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00:09 Do you that there is on trait character
00:12 that almost us possess. There
00:16 is one characteristics that most have in common
00:20 and that is this, we don't like
00:24 to be different, most people do not like to stand
00:29 out in crowd they would rahter just blend in
00:33 this was emphasized to me a few years ago when I was
00:37 watching a clip of candid camera, now for those of
00:41 you don't know what candid camera is, this old time TV
00:45 show where they take people and they
00:49 purposely put them into difficult situations
00:53 and film them to see how they respond to it and I remember on this
00:57 on this particular clip, they had thought a group of people
01:01 to go into an elevator and when they go into the
01:05 elevator to turn around and face the back
01:09 off it, now for most of us and most people when going an elevator
01:13 which way do we face? We towards the door because we want lookup and
01:17 see what floor we are on, but told this group of people when
01:21 go in turn completely aroung and face
01:25 the back of elevator and then they turned cameras on
01:29 as the elevator went from floor to another and new
01:33 people can in and I was utterly astounded that
01:37 when whenever a new person walked in the elevator and they saw
01:41 all these facing the back of it guess what they did?
01:45 They did the exact same thing
01:49 one fool after another even thought normally they would always
01:53 face the front because this group of people was doing the opposite
01:57 they did the same thing because the did not
02:01 want to to be different. You know there is a Bible
02:05 verse there is a Bible people being different, it is
02:09 found 1Peter 2 chapter and verse 9, The
02:13 Bible say:
02:33 Now notice the word that the Bible uses here, it says that
02:37 God's are what? Particular and thats
02:41 doesn't in a sense that there're weird or there crazy
02:45 or that there something wrong though world might think that
02:49 but what is referring to that is something different
02:53 about the disciples of Jesus Christ. Can you say Amen? That
02:57 whatever we do, however we life, however we act
03:02 It aught to show forth the praises of the God that we serve
03:06 people should see something of the character of Jesus
03:10 in us. And so because God's people are to be different
03:14 that means when the world looks at us they ought to see
03:18 something different about the way we act, they way we talk,
03:22 they we we conduct ourselves, the way we interact with
03:26 others, because they need to see Jesus amen.
03:30 And so tonight we're gonna start talking about
03:34 living for Christ in the real world and we're gonna talk
03:38 about whats known as christian standards. Now
03:42 that phrase has kind of got a rep in many christian churches
03:46 unfortunately because the're are some unbalanced individuals
03:50 who like to take the bible and beat people people over the head with it.
03:54 But christian standards is something that God uses to help
03:58 us show forth His praises and his character
04:02 to the world around us. So we are going to talk about some things
04:06 that the devil uses in this world to try to destroy
04:10 or harm our relationship with Jesus Christ.
04:14 So we wanna begin with out foundational text this evening
04:18 and i want you to take your bible and turn with me to first John
04:22 chapter two and we're going to start in verse fifteen
04:27 the bible say, "Do not love
04:31 the world or the things in the world
04:35 if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in
04:39 him, for all that is in the world... and then he names three
04:43 things the lust of the flesh, the lust of the
04:47 eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father.
04:51 but is of the world, and the world is passing away
04:55 and the lust of it, but whoever does the will of
04:59 God abides, how long, Forver. Now lets
05:03 here for second, God is warning us about
05:07 not loving the the world in other words, to not become
05:11 so attached to thing in this world that we neglect our relationship
05:15 with Jesus that we begin to forget that most
05:19 important thing we possess is a intimate
05:23 dynamic born again relationship with the Savior and
05:27 world has away of distracting us sucking our
05:31 spiritual passion right out of our heart and so right from the begining
05:35 Gos is telling and warning us about thing in this world
05:39 But then God goes on and He makes
05:43 names three specific thing, He talks the lust of the flesh,
05:47 the lust of the eyes and the pride
05:51 of life. Now those are not three terms we very often
05:55 in the twenty first century, but what we're going to do is we're going to look
05:59 in detail at all three of those phrase and try
06:03 to understand what God is telling us and then
06:07 seek to apply it to our life today, because whatever
06:11 those three thing are, they have the potential to be
06:15 damaging to the spiritual life or else God would not have warned us
06:19 about and see go through we're sometimes temped to
06:23 look and says you what, God is just trying be old fashion
06:27 fuddy duddy to keep me from have fun. But see God
06:32 s a loving parent, we talked about that this morning the reason
06:36 you tell your children don't you passed the and go out
06:40 into that street because you know there is danger in
06:44 the street, now the child may not be able to see that, his
06:48 concept is simply that Oh my parents are being restrictive
06:52 they won't let me have any fun, but you can see the
06:56 bigger picture and you warn your child about it because
07:00 you love him. God is the same way
07:04 there are things in this world that may seem innocent at first
07:08 but God lets know that He set boundaries and if go
07:12 beyond those boundaries we open ourselves up
07:16 to really the temptations deception and of the Devil and sense
07:20 God can see the bigger picture and we can't always see the
07:24 danger that is out there, God warns us about because he
07:28 loves us He cares, He is the ultimate loving
07:32 parent. Can you says Amen? So let's start with this
07:36 first prase "the lust of flesh" what
07:40 in the world is that? Well
07:44 the word lust simply means to have strond desire
07:48 so the lust of flesh are some of strongest desire that human being
07:52 have. Now nothing there nothing wrong with having strong desire
07:56 but when to the point where they are put above God
08:00 or they cause us to us sin against God and the princple of
08:04 of His word, that is a problem. Now we could least a 100,000
08:08 things under the lust flesh, but the Bible is not going to do that.
