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00:27 Thanks for joining us today!
00:31 We're going to have a good time together in God's word.
00:34 I am Pastor Dale Lemon from Battle creek Michigan
00:39 and so happy to be sharing here through 3ABN
00:42 Before we begin our study, let's have a word of prayer.
00:46 Father in heaven it is always a joy to open Your word
00:50 And we need Your Spirit to be our guide
00:53 through it, our interpreter, to fill our hearts
00:56 with the power of Your word.
00:58 that it may change us as we study
01:00 Bless me Lord, that I may be a tool in Your hand.
01:04 in Jesus name, AMEN!
01:07 The central characteristic of God is love.
01:14 So much so that the Bible tells us in 1 John 4:8
01:31 God is love
01:33 that is such a defining aspect of his character
01:36 that we can say that God is love.
01:37 Then also in the very same chapter
01:41 we have a similar verse.
01:43 Verse 16
01:59 So again we see God is love
02:03 and if we abide in love we are abiding in God
02:05 If we are experiencing love we are experiencing God.
02:08 If we are loving others, it is God loving through us.
02:11 Because God is love!
02:13 Unfortunately, in our present world,
02:16 We have a terrible misunderstanding
02:19 about what love is.
02:20 You see God's love is total unselfishness.
02:25 By that we mean He puts the needs, comforts, interests,
02:31 of all others above Himself.
02:34 He says whoever must be first, must be last.
02:39 And since God is first, He is also last.
02:43 He doesn't consider His own happiness
02:46 or His own well-being
02:48 until He has considered the happiness and well-being
02:51 of every other creature in the Universe.
02:54 That is clearly seen in the sacrifice that Jesus Christ
02:58 made on the cross.
02:59 So this is the definition of love that the Bible gives us.
03:03 A totally unselfish love.
03:06 Sometimes we use the word altruistic.
03:09 It's not about me.
03:11 It's about you!
03:12 We say, "I love pizza. "
03:16 What do we mean by that?
03:17 I'm going to act in behalf of the well-being of pizza?
03:22 I don't think so, I think we mean I like eating it.
03:26 I like having it.
03:28 I like chewing it I like swallowing it
03:29 I like smelling it
03:30 It's about me, see.
03:31 Totally backwards.
03:33 But we say, "I love"
03:35 I think Satan wants to confuse us as to what
03:38 love really is.
03:39 Because love is the central characteristic of God.
03:42 Satan doesn't want us to understand God's character.
03:44 He wants us to think, in fact, God is selfish.
03:47 He wants to put his characteristics on God.
03:49 He wants us to believe that God acts in His own behalf
03:52 instead of in ours.
03:53 We say, "Oh I love that women. "
03:56 I adore that women, I love her so much I can't stand
04:02 a moment without her, I must have her.
04:05 Huh! Once again that's not God's love.
04:10 That's about me!
04:12 That's about having my own needs meet.
04:15 So the love that God give us
04:19 is the kind of love that cares more for the other person.
04:23 Than for myself.
04:24 That is an astonishing kind of love
04:28 That is the very kind of love that God intended we
04:31 would be the bond of our entire human relationship.
04:37 He intended, as He made Adam and Eve, the first couple,
04:41 model perfect love relationship.
04:45 We have some verses in Genesis, which gives us an idea
04:51 of this Divine plan.
04:54 For instance, Genesis 1:27
05:09 It was God's intention that Adam and Eve would be a
05:13 united couple, made in His image,
05:17 but remember God is plural, Father and the Son
05:21 Holy Spirit, the love between them
05:23 is perfect, even each one caring more about the other.
05:26 Than about Himself
05:27 Jesus again modeled that when He came and gave His life.
05:30 He intended that Adam and Eve, made in His image
05:33 They also would be united each one
05:35 caring more about the other
05:36 then about themselves.
05:38 He says in chapter 2 of Genesis verse 24
05:55 One flesh!
05:58 They should be so completely wrapped up in
06:01 each other's well-being it is like one organism.
06:03 It's like our human body.
06:05 Where every organ serves every other organ.
06:09 Lives not for itself, but for the well-being of the whole.
06:12 So Adam and Eve's relationship before sin
06:16 was magnificent!
