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00:08 A survey was taken just a few years ago
00:12 where they asked people of various ages to describe
00:16 what they think Heaven is like
00:20 I want you to notice this varying responses. When a
00:24 college student was asked the question, he said Heaven
00:36 That was his perception of Heaven, when a middle aged woman was asked
00:40 the same question. she said well "Heaven is a state
00:44 mind It's like an iiner peace; It's a state of
00:48 calm." she wasn't able to picture it as a real place
00:52 When a question like this was asked to successful business
00:56 man he responed by says
01:08 To Him his heaven was right here on this earth, when another person was
01:12 asked this question such as a skeptic he answer was
01:24 and finialy an elderly couple resonded by saying
01:36 Well friends I want to tell you
01:40 we don't have to hope that Heaven is true, we don't have to hope
01:44 Heaven that is a real place because word of God is give us the
01:48 absolute assurance the Jesus is preparing a
01:52 place for for us. Can you says amen? So the question would be
01:56 what is Heaven really like? Not according to the
02:00 tradition of the middle ages, now according to what man thinks
02:04 but according the Bible says and so tonight
02:08 we're just going to open up Isaiah and Revelation
02:12 and different prophetic portions and we are going explore
02:16 How does God describe this place, that we call
02:20 Heaven. Now tonight I have given you a break, because every
02:24 single test that we are going to look up I've actually written out on the
02:28 screen for you all the last 22 nights, I have only given you most
02:32 of the time the references, this time they're all written out
02:36 but if you have your Bible, I would still encourage you to follow along
02:40 with me. So we are going to start in Acts chapter 3 in just a munite.
02:44 But I want to show picture of the US treasurer building
02:49 Now if you have been there, it is in Washington D.C. and I'm told
02:53 there are 1,800 doors in
02:57 this building along. Can you imagine how long it take the janitor
03:01 to clean this place. But the supernatant no dought
03:05 has one master key that can up all 1,800 doors
03:09 But you know God has a master as well
03:13 and that master key is the Bible. Can you say amen?
03:17 And this Book going to describe for us want
03:21 Heaven is like and why God has prepared for
03:25 a people for which He has unconditional love
03:29 Acts chapter 3 gives us a promise that there
03:33 day of restoration coming, i would like you to follow with me.
03:37 Act chapter 3 and verse 20 the Bible says:
04:01 See from the very beginning when sin entered this world
04:05 God had given many prophecies promising
04:09 that He would one day restore all things
04:13 to the perfection of the Garden of Eden an no matter what
04:17 may happen to me in this world, no matter how awful
04:21 and chaotic things maybe I have the promise from the word
04:25 God that there coming when God restore
04:29 all things to be new again. See when you go back
04:33 to the book of Genesis, you read that sad story
04:37 of how sin first entered. I was Adam and Ave
04:41 chose not to trust God and they eat of this
04:45 forbidden fruit, it turn this world over in
04:49 a sense to Satan control, in a sense it open the
04:53 door not only for sin, but everything that comes with it
04:57 suffering, and pain, and sorrow,
05:01 injustices and all kinds of unfair things. Mankind was
05:05 traped in a world of sin, in fact
05:09 it wasn't to long after that if you read Genesis chapter 3
05:13 from the beginning God gave them a promise, God said the seed of
05:17 of the woman would come to restore all thing. Do you who that seed
05:21 of the woman was? That is referring to Jesus Christ
05:25 and even all the back in the book of Genesis God instituted
05:29 a system of sacrifices not as elaborate as
05:33 in the time of the Israelites but Adam and Eve saw
05:37 animal or lamb that would have been slain to them it was
05:41 a reminder of how horrible sin is of what sin
05:45 has sin done to this planet by bring death and woe
05:49 but it was also an encouragement that one day the
05:53 true Lamd of God would come, that seed of the woman
05:57 would pay the price for sin would give us
06:01 His righteousness so that we can live in a perfect
06:05 world ounce again and all that is possible because of what
06:09 Jesus has done for us. Amen? happiness would be restored
06:13 perfection would be restored joy
06:17 would be restored on the face od the earth and no matter what
06:21 happens in my life that is always somethings
06:25 that I have to look forward to. Lets go to the book of
06:29 Hebrews chapter 11 and notice and you notice some
06:33 things that God has written. Now I notice that it is raining rather hard outside
06:37 can you still hear me with mic on here? No problem with sound ok
06:41 Hebrews 11 chapter 10 the Bible says
06:45 Speaking of Abraham
06:57 See Abraham knew this world was not his home
07:01 even though God had promise to make out of him a great
07:05 nation from his descendants, Abraham new even that nation
07:09 would not last for ever on the on this earth because Abraham knew
07:13 there was a time when God would create a city
07:17 when He would be the builder and maker and
07:21 Abraham lived in faith and trusted God for when that
07:25 time would come. But you that promise is not just
07:29 for Abraham that promise is for every person
07:33 who chooses to put their faith in God. in fact
07:37 you can go all through out the Bible and you see these different characters
07:41 men, women, and children who were looking
07:45 forward to a better place, let's take look at Moses
07:49 Hebrews says of Moses, the Bible says:
08:17 Do you understand what that is saying?
