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00:07 One morning back in 1991, an
00:11 eleven year old girl was walking to her bus stop in her south
00:15 Lake Tahoe neighborhood but it was the last time
00:19 anyone would see her for 18 years
00:23 her name was Jayci Lee Douger and on that morning
00:28 a man by the name of Philip Gorito kidnapped her
00:32 and drove to her home to his home that was 100 miles away
00:36 for 18 years she was held captive in this man's
00:40 home. During that time, he repeatedly abused
00:45 and raped her and as a result of the abuse he even fathered 2 children through
00:49 this young girl for eighteen long years
00:53 no one knew his little secret
00:57 for 18 years no one knew what was going on
01:01 inside that house, for 18 years
01:05 it was total hidden from the eyes of the world
01:09 Until one day in August 2009, somebody
01:13 got suspicious and they called the authorities and when the police
01:17 search they indeed found Jaycee Lee Dugard,
01:21 who was then 29, and the mother of two children herself.
01:25 they promptly rescued her and her children and returned
01:29 them to their family. But Mr. Gorito and his wife
01:33 were arained on 29 felony counts of rape,
01:37 kidnapping, and false imprisonment his bail
01:41 was set at 30 million
01:45 dollars. When this story hit the airways
01:49 and people were outranged they angry they were
01:53 appalled that someone could actually do this to a child
01:57 people were saying this man a monster that this
02:01 crime is unforgivable that it act
02:05 is unpardonable and that brings
02:09 us to our question tonight. Is there a sin
02:13 that God can not forgive?
02:17 Is there an act so heinous and so evil that
02:21 even God Himself will not pardon?
02:25 This were we have to this journey into a subject that is called
02:29 unpardonable sin, the truth is you will
02:33 very rarely hear this stuff get talked about in christian churches
02:37 because as I mention is not necessarily one of these
02:41 happy go lucky subject that makes us feel real tingly
02:45 good inside. It is not the kind topic makes one
02:49 want to put money offering plate, because when you talk about
02:53 the unpardonable sin the emphasis is on the fact that there comes
02:58 a point in every persons life where they need to make a decision
03:02 where there is no more straddling the fence and we have
03:06 to decide whos side we are on.
03:10 My prayer is as we go through this subject tonight
03:14 everyone in this probably is struggling with some
03:18 decsion they need to make in this christian experience now we aren't all struggling
03:22 with the same thing cause the devil deals with us in different ways
03:26 but at some point you and I to decide are we with Jesus
03:30 100% with all of out hearts with all of
03:34 souls and with all of or mind that is what this subject will talk about.
03:38 Now some people think the unpardonable sin is
03:42 murder. But that can"t be it, because both Moses
03:46 and King David murdered but when they sincerely repented
03:50 they were forgiven some people say the unpardonable sin
03:54 is committing adultery. But that not it either because Mary
03:58 Magdelene committed adultery more than once and when she sincerely
04:02 repented Christ for gave her. Some people think
04:06 unpardonable sin perhaps is suicide because once you take
04:10 your life they say you don't have an opportunity to repent, but that not
04:14 it either because Samson committed suicide and the Bible
04:18 leads us to believe he to will be saved
04:22 and so that brings us back to the question then what
04:26 is the unpardonable sin? In fact what we'll
04:30 discover the unpardonable sin is not one
04:34 particular sin act that is worse than all the others
04:38 lets take look at what is says here 1st John chapter 1
04:42 and verse 9 The Bible says
04:46 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just
04:50 to (what?) forgive us our sins and to cleanse
04:54 us from (most of our unrighteousness?) all unrighteousness.
04:58 Now do you notice there is no exception to that promise?
05:02 Yes or No? It doesn't say all of our sins except murder
05:06 or except adultery or except suicide or whatever we want to put
05:10 in there. The Bible assures us that when one comes to the
05:14 feet of Jesus and they sincerely surrender their heart
05:18 and repent of their sin, we have the absolute assurance
05:22 that Jesus says he will forgive us, cleanse us
05:26 and he will give us his righteousness. Can you say Amen
05:30 that means I cannot fall so low that God will not forgive me.
05:34 I cannot fall so far deep into the the pit That God
05:38 in unable to reach down and to pull me backup as long
05:42 as I can repent Jesus will forgive
05:46 but that brings us back to the question well then Pastor
05:50 Dave what is the unpardonable sin?
05:55 and we're going to begin our journey by letting
05:59 Jesus himself answer This question. I want you to take
06:02 your Bibles and turn Matthew chapter 12
06:07 begnning verse 30 in fact most of the verses
06:11 we lookup tonight are going to come straight from the words
06:15 Christ in the four gospels. Matthew chapter
06:18 12 and we want to go to verse 30
06:23 and in this passage Jesus speaks
06:27 only three verse that are filled with
06:31 profound princple that we need to pay attention to
06:35 now bother you know I love you, but I'm going to tell you tonight
06:39 I'm not going to beat around the bush, because particularly in this passage
06:43 Jesus does not speak in parables, He is not speaking
06:47 symbolism Jesus comes right out and says it in black
06:51 and white terms simply because He loves us and He
06:55 want us to able realize that we need to decide
06:59 who are we going to follow. Matthew
07:03 chapter 12 and I want to start in verse 30
07:07 The Bible says,
07:11 He who is not with Me is (what?)
