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00:29 I'm glad, you could join us today.
00:31 We're looking forward to opening God's word again,
00:34 to discover more about
00:35 the ten greatest promises in the Bible.
00:39 It may surprise you to find out what they are,
00:41 but before we study, let's have a word of prayer.
00:44 Father in heaven, we are so grateful that You love us.
00:48 So grateful that You have planned
00:50 a feast of Your word for us today.
00:52 And we ask that through Jesus,
00:54 our understanding of You
00:56 and of Your plan of salvation will be greatly increased.
01:00 Please use me, Lord, as an instrument
01:02 of the gospel in Jesus' name. Amen.
01:06 I think that I forgot to introduce myself
01:10 and in case, you haven't met me before.
01:12 I'm Dale Leamon and I'm from Battle Creek, Michigan,
01:15 where I have the privilege of pastoring
01:17 the Tabernacle Church there.
01:20 Well, God has struggled to make Himself known to us,
01:27 the truth is the problem.
01:29 Because Satan has started so many bad rumors about God
01:33 that people are very confused about what He's really like.
01:38 It all started, of course, with a lie.
01:43 Satan came down to this planet,
01:46 invaded the Garden of Eden,
01:48 stood by the forbidden tree,
01:51 captured Eve's attention
01:55 and told her something totally untrue.
01:58 Now most of us are aware of the lie when he said,
02:01 "You will not really die."
02:04 But that was only one small part of the lie
02:06 he was telling there.
02:08 The big lie that he told was
02:10 that God is not treating you fairly.
02:15 If you were just eat from this tree
02:17 you'd be like God, knowing good and evil.
02:18 You see there are so much more.
02:19 God doesn't want you to have everything.
02:22 God doesn't want you to eat from all the trees.
02:25 God is holding back some great privileges from you,
02:28 because He wants to be superior to you.
02:30 A total miscast of God's personality
02:35 and of His character.
02:36 God is love and as love He would never do anything,
02:42 but what was in the very best interest of His creatures.
02:44 He didn't make people, in order to keep them down,
02:47 or subject them, or boss them around,
02:49 or otherwise abuse them.
02:52 He made people in order to give them joy.
02:57 Well, we all hate lies, don't we?
03:02 We've all heard a lot of them and they always harm.
03:07 But Jesus said, the Satan was the father of lies
03:09 and that his power and authority are based on a lie.
03:13 In the same way, God's power and authority
03:15 are based on the truth.
03:18 See the truth is something that just stands,
03:20 it's that way, because that's the way it is.
03:23 The truth is so closely attached to laws,
03:25 because truth and good laws are always totally related.
03:30 Good laws always come out of real truths.
03:35 You see, God's government has been called unfair
03:39 and that's why so many people
03:40 don't trust His commandments.
03:42 They think that maybe God's made commandments
03:45 just to keep people from having a good time.
03:48 Especially, it seems like young people
03:49 think that, doesn't it?
03:50 They're afraid that God is just making rules
03:54 to keep them from enjoying all their potential.
03:58 Why would God say, "Don't lie."
04:01 Telling a lie now and then
04:03 can get a person through many a scrap.
04:06 Why would God say, "Don't commit adultery."
04:08 After all there's so much fruit in the garden,
04:11 shouldn't we taste at all?
04:14 No, God knows what makes people happy.
04:18 And as we look at His commandments,
04:22 we might be very misinformed,
04:25 we might misjudge God's character,
04:28 thinking that He just wants us to be held back.
04:33 We need to know the truth,
04:34 we need to have our understanding
04:37 of God's character, completely changed from what it--
04:40 from what we kind of inherited from our birth.
04:44 And through Satan's thousands of years of deception.
04:47 Let me share with you some truths
04:48 about God that are absolute.
04:51 Number one, God is good.
04:55 But that's quite all encompassing, isn't it?
04:57 Because if He's really good,
04:59 then He could never do anything that wasn't good.
05:02 Bear that in mind, next time you start blaming God
05:06 for the bad weather, or the terrible trial
05:11 that you're going through.
05:13 Number two, God loves us.
