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Ancient Corinth

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00:01 Today we walk in the footsteps
00:03 of the great Apostle Paul.
00:05 He spent only a little time in Athens
00:08 and then took the long walk to Corinth's.
00:10 On the way, he passed the site of the Corinthian Canal,
00:14 that's where David is today.
00:50 This is the Corinthian Canal
00:52 and ships use this canal today,
00:55 In fact, I've travel along here myself in a ship.
00:58 Paul passed this way on his way to Corinth.
01:01 This canal had not been dugged then,
01:03 although Alexander the Great had intended to dig it,
01:05 but he turned eastwards
01:07 and invaded Asia instead.
01:09 In the first century A.D.,
01:11 the Roman Emperor Nero proposed to dig the canal,
01:13 in fact he actually got around to
01:16 digging the first sod with a golden spade.
01:19 But this is a narrow strip of land,
01:21 which connects the Greek mainland
01:24 with the Peloponnese Peninsula
01:25 and the people of the Peninsula got agitated
01:28 and felt that if the canal was dug
01:30 then their Peninsula would float off into the sea
01:34 and so they demonstrated.
01:35 Demonstrations are nothing new,
01:37 and so the work had to stop,
01:39 and it was not until 1893
01:42 that European engineers actually dug the canal,
01:45 so that the ships can use it today.
01:47 Well, Corinth is up the other end of the canal.
01:56 These are the ruins of the Ancient City of Corinth's
01:58 that Paul knew.
02:00 It was a very important city and a very wealthy city too.
02:04 There were a lot of people here speaking
02:06 many different languages,
02:08 which explains some of the things
02:09 that Paul says in his letter to the Corinthian Christians
02:13 and it was rather an immoral city,
02:15 because their patron Goddess was the Goddess Venus
02:19 and it is reported that she had a lot of priestesses here
02:22 who ministered to the male population
02:25 and in fact we get the word
02:26 venereal disease from her name.
02:28 Well, Paul spend about two years here altogether.
02:34 This was one of the shopping areas
02:36 of prosperous Corinth and they had rather an
02:40 interesting refrigeration system actually beneath
02:43 some of the shops there was a stream of cold water
02:46 running and they had a sort of basements,
02:49 so they can put their food down there,
02:52 their wine, their meat and so forth down there,
02:55 so that it kept pretty well.
02:58 In these shops of course they held a lot of goods
03:01 that were dedicated to the Gods and
03:02 there was a temple of Apollo up there and so
03:05 shopkeepers would dedicate it to the idol up there
03:08 and then bring it down and sell it in their shops.
03:10 Now this worried some of the Christians
03:12 and that's why Paul wrote to them and said listen,
03:14 don't ask any questions for conscious sake,
03:17 just eat it and say nothing.
03:18 So, unless somebody tells you
03:20 that this is what has happened.
03:21 Well, that's the background of that statement
03:23 that Paul made in the book of Corinthians.
03:26 Up on this platform is what is known as the
03:30 judgment seat of the proconsul and
03:35 this is where a very interesting incident took
03:38 place towards the end of Paul stay here in Corinth.
03:41 It tells us in Acts chapter 18 in verse 11,
03:45 he continued there a year and six months,
03:47 now when Gallio was proconsul of Achaia,
03:51 the Jews with one accord rose up against Paul
03:54 and brought him to the judgment seat.
03:56 Now, the Greek word for judgment seat is Beema
03:58 and the seats gone of course,
04:00 but that was where the proconsul
04:01 took his seat up there.
04:04 And when Paul was about to open his mouth,
04:07 Gallio said to the Jews,
04:08 if it were a matter of wrong doing or wicked crimes,
04:12 O Jews, there would be reason why I should be with you,
04:16 but if it is a question of words and names
04:18 and your own law, look to it yourselves,
04:21 for I do not want to be a judge of such matters
04:23 and he droves him from the judgment seat.
04:25 The second as they see the soldiers rushing them off
04:28 here and getting rid of them you see
04:29 and then when they got down there
04:31 it says then all the Greeks took Sosthenes, the ruler
04:33 of the synagogue and beat him before the judgment
04:36 seat, but Gallio took no notice of these things.
04:39 And so Paul got off without any harm to himself.
04:43 The Apostle Paul was a prophet
04:46 and while he was in Corinth he had a vision.
04:49 We are told in Acts 18 and in verse 9,
04:51 now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision.
04:56 You know prophets have been around for a longtime.