07:15 against Me, and he who does not
07:19 gather with Me scatters abroad. Now I want to stop
07:23 there, that one sentence is powerful and profound
07:27 Jesus right away basically says this;
07:31 if you are not gather with me, you're scattering
07:35 abroad. In other words if your not 100%
07:39 with me, in heaven eyes it is counted as being
07:43 a 100% against me, you are either
07:47 with Him or against Him there is nothing in between
07:51 there is no such thing as straddling the fence
07:55 Jesus is saying I can't have one foot in the world and one foot
07:59 in Christ. I can't have one hand in the tradition and
08:03 commandments of man the other hand in the truth of scripture, I
08:07 have to decide which side of the fence am I going to be
08:11 on, Are you with me or are you against me?
08:15 See what Jesus is saying is he wants all of our hearts,
08:19 a 100% of it 80% is not enough
08:23 90% is not enough not
08:27 even 95% you say boy, Jesus is
08:31 excepting too much there, if I'm following His 95%
08:35 that ought be good enough, but you know when you think about
08:39 Jesus is not asking us to do
08:43 anything more than we expect from our own earthly
08:47 relationships. How many of us would be willing to say you know
08:51 what I'll be happy if, my wife or my husband is faithful to me
08:55 90% of the time, that good enough with me. How many of us would be satisfied
08:59 with that? No body would we want our
09:03 spouse to be 100% commited to us
09:07 now suppose I said to Margarita honey you know I love you
09:11 and you have got 95% of my heart
09:15 but just 5% I would like
09:19 to spend time with an old flame and couple of girl friends
09:23 would that be ok with you? See what she said
09:27 she said absolutely not because she knows
09:31 that 5% of my heart that is not with her has
09:35 the potential to destroy the whole relationship
09:39 and it is the same in our realtionship with Christ whatever part of our
09:43 heart we are withhold from Him the devil knows that and it
09:47 has the potential for the devil to bring tempation and deception our way
09:51 and that part of our heart we are withholding can
09:55 actually destroy the entire relationshiop with Jesus
09:59 and so Jesus begins by saying I have to make a choice
10:03 I am either with Him or I'm against Him
10:07 nothing in between and then He goes on in verse
10:11 31 and He comes out very clearly and tells us
10:15 what is the unpardonable sin
10:19 The Bible says,
10:23 "Therefore I say to you,
10:27 every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men,
10:31 but the blasphemy against (who?)
10:35 the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven to men.
10:39 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be
10:43 forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the
10:47 Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him,
10:51 either in this age or in the age to come.
10:55 Thats a serious statement isn't it?
10:59 I mean Jesus just comes right out He says the
11:03 unpardonable sin the sin against the Holy
11:07 Spirit now for some us that is a bit
11:11 of a new concept since we're thinking I didn't
11:15 even know you could sin against the Holy Spirit how do you do
11:19 that what does it mean to sin against the
11:23 Holy Spirit of God?
11:27 so in order for us to better understand this subject guess what we have to do
11:31 We're going to have to do a study of
11:35 what the Holy Spirit role is in the believer's life
11:39 what does the Holy Spirit want to do in our heart
11:43 and minds because once I understand the
11:47 Holy Spirit's activity in my life, then I will better
11:51 be able to comprehend the meaning to sin
11:55 against Him. If that make sense, can you say Amen? If the unpardonable sin
11:59 is a sin against the Holy Spirit. The in order for me to know exactly
12:03 what that is. I'm going to have to understand what does the Holy Spirit
12:07 seek to do in my life. Amd here is what we're going to discover
12:11 if you were to put it in one simply sentence the unpardonable sin
12:15 is when we choose to resist the convictions of
12:19 the Holy Spirit when we choose ot close our ears
12:23 to his voice when we are no longer willing
12:27 to listen to what he says. That's what it means
12:31 to resist the holy spirit of God. So lets look up a few verses
12:35 where Jesus will describes for us, what does the Holy Spirit
12:39 wants to do in the christian life, So take your Bibles
12:43 and I want you to go to John chapter 16
12:47 and we are going to start in verse 7
12:51 John chapter 16 verse 7
12:55 John 16 and verse 7 Now
12:59 this is the Words of Jesus basiclly chapter 16
13:03 is Jesus talking about what is the work of the
13:07 Holy Spirit, explaining even what is the Holy Spirit
13:11 I want you to notice two verse here in John 16
13:15 John 16 and verse 7.
13:19 The Bible says, and this is Jesus speaking
13:23 Nevertheless I tell you
13:27 the truth. It is to your advantage that I go
13:31 away; for if I do not go away, the
13:35 Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send
13:39 Him to you. Now lets pause there for a second all throughout
13:43 chapter chapter 16 and ven before that, Jesus was always
13:47 reminding the disciples that he would not always be with them
13:51 he kept saying things like a little while longer and I am with you,
13:55 and He would hinting at the fact He would be arrested, that He
13:59 would be tried before the Jewish leader, that He would nailed upon a cross
14:03 and rise the third day and for reasons that maybe hard for us
14:07 comprehend the disciples could never quite understand what that meant
14:11 and so whenever Jesus talked about leaving them it
14:15 caused them sadness and partial depression you might say
14:19 and so Jesus said to them listen it is
14:23 actually better for you that I go because I'm not go to leave
14:27 you alone, I am going to sending you the helper
14:31 or the comforter as some version we would know him
14:35 as who? The Holy Spirit. Now why did
14:39 Jesus say it is actually to your advantage that I go, will
14:43 think about it. When Jusus came to this earth
14:47 he was fully divine, but He came in human form
14:51 meant he was restricted in the sense He could be in only
14:55 one place at one time, He was not
14:59 omnipresent when He came in human form, but the Holy Spirit
15:03 is able to do taht. The Holy Spirit can
15:07 it can be in more than one place at the same time and He
15:11 can be working with multiple people at the same time and so
15:15 Jesus said it is actually to your advantage that I go and the
15:19 Holy Spirit will come. And then in verse 8
15:23 Jesus says what the Holy Spirit wants to do
15:27 in there life verse 8. Jesus says
15:31 And when He has come,
15:35 He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness,
15:39 and (what?) of judgment: I'm going to put
15:43 those three things on the screen. He clearly says the work of the Holy Spirit
15:47 is convicting of you and I of sin righteousness and judgemenet
15:51 you say what does that mean?