05:19 Love, remember it's divine love too,
05:22 it's a kind of love which is totally unselfish,
05:24 which means that God's love makes Him think of me
05:29 before He even thinks of Himself.
05:31 Number three, He is our friend.
05:34 In other words, He seeks a special relationship with us,
05:37 He cares about us as if we were unique
05:41 in all the universe, maybe we are.
05:44 God is our friend in the sense that
05:47 He wants to spend personal quality time with us.
05:51 And in the sense that He's always happy
05:53 to see us and hear from us,
05:55 when we try to make contact with Him.
05:58 Number four, God has arranged everything
06:01 in our lives for our best good.
06:04 It's especially true if we commit our lives to Him.
06:07 In other words, we may think our lives are cursed
06:10 and we're going through so many trials and problems.
06:12 But God has prearranged
06:16 for your maximum opportunity for salvation,
06:20 the events of your life.
06:23 Number five, God keeps back from us
06:29 nothing that would be good for us.
06:33 That's right, you say, well, my health,
06:35 I should have better health.
06:37 God gives us what is best for us in the long run
06:42 and it may not seem so right now.
06:43 I should have more money,
06:45 I'd be much better off with more money.
06:47 No, God gives us what's best for us in the long run.
06:52 Now, of course, we can influence
06:54 the outcome of some of those things,
06:55 but God will certainly intervene to do what's best.
07:00 Number six, He will always work to make us happy,
07:05 that one is really important to me.
07:08 God wants me to be happy.
07:11 You see, what's life worth if you're not happy.
07:17 You could have riches, you could have many friends,
07:19 you could have many things,
07:21 if you're not happy, what's life worth.
07:23 God is interested in our happiness, not only that,
07:26 He's committed to our happiness.
07:27 Not only that, He's always working
07:29 to make sure that we are happy.
07:31 And once we know that then we have to ask ourselves,
07:35 well, why is it we have been
07:38 afraid of the Ten Commandments.
07:39 If these six promises about God are true,
07:42 then surely His Ten Commandments
07:43 are also part of how He makes us happy,
07:46 how He provides for our well being,
07:48 how He showers His love on us,
07:49 how He shows us His friendship?
07:52 His Ten Commandments must be
07:53 part of that whole program.
07:56 Well, they are.
07:57 The Ten Commandments are really ten promises.
08:00 Not to be read so much, don't do this, don't do that.
08:04 That's the way people read it
08:06 who don't know the love and grace of God.
08:09 But to be read instead,
08:11 since I've set you free from sin,
08:14 you no longer will do this or that,
08:17 you will have a new life.
08:21 I like something else about the Ten Commandments too.
08:23 They not only show us what we're going to be like
08:26 as we're completed in Christ,
08:30 but they also show us what God is like.
08:32 In other words, the Ten Commandments
08:34 are a transcript of His character.
08:36 They show us how He lives
08:39 and what we can count on from Him,
08:42 now don't you like that?
08:44 As you read the Ten Commandments
08:45 with God in mind, knowing that
08:47 He is always faithful to His own commandments,
08:49 even though we aren't always.
08:52 We find several beautiful things.
08:54 One, God wants our company,
08:58 He wants a whole day out of every week with us,
09:01 and He has already set aside that time
09:03 and will be with us in a special way on that time.
09:06 That time is time that He takes
09:08 and gives even more attention
09:10 and more of His fellowship to us,
09:14 that's seventh day of every week.
09:16 That's one of the commandments, isn't it?
09:17 So that's God's character,
09:19 He loves to have that day of joy with us.
09:23 Here's another one, He will give us rest.
09:27 Yes, that's right, He offers us rest,
09:29 He says, "Come unto me, all ye that labor
09:31 and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,"
09:32 it's right there in the Fourth Commandment.
09:34 God is a God of rest,
09:35 He doesn't believe in being a workaholic,
09:37 He believes in taking some time
09:39 and enjoying life with his creatures
09:42 and so he's going to give us
09:43 that enjoyment together with himself.
09:46 We also see since he has a commandment stating that
09:50 murder is wrong that he will not kill us.
