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00:28 It's nice to be with you again today.
00:31 I'm Pastor Dale Leamon.
00:34 And we're going to look deeply into God's word together.
00:37 But before we do, let's ask for His blessing.
00:41 Father in Heaven, thank You so much for giving us the Bible
00:45 and here we find marvelous truth that shows us
00:49 how much You love us,
00:51 how perfect Your plan is for our salvation,
00:54 how able You are to bring everyone of us into Your family.
00:57 Let these things become clear as we study together today
01:01 and use me dear Lord in Jesus name, amen.
01:06 Well, we've a tremendous tendency, don't we?
01:11 To kind and not like the Ten Commandments.
01:14 Oh, they just kind of cross a lot of things
01:16 that are carnal nature we're born with
01:18 automatically wants to do, you know,
01:20 we're naturally selfish and the Ten Commandments
01:22 say we should worship God only.
01:25 We naturally have a tendency to be,
01:28 you know, dishonest and perhaps seen a little bit gluttonous
01:31 and we naturally have tendencies to take a advantage of
01:35 or harm other people even though we know it's not right
01:39 and all of these things the commandments tell us not to do.
01:42 Well, you know what,
01:45 the commandments are not just commandments,
01:48 they are actually promises.
01:51 That's right. We've in the Bible clear evidence
01:55 that God has spoken these words to us not so much to tell us
02:01 how we can get to heaven,
02:02 because in fact none of us are capable
02:04 of keeping the commandments anyway,
02:05 unless He writes them in our hearts.
02:08 But these are given to us to show us
02:10 what He will do for us by faith.
02:13 Each one of the commandments
02:15 was kept by Jesus in a powerful way.
02:18 He gained a huge victory and so the commandments
02:21 are not thou shalt not, as much as they are
02:25 because of my grace thou shall not.
02:29 In other words instead of becoming pushy forced commands,
02:36 imperatives, they are promises.
02:39 I'm delivering you, I'm giving you my grace,
02:42 I'm winning the victory for you and for that reason
02:45 you won't do those things anymore.
02:47 How wonderful it is to look at the law that way,
02:50 it relieves the pressure.
02:53 And actually makes us look forward to understanding
02:56 God's law and to see each aspect fulfilled in our own lives.
03:00 Well, some people say that God's commandments
03:03 have been done away with.
03:06 And it's certainly true in the Old Testament,
03:08 that aspects of the law of Moses
03:11 were nailed to the cross with Christ,
03:13 and are no longer in force for the Christian.
03:17 But that's not true of the Ten Commandments
03:19 and it couldn't be, because their promises of the new life
03:23 will have Jesus forever.
03:25 And if they were done away with then God
03:27 will be breaking His promises.
03:28 If God broke the commandments,
03:30 He would be breaking His promises to us.
03:32 Promises of the life that we come to want to live
03:36 more and more as we're saved by grace through Christ.
03:40 So each of us needs to discover God's law in that way.
03:46 A way that makes us not dread it,
03:48 or wish we could avoid it, but in fact appreciate it.
03:53 You know, we have seen that James
03:56 regarded the commandments as law of liberty
04:00 and that is because the commandments
04:01 describe the liberty that Jesus is giving us
04:05 from our natural tendencies to do wrong.
04:08 But we have many beautiful scriptures
04:12 that describe the law in a way
04:14 that shows that it has freedom in it.
04:18 Psalm 119, verse 45 was one of those.
04:22 Let's read that together.
04:24 "And I will walk at liberty, For I seek Your precepts."
04:30 Now do you understand what that verse is saying?
04:35 Somehow when we seek God's will in our life,
04:40 He gives us liberty, freedom.
04:43 You see, we suddenly no longer are trying to obey
04:47 of our own strength.
04:49 Now we're appreciating God's plan
04:51 for our life as a promise which He alone can fulfill.
04:56 And so it changes our whole viewpoint,
04:57 we feel free and that freedom is what we all want.
05:00 We, Americans, especially want freedom,
05:03 but I think everybody in the world does
05:05 and we think it's our right to have freedom.
05:07 And do you know what, God thinks so too.
05:10 It is our right.
05:11 He has won it for us through Christ Jesus,
05:14 and He doesn't want us to be slaves anymore.
05:16 Let's see what Jesus himself said was his main mission
05:21 to the world in Luke, Chapter 4 and verse 18.
05:28 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me.
05:30 This is Jesus speaking and He says
05:32 God's Spirit is upon Me,
05:34 because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.