04:59 In Luke chapter 1 and in verse 70,
05:02 it says as he spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets,
05:06 who have been since the world began,
05:08 right from the beginning of time
05:10 and right down to the later ages,
05:13 the work of prophets has continued.
05:16 Now, what is a prophet?
05:17 Somebody, who just has a feeling of inspiration.
05:20 Oh! No, it's something very specific.
05:22 In Numbers 12 and in verse 6 it says,
05:25 if there is a prophet among you,
05:28 I, the Lord make myself known to him in a vision,
05:31 and I speak to him in a dream.
05:34 So, a prophet is somebody to whom God speaks
05:36 either in a vision or in a dream and reveals
05:39 something that God wants to impart.
05:42 You see, the work of a prophet
05:43 is not just predicting the future,
05:45 it sometimes involves that,
05:47 but it's primarily for divine guidance to guide his church
05:51 and his people and so it was with Paul in Corinth.
05:54 And we are told in Acts chapter 18,
05:57 as a result of the vision that he had,
05:59 he continued there a year and six months
06:02 teaching the word of God among them.
06:04 You see, if he hadn't had this vision
06:06 he may have picked up and left,
06:08 but because of the vision,
06:09 the instructions he received he stayed there
06:12 an extra ]18 months.
06:14 Sometime later Paul left Corinth,
06:17 but in his absence the church needed divine guidance
06:20 and so the gift of prophecy
06:22 was bestowed upon this church by God.
06:26 Paul wrote to them and gave them instruction
06:27 about the operation of this gift.
06:30 In First Corinthians 12 and in verse 28th it says,
06:33 and God has appointed these in the church,
06:36 first apostles, second prophets, third teachers,
06:40 after that miracles, then gifts of healing, helps,
06:42 administration and last of all varieties of tongues.
06:47 Now, the gift of tongues is an important gift,
06:49 especially back there in such a cosmopolitan society
06:52 where people were speaking different languages,
06:54 in order to understand each other
06:56 that God gave the gift of tongues,
06:58 the ability to speak in a different language
07:00 or to understand a different language.
07:03 That's an important gift,
07:04 but you will notice that the first and most important gift
07:07 was the gift of prophecy
07:09 which was given for divine guidance
07:11 and they were to expect this gift.
07:13 In chapter 14 and in verse 1,
07:16 writing to the church in Corinth, Paul said,
07:18 pursue love and desire spiritual gifts,
07:23 but especially that you may prophesy, there
07:26 were especially instructed to expect this gift.
07:30 Now, this gift was to be not just for them at that time,
07:34 but for all time because he said
07:36 in chapter 1 and in verse 6,
07:39 even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you,
07:43 so that you come short in no gift
07:45 eagerly waiting for the Revelation
07:47 of our Lord Jesus Christ.
07:49 So, even people who were
07:51 excepting the return of Christ in these last days
07:54 they would have the gift of prophecy.
07:56 In fact, in Revelation chapter 12 and in verse 17,
08:01 it specifically says and the dragon,
08:04 that is the devil was enraged with the woman,
08:08 that is with the church,
08:09 he went to make war with the rest of her offspring
08:12 who keep the commandments of God
08:14 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
08:17 Now, in the last days you'll see,
08:19 they would have the testimony of Jesus Christ
08:21 and Revelation 19:10 says
08:23 the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
08:27 Now, has this gift been fulfilled in these last days.
08:31 We are in the city of Battle Creek,
08:33 in Michigan in the United States of America
08:36 and I am standing beside a monument
08:39 to a very remarkable woman, Ellen G. White.
08:42 She was born in the year 1827
08:46 and she went through the great disappointment of 1844
08:51 with people who were expecting Jesus Christ
08:53 to return in that year, but he didn't come.
08:57 It was sometime later
08:58 that she and four other women were kneeling down
09:02 in a prayer meeting
09:03 and while in this position she received the first
09:07 of many visions which she claims God gave her.
09:11 It may be of interest if I read to you
09:13 what she wrote about that vision,
09:16 when I was praying at the family altar
09:18 the Holy Ghost fell upon me
09:21 and I seemed to be rising higher
09:23 and higher far above the dark world,
09:27 soon our eyes were drawn to the east,
09:29 for a small black cloud had appeared
09:32 about half as large as a man's hand,
09:35 which we all knew was the Sign of the Son of Man.
