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00:07 I want to invite you to take your Bibles
00:11 and just go right to Revelation chapter 5
00:15 and I saw in the right hand of him
00:19 who sat on the throne a scroll,
00:23 written inside and on the back, sealed with (what?)
00:27 7 seals then i saw a strong angel
00:31 proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open
00:35 the scroll and to loose its seals
00:39 and no one in heaven or on earth
00:43 or under earth was able to open
00:47 the scroll or to look at it. verse 4. So I
00:51 wept much because no one was found
00:55 worthy to open and read the scroll or look at it
00:59 but one of the elders said to me do not weep for behold
01:03 the lion of the tribe of Judah and the root of David
01:07 has prevailed to open the scroll and loose
01:11 its seven seals. Now Let's stop there for second
01:15 the vision opens up by
01:19 focusing on a picture of God the father
01:23 sitting on his throne and in the right hand
01:27 of God the father is (what?) a scroll
01:31 sealed with 7 seals and
01:35 that seems to be the focus and emphasis of this vision
01:40 this scroll sealed and that cannot be opened
01:43 it then says one of the angels voices calls out
01:47 very loudly, who is worthy to open this scroll
01:51 to unloose the seals and reveal the contents
01:55 and it says no one is found in heaven or earth
01:59 or under the earth that can open
02:03 the seals. And it causes great concernation in heaven
02:07 so much so that in verse 4 John does John actually do
02:11 in the vision? Does what it says I
02:15 weep much it disturbed him
02:19 see this tells us that whatever is written in those scrolls
02:24 must be something very important for the church of Jesus
02:28 to know. but finally
02:32 some one says one of the Elders says there is someone is found worthy
02:36 to open the scroll it is the lion of the tribe
02:39 of Judah the root of David who has prevailed
02:44 now who would that be you think. That's Jesus Christ
02:48 those are Old Testament terms that refer to the Mssiah.
02:52 so what Revelation it is telling us is Jesus is the one
02:56 who is worthy to open the scroll because
02:59 he prevailed over sin on the cross of calvary can you say amen
03:03 and the next thing John sees is a slain lamb
03:07 in the middle of the throne room, an obvious reference to Jesus
03:11 death on the cross. The rest of that chapter
03:15 goes on to say why Jesus is worthy to open
03:20 the seals. It is because he is the one who shed
03:24 his blood He is the Lamb of God that came to this
03:28 earh to save fallen mankind and so because
03:32 of that he is the the only one He is the perfect saccrifice that
03:36 is worthy to open the scrolls and so see
03:40 what this is telling us is that whatever is in
03:44 those scrolls must have something to do with the church of Jesus.
03:47 because not only has he died for the world he is
03:51 the head of the church so in those scrols, in those
03:55 seven seals, it is going to reveal things that will
03:59 happen to the church of Jesus all through out history
04:03 in fact here is what we're gonna discover as we read this
04:07 Jesus opens the seals and these seals
04:11 will begin to describe the history of the church through the christian age
04:15 it is gonna discover the past the present
04:19 and the future and this will become very obvious as we go through
04:23 it for example we are gonna discover the first four seals cover
04:27 church history from the first century to the middle ages
04:31 the 5th seals gives us imagery of the persecuation
04:35 that came in the dark ages and the 6th and 7th seals
04:39 are signsof the end and coming of Jesus
04:44 revelation chapter 6 and going to start in
04:48 verse 1 through 2 Now I
04:52 saw when the lamb opened one of the seals
04:56 and I heard one of the four living creatures saying
05:00 with a voice like thunder come and see
05:04 and I looked and behold a white horse
05:08 (What Color?) white he who sat
05:11 on it had a bow and a crown was given to him
05:15 and he went out conquering and to conquer
05:19 so here is the picture we are given thus far
05:23 a rider on (what color of a horse?)a white horse
05:27 he has a bow and arrow in his hand and is wearing a crown
05:31 and in the Greek it is a stephanos crown which is a
05:35 victor crown and the horse and rider are described
05:39 as conquering everything in their path.
05:44 that is rather impressive dont you think? now our first question
05:48 is ok is this meant to be literal or symbolic
05:52 does this mean we are gonna see a rider with a white horse in the sky
05:56 obviously revelation is trying to represent
06:00 something, so here is what we need to do the first question would be
06:04 who is the rider on the horse? now we cound go around
06:08 the romm and we could try to guess I think it this or I think that
06:12 some theology perspective say this is the antichrist
06:16 i can absolutely guarantee you this is not antichrist
06:20 because no where in the Bible is antichrist ever represented
06:24 by white. White always rpresents what in the bible
06:28 truth, purity, and righteousness.
06:32 in fact what we are gonna discover is the rider on the white horse
06:36 is Jesus Christ. You say how do we know that?
06:40 references from the old testament let me take somewhere in
06:44 the book of Habakuk, the propohet Habakuk actually
06:48 wrote and pictured God as riding a horse
06:52 notice what it says.