15:55 lets say there is some sin in my life that I'm
15:59 not willing to give up some weakness
16:03 some part of my heart, maybe some part of
16:07 scripture that I am not willing to follow Jesus completely
16:11 and it is the Holy Spirits job to convict me of that so that I
16:15 can give myself up to Jesus all my heart. all mind. and all my
16:19 sousl. For example lets say I struggle with
16:23 Pornography for example, and the holy spirit convicts my
16:27 heart says David you shouldn't have that in your life
16:31 that not something good for the christian, it is
16:35 going cause you to have an impure mind, your going to look at women as objects
16:39 it is going to destroy your marriage and relationships David you need
16:43 to rid of that and it is that conviction
16:47 that burden comes heavy upon my heart I got two choices
16:51 #1 I can choose to surrender and I come to
16:55 Jesus Lord your're right I sorry I don't know why
16:59 I ever open the door, now I caught Lord I ask You to forgive
17:03 me. I am asking you Lord to take desire out of my life
17:07 I don't it any more. please give me victory over this sin
17:11 and as I surrender my heart Holy Spirit can come in
17:15 and He transform my mind. Can you say Amen? I can
17:20 surrender. The other option is I can
17:24 choose to resist I can choose to rationalize
17:27 I can choose to make excuses oh
17:32 Lord is no big deal all my friends are doing it, well Lord it's ok
17:36 I can look as long I don't touch.
17:40 Oh Lord my wife doesn't spend enough time with me I need to have this, I
17:44 deserve it and the more I resist that Holy Spirit
17:48 the more I am sin against Him closing my
17:52 ears to His Conviction
17:56 maybe he wants to convict me of righteous or of some decision
18:00 I need to make, maybe when I go out here in the
18:04 parking lot I find a wallet somewhere in the grass
18:08 and lo and behold I pick it and there is money inside that wallet
18:12 cash would you belive that. At that point on the way home the Holy Spirit
18:16 starts to convict me to and says Dave the commandments thou
18:20 not steal a disciple needs to live
18:24 with honest and integrity David you need to try the owner of that
18:28 wallet because if it you want someone to do that for you
18:32 and I got two chooses, one I can surrender
18:36 I can say Holy Spirit your right I can't keep
18:40 this for myself I have to make effort to return this proper
18:44 owner I got tobe an honist person
18:48 or I can
18:52 choose to resist again I can make excuses
18:56 and compromise and rationalize I could say oh
19:00 Lord know how it is. finders keepers losers what?
19:04 weepers you know Lord he should be more careful with his money that
19:08 his dum fault. Or you know I could even twist scriptures
19:12 around to be in my favor I could say Lord I just read
19:16 in Malachi that when I am faithful in tithe, You will open the windows of heaven
19:20 and pour down a blessing and Lord I'm faithful in my tither
19:24 thank You for the blessing Lord. You see sometimes the devil
19:28 causes us to twist what the scripture said
19:32 as a reason to be disobey to the word of The Lord
19:36 whenever the Holy spirit convicts there always two choices
19:40 I can surrender or I can choose
19:44 to resist. What are the
19:48 convictions the Holy Spirit has laid on your heart
19:52 what are the decisions that you and I are struggling with right now I dont
19:56 know your decisions you dont know mine but the one thing we both know
20:00 we got a choice. Surrender at foot of the cross and give it all to Him
20:04 or we can continue walking down a path
20:08 of resistance and compromise and excuses
20:12 that is why Jesus said, your either gathering with Me
20:16 or your're scattering abroad
20:20 Now Jesus goes on in verse 13 He describes
20:24 something else the Holy SPirit wants to do in our life. Lets go there
20:28 just a couple verses down. John 16 verse 13
20:32 The Bible says, and again this is the words of Jesus.
20:36 However, when He, the
20:40 Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you
20:44 into all (what?) truth; for He will not speak on
20:48 His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak;
20:52 and He will tell you things to come. Well that's interesting
20:56 did you notice? What is the name Jesus gives the Holy Spirit in
21:00 verse? The Spirit of Truth
21:04 so in other words another job of the Holy Spirit
21:08 He is leading us into truth back to the truth
21:12 of scripture and Jesus specifically says
21:16 here. He says that He will guide you into all
21:20 truth He will not speak on His authority
21:24 now what does that mean? See the Job of the Holy
21:28 Spirit is not to create some kind of new doctrine or new teaching
21:32 that is not in the Bible, He not going to speak on His own authority
21:36 He will only speak what He has heard from the Father, what He has heard from Jesus
21:40 Christ. The job of the Holy Spirit is to lead us back
21:44 to the truth of scripture that for wahtever reason we have been neglecting
21:48 He is to lead us back to the commandments of God that for whatever reason
21:52 for whatever reason maybe I've turned a blind eye to
21:56 He is not going to make up things He simply going to lead back
22:01 to the truth reminding us of the words of Jesus Christ
22:04 that is His job as the Holy Spirit. and it is just
22:08 as powerful accoring to Jesus, as though Jesus were here face
22:12 to face walking right beside us that is the job of the Holy Spirit
22:16 He is our personal friend Amen
22:21 he brings conviction into live now when it says
22:24 He leads us into truth the Bible gives three primary
22:29 definitions of truth I want to put them on the screen.
