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00:07 Today there are a lot of people
00:11 who are very confused when it comes to Bible prophecy
00:15 and one of the reasons is because the books of Daniel and Revelation
00:19 are different from other books of the Bible. Theyre filled with all
00:23 sorts of strange beasts and symbolisms
00:27 and people don't always know what to do with them and as a result
00:31 over the centuries people have come up with some very strange
00:35 and some very interesting interpretations
00:39 and because of that there are many people today who will tell you oh
00:43 well you shouldn't study the book of Revelation you can't understand it
00:47 and there will even be churches who will tell you don't read that book
00:51 because it will just make a religious fanatic out of you
00:55 but friends God has put revelation in the Bible for a reason can
01:00 you say amen? And He Himself pronounces
01:04 a blessing on those who study it. Notice what it says
01:08 in revelation1 and verse 3. The Bible says,
01:24 See God
01:28 pronounces a threefold blessings ont hose who study revelation
01:32 he blesses those who read it, those who hear it,
01:36 and he blesses those who keep
01:40 or obey the things that are written in it so that
01:44 tells us that even with the subject of antichrist
01:48 God has a special blessing instore. Now as we journey into this subject
01:52 there is something we need to understand about the
01:56 word antichrist itself. Notice the prefix, anti
02:00 traditionally we think
02:03 that prefix anti refers to being against something
02:07 but the word anti can also mean
02:11 in place of or in the stead of something
02:15 so when we are talking about antichrist we're not
02:19 neccesarily looking for an atheistic power
02:23 that denies the existence of God altogether. What we are looking
02:27 for is something seeking to take God's place on this earth
02:31 or something seeking to usurp his divine authority
02:35 in other words something claiming to have power
02:39 that is only available to God and God alone
02:43 antichrist in the stead of or place of Christ
02:47 so that itself gives us a big clue as to what
02:51 we're looking for and so people ask the question
02:55 is the beast a person. Some people thought that when
02:59 Adolf Hitler was around in world war IIthat maybe he was the beast
03:03 because he murdered 6 million Jews and brought
03:07 many of the world powers into conflict but that didnt work out
03:11 some thought Suddam Hussein might be the beast
03:15 was becasue he was powerful leader in the middle east
03:19 others have conjectured that certain presidents
03:23 of the United States from the past might be the beast
03:27 because apparently their names equaled 666 but that
03:31 didnt happen either. Some wonder well is the beast
03:35 an organization is it a political kingdom
03:39 is it a religious kingdom maybe it is the United Nations
03:43 or maybe it is the Illuminati is it an organization
03:47 and then some people wonder what does 666 means
03:51 some people become very wery of anything that is even
03:55 closely resembling that number. Well I got good news for you tonight
03:59 did you know that based on the clues that both Daniel
04:03 and Revelation give us the Bible answers every one of those
04:07 questions in a very clear and understandable way
04:11 so lets begin with the most significant chapter
04:15 about the beast in the book of Revelation. Revelation chapter
04:19 13 you want to take your bibles and were are going
04:23 Revelation and we are going to start in chapter 13
04:27 This is the chapter in the apocalyptic book that
04:31 tells us the most about the beast.
04:35 The Bible says, Then I stood on the sand
04:39 of the sea. And I saw a (what?)
04:43 a beast rising up out of the sea, having
04:47 seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns
04:51 ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.
04:55 Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet
04:59 were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth
05:03 of a lion. The dragon gave him his power,
05:07 his throne, and great authority. And I saw
05:11 one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded,
05:15 and his deadly wound was healed.
05:19 And all the world marvelled and followed the beast.
05:23 verse 4 So they worshiped
05:27 the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped
05:31 the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast? Who
05:35 is able to make war with him?"
05:39 And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and
05:43 he was given authority to continue (for how long?)
05:47 for forty-two months.Then he opened his mouth
05:51 in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name,
05:55 His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven.
05:59 It was granted to him to make war with the saints
06:03 and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe,
06:07 tongue, and nation.
06:11 Now I'm going to stop there that is quite a description don't you think?
06:15 and right there within the passage John gives us many
06:19 different clues about the beast that
06:23 we need to be able to look at so lets look with the first. The first
06:27 question is this beast that John is describing
06:31 would you say it is a frightening looking beast, yes or no?
