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00:01 Please stay with us,
00:08 3ABN Presents
00:16 this a closed captioned program. FAITH CHAPEL
00:24 Praise God! My name is Roland Nwosu,
00:33 Pastor at the Salt Lake City Seventh Day Adventist Church
00:36 Salt Lake City in the state of Utah.
00:39 Today, I want to share with you a selection
00:46 from the Lord's Prayer...
00:49 "Our Father Which Art in Heaven"
00:51 Let us pray.
00:54 Our Father which art in Heaven
00:57 Hallowed be Your Name
01:01 Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth
01:07 as it is in Heaven.
01:11 Bless us today, as we study your Word,
01:17 as we hear Your Word, may we be refreshed by it
01:24 through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.
01:27 Amen.
01:31 The disciples had been gone for
01:34 a short time and they came back,
01:36 found their Master Jesus praying.
01:40 It touched them.
01:44 They reminded themselves that this Man,
01:47 who spent so much time in prayer,
01:50 did so many miracles,
01:52 there must be something that had to do between His prayer life,
01:58 and the miracles that He worked,
02:01 between His work and His prayer.
02:04 So one of His disciples said,
02:05 "Master teach us to pray"
02:10 And Jesus, the Bible tells us
02:14 in Matthew 6:9-13,
02:19 taught them to pray in this manner.
02:58 This is a great lesson in prayer.
03:01 A model prayer that shows us how to pray and not what to pray,
03:06 and at the beginning of that prayer
03:09 Jesus begins with the phrase, "Our Father. "
03:13 And the word 'Father' presupposes
03:16 a natural paternal relationship.
03:21 For some the word 'father' might invoke some positive
03:25 or some negative impressions or feelings,
03:30 and for those who had a good relationship with their father,
03:35 the word father may suggest a heart to heart relationship,
03:39 a paternal relationship, a kinship
03:42 between father and son or daughter,
03:45 in which the father feels
03:51 very comfortable with his child.
03:54 It can be a relationship in which the son or the daughter
03:58 feels and knows the father's likes and dislikes,
04:02 the father's wishes and desires,
04:04 the father's disposition, or the father's concerns.
04:07 So God is our Father,
04:11 and my Father as well.
04:12 By creation, He is our Father
04:16 because He created us,
04:18 he is our Father by adoption, because
04:21 He adopted us through Jesus Christ,
04:24 and He is our Father, also, by begetting us
04:31 through the Word of God, which is through the gospel.
04:35 So the Bible tells us and shows us that
04:38 the Father predestined us to adoption as sons,
04:42 through Jesus Christ to Himself,
04:45 according to the pleasures of His will,
04:48 before the foundation of this world.
04:50 Although we are God's children, by creation, we are sold to sin
04:55 through Adam's sin.
04:58 We became separated from God our Father,
05:01 but thanks be to Jesus Christ our Lord,
05:03 through whom we have redemption.
05:05 So, the Father-son relationship
05:12 is not a right, it is a privilege,
05:19 it is an honor
05:20 to mortal beings like us.
05:24 You see, it is grace, unmerited favor,
05:28 that God has bestowed upon us, but
05:32 as children of God we are then special, and
05:36 we cannot settle for mediocrity, and
05:38 we cannot settle for anything less than good,
05:40 or lovely and beautiful.
05:44 As the Apostle Paul said,
05:46 "We did not receive the Spirit of bondage"
05:48 again to fear but we received
05:50 "the Spirit of adoption and sons
05:53 through whom we cry Abba, Father. "
05:58 The fatherhood of God isn't like the fatherhood of this earth.
06:03 You see, I love my father very dearly,
06:06 he loved me and provided for me all kinds of things,
06:09 good education, all things as far as this world knows.
06:13 But you know what, he wanted in fact
06:17 to give his life for me at one point,
06:20 but is fatherhood to me is nothing to be compared
06:24 to the Fatherhood of God to us.
06:26 You see, God Himself cannot be compared
06:29 to any father here on earth,
06:30 no matter how our fathers have been good to us.
06:36 No matter how good they've been to us.
06:38 He is our Father. God our Creator is our Father,
06:42 and He listens, He communicates with us,
06:44 He negotiates with us, our Father God
06:47 keeps His part of the agreement,
06:50 His covenant with us,
06:51 this is the kind of Father we have.
06:53 When we mess up, and sell ourselves to sin,
06:56 and iniquity or evil, He searches for us,
07:00 forgives us, redeems us, and
07:05 calls us back again into the fold,
07:07 and when the storms of life are raging against us,
07:11 our Father is kind and merciful, and He brings us back,
07:15 He pulls us back to Himself again,
07:19 and He is the Father of our refuge,
07:23 so that when the storms of this life are raging
07:28 against us He, becomes our shelter and our refuge.
