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00:11 This is the first time I've ever clamed to the top of a Minaret.
00:15 The view is absolutely spectacular!
00:17 But the climb is very steep.
00:20 This is where the Muezzin called the faithful to prayer
00:23 five times a day. Let's just listen to him for a moment.
00:27 He's saying, Allah Akbar, God is Great.
01:35 We are on the top of Mount Tabor, and looking down here,
01:40 you can see beyond the line of trees, the plain of Jezreel.
01:44 And in the background, the mountains of Gilboa.
01:49 Now this was the scene for a very remarkable battle,
01:53 which was fought between King Saul and the Israelites,
01:57 on one side, there on the mountains of Gilboa,
02:01 and the Philistines, who were over in this direction.
02:04 Saul was naturally anxious about the outcome of this battle,
02:08 and so he made some inquiries from God, hoping to get some
02:13 direction, or some answer, some assurance.
02:15 And so we are told here that he asked of the Lord in
02:23 in 1 Samuel 28 and verse 6, Saul inquired of the Lord.
02:26 The Lord did not answer him. Now that's a bit strange, isn't it?
02:30 Because most people think, All you got to do is pray
02:32 and God will give you an answer.
02:33 But it says, The Lord did not answer him, either by dream
02:36 or by Urim or by the prophets. So, you might think, Well,
02:41 That's being tough when a man prays and God doesn't answer.
02:44 But there was a good reason for this, you see. We're told here
02:48 Then Saul said to his servants, Find me a woman who is a Medium,
02:52 that I may go to her and inquire of her,
02:55 and his servants said to him, In fact there is a woman who is
02:58 a Medium at Endor. Now Endor is down at the foot of this
03:02 mountain. And you see the reason that God hadn't answered him
03:06 was because he was living in disobedience to God.
03:09 And you can't expect God to answer you or do anything
03:12 for you if you are living in direct violation of
03:14 His known will. And so now, Saul decides that he'll go to
03:19 this Medium at Endor. Now this is the first recorded
03:23 Spiritualistic Séance in history and so here is Saul going off to
03:27 this Spiritualistic Medium. And so away he goes.
03:31 So Saul disguised himself, put on other clothes, and he went
03:34 and two men with him, and they came to the woman by night and
03:36 he said, Please conduct a séance for me, and bring up to me one
03:41 I shall name to you. So this is a real Séance, you see,
03:45 Spiritualistic Medium and everything.
03:47 Then the woman said to him, Look, you know what Saul has
03:49 done, how he has cut off the Mediums and the Spiritists
03:52 from the land. Now you see, God had given specific
03:55 instructions that Mediums were not to function. They were to be
03:58 put away. And here was Saul, going to the very person
04:02 who was condemned by God. However Saul swore to her
04:07 by the Lord, saying that as the Lord lives, no punishment shall
04:09 come upon you for this thing. Then the woman said,
04:12 Whom shall I bring up for you? You'll notice it wasn't bringing
04:15 down but bringing up. And that's not a good place to come from,
04:19 is it? And he said, Bring up Samuel for me.
04:22 Now Samuel was the prophet; but we're distinctly told
04:26 in verse 3, Now Samuel had died and all Israel had lamented
04:30 for him, and buried him in Ramah. So Samuel was dead
04:33 and buried. We've already noticed in a previous program
04:37 that the dead know not anything. And yet here was Saul wanting
04:42 to speak to Samuel who was dead and could not communicate
04:45 with him. Well, did anything happen? Yes, it did.
04:48 Because it says, He said to her, What is this form?
04:55 You see, something came up, seemed to come up out of the
04:57 ground. And he said, What is this form? And she said,
05:00 An old man is coming up and he is covered with a mantle, and
05:02 Saul perceived that it was Samuel. And then it says,
05:06 Samuel said to Saul, and goes on to say what the conversation
05:09 was. Now, here was an apparent conversation between Saul
05:13 and the dead Samuel. And how are you going to explain that?