06:35 it is make of all these parts it's got body of a leopard, the of
06:39 a bear the mouth of a lion now is that meant to be
06:43 literal or symbolic? What do you think? sure it is that meant to be
06:47 something it doesn't mean the antichrist is literally going to be this
06:51 conglomeration of different animals so the question is
06:55 what does a beast symbolize in Bible prophecy
06:59 and you will find that Daniel gives us the answer. In Daniel 7:23
07:03 which we're gonna study in a few minutes Daniel tells
07:07 us what a beast represents in Bible prophecy notice what it says
07:18 so right here from the Bible and the Bible alone it's already
07:23 it is telling us the beast represents a kingdom
07:27 or a power so from the beginning it is telling us
07:31 antichrist cannot be simply one man
07:35 who only rises at the end of time
07:39 because the Bible just told us a beast represents
07:43 a kingdom so we know that much so far
07:47 well lets keep going on it says that this beast
07:51 rises from where? in verse one and two
07:55 from the sea so the beast rises up out of the waters
07:59 is that significant? and you find that it is because
08:03 in the book of revelation the seas or
08:07 the waters are meant to symbolize something
08:11 you says what does it represent? well instad of guessing or taking our own
08:15 opinion lets allow the Bible to give us the interpretation
08:19 so we're go to have to go to Revelation 17:15
08:23 which I'm putting on the screen now this is a different vision we are going to study
08:27 this vision tonight but the angel does say soemthing to John
08:31 and tells him what waters represent in Bible prophecy
08:35 Revelation 17:15 the bible says
08:51 in other words water or seas in prophecy is meant
08:55 to represent multitudes of people of different languages
08:59 so just those clues tell us
09:03 that antichrist is a kingdom that is going to
09:07 rise in a populated area of the world where there
09:11 are multitudes of people now that is not based on what I think
09:15 that is based on the bible and the Bible alone says
09:19 so those are our first two clues but lets keep
09:23 going because Revelation 13 says more
09:27 Revelation 13 says that the dragon gives
09:31 it is power now in Revelation who is the dragon we have already study
09:35 that, that is Satan so the devil has
09:39 something to do with working behind the scenes
09:43 to make sure this kingdom rises to power
09:47 or dominance we're told that this beast
09:51 has a deadly wound that eventually will be what?
09:55 healed so somehow this kingdom loses power
09:59 for a short time but then quickly regains it
10:03 John also told us that people worship
10:07 the beast now that gives us a clue that it
10:11 is not only political but it must be
10:15 religious in some way because people worship it
10:19 it says that this kingdom this
10:23 beast blasphemes God or seeks to cover up his word
10:27 or speak against God, it has power
10:31 for how long now ew got to do a little calculation
10:35 there. Remember the prophetic principle of interruption
10:39 we learn a few nights ago that in bible prophecy
10:43 1 day symbolizes what? one year
10:47 so we got to some calculation here if I want to know
10:51 how many days are in a 42 month period then I go
10:55 42x30 because the bible calendar
10:59 upon which this is based alway had 30 day in a month
11:03 so 42x30 comes to what number you tell me
11:07 1260 days
11:11 apply the day for year princple and what it saying is
11:15 the beast, this antichrist kindgome
11:19 rules for 1260 years
11:23 again that tells us it can't be one man
11:27 because one man does not live that long and then lastly
11:31 Revelation 13 tells us it persecutes
11:35 God's saints so it is going to be
11:39 a persecuting power now right there in
11:43 Revelation 13 we might even be able to figure out who
11:47 or what it is just based on that chapter alone
11:51 because it gave us some very significant clues
11:55 however does Revelation 13
11:59 come right out and tells us who or what it is yes or no
12:03 it doesnt so guess what we have to do we have
12:07 to go to another part of the bible that is going to
12:11 fill in the blank so we can keep our finger
12:15 in Revelation 13 but now we going to take look at
12:19 Danielchapter 7 so I want yout to turn there in your bibles
12:23 Daniel 7 verse 1
12:27 The bible says, In the first year
12:31 of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had
12:35 a dream and visions of his head while on his bed.
12:39 Then he wrote the dream telling the main facts.
12:43 Daniel spoke saying I saw
12:47 in my vision by night and behold the
12:51 four winds of heaven were stirring up the great sea
12:55 and four great beasts came up
12:59 from the sea each different from the other.
13:03 So here is what Daniel sees. 4 beasts rise. 4 nations
13:07 that would have world wide dominance from the time of Daniel
13:11 onward so lets briefly take a look at each of these
13:15 beasts let start with the first beast which is discirbed in
13:19 verse 4. If you are in daniel 7 verse 4
13:23 with me let me here you say amen alright Daniel 7 verse 4
13:27 The bible says, The first
13:31 was like a lion, and had eagle's wings.
13:35 I watched till its wings were plucked off;
13:39 and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand
13:43 on two feet like a man, and a man's heart.
13:47 was given to it. So here we see a picture of a
13:51 winged Lion and the question is who is that supposed
13:55 to repersent? You will find the Bible and archeology
13:59 make this very clear and understandable. What was the
14:03 nation dominating the world in Daniel's day remember?
14:07 It was Babylon also represented by the head of gold in
14:11 Daniel chapter 2. You say how that's Babylon?
14:15 First of all in the old testament God
14:20 represented babylon as alion. Did you know that?