09:38 We all in solemn silence gazed on the cloud
09:41 as it drew nearer and became lighter, glorious,
09:45 and still more glorious, till it was a great white cloud.
09:49 The bottom appeared like fire,
09:51 a rainbow was over the cloud,
09:54 while around it were ten thousand angels
09:57 singing the most lovely song,
09:59 and upon it sat the Son of Man
10:02 and she goes on to describe the second coming of Christ
10:06 as it was revealed to her in this vision.
10:10 This is the vault where all the original documents
10:14 of the Ellen G. White writings are kept
10:16 and the best person we can talk to is Mrs. Hedy Jemison,
10:21 who for more than 30 years was the assistant director
10:25 of the Ellen G. White estate.
10:27 Mrs. Jemison, how many visions
10:30 did Ellen G. White claimed to have?
10:32 She had over 2000,
10:34 her first vision was in December 1844,
10:37 then to the time of her death she had over 2000 visions.
10:41 And how many books did she write altogether.
10:44 She was a very prolific writer.
10:45 In 1851, she started with this very first little book
10:50 and these are some of the early books that she wrote,
10:53 but there are 70 of her books in current circulation today.
10:57 Besides writing books,
10:58 she wrote many letters, didn't she?
11:01 What was the nature of those letters?
11:03 pages in longhand,
11:08 which are 60,000 pages typewritten that are on file
11:11 here in the vault.
11:12 In these letters,
11:13 she wrote council to the leadership of the church,
11:18 she wrote encouragement to people that were in
11:20 trouble, she helped people solve their problems.
11:23 Although she had only three grades of education,
11:26 the Lord gave her council that,
11:29 that was given in these letters to the leadership
11:32 that now has resulted in a educational system
11:38 that circles the globe
11:40 from kindergarten to universities.
11:43 Can you tell us how inspiration worked,
11:46 I mean did God actually dictate the words
11:49 that she was to write.
11:50 It wasn't done by dictation,
11:52 God didn't put a pen in Ellen White's hand,
11:55 but the thoughts are passed before her in vision,
11:58 what the Lord opened up to her,
11:59 she wrote in these books that we have.
12:02 You obviously believe that Mrs. Ellen G. White
12:04 had these visions.
12:06 What do you consider to be the most convincing evidence
12:09 that she really was used by God in this way?
12:12 It's what reading the books do for me personally
12:15 and it's what we see the books
12:19 doing in the lives of others, changing their lives.
12:22 Great Controversy has won many people to believe in God.
12:28 The Desire of Ages is a wonderful book
12:30 on the life of Christ,
12:32 it's also a book that has won many people.
12:35 We have the five books of the Conflict of the Ages series,
12:39 it's a five volume set,
12:42 the first sentence of Patriarchs and Prophets is
12:46 God is love and the last book the Great Controversy,
12:50 the last sentence in the book it says
12:52 God is love and the first chapter steps to Christ
12:55 God's love for man and that's what the writings
12:58 of Ellen White is all about.
13:01 We are among the Ruins of the old city of
13:04 Caesarea of Roman times
13:07 and this was the scene,
13:10 this city was the scene of activity
13:12 of at least two prophets and four prophetesses.
13:17 In particular the great Apostle Paul returned here
13:20 from his last missionary journey,
13:22 sailed in the entrance to this harbor
13:24 you see behind me.
13:25 And later on of course he spent two years
13:30 in prison here.
13:31 Now just recently,
13:33 archaeologists have been doing
13:35 some underwater exploration here.
13:36 In fact, the exploration is still going on
13:39 and they have come up
13:40 with some very remarkable conclusions,
13:42 the most important of which is that there were
13:44 some huge blocks of stone,
13:46 under Herod's jurisdiction were put down in the harbor
13:50 here and a very ingenious system
13:54 for dredging the harbor.
13:56 Because over on this side these blocks of stone
13:59 were made of just the right height
14:01 so that at high tide the tops of the waves
14:04 were lapping over the stone and running into the harbor.
14:08 Now, that means that the water that flowed in
14:10 that way had to go out
14:11 and of course it went out the entrance
14:13 whichever you like to call it
14:15 and that meant that it automatically dredged
14:17 the entrance to the harbor.
14:19 So, this was a very remarkable
14:22 way of looking after the harbor.
14:25 Well, as I say the Apostle Paul spend two years in prison
14:28 which wasn't a very nice way to be here,
14:30 but nevertheless this is where he witnessed
14:34 to Agrippa and other Roman governors.
