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00:29 Thank you for joining us today.
00:31 We're gonna have a good time again
00:33 looking at God's word together.
00:36 I 'm Dale Leamon, a pastor from Battle Creek, Michigan.
00:41 And happy to be working with 3ABN today.
00:45 But before we start studying together,
00:47 let's have a word of prayer.
00:49 Father in heaven, we rejoice in your word,
00:52 thank you for giving us the truth
00:54 by which we may be set free.
00:56 We pray that as we study,
00:57 your Spirit will be our guide, our teacher.
01:00 Father, please use me and let me be an instrument
01:04 to lead others to know you and love you, in Jesus name, amen.
01:10 The commandments have been our study,
01:14 but we're looking at them as promises not thou shalt not,
01:18 but thou shalt not any longer because I have set you free.
01:24 What a tremendous difference it makes?
01:26 Actually God never intended that
01:28 his commandments would condemn people.
01:31 No, commandments condemn sin,
01:35 but it wasn't God's intention to condemn the sinner.
01:38 Because God understands that
01:40 we didn't choose to be born sinners.
01:44 The sinner is given the privilege of seeing the law
01:48 as a promise of the life that God will give him
01:53 as he has restored to the image of God.
01:58 Of course the law points are our shortcomings
02:00 by the very fact that it shows us what God will
02:04 and give us and has given us in Christ.
02:07 It also points out what we haven't yet appropriated.
02:11 What we don't yet have in moral perfection.
02:14 So we feel like the law is condemning us,
02:17 although in fact that's not God's purpose in it because
02:21 Christ himself has already born all the condemnation of the law.
02:28 If there was any condemnation even aimed at us at all,
02:33 it's been taken by Jesus.
02:36 He came to relieve us of that whole burden,
02:39 a burden we could not bear.
02:42 And we have in several scriptures to show with you,
02:45 to show how Jesus literally received upon his innocent back
02:53 the weight of the judgment that the law pronounced against us.
02:59 I am sharing this with you because I want to give you
03:01 one more reason not to dread the law, not to fear the law,
03:04 not to be driven away from the love of God
03:09 by any negative interpretation of God's law.
03:14 It's no longer has any condemning power over us
03:19 because Christ has borne all the condemnation.
03:23 Let's look at Romans 5 and Verse 20,
03:28 "Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound.
03:33 But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more."
03:39 So we see that the law is given in order to make our offense
03:47 or our disease, our sin, affliction more apparent.
03:51 It does do that, shows us what we lack
03:54 but where our sin abounds, grace much more abounds.
03:57 So God's intention also to encourage us through the law
04:02 that He had the power even in the phase
04:04 of our tremendous failing, He has the power of victory
04:10 through Christ and His grace much more abounds
04:14 since His forgiveness much more abounds.
04:16 John, Chapter 5 and Verse 24, let's read that together.
04:24 "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word
04:27 and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life,
04:31 and shall not come into," in the old King James it says
04:36 "condemnation, but has passed from death into life,"
04:41 has not come into judgment.
04:43 In other words, again the condemnation of the law
04:49 has already been removed from those
04:52 who have faith in Jesus Christ.
04:53 What faith? Well, obviously,
04:55 that Jesus himself has borne in the condemnation.
04:58 So all the condemnation and judgment
05:00 of the law has been removed from us.
05:04 If we just put our faith in Jesus,
05:05 imagine that, what a trade, the whole weight of guilt
05:09 has taken off of me and the law then becomes my friend, my ally.
05:17 Romans 5:18, and all just because I put faith in Jesus,
05:25 Jesus did all the hard work.
05:27 Let's read Verse 18, "Therefore, as through one man's
05:32 offense judgment came to all men,
05:35 resulting in condemnation, even so through
05:38 one Man's righteous act the free gift came to all men,
05:43 resulting in justification of life."
05:45 That's another great theological statement,
05:47 you see as through Adam, he is the first one man
05:52 in this world, as through Adam
05:53 all of us were brought into disobedience
05:56 and all of us were brought into a carnal situation
05:59 where sin was, you know, our basic nature.
06:03 So through Christ, we're all brought into justification.
06:10 We're justified. We're made straight.
06:12 We're straight in God. Of course, we're forgiven first.