14:24 Read Jeremiah 4:7 because God told Israel that
14:28 if they don't stop being unfaithful to him and worshipping other Gods
14:32 he said the lion will come out of the thicket and
14:36 destroy you. What nation was it
14:40 that conquered Jerusalem and took the Jews into captivity.
14:44 Nebuchadnezzar and the nation of Babylon.
14:48 Secondly archeologists have discovered
14:52 that when they have unearthed the ruins of Babylon guess what symbol they found?
14:56 all over the palace and the walls of that city. Winged
15:00 lions there is no doubt the winged lion repersents
15:04 babylon but lets go to the second beast
15:08 Now in verse 5 The Bible says,
15:12 "And suddenly another beast,
15:16 a second, like a bear. It was raised up
15:20 on one side, and had three (what?) ribs
15:24 in its mouth between its teeth. And they
15:28 said thus to it: 'Arise, devour much flesh!'
15:32 You say well who is this who is this bear three ribs
15:36 in its mouth? Well the simple question is what nation
15:40 conquered babylon and chronologically became the next world
15:44 wide power and the answer? And the answer is Medo Persia
15:48 it is doing the same thing as the vision of Daniel
15:52 chapter 2. Now the Medes and Persians was made of two
15:56 people groups the persians and the Persians were stronger
16:00 that is why some history books just call it the Persian empire.
16:04 This is probably why the bear is raised up on one side
16:08 you say what about the ribs? The empire of
16:12 Babylon was divided into three provinces. Babylonia,
16:16 Egypt, and Lydia so when Persia conquered them,
16:20 they had to conquer all three of those provinces
16:24 so the bear is MedoPersia.
16:28 lets go to the third beast. The third is in mention
16:32 verse 6 Daniel continue to says.
16:36 "After this I looked,
16:40 and there was another, like a leopard, which
16:44 had on its back four wings of a bird. The beast
16:48 also had four heads, (how many heads?)
16:52 four and dominion was given to it.
16:56 So what is this leopard with wings in its back
17:00 and its got four heads, well the logical question is
17:04 what nation conquered MedoPersia and became the next
17:08 dominant power in the world and the answer is Greece
17:12 see the problem is when we try to take these symbols
17:16 and compare them to nations today it does not work in its context
17:20 it is very clear that daniel 7
17:25 is following the same pattern as the statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2
17:29 but when he get to the fourth beast Daniel 7
17:33 is going to give a lot more detail aboput things.
17:37 So clearly this leopard with four heads and wings
17:41 is Greece and it is interesting that they are represented
17:45 by one of the fastest animals on land becasue Alexander
17:49 the Great conquered the world quicker than anybody, you now how old he.
17:53 was when he dominating the then known world in his early
17:57 30s and and no doubt the wings on the back represent
18:01 speed.You say, what about those 4 heads?
18:05 When alexander the great died, history tells us
18:09 his Grecian empire was divided guess how many parts?
18:13 4 parts were divided among his four main generals
18:17 Cassander, Lysimachus,
18:21 Ptolemy and seleucus all documented in
18:25 history.But now we
18:29 go to the fourth beast because the fourth beast is where
18:33 our focus is tonight lets pick it up
18:37 in verse 7 listen very carefully
18:41 to what daniel describes Daniel 7 verse 7
18:45 The Bible says
18:49 "After this I saw in the night visions, and
18:53 behold, a fourth beast, dreadful
18:57 and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had
19:01 huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking
19:05 in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet
19:09 It was different from all the beasts that were before it,
19:13 and it had ten horns.
19:17 Let's pause there. Daniel see a fourth
19:21 beast he describes it as terrible,
19:25 dreadful, exceedingly strong it has iron
19:29 teeth, and it devours everything
19:33 in its path. So the question is
19:37 what nation is that repsenting? Well
19:41 What would be the power that defeated Greece and became
19:45 the next worldwide dominant supepower
19:49 and the answer is Rome. it is interesting
19:53 that this beast has What hind of teeth did Danile says?
19:57 iron and history calls Rome the iron kingdom they ruled
20:01 for nearly 600 years and truly they conquered and
20:05 crushed everyone that was in their path
20:09 so you can see clearly it was the same four empires
20:13 Babylon, MedoPersia, Greece, and Rome.
20:17 But now in verse 8
20:21 is where we kick it into slow gear.
20:25 because a little horn start to come out of the fourth beast
20:29 a power starts rising out of pagan
20:33 Rome empire and notice that as Daniel
20:37 describes it this little horn gets his attention
20:41 immediately verse 8.
20:45 I was considering the horns, and
20:49 there was another horn, a little one,
20:53 coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns
20:57 were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn,
21:01 were eyes like the eyes of a man,
21:05 and a mouth speaking pompous or some version say
21:09 blasphemy words. We gotta stop there.
