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00:07 A few years ago I had an interesting experience
00:12 with someone who claimed to have the gift of prophecy.
00:16 It happened like this. I was pastoring
00:20 in western part of Pennsylvania. And at that time I was overseeing
00:24 a multichurch district and I was conducting a series
00:28 bible meetings much like this much like this one for the community at large
00:32 and I remember one afternoon I got this phone call
00:37 and on the other end of the line, was a man
00:41 who claimed to bea seeker after truth.
00:45 He told me he heard about the Bible seminar I was doing
00:49 and he wanted to come and learn more about the truths of the Bible
00:53 so naturally I told him he was more than welcome
00:57 when I mentioned the part of town the meetings were being held he wasn't familiar
01:01 with it so I invited him to meet me at a one the church
01:05 parking lot and he could ride with me and I would take
01:09 him to the seminar well that night as I was preaching I
01:13 could see him sitting there in the crowd it wasnt long before I
01:17 could tell something was definitely wrong he was starting
01:21 to get agitated and irritated he was becoming very
01:25 excitable and even while I was preaching he would shake his
01:29 head and say no, no, out loud as thought
01:33 he was disagreeing with what I was saying from the Bible now
01:37 everyonce in a while you'llhave people who want to disrupt the meeting I was
01:42 silently praying in my mind Lord help the man to be calm and whatever
01:46 the problem is I'll deal with it afterwords thankfully
01:50 God answered that prayer but I will never
01:54 forget the ride home that night. As this
01:58 man was riding in our back seat, Marquita and I were up
02:02 front and I remember we looked in the rear view mirror
02:06 that was in frount of us and we could see in the back this man
02:10 had taken his hood, he was wearing a sweater and a hoodie and he had put
02:14 the hood up over his head so his face was hidden
02:18 and when I looked in the mirror all you could see was this hood
02:22 with no face in it. It was deathly quiet
02:26 and Marquita and I look at each other and wondered what is going on
02:30 here? Then all of a sudden he started saying things
02:34 to me He started arguing with me and telling me the things that
02:38 I was sharing from the word of God where not true and even started
02:42 quoting Bible verse but I could tell from the way he was using
02:46 the Bible he was saying things that did not agree with scripture
02:50 and so I very kindly and politely tried
02:54 to guide him back to what the Bible said but it seemed
02:58 the more I said the more irritate and more agitated
03:02 that he bacame in fact he starting became hyper and talk real
03:06 fast and going on and on and on and I don't know if
03:10 have ever talked to some one where you can't get a word in
03:14 edge wise and I remember as I watched it almost as though another
03:18 spirit was taking control of him
03:22 and so finally I decided maybe I had better quiet
03:26 but then I remebr he said to I'll never forget he looked a me and said
03:31 I have to tell you something I am a prophet
03:35 and have been sent by god to tell you that you are wrong.
03:39 Well let me tell you when someone
03:43 says that it gets to you it tends to get you attention so I wanted have
03:47 an open mind because God does have true prophets and I thought ok I'll listen
03:51 to what he has to say but the more he talked the more
03:55 he was contradicted what the scriptures say and as I
03:59 tried bringing him back to the Bible he finally said to me,
04:03 you cant tell me anything that I dont already
04:07 know. and at this point Marquita and I decided you know what
04:11 we're just going to sit there and say nothing more and not
04:15 respond and simply pray
04:19 When we finally got to the parking lot where we had left his car
04:23 he opened the back door took one
04:27 foot and put it outside of our car on the parking lot and then he
04:31 and stood there or sat there for a few seconds one foot
04:35 outside one foot inside and we're wondering what go on here?
04:39 And then he put the foot back inside the car
04:43 and shut the door and started going on and on
04:47 and on and Marquita and I thought what are we going to do
04:51 and the only thing we knew of is just say nothing
04:55 just pray and let God take care of it
05:00 and fortunately after a few minutes the man got out of the car
05:05 and he left. It was a quiet ride home
05:09 let me tell you because Marquita and I had never experienced
05:13 that before. Now there were a couple of clues that this man
05:17 did not have the true gift prophecy #1,
05:21 he was cotnradicting what the Bible said. #2
05:25 He lied to me and he was dishonest he told me
05:29 he was a seeker after truth when that is not really what he was
05:33 at all. In fact I later found out that he had done this to other
05:37 ministers and churches that were in the area
05:41 and then when I asked him the question when he said he was a prophet,
05:45 I said well tell me where do you go to church? He told me he doesnt
05:49 go to church, He doesn't go anywehre to worship the Lord
05:53 Let me get this stright you're a prophet of the Lord but you don't go to church
05:57 and worship him. That doesnt make sense to me.
06:01 So ever since that experience you can imagine I've
06:05 been a little bit leery and sceptical of people who claim to have
06:10 the gift of prophecy but on the same hand
06:14 the Bible also says there is a true gift that is meant
06:18 to bless and edify God's people so tonight we
06:22 need to know how do you tell the difference.