06:15 So condemnation came without any choice of yours,
06:19 automatically just by being brought into this race
06:21 through Adam, but through Christ,
06:23 just as automatically without any choice on your part,
06:26 just because you are a human being,
06:28 justification has come upon you.
06:31 Ah, it sounds like everybody should be saved and doesn't it?
06:34 I wish everybody were.
06:36 Of course, some people refuse to believe Jesus,
06:38 refuse to believe that He has actually come as a savior
06:42 and son of God and borne their sins.
06:44 So for them, even though the justification is there,
06:47 it's there for every man it says,
06:50 it doesn't do them any good, does it?
06:52 As they don't believe.
06:54 Oh, what a privilege we have of believing today
06:56 and I hope you'll just put your trust
06:57 in Jesus and say, I do believe.
06:59 I'm a sinner, I'm filthy,
07:01 I've just broken every commandment there is,
07:04 but yet I believe that I'm justified in Christ.
07:08 What a fantastic privilege that is,
07:09 don't turn away from that, that's not cheap grace,
07:12 that's the real gospel.
07:14 It's not the end of the gospel, but it's the real gospel.
07:17 We're all justified through Jesus Christ.
07:20 Romans 8:1, "There is therefore now no condemnation
07:27 to those who are in Christ Jesus,
07:30 who do not walk according to the flesh,
07:31 but according to the Spirit."
07:33 The condemnation that we felt before
07:35 is removed because we are in Christ.
07:41 In other words, we've put our faith in Christ,
07:43 we've chosen to give our lives to Christ,
07:44 and so all the condemnation has been taken away.
07:48 You know, Jesus has actually borne the condemnation
07:51 for all the sins of the past and the present
07:53 and even of the future.
07:55 So we do not fear though we're so happy
07:58 that the Lord is leading us into obedience.
08:01 We do not tremble and fear about salvation
08:04 because the condemnation has all been removed already.
08:07 We don't have to convince Jesus.
08:09 Oh, please take away my sins, He's already done it.
08:13 We don't have to fear anymore.
08:16 No condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.
08:19 Jesus took all the condemnation.
08:21 Why did he take all the condemnation?
08:23 What a terrible price?
08:26 Jesus felt the burden of the sins of the whole world.
08:31 We can say those words so easily,
08:33 but how can we possibly understand them.
08:37 There have been days when I wasn't justified.
08:39 Oh, not because Jesus failed me, but because my faith failed me
08:44 and I was carrying all my own sins.
08:46 I felt the burden of them, believe me.
08:48 So discouraging I didn't even want to go on living,
08:50 but I was only carrying my own sins.
08:54 And Jesus carried the condemnation
08:58 of the whole planet.
09:02 Cannot fathom what that means, but little wonder He dreaded
09:06 drinking that cup and said,
09:09 oh, father isn't there some other way?
09:12 Let this cup pass from me.
09:16 Well, he took it, he drank it and it was so bitter.
09:21 Notice Jesus condemnation, He took the condemnation.
09:25 Matthew, Chapter 20 and Verse 18.
09:29 Jesus predicts something will happen in the next few days.
09:33 "Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem,
09:36 and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests
09:40 and to the scribes, and they will condemn Him to death."
09:48 So Jesus felt that condemnation coming.
09:52 Condemnation from the scribes and the priests.
09:54 These were the leaders of Israel.
09:55 These were the people who transferred the sin
09:59 of the penitent over to their innocent lamb
10:03 and the words would be prophetic as they would condemn Jesus.
10:07 Because He is the lamb and now the sins of all
10:10 the penitents are transferred to Him by the very priests
10:16 who have been ordained to do that work,
10:20 but they little understood what they were doing,
10:23 as they laid the sins of the world at His feet.
10:27 Mark 14, a similar passage, now the priests are talking
10:35 to Him and they say in verse 64,
10:40 "You have heard the blasphemy! What do you think?
10:44 And they all condemned Him to be deserving of death."
10:49 And so Jesus words of prophecy became fact and He experienced
10:56 the bitter condemnation of the priests,
10:59 as they accused Him of blasphemy.
11:03 Well, the iniquity of our soul was to be laid on Him.
11:07 The prophet Isaiah said, what a relief it is
11:11 just to have that taken off our backs.
11:14 Everybody knows, John 3:16,
11:17 but many fewer people can quote John 3:17.
11:22 However, it's equally important. Let's read it.