21:13 whatever this little horn was it got Daniel's attention
21:17 because he specifically says I was considering the horns
21:21 I was think about this I was focused on this
21:25 and one horn rises out of the fourth beast when it does
21:29 it plucks out three of the ten horns on this beast head
21:33 and this little horn develops eyes
21:37 and mouth like a man and it starts speaking arrogant
21:41 popmous words against God. Can you
21:45 imagine how easily that got Daniel's attention Yes or NO
21:49 the question is what
21:53 is that little horn so here is what we need to do
21:57 a little later in this chapter the angel
22:01 of the vision comes to Daniel and gives him the interpretation
22:06 of many of these things we dont even have to guess I dont have
22:10 to speculate we dont have to take amajority vote because the
22:15 angel is going to tell us the interpretation of many of these things
22:19 so lets skip over to verse 23
22:23 we are still in Daniel 7 and in verse 23
22:27 Now the angels begins to speak to Daniel
22:31 Daniel 7 verse 23 The Bible Says
22:35 Thus he said, The fourth beast
22:39 shall be a fourth kingdom upon earth, (well we already knew that)
22:43 Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
22:47 And shall devour the whole earth, Trample it and break it
22:51 in pieces, (now we already know that to be Rome verse 24)
22:55 The ten horns are ten kings
22:59 (or it can also be translated kingdoms because
23:03 every king has a what? a kingdom so these 10 horns
23:07 coming out of the fourth beast are 10 kingdoms that will
23:11 rise when Rome falls verse 24) The ten horns
23:15 are ten kings Who shall arise from this kingdom
23:19 and another shall rise after them; He shall be different
23:23 from the first ones, And shall subdue three kings.
23:27 He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
23:31 Shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
23:35 And shall intend to change times and
23:39 law. Then the saints shall be given into his hand
23:43 For a time and times and half a time.
23:47 Now we got to pause
23:51 I want to but a summarize on the screen of what the angle has just said
23:55 The angel in verse 23 said the fourth beast is kingdom
23:59 we already know that's Rome. The ten horns
24:03 coming out of Rome the fourth beast represent
24:07 ten kingdoms that will come out of the Rome empire
24:11 when it falls. Do we keep going on?
24:15 this is a list of some of the people groups that can out of the Rome empire
24:19 when it fell. Notice that there are 10 for them, but you notice what's
24:23 interesting three of them the
24:27 Heruli, Vandals, and Ostrogoths are extinct
24:31 the were exterminated
24:35 what did Daniel say happened when a little horn rose
24:39 three of the ten horns
24:43 were plucked out. That going to become
24:47 interesting in a few minutes. It wwhen on to say
24:51 The little horn whould speak words against God, The little
24:55 horn would persecute God's people (the saints), the Little horn think
24:59 to change God's times and God's Law and it would
25:03 rule for time, times, and half a time. Now
25:07 we got talk about that time period before we go any farther that's a new one
25:11 that phrase is new for us. What is time, times, and half of time?
25:15 youknow when you do the calculation from the Bible
25:19 it is 1260 Days. all you have to do
25:23 is take a note in your Bible here, we're not going to look it up now but when you have
25:27 a chance later look up revelation 12 verses 6 and 14
25:31 and it clearly tells you that time times and half a time
25:35 is 1260 days in fact lets do the calculation
25:39 time in the bible that term symbolically
25:43 represents one year, times guess what
25:47 2 years so half time is what?
25:52 1/2 a year you add all them because again the Bible calendar
25:56 30 days to a month, 360 days to a year
26:00 it equals out to 1260 days
26:04 you apply the day for a year principle
26:08 1260 years the little horn rules the same time period
26:12 that revelation 13 said the beast would rule
26:16 the beast and the little horn are the same
26:20 power. Now here is what we have to do
26:24 between revelation and daniel we have just been given
26:28 13 points from the Bible, now I'm very quickly
26:32 review those 13 pionts becasue I want us to be absoluetly sure
26:36 that we got every one from the Bible
26:40 and from the Bible alone so point number 1,
26:44 This kingdom rises out of the fourth beast which is Rome
26:48 so antichrist is going to arise out
26:52 of Rome somwhere in Western Europe that is where Rome is
26:56 Point number 2 Daniel
27:00 said this kingdom out of the ruins of the Pagan Roman empire
27:04 Rome did not fall until 476 A.D.
27:09 according to the history books, so the anichrist kingdom
27:13 did not rise to world wide dominance until some time after
27:17 476 A.D. Point number 3
27:21 Daniel said this kindgom is represented by
27:25 little horn in other words this kingdom will be little kingdom
27:29 Not large in size geographically
27:34 Point number 4 Daniel said the little hour would
27:38 uproot 3 ofo the 10 horns. This little kingdom
27:42 would conquer 3 of the kingdoms which came out of Rome.
27:46 that was the Heruli, Vandals, and Ostrogoths
27:50 Point number 5 Daniel said the little havee eyses
27:55 and like mouth like a manwhich would speake for it. So this kingdom
27:59 would have man at its head who would represent it to the world.