05:40 He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
05:43 to proclaim liberty, there we've that word to the captives
05:48 and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty,
05:53 there is that word about freedom again,
05:55 those who are oppressed."
05:58 So Jesus mission was a liberating mission.
06:03 In fact as we look at the items listed here,
06:05 we actually see that they all pertained to liberty in someway.
06:09 For instance, preaching the gospel to the poor.
06:14 These people who have heard no good news
06:16 in their whole lives now are hearing good news
06:18 and they're given the invitation to become part of God's family
06:21 and to be rich forever, free from their poverty.
06:25 He sent me to heal the brokenhearted.
06:27 Here people are being freed or liberated from their diseases
06:34 and particularly they're diseased of a broken heart,
06:37 their emotional diseases.
06:40 He has sent me Jesus says
06:42 to proclaim liberty to the captives.
06:45 And we don't see Jesus releasing a lot of people
06:48 from physical prisons,
06:51 but we do see him releasing people
06:52 from prisons of other kinds.
06:55 Prisons of diseases, we've already mentioned,
06:57 prisons of emotional illness yes,
07:00 prisons of spiritual illness in particular.
07:03 Some whom the devil had complete control of than others
07:06 who were only under partial control.
07:11 I suppose most of us have experienced that
07:13 from the dark side.
07:16 But Jesus came to free us,
07:18 that is His whole purpose and His law
07:22 was given as a precursor of the freedom
07:24 we would experience through him.
07:27 You see the law pointed forward to Jesus,
07:30 because it shows us the freedom that Christ would give us,
07:34 not from goodness, but from sin into goodness
07:39 and what a glorious truth that is.
07:42 He's also giving recovery of the sight to the blind
07:46 and so they're free from the darkness that has covered them
07:50 and understand that spiritual blindness
07:52 is one the things Jesus says that all of us
07:55 in these last days have to be concerned about.
07:58 But Jesus says given freedom from that blindness
08:01 by which our mind can't even discern the truth
08:04 and suddenly Jesus give us insight
08:08 and we see and we understand
08:11 and He sets at liberty those who are oppressed.
08:14 And certainly that is a condition
08:16 that we find ourselves in even though
08:17 we're so rich in our modern western world
08:20 and even though we're so well educated,
08:25 we suffer from major oppression from selfishness,
08:30 from love of things, from love of pleasure,
08:34 and of course oppression from others
08:38 who do not love the truth.
08:40 Its something that many are experiencing all over the world,
08:43 but Jesus gives us a deep inner sense that we're His
08:47 that we belong to Him and takes away that darkness
08:52 that surrounds the heart so easily and discourages us.
08:55 So freedom, Jesus ministry could be described
09:00 as a ministry of freedom.
09:04 And that really rings for all of us,
09:08 because we want to feel
09:10 that we are able to walk upright
09:14 and proud and free.
09:18 Well, some will say yes, yes, that's what I meant.
09:21 We're free from the law.
09:22 The laws were done away with and we're free from the law,
09:24 is that what it is?
09:26 Well, let's see Jesus' own words here.
09:28 Matthew, Chapter 5, Matthew, Chapter 5 verses 17 and 18.
09:38 "Do not think that I've come to destroy the Law or the Prophets.
09:43 I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.
09:50 For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away,
09:55 one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law
10:00 till all is fulfilled.
10:05 How long did Jesus say, His law would remain
10:08 as a valuable tool in His plan of salvation?
10:11 He said till heaven and earth pass away.
10:15 He said He didn't come to destroy it,
10:17 but He came to fulfill it.
10:19 In other words Jesus came to earth to keep His promise.
10:24 His promise was even though you became in bondage to Satan
10:27 where Adam and Eve chose to sin
10:29 and the race has been controlled more or less
10:31 by Satan's plans ever since, I will deliver you.
10:36 And in the law we see the precious promises
10:38 of his freedom to serve God only.
10:42 Do not have to worship images too.
10:45 Do not take His name in vain anymore,
10:48 to love His holy Sabbath day and so forth,
10:52 to stop stealing, to stop lying, to stop committing adultery.
10:58 These are deliverances that Jesus will work out for us.
11:03 And He promised to do it and He tells us
11:05 He didn't come to do away with the law,
11:07 but in fact He came to fulfill it.
11:09 And then He says it won't be unneeded until
11:12 heaven and earth pass away.
11:14 Well, the reason why the law actually
11:16 might not be needed anymore at least in it's written form
11:19 as we have looked at it so many times
11:22 on the two tables of stone.