09:53 Well, you say, wait a minute,
09:54 didn't he say he would take our lives?
09:56 No, folks, God loves us.
10:00 In the very, very end,
10:02 when we've made our decision
10:03 and we're locked into the misery of sin,
10:06 then he may mercifully take back the life he gave,
10:09 but he says, we should not murdering.
10:11 God like quite, doesn't whim sickly take people lives.
10:13 It's Satan who does that.
10:15 And Satan's had a good time
10:17 over the years blaming God for all the atrocities
10:19 he's brought upon the human race.
10:21 But God is not a murderer.
10:25 Also since He tells us not to steal,
10:27 we know that God Himself will not steal from us,
10:29 He will protect our property.
10:31 He's very interested in our
10:33 being able to maintain ownership of the things
10:37 that we've worked hard to have.
10:39 And should he allow us to lose them we know again,
10:42 it would only be, because in someway
10:45 that trial was for our eternal good.
10:49 God also will protect our relationships.
10:51 We already saw that God Himself is not an adulterer.
10:56 He is a faithful one,
10:57 Jesus is the bridegroom of the church
11:00 and He has committed himself eternally to us.
11:04 We are the joy of His life and He will not let us go
11:10 or trade us in for another.
11:13 Well, these Ten Commandments then
11:15 really give us an idea of God's commitment to us,
11:19 the way He will treat us as well as
11:22 what He promises to do in our hearts
11:25 to make us like Himself.
11:28 Now the commandment that we're especially
11:30 focusing on today is the Ninth Commandment
11:35 which has to do with telling the truth.
11:38 We'll look at that specifically in a minute.
11:40 But I want you to see how important truth is.
11:42 Let's look at several scriptures together,
11:45 John the 8th Chapter and verse 32.
11:49 Jesus here speaking, it says.
11:51 "You shall know the truth,
11:53 and the truth shall make you free."
11:56 That's Jesus own commandment,
11:59 "The truth will make you free."
12:01 Oh, how important truth is,
12:03 you can't possibly be free without truth.
12:05 Satan enslaved this whole planet
12:07 by initially telling lies.
12:09 And only the truth will deliver us
12:11 from the slavery of sin and selfishness.
12:14 John 14, and verse 6, let's read that one,
12:20 Jesus said to him, "I am the way,
12:23 the truth, and the life.
12:26 No one comes to Father except through Me."
12:31 So, Jesus Himself is "the truth," I like that.
12:35 He is the truth,
12:36 He is the truth about God's character.
12:38 Jesus is the truth about how our people
12:40 are gonna be like when they're redeemed.
12:42 Jesus is the truth about the way to heaven.
12:48 Jesus Himself is the truth.
12:51 John 16, and verse 13, "However, when He,
12:58 the Spirit of truth has come,
13:00 He will guide you into all truth,
13:03 for He will not speak on His own authority,
13:05 but whatever He hears he will speak,
13:08 and He will tell you things to come."
13:11 This of course shows us that
13:12 Jesus being the truth sends us a Spirit of truth.
13:16 The Holy Spirit, of course, is the Spirit of truth,
13:19 He can't tell anything but the truth
13:21 and He will always tell the truth.
13:22 And every time you pray for the Holy Spirit,
13:24 He will reveal the truth to you.
13:26 And if you insist upon clinging to falsehood and lies,
13:29 then the Holy Spirit will not be the one speaking to you
13:32 and maybe some other spirit.
13:34 So we need to really commit ourselves to the truth
13:37 and be anxious to know the truth.
13:39 And so many of us are trying to make up our own theology,
13:42 but we need to have truth.
13:45 John 17, and verse 17, we read,
13:49 "Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth."
13:55 And so here we see that,
13:58 the way that we're transformed, sanctified,
14:02 is by exposure to the truth that is so true.
14:06 Because as we see God
14:09 as He really is, as He truly is.
14:13 We cannot help but be changed,
14:15 we fall in love with Him.
14:17 We see that He is absolutely reliable,
14:20 and He's on our side, and He is our friend,
14:22 and all the things we've been saying about Him are true,
14:24 and we just have to love Him.