22:45 Now lets really take these three things
22:49 and lets really apply them personaly
22:53 If Jesus is the truth what about when the Holy Spirit convicts
22:57 me that I need to give all to Him
23:01 maybe I need to the make the chose of being baptized maybe I need to get serous
23:05 with God in these last days and maybe I choose to resist
23:09 I say you know Lord I dont want that serous
23:13 I am not ready to give up the pleasures of the world, Lord
23:17 my friend will think I'm crazy, my family might make fun of me
23:21 Lord I'm not ready to give it all to Jesus even though I know
23:25 He is the truth and we resist the path that the Holy Spirit
23:29 is trying to lead on. The Bible says that's
23:33 that is a serious thing. or maybe the Holy Spirit is leading me
23:37 to take Gods law seriously and I recognize
23:41 His law was not nailed to the cross, that He
23:45 wants principle of happiness and write it on my heart
23:49 and my mind so that I can be a witness for Jesus in this world
23:53 but maybe I begin to resist and I say
23:57 well Lord I keep 8 out 10, Lord I'll keep
24:01 9 out 10 but don't ask me to love with all of my heart
24:05 Remember it says in the book of James
24:09 when brake on we break them all, because
24:13 that of my heart that I am with holding from Jesus
24:17 for whatever the reason may be that the devil an open
24:21 door to break his way in and start to damage
24:25 my relationship with Jesus and spiritual live you are either
24:29 me or your against me, that what Jesus said.
24:33 Now it also says God's word is the truth what do
24:37 I do when the Holy Spirit leads me to a connviction of truth that I
24:41 didn't know before or truth maybe I do know
24:45 but for whatever reason in my life I just wasn't willing to follow
24:49 but now conviction has set in I
24:53 know it is the voice of the Holy Spirit, I see scripture
24:57 speaking to me and I have a choice
25:01 I can surrender and say yes Lord I bleieve the Bible is above every other
25:05 authority. I can say Lord I believe truth
25:09 is above tradition or I can resist
25:13 and I can say Lord I know what your word says
25:17 but we have been doing it like this for thousands of years
25:21 Lord I know what your word says, but my pastor
25:25 says it is not important Lord I know what your word says
25:29 but it is not part of my churches doctrine
25:33 and we choose to follow churched instead of Jesus
25:37 we choose the follow a religious leader instead of the
25:41 Bible clearly says. That why Jesus says either
25:45 are scattering with Me or your scattering abroad.
25:49 Noe brothers and sister even though I speak plainly tonight
25:53 we are all in the same boat together you probably
25:57 resisting things from the Lord in live as am I, now we may not be
26:01 struggling the exact same thing, there maybe things in
26:05 scripture that we happen to be weak upon,
26:09 but you know one area I see where people resist quite a bit
26:13 and I am just going to be very blunt, it's the area
26:17 of the Sabbath. When people come
26:21 to the scripture and they study like they have never they study before
26:25 and they see WOW the sabbath was given a creation
26:29 it is a symbol of God's creative
26:33 power a memorial of His creation
26:37 it show that He is the greatest authority in the universe
26:41 they see it is in the very heart of God's law, they that Jesus
26:45 honored the Sabbath the early Church in Acts honored the Sabbath
26:49 Isaiah that we are going to keep the Sabbath even in the new heaven and the new earth
26:53 and when sometimes we understand
26:57 that Sunday come from tradition that Sunday
27:01 comes from Rome the very power that Revelation
27:05 identifies as the beast of revelation
27:09 and I get to the point where I am willing to say Lord I see
27:13 what Your word says all throughout scripture but it
27:17 is not convenient for me.
27:21 It is too much of a challenge for my life
27:25 now whether that is in the area of the sabbath or whether that is in the area
27:29 of some other principle in scripture
27:33 It's true following Jesus all the away sometimes presents challenges, doesn't?
27:37 The devil is never one who wants to make it easy.
27:41 But there is one thing I do know, I don't know all the answers that for sure.
27:45 But when I thinks of Jesus
27:49 lying prostrate on the ground in the garden of gethsemane
27:53 griping the dirt with His finders while He
27:57 sweated drops of blood crying out to the Father,
28:01 Father let this cup pass from me, but not
28:05 my will but thy will be done, you see in the garden of gethsemane Jesus
28:09 was struggling with as to whether He would going through with the paln salvation
28:13 He knew the what he the future held. He knew
28:17 that He would be betrayed that night, He knew that all night long
28:21 He would be taken from to the other He be arrested bay a mob
28:25 that He appear numeroustimes before the Jewish Sanhedrin
28:29 dragged off to Pilate and then over to Herod
28:33 and then back to Pilate He knew that stand behind
28:37 Pilate while the rest of the Jewish nation cried out crucify
28:41 Him away this man and they choose a murder to be free
28:45 instead of the son of God. When Jesus took the
28:49 that cross and carried it part way to Calvary
28:53 It wasn't easy it certainly wasn't
28:57 convenient. When He scratched out His hand upon that
29:01 wooden cross, His hands were pierced and His feet and then
29:05 eventually His side and that crown of thrones was pushed down upon
29:09 His head the blood flow while He was nailed in agony
29:13 on that cross for six long hours
29:17 Jesus went all the way
29:21 you and me. You see it wasnt just physical pain that
29:25 killed Jesus. It was the fact that Jesus had
29:29 to bear the guilt of every sin that had ever
29:33 been commit yours and mine, I mean you think
29:37 how you and I are sometimes racked with guilt cause we can't even handle our own sins.