08:21 Even Moses understood
08:25 that he not want to live with this pagan empire of egypt
08:29 a nation that would pull him away from the God of heaven
08:33 he was willing to let go of power
08:37 fame, fortune all kinds of fortune
08:41 to be able to go back to God's people the Hebrews
08:45 to suffer an affliction to live almost in
08:49 slavery, he gave all that up, and of course eventually the time
08:54 came when he kill two egyptian and really he was banished for almost
08:57 40 years but then God used him to set the
09:02 israelites free he gave up everything egypt because
09:06 he want to be with people of God. Hebrews says
09:10 he was looking to the reward that reward
09:14 would have been heaven. in fact Hebrews discribes
09:18 so many people who were looking the
09:22 Heavenly country, in Hebrews 11: 13 the Bible goes on the say
09:59 Do you catch what Hebrews is saying here?
10:03 You go back in this vesre, they all realized they
10:07 were strangers and pilgrims here we realize that we
10:11 are not to live is a sinful
10:15 sorrowful woeful earth forever We ota say amen
10:19 ot that. That was not Gods plan we are strangers to that
10:23 we pilgrims we are not going to be any sinful place
10:27 for eternity and so just like these characters of the Bible
10:31 you and I look forward to a heavenly
10:35 country. See that means when I turn the television
10:39 and I see a terrorist bomb that has gone off in some part
10:43 world I"m reminded this world is not my home
10:47 when I see pictures of children lying in
10:51 a cancer ward dieing of leukemia a seven year
10:55 old it is a reminder this world is not my
10:59 home this is not the way God designed
11:03 to be when stories of teenagers injecting
11:07 heroine into their vines and snorting cocaine up their nostrils
11:11 destroying both mind and body
11:15 ruining the vigour of their youth it's reminder to me
11:19 this world is not my home
11:23 When I picture of young couple lying in the
11:27 maternity ward, sorrowful dejected
11:31 and crying because they lost their baby in child birth
11:35 it is another sad reminder this world
11:39 is not may home. When you here about faithful
11:43 wife and mother of twenty five years, took care of her
11:47 husband, raised her children but after 25 years
11:51 of marriage her husband runs of with the secretary
11:55 it is a reminder this world is not fair, this world
11:59 just and this world is not home When
12:03 I stories of tsunami and natural disasters
12:07 in all corner of the globe it's another reminder to me
12:11 that this world is not my permanent I am
12:15 stranger I am pilgrim here I look forward to a
12:19 heaven place. Can you say amen to that? And that not a promise
12:23 just for me that is promise you and all those who put their in faith
12:27 in Jesus Christ is world is not
12:31 our home. When I see pictures
12:35 of with distended bellies living in poverty
12:39 starving India or Africa some of the third world
12:43 countries it is a stark reminder this is not
12:47 the way God wanted it to be and this world is not
12:51 my home. Hebrews goes on to say
12:55 this Hebrews 11:16 the Bible says:
12:59 Therefore God is not ashamed (what is God
13:03 not?) o be called their God,
13:07 for He has prepared a city for them. I want you think
13:11 about what that says. The world maybe ashamed of God's
13:15 people the world may say well there are too religious
13:19 there are fanatical they bring positive to the plate
13:23 The world may look at single mother and say
13:27 she'll never amount to anything she has never invented anything
13:31 for the good society she doen't have a big bank account she
13:35 hasn't crearted fortune 500 business
13:39 and the world maybe ashamed of her but God says
13:43 when it comes to his people who have suffered affliction who suffered
13:47 sorrow and gone through all sort of thing though the world
13:51 may persecute them in the end God will stand and say
13:55 I am not ashamed of my people I am not ashamed of that
13:59 single mother strugling but has been faithful God I am not
14:03 ashamed of that teenager who grew up in difficult situation
14:07 but they faithful possible can the world may
14:11 reproach them but my God says that He ashamed
14:15 of his people. Amen? And they has prepared a
14:19 city for them. The story is told of
14:23 Marco Polo now in your history classes I going to assume how many
14:27 you ever heard of Marco Polo, can I see your hands he was
14:31 the Italian explorer that spend nearly twenty years
14:35 over in the Orient near China and when He came back home
14:39 He had incredible stories to tell of
14:43 which most people did believe him, when he came back
14:47 he tried to describe for them black rock that burned
14:51 with fire but were not consumed they thought
14:55 He was lying because they never seen coal before
14:59 he describe for them cloth that you could throw in the
15:03 fire but it would burned up and they thought he was
15:07 telling an incredible tale because they had never seen asbestos
15:11 before he tried to describe for them
15:15 serpents 10 paces long with jaws
15:19 big enough to swallow a small man and they
