ask, then we have talk about how the change happen history
42:50 because if it didn't from the bible, then happen somewhere else
42:54 but sometimes people have a sincere question
42:58 and they say how do we know that Saturday is still the seventh-day
43:02 wasn't the calendar changed through the ages, and that's actual
43:06 very good question,know I got to be honest, the only time
43:10 I ever hear that question, is when I talk about the sabbath
43:14 if I were to stand up, you know what it doesn't matter
43:18 Sunday is good enough that's first day of week, no body would ever ask me would do know
43:22 Sunday is the first day of the week, no body would ever ask me that. It is always when it come to
43:26 the Sabbath. The only major Calendar change
43:30 in the gregorian calendar came in October of 1582
43:34 on October 4 (you see that there) they
43:38 discovered they 10 days out of harmony with the solar system
43:42 so they had to add ten days, so next which
43:46 should have been October 5 became whar?
43:50 October 15, notice the number date change
43:54 but weekly cycle never chaged, thurday
43:58 become what? Friday and even astronomers
44:02 will tell you and even NASA, somebody wrote a letter one day asking this
44:06 question the seventh-day we had in Jesus day
44:10 is the same seventh-day that we have today the weekly
44:14 cycle has never changed
44:18 well how about I keep any sabbath
44:22 Well I agree with that except for one thing, God said the Seventh-day is the
44:26 Sabbath it is way He test our loyalty
44:30 Well I keep every day holly that's rather
44:34 impossible, you can live a holy life every day
44:38 but keeping day holy means setting aside secular labors
44:42 to be close to God, at some point you're going to have go to
44:46 work and you are going have to make income food, you can't
44:50 every day holy, Jesus said six days we have to labor
44:54 He wants us to on those six days the seventh-day is the
44:58 Sabbath of the Lord thy God. So now the question
45:02 comes. How did the change
45:06 from Sabbath to Sunday actually happen? if it didn't
45:10 come from God, what in this world
45:14 to constitute the shift? And this what we
45:18 touched on last night, lets see if can go into a more detail with time
45:22 that remains, what happen was this
45:26 Paul wrote something 2nd Timothy 4, he made this statement
45:42 see Paul understanded
45:46 He knew that when the original apostles died false teaching
45:50 would come into the church, he knew they would turn away sound doctrine and
45:54 you see that middle ages, it is what christian history called the great
45:58 apostasy, we'll talk about that a little bit later
46:02 and slowly but surely the church fall away from the pure
46:06 truth of God's word and Christ teaching and began to follow
46:10 some of tradition of men and eventually
46:14 this affected the Sabbath, the was shift
46:18 towards Sunday, which basically happen like this
46:22 remember who ruled the word in those couple centuries of early church history
46:27 Who was it? Come on a little louder who was it? Rome, did Rome
46:33 like the Jews? Did Rome like christians? Not in the beginning
46:36 they hated them because many christians they were
46:40 viewed as a sect of judaism because they shared the Seventh-day
46:44 Sabbath christian were persecuted and so
46:48 some christian and leader came up with the idea you know what
46:52 maybe if shift towards Sunday we can accomplish a couple of thing
46:57 number one we will differentiate our self from Jewish nation and mabe
47:01 Rome will realize we're different were are not Jews
47:05 the other thing hoped to accomplish is the christian church is trying to win all
47:09 these pagan to Christ, the pagan worshiped the
47:13 sun god, and of course you can imagine what day they did that
47:17 the Sunday, they said you know if switched
47:21 Sunday as holy, pagan don't have to change much then.
47:25 instead of worshiping the sun god well get them to worship
47:29 the Son of God and on the
47:33 surface that may seem innocent, but it started
47:37 a slope of falling away pure truth of
47:41 God's word and when Constantine came on he seen
47:45 in 321, he became a christian few years
47:49 before that, I mean imagine if you think that is a good thing
47:55 christianity goes from being illegal to being the state
47:59 religion, persecution stops
48:03 now at first we think Hallelujah that's a great thing
48:07 not necessarily because what Constantine did
48:11 he was a force in bring many pagan
48:15 teaching into the church and Sunday
48:19 Sunday became one of them in 321 he made one of the first
48:23 and earliest Sunday laws and it's actually record word for word
48:27 here it says
48:39 now when the emperor of the world says that, how many people do you think
48:43 listen? The majority kind like today,
48:47 remember that commercial, when E.F. Hatton speaks what happened?
48:51 people listen, same with the Roman emperor, and this just added
48:55 momentum to the Sabbath being lost site of, and then what
48:59 accrued through history, well talk about it later on in the seminar
49:03 church came together, and out of Rome came
49:07 a religious system known as the Papacy
49:11 and when the Papacy was form Sunday was included in the
49:15 catechism please understand this not to be derogatory
49:19 towards any particular faith group, God is not honored when we speak negatively
49:23 of others. Can you say amen? but we have to show
49:27 how this happen in history, because the very important way
49:31 understanding how did we lose sight of the Sabbath
49:35 in Papal Rome there is something called the catechism
49:39 and if ever grown up catholic you go through catechism
49:43 and in the catechism it teaches basically the doctrine the church
49:47 one of them has this question in it, this word for word
49:51 from the catechism. Question which is the Sabbath day?