11:27 "For God did not send His Son into the world
11:30 to condemn the world, but that the world
11:34 through Him might be saved."
11:37 It was not Jesus mission to condemn the world.
11:41 It was Jesus mission to save the world.
11:45 So when Jesus came, he was a friend of sinners.
11:49 He ate dinner with publicans.
11:51 He had adulteress persons in his retinue.
11:57 He had tax collectors for disciples.
12:02 He did not condemn sinners, he loved sinners.
12:08 He only condemned sin.
12:12 See Jesus attitude towards sin
12:15 was the attitude of a doctor toward disease.
12:21 A doctor if he has any bedside manner at all
12:25 does not criticize the patient for being sick.
12:30 He doesn't say shame on you for being ill,
12:34 but he does of course hate the disease and he puts
12:36 all of his energy and effort into healing the disease
12:39 and saving the person, so was Jesus.
12:43 He put all of His efforts into healing the disease
12:49 and had no condemnation for the sinner whatever.
12:52 You know the wonderful story, John, the 8 Chapter,
12:57 where the woman has been brought to Him in condemnation.
13:01 They say that she was caught in the very act of adultery.
13:06 Moses said we should stone people who do that.
13:08 What do you say?
13:10 And Jesus begins writing in the dust of the stones
13:13 at the temple courtyard.
13:16 Even then He doesn't even condemn her accuses,
13:18 He could say well you hypocrites
13:20 what right you have to bring her here.
13:21 You're worse than she is, but He doesn't do that.
13:24 He writes secretly on the ground,
13:27 their sins and then erases them so that only the man
13:31 who is guilty sees his own record
13:34 and then as he leaves the next and the next.
13:36 Finally there's no one left standing
13:38 there to condemn the woman.
13:41 And Jesus asked her, is anybody condemning you
13:45 and we have her answer in John 8 and Verse 11.
13:49 "She said, No one, Lord.' And Jesus said to her,
13:57 'Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.'"
14:04 Don't you love those words?
14:07 Caught in the very act and yet not condemned.
14:13 The sin was condemned.
14:15 Jesus called sin by its name and he didn't condemn the world.
14:20 In fact, he liberated her because He has gained
14:24 the victory in the seventh commandment
14:28 and He gave her that promise, go and sin no more.
14:30 It was a promise, it sounds like a command, doesn't it?
14:33 Well, it was a command, but in the command
14:34 there is a promise because all His biddings are enablings
14:37 and His word has greater power in it
14:40 and she went forth from that place victorious.
14:46 She felt his transforming love. How fantastic.
14:51 Then to look at the commandments as promises,
14:55 not as something that has intended to condemn us,
14:58 but something that has intended to help us,
15:02 to make us look forward to all that
15:05 is available to us by the grace of God.
15:08 Even though Jesus doesn't condemn us for being sinners,
15:13 he does very accurately diagnose
15:17 the depth of our sin disease.
15:19 He looks right into our hearts and he sees
15:22 every inroad that the cancer has made.
15:27 He sees every cell that has been deformed
15:32 and that's probably very true folks because it seems the sin
15:36 is very much a cellular thing within our minds and our bodies
15:40 and has corrupted the way every organ of our body functions
15:44 and also especially our minds so that our thoughts
15:48 are not pure and not under control of reason
15:53 as they should be, so He sees the evil inclinations
15:58 of our selfishness and He sees that this has
16:01 permeated the depths of our mind and taken control
16:04 of our thoughts so that every thought
16:06 we have is more or less perverted.
16:11 So that even our righteousness is as filthy rags.
16:16 He sees that and still doesn't condemn us,
16:19 but He sees that great truth and He knows that
16:22 in order to be saved, we must have a brain surgery.
16:30 We must have the terrible perversion
16:34 of our thoughts weeded out.
16:38 By His grace He's received our condemnation on Himself.
16:42 By His grace He's forgiven us.
16:43 By His grace He's reconciled us to our Heavenly Father.
16:46 And by His grace He's justified us.
16:51 And so we will all experience those of us
16:54 who continue to hold on to Jesus by faith.
16:56 We will all experience this time when last the perversion
17:01 of the disease that has grasped our minds would be relieved.
17:07 Did you know that even the promise of brain surgery
17:10 is found in the Ten Commandments?
