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00:01 In Revelation Chapter 14 Verses 8 to 11
00:03 is a rather freighting morning against receiving
00:06 the mark of the beast. Listen while I read it to you.
00:11 And another angel followed saying, Babylon is fallen,
00:14 is fallen, that great city, because she has made
00:18 all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her
00:20 fornication. Then the third angel followed them
00:24 saying with a loud voice "if anyone worships the beast
00:27 and his image and receives his mark on his forehead
00:31 or on his hand, "He himself shall also drink of the
00:35 wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full
00:38 strength into the cup of his indignation and he shall
00:41 be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence
00:46 of the Holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
00:48 and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever;
00:53 and they have no rest day or night,
00:56 who worship the beast and his image,
00:58 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
01:02 Well that's a very solemn morning,
01:05 and I think that we should take care to find out
01:07 what it's all about. I think this program might help you.
01:46 The Island of Patmos is about 300 kilometers South East
01:49 of Athens of the Turkish coast and you certainly
01:52 get a magnificent view looking down on the Island
01:56 of Patmos as your Helicopter wings its way through
01:59 the air and hoppers over the Island.
02:01 It's only a small island; it's only 12 kilometers in
02:05 length and at it's narrowest it's only about a 100 meters
02:11 from one side of the Island to the other. And down there,
02:15 near the narrow part is a little beach and that
02:20 is probably, where John saw himself in the vision.
02:24 The Island of Patmos itself is a very interesting place,
02:28 a rocky island yes, but very fertile.
02:31 And there are shepherds mounting their sheep,
02:35 there are crops growing and some beautiful wild
02:38 flowers and you'll even see some Australian
02:41 wattle there. There is a cave,
02:45 which is supposed to be place where John had his vision.
02:48 Well, I don't think there is any evidence for that,
02:50 but anyway there is a church built over the cave
02:52 and right up at the top of the mountain of the Island,
02:56 there is a very impressive looking monastery,
02:59 and this monastery has some very important an
03:04 ancient documents, some manuscripts that were written
03:08 more than a 1000 years ago, and so all this is on the
03:14 Island of Patmos. But now let's go down to the beach,
03:19 where John had his vision, because he says here
03:23 in Revelation chapter 13 and in verse 1,
03:27 then I stood on the sand of the sea,
03:29 and saw a beast rising up out of the sea.
03:32 So he was on the sand of the sea presumably
03:36 in vision he saw himself on the beach of Patmos.
03:41 Revelation chapter 13 and in verse 1 John says,
03:45 then I stood on the sand of the sea,
03:47 and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having
03:51 seven heads and ten horns and on his horns
03:54 Ten Crowns and on his heads a blissfulness name.
03:59 Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard,
04:01 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
04:03 and his mouth like the mouth of a lion,
04:06 and the dragon gave him his power,
04:08 his throne and great authority.
04:11 Now the beast that has described here as the same
04:14 identification marks as the little horn in
04:17 Daniel chapter 7, which we identified as the Roman
04:21 Catholic Church. For instance it says here,
04:24 in verse 7, it was granted him to make war with the
04:27 saints and to overcome them. It was to be persecuting
04:30 power. I don't want to say anything more about
04:32 that now, but in our next program I have some
04:35 other chilling facts to present before you about
04:37 what history says concerning the persecutions
04:39 mentioned here. So, the papacy undoubtedly
04:44 was a persecuting power. It says in verse 6,
04:47 and then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,
04:50 to blaspheme his name, his tabernacle,
04:54 and those who dwell in Heaven. Now I'll try the
04:57 significant not only blasphemy against God,
05:00 which we notice in our previous program,
05:03 but also those that dwell in Heaven.
05:06 I have here a little pamphlet that I purchased from
05:10 a Roman Catholic book shop and it is called a Priest
05:13 in fact it's all about a priest.
05:14 And talking about the priest, the author
05:18 of this little track Robert Nash, S.J. that means
05:22 Society of Jews it says, a Roman Catholic gives
05:26 unhesitating approval of the sentimental of St. Francis
05:29 of a CC, who writes that if he met a priest and an angel, he
05:34 would salute first the priest and only after the priest
05:38 the angel. In other words, that's putting the priest
05:41 ahead of the angel isn't it and he is inclined to believe
05:45 or at least countenance the scenic dirt,
05:47 which relates that before a certain priests ordination
05:51 his angel guardian were seen walking before him,
05:55 but after ordination the angel followed behind.