08:12 We want to look some prinples in general and so as was
08:16 writing this I though to myself, what is one the
08:20 strongest desire that human being
08:24 have I want you to think about that. The word
08:28 that we might not want to says that we don't always talk in church
08:32 it is three letters and it begins with an s
08:40 sex , sexual pleasure or desire, that is one of the strongest desire that human
08:45 being have, maybe not the strongest but one of the strongest that contends
08:49 to get us in trouble, so yes believe it or not we are going to talk about sex
08:53 for few minutes in the prophecy seminar, but tear
08:57 something up. Is sex in of self
09:01 a sin? Yes Or No? It is not, who created sex
09:05 God did, God created it to be a
09:09 wonderful gift to be experienced between a husband and a wife
09:13 what we will find, is God has layed some
09:17 principles out for this desire of ours and He tells
09:21 if we follow these principles this will be blessing to you
09:25 but if go beyond the barriers and the bonders
09:29 and abuse it, it's going to bring sin and sorrow and heart
09:33 ache into our life. So let's take a look at passage from
09:37 scripture that we always realize that it is talking about
09:41 sexual union, I want us to go to Genesis chapter 2
09:45 and verse 22 all the way back to the begining
09:49 Genesis Chapter 2 and we want to start reading
09:53 in verse 22 the Bible say.
09:57 Then the rib which the LORD God
10:01 had taken from man He made into a (what?)
10:05 woman, and He brought her to the man.And
10:09 Adam said: (and you know in my mind, even though
10:13 we do not necessarily know how much excitement he may have shown here, be in vesre
10:17 23 I think Adam is just wee bit excited when he says this. I mean he look at
10:21 the beautiful creation God has give him and Adam says) "This is now
10:25 bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh;
10:29 shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of
10:33 Man." (and then verse 24 God laies
10:37 down a principle in one simply sentence, He says)
10:41 Therefore a man shall leave his father and
10:45 mother and be joined to his wife,
10:49 ( the King James says "cleave unto his wife") and
10:53 they shall be one flesh.
10:57 Let's pause here for a second, just in those two verse
11:01 God lays some principle out on how we
11:07 can enjoy the gift of sex to it fullest according His
11:11 principles. So let's put some thing up here, #1
11:15 The first principle is telling us that a man and woman should
11:19 not cleave together sexually until they are husband
11:23 and wife, because you notice what says here in verse 24
11:27 It clearly says a man leaves his father and mother and who is he joined
11:31 To? doesn't say he is join to any woman
11:35 It says he joined to his wife, and see
11:39 the word behind joined or cleaving that refers to both
11:43 sexually union but also coming together as family
11:47 and so see is helping us to understand, is that the
11:51 gift of sex which he has given us is something only
11:55 for to be shared between a husband and wife in a marriage
11:59 relationship who love each other and who have committed there lives
12:03 together. Can you say amen? In fact I'm going to be blunt
12:07 God know that when sex is at it best
12:11 two people who trust each other, they not just a physical connection
12:15 but an emotional, a mental connection
12:19 people who have committed themselves to each other
12:23 it is not that great when it is between who don't love each other
12:27 don't what the other person thinks about, don't know if that person if that person is going to be around
12:31 tomorrow they not history they no emotional together
12:35 because when you take the step of
12:39 becoming united sexually that is not just an active
12:43 of the body that is an active of the human mind
12:47 they sex begins in the mind, and so when go to
12:51 sharing that with anybody and every body
12:57 it begins cause pain and heart ache when that person chooses that they want to be around
13:01 because you have already a special part of yourself to someone else
13:05 see God want us to understand this is a gift from Him
13:09 and if want to experience it to the fullest we need to do it
13:13 within His framework His principle between a
13:17 husband and a wife in a marriage relationship who love each
13:21 and who have committed to each other that when we
13:25 experience it at it best, but when it with anybody and
13:29 everybody. I mean really the world says you want to meet
13:33 a stud, you meet a hunk find a men who has been bunch of
13:37 women, that is what society says, but the truth is
13:41 how satisfying can that be with someone
13:45 who doesn't even know you, you have not shared anything
13:49 to gather you don't if they are willing to comment
13:53 to you. God says I want something better for you than that
13:57 He gives these principles. In fact the second
14:01 principles in there, says a man should not joined together as
14:05 a family unit until they are husband and wife the is the other thing
14:09 that is behind here, and see this touches on something very very
14:13 popular in our society today, both with the younger generation
14:17 and with older generation and that is the idea
14:21 of living together before marriage
14:25 ah pastor Dave now the Bible is really become old fashion.