17:11 That is right. All these beautiful promises
17:14 we find in the Ten Commandments and the one that we need
17:19 and the most elementary need, we've seen that,
17:22 we can have victory through Christ in all these areas
17:24 and all these commandments are promises of victory,
17:26 but the tenth commandment promises brain surgery
17:32 or mind transformation. That's right.
17:37 We need to go back and look at the tenth commandment
17:43 and see exactly what the promise is.
17:49 Shall we read it? Exodus 20 and verse 17,
17:54 "You shall not covet your neighbor's house,
17:57 you shall not covet your neighbor's wife,
17:59 nor his male servant, nor his female servant,
18:02 nor his ox, nor his donkey,
18:05 nor anything that is your neighbor's."
18:10 Wait a minute, you may say I didn't hear anything
18:12 about brain transplant there, mind overhaul,
18:17 I hear about not coveting somebody's donkey.
18:20 Ah, but you see, when you really look at this commandment,
18:24 this commandment is about thoughts,
18:28 it's about sin that takes place in the head,
18:30 is not what coveting is, coveting isn't doing anything,
18:34 coveting is thinking something.
18:37 It's thinking the wrong thing.
18:38 It's thinking I want something that God doesn't want for me.
18:45 I want something that isn't mine.
18:47 I want something that God has not given me.
18:50 Eve coveted the fruit on the tree before she took it.
18:54 Every sin starts with coveting.
18:57 It starts in the brain, it starts with a thought.
19:01 Yes, I know I'm married.
19:02 Yes, I know this is a commandment
19:03 about adultery, but I want.
19:07 That's the covetous thought that leads to the transgression,
19:11 but you see the covetous thought is already sin, it is.
19:16 It's given in the Ten Commandments
19:17 as the tenth because God knew that
19:21 before we could really be free from sin,
19:23 we would have to have our heads changed, in other words,
19:25 we would have to have all the wrong thoughts,
19:29 the wrong desires, the wrong yearnings,
19:32 the wrong attitudes that have to be taken out of our minds.
19:35 And so He included that in His commandments too,
19:37 because He knew we couldn't change our thoughts.
19:40 Isn't that evidence right there
19:41 that the commandments are promises?
19:44 Can a man change the desires of his heart?
19:47 Oh, he can stubbornly say,
19:49 well, I'm just not gonna do it, no matter what.
19:52 He might do that if he's got a strong will,
19:56 but actually change the thought of itself by his own will.
20:02 No, we can't do that, but God can do it.
20:07 You know, Christ never even sinned by a thought.
20:09 Imagine that. Not even by a thought,
20:11 not once from childhood, through teenage,
20:13 through young adulthood, through middle age,
20:15 He never sinned even by a thought and so He is going
20:19 to give us the tenth commandment as a promise.
20:23 Our desires will all be changed, everything we think
20:27 and want will be brought into harmony with the mind of God.
20:33 So that we will both will
20:36 as Paul says and do His goodwill.
20:42 Well, there was a time when the apostle Paul
20:44 believed himself to be perfect.
20:46 He states that in his own testimony about his life,
20:50 he said that he was a Pharisee of the Pharisees.
20:52 He was the most successful Pharisee alive at that time
20:56 and he really regarded himself as perfect.
20:57 He was keeping all the commandments
21:00 and then he discovered one he had overlooked.
21:06 Romans Chapter 7, Verse 7, "What shall we say then?
21:13 Is the law sin? Certainly not!
21:16 On the contrary I would not have known
21:18 sin except through the law.
21:22 For I would not have known covetousness
21:25 unless the law had said, you shall not covet.'"
21:31 Oh Paul, he didn't even know he was a sinner until he saw
21:36 the law and what law in particular
21:39 that was that convicted him.
21:41 Oh, not the law about stealing, he never stole anything.
21:43 Killing, he never killed anybody.
21:45 Breaking the Sabbath, he never broke a Sabbath in his life.
21:47 Now there was a law that said don't covet and as he pondered
21:53 that he realized that he did have desires.
22:00 Oh, he was strong willed, he could say no to them,
22:02 but he did have desires that were not in harmony
22:07 with the expressed will of God and he suddenly discovered
22:12 to his own amazement that he was a sinner.
22:16 Paul, the Pharisee discovered that he was a sinner
22:21 because his mind hadn't been transformed.