14:28 Well, not only did Jesus make such statements
14:31 but the Apostle James
14:33 in James Chapter 1, verse 18, speaks of truth.
14:38 "Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth,
14:43 that we might be a kind of first fruits of His creatures."
14:48 So we are actually born by the truth,
14:52 we're brought forth by the word of truth.
14:54 The Bible becomes our midwife as it were,
14:58 to bring us forth, we are born of the spirit
15:01 because we accept the truth.
15:05 Some people think that truth is whatever you believe.
15:10 If I believe in it, it must be my truth,
15:12 that's impossible, folks, there's only one truth.
15:14 If you have two opposing ideas,
15:16 they can't both be true,
15:17 one is true and the other is a lie.
15:19 And that's what so alarming about Christian Church today.
15:22 Because there are so many different
15:24 apposing things all taught as truth.
15:27 Does the Bible teach apposing things?
15:30 No, it really doesn't.
15:31 We need to let it be it's own interpreter,
15:33 we need to let-- we need to read
15:35 enough scriptures on any topic
15:37 to make sure we have the Bible's own definition.
15:41 Because we maybe believing falsehoods
15:45 and there is no possibility that believing falsehoods
15:48 will guide us safely into God's Kingdom.
15:51 Don't you hate it when someone lies about you?
15:54 I hardly know of anything more annoying
15:56 and of course, that may not be true
15:58 if they're telling a good lie about you.
16:00 But, but in fact, even that's not so healthy, is it?
16:04 But especially when somebody tells a bad lie about you,
16:07 they tell something that isn't true at all.
16:09 You've all experienced it,
16:10 it just makes you really upset.
16:12 I've had quite a few lies told about me.
16:14 I suppose any pastor would, it's amazing,
16:17 the stories that come along.
16:19 Oh, I've heard things like
16:21 I was supposed to have had an earlier marriage
16:23 or I had some children before--unbelievable stuff,
16:26 not a shred of truth to it.
16:29 These things come along
16:30 and it's just like the devil is trying
16:31 to spread little things to discredit you,
16:33 you know what I mean?
16:34 I have had a, well, I won't began to tell you the things,
16:38 'cause I don't want to start any rumors.
16:40 Well, I've had people say things about me
16:41 that I just could hardly live with,
16:44 and I've gotten so upset about it,
16:46 and I have just wanted to go and chew those people out.
16:49 And sometimes you don't even know who started this story,
16:51 you don't know who to go to, and I've thought,
16:53 well, maybe I should pose some public disclaimers,
16:55 but, no, that doesn't work.
16:58 You know, if you're gonna be on God's side
17:00 and Satan's gonna aim his weapons at you, isn't he?
17:03 And one of his most powerful weapons is a lie
17:07 and he'll do it every time.
17:09 Well, God knows what it is to be
17:11 lied about also, oh does he.
17:15 You know, Satan's spread such terrible things
17:17 about God's character,
17:18 even in heaven that he persuaded--I mean,
17:23 I still have a hard time fathoming this,
17:25 but Satan persuaded one third of the angels to follow him.
17:32 He told them that God was a tyrant,
17:35 that God was keeping back from them,
17:38 some of their potential, that he was enslaving them.
17:41 That, that he, that they would have
17:44 much more enjoyment of their existence
17:45 if they would be with him.
17:47 And that here the philosophy was
17:50 really the winning philosophy,
17:51 that God's idea of everybody serving everybody else,
17:54 no one looking after his own,
17:56 was really an old way and he was going to introduce
17:58 a new way that would be so better
18:00 and a third of the angels followed him.
18:02 They're such intelligent creatures,
18:04 it is astonishing that they could be taken in by that lie.
18:06 No wonder we human beings believe lies so readily.
18:10 So God knows what it is to be lied about.
18:13 And He lost an entire planet
18:17 because of lies about His character.
18:24 And so He wants us to know the truth.
18:26 And especially, and I think this is so reasonable.
18:29 God wants us to know the truth about Himself
18:33 and that is why He sent Jesus.