07:16 So see here is a reference in the Old Testament God riding on a horse
07:20 being victorious He has a bow and arrow see
07:24 the first seal is borrowing this imagery from Habakuk
07:28 and it is giving us the clue that clearly the rider
07:32 is Jesus Chrsit more definitive than that
07:36 there is another picture of a white horse in the book of revelation
07:40 now i wanna take you there it isnt in the chapter about 7 seals but in revelation
07:44 19, notice the clue that this chaper give us
08:08 now let me ask you does that osund like a description of antichrist?
08:12 who is the one that is faithful and true. Christ?
08:16 who is the one who is the righteous judge? Who is the
08:20 king who wears many crowns. I'm even later on in that chapter
08:24 it describes the rider as king of kings and lord of lords
08:28 and that pretty much settles that the rider is Jesus
08:32 Christ and so what we have here is a
08:36 picture of Jesus and His early
08:40 new testament church conquering the world
08:44 because that early new testament church followed the pure
08:48 word of God they followed the righteousness
08:52 of Jesus you see all through the scripures
08:56 even in history tells us the early new testament church
09:00 literally turned the world upside down with the gospel
09:04 they took the gospel to all the then known world
09:08 conquered everything in their path just like
09:12 this horse and its rider because Jesus Christ is the head
09:16 of the church and that crown that stephanos crown
09:20 is the greek word that would be used for the crown
09:24 given to the winner of the ancient greek olympiads the actual word
09:28 stephanos Jesus conquers all
09:32 so in that first seal we see a beautiful
09:36 and a positive glorious picture of the early first century
09:40 church a powerful and pure faith
09:44 that is conquering the world witht he gospel can you say amen
09:48 however I have bad news seal number 1
09:52 is about as good as it gets because
09:56 after seal number 1, youre gonna see
10:00 depicted a steady decline
10:04 in the church. Youre gonna see pictured
10:08 a slipperly slope where through the centuries the church starts to
10:12 gradually fall away from the pure word of God
10:16 and his truth I'm glad for the first seal
10:20 but as you know from chistian history it doesnt stay that way
10:24 so lets now go to the second seal the second seal
10:28 the second seal is depicted in revelation 6 verses
10:32 3 through 4 The Bible says
10:36 And when He had opened the second seal
10:40 I heard the second living creature say, Come
10:44 and see another horse (What color?)
10:48 fiery red went out. And was granted to the
10:52 one who sat on it to take peace from the earth
10:56 that people should kill one another and was given to him
11:00 a great sword. Now let me ask you a question
11:04 just from reading the literal description without
11:08 interpreting it yet does that sound positive description
11:12 or negative one. negative that doesn't good does it?
11:16 So here is a rider coming out on a red horse the
11:20 rider has a sword in his hand and he take peace from the earth
11:24 people slay on another by the Greek word
11:28 slay or kill you find this passage actually refers
11:32 to martyrdom it refers sacrificial killing
11:36 see what we are going discover is this is referring
11:40 to a time of when there would be great violence against the church
11:44 on earth because see the horse is red
11:48 and in the Bible red represents what? it represents blood
11:52 and in other words the church of Jesus is going to enter an era
11:56 of bloody persecution a time when the sword
12:00 would be used peace be taken from the earth
12:04 people slay one another there will be many martyrs who give there
12:08 lives for Jesus and the interesting things is
12:12 that is perfectly correlated
12:16 with the second phase of christian history which is the 2nd
12:20 and 3rd centuries that was the era of persecuation
12:24 see in the 2nd and third centuries remember who ruled the world?