28:03 Point number 6 Daniel said the little horn
28:08 different from the other horns. So there is somthing about this kingdom
28:12 that is different from other kingdoms some unique
28:16 Point number 7 The little horn
28:21 would speak great words against the Most High. In othe words this kingdom
28:25 would speak blasphemy against God. You say what does that mean?
28:29 You got to let the bible define it, the Bible defines blasphemy
28:33 as assuming any rights or power
28:38 that belongs to God and God alone. There two examples
28:42 at least in scripture. One when a man on earth
28:46 claims to be God, in John chapter 10 Jesus
28:50 He told the jews that He is God he claimed equality with the Father
28:54 The wanted to stone him for that, they said your're saying blashemy
28:58 now Jesus can say that because He is God. Can you say amen?
29:02 They didnt believe that. The other example is Luke chapter 5
29:06 When a man claims to forgive sin, remember Jesus told the paralytic
29:10 your sins are forgiven and the pharisees had a fit
29:14 they said that is blasphemy only God can for give sin
29:18 but Jesus is God so He could for gice sins, amen?
29:22 but they didn't believe that. So those are two examples of blasphemy in
29:26 the Bible when someone or something assumes power or authority
29:30 that belongs only to God so whatever
29:34 this kingdom is it would do that. Point number 8
29:38 this kingdom would make war against the saints
29:42 so it would be a persecuting power. Piont 9
29:46 Dainiel said this kingom would try to change
29:50 God's times and God's Law.
29:54 Point number 10. The little horn would rule for time
29:58 times, and half of time, 1260 years
30:02 Point number number 11. Revelation said
30:06 This kingdom would recieve a deadly wound and would be healed.
30:10 Point number 12. Revelation said people follow
30:14 and worhip the beast, so it isn only a political kingdom
30:18 it is a religious power, and point number 13
30:22 finally This kingdom will be represented
30:26 by the number 666. It will be number of a man
30:30 and it will be the number of his name
30:34 Now before we say who or what it is Im gonna ask an honest question
30:38 how many are willing to say yes
30:42 we got all thirteen points from the Bible and the Bible alone
30:46 if we agree on that can I see your hands. Did I make any of those points
30:50 up from other places other than the Bible none they
30:54 all came from scripture. And the truth is
30:58 there is only one power
31:02 in all of human history that has fulfilled
31:06 all thirteen points in absolte detail
31:10 some probably put the clues together and know what it is
31:14 but before I say it is is very imortant
31:18 that you hear what I say after I say it did you catch that,
31:22 that is coming going to become important. The only power
31:26 that has fulfilled all thirteen points is
31:30 the power known as the papacy
31:34 the Vatican City or Papal Rome
31:38 you say woah. Understand this now
31:42 God does not bring this out to hurt or offend
31:46 anybody and neither do I God is
31:50 warning his people of a persecuting power
31:54 that would rise in the middle ages and unfortunately do
31:58 some nasty things as history tells us
32:02 he is warning his people about a power that would take the word of God away
32:06 from the people a power that would cover up Jesus Christ and
32:10 the cross and he wanted his people to be aware of what
32:14 would happen it is important to know God is not
32:18 talking about individual Catholic people today.
32:22 Can you say amen? He is talking about a system
32:26 a kingdom that neither you or I have any control over
32:30 that would do some unfortunate things in the middle ages
32:34 Catholic people who are alive today now there are many how that love God with all their
32:38 hearts, they seek to serve God and their fellow man
32:42 they weren't alive back then, they have nothing to do with the things
32:46 that occured in the middle ages. Can somebody say amen to that?