15:23 thought he was making it up because they never seen crocodile's
15:27 He told them about nuts that were a big as
15:31 as man hands hand they thought that Marco Polo was
15:35 a big white lie because they had never seen
15:39 coconut and we told that when Marco Polo was
15:43 on his death bed a devout religious tried to get
15:47 him confess all the tales the told so that could
15:51 right with God when died and Marco Polo and answered him
15:55 and said it is all true every bit of it is
15:59 true in fact the half has not been told
16:03 See people couldn't imagine it because they never saw ti
16:07 and in one reality that is true when it come to the kingdom of heaven
16:11 The Bible does it best to describe it for us in
16:15 human language but true is the half of it has
16:19 not been told. In 1st Corinthians chapter 2
16:23 notice what Paul says when kinda introduces this subject
16:27 The Bible says: But as
16:31 it is written: "EYE HAS NOT SEEN, NOR
16:43 FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM." see even the Bible warns
16:47 us our eyes have never laid eyes on the things
16:51 of heaven we have never truely what God has
16:55 prepared for us we can't even begin imagine it
16:59 even as we read John's description in Revelation
17:03 in just a few minutes you find very clearly that sometimes
17:08 John was lost words I mean he tried his
17:12 best in his human limations to try
17:16 to put on paper things he saw things he
17:20 that never saw and he tying to describe it can you imagine that
17:24 I mean the limitations of human language and capability
17:28 John and Isaiah and others in the Bible
17:32 did the absolute best they could but we to understand
17:36 the half as truly not been told just yet
17:40 we won't fully understand until we see with our
17:44 own eyes in the kingdom of heaven so let's
17:48 begin with something John said in Revelation 21
17:52 let's start in verse 1 The Bible says;
18:16 Now let me ask you
18:20 a question the best that John could seemingly
18:24 describe the gloires of heaven is by comparing
18:28 it to a woman a bride on her wedding day
18:32 now you when think back to the days we were
18:36 married for some that might recent you know for some that might a little
18:40 future back but I we were married about 19
18:44 ago and you know if there is any day
18:48 in a woman existence when she wants to look her
18:52 absolute best when she wants look as
18:56 perfect as is humanly possible, what day to suppose that going to be
19:00 That going to be her wedding day
19:04 because that is a special day for the woman now I know is a special for
19:08 groom too, but know the old adage they say this the
19:12 this the day for the bride, you know you think about it
19:16 how much time do you bride spends preparing for her
19:20 wedding day picking out the dress and everything that is going to wear
19:24 do you they do that in just an hour? probably not
19:28 she gathers together maybe mother maybe all of her friends and bridesmaid
19:32 and they go shopping together and then on the day
19:36 of the wedding who do think gets up first? the bride or groom what
19:40 you think? Oh it is going to be the bride. The bride probable gets
19:44 up early in the morning has all her girl friends come along with her
19:48 and for hours they will spend time making the dress
19:52 just right ah primping the hair, maybe putting on a little
19:56 makeup everything they can do to get her as perfect
20:00 beautiful as posable and what do you think the groom
20:04 does? Well I can assure you he doen't get his guy friends
20:08 coming into the room and help him get his hair ready and helping him get dressed
20:12 I certainly wouldn't that now us guys sure we what look our best
20:16 we don't quite bring everyone into the room help us
20:20 can you guys say amen you know God made man a little bit different we let
20:24 women have their fun so really the woman the bride
20:28 the whole day is the experience but if we are honest
20:32 what part of the day is the groom looking forward to
20:36 you don't says it, he is looking forward the honeymoon
20:40 but know thats OK because they're married and there're husband and wife, can you say
20:44 amen? A bribe beautiful adorned for
20:48 husband that's how heaven is described
20:52 to you and me and so if a bribe goes through such
20:56 effort to prepare herself for her husband
21:00 how much effort is our prefect creator
21:04 God putting forth to prepare a place
21:08 that is for you and me, that tells me how much
21:12 He must love us. See as the Holy City
21:16 descends to the remade earth it's really ment to be most
21:20 festive event in the universe God is coming
21:24 to remake this earth to live with us
21:28 God has been separated from us long enough He wants to be
21:32 us forever Revelation 21:14
21:36 John continues to describe this Holy City
21:40 and he says: Now the wall of the city
21:44 had twelve foundations, and on them were
21:48 the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
21:52 Now I don't if have ever thought about this just think about for minute
21:56 why of are names of twelve disciples
22:00 one the foundations of this city?
