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The Doom Of Pompeii

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00:01 Jesus Christ promise to return to this earth.
00:03 So, let's read what it says in John Chapter 14,
00:06 Verses 1 to 3. Let not your heart be troubled,
00:11 you believe in God, believe also in me.
00:14 In my fathers house are many mansions;
00:17 if it were not so, I would have told you.
00:19 I go to prepare a place for you.
00:22 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
00:24 I will come again, and receive you unto myself;
00:28 that where I am, there you maybe also.
00:31 We'll read too in Acts Chapter 1, Verse 11.
00:35 This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into
00:37 heaven will shall come in like manner
00:40 as you saw him go into heaven.
00:43 Well, that's a great promise,
00:45 but many are going to be unprepared.
00:47 The best illustration we've really of what
00:50 Jesus was talking about happened in 79 AD
00:54 in the town of Pompeii in Italy.
00:57 And, that's why the title of today's program
01:00 is The Doom of Pompeii.
01:41 Well, Pompeii was a truly magnificent Roman city.
01:46 Of course it's become pretty well over ground
01:48 with weeds. It's a long time since it was excavated,
01:50 you see many of these places,
01:52 but Pompeii was just 200 kilometers from Roman
01:56 and to this place came the affluent
02:00 and wealthy Roman nobles.
02:02 Well, pave straights, beautiful shops
02:05 stuck with all the lightest commodities
02:07 and this is where the Roman's could come
02:09 and have the time of their lives.
02:56 And, you may be sure that the Romans have
02:59 the latest model chariots.
03:00 You can see lot of marks here where they went
03:03 along the roads. And, there were places too,
03:06 where the pedestrians could step over,
03:08 so that they wouldn't get their feet wet.
03:24 But of course with all these the Romans
03:25 did not neglect their Gods.
03:27 And, so there were temples here in Pompeii including
03:30 this temple to Apollo.
03:33 But all this came to an abrupt end.
03:36 Life was going on as usual until one day in AD 79,
03:42 when an ominous rumble came from the mountain
03:45 and smoke began to pull it down the side.
04:14 People panic some jumped into their church
04:16 and galloped away.
04:23 And this rain down to the seashore
04:25 and got on the ships.
04:29 Other state behind filleting
04:31 or just hoping that don't go away.
04:38 But it didn't,
04:42 a tide of poisonous gas poured down the side of
04:45 the mountain into the houses
04:47 and people were asphyxiated,
04:49 died in agony, contorted.
04:51 Not only the human beings, but also the animals,
04:54 dogs, and other creatures were asphyxiated
04:57 and died in agony.
05:07 I think all of this has a message for us today.
05:11 I think it's a solemn warning that the end of
05:14 the world is coming.
05:16 And I think we should take note of it. In Matthew 24,
05:20 Jesus Christ said, in Verse 37.
05:24 As the days of Noe were, so also will be the
05:28 coming of the Son of Man.
05:29 For as in the days before the flood though eating,
05:32 drinking, marrying and giving in marriage
05:34 until the day that Noe end at the ark and did not know,
05:38 until the flood came and took them all away.
05:40 So, also well the coming of the son of man
05:43 they unexpectedly. Just as unexpected
05:47 as was the Doom of Pompeii.
05:50 And, so Jesus Christ says, in Verse 42.
05:54 Watch therefore for you do not know
05:58 what hour your Lord is coming?
06:00 Now, we didn't know the exact hour,
06:02 we don't know the exact date,
06:04 but I will tell you what we can know.
06:07 In Verse 32, Jesus said,
06:10 "Now learn this parable from the fig tree;
06:13 When his branch has already become tender,
06:15 and put forth leaves, you know that summer is near".
06:18 So, you also when you see all these things
06:23 know that it is near, at the very doors.
06:27 So, we don't know the exact hour.
06:28 We don't know the exact date.
06:31 But we should know when the end of the world is near.
06:36 And, how can we know.
06:39 I think we will find the answer in Jerusalem.
06:55 On standing outside the Western wall,
06:58 which was part of the world that one surrounded
07:01 the enclosure in which the temple stood
07:03 in the day of Jesus Christ.
07:05 It is a beautiful temple
07:06 and a very strong wall around it.
07:09 And, so it was here that the disciples came to Jesus
07:12 as recorded in Matthew 24.
07:14 As Jesus went out and departed from the temple,
07:16 his disciples came to him to show him the buildings
07:19 of the temple. And Jesus said to them,
07:21 do you not see all these things?
07:24 Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be lift
07:28 here upon another that show not be throne down.