32:50 this is not meant to be turned into a protestant versus catholic thing
32:54 God is warning about how church and state would unite
32:58 in the Middle ages would become a persecuting power and take
33:04 the bible away from the people. Now having said that since
33:08 I understand this is very sensitive and emotional
33:12 it is important that we be sure
33:16 that the papacy fits all 13 of these points
33:20 because the truth is what I am saying up here is not
33:24 my opinion. Nor the interpretation of a church
33:28 this is what has been taught from the begining the reformers knew
33:32 who antichrist was. Paul knew
33:36 that antichrist was starting to form in the early centuries
33:40 Pagan Rome persecuted God's people, in the middle ages, Papal Rome
33:44 persecuted God's people the problem
33:48 is it has only been in the last 200 years
33:52 that we veered to some other theory saying antichrist is one man that only rises
33:56 at the end of time and the truth is
34:00 that actually comes from Rome in the Middle ages they had
34:04 commisioned someone to come up with a different interpretation of
34:08 antichrist to take the heat off of what was happening in the middle ages
34:12 and they invented what was called futurism I talked about that
34:16 a few nights ago the idea that antichrist is one man
34:20 now before I go back to these points there is
34:24 one question I must clarify that I for got. In parts of Daniel
34:28 the Bible uses the word he to describe the little horn
34:32 and sometimes that make us think see its one man
34:36 but you have to understand the bible uses the personal pronoun
34:40 he and she to describe nations many times
34:44 in scripture I'll give an example. In the old testamnet
34:48 numerous times God referred to the nation of Israel as
34:52 the woman and he would use the term she or
34:56 her when Isreal was faithful He represented
35:00 as a pure woman when Israel was unfaithful to Him
35:04 He respresented her as a prostitute so don't let he
35:08 fool you in Bible prophecy he does not mean one man
35:12 when it comes to Daniel because it rules for 1260 years
35:16 God uses he and she to also represent nations
35:20 so now lets go back over all 13 of these points
35:24 make sure that it represents Papal Rome
35:28 now as I do this I'm just going to tell you we're going to uncover
35:32 some very sensitive things but we have to go over
35:36 it simply to show how Bible prophecy has been fulfilled
35:40 and then at the end we need to ask ourselves the most
35:44 important question what does this mean for
35:48 me today how do I apply it to my life
35:52 in the 21st century that by far is the mst important question
35:56 so lets go throught these points again and see if Papal Rome
36:00 fulfilled them. Point # 1
36:04 Daniel said the little arises from the 10
36:08 dividions of the Pagan Roman Empire. Histroy tells us
36:12 that the papacy came out of Pagan Rome and still resides
36:16 in Western Europe today. Point # 2
36:20 The little rises after the fourth beast
36:24 Rome falls, Rome didn't fall till 476 A.D.
36:28 History tells us that the papacy rose
36:32 to worldwide dominance in 538
36:36 that's when the Emperor Justinian gave political
36:40 to the Pope, so from that moment on
36:44 church and state were united in a persecuting
36:48 power. Point # 3
36:52 Daniel said the little horn is Like a little kingdom
36:56 the papacy is the smallest kingdom in western Europe it
37:00 encompasses only 109 arcers but today it is
37:04 probably the most powerly and riches kingdom
37:08 in th world, Point # 4. Daniel Said
37:12 The little horn conquers 3 of the kingdoms that came out of Rome
37:16 History tell us that the Papal armies
37:20 eradicated the Ostrigoths, the Vandals,
37:24 and the Heruli kingdoms because of doctrinal
37:28 difference, the last to be eliminated was the Ostrigoths
37:32 In 538. Point # 5
37:36 Daniel said the liitle horn would have a man at its head who speaks for it.
37:41 The Papacy has the office of Pope at its head
37:45 who speaks for it and respresents it to the world. That doesn't mean the Pope
37:49 is the antichrist. There are many different pope's. It is the system
37:53 that arose in the middle ages the Bible is speaking of.
37:57 Point # 6. Daniel said the horn is different
38:01 from the other kingdoms the papacy is
38:05 different because it is not simply a politically kingdom
38:09 ruled by you know presidents and prime ministers it's a religious
38:13 system that rules with bishop and cardinal ect.
38:17 That's unique church and state togeather.
38:21 Point # 7. this is were it gets sensitive
38:25 Dainiel said the little horn would speake words of blasphemy
38:29 Please understand what I share next I do it
38:33 in love only to show how bible prophecy was fulfilled
38:37 did papal rome do that in the middle ages?
38:41 remember the definition of what blashphemy is
38:45 assuming any rights or power belonging to God alone
38:49 what were the 2 illustrations in scripture
38:53 a man claiming to be God and one claiming to forgive sin
38:57 that is why the Jews accused Jesus blashphemy did that happen in
39:01 the middle ages? unfortunately, yes.