14:38 Not very far from the old harbor
14:41 are the ruins of an old Roman theater,
14:44 this was only excavated about 20 years ago
14:47 and you can see a lot of the stones here
14:49 are original stones, but most of it is a reconstruction,
14:54 a modern reconstruction, in fact
14:56 the Israeli government holds performances here,
15:00 dances and concepts and so forth,
15:02 and they're held down on the stage down there.
15:05 It's rather sobering I think to think that
15:08 the great Apostle Paul,
15:09 one of the greatest men of God that ever lived
15:12 was languishing in this prison for two years,
15:15 while people were mindlessly
15:16 the pleasures of sin for a season.
15:21 Another very interesting feature of Caesarea
15:23 is this old Roman aqueduct.
15:26 You know, this brought the water
15:28 more than 10 kilometers from the hills,
15:30 way over there, into Caesarea.
15:33 Well, Caesarea was the site of prophets and prophetesses,
15:38 in fact we read in Acts chapter 21 and in verse 8,
15:42 it says on the next day we who were Paul's companions
15:45 departed and came to Caesarea,
15:47 and entered the house of Philip the Evangelist,
15:49 who was one of the seven and stayed with him,
15:51 now this man had four virgin daughters
15:53 who prophesied and we stayed many days,
15:56 a certain prophet named
15:57 Agabus came down from Judea.
15:59 Hey, you will notice that there's a number of prophets
16:01 that are mentioned in the Bible
16:03 who haven't written books of the Bible,
16:04 but nevertheless they were genuine prophets.
16:07 And as for woman well,
16:08 here were these four daughters of Philip
16:10 who prophesied and of course you can go back to
16:13 earlier to the sister of Moses, Miriam,
16:16 she was a prophet as the Bible says
16:18 and also you have Huldah the Prophetess in the days
16:21 of Isaiah and also you have the lady Anna
16:26 who identified the baby Jesus.
16:28 The Bible says, she was a prophetess,
16:30 so no questions you've got prophets and prophetesses.
16:35 I am standing on the steps of the Battle Creek Tabernacle,
16:38 which was the church of the first
16:41 Seventh-Day Adventist headquarters
16:43 in the United States of America
16:45 and it was here at this church
16:49 that an interesting incident occurred
16:51 which illustrates just how the gift of prophecy works.
16:55 Ellen G. White went to Australia in the year 1890
16:59 and she stayed there for nearly 10 years
17:01 and while she was absent a young lady,
17:04 who was a member of this church
17:06 claimed that she had some visions,
17:08 claimed that she was inspired to write some messages
17:11 from God.
17:13 And one morning the minister of this church,
17:16 whose name was Elder A.T. Jones
17:19 preached a sermon on this subject
17:21 and he pointed out that in as much as Ellen G. White
17:24 was in Australia, it was only reasonable
17:26 that God should raise up another messenger.
17:29 And so he took the writings of Ellen G. White and said,
17:34 you see you can hear the voice of God speaking
17:36 through this and then he would take one of the writings of
17:40 Anna Phillips and he said there you are,
17:42 you can hear the same voice.
17:45 Well, you can understand when the church members
17:47 came out the doors that Sabbath morning,
17:49 they weren't in a hurry to go home,
17:52 they stood around talking, some said yes
17:54 it's only unreasonable that God would raise up
17:56 somebody else while Ellen G. White was in Australia.
17:59 Others said well, we didn't hear the voice at all,
18:03 it didn't seem to them like that
18:06 That night Elder Jones went to the post office
18:10 to collect his mail and he was handed a long envelop
18:16 and the postmark was Australia.
18:19 He opened that letter and read it,
18:21 it was from Ellen G. White in Australia.
18:23 Now, remember those were the days before airmail
18:28 or Quantasure or Pan American
18:31 or anything like that.
18:32 It took weeks for a letter to go from Australia
18:35 to America and yet that letter said,
18:39 who authorized you to preach on this subject,
18:43 what right had you to take my writings
18:45 and compare them with the writings of Anna Phillips,
18:48 you are not authorized to do that.
18:50 Just then a fellow minister came by, Elder Tate
18:54 and he handed the letter to him and he said,
18:56 how did Ellen White know
18:58 that I was going to preach on that subject this morning
19:02 and this other minister said to him,
19:04 you know how she knows, he said yes, I know.
19:11 I'm glad to say that the following Sabbath morning
19:14 Elder Jones stood up in the pulpit of this church
19:17 and admitted that he had made a mistake.