06:19 Oh Boy, we'd like to see some marriages like that now.
06:23 You see they trusted each other completely.
06:27 Totally about every single thing.
06:30 They never even thought about not trusting.
06:32 They laughed at the same things.
06:36 They were soul mates.
06:37 Being together was their greatest delight.
06:41 They shared everything.
06:45 They had no secrets from each other.
06:48 They loved to probe each others' minds.
06:53 To see God's creation through each others prospective.
06:57 They were always delighted to hear what the other saw,
07:01 and to comprehend what the other thought.
07:05 Before sin Adam and Eve never argued.
07:09 They never spoke a harsh word to each other.
07:13 They never were quarrelsome.
07:15 They were never sarcastic or ironic in the way they spoke.
07:21 They never even frowned at each other.
07:24 They always had a smile.
07:27 They never raised an eyebrow there was never
07:30 any scolding, or nagging.
07:33 Their unity was perfect.
07:37 Their partnership was a perfect model and
07:42 a perfect reflection of the partnership between
07:45 the Father and the Son.
07:49 That was the way God intended it.
07:52 God made them for each other, He made them perfectly
07:55 suited to each other.
07:56 All of their needs were meet because each of them
08:01 were more concerned about the happiness of the other.
08:05 Then about their own happiness.
08:08 Neither felt complete without the other.
08:12 Then came sin and everything changed.
08:21 They lost a lot more than innocence that day.
08:23 They immediately lost the bond of love, trust for each other.
08:28 We can read about it in Genesis 3 were
08:32 so clear that something has changed.
08:36 It's in verse 12 when God confronts them
08:39 after they eaten the fruit.
08:53 Obviously now he's blaming
08:58 He would never have thought of that, in fact, the whole
09:00 reason that he for joining her and eating the fruit
09:02 to begin with is because he didn't want to be
09:04 separated from her, he love her so much,
09:06 now all of a sudden he's blaming her
09:08 everything has changed.
09:11 And so their unity is shattered.
09:15 He no longer wants to share her fate.
09:18 He's willing to pin the blame on her.
09:20 Hoping he can escape and continue his blissful life.
09:24 But, of course, it is too late for him too.
09:28 Here we see the seed of adultery.
09:32 because as soon as we begin to resent our partner
09:38 and the sense of complete fidelity and trust is broken
09:45 self centeredness comes in.
09:47 And we begin to think, well I need to look out for myself.
09:54 Maybe this relationship isn't ideal.
09:57 Perhaps I can find more satisfaction
10:00 with another person.
10:02 Well, thank God for the ten commandments.
10:06 As we have been noticing they are promises.
10:11 They are promises more even than they are commandments.
10:16 Because God knew He couldn't save us by
10:20 commanding us to be good.
10:21 Because we don't have the power.
10:24 And so the commandments were very weak
10:27 All they could do is point out our weakness
10:30 But when we look at them a promises then we see
10:33 God's true purpose in the commandments.
10:34 His purpose to reveal to us what He would give us
10:39 as He saved us from sin.
10:41 And each of the commandments can be seen that way.
10:44 Including the seventh commandment.
10:47 Here is a glorious promise of eternal faithfulness.
10:53 Let's look at it in Exodus 20:14
11:04 People don't like that one, they tend to hear it
11:11 Well, of course it is good advice, committing adultery
11:13 is a very destructive thing to do.
11:15 It's a good command.
11:17 But it is one of the least favorites in our modern world.
11:20 Boy, we live in a world where this sin is one of the
11:24 most common one that is practiced.
11:26 You shall not commit adultery.
11:27 It thunders over people's heads and
11:30 makes them feel so guilty.
11:32 But that isn't God's main purpose in it.
11:34 His main purpose is to show us what He is going to give us.
11:37 He is going to give us a heart that is not an adulterous heart.
11:42 I will not even want to commit adultery.
11:44 He is going to give us a faithful heart.
11:46 That's what He wants us to see here.
11:48 that through Jesus fulfillment of every one
11:52 of these promises we can claim faithfulness
11:56 I tell you, we need a faithfulness pill don't we?