12:28 Rome and see at that time
12:32 it was illegal to be a christian to be a christian
12:36 meant you were an enemy of the state you could lose house
12:40 you could lose home you could lose everything you were considered
12:44 to be a criminal and during the second and third century
12:48 the roman empire had determined that they were going
12:52 to stamp out christianity forever no matter what the cost
12:56 and it indeed entered a time of bloody persecution
13:00 in fact let me read to you some references
13:04 from history at that time now you will probably
13:08 recognize this picture it is very representative of events
13:12 in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Yo know what that is thake a guess
13:16 that is the roman colloseum now how many people
13:20 here have been to Rome could I see your hands
13:24 anyone ever seen the colloseum? If you have been in there
13:28 it is an impressive structure
13:32 it was said that it could seat 60-70,000
13:36 people i mean it would rival any modern stadium
13:40 today. I had the privilege a few years ago Marquita
13:44 and I went on a study tour of the reformation and got to go
13:48 in that roman colleseum and see what would happen
13:52 is this is where Rome threw all their criminals
13:56 all the enemies of State they wanted to get rid of
14:00 they would be throne into the middle of this colosseum where they were forced
14:04 to defend themselves against armed gladiators and wild
14:08 ravenous beasts and since christians
14:12 were considered enemies of the state
14:16 they were thrown into this colosseum with 60000
14:20 sreaming fans wanting to see
14:24 the blood of a christian shed applauding when thier vile
14:28 was taken from them when they but yet
14:32 stood their ground all these christians
14:36 and remained faithful to Jesus Christ I want you to notice what one
14:40 church historian description of this time period
14:44 this comes from the church historian Eusebius He says an I quote
15:28 you see
15:32 church history describes for us these second and third century
15:36 christians who would look gladiators in the eye
15:40 look wild beasts in the face
15:44 they knew they were going to die yet they chose to
15:48 stay faithful to the pure word of God
15:52 they chose that they would not deny Jesus nor his teachings
15:56 can you say amen that is why
16:00 that first century church changed the world and now
16:04 in the 2nd and 3rd centuries they are persecuted
16:08 oh that the 21st century church could be like th early church
16:12 if we were we would
16:16 change this modern world but you know so often
16:20 it happens that when we face some persecution or
16:24 when we face trials or difficulties
16:28 we whine and complain oh God why did you let this happen to me
16:32 oh God why didn't you stop this from accruing
16:36 sometimes it means being made fun of because I'm a christian
16:40 or it means I'm not going to being in the majority I think twice
16:44 about following Jesus or someone might laugh at me
16:48 and all of sudden we all sorts of excuses or
16:52 reason to straddle the fence and to compromise
16:56 but these early century christians in a sense are an example to us
17:00 that no matter what the cost would be, they stayed
17:04 faithful to Jesus my prayer is that you and I
17:08 and the church in the modern age would be just a little like them
17:12 that we would not say Lord ill follow You when its easy
17:16 Lord I'll obey you when it is convenient
17:20 but Lord dont ask me to do so when it costs me something
17:24 dont ask me to follow you when it is going
17:28 to be inconvenient its one thing to follow Jesus in good times
17:32 its another to stay faithful in bad times
17:36 and see the second seal causes me to have to ask
17:40 myself a very tuff question
17:44 am I a fair weather christian
17:48 who will only follow Jesus when it is easy
17:52 or have I truly chosen to love him with all my heart
17:56 with all soul and all mind
18:00 is there is a lot of practical lessons
18:04 even among the seven seals now lets move on in christian history
18:08 and lets go to the third seal
18:12 revelation chatper 6 and verse 5 The
18:16 bible says and When He opened the third
18:20 seal I heard the third living creature say, "Come
18:24 and see." So I looked, and behold,
18:28 What color of house do we have now? a black house
18:32 and he who sat on it had a pair of scales
18:36 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living
18:40 creatures saying,"A quart of wheat for a denarius,
18:44 and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and
18:47 and do not harm the oil and the wine."
18:51 well i suppose we ought to pause there is some imagery
18:55 in that passage that maybe we don't understand at first take
18:59 but let's take a look at what we see from the third seal
19:03 comes a black horse. The rider is carrying scales
19:07 which means he is going to measure something in
19:11 some way now if we think this through
19:15 the first seal had a white horse which represented truth purity
19:19 and righteousness. If that is white represents,
19:23 What does black represent in the Bible?
19:27 the exact opposite. Compromise and error
19:31 darkness. And so what we are
19:35 gonna discover is that in the third seal time period
19:39 the church is going to enter an age when it begins to compormise
19:43 God's word when it begins follows the errors and traditions
19:47 of men and slowly but the church begins to fall away
19:51 from the truth of scripture
19:55 you see the progression that has happen thus far
19:59 the first seal a faithful chruch, you have the second
20:03 seal a persecuted church, now you have the third
20:07 seal a compromised church
20:11 following error, walking away from the Word of God.
20:15 now before we see if that actually happened in history
20:19 there is a couple other symbols of imagery we have to look at
20:26 because notice there is a voice from heaven saying something
20:30 we dont understand the voice says
20:38 in the 21st century we would look at that and say great what does
20:42 that mean a denarius was the currency of that day
20:46 that is how much you would earn for one days
20:50 worth of work it is one days wages a quart of
20:54 wheat was a days worth of bread. That is what you'd need
20:58 just to make enough food for yourself. This is famine conditions
21:02 that means you make barely enough money in one day
21:06 just to be able feed yourself. Not to mention
21:10 the rest of your family and all your other bills it is describing famine
21:14 conditions but it is not describing it literaly
21:18 it is being symbolic. You say well where
21:22 does that imagery where do those phrases come from?
21:26 Revelation is drawing from another part of the old testamnet
21:30 did you know that all the way back in the book of Amos
21:34 Amos used some of the same phrases
21:38 that give us a clue into what God
21:42 is talking about here lets go back to Amos 8.