39:05 From the papal document claiming to be
39:09 God under Fourier Excelastic Dictionary it has this quote
40:10 who is king of kings in the Bible. Jesus
40:14 remember what antichrist means in the place of
40:18 instand of Christ
40:22 see this is were the things happening in the middle ages
40:26 you and I can't relate because we never lived in a situation
40:30 or circumstance like that in the book popular
40:34 catholic theology it says this of the forgiveness of sins
40:38 quoting from valume 6
41:22 These are coming from papal documents this was
41:26 going on in the middle ages unfortunately
41:30 Rome fulfills that point of assuming rights blonging
41:34 only to God. Point # 8
41:38 Daniel said the little horn would make war against
41:42 the saints. If you have ever read History it tells us how
41:47 Papal army's martyred millions of people during the Dark Ages
41:51 and during the reformation. Now I want
41:55 pause here for a second you know somtimes
41:59 as protestants we're temped to get a little bit of a superiority
42:03 holier than thou attitude. Some mistakes were
42:07 made in the Middle Ages that is obvious can we say
42:11 that our churches have never made mistakes
42:15 or as individuals we never made mistakes
42:19 it was only 50 60 years ago that protestant
42:23 churches turned away black men away at the door simply because
42:27 he was black or made him
42:31 sit on the floor like a lesser child of God
42:35 today we would say that was a mistake
42:39 you have to remember all of us have make mistakes
42:43 and it is by the grace of God we turn around
42:47 understand that all religious establishments make mistakes too
42:51 Point # 9 Daniel said
42:55 the little horn would thinks to change God's times and
42:59 law. Now here is where it gets really
43:03 really serious. Did Papal Rome
43:07 do that in the middle ages
43:11 from the document Prompta
43:15 Bibliotheca it says
43:27 and in the Encyciical Letters of Leo XIII
43:31 Pope Leo the thirteenth is says
43:39 Let me give you an ilustration of this, you
43:43 remember how we learned the other night Rome's version of the ten commandment
43:47 is different than what is recored in the Bible
43:51 you say how can that be? if you look at Rome version
43:55 in the catechism, the second commandment is completely blotted out,
43:59 you know the one about forbidding graven images
44:03 you know that images ant statues were used in Rome
44:07 for convenience sake that that on was completed bloted out of the bible
44:11 and the tenth commandment about that thoushall not covet, it was just broken into two
44:15 separate commandment so you still could keep 10 commandments
44:19 You see God's law was has been changed
44:24 and tampered with but what
44:28 about God's times?
44:32 and here is where the sabbath comes back to us in a
44:36 completely new light
44:40 from the book Faith of Our Fathers one of the most popular Papal books
44:44 in recent times Cardinal James Gibbons says
45:04 Now he is speaking truth there, you say
45:08 why is he saying that? Tthe Seventh-day Sabbath in the Bible
45:12 is the true Sabbath. Why he is saying that?H he is challenging the
45:16 protestants, protestants are saying we broke away from you
45:20 because you don't go by the bible and the bible alone yor are putting your
45:24 tradition above the word of God and so Rome is coming back and saying
45:28 wait a minute you say you go by the Bible but yet
45:32 you keep the sunday that came striaght from us
45:36 you ignore the Bible Sabbath and you keep the day we
45:40 sanctified by putting the church laws above God's law
45:44 He is using that to challenge them and is saying
45:48 see you're still following Rome as the mother church come back
45:52 to us he's challenging them with that and in sense
45:56 if you want to summarize this in plain language here is what its saying
46:12 and see this were you begin to realize the deeper issue
46:16 about Sabbath and Sunday it not about
46:20 about two different days now we
46:24 understand about do I follow tradition
46:28 or do I follow what the word of God says
46:32 Do I follow the commandments of men
46:36 or do I fllow the commandments of God
46:40 do we follow human authority
46:44 or God's divine authority, because
46:48 I can tell you for me when I understand that the Seventh-day Sabbath
46:52 is taught thorughout scripture, that it points to God as my
46:56 creator and savior and I understand that
47:00 Sunday comes from the very power that the
47:04 Bible calls antichrist
47:08 causes me to stop in my tracks and think about that very
47:12 very seriously
47:16 do I follow something that comes from antichrist
47:20 or do I follow that witch come from the Bible
47:24 the Bible alone. You see why this tough
47:28 subject to preach and study sometimes
47:32 # 10 The little would have power for
47:36 1260 years. The Papacy ruled, Church
47:40 and Stated were united from 538
47:44 all the way until 1798, because in 1798
47:48 Napoleon and the French Revolution abolished
47:52 the Papal gevorment for a time and if you the addition
47:56 from 538 to 1798 exactly how
48:00 long? 1260 years
48:04 The bible exact was in its prophecy
48:08 Piont # 11 Revelation said the Beast
48:12 would receive a deadly wound, that deadly was 1798
48:16 When Napoleon abolished the Papal government, the Pope at that
48:21 time died in exile but they didn't lose thier power
48:25 for long because in 1929 the Italian
48:29 dictator Mussonlini restored power to the Papacy
48:34 the Lateran Treaty and the deadly wound was healed
48:38 got to show this, I found this, I want the newspaper
48:42 article that come out in 1929
48:46 describing as when the papal power got its authority back I want you
48:50 to notice the wording used in all the way back in the 1929
48:54 San Francicso Chrnicle notice
49:18 Isn't it interesting when Italy give Vatican City there power
49:22 back again the secular newspaper uses
49:26 the very phrase that revelation talks about
49:30 healing the wound that not by change
49:34 or coincidence that is Bible prophecy being gulfilled
49:38 and the last 2 points Revlation sais the beast would be a religious power
49:42 that would be worhiped. Rome is a religious power
49:46 with great political influence. and
49:50 lastly point # 13
49:54 Revelation said the beast would have the number 666
49:58 It would be the number of a man and number
50:02 of his name. Did you the official
50:06 title of the Pope has been "Vicarius Filii Dei"
50:10 in Latin it means "instead
50:14 of Christ" and when you add the Roman numerals up
50:18 of that title it equals
50:22 666 the number of a man
50:26 the number of his name.