06:26 Let's review begin be reviewing one of the text that we looked at in the
06:30 the last few nights Revelation chapter 12 and verse
06:34 17 This one is on the sreen, the Bible says
06:51 Now remember we studied this remannt,
06:56 that it is refering to this is talking about God's people,
07:00 God's church at the end of time, and they are described
07:04 in two very specific ways. They will be keeping
07:08 God's commandments, according to book of Revelation and we already
07:12 studied that, but notice they it also said that the
07:16 remnent of the last days have what is called the
07:20 testimony of Jesus Christ. So the question is,
07:24 what is that? We'll find that Revelation explains it
07:28 to us. Instead gessing or speculating let the Bible
07:32 give us the answer in Revelation 19:10
07:36 John is in vision, this a differnet vision, but the
07:40 angel comes and says something very significant
07:44 Revelation 19:10 The Bible says
07:48 And I fell at his feet to worship him.( That means
07:52 John was going to worship the angel in the vision)But he said to
07:56 me, "See that you do not do that! I am your fellow
08:00 servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of
08:04 Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of
08:08 Jesus is (is what) the spirit of prophecy."
08:12 hat is the gift of prophecy, you see gift
08:16 of prophecy is when a person becomes a messenger
08:20 for God. They deliver his messages, and his
08:24 words to the people, the Holy Spirit overtakes them and reveals
08:28 things to them, that they are supposed to share with others. This
08:32 angel of the vision had the gift of prophecy
08:36 he was a messenger for God and all throughout
08:40 the Bible, Old Testment and New, you see people
08:44 who have this spirit or gift prophecy .
08:49 You can name a few. people like Jeremiah, or Eliajh,
08:53 Isaiah, and Ezekial, and
08:57 later on we're going find out even prophets in the New
09:01 Testamnet as well so clearly Revelation is saying
09:05 even at the end of time, there will be people with the
09:09 true gift of prophecy but the problem
09:13 is much of the world has a very negative and skeptical
09:17 attitude about modern prophets today probably
09:21 because they had experiences like I had, a few years ago
09:25 and the other reason for the negative attitude, is the devil
09:29 has done a masterful job of coming up
09:33 with some counterfeits.How can we tell the difference?
09:37 between the true and the false? Well look at some of the false
09:41 Right now today there is an explosion of
09:45 interest in psychic phenomena you can go
09:49 one of any 2000 leading newspapers in this country
09:53 andyou will find daily prophetic columns
09:57 or horoscopes and as long as you know your sign, they'll be glad
10:01 to tell you what will happen that day, what you should
10:05 or shouldn't do, and what you can expect and believe it or not
10:09 there are people who actually planned their day around
10:13 what that horoscope says even now we can go
10:17 home and can pickup the phone dial a 1-900 number
10:21 and we can get with in touch with the psychics network where
10:26 people will be happy contact the spirit of dead or
10:30 other spirits and give you advice on some life changing
10:34 decisions that you have to make we can go into bookstores
10:38 and find all sorts of books on new age, astrology
10:42 the zodiac and all these different practices
10:46 and so truth be told prophesying has become
10:50 a multimillion dollar business not only
10:54 in this country but all throughout the world and as
10:58 a resolute of all these counterfeits it behooves
11:02 us to know how can we find the genuine
11:06 so tonight we're going to start this journey by first of all
11:10 taking a look at some of the warning that Jesus gives
11:14 about the false gift of prophecy, so I would you to
11:18 take your Bibles, and I would like you to go to matthew
11:22 chapter 24 and we're going to read verse 24
11:26 The bible says, For false christs and
11:30 false prophets will rise and show great
11:34 signs and (what? )wonders
11:38 to deceive, if possible, even the
11:42 elect. elect. Not lets stop there for a second
11:46 now perhaps you may have not been here the night that we talked this
11:50 but clearly Jesus says in the last days the devil
11:54 is not going to be sitting still and allow people
11:58 to find truth without a fight, it specifically says
12:02 the devil is going to have false christs and prophets in this
12:06 world to confuse us and deceive us to try to lead us
12:11 astray but there is something very powerful in this
12:15 verse almost perplexing notice
12:19 what it says that false christs and prophets will be able
12:23 to do they can show great
12:27 signs and wonders.
12:31 we have to understand is just because some man or some
12:35 woman or some person can do a supernatural phenomena
12:39 or seemingly do some sort of sign or miracle
12:43 Jesus is saying that is absolutely no guarantee
12:47 that that person has been sent by God or that message it is from heaven
12:51 because even the devil can do some miracles
12:55 even the devil can perform signs and wonders
12:59 through others see the biggest test in not
13:03 supernatural phenomena the biggest test is do they teach things
13:07 according to the the wor Of God. And see the sad
13:11 thing is in these last days there will be a lot of people who are
13:15 going to be deceived because they have put all their faith
13:19 in super natural signs and wonders instead of
13:23 on what the Bible and the Bible alone
13:27 says in fact the scriptures go on to talk about this
13:31 the apostle John give warns us in one the letters
13:35 that he wrote I would to invite you turn there as well
13:39 1st John chapter 4 and we want to read 1
13:43 The Bible says, Beloved
13:47 do not believe every spirit but (do what?)
13:51 but test the spirits, whether they are of God;
13:55 because many false prophets have gone out
13:59 into the world. So now obviously John the Apostle heard
14:03 Christ's warnings about false christ and false prophets John was there when Jesus said
14:07 it. So in John's letter he says we shouldn't believe
14:11 everything that we hear thats a good principle to follow. Can you say Amen?