07:30 When people betray us,
07:32 and there is none to trust,
07:34 our Father's faithfulness is new and fresh every morning,
07:39 so when people hurt us,
07:43 our Father says, "Vengeance is mine,
07:47 I will repay. "
07:48 Our Father is the Father of all creation,
07:52 as well, as all believers.
07:54 We became orphans languishing in the starvation
07:58 and thirsty alleys of this worlds slums.
08:02 We became spiritually hopeless,
08:04 helpless, and homeless on the streets of this world's ghettos,
08:10 daily searching and looking for a better country.
08:14 In spite of here we've been
08:17 our Father has been merciful, and sent His Son Jesus Christ,
08:22 His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ
08:24 to seek for us, and
08:25 He found us, and lifted us up
08:27 from this miry clay of sin, cleansed us up
08:29 and He forgave us and gave us a new change of clothes,
08:34 took us in and sat us around the table,
08:36 filled with abundant, delicious and warm foods
08:42 succulent fruits, sumptuous desserts, and He gave us
08:46 us warm cozy beds to sleep on.
08:50 Yes! that's the kind of Father you and I have,
08:52 and we became His children,
08:54 and He became our Father.
08:56 If we pray, "Our Father, who art in heaven"
09:02 we recognize that we are His children,
09:04 therefore as children, we accept Him,
09:07 not just as Father, but we accept His plans
09:10 for our lives, and we obey Him, and
09:12 we do what He says we must do as our Father.
09:17 Then, we being His children, have to uphold His character,
09:26 our highest goal and interest
09:28 will be to uphold our Father's honor,
09:31 it will be to uphold our Father's character,
09:33 and remain in the Father's family,
09:35 to do His will, to do His work,
09:39 and to be faithful according to His will.
09:40 When we are sons and daughters of God,
09:43 then we are heirs of the kingdom,
09:47 and if heirs, we are heirs with Jesus Christ, and if
09:49 heirs with Christ, then we will reign with Him for eternity,
09:53 and if we reign with Him for eternity,
09:55 then we will be with our Savior.
09:56 You see, because Jesus is our brother
10:01 with us, and God is our Father.
10:05 When we pray, "Our Father, which art in heaven, "
10:09 we recognize that God in heaven has a family here on earth.
10:15 You see, we recognize that everyone,
10:19 created in God's image,
10:21 is our brother or our sister,
10:23 regardless of our differences,
10:25 regardless of our gender,
10:27 regardless of our ethnicity,
10:29 language, or even religion,
10:30 we recognize that we are part of one great family of God.
10:35 We also recognize that some of God's children
10:40 have become servants of sin and Satan,
10:43 either through their choices, or by ignorance,
10:47 therefore when we pray, we do not limit our petitions
10:53 to ourselves, or to our immediate family.
10:56 We recognize that God,
10:57 as their Father also is interested in them.
11:02 When we pray, "Our Father, which art in heaven ",
11:08 we recognize that our Father in heaven is our real Father,
11:13 He is our Provider,
11:16 He is our Supporter,
11:17 He is our Protector, He's our Guardian,
11:20 as a true Father, He will not let us suffer loss,
11:25 He will provide for our needs. So when
11:28 we are afraid, our Father provides peace and security,
11:33 and so, even though we walk
11:36 through the valley of the shadow of death,
11:40 we will not fear any evil.
11:42 In times of anger, our Father provides
11:45 that counsel and comfort
11:47 that we need, that peace within;
11:50 in times of frustration, He provides comfort and strength;
11:54 in times of rebellion and pride, our Father provides humility,
11:59 humbles us, and demands that we
12:00 have this mind which was in Christ Jesus,
12:03 who even though he was God,
12:08 did not count equality with God something to be grasped.
12:16 In times of suffering God, our Father, provides us fortitude,
12:22 in times of discouragement, He sends us courage and strength,
12:25 asking us to hold on, and be of good courage.
12:28 In times of depression, He sends His Spirit
12:30 to cheer us, and to console us, and lift us up.
12:34 In times of trouble, He becomes our Refuge,
12:38 our strength, and our present help.
12:40 In times of need, He becomes our Shepherd,
12:42 and fills our hungry soul with goodness.
12:47 In times of temptation, brothers and sisters,
12:50 our Father provides us an escape.
12:53 In times of patience, He says to us, "Wait on the Lord
12:58 and He shall strengthen your heart."
13:00 In times of sickness, He provides healing.
13:06 And He says, "Call on the elders of the church to pray",
13:10 and when the elders pray,
13:12 the prayer of faithful will make the sick whole.