50:30 WOW
50:36 There is no doubt that this is what Bible prophecy is
50:40 pointing towards. Again understand God is not seeking
50:44 to condemn dear catholic people today, there are people of all faiths
50:48 living up to all the light they know and they love Jesus can you say amen
50:52 but God is telling us about a power
50:56 that would rise when chruch and state would unite it would be a persecuting
51:00 power it would be a power that would the Bible away
51:04 from the people. but what does that mean
51:08 for me today? This is a question I need to ask
51:12 these are the principles of the beast
51:16 these are the principles that came from Rome in the middle ages
51:20 look at them carefully the principles that were taught
51:24 and espoused throughout the world was this the commandments of
51:29 men are above those of God
51:33 tradition is placed above Bible truth
51:37 and human authority or religulous
51:41 authority is more important than God's authority
51:45 those were the principles that came out of the beast in the Middle Ages
51:49 and so the question you and I must ask ourselves tonight
51:53 is this am I following those
51:57 principles in my life today.
52:01 when you apply it don't make no difference if you catholic, protestant, muslim
52:05 adventis, buddhist whatever the point
52:09 is, it my life when I look at the Bible
52:13 and I says I see what the Bible says, but
52:17 this pearson says it not important, Lord
52:21 I see what Your truth declares, but this church says something
52:25 else. God I know want I'm reading in the scirpture's
52:29 but Lord this pastor says it not important
52:33 when I look at the word of God, but purposely
52:37 choose to put something else or someone else's authority
52:41 above it, I am following the principles
52:45 of the beast, no matter what denomination
52:49 I may be from.
52:53 That's how I need to apply this to my life today.
52:57 See what God is telling us Revelation 13
53:01 what happened in the middle ages
53:05 where church and state unite
53:09 where people were forced to choose between man's law and
53:13 God's law they were forced to choose upon penalty of death
53:17 God is using that as an illustration
53:21 to show me what is going to happen again
53:25 at the end of time because Revelation tells
53:29 me there is going to another great crisis at the end and
53:33 history will repeat itself. The beast will rise
53:37 church and state will again unite and
53:41 people will be forced and coerced to choose
53:45 whether they will follow man or they will follow God
53:49 whether they follow humans commandments
53:53 or whether they follow God's commandments
53:57 we are going talk about that sunday night and so knowing that is
54:01 coming the question we need to ask ourself
54:05 when we go home tonight is this, if you forget anything tonight if
54:09 go home and say I can't remember all those 13 pionts that ok, beacuse the
54:13 whole piont of the message it in the next 3 question
54:38 Am I following Christ and and His Word no excuses
54:42 no straddling the fence with all my heart
54:46 all my soul and all my mind, because
54:50 I plan to follow Him in the end time by His grace
54:54 I need to choose to follow Him today.
54:58 Now we could stop here
55:03 but I'm not going to stop here because of Daniel
55:07 7 does not end with antichrist, there is one
55:12 part of this vision we got to take the last few minutes for
55:16 because I want you to see this, it is awesome in Daniel
55:20 chapter 7 atfer God talks about
55:25 the little horn, about antichrist notice what Daniel
55:29 see next, do not miss this
55:33 Daniel 7 verse 9 Daniel said
56:15 what is happen here? It gives us a picture
56:19 God the father call the Ancient of Days is seated on His throne
56:23 a fiery thorne, thousands upon thousands
56:27 of angelic being are surrounding Him. Then it says something interesting
56:32 The court was seated, and and books were opened.
56:36 This is a judgment seen
56:40 God is about to judge the world, infact God is about to judge
56:45 the little horn for what happen in the middle ages,
56:49 but before I worry about the little horn I better worry about myself
56:53 because when it says books are opened those are the books
56:57 that record the record of our life, every deed every acted
57:01 and so the question is am I
57:05 going to be able to make it through the judgment when God looks my
57:09 book of record and
57:13 notice what Daniel see next
57:17 verse 13
57:30 Who is the Son of man
57:34 in the Bible can you tell me? this Jesus
57:39 Jesus is entering the court room. Jesus is entering the judgment
57:43 seen, Jesus appearing before the Father as our
57:47 mediator, as our advocate, as our defender.
57:51 so when God looks over the record of your life or mine
57:55 Jesus steps in and Jesus say I know that child
57:59 I know David, I know Sues, I know Ellaine, I know Bob,
58:03 I know Perry, yes they have made mistakes but they have accept me as savior
58:07 Therefore I have forgiven them, I have wiped their
58:11 slate clean I have allowed my rightness
58:15 rightness to cover them so in the eyes of the Father when
58:19 He looks at your life He see you as absolutely perfect
58:23 Not because of the life you lived but because of life of
58:27 Jesus counts for you


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