14:15 in fact actually driving up and down the road between Nixa and Springfield
14:20 I see a lot of these billboards that say don't believe everything that you
14:24 hear. Now I don't know who puts it out, I'm supporting to support but the
14:28 principle itself is good in fact John
14:32 is saying to test the spirits
14:36 test the person to know whether it is the true
14:40 gift or the false gift even Paul
14:44 in first Thessalonians 5:19 he says this
14:48 Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise
14:52 prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is
14:56 (what?) hat which is good. in other words, the Bible says listen,
15:00 just because there is a counterfeit don"t throw out all prophecies
15:04 don't throw out everyone who claims to have the gift
15:08 simply test it and you'll hold on to that which is good
15:12 and true and genuine in fact really that's what I have told you
15:16 in this seminar, from night number I said one you check everything
15:20 I say from the Bible and the Bible alone and if we
15:24 will learn to test things we hear in a church, things we read in a
15:28 book, things we hear on TV, God will
15:32 send, light to make sure that we stay on the
15:36 right path of truth. So since the
15:40 Bible tells us to test the spirits the next natural
15:44 question is would be what? Well, how do you do that?
15:48 what test has God given to know
15:52 the difference between genuine and the counterfeit
15:56 and the good news is, God gives us three
16:01 very specific tests that are
16:05 so clear and easy to understand
16:09 that if we follow them none of us need worry about being
16:13 deceived so we'll go through all three of thoses tests just
16:17 now most of them will be in your notes, but I would encourage you to
16:21 also write them down, beasuse when you write something it helps to
16:25 remember a lot more. Lets got to test #1
16:29 all of them are in the Old Testament
16:33 I want you to take your Bible, and go to the book of
16:37 Numbers chapter 12 and verse
16:41 6 Numbers, chapter chapter 12
16:45 and going to read something God says in verse
16:49 6 in fact all three are in the books
16:53 of Moses the first five books of the Bible and you may think why so early
16:57 in the Bible well imagine it, right from the begining
17:01 God's people going to have to know hos to tell
17:05 the the difference between a true and false prophet so
17:09 all the way back to the time Israel to the time of Moses
17:13 God lays out very specific
17:17 principles Numbers 12 beginning in verse
17:21 6 The Bible says
17:25 and this is God speaking,Then He said,
17:29 "Hear now My words: If there is a
17:33 prophet among you, I, the LORD, make Myself
17:37 known unto him in a (what?) vision, and
17:41 I speak to him in a dream". Now we're going to pause
17:45 right there. Here is principle #1
17:49 God tell us the avenue that He uses
17:53 to communicate information to a person who is a true
17:57 prophet of God and notice what god says
18:01 God speaks to His prophet through what? visions
18:05 and dreams. The only exception to that is probably
18:10 Moses. Because in verses after it in verse 7 to 8
18:14 God says well I speak to Moses face to face. But beside that
18:18 God says when I communicate on of My massagers
18:22 I want them to share something with my people. The avenue he uses
18:26 to communicate with them is visions and dream.
18:30 period. If it is any other method
18:34 is not the true gift of prophecy
18:38 in fact when you look throughtout in the Bible this is what you see.
18:42 God appeared to Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel even John
18:46 the Revelator in visions and dreams thats how God
18:50 speaks to his prophets and that is very important
18:54 to understand because notice,
18:58 God does not speak through tarot cards,
19:02 crystal a balls, astrology
19:06 new age practices, seances,
19:10 and talking to the spirits of the dead,
19:14 those avenues do not come from God
19:18 God speaks to His prophets in visions and dreams
19:22 in fact lets review the verse in the Bible that talks about
19:27 how God feels about these other methods. And God
19:31 uses some very strong language here
19:35 Isaiah 47 verse 12 Isaiah 47 verse 12 tells us God's attitude
19:39 through these other means and medium
19:43 The Bible says and God is speaking
20:11 Now what fire do you suppose is He referring here to?
20:15 He is talking about the fires of Hell God is telling us
20:19 to have nothing to do with these other methods
20:23 since they come straight from the dark world. They lead straight
20:27 to hell because when we contact spirits of the dead
20:31 put our hearts and minds in with seances,
20:35 palm read read and tarot cards,we turning
20:39 are minds over to another type of spirit
20:43 and remember God says the dead rest
20:47 in the grave unconsciously until Jesus comes so when
20:51 these people contact the spirits of dead or they get there information
20:55 from something else. Who are they speaking to? Who are
20:59 communicating with? This is the devil and his
21:03 demons trying to deceive people. That is why God says have
21:07 nothing to do with them run away from it, stay
21:12 as far away as possible. I
21:16 kind of relate these methods to credit card teaser rates
21:20 You say what do you mean? I don't know about you but everyday
21:24 in the mail I seem to get mant different offers
21:28 for credit card applications. Anybody body else have that problem?
21:32 my goodness if I applied for every credit card offer I got
21:36 I could have a limit of half a million dollars and would not be a
21:40 a good thing. But what do all these credit card teaser rates saying?
21:44 0% for 24 months or
21:48 2.9% for 18 months, now on the surface
21:52 that does sound pretty good doesn't it, if you do have credit card balance
21:56 who wouldnt want 0% financing but you know
22:00 once you have transfered your balance, what happens
22:04 once the 24 months is over? Yes!