22:25 No wonder Jesus looked at the Pharisee named
22:27 Nicodemus and said, you've got to be born again.
22:30 You're great man, you do everything right,
22:31 but your head needs to be changed.
22:35 You need a new heart. You've got to be made pure from the inside.
22:42 Well, thank God, that's exactly what
22:44 we're promised through the new covenant.
22:48 Let's look at this great promise,
22:51 Hebrews 8 and Verse 10, "For this is the covenant
22:58 that I will make with the house of Israel
23:00 after those days, says the Lord.
23:04 I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts,
23:10 and I will be their God, and they shall be My people."
23:14 There it is friends, the new covenant.
23:17 You see, it's the same law,
23:20 but where it was written on stones,
23:24 now it is written in our mind and in our heart
23:30 and so the law is still a good thing.
23:36 It's a promise of the way we will live
23:39 when the Lord transforms our mind in our heart.
23:44 He's doing it. He's doing it piece by piece.
23:46 Sanctification is a growth process, but oh,
23:49 how we longed for the conclusion of the whole matter, don't we?
23:52 the time when we're just like Jesus
23:55 and His promise is absolute sure, He will do it.
23:59 He will have a people who are no longer children,
24:02 tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine,
24:04 but who speak the truth and love and who have grown up
24:08 into the fullness of the stature of Christ,
24:11 His promises are absolute. He'll do it.
24:14 It's not our work, it's His work.
24:17 Well, how can Jesus give us
24:18 this experience of the tenth commandment?
24:22 It's very clear because Jesus Himself
24:27 has won the victory, not by a thought.
24:32 Did he contemplate moving aside from
24:38 God's Holy will for Himself and for His future?
24:43 Jesus was tempted, believe me.
24:48 He was tempted to wrong thoughts.
24:51 The devil attacked him with every possible wrong thought,
24:53 thoughts of jealousy, thoughts of vengeance,
24:56 thoughts of anger, thoughts of lust,
24:59 thoughts of appetite, they all assailed Him.
25:05 Jesus could have had anything
25:09 because He had the power to take it, didn't he?
25:12 And so that made His temptations even stronger.
25:16 But even though Satan planted these thoughts
25:18 in his brain momentarily, he never entertained them.
25:27 Jesus could have made gold from rocks.
25:32 He proved that He could make wine from water.
25:35 He could draw fish out of the sea just by calling them.
25:40 Women flocked to him and He could have abused them,
25:46 but He never even considered it for a moment
25:51 because He loved them too much.
25:53 He love them with a real love
25:55 that puts other people first and oneself last.
25:59 Oh, Jesus had such a perfect mind,
26:01 such a perfect heart, isn't that what we want?
26:04 The devil came to Him and the wilderness
26:06 and said make these stones into bread
26:12 and Jesus didn't delay a moment.
26:14 He said it's written, He didn't have to think about it
26:18 and ponder how good they might taste
26:20 if he would do that miracle.
26:23 When Satan came and said jump off this pinnacle,
26:26 He didn't have to consider it.
26:29 He said it is written. The will of God is this.
26:34 I'll covet anything you have to offer.
26:37 When Satan said, if you wish at me
26:40 all the nations of the earth will be yours,
26:43 not for a moment did Jesus falter,
26:46 there was no pondering the pros and cons.
26:50 He knew the father's will.
26:52 He said, get thee behind me, Satan.
26:56 Jesus did not ever covet anything that the father
27:02 had not given him and that's the way we want to be.
27:05 Oh, friends, we need to have our minds changed,
27:08 unless they're changed we are not even gonna like heaven,
27:10 we've got to be redone from the inside out so that
27:14 we like being holy, so that we like being pure
27:17 all the time so we won't miss anything evils of this world,
27:19 so our hearts will never be jealous.
27:21 We won't look at the other saints in heaven
27:25 and wish we had as many stars in our crown as they have.
27:28 We need that new un-covetous heart,
27:32 the promise of the tenth commandment
27:34 has been fulfilled by Jesus Christ
27:37 and it's impossible that any word should
27:39 go out of his mouth and we turn to him void.
27:41 Jesus has completed it. It's all done in Him.
27:46 If you feel that your thoughts, if you sense,
27:50 if you know the truth that your thoughts are still impure,
27:54 claim the victory that Jesus has won in the tenth commandment.


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