11:23 The reason it might not be needed anymore in that form
11:25 once the world comes to its end is that the Bible
11:29 assures us that by that time the Lord will have His law
11:32 written in the hearts and in the minds.
11:35 We can see that in Hebrews, the eighth Chapter,
11:37 in the hearts and in the minds of all of His children.
11:40 So it will no longer be necessary to review it
11:44 on tables of stone or in books.
11:48 But let's continue now looking at this New Testament
11:50 doctrine of the value of God's freeing law in Romans,
11:55 you know Romans is written by Paul
11:58 and is one of the great theological books of the Bible.
12:02 Romans 8 and verse 21, the apostle says,
12:07 "Because the creation itself also will be delivered
12:12 from the bondage of corruption
12:14 into the glorious liberty of the children of God."
12:18 So this great verse is showing us
12:21 that not only are God's children
12:23 set free from the moral and fleshly corruption
12:27 that they've experienced, but all nature is going to be
12:29 set free as we come to the end of world
12:32 and that's the reason of course why we won't need to
12:35 look at the commandments written in the stone
12:39 as we have seen them.
12:40 But now they're written in our hearts,
12:42 they'll be written in every flower and every tree
12:45 and every animal of the whole planet
12:48 will be free from the selfishness and evil
12:50 that came upon us as a result of Adam and Eve's rebellion.
12:54 What a wonderful day that would be
12:55 and Jesus has made all of that possible.
12:58 So the law has been a previous, a leading promise,
13:04 leading us to that very day
13:07 that we're looking forward to so much.
13:09 In Second Corinthians, the apostle continues to talk
13:12 about this great freedom which has always been God's plan
13:15 and since it's always been God's plan of course
13:17 everything He has told us up to this time
13:19 should be leading us toward this freedom.
13:22 Second Corinthians 3:17,
13:26 "Now the Lord is the Spirit
13:29 and where the Spirit of the Lord is,
13:31 there is liberty."
13:34 In this verse, we're clearly told that wherever God is,
13:37 wherever God's spirit is, its freedom and liberty,
13:40 certainly God's spirit, God Himself,
13:43 and His spirit were in His law
13:45 and so the laws intended to be a precursor of the liberty
13:51 that He would give us through Christ Jesus,
13:53 a promise of that liberty.
13:55 Galatians Chapter 5, verse 1.
14:00 Let's read this one,
14:03 "Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ
14:07 has made us free,
14:09 and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage."
14:15 This verse of course is taken by come to mean
14:18 that we should be careful not to try to obey God's commandments
14:22 anymore because that would be a yoke of bondage
14:24 that would bring us back out of the liberty,
14:27 Christ has won for us,
14:28 that's a totally wrong understanding of that verse.
14:31 The liberty which Christ has won for us
14:33 is the liberty of being enabled to obey the commandments.
14:39 And there is of course a bondage
14:42 in terms of many Jewish regulations
14:44 from which we have been liberated
14:47 through Christ fulfillment of those promises.
14:49 But as far as the moral and ethical promises
14:52 of the Ten Commandments are concerned,
14:54 yes, Christ has won us freedom and liberty
14:58 and we never want to go back into the bondage
15:00 of trying to be saved by our own obedience,
15:02 but the freedom that He has given us is a liberty to obey
15:06 by His grace rather than to try to do by our own strength,
15:12 which is a terrible slavery indeed.
15:14 So Jesus has given us the hope of the freedom
15:20 from selfishness implied in every one of the commandments,
15:23 the hope of complete commitment to God.
15:26 Now as we look at the commandments,
15:30 we'd like today to look at the second commandment,
15:34 which deals with the issue of idolatry.
15:38 And that of course is found in Exodus the 20th Chapter
15:45 and verses 4 through 6.
15:48 We'll just take time to read all of those verses.
15:52 "You shall not make for yourself a carved image,
15:56 any likeness of anything that is in heaven above,
15:58 or that is in the earth beneath,
15:59 or that is in the water under the earth,
16:02 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them.
16:05 For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God,
16:08 visiting the iniquity of the fathers
16:10 upon the children to the third and fourth generations
16:13 of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands,
16:18 to those who love Me and keep My commandments."
16:23 Isn't this an interesting command,
16:27 it's an even more interesting promise.
16:29 It's a promise of mercy.
16:31 It's a promise of God's jealousy.
16:33 I like that actually that He is jealous,
16:35 because it just shows how important we're to Him.
16:38 You know, you're only jealous of those
16:39 that you really care about.
16:41 And He cares about us, every one of us.
16:43 And it upsets Him when we hate Him
16:45 and that makes Him feel very sad.