14:29 I don't think so and I'll tell you why, because
14:33 God know what makes us happy. Can you says amen? See
14:37 God know that when we go into something with less than full
14:41 commitment it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy
14:45 Now I don't have ever judge Judy, how many ever watch
14:49 judge Judy? I don't watch a lot of TV, but I just like judge Judy
14:53 I guess it because so blunt and guess I like that
14:58 directness, but know if you ever watch program
15:02 I kid you not 75% of the time
15:06 75% the case that are on there come from people
15:10 living together before being married and you see the pain
15:14 the anger, the heart and woe, because they
15:18 shared now children together, they have shared a home they shared
15:22 bills, they have shared other things together and now
15:26 they broken up, and really that can be almost painful
15:30 as a divorce and God says I'm trying spare you
15:34 from that. Now human logic says, but but
15:38 pastor Dave we think it wise to just live together
15:42 first and try it out to see if we're meet for each other
15:46 well humanly speaking that sound logical except for couple of thing
15:50 #1 that is what dating is for
15:54 to find out about that person, but #2
15:57 when I go into a situation saying
16:02 I'm not shure enough to make a live long commitment
16:06 I don't fully trust this person, I don't if I want to spend my
16:10 life with this person and I want away out just in case
16:14 what I'm doing is I'm go into it less that fully
16:18 committed and do no what happens in the vast majority
16:22 of case according to phycology statistics those relationship
16:26 do not last. I'm not saying that just from personal opinion
16:30 that is what the statistics show, if want to doom your relationship
16:34 live together before marriage, because most of them to not last
16:38 and God is telling I want something better
16:42 for you than wait until your sure to joined together
16:46 as a family as husband and as wife. When I look at this
16:50 world and see all the pain that resolutes from going outside God
16:54 principles I have to admit it is not old fashion
16:58 it is not being fuddy duddy God knows what he is talking about
17:02 Can you say amen? Another principle that come from there is that
17:06 getting together sexual never outside the husband and wife
17:10 relationship you know that when things go wrong in a
17:14 marriage that is not a time to excommunicate that a time
17:18 to communicate, that not a time to go outside
17:22 because you think someone else might be more exciting
17:26 because I call you, pastor Mark can tell you as minister to see the
17:31 kind of woe and heart ache and emotional turmoil
17:35 that comes the gift of sex is shared outside of marriage
17:39 God want us to avoid that He says I have something better for you
17:43 that is why I have these principle. Then number principle #4
17:47 cleaving together sexually is meet for only a man and a women
17:51 I don't say that to be offensive but simply to show that anatomically
17:55 God has shown us that is the principle he has outlined
17:59 from the the beginning. You may wonder well
18:03 why talk about this why make a big
18:07 deal about it. It is one of the strongest we have
18:11 in the human life, but when you think about it
18:15 the reason the Devil attacks this gift so much
18:19 the reason he want us to abuse and pervert it is this, think about this
18:23 when a husband and wife
18:27 can share the gift of sexually union
18:31 they are able in a sense to have one of the attribute
18:35 of God that the Devil cannot have, do you know what that is
18:40 procreate, God allows
18:44 a husband and wife through His grace to
18:48 actually take part in help to create life
18:52 The Devil cannot do that
18:56 He cannot create and and the fact that God
19:00 has created man and woman his images and has given them
19:04 that attribute that they can partake in, that makes the Devil
19:08 angry and because that's one of the ways we're created in
19:12 His image the the Devil tries very hard to pervert that gift
19:16 and bring all sort of woe and sorrow into our life
19:20 and you see that happen in this world. God says here are my principle
19:24 I love you, enjoy this within the borders that I
19:28 given you and if Jesus died for for us
19:32 we can choose trust the Him. Can you say amen? But let's go to
19:36 another lust of the flesh, what's another strong
19:40 desire that human beings tend to have or maybe even
19:44 struggle with, you got it the desire
19:48 for money thefinancial side of our
19:53 life. Notice what it say in 1st Timothy chapter 6 and
19:57 verse 10, The Bible say, For the love of money
20:01 is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some
20:05 have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced
20:09 themselves (notice the word) pierced themselves through with many
20:13 sorrows. Now we got to stop here for second
20:17 is money in and of it self evil? Yes or No? It is not
20:21 Notice it doesn't say money is the root of evil, it says the
20:25 love of money is root all kinds of evil
20:29 if you thinks having is a sin, I'm sure that are plenty of people
20:33 who would love it off your hands. In this world we need
20:37 money. Amen? Don't it in heaven but need it here
20:41 because God except us as disciples of Jesus to
20:45 to take care of our families to support them to put food on the table
20:49 clothing, food and lodging, you know to pay
20:53 our bills and our debts, so yes, money comes in handing is this world
20:57 and we should earn money in an honest and in faithful way
21:01 but what the Bible is warning about, is when
21:05 my love for money is put above my love for God
21:09 when my love for money cause to me to sin against Him
21:13 or ignore the principle of His Word, when desire
21:17 for money cause me to break any of His commandments
21:21 that is when it is a problem, that is when start to become a
21:25 lust of the flesh because I want money maybe I
21:29 squash everyone else as I climb the corporate lader
21:33 because I want money maybe I ignore the needs of others
21:37 because I want money maybe I begin to neglect my
21:41 family maybe even my church and when that happens
21:45 God is beware that when it becomes a root of evil
21:49 and really the truth is, money has this
21:53 insidious way, the love of money has this insidious of money
21:57 of having us focus on ourself and when we
22:01 focus on ourself we are never happen
22:05 that why the Bible says be careful, many have been pierced
22:09 with sorrow, well you say pastor Dave
22:13 how do I know if I have an unhealth love
22:17 of money? Believe it or not the Bible has actually
22:21 given us a test as to whether we have a love that is
22:25 unhealth. Do you know what it is? It's tithe and offerings
22:29 I want you to take your Bible go Malachi chapter
22:33 3 and we are going to read verses 8 through 10
22:37 the Bible says: "Will a man rob
22:41 God? Yet you have robbed Me! But
22:45 you say, 'In what way have we robbed You?' In tithes
22:49 and offerings You are cursed with a curse, For you have.