18:38 You know, the lies that people believe,
18:40 Christians believe have cost God so much.
18:45 Many people are communing with spirits of devils,
18:49 because they are spiritualists
18:50 and they think they're communing with the dead.
18:53 All because they believed a lie
18:56 instead of believing the Bible when it says,
18:58 "The dead know nothing."
19:01 Many people are missing the sweet communion
19:04 of the Sabbath day, because they believe the lie
19:08 that the Sabbath has been done away with,
19:10 when the Bible says no such thing.
19:13 And all the apostles and Jesus Himself
19:16 certainly rejoiced in the Sabbath.
19:19 So much is being lost by lies,
19:22 how about the millions of Christians
19:25 who believe that they can be saved by their own works,
19:30 by acts of charity,
19:32 by providing money to the church,
19:34 by doing a certain number of penances.
19:38 Oh, how tragic, how many will fail to enter
19:40 into the Kingdom of heaven,
19:42 just because they believe a false theology,
19:44 just because they have been taken in by a lie.
19:48 No wonder then, this issue is so vital that God put it
19:52 into His Ten Commandments.
19:54 Exodus Chapter 20 and verse 16,
19:59 let's read that, "You shall not bear
20:03 false witness against your neighbor."
20:07 Now this commandment seems to address particularly
20:12 the wrong that we might do.
20:13 You see, the Ten Commandments
20:15 all involved in relationships,
20:16 relationships with God, relationship with parents,
20:18 relationship with wife, relationship with neighbors.
20:20 And so it puts this don't lie principle
20:25 into the relationship context.
20:28 And says, "Don't say bad things about your neighbor,
20:32 don't say things that aren't true
20:33 in particular about your neighbor."
20:37 This will be true in a court setting,
20:39 then it would be true in any time.
20:40 And certainly precludes most negative story telling
20:44 because how often do we know for sure
20:47 that what we're saying is truth in every specific point.
20:50 Can we be absolutely sure
20:52 we're not least putting the wrong twist on it
20:53 by our experience of vocal inflection?
20:56 Dare we say anything about another person
20:58 that is not good news,
21:01 hardly can we be so sure
21:04 that we're not lying about our neighbor.
21:07 And if we're lying about our neighbor,
21:08 we are breaking the Ninth Commandment.
21:11 But we've been looking at
21:12 all the commandments as promises, haven't we?
21:15 And this one also is a promise.
21:17 What a beautiful promise that we will not ever again
21:25 say anything about another person
21:27 that is not completely accurate and true.
21:30 I can hardly even imagine it,
21:31 I can hardly wait for it to be true,
21:33 it's going to really workout best in heaven
21:35 when the only thing that could be
21:37 said about us is good things
21:38 because we are good all the way through.
21:41 But even now we need to get
21:44 in the habit of not telling lies about our neighbor,
21:47 not telling lies to our neighbor,
21:51 not even being willing to embrace any untruth,
21:56 because as we see in the Bible,
21:58 untruth is very, very costly.
22:02 Well, Jesus has fulfilled this for us,
22:04 it just like He's fulfilled all the other commandments,
22:06 he's fulfilled this one.
22:07 Remember we just read that Jesus is the truth
22:10 and the great promise that He's made found in
22:12 Ephesians Chapter 4 shows that
22:15 as the church gets ready for translation
22:18 Jesus is going to make it a more and more
22:21 truth filled organization.
22:23 Ephesians 4, 14 through 16,
22:27 "That we should no longer be children,
22:30 tossed to and fro and carried about
22:32 with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men,
22:36 and the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting,
22:39 but speaking the truth in love may grow up
22:44 in all things into him who is the head--Christ.
22:50 From whom the whole body,
22:53 joined and knit together by what every joins applies
22:55 according to the effective
22:56 working by which every part does it share,
22:59 causes growth of the body
23:00 for the edifying of itself in love."
23:05 So what the Lord is planning to do for us
23:07 as we continue to move toward the kingdom
23:11 is to weed out all the lies and all the untruth.
23:14 Jesus said, "He would separate
23:15 the whole human race into two camps,
23:18 sheep and goats."