16:48 We could look at the continued generational problem
16:52 that happens here, when people hate God,
16:55 it even affects their children, their grand children,
16:57 and their great grand children.
16:58 It's not because God would punish the children
17:01 for the parent's sins,
17:02 but because there is a terrible law of inheritance,
17:06 attitudes get passed along.
17:08 But here we see the Lord promising to deliver us
17:12 from making images for worship. Hmm!
17:17 I wonder how many Christians even want to be delivered
17:20 from the habit of making images for worship.
17:23 But He promises not only to deliver us from that,
17:26 but also to deliver us from bowing down
17:30 to these merely material things.
17:33 You know, we've a terrible way of
17:34 in this present age of saying,
17:36 I love this and I love that and I love the other thing,
17:40 but here He says He shows mercy to those who love Him
17:44 and keep His commandments.
17:45 I think we've learned to use that word love
17:47 altogether too lightly, don't you?
17:49 We love pizza, we love fast cars,
17:51 we love beautiful homes whatever it may be.
17:54 The Lord wants to take all the idols out of our hearts
17:59 and He needs to do that.
18:00 It must happen because the way to heaven
18:04 is complete trust in Jesus
18:07 and complete letting go of all the things of this world.
18:12 You just can't have them both.
18:14 You remember the scripture that says
18:16 no man can serve two masters.
18:18 You can't do it.
18:20 He says you'll either end up
18:21 hating the one or hating the other.
18:23 You can't love them both.
18:25 Jesus comes and offers us
18:28 an all or nothing relationship with Him so.
18:30 But what a reward for those who find freedom from idolatry
18:37 and the love of things.
18:39 That's what that's all about the love of things.
18:41 There's another scripture which clearly portrays
18:44 this deliverance and it shows that this is not something
18:47 we do for God. I don't give up idols for God.
18:50 I don't give up my love of beautiful cars for God.
18:52 It's something He does for me.
18:54 Ezekiel 36 and verse 25,
19:00 and also verse 26.
19:03 "Then I will sprinkle clean water on you,
19:06 and you shall be clean,
19:08 I will cleanse you from all your filthiness
19:10 and from all your idols.
19:12 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.
19:15 I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh
19:19 and give you a heart of flesh."
19:22 Now I really like that,
19:23 you see people become like what they worship
19:26 and when we worship things that are made of metal,
19:28 we become metallic and we worship things made of stone,
19:32 we become like stone.
19:33 He says that He's gonna take the stony hearts away from us.
19:36 When we worship movie stars,
19:38 well our character may become kind of like theirs
19:41 and so on and so on.
19:42 But He says He's gonna remove all the affect
19:45 of our idolatry and give us soft hearts
19:48 like He gave to Adam and Eve to begin with.
19:51 Soft heart like Jesus has won for each of us.
19:54 He says I will cleanse you from your idols.
19:58 That is wonderful, because you know,
20:00 when you worship an idol for a long, long time,
20:01 it really does become a part of you.
20:04 And, oh, how we need to be completely cleansed
20:07 of all those addictions and all those idolatries.
20:12 What Jesus has done this for us?
20:14 He promised that He would.
20:16 The Second Commandment can be seen as a promise
20:19 of what Jesus would do for us when He came
20:21 under the law to fulfill the law for us and in us.
20:26 And so we can see that through the very experience
20:29 of Jesus in this world, we are delivered.
20:35 God wants us to come to totally trust
20:39 what we cannot see.
20:41 In our material age, we've a kind of idolatry
20:44 that is just based upon a faithless confidence
20:48 and things that we can touch and see it whole.
20:51 We think we'd be happy if we have this object,
20:55 that recreational device, this much money in the bank,
20:59 things that seem tangible to us.
21:01 But God is inviting us to give up our hope
21:03 in everything tangible.
21:05 Tells us this world is all gonna go up in smoke
21:07 before we'll know anything,
21:08 anyway everything tangible here is truly worthless.
21:13 And He says, I want you to put your faith
21:14 entirely in what you cannot see.
21:17 Well, that takes a miracle.
21:21 We just don't do that automatically.
21:24 But when we look at the life of Jesus,
21:26 isn't that exactly the way we'll see Him living.
21:28 He truly had no confidence in tangible things,
21:33 but He put His trust entirely in the Heavenly Father.
21:39 So we're promised in this commandment
21:40 that we'll no longer desire
21:43 the mere physical representations
21:45 of God's blessings, we'll want God's presence itself.
21:48 We want Him in our hearts. We want Him as our best friend.