05:17 If the bible says that Saul had inquired of Samuel,
05:23 and that Samuel was dead, you can take it. But Samuel was dead
05:27 It was not Samuel. Who was it then? The bible teaches that the
05:33 devil is a very real person. and he has a lot of ability.
05:38 He has the ability to impersonate the dead.
05:41 He has the ability to take on the same sort of voice and
05:45 mannerisms so that when Saul saw this figure or heard this
05:50 voice, he thought, That's Samuel for sure. But it wasn't.
05:52 I'll tell you. It was the devil impersonating Samuel.
05:57 So the devil is a very real person, and when Jesus Christ
06:02 was tempted of the devil in the wilderness of Judea, it was a
06:08 very real and personal devil that appeared to him.
06:11 >From the wilderness of Judea the devil whisked Jesus up
06:16 to Jerusalem to the temple. You never want to underestimate what
06:20 the devil can do. Its incredible when God allows, just what power
06:24 the devil has and what he can do. And so he brought Jesus up
06:28 here to the pinnacle of the temple and he said,
06:30 If you are the son of God, cast yourself down from here.
06:35 Because it is written, He shall give his Angels charge
06:39 over thee and in their hands they shall bear thee up.
06:43 You know, its incredible, even the devil knows how to quote
06:45 scripture when it suits him. But Jesus came back with
06:49 another scripture. He said, It is also written, You shall
06:53 not test or tempt the Lord your God. That's the best way to
06:57 beat the devil, you know, just to use the bible.
06:59 For the third temptation, the bible says, Again the devil
07:08 took him up on an exceedingly high mountain and showed him
07:12 all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory.
07:14 Now we don't know just exactly which mountain this was.
07:17 But, in front of you there, is the traditional mount
07:21 of temptation. And on the side clinging to the side of the
07:24 mountain, you can see is a great monastery.
07:27 And that's where we're going to go now.
07:50 >From up here, I have a magnificent view, looking out
07:56 over the Jordan valley and Jericho. And this conflict was
08:02 a very real thing. Matthew 4: 9 says,
08:06 The devil said to him, All these things I will give you
08:10 if you will fall down and worship me.
08:12 Now this wasn't a make believe. It really happened. There was
08:16 Jesus Christ confronted by the devil in person.
08:20 Well now, you might say, Well where did this fellow come from?
08:24 And why didn't God blot him out if He is giving so much
08:27 trouble. We need to understand the issues behind this conflict.
08:31 You see, God has a big universe. In Revelation, chapter 5, and in
08:38 verse 11, it says, Then I looked and I heard the voice of many
08:43 angels around the throne. And the number of them was 10,000
08:47 times 10,000, and thousands of thousands. Well, you've got to
08:52 a little pocket calculator there that you can figure that out?
08:55 Work it out. You'll find that we're talking about a hundred
08:59 million angels and thousands of thousands besides that.
09:03 A lot of angels, and the bible says that one third of the
09:08 angels rebelled against God. Now if there's a hundred
09:12 thousand left, that means that there must have originally been
09:15 at least a hundred and fifty thousand millions and so you've
09:20 got to figure here of some fifty million devils at least
09:24 that have rebelled against God. Now these were pure and holy
09:28 angels who decided to rebel against the Creator.
09:31 Well, how did it all begin? How did it get started?
09:34 We're told in Isaiah, chapter 14 where it says,
09:40 How you are fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning.
09:45 For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into heaven,
09:49 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will ascend
09:52 above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High.
09:56 Now apparently Lucifer was the head angel. And he rebelled
10:02 against God. There's no reason. You say, Well why did he do it.
10:05 Wasn't he contented? He should have been. There's no reason
10:08 you can give. Otherwise you can justify him in doing it.
10:11 But for some reason that we do not understand, he just said,
10:15 Well, I'm not satisfied with what I've got. And so he said,
10:19 I want to be like the Most High. And so he rebelled against God.