22:08 It rate goes up to the real rate which many time is 20,
22:12 25% sometimes more and guess what you've already transferred
22:16 your balance so you are sucked in. That is
22:20 exactly the way the devil works with his method
22:24 God said he speaks through his prophet, the genuine gift
22:28 is manifested through visions and dreams
22:32 That is test #1. How about rest #2
22:36 this found in the book of Deuteronomy chapter
22:40 18 lets go there Dueteronomy
22:44 chapter 18 and we're going to start read in
22:48 vesre 20 The Bible says,
22:52 and this God speaking, But the
22:57 prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name,
23:01 which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of
23:05 other gods, that prophet shall (what?) die.'Now does God take
23:09 that pretty serious? Yes or No? Indeed he does. Then
23:13 verse 21 give us the next text. And if you
23:17 ay in your heart, 'How shall we know the word
23:21 which the LORD has not spoken? when a prophet
23:25 speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen
23:29 or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has
23:33 not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously;
23:37 you shall not be afraid of him. Now notice
23:41 the question, the people are asking the Lord listen
23:45 how do we know if someone is a true prophet anybody and came and say
23:49 they have a message for us from the lord, how are we supposed to know
23:53 if He really sent from you and notice the test.
23:57 that God gives He said if the things they says
24:01 If it does not happen or come to pass
24:05 they are not a true prophet of the Lord
24:09 So that is test #2. A true prophet of God will always be
24:13 a hundred percent accurate when they are relating
24:17 what God shared with them in a vision or a dream
24:21 Can you say Amen? You know when you think about that makes
24:25 perfect sense becaause someone who has the genuine
24:29 gift who has been taken over by the holy spirit,
24:33 are they sharing their own thoughts and opinions when they speak
24:37 prophetically yes or no. No!
24:41 they are not. it is God's message so can God be wrong?
24:45 yes or no. he cannot so if what they say
24:50 does not come to pass. God is telling us this is
24:54 a counterfeit gift, you need not pay attention to it.
24:58 that test righ there throws out many
25:02 the so called modern prophets today
25:06 maybe someone we have heard of, no disrespect, I mean disrespect but is an example we're
25:10 looking at, Jean Dixon was been looked as a
25:14 modern psychic and prophet. But when all her prophecies
25:18 have been studied, she accurate anywhere from 30-60%
25:22 of time, 60% give her the
25:26 benefit of the doubt, cause sometimes people are so ambiguous
25:30 they can mean all most anything so we'll give it the benefit of the doubt
25:34 say 60%. if I'm going to say thats from
25:38 God if they are right 60% of the time
25:42 what is that saying on the flip side, so we're saying God is wrong
25:46 40% of the time now I don't know about but you but I'm not willing to say that
25:50 are you? See the tests said they will be accurate
25:54 100% of the time. That does
25:58 away with people like Edgar Casey, Nostor Domis
26:02 who perhaps have been accurate half the time but
26:06 innacurate the other half. At the
26:10 end of the year I don't know if you have ever done this, but once December comes if you
26:14 you go through the checkout line at Walmart or any these other grocery or
26:18 convenience store what do you always notice on magazine
26:22 racks near the end of the year. All these
26:26 special magazines that have the sensational propheies for the coming year
26:31 sometimes we buy them, curious about what they say
26:35 You what by the time the end of next year comes, we never go back
26:39 to see if what they said was true but you know there is a Christian magazine
26:43 that decided to that and when tested these so called
26:47 prophet and prophecy you what they recovered? The
26:51 average leading psychic accuracy was 16%
26:55 in the those prophecy. 16%!!!!
26:59 in my mind I'm think I can guess better than that
27:03 am I willing to say God is wrong 84% of the time
27:07 if it is the true gift of prophecy, they arent speaking
27:11 on their own, they are speaking for God, they will be accurate
27:15 in what they say. Can you say amen?
27:19 Now I understand not everyone who is a prophet predicts the future. You know
27:23 like Elijah he didn't really predicted future, except wouldn't raining for 3.5 years
27:27 in fact if they're a prophet, that doesn't even mean they have to write a book in the
27:31 Bible you think one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testment, who
27:35 I just mentioned is Eliajh. Did he write a book in the Bible
27:39 Not one he didnt write one solitary word in canon of scripture
27:43 Now of course he is quoted and there are stories about hom
27:47 but sometime a person is simply a messenger form God not neccesarily
27:51 prediction of the future, but when they do,
27:55 they should be accurate if they're from God
27:59 the only exception to that is when there is a conditional
28:03 prophecy. A conditional prophecy what is that?
28:07 That's when there is a condition to it. Can you think of conditional prophecy from the
28:11 Bible? I'm thinking of Jonah. Remember how
28:15 God told Jonah to go to Ninevah
28:19 and what was supposed to tell Ninevah? That in 40 days,
28:24 Ninevah is going to be destroyed
28:28 unless they what? Repent! There was a
28:32 condition you will be destroyed 40 days, but the
28:36 condition is you will repent God will relent. Did Ninevah repent?
28:40 They did in fact it says their king put on sackcloth and ashes
28:44 and the whole city repented as a result
28:48 God did not bring that disaster upon them because
28:52 there was a condition base to it. Even
28:56 prophets make mistakes in there human nature. They're still sinners they still
29:00 need to be saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and His blood that
29:04 is blood shed on calvary. Amen? so they may have personal opinions
29:08 that may not be accurate but when they speak in vision
29:12 when they speak what God tells them, they will be 100%
29:16 accurate because it isn't their message its God's emssage.
29:20 That is test #2. Then comes test
29:24 #3. This is also in the book of Deuteronomy.