07:32 The disciples must have been absolutely
07:34 staggered at this statement not one stone
07:38 at the beautiful temple and it was God's temple
07:41 surely God wouldn't allow the temple to be destroyed,
07:44 but absolutely fun the staggered Jesus statement,
07:47 but it all happened. In the year 70 AD,
07:51 the Roman General Titus came here and
07:54 be seized the city, terrible scenes of
07:56 suffering followed and finally the city was
07:59 conquered and the whole city was destroyed
08:03 and burned put up in the flames.
08:05 If you go to Rome, there was an arch
08:08 that Titus left their and on the only inside of
08:10 that arch you see some men carrying the seven golden
08:14 candle sticks that have taken out of this temple
08:16 as a trophy. Some of these stones were
08:19 ending up to eight meters in length enormous stones
08:23 and the height of the temple wall.
08:25 Well, the archaeologies have dug down some
08:28 20 meters below the level of the ground,
08:31 as you see at the present time.
08:33 And, so this was a terrible thing that
08:36 happened as far as the disciples was concerned
08:39 and naturally they were completely dumb
08:41 founded wanted no more about it.
08:45 Jesus went on to say, in Verse 12,
08:48 And because lawlessness will abound,
08:51 the love of many will grow cold.
08:54 We are living in the lawless world today
08:56 and if you don't realize that,
08:58 you just pick up a newspaper or
08:59 tune it to your TV news.
09:02 This is a very lawless world.
09:04 And, Paul gave a run down on the sort of thing
09:08 we can expect in second Timothy Chapter 3,
09:11 and in Verse 1. But now this that in
09:15 the last days paralyse times will come.
09:19 It's dangerous living today you know.
09:21 For men will be lovers of themselves,
09:23 lovers of money, boasters, proud,
09:26 blaspheme, disobedient to parents,
09:28 without self control, brutal, despises of good,
09:32 lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.
09:36 That's what we find today lovers of money,
09:38 lovers of pleasure, mad fuel of excitement,
09:42 you know, in the days of our grandparents
09:43 they just went out off to the local dance for
09:46 once in a month and that was their pleasure.
09:48 Today, people wanted every night of the week,
09:50 mad whelming pleasure, putting pleasure before God.
09:54 It also says here disobedience to parents
09:57 ever heard of youthful delinquency,
10:02 we live in an age when children just don't listen
10:05 to their parents anymore. So, it's quite obvious that
10:10 this is the world we are living in today,
10:12 and Paul describes it's the last days.
10:16 And, Jesus goes on to say and this gospel of the
10:19 kingdom will be preached in all the world for a
10:22 witness to all nations and then will the end come.
10:26 So, God wants everyone to have a chance
10:28 to know that Christ is coming.
10:31 Have you stopped to think just how extensively
10:34 the gospel has been preaching all the world
10:36 since 200 years ago. Nobody ever thought of
10:39 going anyway. Except in their own country
10:42 and then the foreign mission program
10:43 started and look at Christians missions that
10:46 are going all over the world today,
10:47 it's dramatic. And I will tell you
10:49 what's helping it too. There was another prophecy
10:52 very relevant to this and that's in Daniel 12
10:54 and in Verse 4, where the angel said,
10:57 you Daniel shut up the words and seal the book
11:00 until the time of the end.
11:03 Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.
11:06 What would the dramatic amount of knowledge
11:09 we've today. How it proliferated
11:12 all the techniques, all the technology
11:15 it is just incredible, it states mind bogging
11:17 all the things that we know today
11:19 that we didn't know 50 years ago,
11:21 even 10 years ago. And, so this increase of
11:24 knowledge and the proliferation of the
11:27 media is enabling the gospel
11:30 and the knowledge of Christ coming to be
11:32 preached all over the world.
11:33 And of course the running to and fro helps.
11:36 You see, today the roads are filled with vehicles,
11:40 the skies are filled with jets winding over the head
11:44 and men have learned to go to the moon in their rockets.
11:47 All these things that happening today,
11:49 but this is a great help to the preaching of the gospel.
11:53 The missionary can go to places that otherwise
11:55 would not have been able to go to before.
11:58 And, so these look to be the last days
12:01 of this world's history. Well, what is Jesus say
12:04 here in Matthew Chapter 24 and in Verse 32?
12:08 "Now learn this parable from the fig tree:
12:11 when its branches already become tender
12:14 and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near
12:17 " There are fig trees on this amount of all leaves
12:19 and when you see the leaves coming,
12:20 you know, that summer is on the way.