29:41 What would it be like to have to handle
29:45 the darkness and the guilt of billion and billions
29:49 of sins that will ever be commited upon the face of the earth, feel like
29:53 you were the one that raped all those people, that you were the
29:57 one that merdered and butcher them that's how Jesus was feeling
30:01 weight of sind that we can even imagine, He shut out from present
30:06 of God cause He was experiencing the penalty of sin
30:10 for us it wasn't convenient for Jesus.
30:14 It wasn't easy, guess I have to ask
30:18 myself when I am resisting the truth of His word, when I'm resisting
30:22 His spirit, I guess ask have to ask myself.
30:26 How can I look at the cross of Christ
30:30 How can I look at what He has done for me
30:34 and say Lord I'll got this far but no further
30:38 Lord I'll follow you when it is easy
30:42 but don't ask me to follow You when it is inconvenient.
30:46 if He carried His cross for me
30:50 am I willing to carried my cross for Him?
30:54 see we don't submit to the Holy Spirit because we're trying
30:58 to get righteous We submit to the Holy Spirit
31:02 because we cant resist the unconditional love of Jesus
31:06 and what He did on that
31:10 hill called Calvary. Why is it
31:14 dangerous to resist the Holy SPirit, well it's not
31:18 like when you resist the Holy Spirit the first time that mean you have committed the unpardonable
31:22 sin, but its a pattern the Bible advices us not to
31:26 to begin in our live, because once I resist in one
31:30 in area of my live or in area of scripture it is easier
31:34 to do next time, it is kinda like the little boy who groups up in the inte
31:38 city. Yon know he hangs with the wrong group of friends
31:42 you know and they tease him and torment him and talk him in
31:46 shoplifting something from a store, so one day he just steals a pack
31:50 of bubble gum from the convenience store, first time he did it oh and he is
31:54 racked with guilt it bothers him he feels shameful
31:58 he can't even sleep at night, he is afraid to tell his parents
32:02 but he keeps hanging with that group of kids
32:06 he does it a second time , he does it a third time, and each time
32:10 he does it, it gets a little bit easier and the guilt becomes
32:14 a little bit less. see that is what happens with us
32:18 when I resist the Holy Spirit, it start become easier
32:22 it becomes easier the next time and our heart becomes
32:26 hard and see after awhile as the Holy Spirit keeps
32:30 calling but I keep resisting, the voice of the Holy Spirit
32:34 stater to get softer and it gets softer
32:38 and it gets softer, and it gets softer
32:42 and softer.
32:46 until you can't hear it anymore
32:50 It's not because the Holy Spirit left me
32:54 but I've choosen to leave Him I closed my ears' to his
32:58 voice and that is what Jesus is saying. It is very serious
33:02 thing, don't start that pattern in our lives
33:06 I remember when Melanie in first grade
33:10 and she came home from school one day and
33:14 we were sitting at the dinner table discussing something and she was telling
33:18 something she has learn that day, well she kinda gotten it just a
33:22 lttle bit mixed up and she wasn't quite explaining it right and so
33:26 I was trying to correct her and to explain it the right way
33:30 and you know how first grades are 5 or 6 year olds sometimes, she
33:34 absolute insistent that she was right and I
33:38 was wrong and as I continued to try to expalin it to her.
33:42 You know what that child did to me? She put her hands in the air
33:46 covered her ears, and went lalalala
33:50 I'm not listening, I'm not listening lalalalala
33:54 I' sure none of your kids have never have done that to you, right? But you know
33:58 that when a child covers their ear they are no
34:02 no longer willing listen to anything you have
34:06 to say. Even though we can look at picture like this
34:10 on the screen, we can gigil at it, the true is
34:14 in many ways that exactly how
34:18 we treat Holy Spirit
34:22 when He convicts me of something I don't want to hear
34:29 or something I just dont want to give up, some christian principle
34:33 I just start to close my ears so I don't here His
34:37 voice and that is a patter Jesus admonishes
34:41 that we should not to start in our life.
34:45 See the unpardonable is not one
34:49 particular that worse than all the other. It to continually
34:53 resist the Holy Spirit in my life over weeks, over months, over
34:57 Now just so we understand, sometimes
35:01 people hear this messagethey come upto me and said oh goodness I think I have committed the
35:05 unpardonable sin because there conscience is weighed down
35:09 from the passed. But I want you to understand brother and sisters
35:13 if you're worried that you've commited the unpardonable sin,
35:17 you haven't. Because if you had committed sin unpardonable sin
35:21 and your ears were totally closed to the Holy Spirit you wouldn't even
35:25 be thinking about it you wouldnt even be concerned you had committed
35:29 unpardonable sin. The fact that your thinking about it, says that heart is still open.
35:33 Amen? In fact, you and I will never know if someone
35:37 has commited the unpardonable sin because the is not something that can be
35:41 seen on the outside, it can only be seen in the heart and God
35:45 is the only one that can reach the heart and that tells me as a minister
35:49 and it should tell all of us, I never point at someone in this world and
35:53 and you what, that person will never be saved, they are passed God's grace
35:57 no matter how horrible they may be, because I don't
36:01 know what is going on in that heart only God knows, maybe they
36:05 have crossed the line, but I've got to leave that with God's and I
36:09 still treat them as a child of the King who needs to know Jesus.
36:13 Can you say amen? It is a serious thing to resist
36:17 the voice of the Holy Spirit. You say alright Pastor Dave,
36:21 what should I do when I sense conviction in my life?