29:28 so lets go to 5 chapter backward
29:32 go to Deuteronomy 13 and verse 1
29:36 "If there arises among you a prophet
29:40 or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign
29:44 and the sign or the wonder comes to pass,
29:48 of which he spoke to you, saying, 'Let us
29:52 go after other gods'─which you have not known─'and let us serve them,'
29:56 And then vesre 3 tells what we should do. you shall not
30:01 listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams,
30:05 for the LORD your God is (What is that word?)
30:09 testing you (some version say testing, some version say proving)
30:13 testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God
30:17 with all your heart and with all your soul. Now catch that
30:21 here a prophet, so called fulfills the first two
30:25 test they get their information from vision and dreams and what they
30:29 comes to pass, they're even doing signs and wonders but
30:33 the prophet is saying let us go after other gods let's ignore
30:37 God's commandment lets ignore His
30:41 law lets ignore what His word clearly
30:45 states. God says that is not a true prophet
30:49 of the Lord. So in other words if fulfill the first two
30:53 test, but they fail test 3 which says this
30:57 A true prophet will always be in harmony
31:01 with the Word of God. It will never contradict scripture.
31:05 ever. So think about
31:09 it is the Holy Spirit taking ocntrol of the person who has
31:13 the gift of prophecy. Who is it that inspired
31:17 the messages of Scripture? The Holy Spirit, Holy
31:21 Spirit took control of these authors as well. So is the Holy Spirit
31:25 going to say anything through a so called prophet
31:29 that is going to contradict himself in the Woord of God?
31:33 That's not going to happen, A true prophet will always be in harmony
31:38 with what God's Word teaches so even if they do sign and wonders
31:42 they get their information from vision and dreams their prophecies come to pass
31:46 if they contradict God's word, God said it is the counterfeit
31:50 gift throw them aside do not listen to
31:54 what they say. In fact that is pretty true
31:58 even we're trying to decipher trure today. Notice what
32:02 this prophet said let's go after other gods let's ignore God's
32:06 Law.Even today whether it be a church
32:10 or preacher, when someone tells me
32:14 to ignore what God's Law clearly states
32:18 I dont care what kind of fantastic reasoning they have
32:22 God says it is not from the Lord and you
32:26 have a clear example here in Deuteronomy that is why
32:30 Isaiah made this statement. In Isaiah 8:20 he wrote
32:34 To the law and to the testimony!
32:38 If they do not speak according to this word, (then what?)
32:42 it is because there is no light in them.
32:46 Now what word do suppose that Isaiah is about?
32:50 The Word of God they contradict this word.
32:54 The Bible says there is no light in them, it doen't matter if
32:58 if the are popular it doesn't matter if their on TV, it doesn't
33:02 there're the biggest church in town, it doesn't matter if they can do signs and wonders
33:06 if they speak not according to this Word there is no
33:11 light in them and popularity means
33:15 nothing. Do you understand why these principle are so important
33:19 today? If we follow them God will
33:23 lead us to truth, I remember
33:27 a few years ago, I had come across a book in a bookstore
33:31 that the title fascinated me. It was called divine
33:35 revelations of hell. Now if you were here when we studied this subject
33:39 the other night we learned something. But in this book it was
33:43 someone who claimed to have the gift of prophecy who had been taken
33:47 off in vision and shown what the horrors of hell are right now
33:51 happening today, people's flesh being ripped out by demons,
33:55 flesh falling off bones in great graphic detail
33:59 but I knew as soon I read it , it was false
34:03 gift because this person was describing hell as though
34:07 it was burning right now and we learned the other night the Bible
34:11 is absolutely clear from the Word of Jesus, hellfire
34:15 deos not burn till the end of the world, nobody is burning
34:19 in hell right now. Not my opinion, not a churches,
34:23 that is what Jesus said in Matthew 13. So when I saw that book
34:27 contradict scripture I knew right away even though
34:31 teh pearson may be sincere it is not the geneuine
34:35 gift of prophecy because it contradicts the Word of God
34:39 so just looking at these test lets put three of them
34:43 on the screen here. Test #1 They
34:47 receives their messages in visions and dreams. Test #2
34:51 they will always be 100% accurate and test #3
34:55 It will never contradict the Word of God
34:59 some of the on the Bible talks about. Is they point out sins
35:03 of God's people. It is not always a happy go luckily message when someone
35:07 communicates something from the Lord, and they provide guidance and consol
35:11 for God's people. So here is the question
35:16 obviously there were people with gifts of prophecy in the Old Testament
35:20 but was there the gift of prophecy in the New Testament?
35:24 or did God some how end this gift
35:28 after Old Testment times? And the amazing thing is
35:32 even though we sometime overlook it. Do you know there
35:36 were prophets even in the early New Testament church
35:40 let me show you a couple of things in Joel chatper 2
35:44 verse 28, Joel utters a prophecy
35:48 near the the end of the Old Testment period and he looks into the New
35:52 Testment and into the last days. I want you to notice what
35:56 he writes Joel 2 verse 28
36:00 The Bible says "And it shall come to pass afterward
36:04 That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
36:08 Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men
36:12 shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see (what?)
36:16 visions.And also on My menservants and on My
36:20 maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.
