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00:01 Today we return to Rome visiting the Vatican; that small,
00:05 independent city-state of less than one square
00:08 kilometer in area.
00:11 This time David explains the prophecy of the man with the
00:14 mysterious number 666, and the woman adorned in
00:18 purple and scarlet.
01:00 Well, we are back at St. Peter's in Rome again today, and we're
01:04 looking at the Vatican, not so much as a religious
01:08 organization, but rather a political organization,
01:11 for that's what it is.
01:12 You see, around the wall, around the Vatican are walls,
01:16 and everything within that wall is a separate state.
01:18 It's just as much a different country to Italy as Australia
01:22 is from New Guinea, or the United State of America
01:25 is from South America.
01:27 It is an entirely separate country.
01:29 And the Pope is not only the head of the church, he is the
01:32 king of a country.
01:34 And he has Ambassadors in just about every major city and
01:39 country around the world.
01:40 And so this is a separate state.
01:42 It has its own Postal system; its own postage stamps.
01:46 It has its own radio, and it has its own police, and its own
01:50 Swiss guards.
01:51 In other words, it is just a separate state altogether.
01:55 And that is the way in which we want to look at it
01:59 in this program.
02:00 In Revelation 12:2 it says, the dragon gave him his power,
02:07 and his throne, and his great authority.
02:10 In other words Pagan Rome was to hand over its throne
02:13 and authority to Papal Rome.
02:15 This happened in the fifth century AD when the Roman
02:20 Emperors were obliged to the Papal Rome, and the vacuum was
02:23 filled by the Pope of Rome.
02:25 One of the titles of the Roman Emperor was Pontifix Maximus,
02:29 meaning Great Bridge or Great Head.
02:33 You will notice that above this door there is the same title
02:37 applied to the Pope of Rome: Pontifix Maximus.
02:47 I'm standing in front of the Church of St. John Lateryn
02:50 in Rome.
02:51 This is one of the oldest, very oldest churches in Christendom.
02:56 At the front of the church is an inscription which says that
03:00 this is the Mother and Head of all churches, which seems to
03:04 fit the prophecy very significantly.
03:07 This prophecy also speaks about this woman adorned in purple
03:11 and scarlet.
03:12 And these, of course, are the colors of the
03:14 Roman Catholic Church.
03:16 The cardinals wear scarlet, brilliant scarlet robes,
03:19 and the bishops wear purple.
03:22 Revelation 17:4 also says, the woman was arrayed in purple and
03:27 scarlet, and adorned with gold, and precious stones, and pearls.
03:32 Inside Saint Peters of Rome is a treasury and you've just got
03:38 to go in there to believe just some of the fabulous
03:41 treasures you see.
03:42 It really puts the crown jewels in London into the shade.
03:45 You see, whenever a Pope dies all his jewels, his crown,
03:50 his precious things are all stowed in the treasury.
03:53 They're not passed onto the next Pope.
03:54 The next Pope, of course, will have his own.
03:56 And so you've got all of these things.
03:58 And even what the visitor sees there is only the tip
04:00 of the iceberg.
04:01 It is just a fabulous treasury.
04:15 Now at the head of this church is a man.
04:17 And it says in Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom.
04:23 Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the
04:26 beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.
04:32 Now, it tells us here in the Bible that it is the number of
04:38 his name, or title that means.
04:40 Now the Pope of Rome has many titles, but one of them is
04:45 Vicar of the Son of God.
04:47 Now you know that Latin letters also have numerical value.
04:52 So it's just a matter of adding up the numbers in the title
04:58 that I'm referring to.
04:59 Now this title, Vicar of the Son of God, in Latin is written
05:04 this way: VICARI U, which is always a V in Latin, S.
05:16 Son of, FILll of God, DEl.
05:27 Now anyone reading Latin will see not only letters here,
05:30 but they'll see numbers, you see.
05:32 For instance, I think you know that V is 5, I is 1, C is 100,
05:38 A has no value, R.
05:40 This is 1.
05:41 V is 5, and S has no value.
05:46 So, what have we got here?
05:47 112; is that right?
05:50 112.
05:53 Over here is 1, and L is 50, and 1 and 1.
06:00 So what have we got here?
06:01 53.
06:03 Alright, you with me?
06:05 And D is 500, E is nothing, and I is 1.
06:10 So we have here 501.
06:14 Now putting them all together we've got 53 and 112.
06:21 And if you've got your calculators handy add it up.
06:24 And what have you got?
06:25 666!
06:29 The scripture says it is the number of the man,
06:32 and it's his title, or name, and it is 666.
06:38 In Revelation 17, and in verse 6, John says, And I saw the
06:46 woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood
06:50 of the martyrs of Jesus: And when I saw her, I marveled
06:54 with great amazement.
06:55 John just couldn't believe his eyes, to think that a professing
06:59 Christian church represented by the woman would be drunk with
07:04 the blood of God's saints.
07:05 But, of course, that's what happened.