36:25 Instead of me give you the answer,
36:29 I'm going to let Jesus do it. Can you say Amen? Turn in your Bibles to John
36:33 chapter 12 and verse 35 John chapter 12
36:37 and verse 35 Jesus gives us advice
36:41 as to what to do when we sense ocnviction
36:45 in our hearts. John 12 verse 35
36:49 The Bible says:
36:53 Then Jesus said to them,
36:57 "A little while longer the light is with you.
37:01 Walk while you have the light, lest darkness
37:05 overtake you; he who walks in darkness
37:09 does not know where he is going.
37:13 That's just two sentences there're powerful.
37:17 Jesus is saying walk while you have the (what?)
37:21 ligth. Now when he was saying that He was of course speaking of himself
37:25 in the original test here, He was tell them whiel He is still with them they need
37:29 follow Him walk in the Light. But light also repersent truth
37:33 and Jesus is telling us, when I'm convicted of somthing in my life
37:37 when I see it from the word of God I know it is the truth from
37:41 scripture I need to follow it immediately
37:45 don't make excuses, don't rationalize, don't compromise
37:49 it away. Because when I start doing that there is
37:53 an individual called the devil who is watching who goes
37:57 about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may what? Devour
38:01 And see when the divel see you hesitate and believe me
38:05 he will watch to see if we hesitate, all of a sudden he will
38:09 come to put all sorts of obstacle and challenges
38:13 in our path so we don't walk in the light , so we don't follow
38:17 whatever that truth may be I mean I
38:21 can tell you frome experience people willcome out of the woodwork to try
38:25 to talk you out of giving yourself totally to Jesus
38:29 I have had that happen in seminar, people who come open the Bible four
38:34 or five nights a week and you can see their is life is changing
38:38 you can see their growthing closer to Jesus and they want to go all
38:41 the way with Him but when they share this with someone else
38:46 the person tries talking them out of it and it may even be a religious person
38:50 it might even be the same person who told them to come to the seminar
38:54 in the first place. Why? Because now that this person
38:58 is getting serious with God, it is a rebuke to the other person
39:02 that was living half hearted christian and in order to sooth
39:06 their own conscious they want to try talking this other person out of going
39:10 all the way Jesus people will come out of the woodwork
39:14 Jesus says walk while you have the light
39:18 don't give the devil an opportunity to put more
39:22 obstacles in the path.
39:26 Now I want to say one more thing about this part
39:30 You know a lot of time when we are convicted of something
39:34 and like all human beings we do struggle
39:38 that includes minsters to but
39:42 sometimes we are tempted to say well you know let me pray
39:46 about it and see what the Holy Spirit says, well
39:50 obviously we should alway pray about decision. Amen
39:54 but you know sometimes religious people use that an excuse
39:58 to not do what is right.
40:02 because it is as though we're delay and expecting that the
40:06 Holly Spirit going to tell me something different than what the word God says
40:10 Look if the word of God it says it, who was the word
40:14 God inspired by? The Holly Spirit so if the
40:18 Holly Spirit has spoken through His word the Holly Spirit already
40:22 told us what to do if I am kinda dilly dallying around, now if
40:26 I sincerely want pray about it sure. But if I'm doing that and
40:30 use it as a religious reason, hoping that Holly Spirit will reveal
40:34 to me something different from the word of God that Holly Spirit will give
40:38 give me a special felling so can fell like oh good I came turn
40:42 a blind I to this I can assure you of one thing, that may
40:46 be a spirit but it ain't the Holly Spirit because will never
40:50 tells us to ignore what the Bible says
40:54 remember what Jesus said He will not speak on his own authority
40:58 he only speaks what He has heard from Father and the Jesus Christ the
41:02 Holly Spirit teach us to turn away from what the scripture
41:06 say. That's why we don't judge everything by fealing
41:10 I mean feelings are good I am an emotional guy myself, I have ups and I have downs
41:14 but see feelings change, the devil can
41:18 manipulate feelings. Now I don't say that christian should be
41:22 emotionless, because I've been places that wish some christians would show a little
41:26 bit of emotion, that sit there likes bumps on the log we need to be
41:30 afraid of emotion, God gave us emotion and
41:34 something when we're in tears, that is exactly where the Holly Spirit wants us to be
41:38 because He reaching our heart, but we have to understand emotion
41:42 is not the only criteria to make the choice. Is it by
41:46 the the Word of God?
41:50 Then comes another question, My willingness to follow
41:54 Truth is a direct reflection of my relationship
41:58 with Jesus. You say what do you mean? Well it's kind of a tuff
42:02 statement, but if I can look at what Jesus says
42:06 in the scruptures, His commandments, His princples, His
42:10 truth and I ccame be convicted and purposely
42:14 choose I'm not going to do it because is not convenient
42:18 or because I wanna be comfortable with something else or somewhere else
42:22 that is proof I don't love Jesus with all my heart and all my
42:26 soul no matter what my profession my be
42:30 That a hard statement that might even make some people want to through tomatoes
42:34 but you got to understand I didn't say that
42:38 God said it, because wasn't it John who said
42:42 He who says they know him but doesn't keep His commandments is a liar
42:46 and the truth is not in him, I know
42:50 that tough it makes me look my life and say wow, am I
42:54 being sincere. When I look at truth and don't follow it
42:58 that means there is some part of my heart
43:02 that I am withholding from Jesus, any more than if some part of the marriage
43:06 vow I not keeping I might be faithful 95% of off my marriage
43:10 vows but the part I'm holding back
43:14 is telling me I don't love Marquita with all my heart
43:18 and all my soul. It is no different earthly relationship
43:22 in fact in book of James many peope wish the book of James
43:26 wasn't in the Bible, because James is very straight forward
43:30 but he makes this statement in Jmaes 4:17, he says
43:34 "Therefore, to him who knows to to
43:38 good and does not do it,to him it is (what?)