11:59 It would be good if we had that instead of some
12:02 of the other pills we give out.
12:03 We desperately need that.
12:05 God is able to give that to
12:07 us through Christ Jesus.
12:09 So that we can have profound, deep, altruistic love again
12:15 and care more about the well-being of others
12:17 than about meeting our own temporary needs.
12:22 Well you know how common this problem is in our world today
12:27 and we face it in nearly every extended family.
12:32 We see examples of it.
12:34 Very few marriages start out, anymore, without
12:38 premarital sex having taken place.
12:40 That's adultery too, by the way.
12:42 Because the Bible defines the proper sexual relationship
12:47 as taking place only in the committed bonds of marriage.
12:49 This word adultery, actually covers quite a bit of ground
12:54 because it refers to all kinds of illegitimate
12:56 sexual practices.
12:58 Prostitution, sex between same sex partners, etc. etc.
13:03 But it also covers any kind of wrong add mixture
13:09 Of things that God never intended to be put together.
13:12 That's why, the book of Revelation even says,
13:15 says the church has become adulterous,
13:17 mixing politics with the worship of the true God.
13:21 Things that do not belong together.
13:23 That is adultery.
13:25 Well we certainly see it in families.
13:27 I remember when Bob called me.
13:31 and he said that he and Jane weren't getting along.
13:34 And he thought there marriage was about to end.
13:37 He asked if he could come and visit with
13:38 me at my office.
13:39 In fact, he said, the two of them would
13:41 like to come together.
13:42 They did come and I was so glad they did.
13:45 He didn't tell me over the phone what
13:47 the central problem was.
13:48 But it didn't take long, in our conversation in the office,
13:51 to realize that Jane had discovered that Bob had
13:56 been having an affair.
13:57 She didn't feel she was obligated to put up with it.
14:00 Of course, according to the Scripture, she isn't.
14:04 But on the other hand, she had some of this
14:08 ultraistic love, she cared about Bob's well-being.
14:12 and she also cared about their marriage.
14:14 She cared about their children.
14:16 She hoped that maybe something could be done.
14:21 Bob to seemed genuinely contrite, and interested
14:25 in saving the marriage.
14:26 I was so glad, as we talked together,
14:28 that he felt really, really bad about what
14:32 he had been doing
14:34 and realized he needed help.
14:37 Well Jane agreed to help.
14:39 Not that it was her fault at all.
14:41 She agreed to help him to recognize his needs
14:46 and to be a little more careful to be sure that their
14:49 communication at home, everything was as strong
14:53 as it should be, to do her part.
14:55 But he was the one who needed the majority
14:57 of the help and he knew it and he admitted it.
15:01 He wondered if there was any way that he could
15:05 overcome his terrible problem
15:07 of needing, he thought, the excitement of
15:11 going beyond the relationship of marriage.
15:13 Well, I'm so happy to say, that I was able to
15:18 share with him, Jesus victor in the
15:23 seventh commandment, and therefore the promise
15:27 that He has to offer in keeping us from being adulterers.
15:31 It is fantastic folks, this is a promise.
15:34 When we see it as a command we just get discouraged
15:37 because we think, Oh I just can't seem to keep it.
15:40 I can't seem to live up to it, I'm so weak, I'm so weak.
15:43 But when we see it as a promise, we realize that Jesus
15:46 has fulfilled it and that we can claim His victory.
15:51 And so I pointed him to Jesus, now he really hadn't
15:56 hadn't been a Christian before that time, he really didn't
15:57 know anything about the power of the gospel,
16:00 so it was a delight and we began studying
16:02 the Bible together and he began to see that there
16:08 was power, could be power in every part
16:10 of his life through Christ.
16:12 And as he gave his heart to Jesus,
16:14 He gained the victory.
16:17 It was a joy to his wife as their unity was restored,
16:22 as he became honest with her, they began to
16:25 discuss everything together, as their oneness
16:29 was made real again.
16:32 It was all because of prayer, they prayed together at night.
16:35 They prayed together in the morning.
16:38 He became very comfortable with having
16:40 her know where he was, and who he was with,
16:43 and when he would be home.
16:44 She really gained a complete new trust for him
16:49 and their marriage was saved.