49:55 Saturday is the sabbath day. Why do observe
49:59 Sunday instead of Sabbath? Because the Catholic Church
50:03 transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday
50:07 Now that puts a spin on it
50:11 because now it tells me
50:15 Sunday is not about the Bible
50:19 it not about God says, it's about
50:23 tradition being put above God's word
50:27 and the underlying issue is who
50:31 has the most authority God's word
50:36 or the tradition of men
50:40 there is other historical quotes from this time, I'm going to put a few on the screen
50:44 these quotes are straight forward, but only showing
50:48 this to show how this happen history. In his book
50:52 called Faith of are Fathers by Cardinal James Gibbons, he make this statement.
50:56 and he writs. "You may read the Bible from Genesis to
51:00 Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing
51:04 the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce
51:08 the religious observance of Saturady....(Now he right ther so far
51:12 he goes to on to say) If want to go by the Bible worship on Saturday
51:16 But the church says tradition is ahead of the Bible
51:20 and we've established Sunday. We've change it by
51:24 (By what is the word?) tradition"
51:28 Now why are they saying that? because there're being honest
51:32 on of doctrines that come from Papal Rome, is that church
51:36 is equal to or above the Bible, that they have the power
51:40 to change what the Bible says, and put their authority above it
51:44 You and I have to ask ourselves am I willing to alone with that
51:48 even with the issue of the Sabbath
51:52 who has the highest authority, and really
51:56 I'm going to blatantly honest with you this what Papal Rome
52:00 throws into protestants faces because protestants say you what
52:04 we go Bible and the Bible alone, the Bible it's God's
52:08 highest authority not the church,church can not change what the Bible says
52:12 and so Rome comes really that's what believe
52:16 but you follow our Sunday, Sunday now where
52:20 taught in the Bible, but you honor it and ignore the direct command
52:24 of scripture and they use that as way to say see you
52:28 are you the lost little who should come back to the mother church
52:32 and I have admit they make a good point
52:36 If I follow the Bible and the Bible alone
52:40 that doesn't mean eight out of ten commandments
52:45 that doesn't mean 9 out of 10 that means that God
52:49 wants me to follow Him with all my heart and all
52:53 my soul. Lastly one more
52:59 quote come a book called Canon and Tradition, where says
53:18 so you see when you understand how this changed occurred
53:22 now I begin to realize
53:26 it is not me saying difference between days don't matter
53:31 It's about much deeper issue
53:35 I'm choosing what he Bible says and what tradition says
53:39 I'm choosing between and Jesus and
53:43 religious leaders I'm choosing between God's law
53:47 and man's law and whenever we have to make choice
53:51 no matter what the teaching may be, no matter issue
53:55 may be it matters
53:59 and it is important. That's why Revelation
54:03 describes God's church at the end of in this way
54:19 see in these last days God is looking for people for all
54:23 religious backgrounds people who would say Heavenly Father
54:27 I want you to write Your law upon my heart, Lord
54:31 I want to follow you all the way I want hold nothing back Lord I
54:35 keep your commandments
54:39 As we close tonight I recognize
54:43 that when you hear this first time it can rather be a jolt
54:47 to your christian walk, because you start wonder in your mind
54:51 this is so clear from the Bible, why didn't see it before
54:55 and then you start to wonder what else haven't I notice
54:59 from the Bible, see my wife when this
55:03 when she first learned about the Sabbath it was new to her
55:07 She determined she would go home and study the word of God and she found
55:11 it to be true and you study this, you may be thinking
55:15 boy this might require a change in my life
55:19 this might effect my job, it could effect my family, it could effect
55:23 choices that I make each day, it could effect my daily life
55:27 but you know that God give us a promise, because when we
55:31 choose the follow the will God with it comes
55:36 peace, comes confidence and comes the
55:40 assurance that we right with Jesus, that we have put
55:44 His word his above everything else and that we are trusting
55:48 in Him, Jesus and He says
56:02 Am I willing to put Jsus first? Am I
56:06 willing to surrender my to Him in any subject
56:11 Am I willing to put Jesus and his word above
56:15 everything else may our payer
56:19 be that of Joshua when he said
56:30 I pray that we would always make that
56:34 choice that we not serve man but me and my house
56:38 will serve the Lord
56:42 Would you pray with me
56:46 Heavenly Father it's powerful to see what Your
56:50 word says to understand what a blessing You
56:55 give us in the Sabbath. Lord
56:59 it is scary how throughout history
57:03 it could be lost sight of that man could cover it up
57:07 Lord we're searching for Your light and truth so just now
57:11 Father we give ourselves to You, we ask you Lord
57:15 to be with us as we open Your word, and we continue a journey that is
57:19 searching for truth, if there is someone
57:23 here wanting to know what Your light is, bless them as they open your word
57:27 bless them as they go home tonight. In fact
57:31 every head bowed and ervery eye closed maybe
57:35 there is someone here says Lord I just want you to know
57:39 I am willing to honestly search this out from bible
57:43 I'm just simply asking You to lead, if that is your desire
57:47 I would like invite you to raise your hand just now every head bowed
57:51 every eye is closed your simply saying Lord I want to
57:55 search this out from the bible I want to know your will, Lord
57:59 please to guide me to Your truth
58:03 Father you see any hands that are raised, we know that You would
58:07 answer that pray, and that you will fill their heart with
58:11 In Jesus Name. Amen


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