12:22 Show you also, when you see all these things know
12:26 that it is near at the very doors and some people say,
12:30 oh! Yes, we've heard these prophecies before.
12:32 The world is still going on,
12:33 could go on for another thousand years,
12:35 but listen when it's at the very doors,
12:38 I can't see a thousand years in there,
12:40 I can't even see a hundred years.
12:41 And, who knows just how soon the last great
12:44 dramatic event of this world's
12:46 history could take place.
12:48 And, so Jesus tells us to be ready and prepare
12:53 for his coming. Now, do you feel perhaps
12:56 little uneasy about this? Do you feel perhaps that
13:00 you're not quite ready? What can you do?
13:03 An incident took place down at Jericho that
13:05 2000 years ago that I think throw some
13:09 helpful light on this.
13:20 I don't know how Hare the great who filled
13:23 all the babies in Bethlehem would feel about this,
13:26 but I'm actually standing on top of the ruins of
13:28 one of his Jericho palaces.
13:31 Actually there were three Jericho's.
13:33 Away over their on the distance is the city
13:37 that was conquered by Joshua
13:39 and that today is just a deserted ruins.
13:45 And, then over in this direction here
13:47 is the modern Arab settlement.
13:57 But down here in the valley is the city that was
14:01 occupied in Roman times in other words
14:04 at the time Jesus Christ. Now, way over there to
14:06 the left was the western gate,
14:09 where the road led up to Jerusalem and then
14:11 you come down, you can see some residential
14:13 quarters there and then in the foreground here is
14:17 a beautiful palace, another palace that Hare had.
14:19 It was a lovely pool of water there and then way
14:22 over there on the right was the entrance gate.
14:25 And this city must have been adorned with palm trees
14:28 and date palms, sycamore trees
14:30 it must have been a very beautiful city.
14:35 Well, it was in this Jericho that a very interesting
14:37 incident is recorded in the New Testament.
14:40 You see, Jesus Christ came through
14:42 this Roman Jericho on his way up to Jerusalem
14:45 for the last time. And as he entered the city
14:48 you might be sure lot of people came out to see
14:50 the great teacher and Hiala.
14:53 And as he passed through, he no doubt heal the sick.
14:57 And then he finally reached that gate up
14:59 at the other end there. And, everyone was anxious
15:02 to see him including a little man called Zacchaeus.
15:07 Now, he was one of these despites text gatherers
15:10 and I think he was gonna make room for him and
15:12 being a small stature he couldn't see
15:14 over the heads of the crowd.
15:16 So, he decided that he would run ahead
15:20 of Jesus Christ and climb up a sycamore tree
15:23 and as Christ went underneath he would be
15:25 able to look down and get a good look at them.
15:28 And, that's what he did? And, can you imagine his
15:31 astonishment as the crowd went by Jesus Christ
15:34 looked up and he said, Zacchaeus come down
15:37 out of that tree, I want to go and dine at
15:40 your place tonight and how, I guarantee,
15:42 he just about fell out of the tree.
15:45 And of course you know, how the Pharisees are,
15:47 they said, he is going to dine with a man
15:50 that is a sinner and that's when Jesus Christ
15:54 made a statement that it's a very wonderful
15:56 thing, I think over here in Luke 19 and in Verse 10.
16:00 He said the son of man has come to seek
16:03 and to save that which was lost.
16:07 Have you ever felt to just want good enough to
16:10 live forever in God's kingdom.
16:12 You won't ready to meet Christ when he comes.
16:14 Well, Jesus Christ came to seek and save that
16:17 which was lost that which was not good enough.
16:20 In fact, their here in Isaiah 118 it says,
16:22 come down and let us reason together said
16:24 the Lord thou your sins are like scarlet they
16:27 shall be as white as snow.
16:29 Your sins may be like scarlet.
16:32 But if you just believe in Jesus Christ
16:35 you will stand in front of him and you will just
16:36 look like that purest whitest snow,
16:39 you can't be ready to make Jesus Christ when he comes,
16:42 if you just believe in him as your savior.
16:46 Personally, I shall welcome the second
16:48 coming of Christ. I think this whole world
16:51 with all its pain and hunger and human suffering
16:55 has gone on long enough,
16:57 but that does lead us to a number of questions.
17:00 What will the immortal life be like?
17:03 Will we eat there? Will we recognize each other?
17:07 And what will we do with all that spare time.
17:10 To answer to these questions we take
17:12 you in our next program to the Acropolis in Athens.
17:16 The ruins are spectacular and I'm sure you will find
17:19 it's a really interesting program.


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