22:04 What is that trying to communicate to you and I
22:08 I mean think it through here, were the disciples
22:12 prefect people? Far from it
22:16 but why are their names on that city? Are they the super
22:20 spiritually elite? I mean these are men that
22:24 made serious mistakes I mean Peter had a
22:28 terrible tempter he denied Jesus three times
22:32 one time with curse words, James and John were
22:36 known as sons of thunder Thomas was doubting
22:40 didn't much faith sometimes Matthew used to be
22:44 a dishonest tax collector none of them except Judas
22:48 was highly educated most of them were fisherman or
22:52 common labors but yet the grace of Christ
22:56 transformer them. You the fact these faulty
23:00 men are on the foundations of this city God is saying
23:04 if they can make it, so can we. See heaven is not for
23:08 in a sense perfect people on our own, we are only perfect through Jesus
23:12 heaven is for sinners who have given their lives to Jesus Christ
23:16 who have been changed. The common ordinary person
23:20 people who are struggling people who have
23:24 not been perfect throughout their live but wise enough to
23:28 hand their lives to Jesus Christ to cleansed and be
23:32 changed and so if those disciples can be changed by the love of Jesus
23:36 that gives you and I hope that we cannot
23:40 so low that Jesus can't change you and I
23:44 heaven is a place for you and me not just super
23:48 spiritually elite can you say amen?That is why their names on that
23:52 foundation. In verse 16 nor it describes the
23:56 size of this city, it says
24:00 The city is laid out (in what kind of
24:04 a shape?) as a square; its length is as
24:08 great as its breadth. Now I want you to thinks about this
24:12 if it is laid out in a square is has how many side
24:16 four side Revelation goes on to describe
24:20 that three gate on each side of the city
24:24 now if there four side you do the computation, how many
24:28 gates is that? 12 gates now I want youconsider
24:32 this. In the ancient world
24:36 how many gates do you think most cities had? not many
24:40 it was not 12 see most cities did not want to
24:44 have many gates, do you know why? Because that is how they wanted to keek
24:48 the enemy out and more gates you have the more
24:52 have to guard especially times of war and control
24:56 who is going in and who is coming out and if you
25:00 have 12 gates you're going to have be doing alot watching
25:04 most cities have 2 gates, but here in the first century
25:08 when John describes this
25:12 cities has having 12 gates so what's point of
25:16 that? See what God telling us is heaven goal is
25:20 not keep people out heavens goal is to get as many
25:24 people in as possible that is why there are 12 gates
25:28 Can you say amen to that? See churches sometime
25:32 may try to shut people out, us as individuals sometimes
25:36 shut people because maybe they are not the right color
25:40 according to some people maybe they speak a different language
25:44 maybe they are a difficult person maybe they are
25:48 not of the right class of people and history has shown
25:52 where many churches have people out but God wants
25:56 his to be opening the doors for people so they can
26:01 have a relationship with Jesus Christ and it is heaven goal is to get in as
26:05 many people possible that means that's the goal for the church of
26:09 Jesus Christ as well. amen? That doesn't mean we lower out standards
26:13 of we don't the truth but we have to understand our
26:17 goal our mission is to bring people to Jesus Christ
26:21 not to keep them away like the pharisees
26:25 of Jesus Day. This city has 12
26:29 gates. It goes on to say in verse 16
26:33 And he measured the city with the reed:
26:37 twelve thousand furlongs.
26:41 (you say great 12,000 furlongs how long is that
26:45 not a measurement that we use today but you know you the
26:49 computation do know what that equals up to? About
26:53 1500 miles in circumference all four together so if it is
26:57 square equal on all four side that's about
27:01 375 miles per side
27:05 this is not a small city God is
27:09 obviously is not trying to keep out if anyone miss out
27:13 on the kingdom of heaven it will not be because God doesn't want
27:17 them there. It will be simply because they rejected
27:21 the free gift of salvation.) Its length,
27:25 breadth, and height are equal. Now you
27:29 know a mathematician took this description and he
27:33 was able to somehow estimate that the New Jerusalem
27:37 could house 2 billon people just on the ground floor
27:41 and if was multi-story city the possibilities
27:45 and endless. Now I'm not a mathematician I'm not sure how
27:49 can up that, but obviously point is God
27:53 desperately desires for people to there
27:57 some won't because of their chose but God
28:01 open has open that anyone has that opportunity
28:05 through Jesus Christ, Amen. in fact they
28:09 estimated it, it about as big as the size of the state
28:13 colorado. I don't know if you have ever been to colorado I've driven
28:17 through there it is a beautiful state, that about how large
28:21 the New Jerusalem is according the measurements of the
28:25 the book of Revelation, what a glorious city
28:29 that is going to be. John continues in Revelation
28:33 chapter 21 and now in verse 21 he descibres
28:37 the gate I don't want you to miss this. The Bible says
28:41 The twelve gates were (what)
28:45 twelve pearls: each individual gate was
28:49 of one pearl.(now is there any
28:53 significance to the fact that each gate made one
28:57 big pearl. I want you to think about this
29:01 In the gospels
29:05 who is symbolized as the pearl of great price?
29:09 Jesus is so these pearls
29:13 symbolize Jesus Christ these gates and see what it's
29:17 reminding me if want to get into that city is only going to be
29:21 through the blood of Jesus, amen. Is not going to be by my righteousness
29:25 which I don't have it's not going to be by superior
29:29 wisdom or your superior looks it's not going be because
29:33 I lived in perfect obedience it's going to be
29:37 because I have given my life to Jesus, His perfect
29:41 righteousness now covers my sins His perfect
29:45 live is written in my record book up
29:49 in heaven, Jesus is the pearl, Jesus is
29:53 the way, Jesus is the truth, the light, He
29:57 is the gate He is the door. Can you say amen?
30:01 It is reminding us it's only going to happen through Jesus not through your good
30:05 works not through what you wear or don't wear, through what you
30:09 eat or don't eat. Those things may be all well and good and good teaching
30:13 from the bible that we should follow, but that is not gain us
30:17 access into heaven it is only the cross of
30:21 Jesus Christ in fact I don't have the verse
30:25 here but you know Jesus once told a story or a parable
30:29 about a man who went into a field and
30:33 in that he notice that there was a great pearl hidden
30:37 in the ground and what did that man go and do
30:41 he sold everything he had in order to
30:45 to purchase that field because he wanted the pearl of great price
30:49 you know what that tells me?