21:46 The Bible says,
22:11 Now notice Old Testament Israel
22:15 is not listening to the God says they are listening to the prophets
22:19 so he says them there going be a famine from the Word of the lord
22:23 you have turned away from the Word of the Lord I'm not going to speak to you
22:27 through the prophets and so when you realize that Amos is talking
22:31 about a famine of God's Word when you take
22:35 when you take that imagery and put it back into revelation it makes lot more sense
22:39 because what revelation is telling us is now the church
22:43 is gonna enter a period where it is not going to follow the Word of God anymore
22:47 there is gonna be a famine for the truth of scripture
22:51 because they have started following the errors and the traditions of men
22:55 and that perfectly correlates
22:59 with the third part of christian history
23:03 from about about AD 313-538 it is decribing
23:07 the compromised faith and
23:11 a compromised church that fell from the word of God
23:15 now i want to share a few things that happened during that
23:19 time period that will help illustrate why God uses this imagery
23:23 in the third seal. around 313
23:27 the catalyst that caused great compromise was this
23:31 the Roman emperor Constantine
23:35 became a christian. Now at first you think thats
23:39 a good thing right? because Constantine was a pagan
23:43 He participated in the pagan ceremony pagan religion pagan teaching
23:47 but when he became a christian,
23:51 Christianity went from being illegal religion
23:55 to being an accepted regligion.actually it became the official
23:59 state religion and as a result
24:03 Constantine began to take many of pagan teachings
24:07 and ceremonies he was familiar and started bring them
24:11 into the Christinanity and mixing them with the truth
24:15 of Gods Word and it began this slippery slope of
24:19 error and compromise.
24:23 To illustrate let me share with you some things that happened during that time
24:27 during this third seal time period, the teachings of men
24:31 are substituted for the teaching of God
24:35 salvation through Jesus is replaced
24:39 be the requirements of the church do what the church says pay indulgence
24:43 do penance look to you hierarchical leaders
24:47 you don't need to worry about the Cros of Christ those were the
24:51 some of the themes that came into christianity during that time period
24:55 now here are things that practically took place
24:59 in the book development of christian doctrine, history
25:03 records this. It says in page 372
25:07 we are told by Eusebius
25:15 so what was his new religion? Christianity
25:19 so in order to recommend christianity to the heathens
25:23 he transferred into it, that is into it
25:27 that is into christianity the outward ornaments to which they
25:31 had been accustomed in their own. In other words, he brought into
25:35 christianity many pagan ideas that the pagans
25:39 were familiar with because he wanted to unite his empire
25:43 and bring pagans into the christian church and so slowly
25:47 but surely the teachings and traditions of men
25:51 became mixed with the word of God
25:55 and conmpromise and error set in. That is why
25:59 God symbolizes the third seal as a black horse
26:03 here are things that happened. In exodus
26:07 20 we studied the ten commandments
26:11 and the second commenadment said this
26:27 so here is God Holly Law and He clearly
26:31 forbids the use of images and statues and such
26:35 because God is saying why do you want something made with human hands
26:39 when you can have a real relationship with a real God who loves you
26:43 and wants to be involved in your life can you say amen well that makes sense
26:47 but it was during this balck horse period that
26:51 statues and images came into the church
26:55 let me show you some examples now this may be a sensitive subjuct
26:59 im not doing this to be negative towards a particular group
27:03 but only to show how the prophecies of the Bible have been fulfilled
27:07 and how this error and compromise came in
27:11 if you've been to Rome perhaps you have been in St. Peter's cathredral
27:15 or bascilica tha is in Rome. There is a popular image
27:19 that is depicted on the screen, said to be Saint Peter
27:23 now I've been there and I have seen it myself in fact Saint Peter
27:27 his right toe is pretty much rubbed off because everyone come in there
27:31 wants to kiss it and receive grace of some sorts.
27:35 but you know when you do the research? That that not St. Peter.
27:39 that is Jupiter.