21:51 We will feel that God's love and His spirit
21:55 are the greatest treasures of our life.
21:58 His presence will be so real to us
22:01 that anything less will be unsatisfying.
22:04 We will feel His jealousy, His jealous love,
22:07 and we'll love it, we'll feel protected by it,
22:11 and we'll feel safe in His arms.
22:13 Everything else will seem cheap and unimpressive to us.
22:19 We'll also find that material things
22:22 have no longer the power to own our affections,
22:29 the things we thought we couldn't be happy without
22:31 we'll discover that they no longer give us
22:34 any happiness at all.
22:37 Well, how did Jesus win this victory for us?
22:40 How did He fulfill the Second Commandment?
22:44 I think you remember a little regard
22:46 He had for all things material, He said
22:52 "The foxes have holes and the birds have nests,
22:57 the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head."
22:59 And He wasn't complaining,
23:01 He was just saying that's the way I live,
23:03 I put my confidence in My Father.
23:08 When He was invited by Satan
23:13 in the wilderness of temptation
23:14 to make bread out of stones, He refused.
23:19 Hungry as He was near to starvation,
23:22 He put His faith in the invisible
23:25 instead of in the visible.
23:29 He trusted His Father completely.
23:32 He never worried about material things.
23:35 He said that we also should not be concerned
23:38 about what we'd wear, remember that verse,
23:41 take no thought for what we wear,
23:44 what we will eat.
23:46 He says our Heavenly Father knows we need all those things
23:49 and will make sure that they're provided.
23:54 But, you know, the time that really touches my heart
23:56 when we see the victory of Jesus most completely
24:01 is as He approaches the cross of Calvary.
24:07 And He says not my will but thine be done.
24:11 And then He marches bravely forward
24:13 to all those terrible trials, beatings, and floggings,
24:18 and all the ridicule being called the king
24:23 when they didn't think He was any king at all.
24:27 But to me it was the total letting go of everything
24:31 that was most remarkable.
24:33 Jesus didn't cling to anything.
24:36 His one great desire was for our salvation
24:42 and the symbol of his complete victory
24:45 over all things material,
24:48 I see in the method of His crucifixion
24:51 in which they literally stripped Him of everything.
24:56 Even His clothing was taken away
24:59 and was put in a pile for others to haggle over
25:04 and to gamble over
25:08 and there He was hanging on the cross
25:13 with nothing left to His name as far as humanity could see.
25:20 He cared for none of it.
25:22 He said father, forgive them
25:24 for they don't know what they're doing.
25:26 He didn't grieve about it, He didn't complain,
25:29 He was so completely wrapped up in the father's will
25:35 that He didn't even complain about the discomforts
25:37 of the miseries of crucifixion.
25:40 You remember that the thieves on either side of Him
25:43 were having a discussion about that.
25:45 Why don't you curse God or why don't you set yourself free
25:50 if you're so powerful.
25:52 But finally the one said to the other
25:55 why are you talking to Him like this,
25:57 you know, we deserve this but He is innocent.
26:01 And so Jesus literally had no concern
26:04 for anything material anymore.
26:08 And folks I believe that in that tremendous victory
26:11 over the cross, He fulfilled the meaning
26:15 of letting go of all idolatry.
26:19 He was looking in only one direction,
26:23 He said, Father why have you forsaken Me,
26:27 as he took the death of hell on Himself
26:31 and was separated momentarily from the Father.
26:34 The only thing that meant anything to Him
26:36 must to be restored to His heavenly Father.
26:41 Of course, then the moment of victory came, didn't it?
26:45 When He realized that His sacrifice was accepted
26:49 and He shouted it is finished.
26:53 What a victory He won,
26:55 nothing meant anything to Him anymore
26:57 but that He was going to be reunited
27:01 with His Heavenly Father.
27:03 Friends it may seem a bit extreme
27:05 that may seem like too much for God to ask,
27:08 but that's what He is asking.
27:10 He wants to fulfill that promise in your heart.
27:12 He wants to take away the value of everything
27:16 less than the privilege of being in heaven with the Father.
27:22 And so we are able today because of what Jesus did
27:28 to claim that victory in our own lives.
27:31 What about you friend?
27:32 Are you hindered by love of things?
27:38 Have you had an opportunity to serve God
27:40 in some particular way and yet said no to it
27:43 or passed it by because things which are important
27:47 Jesus has fulfilled the promise of the Second Commandment.
27:52 He will give you the victory He has won,
27:55 claim it today in Jesus name.


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