05:59 And so you see this is exalting the priesthood
06:03 above the Holy Angels of God in Heaven and
06:06 that's what the records says the prophecy said he
06:10 would blaspheme those who dwell in Heaven.
06:14 In verse 5 it says, he was given a mouth speaking
06:18 great things and blasphemies and was given authority
06:20 to continue for 42 months. Now let's just notice that
06:25 on the black board 42 months,
06:27 30 days to the month multiply 42x30 and you'll
06:32 have a period of 1260 days. We've already noticed that
06:37 a day in prophecy represents a year and so here
06:40 is the period of 1260 years. Now this is the same period
06:45 as was mentioned in Daniel chapter 7 at time, times,
06:50 and half-a-time and that began in the year 538 A.D.
06:55 and reach forward to the year 1798 A.D.
07:00 and what was to happened in that year? Well remember
07:03 it says here, in verse 3, I saw one of his heads
07:08 as it had been mortally wounded and that of course
07:11 is when Napoleon's armies march down to Rome
07:14 and occupied not only Rome, but Vatican and sent
07:19 the Pope into captivity in France. General Berthier
07:24 carried out this operation and the Pope died in exile
07:28 one year later in the year 1799. And everyone thought
07:33 that the papacy as a political power had merits dome
07:37 come to an end never to rise again.
07:40 Sent to the immortal deadly wound, but the Bible
07:43 knew better. It says here in verse 3 that his deadly
07:49 wound was healed, he was to recover from this
07:52 mortal blow in other words, and of course the papacy
07:55 did, just look at the papacy today.
07:57 Everyone admires the pope and his present
08:01 activities in fact it says here, and all the world
08:05 marveled and followed the beast.
08:07 You know when the Pope went to America;
08:10 the crowd sang there, his got the whole wide
08:15 world in his hands. Now that's a song that usually applies
08:19 Jesus Christ, but they applied it to the Pope of Rome
08:22 and today the Pope of Rome is a very popular figure,
08:26 a very influential figure not only in religious affairs,
08:30 but even in politics. Today, all the world is marveling
08:34 at the power and authority of the pope of Rome.
08:38 We are in Washington the capital of the United States
08:40 of America and behind me on the left hand side there
08:44 is the Lincoln memorial in which is the statue
08:47 to a very great man Abraham Lincoln and we are
08:50 here because I believe that this is relevant to a
08:52 prophecy that we are studying right now.
08:54 And that is in Revelation chapter 13,
08:58 where it continues by saying, he who leads into captivity
09:01 shall go into captivity. Now that is speaking
09:04 about the occasion when the Pope was taken into
09:07 captivity in the year 1798. Verse 11 says at that time,
09:13 I saw another beast coming up out of the earth
09:15 and he had two horns like a Lamb.
09:18 Now we've spoken about beast rising up out of water,
09:20 symbolizing kingdoms rising up from the turbulent nations
09:24 of the world, but here is a nation that rose up where
09:27 there was no water, no nations, no peoples
09:30 and this I believe very fittingly applies to the
09:33 United States of America, which grew up in isolation
09:36 in the North American continent.
09:38 It's interesting to look at the history of this nation.
09:41 In the year 1620, the Pilgrim father set out on that
09:44 memorable journey in that brave little ship Mayflower
09:48 and they reached sea shores a new country,
09:51 where they expected to find freedom and liberty
09:54 and so here they settled down, but soon they became
09:58 discontented with the Colonial Position that they held
10:01 and so in 1775 by launch the war of independence.
10:06 The following year 1776, they issued the declaration
10:11 of independence and in 1783 England was obliged
10:15 to recognize the independence of the new nation.
10:19 In 1793, Washington was chosen as the new capital.
10:26 We are on Capitol Hill and it was on September 18, 1793,
10:33 the George Washington lay the cornerstone of the
10:35 building that you see which was to be the administrative
10:38 center of the United States of America.
10:41 The statistic show that the population of Washington
10:45 at that time consisted of 2464 free settlers and 623
10:52 slaves. But it is the time element that interests
10:56 me most. It was in the summer of 1800 that congress
11:00 moved into this building. Now remember it was in
11:04 1798 that this beast, this power was to arise.