27:43 That is the pagan god Jupiter
27:47 because what happened is this is the example of taking some of
27:51 the pagan intuition of the god Jupiter
27:55 and literally bring into St. Peter's
27:59 Catheddral and renaming it as Saint
28:03 Peter it is an illustration of paganism
28:07 creeping into the pure word of God and
28:11 the christianity coming from scripture
28:15 now the question may be well if the ten commandments clearly forbid
28:19 the use of images how did the church explain
28:23 that to people? its hard to explain that when ten commandments said
28:27 you shall not use any graven images I want to share something with you
28:31 that is a little sensitive but something that happened in history
28:36 do you know that Rome's version of the Ten commandments
28:40 is differnt from the Bible version
28:44 written Exodus 20 You say what do you mean
28:48 if you look at Rome's version in a catacism,
28:52 the second commandment about graven images is totally blotted out
28:56 it doesn't existent so what was done is
29:00 the ninth commandment that talks about coveting was split in two
29:04 so there could still be 10 commandments and so the way you explain
29:08 to people why you're bringing images into the church is
29:12 you simply use your power and blot out one of those commandments
29:16 that is what was done
29:20 pagan institutions coming into the church error and compromise
29:24 see God was trying to warning His people
29:28 what was coming down the pipe through these seven seals
29:32 there are other examples. In an early apostolic
29:36 creed discovered, it said
29:48 that is biblically correct. This is an early apostolic
29:52 creed where early christians realized that the sabbath
29:56 was eternal institution and pointed back as memorial
30:00 to creation and realy it just basically quoting
30:04 Genesis 2. now we studied that a couple of nights ago Genesis 2
30:08 says
30:19 Now that is what the Bible says but it was during this black horse
30:23 period when the sabbath lost sight of and the pagan
30:27 institution of sunday was came in in fact you
30:31 can read about this in history this age of compromise
30:35 the pagan day of the sun now i want to quote a historical source
30:39 it's a book called the histroy of the eastern chruch
30:43 it says
31:07 so you see here is another example
31:09 of pagan teaching, the day of the sun,
31:14 coming into christianity replacing one of God's commandments error and
31:18 compromise set in see that is why the sabbath is
31:22 important it is not because I like to harp on it
31:25 but see when you realize it has to do with pagan teachings
31:29 coming into christianity now im realizing this isnt
31:33 about to day its about following the tradition of men
31:37 or the truth of the Word of God
31:41 it is either about being faithful to scripture
31:45 or going with error and compromise
31:49 these are only two examples of many things that happened in that black horse period
31:53 but the seals go on
31:57 now we come to seal number 4. thus far
32:02 We have seal number 2 a conquering church and pure faith,
32:05 seal number 3 a persecuted church and bloodstained faith,
32:10 seal number brings in ab an age of compromise
32:14 but now notice seal number 4
32:17 it begins in verse 7. Revelation 6
32:21 versee 7 and 8 The Bible says,
32:26 When He opened the fourth
32:30 seal, I heard the voice of the fourth
32:34 living creature saying,"Come and see." So I looked,
32:38 and behold, (What color hourse?)
32:42 pale horse. And the name of him who sat
32:46 was Death, and Hades (or other verison
32:50 say hell) followed with him and power was given
32:54 to them over a fourth of the earth to kill with the sword
32:58 with hunger with death and by the beasts of the earth
33:02 by the way do you see all four curses of the covenant mentioned there
33:06 sword, hunger, death, beasts of the earth.
33:10 speaking symbolically now before we go in to figure out
33:14 what this means just looking at the description let me
33:18 ask you once again. Does that sound like something good that is happening
33:22 or sound like something bad. what od you think? This doesnt sound good
33:26 you have a pale horse. Pale is the color
33:30 of death. In fact the greek word behind pale here in revelation
33:34 is chloris. That's the word used to describe
33:38 someone who has already got one foot in the grave
33:42 so the theme here in the fourth seal is about death!
33:46 The riders death hades or hell is behind him
33:50 he is given power over the earth and now it brings back
33:54 an intensification of violence that
33:58 does not sound good you say well what does it mean
34:02 here is what you are going to discover it
34:06 is describing a time in church histroy
34:10 when the church would be spiritually dead
34:14 see the theme is death in this seal
34:18 it describes an age of history when there was physical death for the true believer
34:22 and spiritual death for the church
34:26 it is really describing the apostacy of the middle ages because
34:30 if you've ever read the history of the middle ages what happened is this and we're gonna
34:34 talk about it in detail one night what happened is
34:38 if you chose to follow the Bible and the Bible alone
34:42 if you that he Bible was above the church
34:46 or religious leaders you were a heretic. Just to own
34:50 a Bible to translate it, to share any
34:54 portion of scripture with someone, the Bible was forbidden book
34:58 if you chose to believe it you were a heretic. You coul dbe burned at the stake
35:02 you coul dbe tortured at the rack you could lose everything
35:06 thats shy this pale horse period is described
35:10 not only as an intensification of violence,
35:14 but the church is spiritually dead. When you leave the truth of the
35:18 word of God, when the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Cross
35:22 of Calvary behind and you start focusing on human leaders
35:26 and human doctrines you are going to spiritually
35:30 die and that is what happened to the church in the pale horse
35:34 period. That is a period from about
35:38 538 to 1798. The Middle age persecution
35:42 now to kind of illustrate why God symbolizes it that way
35:46 let me share with you some things that happened
35:50 during that time period. There have been dissertations written about this
35:54 we're just gonna scratch the surface. the steps to compromise
35:58 that happened in the pale horse period was this traditions
36:02 of men continued to come in. Then came the invention
36:07 of penances. Now are you familiar with what penances are?
36:11 Penances is things that you had to do acts you had to
36:15 preform in order to recieve forgivens for whatever sins that
36:19 you've committed instead of going to Jesus Christ on your knees who is
36:23 the only mediator. What does the bible say? If we confess
36:27 our sins He is faithful and just to (do what?) forgive
36:31 us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
36:35 . Who is the one that does the cleansing Jesus or me?