43:42 sin." See alot of times we think of sin
43:47 as in oh I did commit a bad act and do something wrong
43:51 and you know one of the fallacy of the devil is you know what
43:55 even if I don't follow all the things I'm convicted of, I'm better than
43:59 most people, I haven't rape anyone, I haven't murdered anyone, I've lived
44:03 a pretty good life, I'm better than 75% of the people on this earth. So
44:07 God won't mind if I over look some of the things that the Holly Spirit convicts
44:11 me of. Folks that is one of the bestest lies of the devil
44:15 because the minute I turn way from conviction
44:19 I'm no longer following Jesus will all my of heart and see Bible
44:23 is saying if I know the good I should do
44:27 and I willfully choose not to follow it is sin
44:33 it is called the sin of omission, I am omitting to do what is right
44:37 and really isn't that what happened in the parable of the good Samaritan
44:41 you the know the priest and the levite passed him by
44:45 and these were guys who were rigidly righteous on the outside they never do
44:49 do anything wrong, but they sinned because they refused
44:53 to do what is right
44:57 that is a principle we need to remember
45:01 in fact you know there is an example in scripture of
45:05 someone or a group of people who were resisting the Holy Spirit. Did you Know that?
45:09 I don't have this on the screen yet, just look up Acts 7
45:13 verse 51 I'm going to thow this one in here. Acts 7
45:17 and verse 51 I'm going to show you and example of a group
45:21 people who were resisting the Holy Spirit
45:25 this not on the slide Acts 7 verse 51
45:29 Now this is the store of Stephen when he was preaching
45:33 to the Jews in Jerusalem I want you notice what he said, now I don't
45:37 recommend begining quite the way Stephen did, but by this piont he had been laboring
45:41 for quite awhile and you will see that his words were
45:45 tuff in verse 51. He was been preaching to them about
45:49 Jesus, he has shown them for the scripture, from the prochecy this
45:53 man was the Son of God who they crucified
45:57 He knew that they knew it was the truth and they resisted it and then
46:01 He spoke these word which basically resolted in his death Acts 7
46:05 Verse 51 The Bible says, You stiffnecked
46:09 and uncircumcised in heart and ears! (boy that's
46:13 away to begin isn't?) You always (do Waht?)
46:17 resist the Holy Spirit as your fathers
46:21 did so do you.
46:25 Did you catch that? They knew what the truth was
46:29 they weren't willing to follow it and the Bible comes right out
46:33 and says they were resisting the Holy Spirit , but
46:37 in this verse, it actually gives us the #1
46:41 reason why many people resit the Holy Spirit
46:45 and resist the truth of scripture. You what the #1 reason
46:49 is? Now I can't prove this from any statistics, this not exactly
46:53 something you ask people on a survey chart
46:57 as your fathers did
47:01 so do you
47:05 many people are talked out of doing what is right
47:09 sometimes because of family and friends.
47:13 I want you to notice something that Jesus said, in fact Jesus tells us
47:17 what are some of the optstiscals we may face. Matthew chatper 10
47:21 and verse 36 and wasn't going to cover Acts 7
47:25 but I guess the Holy Spirit wanting to through that i, I felt I should read it
47:29 Matthew chapter 10
47:33 verse 36 notice, what Jesus says here.
47:37 Matthew 10 verese 36 The bBible says
47:45 OF HIS OWN (What?) HOUSEHOLD.' He who loves
47:49 father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me.
47:53 And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.
47:57 And he who does not take his cross and follow
48:01 after Me is not worthy of Me.
48:05 Jesus recognized that sometimes
48:09 three are sensitive and painful things that happen
48:13 sometimes in our own families
48:17 whither it is knowingly or unknowingly
48:21 that actually become an obstacle to following Jesus all the way
48:25 sometimes our enemies will be those of our own household
48:29 Now understand Jesus is not saying we hate our family
48:33 or we should isolate ourself form our families, that is not waht He is saying
48:37 that is what cults do, when someone want to isolate that is a cult
48:41 That is not what Jesus is talking about, we love our family
48:45 try to work with them and reach them. What Jesus is saying we
48:49 we cannot let even our family and friends keep us from putting
48:53 Jesus first in our life, we cannot let family and
48:57 friends keep us from following the Bible and the Bible alone
49:01 above everthing else. Now we love our families
49:05 I love my spouse I love my parents but I have to recognize
49:09 my spouse didn't die on calvary for me
49:13 my parents didn't did not bear my sins, my friends
49:17 did not open the way of heaven to me.
49:21 I have to follow Jesus first. And when
49:25 I choose to follow Jesus, many times it can
49:29 be a powerful example to our family and friends
49:33 because bothers and sister pastoring for 16 years I can tell you there is
49:38 many a spouce or many a family member who can stand up church and say you know what
49:42 my family was against me following Jesus they were against the Bible
49:46 they were against the Sabbath or they were against this or that but when I
49:50 stepped out to follow truth in a matter of time whether it was
49:54 weeks or months or years their stand made such
49:58 difference to their families, their families choose to followed them
50:02 Jesus may want you to step out not to hurt
50:06 your family, but he may be asking you to step out because he wants to
50:10 save your family and He wants you to step first
50:14 Jesus also gives one more reason
50:18 why we sometimes resist the His Holly Spirit
50:22 John chapture 12 and verse 42 and this actually one of the most
50:26 eye opening tsxt you will see tonight John chapter 12
50:30 and want you to go verse 42 I want you to
50:34 notice what Jesus says here. It is one that we kinda over
50:38 look and we miss the lesson that is deep within John chapter
50:42 12 and in verse 42
50:46 The Bible makes this statment The Bible says,
50:50 Nevertheless even among
50:54 the rulers (a few) believed in Him,
50:58 is that what it says? many believed in Him,
51:02 but because of the Pharisees they did
51:06 did not confess Him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue;
51:10 for they loved the praise of men more
51:14 than the praise of God.