13:18 In times of sadness, our Father comforts us,
13:24 He cheers us up,
13:26 in times of guilt, He provides release and forgiveness.
13:31 Child of God, in times of bereavement,
13:36 our Father provides comfort,
13:38 and this Father of ours,
13:42 your Father and my Father,
13:45 is a merciful Father,
13:47 let us trust Him.
13:50 When we pray, "Our Father which art in Heaven "
13:53 there is something else we say,
13:55 "Hallowed be Your Name. "
13:58 And you know what?
13:59 This was the first request Jesus taught His disciples
14:03 to make when they pray.
14:05 Does that tell us something?
14:07 Many of us think paryer means asking for things,
14:11 and asking for things, and we have a
14:13 whole laundry list of things to ask God for,
14:16 but the very first request Jesus made
14:20 when He taught His disciples to pray was,
14:25 "Father, hallowed be Your Name. "
14:28 What does it mean to hallow God's name?
14:30 The word hallow comes from the Greek word hagiazo, which means
14:37 to treat or regard as holy,
14:40 it means to sanctify, to set apart,
14:42 something from a common use to a holy purpose,
14:47 so when we say, "Lord, hallowed be Your name"
14:51 we are saying, "Let God's name be reverenced,
14:54 let God's name be revered. "
14:57 What we means is that when we speak the name
15:02 of the Almighty God, it should be and must be expressed
15:07 with reverence, respect and awe, even the angels themselves,
15:10 veil their faces in His presence.
15:16 There is something else we also mean when we pray,
15:19 "Hallowed be Your name",
15:21 it means and it requires that we do not use God's name
15:28 to convince someone to believe in our lives.
15:32 You see, when we pray, the third one, when we pray
15:36 "Hallowed be Your name"
15:37 we pray that God's name be hallowed, be sanctified,
15:42 be made holy, not just in this world
15:45 but also in us, in our character.
15:50 It means we pray, "Lord, we do not want to dishonor your name "
15:55 in anything that we do, in the way that we talk,
15:58 in the way that we act, in the way we do things,
16:01 or in the way we do our businesses.
16:04 We also mean, that if we cannot then hallow God's name
16:08 when we pray, we cannot then represent Him
16:13 as his children, and if we are not God's children
16:16 we are whose children? Hmmm.
16:24 The name of God is Holy,
16:26 it stands for at least three things.
16:29 The name of God stands for His character,
16:33 His character, His majestic being,
16:37 His relationship and His attitude
16:39 toward us as His children.
16:41 You see, "What is in a name?" as someone has said,
16:44 God's name stands for His character,
16:50 since God's character is reflected in His law
16:58 then God Himself is holy,
17:03 because the apostle Paul says that God's law is holy,
17:07 and the commandment holy and just and good,
17:12 and if God's law reflects God's character
17:16 and God's law is holy, just and good
17:20 then God Himself is good, He's just, He's holy,
17:23 and only a holy God gives a holy and just law.
17:30 You see, another aspect is that, God's name reveals His nature,
17:36 His attitude toward us.
17:39 Moses, one day wanted to see God's glory,
17:43 he asked for it, and God gave it to him.
17:47 In Exodus chapter 34, reading from verse 6-7,
18:20 When we pray, "Our Father which art in Heaven"
18:23 we recognize that heaven is our Father's home.
18:26 You see, Heaven is our Father's home,
18:29 His official residence,
18:32 that is where His throne is located,
18:35 and there are some who believe that Heaven is not real, but
18:38 you know what?, if Heaven is not real
18:40 then the throne of God is not real,
18:42 and if the throne of God is not real
18:43 then God Himself is not real,
18:46 and if God is not real, then we are doomed to oblivion, because
18:49 we don't have faith, it's useless,
18:54 but you know if Heaven is not real,
18:58 our faith is pointless,
19:00 so Heaven is real.
19:02 "Our Father which art in Heaven," when we pray,
19:06 "Our Father which art in Heaven"
19:07 we are in essence, sharing our desire, our longing
19:15 to be with our Father.
19:17 I'd like to visit my Father someday wouldn't you?
19:20 Let me give you a little bit of a taste of Heaven,
19:25 ok, the "eye has not seen, the ear has not heard,"
19:28 it doesn't even enter into the mind of man
19:33 what Heaven is like, a little taste
19:36 of what the Bible tells us about Heaven.
19:38 In Revelation, chapter 21 verse 4, the Bible tells us
19:58 In Heaven, we will have eternal
20:00 salvation, and remain with Jesus,
20:02 in Heaven we'll be like Christ, in heaven
20:05 we'll be eternally present with Christ all the time!
20:10 In Heaven we will reign with Christ,
20:11 in Heaven we will be judges with Him,
20:14 in Heaven we will see God,
20:16 in Heaven we will experience the eternal weight of glory.