30:53 Jesus is telling you through that parable there is
30:57 nothing in this world that is worth missing out on
31:01 the glories of heaven there is nothing in this world
31:05 no person no thing no
31:09 cherished sin that worth missing out on the paradise
31:13 that God has prepared for you and me if there
31:17 something that stand between you and Jesus
31:21 the Bible implores us let it go
31:25 it is not worth it it would be foolish thing
31:29 to trade for internal life in God's
31:33 kingdom we should be willing to give everything up
31:37 in order to spend eternity with Jesus
31:41 in this Heavenly country. John goes on to say
31:45 And the street of the city was
31:49 pure gold, like transparent glass.
31:53 See our Create God our Heavenly Father He is so rich
31:57 he has so many resources He makes the street of gold
32:01 How much money do you think that is worth, I have no
32:05 idea all I know is if they made all street of Nixa
32:09 or Springfield of gold how much money do you think that would take?
32:13 millions maybe billons of dollars I'm
32:17 sure you probably wouldn't like the tax bill when it came out because you know who would be paying
32:21 for that, but God the street of heaven are like gold
32:25 it is a valuable place, why does God make it so
32:29 beautiful and glorious? Have you ever considered that?
32:33 Why does God leave no expense and effort undone
32:37 You know why? The city is so
32:41 valuable because you are valuable to God
32:45 See we live in a world where sometimes there will be
32:49 people who will tell that you are not worth anything
32:53 sometimes it is our families sometimes it is our friends
32:57 they will us that you will never amount to anything
33:01 they'll you that you're inferior that you're not special
33:05 but you what, my Bible tells me that God is not ashamed
33:09 that He has prepared a place for me that heaven is so valuable
33:13 because Jesus thinks that you and I are valuable, if He can give His life
33:17 He if can lay His down on the cross, it doesn't matter what the people
33:21 of the world say, my saviour says I am
33:25 valuable you are valuable
33:29 See my dad kinda grew up in a family
33:33 where he wasn't always valued
33:37 by his father always told him he
33:41 wouldn't amount to anything that his sibling were
33:45 better he was cause my dad didn't have ceratin skills
33:49 that his father and because of that even today
33:53 my dad has a bit of inferiority complex at times
33:57 but you what gives me courage my
34:02 dad who quit school in 10th grade to go into the army
34:06 just barely got his GED when he gave his
34:10 live over to Jesus, Jesus said he is valuable
34:14 when he decided to follow Jesus with all his heart all his mind
34:18 all his soul he worked place called christian record
34:22 service you heard that ministries to the blind I used to work
34:26 there myself this man with barely high school
34:30 eduction never been to college a day in his life he raised
34:34 more money to help the blind than anybody in the history
34:38 of 115 years of that organization, he two million
34:42 dollars never had fund raising class in his life
34:46 why because when we give our capabilities to Jesus he
34:50 multiplies them when someone says worth it when someone says your not
34:54 valuable don't you listen to them because your God and your Creator
34:58 says you are valuable and your are worth something that why
35:02 He prepared the kingdom of heaven for you if that is not a reason
35:06 to say amen I don't know what is. People want to know
35:10 what will our physical condition be in the new earth I mean
35:14 are we just float around like spirits on a
35:18 cloud and just strum a harp I certainly hope not cause
35:22 that sound awful boring to me I want to do more than be
35:26 setting on a cloud for eternity you know the Bible answer
35:30 that question notice what is say in Philippians 3:20
35:34 when it describe resurrected body
35:38 The Bible says: For our citizenship is in heaven,
35:42 from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior,
35:46 the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform
35:50 our lowly body that it may be conformed to His
35:54 glorious body, (now what was Jesus like when He
35:58 was resurrect was he a spirit that floated around?
36:02 No according to the Bible, it says that His disciples eventually
36:06 recognized him, when He appeared to them in the in upper room
36:10 what was it he told Thamas to do? He said here touch the
36:14 nail print in my hand see the scars on my side
36:18 and in my feet he real body flesh and bones.
36:22 The difference is was no longer
36:26 a human nature body but now it was a glorified and a resurrected body
36:30 after the cross, but they saw him they could touch him
36:34 in fact it even describes it He actually ate some fish with them along the sea shore
36:38 one day after they were done fishing so
36:42 very clearly we're not going be a spirit floating around but we have a body of
36:46 flesh and bones but this time it is not tainted by sin
36:50 and by the blemish this earth. See that
36:54 tells me in heaven we're going to recognize each other
36:58 I am sure glad, I recognize Marquita
37:02 tells me still me we are going still have our unique mannerism
37:06 you know our different voice inflects even our individual
37:10 personalities but see the difference is this time
37:14 there are not going to be tainted with sinfulness
37:18 it is not going to have the blemish of all our mistakes on this
37:22 earth we have glorified body and character as well
37:26 we will recognize each other and I should hope because I want
37:30 remember my family I want to remember friends I friends I have know who have
37:34 chosen to follow Jesus if the disciples recognized Him
37:38 then we're going to recognize each other
37:42 In Isaiah 33:34 you know John the revelator
37:46 is not the only on who was given glimpses of Heaven
37:50 even Isaiah in the Old Testament was given some picture
37:54 and description notice how he discribres
37:58 the kingdom of God Isaiah 33:24
38:02 The Bible says: And the inhabitant will
38:06 not say, (what?) "I am sick"; The people
38:10 who dwell in it will be forgiven their iniquity.