36:24 See Joel is looking into the future there and he says there will
36:28 be people men and women old and young, who
36:32 have the genuine gift of prophecy
36:36 so if that is true, that means I should be able to find
36:40 some individuals with those gifts in the book of Acts Don't
36:44 think? think? I mean if Joel said in future He going
36:48 pour out His Spirit, we should see prophets in the New Testment
36:52 You know what? They are there we just tend to overlook those
36:56 verses. Let me show you a couple, let's take our Bibles
37:01 and lets got to the book of Acts, I want to lookup two
37:05 specific passage lets star in Acts chapter
37:09 13 and verse 1-3
37:13 Acts chapter 13 ane we're going to star in
37:17 verse 1. The Bible says,
37:21 Now in the church that was at Antioch there
37:25 were certain (what?) prophets and teachers:(and then it
37:29 names them) Barnabas, Simeon who was called Niger,
37:33 Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen who had been brought up with
37:37 As they ministered to the Lord
37:41 nd fasted, the Holy Spirit said, "Now
37:45 separate to Me Barnabas and Saul for the work
37:49 to which I have called them." Then, having fasted and prayed,
37:53 and laid hands on them, they sent them away.
37:57 Now letspause here for a second. It says we're at
38:01 the church in Antioch and there were certain prophets
38:05 and teachers and it names these individuals
38:09 so clearly God blessed some people
38:14 with the gift of prophecy to provide guidance for the early
38:18 New Testment church. In fact it tells us in this passage
38:22 one of the things the gift of prophecy told them to do
38:26 they were told to seperate, what two people?
38:30 Barnabus and Saul to be missionaries
38:34 for him. They were sent away. Saul would become the missionary to the Gentiles
38:38 in a sense. Now I would you thinkabout something. If the holy spirit
38:42 had not directed the church to do that through the gift of prophecy
38:46 do you think that would have made Saul a missionary
38:50 for the church that soon? Think about who Saul was.
38:54 now. He was the greatest enemy of the Christian church
38:58 I mean he left Jerusalem to try to put christian in prison and
39:02 execute Christians and in Dascus on his way to there
39:06 he is converted and this is still somewhat early on
39:10 and probably some of the christian were saying lets just wait and see
39:14 if this guy is genuine we don't want to sat him apart and send him out
39:18 to gentile lands yet, In fact if the Holy Spirit
39:22 had not intervened they may of never made him a missionary we don't know
39:26 but it was the Holy Spirit through the gift of prophecy that gave
39:30 that early church guidance and look what happened to the gospel
39:35 because of ministry and missionary travels of Paul
39:39 Can you say Amen? See
39:43 when you think about it, Christians of the 1st century,
39:47 what class ofpeople were most of them from?
39:51 Upper class or Lower class? They were
39:55 loser class because if you were upper class
39:59 you weren't going to follow some God who was crucified as a criminal
40:03 on a cross you take about humbling your
40:07 life and surrendering your heart and admitting
40:11 sinner, people in the upperclass aren't going to do that.
40:15 or follow some guy who was nailed to a cross. Because they don't recognize
40:19 their need. It was the lower class that were
40:23 mostly christians, there were some upperclass, the majority was
40:27 lower class and think of the impossible task
40:31 that Jesus gave those christians. He said you're going to take the gospel
40:35 Where? The whole world every nation, every people group
40:39 every languages. How are these uneducated christians
40:43 who don't know all these languages or cultures, how in the world are they
40:47 are they gospel all there different languages. it is because
40:51 the church was blessed with gift of prophecy God
40:55 guided them through this gift on how they could take the gospel
41:00 to the world and that is why the 1st century says the christian church
41:04 turned the world upside down. God
41:08 always guides his people with the gift of prophecy. The true gift
41:12 that is. In fact there is another example, since we're in Acts,
41:16 lets go to chapter 21. Acts 21 and I want to read
41:20 something to you specific in verse 8 Acts chapter
41:24 21 and verse 8
41:28 The Bible says, And on the next day,
41:32 we who were Paul's companions departed
41:36 and came to Caesarea, and entered the house of
41:40 Philip the evangelist, who was one of the seven,
41:44 and stayed with him. Now notice verse 9
41:48 Now this man had four virgin daughters
41:52 who prophesied. (Who did What? prophesied) And as we stayed
41:56 And as we stayed many days, a certain prophet named Agabus
42:00 came down from Judea. When he had come to us, he took
42:04 Paul's belt, bound his own hands and feet, and
42:08 Thus said, (he is basically uttering aprophecy here)
42:12 says the Holy Spirit, 'So shall the Jews at
42:16 Jerusalem bind the man who owns this belt, and
42:20 deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.' "
42:24 now let look at this second, it'sfascinating. They go to Cesaria
42:28 they stay with Philip the evangelist,
42:32 he has got for daughters that do what? Prophesy!
42:36 Now it doesnt tell us what they said, they never write any book
42:40 of the Bible you don't need to, just cause you have the gift of prophecy
42:44 used to deliver messages to the christian church and then
42:48 in verse 10 mentions a very specific prophet named
42:53 Agibus, and as far as I can remember this is one of the only places he is mentioned in the
42:57 Bible. Agibus came from Judea, had a
43:01 message for Paul. He took Paul's belt, bound
43:05 his own hands and said, thus says the holy Spirit whoever owns this
43:09 belt if you go to Jerusalem, you're going to be bound it's go going be
43:13 the beginning of the end. Why did God say that
43:17 see Paul was planning to go to Jerusalem
43:21 remember what Jerusalem was. He had not been back to Jerusalem
43:25 sense he left there planning to kill as many christians as
43:29 he possible could and on the road to Damascus he is converted
43:33 and all these Jews back in Jerusalem understand what
43:37 Saul is now converted and they now look at him as
43:41 biggest traitor thae ever lived and they have determined if ever
43:45 get their hands on that guy, they'll kill him on the spot
43:49 Paul has determined he's going back to Jerusalem because he has such
43:53 a passion to share the gospel with his country men
43:57 but God tried warning him through the gift of prophecy
44:01 said Paul don't go there. I know you have good intentions
44:05 I know you have a love for your people, they aren't going to accept it
44:09 Paul it is going to be the beginning of the end. And you know what?