36:39 Jesus Who is the one that does the cleansing Jesus or the earthly
36:43 religious leader? Jesus is! so men
36:47 were taught by their acts they received forgiveness
36:51 Indulgences came in, if you have read about the reformation period on Martin Luther
36:55 He was highly against indulgences because indulgences
36:59 indulgences taught that you could pay money to pull a loved one out of purgatory
37:03 or perhaps buy your way to haven now I know
37:07 you and I would think how could anybody believe that but you have to understand
37:11 this was a time period when the Bible was hidden form people
37:15 they didn't have the privilege you and I have just getting
37:19 our bible out of the shelf and read it for them selves
37:23 they had to trust in religious leader
37:27 they had to trust human teaching
37:31 and the Word of God was lost sight of and with that Jesus was lost sight of
37:35 in that period images continued to come in
37:40 focus was on the church hierarchy human dogma
37:44 the scripture were totally
37:48 completely lost sight of I hope we realize the privilege we have
37:52 to be able to read the Word of God in freedom and in peace
37:56 Can you say Amen? So here is what the first foru seals tell us.
38:01 seal number 1 is a white horse a pure conquering christian
38:05 faith, first century. Seal Number 2 is a red horse
38:09 a persecuted a bloodstained church, second and third
38:13 century seal number 3 is a black horse period
38:17 bringing in a time of compromise that is about 313
38:21 to 538 and then seal 4 number is a pale
38:25 horse representing a dead that is going into the time of
38:29 persecution through out all of the middle ages for over a
38:33 thousand years but it goes on
38:37 now comes the fifth seal
38:41 now in the fifth you will stop seeing horses and
38:45 horsemen. The fifth
38:49 pauses and focuses ont he persecution of the middle ages
38:53 you'll see that. So lets go to revelation 6
38:57 and we read verses 9 through 11.
39:01 When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the
39:05 altar the souls of those who had been slain for
39:09 the word of God and for the testimony which they held.
39:13 And they cried with a (What?) loud voice,
39:17 "How long, O Lord, holy and true,
39:21 until You judge and avenge our blood
39:25 on those who dwell on the earth?" Verse 11
39:29 Then a white robe was given to each of them
39:33 and it was said to them that they should a little
39:37 while longer, until both the number of their fellow
39:41 servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were,
39:45 were completed. Now that's a fascination
39:49 description is in it ? it is describing souls who are under the altar
39:53 they are crying for God to do justice and avenge their blood they are given
39:57 white robes and told to hold on for a little longer because
40:01 more martyrs are coming. Now let's pause there
40:05 you have to understand this is not to be taken literally
40:09 it does not mean there are literally people under some altar in haeven
40:13 who are crying for God to do the right thing this is
40:17 symbolic it is using imagery coming from
40:21 the old testamnet sanctuary. Now hear what I say because
40:25 it is key to understanding the fifth seal. In the old testament
40:29 sanctuary in the courtyard there was something
40:33 called the bronze altar you see picture on the screen here
40:37 when the lamb would be slain on the bronze altar the blood
40:41 would flow to the bottom and be caught in a pan,
40:45 and of course the blood of that lamb represented the
40:49 sacrificial death of Jesus Christ so when it talks
40:53 about souls being under the altar here in Revelation it is
40:57 referring to their sacrificial killing
41:01 it is referring to marytrs whos blood would be shed during the middle ages
41:05 because that is where seal 4 left off
41:09 And these souls are crying out Lord when are you going to avenge our blood.
41:13 In fact the imagery that's here
41:17 actually comes all the way from the book of Genesis did you know that?
41:21 I want to read you something in the book of Genesis. You know what
41:25 happened between Cain and Abel. When Cain shed Abel's blood,
41:29 God said this to him now notice the phrase God uses.
41:34 Genesis 4:10 the Bible says
41:45 now did God literally mean that Abel's blood had actually formed a mouth
41:49 and was crying out to him it is symbolic.
41:54 What God was saying is I know what has happened
41:57 I know the in the justice that was done to Abel
42:01 and I am going to make that wrong right and Cain was punished.