22:54 robbed Me,(and this God speaking) Bring ye all the tithes
22:58 into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And
23:02 try Me now in this," Says the LORD of hosts, "If I will not
23:06 open for you (what?) the windows of heaven
23:10 And pour out for you such blessing That there will not
23:14 be room enough to receive it. Now think about that
23:18 when we talk about sundering ourselves fully to Jesus
23:22 one side of live that sometime hard to surrender
23:26 is the financial side because we say that is our
23:30 money that belongs to me, that is a private and
23:34 sensitive subject, but you know one of the first prinicple
23:38 in God's word is that God owns everything
23:42 He is the Creator of it all, oh no I
23:46 work by the sweet of my hands. Who gave you your hands?
23:50 No I made my fortune by wise business decision
23:54 Who gave you a mind for discernment? God did.
23:58 It all belongs to Him, He could ask for 100%
24:02 of it and be perfectly just for doing it, but all God ask
24:06 for that we return the tithe. Not what's a tithe?
24:11 10% can you imagine that? Return 10%
24:15 keep 90% for yourselve and God will bless you
24:19 Now I will take that business deal any day, in fact God says
24:23 temp me, try me now in this
24:27 I now may time when it comes to doing and the bills budget at the end of the month
24:31 It doesn't look like we afford to return tithe sometimes
24:35 does it? I know for us Marquita works as Nurse not
24:39 in a Hospital, she is a stay at home mon, but she medical
24:43 coding over the internet, some months she got a lot of work
24:47 some months she doesn't have a whole lot of work and on those sparse months
24:51 when it comes to the end the of the month and we're look at all bills we have
24:55 and sending kids to christian school and thing like that, the though
24:59 crosses your mind boy, I could sure use that tithe money to pay off
25:03 a couple thing. But see God says
25:07 He will make 90% go
25:11 farther than if I had keep a 100% for my self
25:15 Now that mathematical imposable but you know what
25:19 who created mathematics? God did He is not limited by
25:23 mathematical formals, in fact people say I can't afford return
25:27 tithe, but according to this verse you can't afford not
25:31 to because when with held it, it's keeping
25:35 God from opening up the widows of heaven and see this
25:39 is God way of helping to us to surrender ourselves having a
25:43 of being able to take the gosple
25:47 of being able to take the gospel to the world. Amen? Because that little
25:51 10% is what used to pay pastor, to pay
25:55 missionaries, to pay those who work full time in gospel ministry
25:59 so that the world can hear about Jesus
26:03 that is the test that God gives us. Now idea
26:07 of the lust of the flesh we could list a lot of other things
26:11 but we can sum it up this way. Any desire I have
26:15 in my life that get put about God
26:19 any desire that cause me against God and His word
26:23 that is a lust of the flesh that must be let
26:27 go of and brother sister if you struggle with
26:31 any these thing maybe a sexual sin maybe it has been hard
26:35 for you to let go of your money and return tithe I want you to know
26:40 God loves and God cares for you and if you will
26:44 turn that over that over to him He promise to deliver you and He
26:48 promise He will bless and He take care of you and remember
26:51 no body is shutout from God grace when they kneel before the Cross of
26:55 calvary they repent and they turn it over
27:00 to Him. Jesus Christ can conker any lust of flesh
27:03 if we will give to Him.
27:08 But it doesn't stop there, 1st John
27:12 talk about the lust of the eye, you say what is that
27:16 I haven't heard anybody use that term lately
27:20 See the Bible wants use to be careful, what about the things
27:24 we put before are eyes? Because what we put before
27:28 our eyes has the penitential influence our heart
27:32 and our mind so the Bible be careful in that
27:36 God is loving enough give us some principle to guide our
27:40 decisions. So let's take our Bibles and let's go to Psalms chapter
27:44 101 and we are going read verse 2 and 3
27:48 The Bible says: I will behave
27:52 wisely in a (what? perfect way (now that word simple
27:56 means in mature way) Oh, when will You come to me?
28:00 I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. (and then verse 3)
28:04 I will set nothing wicked
28:08 before my eyes; See even David
28:12 realize whatever he put befor is like a window
28:16 into his heart and a window into mind it influences us
28:20 and so if I'm to apply that prinicple today in the 21st
28:24 century that means I going have to talk about
28:28 television, movies and the media, because really
28:32 those are put before our eyes in this modern ages
28:36 every single day influences us, either for good
28:40 or for evil. Now I'm not going to set here and say
28:44 the television is evil get it out of your house, now I don't fault anybody
28:48 that choose to do that, I have been do it myself sometimes but remember the
28:52 television or the media is simply a tool it is not
28:56 evil in and of it self, it can be used for good purposes
29:00 like taking the gospel to places that it has never gone before
29:04 it can also be use for evil purposes, to bring filth
29:08 into a family that destroys a home and a marriage
29:12 it all comes down to how I choose to use
29:16 it. So let's just take a look at somethings went it comes to television
29:20 Now the Bible is not going to give list of 100,000 things
29:24 you should or should not watch, mainly because there no such thing as television back
29:28 when the Bible was written, but it give principle to follow.