51:18 Do we understand what that is saying? There were more poeple who
51:22 believed in Him as the son of God than the just 12 disciples
51:26 but they were not willing publicly follow and confess him because
51:30 who? The religious
51:34 leaders of the day because they knew they
51:38 put out of the synagogue
51:42 and they were more concerned with the majority
51:46 than stepping out and following truth in
51:50 the minority. And folks about what that
51:54 says, the religious leaders of Jesus, I mean
51:58 speakes to me I'm a religious leader, the religious leaders
52:02 of Jesus day were the main obstacles as why people did not follow
52:06 truth. And what Jesus is telling me
52:10 as much I need to respect religious leaders
52:14 if I have a Pastor or a Church
52:18 that is telling me not to worry about something in the Word of God
52:22 that I am being convicted of, who am I going the chose to follow
52:26 Am I going to follow a pastor over Jesus?
52:31 Am I going of that church or institution that is put commandments
52:35 of men above the commandments of God? At some
52:39 point and I hope it doesn't happen the anyone but it may
52:43 Jesus said sometimes we have to make a choice
52:47 Are we following religious leaders or are following
52:51 what Jesus said. You know in these last days
52:55 Jesus says he is looking people who will follow him
52:59 with all there heart and soul. That why He said
53:03 My sheep hear (whos voice) My voice,
53:07 and I know them, and they follow Me.
53:11 Friends do you hear the voice of Jesus in your life?
53:15 What is it he is convicting you of?
53:19 What has he shown you from the Word of God these meetings?
53:23 What has he shown you in your own pearsonal study what path is he leading you on?
53:27 Because Revelation says it is Gods people
53:31 that hear the voice of the Lamb and follow Him wherever
53:35 He goes. You know pastor Dave I want to follow
53:39 Jesus I want to follow the truth I have
53:43 learn but you don't know the obstacles in my path
53:47 you don't understand the challenges I face
53:51 And I want you to know I don't, I can't walk in your shoes
53:55 I dont know what it is like for you
53:59 but there is one thing I do know. I know the God we serve
54:03 and I know that God will not lead us into truth
54:07 and then make it impossible for us to follow that truth
54:11 This is the God who parted the red sea for Moses and the Israelites
54:15 This is the God who brought water out of a rock in the dessert
54:19 This is the God who rained Manna down from heaven every
54:23 day of the week execpt the Sabbath This is the God rescued
54:27 Shadrach Meschach and Abednego from the firey furnace
54:31 This is the God who shut the lions mouths for Daniel
54:35 And so whatever the obstacle may be it isn't too hard
54:39 for God. All He ask for you is to put
54:43 your foot in the water and to start moving forward in faith and
54:47 watch Him part the water for you but it has
54:51 to start with a choice. What is the choice
54:55 that you will make? Am I willing
54:59 to follow him with all my heart soul
55:03 and all of my mind? Because I know
55:07 our God never leves usand He never
55:11 forsakes us. Tonight are you willing to say Lord Jesus
55:15 I want to go all the way with you
55:19 I want to incorporate you truths in my life, Lord
55:23 give me the strength to do what is right
55:27 Lord give me the strength to make a decision
55:32 I know I need to make
55:35 when you ask Him, He will be with you and when you
55:39 follow Jesus where he goes there is peace there is assurance
55:44 and you know you're on the right side
55:48 I want to invire you to get out your response cards tonight
55:52 now this is not the generic responce card that we have been
55:56 using, this a special one for this particular subject
56:00 It say the Holly Spirit of truth if you do not have this
56:04 Just raise your hand and your row host and in any of the blue buckets
56:08 should be able to get you one, it should say the Holly Spirit of truth
56:12 if you don't have one just raise your hand they will be glad to get you one
56:16 I'm goign to briefly go over what this card says
56:20 The first box says, I do not want to reject
56:24 the Holly Spirit I desire to listen to His voice
56:28 if that is the prayer of your heart tonight and you simply want to says Lord Jesus
56:32 help me to always follow your voice
56:37 I invite you the check that box. The second one says I choose
56:41 surrender my heart and follow the truth above everything
56:45 else, in other if recognize this the truth and your saying
56:49 Lord please help me to follow it. I am going to invite you to check
56:53 that second box. The third one says
56:57 I would like to be baptized soon, maybe there is someone here your saying
57:01 I have not taken that step I have not baptized by immersion
57:05 I want to do that one day soon. I would invite you to check that
57:09 box. The I desire to become part of
57:13 this local church, your looking for a place
57:17 that wants to honor God's commands who the truths of scripture
57:21 and just sense this where He is leading Me, I know that Mark
57:25 and this church would the doors for you. I would invite you to mark that box.
57:29 And the lastly, number 6 says I'm
57:33 asking for special prayer for something in my life, maybe there just something
57:37 you want to ask the prayer team to pray for. You cans check that box
57:41 and write your request on the other side and this card well be given to a pray
57:45 team and they well pray for you by name with whatever you
57:49 chose to write on that card or you don't have to write anything just put your name
57:53 they will pray you by name God knows what issue is
57:57 and then can hand this in the blue buckets
58:01 at the registration table
58:05 The bottom line is Jesus says when hear voice do not
58:09 harden your heasts, submit to the holy spirit
58:13 beacuse He will never lead us astray


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