10:23 Now he was a very beautiful angel. In the book of Ezekiel,
10:27 it says here, Son of man take up a lamentation for the
10:31 king of Tyre. Now this is apparently symbolic of this
10:35 rebellion because it says, You were the seal of perfection,
10:40 full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden,
10:43 the garden of God. You see, the king of Tyre wasn't in the
10:46 garden of God, in the garden of Eden. So it must be referring
10:49 to this head angel, Lucifer. You were the anointed cherub who
10:54 covers. You were perfect in your ways from the day you
10:57 were created till iniquity was found in you. So also you see
11:01 he was created. He wasn't a born creature. He was created
11:05 and so this beautiful angel apparently became filled with
11:10 pride and decided to rebel against God.
11:12 Well, apparently he was very subtle and succeeded in getting
11:18 a lot of the angels to sympathize with him.
11:20 And what was the result? Well there's only one conclusion
11:23 that could happen and that's brought to light in Revelation,
11:26 twelve, and in verse 7 where it says, And war broke out in
11:30 heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon
11:34 and the dragon and his angels fought. So the great dragon was
11:37 cast out, that serpent of old called the devil and Satan
11:41 who deceives the whole world. He was cast to the earth,
11:44 and his angels were cast out with him. Well, why didn't
11:48 the Lord destroy him? You see he was apparently very subtle
11:53 and if God had wiped him out, there and then, there may have
11:56 been some lingering questions in the minds of the loyal angels
11:59 and so God had to let this controversy develop just to see
12:03 where it was really leading to. I think we can see it now.
12:06 Well, what was the result of all this? What was the result of
12:09 these angels being cast out? Do you see that cave in the
12:14 hillside up there? I want to tell you an interesting story.
12:17 We're actually standing here at a place called Kurisee and it is
12:24 thought that that was the ancient Gariso. Now in the bible
12:29 we read a story about two men who came from Gariso or actually
12:33 the biblical record in some manuscripts says the Gadarenes.
12:36 Well, this is what happened. Over there is the lake of
12:40 Galilee and one morning Jesus came, arrived here in his boat
12:43 with the disciples, and no sooner had they landed,
12:47 than two demon possessed men came running down from these
12:51 caves, and approached Jesus and the disciples.
12:54 And the disciples apparently were scared to death. They fled.
12:56 But not Jesus. He stood his ground. And so when they
13:01 approached him all fierce and threatening, Jesus simply
13:05 commanded the devils to go out of them. And the devil put up
13:10 some resistance. These were demon possessed men, you see.
13:12 And is says in Luke, chapter 8, Jesus asked him, saying what
13:18 is your name? And he said, Legion, because many demons
13:24 had entered into him. Now we need to realize,
13:27 There's an awful lot of devils around in this world. There are
13:30 millions of them. In fact you probably got one in personal
13:34 attendance on yourself. So you need to be on your guard.
13:38 And so these people said they were legion or many devils.
13:42 And so Jesus cast out these demons. And these men were
13:48 so grateful. They just flung themselves at Jesus' feet.
13:51 The next thing we have a record of they were sitting at Jesus
13:55 feet, clothed and in their right mind. That's what Jesus
13:58 can do for demon possessed people. And demon possession
14:02 is a very real thing. It really happens. And don't make any
14:05 mistake. These demons have some real power.
14:08 For instance in Revelation chapter 16, and in verse 14,
14:13 it says, For they are spirits of demons performing signs
14:18 or miracles, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the
14:22 whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of
14:24 God Almighty. You see, the devil can work miracles, and all his
14:28 evil angels can work miracles. So just because you see a
14:31 miracle, don't jump to the conclusion that it must be of
14:34 God. The devil and his evil angels are out to deceive
14:38 people and they have the power to perform miracles.