29:32 Now a few year ago there was a survey taken
29:36 of the the three major networks ABC, CBS, and NBC
29:40 of course a lot more today, and they did a survey to fine out
29:45 what kind of things are shown major networks durning
29:49 prime time television, and you know prime time is usually around
29:53 you know 7:00pm to 10:00 or 11:00 at night and this
29:57 what they discovered and understand this is a few a years ago, I'm sure is not
30:01 any better now they discovered there were over
30:05 minds they were over ten incidence of sexual
30:09 minds they were over ten incidence of sexual
30:13 activity most of them on the immoral side
30:17 and even it is between a husband and wife we don't need to watching and then there were
30:21 over eight incidence of profanity ever hour
30:25 on prime time television and as a christian
30:29 I have to be careful, because this is what being feed into my
30:33 heart through my eyes into my mind and it
30:37 can influence us. Now I when I was a teenager
30:41 you may not believe this, but I had big problem my
30:45 language I had an issue with curse words and
30:49 and with profanity and I was a christian who went to church
30:53 every single week and when I look back at that
30:57 I wonder how is it that was so easy for me to use that kind
31:01 of language. I'm talking some vulgar language and when I
31:05 look back I have to think you what? It is probably
31:09 because of two things, #1 becasue spend a lot of time people who use
31:13 profanity, so I heard it regularly and #2
31:17 I heard it on television on a regular basics
31:21 and after awhile I started to become familiar
31:25 with it so it didn't seem so wrong to me and see that
31:29 is what the Devil do, he wants to make familiar to us
31:33 so it doesn't seems so bad and more we get familiar
31:37 the next thing we find ourselves doing things that we would not normally do or say
31:41 Now someone may say this doesn't effect me
31:45 I can tell the difference, what I watch on TV that's not influence me
31:49 one way or the other. My answer to that is
31:53 don't be a fool, in 75 years or when ever
31:57 television was invented, society has mimic
32:01 exactly what it see on television and the media
32:05 hollywood knows if they want to get a culture
32:09 to think a certain way just bring it in through the media
32:14 and the more we get familiar the more it comes to our
32:18 eyes the more we learn to accepted it and
32:22 the Devil want us to get familiar with sin by what we put
32:26 into our eyes, and that is going to require me
32:30 having to make choices in my life. Now truth be told
32:34 is God send Gabriel down in your living room and the the remote out
32:38 of your and hand and say, ha let me you that we ota turn the station
32:42 Is that going to happen? No!
32:46 Is it a choice of ours, God gives us a free will and He gives us principles
32:50 to follow. In fact here is some question that might do well
32:54 for us to ask, when I think back to what I watched as a teenagers
32:58 I wish I had made different choses, you know thing my
33:02 parents never knew about, they would have never let me watch some of the things I did
33:06 and you know even to this day there are certain things the will trigger
33:10 certain things in my mind that are still there, that
33:14 have not been able to erase, now they get fuzzier the more Jesus come into my
33:18 heart and take over my mind but they are still there and the Devil
33:23 knows it and that is why he want to see thing through our eyes
33:27 What would happen if would ask ourselves these question. #1 What message is this
33:31 program or this movie sending you whatever it is? Is it a
33:35 positive message or is it a negative one?
33:39 Is it promoting morals and principle of God's word
33:43 or is it getting you familiar sin and actually making it look like
33:47 fun it is fun, see that is the thing, they picture a guy
33:51 how has a great body who goes from one girl from one woman another
33:55 and make that sound like that is the greatest thing in the world, but if I may
34:00 blunt, you know what it is not hard even animals can mate
34:04 what is hard is to have loving relationship with
34:08 someone that is what a real man and real woman is made of
34:12 I mean see hollywood does show happen when you go one to
34:16 the other they don't show the heart ache that happens when a man does out the door
34:20 they show the heart ache that happen someone get a sexual
34:24 transmitted disease, they don't show what happens
34:28 when someone has child out wedlock and doesn't know to do with them
34:32 they don't show what happens when an abortion has to
34:36 occur because they don't want or can't take care of that child
34:40 see hollywood seem like fun, like there no consequence to it
34:44 and sure it is fun but it is a lot more fun within
34:48 boundaries of God's word. Can you say amen? Question
34:52 #3 Would I let my Children watch it? That's a fuffy
34:56 because I have learn as parent, if think to myself
35:00 you know I don't mind watching but I don't about girls and I
35:04 think wait a minute if it is not good for my children
35:08 what makes me think it is good for me
35:12 and the forth one is the real kicker, I'm half scared to ask myself that one
35:16 Would I watch it with Jesus?
35:20 That will transform the decisions you make on what you put
35:24 before your eyes. The church can't give you a list of five hundred thousand
35:28 things nor should it, we can only share the principles
35:32 of God's Word and say hay let God's Holly Spirit guide you
35:36 in your situation. But sense we are talking what
35:40 put before our eyes, even thou not necessarily mention there
35:44 in 1st John, we go another sense you know what it is?
35:48 are ears, I know the Bible doesn't say the of ears
35:52 but you know what, what we put into our ears can be
35:56 and be just as influential in our life. Notice what
36:00 Isaiah here in chapter 33, The Bible Say
36:20 see God is pronoune a blessing
36:24 on the person who is careful about what he puts into his eyes
36:28 and into his ears. Now the truth is I can't
36:33 control everything that goes into my eyes and my ears I can't
36:37 control what is playing on the television at the fitness center where
36:41 I work out, I can't control what kind of music is played
36:45 in Walmart, I can't control what kind of
36:49 language is being used in my work place those things I can't control
36:53 but God says whatever is within my control
36:57 make wise choses about what I let influence me
37:01 so this going to force us talk to the subject music
37:05 Now, who created music?
37:09 That's not a trick question, who created music? God did!
37:13 Is there music in the Bible? Is there music in Biblical worship?