42:05 And so what God is revealing in the fifth seal He is saying he
42:09 knows about those who have given their life for the gospel
42:13 he knows about those who have sacrificed for Jesus CHrist
42:17 who have stayed true no matter what the cost is he knows
42:21 about the martyrs in the middle ages when millions of people died
42:25 and were burned at the stake
42:29 but it is not just limited to the persecution of the middle ages
42:33 God is speaking of all those who would give their life for Christ all throughout
42:37 the ages He is talking about all those
42:41 who would have to sacrifice family or friends or jobs or
42:45 money or something else because they wanted to remain true to Jesus
42:49 and faithful to His word he is talking about all
42:52 those believers who have had in justices done to them
42:57 because they chose to follow Jesus God is telling them
43:00 I haven't forgetten I remember
43:05 and one day when I come one day in the judgement
43:08 all wrongs will be made right
43:12 can you imagine how comforting that would be
43:16 to those martyrs and there families not just in the middle ages but all
43:21 through out time bother and siste if you are suffering
43:25 because you follow Jesus, I want you to know that God knows
43:29 if you have lost something important because you want to be faithful to God
43:33 he knows and he has made record of it
43:36 and though there may be injustice in this world and though
43:40 I may never be able to fight against my persecutors here God says
43:44 the day is coming. All wrongs will be made right
43:48 God knows what has happen to His people He knows
43:52 has been done to his church he will avenge their blood
43:56 on top of that something that
44:00 should thrill us is in in a symbolic way.
44:04 these martyrs in the fifth seal what are they martyrs? White robes
44:08 it signifies that they are going to be saved Jesus
44:12 assured them of salvation because see in the Bible
44:16 only those who are saved wear white robes
44:20 it represents righteousness of Jesus Christ
44:24 but there is one more part to this seal right at every end
44:28 in verse 11 something fascinating is said
44:32 These marytrs are told to rest
44:36 a little while because
44:40 what the number of their fellow servants
44:44 who would be killed had not yet been completed.
44:48 In other words God is daying that the martyrs will not be limited to the middle
44:52 ages there will be others who are called
44:56 to give their lives for Jesus Christ
45:00 and folks as you and I stand here tonight
45:04 there are people who live in countries who have no religious liberty
45:08 places in a sense where church and state are not
45:12 separated christians today
45:16 who are giving thier lives and still being martyred
45:20 for Jesus you read it in the news paper
45:24 you read it in CNN persecution is still
45:28 going on today and
45:32 it should cause me to ask the question that even though right now
45:36 we live in a place of religious liberty
45:40 am I willing to die for Christ?
45:44 amI willing to give my live for
45:48 truths of Gods word It make ask
45:52 myself just how serious am I
45:56 about being christian?
46:00 or am I fairweather christians?
46:04 who will only follow Jesus when it's convenient
46:08 for me that's tough a question to have to answer
46:12 we can only answer in the privacy of our own hearts
46:16 but that is one of the lesson that comes for the fifth
46:20 seal. But now we make are way to he sixth
46:24 seal this is the longest of all as far as description in
46:28 Revelation 6 verse 12 now the sixth
46:32 seal time period ushers in
46:36 I looked when He opened the sixth seal,
46:40 and behold, there was a (What?) great earthquake;
46:44 and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
46:48 and the moon became like blood. And the stars of heaven
46:52 fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs
46:56 when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the
47:00 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up,
47:04 and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.
47:08 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men,
47:12 the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every
47:16 free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks
47:20 of the mountains, and they said to the mountains and rocks (what?)
47:24 "Fall on us and hide us from the face of
47:28 Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!
47:32 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who
47:36 is able to stand?"
47:40 There is a lot in that one, clearly the sixth
47:44 seal time period ushers in the second coming of Jesus
47:48 because that is what is being described here the sky receding like a scroll
47:52 but before that the sixthe seal opens up
47:56 with 4 interesting signs did you catch in verses
48:00 12 and 13 can you name them well I guess now because I have it on the screen
48:04 a great earthquake, the sun becomes black
48:08 moon beomes like blood, stars
48:12 are falling. Now I guess the first question
48:16 is, are we supposed to take that ltierally
48:20 or are they symbolic of something now almost all
48:24 of Revelation is symbolic but you know how gives us the answer
48:28 to this question? Jesus does
48:32 becasue when Jesus described the signs of the end do you know
48:36 he used those exact same four signs
48:40 but he described them literally way notice what Jesus said in Matthew 24
48:44 I want to read this to you because I want Jesus to be our enterpreter. Can you say amen?
49:08 Now follow this. This is cooming after the persecution
49:12 of the fourth and fifth seals in the latter middle ages
49:16 if these signs occur after the great of the middle ages
49:20 that means these signs should have already have been fulfilled
49:24 because the tribulation of the middle ages ended around 1798
49:28 because in 1798 is when
49:32 Papal Rome lost its power an its government for a period
49:36 of time there was no longer a combination of church and state
49:40 it was separtaed so the persecution stopped
49:44 if these signs come after the great tribulation that means
49:48 some were around 1798 a little before or a little after we
49:52 should have seen these signs occur you say wow did they?