38:14 I got to pause there, there is a couple in that verse
38:21 I absolutely love #1 you or I never again say
38:25 I'm sick no more doctor offices no more
38:29 copay no more crazy insurance premiums
38:33 no more emergency rooms no more have to dial
38:37 911 we will have a perfect body in perfect
38:41 health never again an ache or pain never
38:45 again a sickness I tell you what ought to make you jump out of your seats
38:49 because I hat being sick and you ask my
38:53 wife I can deal with it for two days after
38:57 two days I get mad after two days of being
39:01 sick I get mad I refuse to believe I'm sick I just go about my
39:05 about my business I don't know if that is good idea or not maybe it just me
39:09 work that is just my stubborn German attuite I don't like to sick
39:13 in fact I remember a couple of years actually year and half ago
39:17 I was at a pastor conference in Des Moines
39:21 Iowa actually you were there two I remember at that conference
39:25 is was about a half week long and one the presenters
39:29 who can had just gotten over or I think actually still had
39:33 sickness and part of the flue and of course
39:37 when are in small rooms for hours upon hours meeting
39:41 your shaking hands your sharing your're eating food
39:45 together, if somebody is sick what's probably go to
39:49 happen some other people are going to get sick and happen
39:53 one after this minister go sick and then another
39:57 and some of them had to leave and by Wednesday when it was
40:01 supposed over I sitting in the morning meetings
40:05 and I'm realizing yon know what, I don't feel very good
40:09 I start leaning the back wall realizing man if I'm ever
40:13 drive home I better get some rest so I went back to may
40:17 hotel room and I remember as I laid down
40:21 I started realizing man, I have
40:25 got the flue and you know what
40:29 about an half an hour later my colleague Pastor
40:33 Plohocky who I was rooming with Joshua he comes in the room
40:37 You what he says? I don't feel so good either
40:41 and we thought lets lay down for an hour and then we are getting out of here
40:45 so layed down for and hour and once we got we worse and we
40:49 realized there is no way that we can drive six hours back to St Louis
40:53 oh my what do I do, and so I went to the supervisor
40:57 and it was hard to get out bed let me tell,I went to the supervisor and said
41:01 sir please is there anyway we could just
41:05 in this room and extra night just let sleep and he said
41:09 Yes and so I remember for next 16 hours from 1 o'clock
41:13 to early the next morning I just felt like death warmed over
41:17 you know how that feels you got a fever your skin is burning
41:21 hot but your still shivering with shakes like your cold
41:25 you can't get comfortable no matter which way you lay and turnover
41:29 and the problem was, Marquita was worried and wondering we are
41:33 and so I had left my cell phone on the dresser just on the side
41:37 room because I felt so absolutely horrible
41:41 I could not even get out of bed to go over and answer that cell
41:45 phone and so she called everybody on the planet to come check on us
41:49 so see where we were and what happen to us, and I tell you what I never
41:53 forget that night Josha was in his bed I'm in my bed
41:57 it was was like a sick ward, finally the next morning we felt good enough
42:01 to drive home and we just barely made that 6 hour
42:05 and when we each went into our homes our wifes did the somthing
42:09 they saw us quarantine us to the bed rooms said don't teach
42:14 the kids don't kiss them don't hold them in fact Marquita even sleep on the couch for a couple
42:17 of days I was so sick she didn't want to catch it her self, I will never forget
42:21 that and I tell you when I get heaven never again am I going to have flue again.
42:25 Can you say amen? But you know what the best part of that verse is?
42:29 it is the last part. Not only well we be physically
42:33 whole. we will be spiritually whole.
42:37 Because those who dwell in it, have
42:42 all their totally iniquities forgiven and wiped away
42:46 because that is what Jesus has
42:50 done for us. To me that is one of the best parts of heaven
42:54 Isaiah 35 verse 5 says
42:58 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
43:02 and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.
43:06 (it goes on to describe) Then the lame shalt leap like a deer
43:10 and the tongue of the dumb shall sing. No more disabilities
43:14 or infirmities. You think, there will be children who perhaps
43:18 who perhaps of been crippled for live. They are going to be out in the field
43:22 playing together Amen. They going to be claiming up trees maybe they be playing
43:26 hide and seek because there will no longer anything deformed
43:30 about their limbs. why? Because Jesus has healed them
43:34 Not just physically, but also spiritually
43:38 I will never see another child in a wheelchair
43:42 you will never see a sick child laying bed, you never see
43:46 an adult needing a mobile scooter any more all that
43:50 is going to be done away with. I never is a child with
43:54 down's syndrome or some kind of mental illness, because even
43:58 mental and emotionally all of us will be made whole.