07:07 Going into the Church of the Jesuits in Rome and there's a
07:11 large statue of the woman with hand upraised, and beneath
07:17 her, she's trampling on them, are the bodies of
07:20 Luther and Calvin.
07:22 Now these were great men of God who protested against the
07:26 abuses of the Roman Catholic Church.
07:27 And the church is depicted by herself as destroying them.
07:32 And that, of course, is what it has done to millions of the
07:35 martyrs of Jesus.
07:36 They have perished in terrible agony.
07:40 And no wonder John saw this woman drunken with the
07:44 blood of the saints.
07:45 In Revelation 17, and in verse 4 it says... the woman was
07:50 arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and
07:54 precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden
07:57 cup full of abominations.
08:00 Now what are the abominations that were in the golden cup?
08:04 Well, obviously, they are the false teachings of this church.
08:07 And what are they?
08:09 Well, I'll just mention a few.
08:10 Take, for instance, the question of salvation by works.
08:13 At St. John Laterin Church, just across the other side of the
08:18 road, you will find there what is known as Pilot's Staircase.
08:23 And there you will find people going up there on their knees.
08:27 Have you ever tried to walk up a staircase on your knees?
08:30 I suggest you try sometime.
08:31 It's a difficult thing.
08:32 And I respect the piety and the sincerity of people who do this,
08:38 but to me, it is a sad thing that they have lost sight of the
08:42 wonderful truth that great peace have they that keep
08:47 thy commandments, and the just shall live by faith.
08:51 And here are people trying to be justified by their good works.
08:56 Whatever their motive is, it's the wrong teaching.
09:00 And then there's the Confessional.
09:02 You know, it says over here in the book of Timothy, 1 Timothy 2
09:07 and in verse 5, There is one God, and one mediator between
09:11 God and men, the man Christ Jesus.
09:14 This is only one mediator and that is Jesus.
09:17 And so it is quite improper for a priest to mediate between
09:22 God and man, but that's what the Confessional is all about.
09:25 And then, of course, you've got the doctrine of the immortality
09:29 of the soul.
09:30 In Rome there is a church called the Church of the
09:34 Capuchin Fathers.
09:35 And there, inside are some very beautiful bones.
09:40 Actually there were 4,000 members of holy orders that were
09:45 buried there.
09:46 And then their bones were placed on the ceiling, on the walls,
09:50 all over the place, making all these beautiful designs.
09:52 And what was the idea?
09:54 In front of the altar of this church there is an inscription
09:58 which says: dust, ashes, nothing.
10:03 And that's the concept of this present real life.
10:08 It all ends.
10:09 And the concentration is on the immortality of the soul.
10:12 This is a wrong doctrine.
10:14 It's based on tradition and certainly not on the Bible.
10:18 But then, of course, you've got Sunday keeping which is
10:22 certainly not supported by the Bible.
10:23 So here in this golden cup are all these false teachings.
10:29 Now it says here in Revelation 17, and in verse 5,
10:33 And upon her forehead a name was written, MYSTERY, BABYLON
10:38 So this is the mother church.
10:44 Alright now, if this is the mother church, who are these
10:46 daughters that are mentioned here?
10:48 Well, wouldn't I be justified in saying that these daughters
10:53 would be any church that follow the teachings of Rome contrary
10:57 to the Bible?
10:59 Isn't that fair enough?
11:00 I think so.
11:01 So what does the divine message have to say about this?
11:05 In Revelation 18, and in verse 1 it says, After these things I
11:10 saw another angel coming down from heaven having great
11:13 authority; the earth was illuminated with his glory.
11:16 And he cried mightily with a loud voice saying,
11:18 Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen...
11:21 I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out of her,
11:24 my people...
11:25 Now God has many of his own dear children in these churches;
11:31 in the Roman Catholic Church, and in those churches who follow
11:34 her teachings.
11:35 They are His people, but he says, Come out of her my people.
11:39 Now, if they come out of that woman, where do they go?
11:43 Well, they go to the other woman of Revelation 12,
11:46 the woman who keeps the commandments of God,
11:49 and has the testimony of Jesus Christ.
11:51 And that, I believe, is the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
11:55 Now, if you attended a Seventh-day Adventist Church
11:59 what would you expect to find?
12:08 Sabbath School usually begins at 9:30 a. m. and consists of
12:12 Bible classes for both adults and for children.
12:15 And the children just love it!
12:17 It's like Sunday School.
12:27 Most churches commence their church service at 11:00 o'clock,
12:31 and it includes the preaching of the Bible.
12:45 Some churches have a fellowship lunch following
12:48 the church service, and it's a great way to make new friends.
12:56 Where would you find a Seventh-day Adventist Church
12:59 in your town?
13:01 Well, you could look in the phone book under
13:03 Seventh-day Adventist Churches, or in your street directory
13:06 where all the different churches are listed.
13:09 If you have a friend or a neighbor who is a Seventh-day
13:12 Adventist, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to tell you
13:15 where their nearest church is.
13:17 I know that you'll find a warm and friendly welcome waiting
13:20 for you there.


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