49:56 the answer is yes actually
50:00 you won't here it talk much about it in the secular world
50:04 but when you look up historically reference it is amazing
50:08 let me show you some things quick I wish we had more time on it
50:12 1755 the history tells us about the Lisbon
50:16 earthquake how many people have ever heard of the Lisbon earthquake it was the worst
50:20 earthquake as far as I know in modern times up to that point
50:24 it recorded 8.5 to 9 magnitude
50:28 on the rictor scale. 18000 buildings were
50:32 destroyed in Lisbon Portugal that's 85% of the city,
50:36 the death toll was estimated at 90,000 the
50:40 shockwaves were felt for 1.3 million square miles
50:44 and even 400 miles south Algiors and other cities
50:48 were adestroyed and the records say a
50:52 Tsunami followed did as much damage as the earthquake
50:56 isn't it interesting that the 6th seal opens with an great earthquake
51:00 and right around that time the Lisbon earthquake
51:04 occured we could go on
51:08 ever hear of the dark day in New England you probably never about it on CNN
51:12 but that was a day when things when completely dark
51:16 in the middle of the day and it wasn't an eclipse this how the Conneticut
51:20 historical society records this now I'm just quoting ok?
52:05 see what happened during that time settled in
52:09 from about 8am to noon it began it lasted about
52:13 14 to 15 hours in the middle fo the day, day can you imagine?
52:17 it was so bad that the Conneticut state legislature had to adjourn
52:21 and it was recorded that the darkness went from New jersey
52:25 up to Portland, Maine, parts of Canada, and
52:29 shockingly enough in the evening the moon had the appearance of
52:33 (What?) blood just like is described
52:37 in the sixth seal. But there is yet one more
52:41 the sixth seal said the stars from heaven would fall
52:45 in 1833 notice what was recored
52:49 history says,
53:33 1833. Millions of stars fell
53:37 from the heavens you couldn't miss it people at that time thought this it
53:41 an omen this must be the end of the world maybe Jesus was be coming
53:45 but it was simply one of those signs that ushered
53:49 in the beginning of the sixth seal time period
53:53 here you see them summarized. great earthquake Lisbon 1755,
53:57 Darking of the sun, Moon is like blood 1780
54:01 Stars falling 1833 and the
54:05 next event that would come in the sisth seal
54:09 is the coming of Jesus Christ
54:13 see Revelation tells us we are living in the sixth
54:17 seal time period Jesus is
54:21 soon to come
54:25 but the part that is really something that ought to make us think
54:29 is how His coming is describe here now we already
54:33 verse 14 to 17 it describes people running
54:37 to the mountains and the hills saying fall on us hide
54:41 us from the wrath from the lamb. People running away
54:46 from Jesus because they are not ready
54:50 to me I can only imagine
54:54 what that would be like. But to me the worst
54:58 thing in the world would be to look up into the sky
55:02 and to see Jesus coming
55:06 and knowing in my heart that I'm not ready
55:10 and instead of embracing Him
55:14 I'm running away
55:18 see the sixth seal ought to cause me to ask myself this question
55:22 today am I living
55:26 for christ becasue if I am not living for him
55:30 today chances are strong I may not be living
55:34 for him tomorrow am I ready
55:38 for Jesus to come
55:42 becasue the 6th seal ends with the coming of Jesus
55:46 then lastly is the seventh seal
55:50 now the seventh seal won't take ever long becasue it is only one
55:54 sentence long. But before I read it
55:58 you will notice the seventh seal doesn't come until chapter 8 there is awhole chapter
56:02 in between the sixth seal and the seventh sealyou say why is that
56:06 chapter 7 is like an interlude.
56:10 at end of chapter 6 there is question that asked in the sixth seal
56:14 the question is, For the great day of His wrath has come,
56:18 and who is able to stand?" asking who can stand before Jesus
56:22 who can be saved? chapter 7 is answering that question
56:26 because it is describing the 144 thousand
56:30 now we don't have time to get on that tonight but is very clearly
56:34 a symbolic number the 144,000 are describing
56:38 those who would be saved at the end of time bcasue after
56:42 it talks about 144,000 the second part of chapter 7
56:46 says there is a multitude standing around the sea of glass
56:50 numberless as the sand of the sea and then it goes on
56:54 to descrbes the character of the 144,000
56:58 they had the character of Jesus Christ, so after
57:02 that little interlude then comes the seventh seal in chapter 8
57:06 Revelation 8 verse 1 the Bible says
57:10 and When He opened the seventh seal,
57:14 there was silence in heaven for (how long?)
57:18 about half an hour. Well
57:22 doesn't give us very many clues for that does it. It says
57:26 there is silence in heaven for space of an half an hour
57:30 what does that mean? Apparently the seventh seal
57:34 happens during the coming of Jesus christ
57:38 now I have heard different ideas to what in the world is this silence
57:42 in heaven but you know the one that make the most
57:46 biblical sense is this one
57:50 the silence of Heaven becasue Jesus and the heavenly
57:54 host have left heaven to come to earth to rescue
57:58 his people. Can you say amen? see when the bible
58:02 describes the return of Jesus it says the Lord himself is coming he is
58:06 coming with all the angels He is coming with the angelic host and the armies
58:10 of heaven all the resource of heaven are being emptied
58:14 to come save his people.


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