23:20 And of course, the goats are those
23:22 who have rejected His truth
23:23 but the sheep are those who love the truth.
23:26 Don't you want to be a truth lover?
23:28 You know, the Apostle Paul in Second Thessalonians,
23:31 the Second Chapter, identifies specifically
23:33 those who fall pray to the deception of the beast.
23:37 And he says, "That those individuals are deceived
23:41 because they do not love the truth."
23:47 What an indictment?
23:50 In fact, it turns out that they love lies and that is why
23:53 they are susceptible to Satan's deception.
23:56 They love the lie that we are really our own God.
23:59 They love the lie that you can break the commandments
24:02 and still have eternal life.
24:03 They love the lie that we are all independent
24:09 and can be self centered and selfish
24:13 and that there can be still be happiness
24:14 and joy in that kind of life.
24:17 What a huge lie that is?
24:19 There is no happiness in selfishness.
24:22 And so Jesus is looking for truth lovers
24:25 and He has already committed Himself
24:27 by keeping the Ninth Commandment Himself
24:30 by always telling the truth.
24:32 He has committed Himself to giving us
24:36 a love for truth in our hearts.
24:38 I ask Him for that regularly, do you?
24:41 Because I really, really want to be sure that
24:43 I'm not deceiving myself on anything,
24:45 I don't care how much the truth hurts,
24:46 you've heard that how much the truth hurts,
24:48 I don't care how much it hurts I want the truth.
24:50 Tell me truth, doctor, if I'm sick,
24:52 tell me the truth so we can start working on healing.
24:55 And so it is with Jesus,
24:56 tell me the truth of my moral condition,
24:58 because if I know the truth I can come to You
25:01 and You have that remedy for every moral ailment,
25:05 tell me the truth.
25:07 I want to be a truth lover and I know you do too.
25:12 Well, Jesus won the victory by bringing us the truth.
25:16 Basically Jesus whole ministry was saying,
25:18 you've got it all wrong,
25:19 God is your friend not a tyrant.
25:22 He will do everything, anything for you.
25:24 He lives, God lives to make you happy.
25:29 You don't have to run away from Him to be happy.
25:32 You never can be happy, until you come to Him.
25:36 Remember the Jesus professed so many of His remarks
25:39 with these two words, truly, truly.
25:46 And in John Chapter 18,
25:49 we have this beautiful story
25:54 of some of Jesus final moments before His crucifixion.
25:59 When He was taken in before Pilate
26:03 and He was about to be condemned to death.
26:07 And He had a very interesting interview with Pilate.
26:09 Let's read it in verse 37 and 38.
26:12 "Pilate therefore said to him, 'Are you a king then?'
26:16 And Jesus answered, 'You say rightly that I am a king.
26:21 For this cause I was born,
26:22 and for this cause I have come into the world."
26:25 Now why did Jesus come into the world here it is.
26:28 "That I should bear witness to the truth.
26:32 Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.
26:36 But Pilate said to him, 'What is truth?'"
26:42 I can almost tear him,
26:44 with the irony dripping from his voice, what is truth?
26:51 Well friends, Jesus is the truth Himself,
26:55 Jesus Himself is the truth.
26:59 And He is the truth about God our Heavenly Father.
27:05 And He is the truth about
27:06 what you and I can be and will be
27:10 as we hang on to Him and let Him lead us
27:13 all the way to victory.
27:15 Jesus is the truth in every doctrine.
27:20 Because we cannot have life without Jesus,
27:23 we have no natural immortality.
27:24 Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath,
27:27 He is the great truth.
27:28 Jesus is the High Priest of our heavenly sanctuary.
27:32 Jesus is the center of everything
27:34 that calls itself truth if it really is truth.
27:38 Jesus is the truth.
27:40 And I wonder today
27:42 if you really want to be a truth lover.
27:45 Only truth lovers can hope to be safe
27:48 through the coming storm, others will be deceived.
27:52 If you want to join me in saying,
27:54 yes, I want to be a truth lover,
27:57 let's ask Jesus to give us
27:58 His victory in the Ninth Commandment.


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