44:13 Paul didn't listen. The church tried
44:17 talking him out it but because he loved his country men
44:21 so much he went to Jerusalem any and ignored this prophecy
44:25 and you what? God was right
44:29 it was the begin of the end for Paul, there was a riot
44:33 he was arrested he appealed to be tried
44:38 before Caesar and he was shipped to Rome where
44:42 eventually died in Rome,
44:46 it was the beginning of the end God was trying
44:50 to guide his church through gift of prophecy
44:54 that is why it says in Ephesians
44:58 and He Himself gave some to be prophets
45:02 or some to be apostles some prophets some evangelists
45:06 and some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints
45:10 saints for the work of (what?) ministry, for the edifying
45:14 of the body of Christ, God gave his church all the gifts for
45:18 what purpose? for the ministry! We do not
45:23 control the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit controls us. Can you say Amen.
45:27 very important to remember that. But now here is the question
45:31 we lead to . Were there prophets in the old Testament?
45:36 Were there prophets in the new testment? Could there
45:40 be someone or some people with the gift even today? Yes!
45:44 Acording to the Bible. That's why we read
45:48 in Revelation 12:17 And the dragon was wroth
45:52 with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant
45:56 of her seed, which keep the commandments of God,
46:00 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. In other word two Characteristics
46:04 God's last day people. They keep His commandments they have the testimony
46:08 of Jesus, which we already leard is the gift of prophecy
46:12 So now what is this telling us?
46:16 God says there is a remnant movement in the last days, not we study that the last
46:20 couple nights. That movement is going to be christian
46:24 of all faiths who band together, draw people back to the
46:28 commandments of God and back to the Bible and the Bible alone
46:32 God says that remnant movement is going to have the active gift
46:36 of prophecy. now lets put together some things that we
46:40 learned. Revleation said that 1260 years
46:44 of persecution, the Papal persecution. That lasted
46:48 to 1798. Revelation said there would be
46:52 there would be a remnant after that and in the early 1800s
46:56 The Great Advent movement began
47:00 and what happen in what is called the Great Advent movement
47:04 Religious persecution is gone now America exist with religious liberty
47:08 So now you have people from all faith Catholic
47:12 Baptists, Methodist, Episcopal
47:16 Lutherans coming together and saying lets study
47:20 the Bible, lets learn the truth of the Bible, lets throw
47:24 away all the traditions and commandments of men that came from the
47:29 apostasy of the middle ages, lets just come back to the bible
47:33 and as they did they this group of people discovered the Sabbath. They
47:37 discovered the commandments of God they discovered the soon coming of Jesus Christ
47:41 eventually they all those christian formed together in what would become
47:45 known as the Seventh Day Adventist movement, or Seventh Day Adventist church
47:49 and in that great Advent movement with
47:53 people from all denominations. There was a young Methodist lady
47:57 named Ellen Harmon, her married name was Ellen White who began
48:01 receiving visions and dreams. So far we've talked about the
48:05 false gift of prophecy. I'd like to show you what I believe is an example
48:09 of the true gift of prophecy. While this remnant
48:13 group was trying to bring people back to the bible and the Bible alone
48:17 God used this women Ellen White who had
48:21 2000 visions and dreams that provided guidance and
48:25 council for this advent movement that was trying to draw
48:29 people back to God's word and back to His
48:33 commandments. It's a small group they didnt know how to do this.