16:50 She forgave him.
16:51 That's beautiful, that's the gospel.
16:54 That is how God works in situations that seem hopeless.
16:59 But it is all because Jesus kept the commandment for us,
17:05 and therefore turned a what was thou shalt not
17:09 thundering down form Sinai, into a glorious promise.
17:13 You will no longer behave in this way because
17:18 I am delivering you from that behavior.
17:22 Well people don't think about how Jesus gain the victory
17:28 in the area of sexual relations, it's well known that
17:33 Jesus Himself, who is not married, but yet He did.
17:38 In fact He gained the victory in every aspect
17:40 of human life in the flesh.
17:42 There's a beautiful Scripture, 2 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 20
17:50 which covers a lot of ground let's read it.
18:07 God is glorified in us because Jesus has already
18:13 kept all of God's promises,
18:14 All the promises of God are yes and amen, they're
18:18 already finished in Christ.
18:20 Every promise that God has made, all ten of those
18:23 promise that He made are written on tables of stone
18:27 have already been kept in Christ Jesus as well.
18:30 Well let's look at the victories Jesus had
18:35 in the area of adultery.
18:39 First of all, as we said earlier adultery is a much broader term
18:45 than we often consider it.
18:46 We can adulterate our own bodies.
18:50 That's right, now certainly we can do that sexually,
18:54 The apostle Paul talks about that.
18:56 But we can even do that in terms of how we eat and drink.
19:00 We can put things in that do not belong in.
19:02 That the Maker didn't intend for us to use,
19:05 that can destroy us and ruin our happiness.
19:09 Jesus was accused of living loosely, he was
19:12 accused of eating and drinking with the sinners and publicans.
19:16 Well He did go to their dinners and banquets.
19:20 But He never ever committed adultery or sin, He never
19:25 took into Himself that which would destroy Him.
19:29 He says, which of you convinces me of sin?
19:31 Jesus was very very careful to be an example
19:36 to us in every way.
19:38 He was, of course, questioned by the Pharisee who had the
19:46 feast at his house.
19:49 You will remember when the women of ill repute
19:53 came in to the feast and knelt down by Jesus feet?
19:59 She began to cry and wipe His feet with her hair.
20:05 Then she poured that precious ointment on His feet
20:10 and the Pharisee who had invited Jesus there was so embarrassed
20:13 that women had come in.
20:15 Then he was embarrassed for his guests, he was thinking
20:19 in his heart, "He ought to know what kind of women this is. "
20:23 "He shouldn't let His reputation suffer like that. "
20:28 Now that particular Pharisee himself had been an adulterer,
20:31 in fact, he was the one, the relative of the women
20:34 who had introduced her to a life of sin,
20:36 and in his hypocrisy he was criticizing Jesus.
20:40 But Jesus turned that all around when He said,
20:43 "Who do you think would love God the most?"
20:45 "The one that's forgiven of a big sin,
20:47 or the one whose forgiven of a little sin?"
20:49 So Jesus showed His completeness and His
20:52 relationship with that women was a spiritual one,
20:54 and the reason that she was so thrilled to be with Him
20:58 that she would even anoint His feet with expensive perfume
21:04 was because she had been forgiven.
21:07 She had experienced real love.
21:12 You see that is the whole thing that heals adultery,
21:15 Adultery is a cheap imitation, you know why people fall for it?
21:22 There is a sense of loneliness, a feeling that no one
21:25 really understands me, no one really cares,
21:27 a desire for intimacy which God created in us.
21:29 A yearning to be close and to experience that complete
21:36 but it is not there, that complete oneness is not there.
21:39 Adultery isn't there.
21:40 It's a cheap counterfeit.
21:43 She, the women who had anointed Jesus feet, had finally
21:47 found love, Oh yes!
21:49 Jesus was her lover, but not physically.
21:53 He was a lover of her soul.
21:55 At last she knew what it was like to be understood.
21:59 To be cared for, to be respected, to be trusted,
22:04 To be totally accepted.
22:07 She found in Jesus a perfect love,
22:10 what she had always been looking for.
22:14 He turned out to be the man of her dreams.