37:17 absolutely you see it all through out scripture
37:21 even sanctuary music was a big deal when it came to temple worship
37:25 an the people coming before, in fact if you were to go to Israel today
37:29 go over the wailing wall, it is quite a sight because whenever the sun
37:33 sets on Friday and Sabbath comes in, many of Jewish people
37:37 they well actually come out and they actually dancing around to celebrate
37:41 the come of the Sabbath, I mean I have seen it with my own eyes
37:45 it is not talking about you know a sexual kind a dance
37:49 but simple a religious dance celebrating what God has done
37:53 the beautiful Sabbath here so sure you have seen music
37:57 you see things in the Bible, but it can be used for it can be used
38:01 for evil. Now I'm not going to get into the subject about music in
38:05 church because frankly it doesn't matter that much to me I can deal with different kinds
38:09 kinds of music I think the Devil use that get us out track and that
38:13 in my own personal life
38:17 in my own personal life. Now when I was a teenager
38:21 I listen to a lot music that kinda wish I hadn't listen to
38:25 but there was one pictural song that I
38:29 really like, I hope you have never heard of it. It was a song that I
38:33 use to listen to that would psych me up and get ready for
38:37 basketball, remember I played basketball when I was a teenager I still
38:41 play basketball today and I took it very seriously
38:45 so there was this one song called I got the power
38:49 again I hope you have never heard it of course now that I said it you probable go look up on
38:54 internet, but this song I Got The Power what I used to do
38:58 I used to put my headphones on cause you know everything is in an iPod
39:02 now didn't have iPods when I was a teenagers I put the headphones on
39:06 and I would blast the the words of that song into my mind because it would get me
39:10 psyched up, it would mad and get me angry to get on
39:14 basketball court and be able to crush my opponent to knock them out my way
39:18 be able to pull down that rebound down low. I used to feed
39:22 this into my mind, in fact I remember ounce, we went
39:26 to one of the city basketball courts to you got to understand
39:30 I grew up in the inter-city and so you know all the brothers go to courts to play ball
39:34 you know that is how you keep you reputation and back in those days
39:38 there wasn't no iPods. You know what they caried to the basketball court?
39:42 That right, how many remember the big od boom boxes they used to have
39:46 come on, I know that you remember that, these big old things with big speaker
39:50 the guys would carry that to court sit it right by the basketball
39:54 court they would put thing up full blast and they play the music
39:58 I remember one time I was playing with my friend my best
40:02 friend Kevin, he was on the opposite team and I was bring up the court
40:06 and all of sudden that song came on I Got The Power
40:10 It psyched me up some much I remember I ran down that court
40:14 the middle of the lane I jumped I took the ball in my
40:18 hand and I did this huge tomahawk dunk
40:22 right throw the basket, it when throw hit Kevin in the face
40:26 and broke his glasses shattering them on the ground and I remember
40:30 he got up from that he looked at me and said I ain't never playing with you when that song on
40:34 because it had gotten me all worked up
40:38 it influence you sometimes it take your
40:42 rational thinking away, in fact if you don't
40:46 think music influence you I'm going dare you to do something ounce and
40:50 rarely would you ever say this but only example sake, if you think music doesn't
40:55 effect you I dare you to go turn MTV on sometime
40:59 put the mute button on and then watch
41:03 people who are dancing and you tell me that music doesn't effect you
41:07 music effect the way we move, music effect the way we think
41:11 that is why we use it worship, that is why God uses music
41:15 because He wants to use it to influence for good to
41:19 make wise choses. The Devil want to use it to
41:23 influence us for evil, so now here
41:27 is the question. Is there certain kind of music that is wrong?
41:31 I'm not going to say any particular genre
41:35 because what I think is far more important is the lyrics
41:39 of we are put in our mind. Now going back to how it influences
41:43 us. I remember Marquita when and I when we were first married when on vacation
41:47 in Florida and I can remember I was setting out on the
41:51 balcony look down at pool area and apparently some
41:55 company had rented the pool area I guess for some kind of party
41:59 they were having and though you what if I watch there long
42:03 enough I might get a good sermon illustration this when I first started in ministry
42:07 and so as I was watching I was noticing the music was blaring
42:11 you know people were drinking and I was watching this one guy
42:15 and watch this one guy go out on the dance floor
42:19 listen to the music and him get really I mean
42:23 really close to this one woman I could just tell
42:27 moves they were making basically reflect sex acts
42:31 and the though crossed my mind
42:35 I wonder how that man's wife would feel if she could
42:39 could see him and even he wasn't married
42:43 I wonder how that women husband would feel
42:47 if he saw her now, cause I
42:51 can tell you I would be mad I would be very mad
42:55 see sometime we wonder
42:59 music has more of influence than sometimes
43:03 we realize that
43:05 we realize. Now to illustrate
43:07 this let's do something fun this a serious subject
43:11 I decide a few years ago that I just turn the radio on
43:15 because I heard someone else do this, I decided just turn
43:20 to random stations just decide to write down all the
43:24 lyrics that heard from those songs and just kinda judge ok
43:28 what am I into my mind and into my heart I challenge you do that
43:32 sometime it will be eye open. In fact I'm going to show you I wrote it down
43:36 I'm actually going to take a couple of minutes and I'm going to read to some of the
43:40 lyrics I heard, now understand I wasn't trying good bad songs or
43:44 songs, this is just randomly going from one station to the other on
43:48 different genre of music I'm going to read some to you
43:52 this was the first one I'm pretty sure this was country song and it went
43:56 like this, obviously the words I'm not singing it, it said
44:00 The queen of memphis I woke up the the next
44:04 morning and she had charmed me with her charm that night
44:08 a boy became an man and I'm in love with queen
44:12 of memphis. So what do you think that is talking about
44:16 That about a young give way something special to
44:20 apparently a prostitute and this the so called
44:24 innocent lyrics that I am popping into my mind
44:28 I went the next station and these lyrics came out
44:32 this is actually a good one it say, so stop crying
44:36 and take my hand it will be alright, you'll be
44:40 in my heart, yes you'll both now and
44:44 forever more. Anything wrong with that one? That was pretty good
44:48 you know probable about husband apparently comforting his wife or maybe boy friend comforting
44:52 a girl friend or something so you that about compassion and caring so I thought
44:56 Ok I can deal with that that is a good one not all song are bad
45:00 I when on and then another one, here are the lyrics on this one
45:05 Sure feels good sitten with
45:09 you up here sure feels alright staying with
45:13 you all night it would sure feel real good if
45:17 would. If you would what?