44:02 Amen? Revelation 21:4 God
44:06 contenues He says: And God will wipe away every
44:10 tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death,
44:14 nor sorrow nor crying,and there shall no
44:18 more pain Why? Because the former things the
44:22 former way life that we had known, it will be all
44:26 passed away. Pastor Mark you'll never have to do a eulogy
44:30 at a funeral again, and I can tell you all ministers will says amen
44:34 to that no more death. Do you know what that means?
44:38 No more will you every get one of those
44:42 phone calls in the middle of the night, How many of you ever
44:46 experience that? A phone call in the middle of night delivering
44:50 tragic news. How many have ever had to deal with that? Many of
44:54 use, you know I remember my
44:58 grandmother my moms mom we call her gram
45:02 she basic grew up with
45:06 us or I grew up with her she lived with us
45:10 from the time I was a baby and if can just picture this
45:14 96 year old women of course she wasn't always 96
45:18 this short, spunky, fiery women
45:22 that was my grandma gran
45:26 I just remember she helped to raise me a little child and I tell
45:30 what when she get excited about something she would let you know it. Now
45:34 when I meet Marquata, she loved Marquata let me tell you
45:38 and when dating she would regularly come up me that is my
45:42 grandma with a twenty dollar bill and she would say you go take Marqauta
45:46 out to eat on a date, and gram is not someone you could
45:50 easily say no to let me tell you and alot times I did not want to take it
45:54 because you know she lived on a fixed income
45:58 social security, she didn't have a lot money and I would say no gram I got a job
46:02 I'll use my money, but boy you said that to gram you know what she would do
46:06 me, you may think I'm exaggerating, but you can ask Marquata, man she make
46:10 a fist and put it in my face and she say you take that money
46:14 I and I had to take it and now she hit me or anything but she say you take that money
46:18 and I if I didn't take it no what she did next, she grab my shirt and stuff it down my shirt
46:22 Marquata do I exaggerate? She has seen that happen that was
46:26 her way of showing she would never hurt me in the world
46:30 but you know I remember when she got to be about
46:34 95 or 96 her diabetes cought up with her
46:38 she had to go to the hospital
46:42 and I remember that she was given the news by doctors that if she is going to
46:46 survive if she has to have one of her legs amputated
46:50 and that just took the life out of her
46:54 I can remember watching her just bury head in her hand and
46:58 watching this 96 year old women cry
47:02 because she knew she was nearing the end
47:06 I remember we back to western pennsylvania and one morning the phone rang about
47:10 4 o'clock in the morning and I don't know how to describe it
47:14 but when the phone rang I just knew, I just knew somebody
47:18 was going to tell me that gram had died
47:22 and that is what happen. I can remember just
47:26 hanging up the phone; it was my ant who told me I can remember
47:30 hanging up the phone and just burying my head on the couch down stairs
47:34 just started cry and weeping. this was someone
47:38 who had been part of my life for all of my life
47:42 and now she was gone. But the thing I'm thankful for
47:46 before she died, before she went to the hospital
47:50 I had a couple opportunities to tell her about Jesus
47:54 and even though she lived a ruff live she
47:58 made some mistakes she wish she had never chosen, when I
48:02 said gram would you like to have Jesus be your savior
48:06 would like to ask Him to forgive you to just come into your life
48:10 and wipe away your sins, i remember she said yes I want
48:14 you to pray that for me and as I graped her hand and prayed
48:18 during that prayer i just could feel her hand squeezing
48:22 mine and without words she was says that meant something
48:26 to her. I look forward my gram one day
48:30 I bet there is people your looking forward seeing to.
48:34 I'll never have phone call like that again in heaven. In
48:38 last chapter of the Bible John goes on and he says:
48:42 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life,
48:46 clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of
48:50 and of the Lamb.and In the middle of its street.
48:54 and on either side of the river,was (what?) the tree of life,
48:58 which bore twelve fruits each tree yielding its fruit every
49:02 month. (and get this) the leaves of the tree were for healing
49:06 of the nations. That tell me there is something about
49:10 the fruit from the tree of life that heals us from
49:14 sin, heals us physically, metally,
49:18 emotionally and spiritually see the prevision that
49:23 God has made for you and me to be total healed
49:27 of sin. See in heaven I'm going to be loved by God
49:31 you are going to cherished by God, embraced by God
49:35 and satisfied by him. Can you think of a better place
49:39 here on this earth we are not always loved and we're not always cherished
49:43 and we're definitely always satisfied.