11:09 You see the prophecy were spot on as far as time
11:13 was concerned. Now in Revelation 13 and in verse 11
11:18 it speaks about this lamb light beast, but it says
11:22 he spoke like a dragon. I'm standing in front of the
11:26 Pentagon, which is the military head quarters
11:29 of the United States of America, which today is the
11:32 strongest nation on the face of the earth,
11:35 but it was not always so. You see,
11:37 go back to the year say 1900 and you find that
11:41 United States that was desperately anxious to keep
11:44 out of the face of the world. They were isolationist
11:47 and they just didn't want to get involved in the
11:50 wars on the conflict of Europe and other parts of the
11:53 world, but it was not to be. And so in the 1914-18
11:57 war came along, America tried to keep out,
12:01 but without success she was drone into that conflict,
12:04 but when that war was over again America tried
12:07 to withdraw into a shell, then came the 1939 war
12:11 once more America tried to keep out of it,
12:14 but then came Pearl Harbor and it was of no use.
12:17 America realized it must be involved and today
12:21 it is a very powerful nation and when the
12:25 President of the United States speaks the countries
12:28 of the world have to listen they may not agree
12:31 with what he says, but they have got to listen
12:33 because today this nation speaks with the voice
12:36 of a dragon and it's voice is heard.
12:41 In verse 12 it says, and he exercises all the authority
12:44 of the first beast in his presence and he deceives
12:48 those who dwell on the earth by those signs which
12:51 he was granted to do in the sight of the beast,
12:54 telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image
12:56 to the beast, who was wounded by the sword
12:59 and lived. Now this doesn't mean that one day
13:02 there is gonna to be a Silver or Gold or Marble
13:05 image made. This is figurative language and the trust
13:09 of the prophecy is that the second beast that
13:12 is protestant America is going to follow in the footsteps
13:15 of the first beast that is the Roman Catholic Church
13:18 in tramping on the rights of conscious in forcing
13:22 people to do something against their will.
13:24 And so here is a violation of the very principles
13:28 of liberty and freedom upon which protestant
13:31 America was founded. It envisages reconciliation
13:35 between Protestant America and Catholic Rome.
13:41 Now it's rather interesting behind me is the White House,
13:44 which is the residence of the President of the
13:46 United States of America. We have not been invited
13:51 in there to lunch and that doesn't surprise me
13:54 at all, but what does concern me is the fact
13:57 that the Pope of Rome was invited in there,
14:00 they has been a Roman Catholic President
14:02 there John F. Kennedy and the Pope of Rome
14:06 on his visit to Washington was invited him to the
14:10 President of the Untied States of America.
14:12 Here is a reconciliation that few dreamed off.
14:16 50 years ago, people were throwing stones
14:18 at each other Protestants and
14:20 Roman Catholics that the situation was vastly
14:23 changed recently, and so we have a reconciliation
14:27 predicted and fulfilled. Now this isn't just
14:30 opportunism interpretation in other words not
14:34 just because it's happened we say this is what
14:36 it means, because in 1888 Seventh Day Adventist
14:40 published the Book Great Controversy in which
14:42 it was predicted that this would happen.
14:46 Now in verse 16 it says, and he causes all,
14:49 both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond,
14:52 to receive a mark on their right hand or in their
14:56 foreheads: and that no one may buy or sell
14:59 except the one who has the mark, or the name
15:01 of the beast. And here again this is not a literal
15:04 mark that is going to be stamped in the forehead.
15:07 It is something is going to be received into the
15:09 mind and acted on, and what is this mark
15:12 that is referred to, obviously it is a mark of
15:15 Rome's authority. And what is that mark?
15:18 I have here two Roman Catholic Catechisms,
15:21 which I purchased in Roman Catholic book shops.
15:24 The first is called, the Catechism simply explained
15:28 by Canon Caferrata. There is an interesting
15:31 statement here; on page 88 it says,
15:35 a word about Sunday God said remember that thou
15:39 keep Holy the Sabbath day. The Sabbath was
15:43 Saturday not Sunday, why then do we keep Sunday
15:46 Holy instead of Saturday. The Church altered the
15:50 observance of the Sabbath to the observance
15:52 of Sunday. Protestants who say that they go by the
15:55 Bible and the Bible only, well that's me and I
15:58 you too, protestants who say that they go
16:01 by the Bible must be rather puzzled by the keeping
16:04 of Sunday when God distinctly said keep Holy the
16:08 Sabbath day. The word Sunday does not
16:11 come anywhere in the Bible.