19:21 What else could you do in the face of evidence like that.
19:24 I am also glad to say that Anna Phillips
19:26 also accepted the message that came to her from God.
19:31 This is Avondale College,
19:33 which is a government recognized college
19:35 of advanced education
19:38 and it's a very unique college, as you can see
19:40 it's in a very rural setting and it provides unusual
19:45 opportunities for its students, they can work
19:49 here for their college fees if they want to,
19:53 they have the opportunity of physical development,
19:55 and this rural setting,
19:58 it's really beautiful place for students to be.
20:00 And I must tell you how it all began.
20:04 You see, it was in 1885
20:07 that the first Seventh Day Adventist came to
20:09 Australia and in 1891 Ellen G. White came here
20:15 and she was here for nearly 10 years
20:17 altogether and at that time
20:20 they were only 450 Seventh Day Adventists
20:23 in all of Australia, not many.
20:25 And ministers were being trained
20:29 in a rather congested area at Melbourne
20:32 in a house that they rented down there
20:34 and while they were there Ellen G. White
20:37 delivered a message,
20:38 I want to read it to you in this little book
20:41 that she has written
20:43 it says, I was awakened
20:44 this morning at 1 o'clock with a heavy burden
20:46 upon my soul,
20:48 never can the proper education be given to
20:50 the youth in this country or any other country
20:53 they are separated, a wide distance from the cities.
20:56 Now, you see our ministers are being kind right
20:59 in the heart of Melbourne, she went on to say here,
21:03 we shall find it necessary to establish
21:05 our schools out of and away from the cities
21:07 and yet not so far away that they cannot be
21:10 in touch with them.
21:11 We need schools in this country to educate
21:13 children in youth that they maybe masters of labor.
21:17 Well, this is a new concept
21:18 and of course some of the members said,
21:19 Oh! This won't work here, it's not an Australian idea,
21:22 well it wasn't either, it was God's idea
21:25 and so the brethren decided that they try
21:28 and put this into action.
21:30 And they started looking round for a suitable property.
21:32 Well, I looked at one property $75 an acre
21:35 that was just beyond their means,
21:38 then they heard of another property,
21:40 it was 1500 acres and only $3 an acre,
21:44 well the price was right
21:46 and so they decided to go and have a look at it.
21:48 Cooranbong is about 120 kilometers north of Sydney
21:52 and so the group set out with Ellen G. White
21:55 to travel by train to this place.
21:58 On the way Ellen White told two of the ministers
22:02 of a dream that she had the night before
22:05 she said, I saw the property that the Lord has chosen
22:09 and she said we walked out into an open area
22:13 and there was a plough furrow
22:16 and as we were looking at this furrow
22:18 two of our group, our party came out of the trees
22:22 on the other side
22:23 and came to the furrow and they look down
22:25 and they shook their heads and they said,
22:29 the land is not good, the soil is not favorable.
22:34 Well, she said that's the property the Lord has chosen,
22:38 they arrived at their destination and next morning
22:40 they went out to have a look at the property,
22:42 some went this way and some went that way,
22:44 and Ellen White with two of the ministers
22:47 that she'd spoken to came to an open place
22:51 in the land and they was a plough furrow
22:54 and while they were looking at this furrow
22:57 two ministers came out of the clearing on the other side,
23:01 and they came to this plough furrow and they looked down,
23:03 they shook their heads,
23:05 they said the land is not good,
23:07 the soil is not favorable.
23:10 Ellen G. White and the two ministers looked at
23:12 each other and nodded their heads.
23:14 They knew that this was the place
23:17 that God had chosen for his college.
23:21 This monument here says
23:22 about 500 yards east of this spot
23:25 was found the furrow seen in a dream by Ellen G. White,
23:28 which led to the establishment of
23:30 Australasian Missionary College
23:32 in this district in 1894.
23:35 To share her confidence in the project,
23:37 which she herself had recommended,
23:39 Ellen White moved to this place.
23:41 She purchased 66 acres of land,
23:43 build this house called Sunny Side
23:46 and planted that beautiful orchid of fruit trees here
23:50 and she lived here for many years.
23:53 Well, time has just proved
23:55 that the wise heads were wrong
23:57 and God's guidance was correct.
23:59 The soil turned out to be very fertile
24:02 and they grew some wonderful crops here,
24:04 some beautiful fruit trees,
24:06 they had a priced dairy herd
24:07 and so the results were really good.