14:42 And even people who preach in their name have the power to
14:46 work miracles. Even in the name of Christ. So while they're
14:50 actually serving the devil, Listen, Matthew chapter 7
14:52 and verse 21, Not every one who says to me, Lord, Lord,
14:57 shall enter the kingdom of heaven. But he who does the will
15:01 of my father in heaven. Now here people who actually call
15:05 Christ, Lord. And yet it says, Many will say to me in that day,
15:09 Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name,
15:13 cast out demons in your name and done many wonders in your
15:17 name? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you.
15:21 Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.
15:25 So its not a case of whether you work miracles or not.
15:27 Its a case of whether you do the will of God.
15:34 Now I want to take it a step further. You realize that there
15:38 are spiritualist churches in the world today? That is churches
15:45 that claim to believe in the bible, claim to believe in Jesus
15:48 Christ and yet they have Séances? They have Mediums,
15:52 they have spirits appearing out of the darkness and all the
15:55 rest of it. And these spirits profess to have faith in Christ.
16:00 they profess to be the spirits of people who have died.
16:05 And yet they have faith in Christ. Listen, this just
16:08 does not work. Its absolutely contrary to the bible.
16:11 It just can't be. And it just must be that its the devil
16:15 impersonating those who are departed and who are trying
16:19 to make out that they're still alive. Its a false sense of
16:22 security. And there are just millions of people being swept
16:26 into this. I don't know whether you noticed this a few years ago
16:29 in the Time magazine. You see what it says here?
16:33 Occult revival. Down to the bottom here, Satan returns.
16:38 You know, even the Time magazine gets it right sometimes.
16:41 And, it's right on there. And so there is great revival of the
16:48 occult, Satanism. And these spirits appearing to people.
16:54 And so, if you haven't had any confrontation with this sort of
16:58 thing yet, well, just know what its all about; because you
17:01 might be called upon to face up to something like this.
17:04 The bible makes it very plain that we ought to keep right
17:09 away from this sort of thing. Listen, I'm reading from
17:11 Isaiah chapter 8, and in verse 19. And when they say to you,
17:16 Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,
17:22 should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead
17:28 on behalf of the living? Isn't that just what they're doing?
17:30 Seeking the supposedly dead on behalf of the living.
17:34 They're not talking to the dead at all, they're in communication
17:38 with evil spirits. Now this is what it says,
17:41 To the law and to the testimony, If they do not speak according
17:46 to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
17:50 Now some people think, Well, there is a little light here.
17:52 Listen, if its darkness, there is no light in them.
17:57 And its dangerous. And if you are involved in this sort of
18:01 thing in any way, I want to advise you to get right out of
18:04 it. Its dangerous. Keep away from it altogether.
18:07 Well, some people might be disappointed in this.
18:10 Actually, I guess I should tell you that my mother and my
18:14 grandmother was a spiritualist. She had a weekly séance,
18:17 went along and talked to her so called dead husband
18:20 once a week. So I know a little bit of what I'm talking about.
18:23 And I want to tell you, It's dangerous and keep away from it.
18:25 There is a marvelous alternative Listen. Jesus said in John 10
18:31 and in verse 10. I have come that they may have life, and
18:37 that they may have it more abundantly.
18:39 Look, if you want life, there's a place to get it, from Jesus
18:44 Christ. Don't go looking for it in dead people. Jesus Christ is
18:49 the one who is able to give you life, real, good, wonderful life
18:54 in this world and eternal life in the world to come.
19:00 Standing here in the ruins of Garesa where those demons
19:04 possessed men might have come from, gives one quite an eerie
19:08 feeling. Have you ever wondered why God gave such specific
19:12 instructions regarding the building of the sanctuary,
19:15 and why He required so many animals sacrifices?
19:19 Why would a God of love need to be plactated
19:22 by the death of so many animals? We'll explain and answer these
19:27 puzzling questions in our next program, when we visit Shiloh
19:31 where the Israelites first erected the sanctuary
19:34 when they arrived in the promised land.


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