22:19 Her heart was so overflowing with satisfaction,
22:22 she did not even need to go on with her life of sin.
22:26 No wonder that Jesus could say to the women,
22:30 who was brought to Him in the temple,
22:31 "I don't condemn you, but go your way, and sin no more. "
22:37 Because Jesus had overcome in our behalf,
22:41 every temptation to that cheapness of counterfeit love,
22:45 and had experienced the true, the real thing, His relationship
22:50 with His Father and in His relationship with everyone
22:54 of the people for whom He came and died
22:56 Jesus said, "I did not come to to destroy the law,
23:00 but to full fill the law. "
23:02 He has done that in His personal life.
23:06 Some people, in this recent time, have even accused
23:09 Jesus of having some kind of homosexual relationship
23:12 with the beloved disciple John.
23:14 But that is absolute rubbish, people who lived with Jesus
23:18 gave the testimony that He was absolutely pure
23:23 in every matter of the law of the Jews.
23:26 And such behavior was prohibited by that law.
23:30 Jesus could not have died for our sins if He Himself
23:32 was not entirely victorious.
23:35 Well we have to understand the spirituality of
23:41 this adultery law in order to make sure that we don't just
23:46 look at others, we need to look into our own hearts.
23:48 Matthew 5 verse 27 is very clear, 27 and 28
24:09 And so we find friends that, probably most of us,
24:14 have been guilty, perhaps, more than once
24:17 of violating the seventh commandment.
24:20 Thank God though that there is hope for all of us.
24:23 He can take away that longing, that lustful longing
24:27 for something that can't satisfy anyway,
24:29 because He can give us His fulfillment
24:33 of that commandment.
24:34 He can put into our hearts a taste of the love
24:37 that comes from God.
24:38 God is love and Jesus has experienced that
24:44 love in the flesh.
24:46 So He knows that it is available to us and He's
24:50 able to make it available to us in our flesh as well.
24:54 Some people are saying, "I can't have this victory
24:57 until I lose this body, not so, Jesus had this
25:01 victory in His body.
25:03 He even made it harder than He's made it on us,
25:06 far harder because He never married.
25:09 He didn't have the divinely provided outlet
25:13 for His physical needs.
25:14 He had to find satisfaction, complete satisfaction,
25:20 for all parts of His being through His relationship
25:23 with His Father alone.
25:25 That is the power of His victory.
25:28 Because I have heard single people, at times, say
25:31 "Well you can't expect me to live without an
25:33 occasional relationship after all I'm single.
25:36 Oh yes, Jesus has the victory for that.
25:39 Jesus wasn't longing, He wasn't craving, He wasn't coveting,
25:43 He wasn't looking at women, having to look away with a
25:46 embarrassed expression on His face, no!
25:50 He was satisfied because the love of God satisfies.
25:55 And so that is the power of the victory He has for us.
26:01 Jesus, however, was married.
26:03 That's right! Or soon will be.
26:07 You don't remember that?
26:09 Well, not to a women as we see it.
26:12 But He is marrying the entire family
26:16 of human beings who will be be saved. Revelation 19:9
26:29 That's you and me.
26:30 This is, these are true sayings of God, don't you see!
26:36 We are all to be part of the bride of Christ.
26:42 That is why we count on His absolute victory
26:47 in the seventh commandment.
26:49 Because Jesus is saying, "I promise you I will be
26:55 faithful to you for all eternity. "
26:58 I am united to you, not only am I one with
27:03 My Heavenly Father, but I am going to become one
27:05 with everyone of you.
27:07 And we together will live a life of absolute joy
27:13 and oneness, we will never argue, we will never quarrel,
27:16 we will be soul mates together, we will never frown at each
27:21 other, I am going to be so faithful to you for so long
27:24 that you will never even question Me again.
27:28 Not like Satan did so long ago, you will trust Me
27:32 perfectly for all eternity, You will look to Me as the lover
27:36 of your soul, and you will always be satisfied
27:42 with what I can provide.
27:44 Jesus has kept the seventh commandment for us.
27:49 He will keep it for all eternity.
27:50 He will write it on your heart.
27:53 If this is an area in which you struggle,
27:56 Take Jesus' victory.


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