48:37 Herprophhecies were always accurate,and fulfilled, they never
48:41 contradicted the Bible, they always focused on Jesus and the
48:45 cross, they denounced the sins of God's people,
48:49 You know what is really interesting she wrote over 55,000
48:53 pages and is the fourth most translated writer
48:57 in history. all with an eighth grade education
49:01 an you believe? It says that she wrote over 50 books
49:05 She lectured to thousands, on three different continents
49:09 now one of the most famous books she ever wrote, is called The Desire
49:13 of Ages. I actually have a copy of this book. The Desire of Ages
49:17 is a book that takes Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the four Gospels
49:22 on the life of Jesus and puts them all together
49:26 this book has almost 4000 Bible verses
49:30 in it and it was voted by the Library of Congress to be the best
49:34 book ever written on the life of Jesus, of course next to the Bible
49:38 the Bible is number in fact one of the workers or directors
49:42 of the library of congress made this statement. Now these are not my words
49:46 he said,
50:02 Now he is talking
50:06 outside of the Bible, the Bible is the number one by far on the life of Jesus
50:10 Christ. Can you say Amen? But out side of that he talks about something
50:14 this woman with an 8th grade education wrote,
50:18 and I've read this book. It brings out so many lessons
50:22 that many times we overlook. In the book
50:26 that she wrote, She wrote The Great Controversy which talks the prophecies
50:30 of the end times.She made this staatemnet: She said
50:34 In our time there is a wide from their departure from their
50:38 doctrines and precepts, (talking bout the doctrines of the Bible?) and
50:42 there is need of a return to the great Protestant principle
50:46 the Bible, and the Bible only, as the rule of faith
50:50 and duty. See the true gift of prophecy
50:54 should always point people back to the what book? To the Bible
50:58 the Bible and the Bible alone never should it point them somewhere
51:02 never should it be used to exalting oneself as messenger
51:06 It always pointing to Jesus and it always back to the Bible
51:10 that is what the genuine gift is supposed to do
51:14 now soemtimes there is misunderstandings and I want to be clear about this
51:18 because I've heard people say, oh well those Seventh-day Adventists
51:22 they're a cult because they follow what Ellen White says and Ellen White
51:26 is their Bible, Now I want to publicly say and say it video
51:31 nothing could be further from the truth I would not belong
51:35 to a movement that places some human being above what the
51:39 word of God says can you say amen? We've been here at this seminar
51:43 so you tell me. What book has been used above all others
51:47 the Bible and the Bible alone. How many Bible verses have we
51:51 looked up each night. I don't exactly know how many but we
51:55 looked up lots of them. In fact some of you have indicated I've used the Bible more in this seminar
51:59 than I have my entire life. It's
52:03 always amazing how people will just repeat something that was
52:07 written in a book somewhere by someone who apparently has a prejudice
52:11 or a vendetta and believe it and never have fellowship
52:15 in a Seventh-day Adventist church. But the truth is you
52:19 could find someone who wrote a book against every church that ever existed
52:23 I could find you a book someone wrote against Catholics or book someone against
52:27 Methodist Just someone who has an agenda the fact that
52:31 someone would spends their life desparaging another group
52:35 ought to be an indication of what kind of spirit is behind
52:39 the book. Doesn't that make sense? You always go back to the Bible
52:43 But just to be clear I'm going to show you the official statement
52:47 of the Seventh-day Adventist church on the Gift of Prophecy
52:51 And this is just word for word
53:24 Never should anyones word be placed
53:28 above what scripture says that is not what the gift of
53:32 prophecy is for. I'm just going to show you real quick
53:36 I believe this a good example of the genuine gift, Iwant to show you
53:40 something she wrote a 150 years ago her first book was called
53:44 Early Writings and she made this statement, She said:
53:49 I recommend to you, dear reader, (What?)
53:53 the Word of God (notice she didn't say I recommend to you dear reader
53:57 myself on my word) I recommend to you, dear
54:01 reader, the Word of God as the rule of your faith and practice.
54:05 By that Word we are to be judged... The Holy Scriptures are
54:09 to be accepted as an authoritative, infallible revelation of His
54:13 will. They are the standard of character, the revealer of doctrines,
54:17 and the test of experience... (and then these last two sentence
54:21 cap it for me) Little heed is given to the (what?)
54:25 to the Bible... the Lord has given a lesser light
54:29 to lead men and women to the gift of
54:33 greater light. That encapsules the true
54:37 prophecy in one sentence. Someone who has that gift
54:41 is a lesser light that is to point people back
54:45 to the greater light. It is not to bring up new teachings
54:49 or new doctrines, it's simply to point people back to what they have been
54:53 ignoring from the beginning. That is the greater light of the Bible
54:57 and the Bible and the Bible alone, that is the genuine gift.
55:01 The false is when someone place their word above it or wants to drawing
55:05 the attention to themselves and unfortunately we have seen that happen in the world
55:09 There is one other thing I want to show you because I fine this humorous
55:13 Even back in her day there were some people who
55:17 starting to take her writings and try to place them above the Bible
55:21 and whenshe found out what the were doing, I want you to
55:25 listen to the startling rebuke she gave those people
55:29 now understand back then they called people
55:33 sister so and so and brother so and so that from the 1800s. But she wrote
56:06 see when someone says that
56:10 and prevents people from trying to place writings where they don't belong
56:14 that is the genuine gift. If she would have said oh yeah my
56:18 writing are better than the Bible, please place them above the Bible. That would have been
56:22 absolute guarantee that is a false gift of prophecy. It always
56:26 points people back to the Bible.
56:30 But folks here is the point tonight, you might be saying well pastor
56:34 Dave how do I know if she or any person
56:38 really has the gift of prophecy, Friend it comes down
56:42 to those three test. Do they get there message
56:46 in visons and dreams, are they 100% accurate
56:50 and do they every contradict the Word of God.
56:54 But folks the truth is this you
56:58 can't test the spirit until you know your
57:02 Bible. You cannot test the spirit between the
57:06 true and false unless we spend time everyday
57:10 reading this word this is the most
57:14 important book in the christian life. Can you say amen?
57:18 But yet we spend so little time in it.
57:22 Oh we watch our television. We have our sports games.
57:26 Oh we'll watch the entertainment world
57:30 all while our Bible sits on the shelve and gathers dust
57:34 the prophecies of the end time are being fulfilled right
57:38 now in front us. Tonight I ask you,
57:42 you have you made the Bible a priority in your life
57:46 that is why it says: All scripture
57:50 is given by inspiration of God and is profitable
57:54 for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for
57:58 instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be complete,
58:02 thoroughly equipped for every good work.
58:06 I wounder if tongiht you would be willing to you say Lord
58:10 I need more time in the Bible
58:15 I need to make it a priority so I
58:19 can know the truth are we willing to say
58:23 in our hearts, Lord help me to spend more time in Your Word.


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