49:47 Then comes Isaiah 11:9
49:51 This was other grandma's favorite verse it says:
49:55 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy
49:59 mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the
50:03 LORD, as the waters cover the sea. now my other
50:07 grandma, grandma Esther, she is the most godly women I ever meet
50:11 never saw her lose her temper, that dad's mom
50:15 every thursday night was grocery night and so mom and dad
50:19 would drop me off at grandma Esther while they went shopping
50:23 so such fun, she had two cats I played with calico the
50:27 cat and pumpkin the cat and even spottie the dog
50:31 I loved them and what grandma Esther would do is
50:35 across there was Jim and Nina pizzeria
50:39 and so we would go over and home made pizza we would eat it
50:43 together at the table and she would give me ice cream and
50:47 I know for those us that really health conscious you got to remember
50:51 you don't go grandma house to be health conscious when you are a kid,you know
50:55 pizza and ice cream sounds good 10 or 11 years. Amem and I
50:59 remember we sit at the table and then we would read the bible together
51:03 and whenever she would read this verse she would aways look at me and she oh
51:07 david how wonderful that will be
51:11 a day when there is no violence anymore
51:15 in the world or even in our homes
51:19 Isaiah 65 describes what are some things we're
51:23 do there 65:21 the Bible says:
51:47 do you think you are going be bored build
51:51 house, plant vanguards and gardens
51:55 I mean I love this because you know what? there is one gift that God
51:59 has not given me. Well there is more than on gift He hasn't given me, but the one stands
52:03 out the most, I'm not a mechanical person not naturally
52:07 I am not good at building things my wife knows that
52:11 now give me instructions I'll make my way through it but I probably won't do it very fast
52:15 well apparently in heaven, God is going to give me that gift
52:19 I can build house, so honey I'm going to build you
52:23 the best house you ever had, because that is what the Bible says I'm going to do. Can you say
52:27 Amen? now people wonder what about fellowship and friends
52:31 what are we going to do with people there? Is it going stiff
52:35 stilled conversations? I don't think so
52:39 Jesus answer this question. Matthew 8:11
52:43 Jesus says: And I say to you that many will
52:47 come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham,
52:51 Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven
52:55 now think about what that means, people who
52:59 have saved from all the ages, all different centuries all
53:03 culture we are going to have eternity to hear
53:07 their testimonies even people I grew
53:11 up with even people whose names aren't in the Bible, that just not limited
53:15 to the character of Bible and were are going to have great fun
53:19 together and fellowship. Now one of the things I love to do
53:23 I hope you wouldn't take this the wrong way, I love to play basketball and so I have determined
53:27 in heaven I already know heavenly basketball team is going to be
53:31 and the great heaven and basketball there nobody is going to fight
53:35 nobody going curse, nobody is going get upset, we are truly going to have fun.
53:39 Amen? so I'm going to reveal to you in Nixa who my heavenly basketball team
53:43 is going be, I wrote it down this afternoon, Ok? These are the five people on my
53:47 team so got these folks your're just going have to pick somebody else, here is who I want
53:51 I want sampson because he's a strong guy
53:56 I want jehu, cause he is quick, I want
54:00 david because he is full of courage and tenacity
54:04 I want adam because he tall and I want paul because he
54:08 never quits and he never gives up so that is going to be my heavenly basketball
54:12 team you got some others to chose from as well but
54:16 think what else this means. I can got to Moses
54:20 Moses what was it like to cross the Red Sea?
54:24 What was it like to up there and see hundreds of feet of a wall of
54:28 water? Where you scared? What was it like
54:32 Moses to get the Ten Commandments from God?
54:36 I can ask Daniel, what was it like to be thrown in that den
54:40 not knowing that your life would be spared? What is like
54:44 to look into the the eyes of lion? I can ask Peter
54:48 and Paul what was like to take the gospel to world, even to heal people
54:52 I what was it like when you guys where the center of a riot
54:56 What where you experiencing? But you know best of all?
55:00 I can see Jesus, and for the first
55:04 time in our live, we can go to Jesus
55:08 not superated by a wall
55:12 not having to get out knees in a bedroom and pray to something we can
55:16 see. I'll be able to Jesus face to face
55:20 and say thank you
55:24 thank you for what you have done for me
55:28 thank You for saving me, than for allowing Your perfect
55:32 hand to be nailed to the the cross and I'll
55:36 be able to Jesus a hug and I'll be satisfied
55:40 and he will be able to recieve my appreciation
55:44 for the time face to face. that is the
55:48 absolute best part of heaven and then lastly
55:52 Did you know that we still go to church in heaven?
55:56 thinks about it, we're still going to worship Him, thats why Isaiah 66 says:
56:09 and that make sense is God still our creator in heaven? Yes!
56:13 Is he still our redeemer? Indeed! So whatever worship is going
56:17 be like there, I'm telling you I want a front row set. Amen
56:21 So if you want a front row seat you better get there before I do. On the the first
56:25 Sabbath service or whatever it is that we're going to do in the
56:29 kingdom of heaven. Lastly John start to
56:33 wind down and he says in Revelation 21
56:37 And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, "Behold,
56:41 the tabernacle of God is with men, and He
56:45 will dwell with them, and they shall be His people
56:49 God Himself will be with them and be
56:53 their God.
56:57 You see friends when you realize what Jesus has done for you
57:01 there is nothing in this world worth missing out on the glories of heaven
57:05 You're so valuable He created that place
57:09 for you I'm so valuable He caried
57:13 the cross to calvary. We mean so much
57:17 to Him that he opens up the door of eternity
57:21 to you and me and so that
57:25 cause us to say in our minds, Lord Jesus
57:29 may be nothing that stands between you and me
57:33 may it be our prayer night to says Lord
57:37 I asking you to save me in your kindgom
57:41 Lord help me to follow you with all of may heart
57:45 Lord help me to make the decessions that I know
57:49 that I need to make, heaven is not a place
57:53 that any of us want to miss.


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