45:21 Is not that hard to figure out, it goes sure is easy when
45:25 head is on my chest I can figure out the rest say that you
45:29 shouldn't say that you should it sure feel real good
45:33 if you would. This song about
45:37 man or boy trying to pressure a woman to do something she does
45:41 not to do, to take something very special away from her
45:45 that God her that she is saving for her husband
45:49 that what the lyrics of the song is about that I'm putting into my mind
45:53 The next one, well some of the one's I could not understand what hey were talking about
45:57 This one said you take my money I hate your
46:01 face you got your Jesus I got my space, get a nice cold beer
46:05 to drink yourself away, then he started screaming I don't what he said
46:09 mommy give my medicine to make feel like a tall
46:13 tree and you feel a-ok well there is lyrics
46:17 making fun of Jesus and mommy give me medicine what do you that is?
46:21 That is talking about drugs putting into a person
46:25 body that is lyrics. Now to be honest the next
46:29 song was the dumbest song ever heard I could hardly understand it, it went something like this
46:33 ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! the car is in field the two doors are
46:37 torn off you have been drink my blood while I have been licking your wound and then he scream
46:41 I don't know what in the world he was saying, the song didn't make any sense to me
46:45 and then this caught my attention, now your going to think I'm making this
46:49 up. This comes straight from the radio these are the words
46:53 I make my throne a million
46:57 miles give me strength the to split
47:01 the world into, I lost my soul when I
47:05 fell to earth the time has come for me
47:09 to kill the king
47:14 You tell me what that is. That is a song
47:17 about story of Satan waiting to kill the Savior
47:22 I didn't go to a music to get this, I got this off the radio
47:26 and that was a few year ago I don't even on there
47:30 now. When I think back to what listen two as teenager
47:34 not realizing, listen when I turn the music on in the car sometimes and I'm driving late a night
47:38 and I'll flip the radio on, do you know even
47:42 today when a certain song I remember
47:46 being a teenager I will admit I well be transparent even today
47:50 as a Minister sometimes it still a little bit hard to
47:54 turn that dial to the next station because it made
47:58 and impression twenty years ago that apparently
48:02 part of it is still there today. God says
48:06 be careful what you put into ears. So could go back to this
48:26 You know just that last question
48:30 would probable solve a lot of our dilemma into what we wacth
48:34 and what we listen to. Because if we are honest that's
48:38 really hard on to have to answer honestly is in it? Would I watch
48:42 and listen to with Jesus. Now I
48:46 don't say that to make you feel bad because I'm in the same boat as you
48:50 but I call you even after I have made wrong choses about what I put into my
48:54 mind Jesus is still there, His Holy Spirit
48:58 is still working in your life and mine and He willing to take those things and
49:02 He can erase it from our and minds but first
49:06 we give to over to Him we have to say Lord to me make better choices
49:10 help me to put my heart and mind those things
49:14 that build be up and draw me closer to You
49:18 and God will do that. Can you say amen?
49:22 Lets go the last part, Ist John talked about the
49:26 price of life, you say now what is that, well
49:30 pride is mention about a hundred times in the Bible usually in a negative
49:34 context now there is good kind pride, such as
49:38 I proud of my children for getting good grades, I'm proud of my dad for
49:43 his accomplishments maybe a better word would be I"m thank for it
49:47 but when the Bible talks about pride, most of when it is
49:51 referring to is when I my attention on my self instead of
49:55 Jesus and I seek to exalt myself in a way
49:59 that it prevents people from seeing Jesus Christ inside of me
50:03 Now I can be prideful about the kind of car I drive the
50:07 kind of house I live in the eduction that I have
50:11 the money I make or even the way I dress my self
50:15 because when you think about the truth is
50:19 what is the first thing a person notice about you
50:23 when they meet you the very first time? Your appearance
50:27 even the business world knows that
50:31 If you go into an interview on a job you really want.
50:35 Ounce you walk through that door to the interviewer right away
50:39 what is he notice before any words come out of your mouth
50:43 your appearance the the way you dress because the way I dress
50:47 communicates something something about me It commucicates
50:51 something about character something about what I stand for
50:55 something about the things that I valve
51:00 you know if I'm wearing things have certain phrase maybe they are vulgar
51:03 you know or different symbols that maybe aren't of good and positive
51:07 things that's what you notice about the believer in Jesus Christ
51:12 and so you will find that the Bible even gives us a few principles
51:16 about christian dress. So let's go to one the
51:20 principles lined out in 1st Timothy chapter 2
51:24 and verse 10 let's go there 1st Timothy chapter
51:28 and I want to go to verse 9 and 10 now when I ready this
51:32 in its context it is talking about women but i the twenty first century
51:36 the principles in this passage apply equally
51:40 to both men and to women. Can you say amen?