16:13 So without knowing it they are obeying the authority
16:16 of the Catholic Church. Now you get the message
16:18 there, they are saying that Sunday keeping
16:21 is an evidence of the authority of the
16:24 Catholic Church. Another statement in this book,
16:28 The Controversial Catechism by the reverend
16:31 father Steven Keenan, it says Question:
16:34 Have you any other way of proving that the Church
16:37 has power to institute festivals of precept?
16:40 "Had she not such power, she could not have done
16:44 that in which all modern religionists agree with her,
16:46 she could not have substituted the observance
16:49 of Sunday, the first day of the week,
16:51 for the observance of Saturday, the Seventh Day,
16:54 a change for which there is no Scriptural
16:57 authority." Now do you get what it saying,
16:59 it is saying that Sunday is a mark of Rome's authority
17:04 and one day this mark Sunday keeping is going
17:08 to be enforced. Now there is one point I want
17:11 to make very plain, nobody has the mark of the
17:14 beast at the present time even though they keep
17:16 Sunday. It is only when all these conditions are
17:19 fulfilled and allure this past requiring observance
17:23 and everyone knows what they are doing,
17:24 then those who observe Sunday in contradiction
17:28 to the Bible will be receiving the mark of the beast
17:32 and you can understand how it could be observed.
17:34 What with plastic money and computers it won't be
17:37 hard to determine, who is going to receive the mark
17:42 of the beast and who will not. Now who are the
17:46 people, who will not receive the mark of the
17:48 beast? In Revelation 6:17 it is talking about the
17:52 second coming of Christ and it asks a question,
17:56 it says for the great day of his wrath come and
17:58 who is able to stand and then in chapter 7
18:02 it gives us the answer, I saw another angel ascending
18:05 from the East, having the seal of the living God:
18:07 saying, "Do not harm the earth, the sea or the trees,
18:10 to we have sealed the servants of our God
18:13 in their foreheads. There the people that are going
18:15 to be ready, the people who has sealed with the seal
18:18 of God in their foreheads. Now what does it mean
18:20 to be sealed with the seal of God? Well in Isaiah
18:26 chapter 8 and in verse 16 it says,
18:33 Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples.
18:37 You see it's got something to do with the
18:38 Ten Commandments. I want to tell you something
18:40 about seals. There are two types of seals,
18:44 there is the stamp seals such as this Egyptian Scarab
18:48 and it has an inscription there and it is press down
18:50 on the clay or the wax or whatever and leaves
18:54 an impression. And then there is the cylinder seal.
18:59 Now that has an inscription on it and it is rolled along
19:03 on the soft clay like that and leaves an impression.
19:06 Now a seal of the royal type has three elements
19:11 in it that is the name of the king and his title and the
19:17 kingdom over which he rule for instance in Egypt,
19:20 it would be say Menkeparai king of the two lands
19:23 of upper and lower Egypt or in the case of George
19:26 Washington whose monument you see behind me here,
19:28 it would be George Washington President of the
19:32 United States. Now when you look at the law of God
19:35 those three elements are only found in one of the
19:39 Commandments and that is the Fourth Commandment,
19:42 where it says in 6 days the Lord made that is,
19:48 he is the creator of Heaven and earth.
19:50 You see it's got those three elements and so I consider
19:52 these to constitute the seal of the living God.
19:56 In other words, the Seventh Day Sabbath is the seal
19:59 of the living God. And that's what the servants
20:02 of God will have in their foreheads, when Christ
20:05 returns those that are ready to meet him.
20:06 And so it's a good thing to have that seal in your
20:10 forehead and in Leviticus chapter 23 and
20:14 in verse 3 it tells us, that the Seventh Day Sabbath
20:21 is a Holy convocation. It's a Sabbath of solemn rest,
20:25 a convocation means a gathering together. So
20:28 it's a time to meet together with those of like faith.
20:33 I think you'll find that is probably a Seventh Day
20:35 Adventist Church nor far from where you live
20:37 and I also think that if you like to attend on the Sabbath
20:41 morning you will find that a friendly
20:43 welcome awaits you.
20:46 So provoking isn't it. For our next program,
20:49 we will be return to Rome and visiting the Vatican
20:52 that remarkable state within a state and David
20:55 will be discussing the prophecy about the man
20:58 with a mysterious number 666 and the
21:01 woman adorned in purple and scarlet.


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