24:11 But there was something else
24:12 that happened too in connection with
24:14 Ellen G. White's stay in Australia,
24:18 it is written here in this book in 1900,
24:21 during the past night she wrote,
24:24 many things have been opened before me,
24:26 the manufacture and sale of health foods
24:28 will require careful and prayerful consideration.
24:31 Foods that are healthful and life sustaining
24:33 are to be prepared,
24:35 so that men and women will not need to eat meat.
24:38 Now, in response to this instruction
24:40 some of the men got together
24:41 and decided to do some factory work
24:43 and they started off in just a shed
24:46 and it was pretty hard going,
24:47 but finally they went out
24:49 and the health food work began to grow.
24:52 This is one of the factories, there are nine factories,
24:55 I think it is owned and operated
24:56 by Seventh Day Adventists in Australia
24:58 and New Zealand, they have millions of dollars
25:02 turnover and all the profits are ploughed back
25:05 into the medical, education and welfare work of the church
25:08 and they have proved a great benefit to humanity.
25:12 It was while she was here
25:13 that she received many dreams
25:15 and visions in which she had so many things
25:17 revealed to her and this was a result of the visions
25:21 and dreams she had here and in other places.
25:23 She wrote some beautiful books,
25:25 for instance there is "Steps to Christ,"
25:28 a little book which is being translated
25:30 into many different languages and thousands of people
25:33 can trace their conversion and to finding Christ
25:36 as a result of reading this little book "Desire of Ages,"
25:40 the life story of Jesus Christ,
25:42 one of the best that was ever written
25:44 and this also has led people
25:46 to have knowledge of Jesus Christ.
25:48 "The Great Controversy," which outlines the drama
25:51 of the ages finishing up on the end of this world,
25:54 dramatic scenes, beautifully and graphically described.
25:57 And would you believe that "Ministry of Healing"
26:00 and some others books that she wrote on health matters,
26:02 what did she know about health?
26:03 And yet here are books which contain
26:06 material that even the doctors today have to agree with,
26:09 in fact they've been an advance of many
26:11 of the medical methods that are used today.
26:14 "Education," a girl that only had three grades
26:17 of education telling people how
26:19 children ought to be educated
26:21 and the educational world is just beginning
26:23 to waken up to the fact that here are some principles
26:26 that should be followed in the training of youth today.
26:30 You know some people say
26:31 well, look Ellen G. White is dead,
26:33 how do I know whether she was really
26:35 God's messenger or not?
26:37 I say read her books, just read her books,
26:40 you'll be convinced that
26:41 these messages really come from God.
26:48 You know, I feel that I'm part of this ongoing story.
26:52 You see, I studied at this college for four years
26:55 and at the end of that four years
26:57 the church invited me to go to India as a missionary.
27:02 So, I finished up in India, spent many years there,
27:05 very interesting, enjoyed it immensely
27:07 and so I feel as though I am part of this prophecy.
27:10 I'll tell you something else too.
27:12 In Matthew chapter 7 and in verse 15,
27:15 Jesus Christ in the sermon on the mountain said,
27:18 beware of false prophets,
27:20 now notice he didn't say have nothing to do with prophets,
27:24 no, he said simply beware of false prophets.
27:27 He said by their fruits you will know them.
27:32 I have found by experience that the fruits
27:34 of Ellen G. White's ministry are good.
27:37 While I was at college here,
27:39 I used to go up to the surrounding districts
27:41 and visit some of the people and talk to them
27:43 about the Bible and when they learned
27:45 I came from Avondale College they would say,
27:47 oh! Avondale College,
27:49 some of the older ones that is and they'd say,
27:52 we remember many years ago a little old lady
27:54 about the name of Ellen White used to come out
27:56 and visit us, she was so kind,
27:59 a marvelous Christian.
28:00 I always heard good words about Ellen G. White's
28:05 life here at Avondale,
28:07 by their fruits you shall know them
28:09 and the fruits were good.
28:11 These are just some of the many books
28:14 written by Ellen G. White.
28:16 I can strongly recommend their study for
28:18 their both inspirational and informative.
28:22 Now for our next program,
28:23 we will be visiting the lowest place on Earth,
28:26 the Dead Sea, where the water is so heavy
28:29 you can't possibly sink
28:31 and David will be telling us about the exciting discovery
28:35 in the caves of the Dead Sea at Qumran.


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