51:44 Sorry men you can't set there with a smirk on your face says I'm off the hook
51:48 because this applies to me as well they are general principle
51:52 Notice what the Bible says, 1st Timothy 2 verse 9
51:56 The the Bible says; in like manner also,
52:00 that the women adorn themselves in (what kind of apparel?),
52:04 modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not
52:08 with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing,
52:12 but, which is proper for women professing godliness,
52:16 with good works. Let's pause there for a second
52:20 just so there no doubt sometimes people is in there
52:24 braiding the the hair. What's wrong with braiding the hair?
52:28 You know my wife she braid our girls hair it cute thing to do,
52:33 What the Bible is talking about here, this
52:37 is a pagan society where many of the pagan ladies
52:41 to show there statis they would wive gold and jewels
52:45 through out their braid hair so that the entire head basiclly
52:49 look like an ornament and they way of communicate
52:53 I have high status I have money I have
52:57 power I am more superior than you are
53:01 so that was going on back then two thousand years ago so don't think that's about
53:05 we can't braid our little girls hair today, you have to know context
53:09 so I just want to set that straight but some of the principle it does say here is
53:13 it tells me drees modestly. Again that doesn't mean you wear
53:17 burlap bag you think about how your conducting yourself
53:21 the message that send both ladies and
53:25 gentlemen, because the truth is if may dare to be so bold
53:29 but a lot times let's start with the ladies and then I'm going to
53:33 myself and go to the men. If I'm not careful
53:37 I'm wearing things that everything hang out
53:41 so there is nothing left to the imagination
53:45 what I am communicating about my sexuality?
53:49 Are people then looking a me or is it prevent
53:53 them from seeing the character in me that's
53:57 supposed to shine through. You see I got two little girls
54:01 you say wait till they get to the teenage years, well sometimes I think
54:05 they got there early. My wife the one that does clothes shopping,
54:09 and even our six year she tells me when they got Walmart even
54:13 my six year old look at something says oh mommy that so
54:17 pretty I want to wear that and the thing is very
54:21 very very short and Marguita looks her at six and is having
54:26 the argument you are not wearing that and of course she cries and sometimes
54:30 pitches a fit at years old. Why?
54:34 Because this what society tells us, society
54:38 tells us you got to look prefect and so you got to draw all the
54:42 the attention to yourself because society not concern about people
54:46 seeing the character of Jesus Christ in us. I know I
54:50 have these two girls myself, Lets be honest here is what going to happen
54:54 ladies if dress in way where just everything is just
54:58 let's say front and center what you
55:02 are communicating is that you are available even you are not available
55:06 and that's men and boy you are going to get
55:10 The ones that are not interest having an emotional connection and relationship
55:14 the ones that are only interest physical things
55:18 because that what your are communicating to them, well you say pastor
55:22 Dave isn't there ever a time when I can wear those kind of things?
55:26 YES!! In the bedroom with your spouse
55:30 in privacy. Can you say Amen? That is how God designed
55:34 it to be. Ok, what about us men?
55:38 I work out the gym, been a little off schedule sense I have been here
55:42 but I gym I see guys who dress a certian way
55:46 they want to communicate to the women they got something that the woman needs to see
55:50 man can just as equally guilty at times.
55:55 We struggle with that to. Jesus is sayiing just make
55:59 wise choses, don't do things that keep people seeing
56:03 the character of Christ in you. It not necessary
56:07 gold, jewels, and pearls and things like that. Now I want to say something
56:11 about this because I have seen so many people just take that
56:15 to the extreme. Unfortunately you will sometimes
56:19 have people in churches who will take this idea
56:23 and they beat people over the head and be like
56:27 fashion police and judge everything that are wearing
56:31 that is not God intended, these are principle you let the Holy
56:35 Spirit work with that person. Now me and my wife
56:39 we just choose not wear doesn't mean you have to. But we just
56:43 kinda figured you what. I want people to see Jesus in me. I don't always do good job of it
56:47 but I make mistakes, I don't anything to cover up Christ me.
56:51 But see here is the key
56:55 so may time passage like this, which can be kind of sensitive
56:59 and you have people who go around in churches and their whole focus
57:03 what you don't wear, don't wear this, don't wear that
57:07 I got news for for you, this passage
57:11 the emphasis is not on what you don't wear
57:15 The emhasis is on what you do wear.
57:19 Because it talks about putting on Christ
57:23 Wearing the character of Christ in my life, the
57:27 fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, kindness
57:31 when I people who are all focused on you're not wearing this you're not that
57:35 outside of children and they got every body else and they mean
57:39 they are nasty, they are mean spirited I don't see any of the fruit of spirit in
57:43 them, I going to be honest you're missing the point completely
57:47 The point is do I have the character of Christ in my life?
57:51 That is what this passage is talking about and so any
57:55 thing that would keep people from seeing Jesus in me
58:00 wreather it is the lust of flesh, wreather what I put in my eyes or ears
58:03 wreather it is the way I dree whatever covers the character of Christ
58:07 Jesus says let go of it
58:12 so people can see a picture of Jesus
58:16 That is what it is all about, opening the window so that people can
58:20 Jesus and Him crucified and in
58:24 my life


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