20:19 Child of God, in Heaven we will experience
20:23 that perfect knowledge, and
20:24 we will have fullness of glory and joy.
20:27 Yes, in heaven my friends
20:28 in my Father's home we will have no more sickness,
20:34 no more cancer, no more ailments, no more old age
20:39 no more knocking knees, no more heart attacks.
20:40 In Heaven there'll be no more hunger or thirst,
20:44 there'll be no more hunger or starvation.
20:50 In Heaven the redeemed will eat of the Tree of Life,
20:56 yes, in Heaven we will drink of the water of life,
20:59 we will be praising God with the angels.
21:03 All through eternity in Heaven there will be sinlessness,
21:09 a sinless perfect environment!
21:12 In Heaven we will have true rest,
21:16 true retirement, compensations abounding
21:19 fringe benefits and topped off with eternal life.
21:23 Children of God, in Heaven there'll be peace.
21:26 No more wars in Heaven.
21:29 You and I will be with our Father.
21:33 You see, Revelation 7:15-17 has something I would like
21:42 to share with you...
22:34 There is a misconception about God,
22:37 that God our Father is such
22:38 a distant God, not caring,
22:41 who is no longer in existence or
22:43 who just left the world out there or who,
22:46 even among some Christians believe
22:48 their Father is such a stern, firm, mean Father.
22:54 But the Bible tells us that God is the One
23:02 who will wipe away every tear from our eyes.
23:06 Humm, it takes a kind person, it takes a Holy God.
23:12 God tells us about Himself, He is gracious, merciful,
23:24 long suffering and abounding in goodness and truth.
23:29 Giving mercy to all those throughout their generations
23:37 forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin
23:40 "For God so loved the world
23:42 that He sent His only begotten Son
23:45 that whosoever believes in Him
23:48 will not perish but have everlasting life."
23:52 Our Father does not change,
23:56 He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
24:03 And He says, "I am God, I am the Lord, I change not. "
24:08 I really wish, I really do wish
24:15 to meet with you in Heaven.
24:18 You see, there is only one way
24:21 that we can do that,
24:23 you and I, by the special mercies of God,
24:27 if we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior,
24:31 we'll be able to do that.
24:35 Accept Him as your personal Savior.
24:38 His free gift accept and He will give you the power
24:41 to live a life, to live that life
24:44 that is pleasing to Him.
24:47 Accept Him now.
24:51 Confess your sins and repent of your sins
24:56 and the Lord will give you refreshment of your spirit.
24:59 to strengthen, to support, to encourage you
25:04 to give you that power to walk in newness of life.
25:07 And it is my prayer that after hearing today's message
25:13 that you can find God
25:16 a loving Father, a holy God who lives in another realm
25:22 in Heaven and we here on Earth.
25:25 That relationship, that Father, son or daughter relationship
25:31 is not hindered by distance,
25:34 is not restricted by our sinfulness and His holiness,
25:39 He is holy because there is no sin in Him.
25:41 He is holy and that's why he pulls us to Himself,
25:45 that's why He has provided a bridge to us
25:49 through Jesus Christ our Savior.
25:52 Jesus is the bridge between us and our Father,
25:57 "He is the Way, the Truth, The Life.
26:00 And no one comes to the Father except through Him."
26:04 Are you ready to accept Jesus Christ today?
26:08 Because He is the One who has overcome,
26:14 He is the one who came and died,
26:16 the One who died and has resurrected,
26:19 the One who lives forevermore.
26:21 It is He who lives and is seated at the right hand of God.
26:27 He's ministering for you and me,
26:30 in the presence of God He is pleading our case,
26:32 yes, He intercedes for us.
26:39 Are you willing to accept Him today?
26:41 Let us pray, Father,
26:44 that man, that woman, that child who is willing
26:50 to accept you right now, Father, we pray
26:52 please accept them.
26:53 Show them your glory, show them your peace,
26:55 give them that assurance that their sins have been forgiven.
26:59 Oh Lord, and we ask that You give them the Holy Spirit,
27:02 to give them the strength to live a new life.
27:05 We ask also, Father, that You give them that assurance that
27:09 there is peace in their hearts right now because
27:16 they've accepted You.
27:17 We ask it, do it in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
27:21 Amen.
27:24 Thank you for listening today,
27:28 and we are hoping the Lord will bless you,
27:34 and may the Lord keep you and give you peace.
27:38 May His countenance shine mightily
27:42 and precious upon your face and those of your children
27:46 and those of your relatives in your family.
27:48 May the Lord bless you and keep you,
27:50 and may He continue to guide you and give you the strength
27:53 to live a new life in Jesus.
27:56 Amen.


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