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00:29 Praise God. My name is Rowland Nwosu.
00:32 The pastor of the South Lake City
00:34 Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:36 South Lake City in the State of Utah.
00:39 I want to explore with you today
00:41 what is the church, who is the church
00:43 and why did God called it church.
00:46 And how can the church accomplish
00:48 God given mission in a world that rejects her.
00:52 Let us pray.
00:53 Father, thank you for calling us.
00:55 Thank you for calling this church
00:57 out from the world to be Your light.
01:01 Bless this message today and bless all who were here.
01:06 And may we be blessed and refreshed
01:11 in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray. Amen.
01:17 We call it the church in English language.
01:21 The Hebrews call it Kahal,
01:23 which means a congregation and assembly.
01:26 The Greece call it Ekklesia
01:29 meaning a church, they called out.
01:33 So in the Old Testament, a church was constituted
01:40 a member of the God- a member of the household
01:44 and His household.
01:48 So we have Adam and the rest of the patriarchs
01:51 constituting the church in the Old Testament.
01:53 As in fact as the matter of fact
01:56 the apostle Luke calls the Hebrew--
01:58 the Hebrews that were saved,
02:01 that were deliver from bondage in Egypt
02:03 He calls them the church in the wilderness.
02:07 And-the Apostle Peter
02:09 in the book First Peter Chapter two verse nine
02:13 calls us a special people.
02:16 He says "But you are a chosen generation,
02:21 a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
02:24 His own special people, that you may proclaim
02:27 the praises of Him who called you
02:30 out of darkness into his marvelous light;"
02:34 You see the church is not, is not the building,
02:38 it is not the clergy, but it is the members.
02:42 It is not the building but the people.
02:44 It is not determine by creed,
02:46 but it is determine by lifestyle and relationship
02:49 to the one who has called us out.
02:53 There are common characteristics
02:54 regarding the members of the church.
02:58 They are called, they are called out
03:02 and they are called out for a special purpose
03:06 and that purpose is the purpose
03:08 for which Christ has established His church.
03:12 So what is the church?
03:14 The church is a community of the saints of God,
03:17 saints made perfect through
03:19 the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
03:21 The church is also a hospital for sinners,
03:26 not sinners, not terminal sinners,
03:28 but it is not a hospital or asylum for sinners
03:33 who neither see their need to repent
03:38 or who do not see their need to be healed,
03:40 but it is a community of saints healed and saved
03:44 by the grace of Jesus Christ they'll save you.
03:47 You see it is the church is not a holy court,
03:50 it's not a holy-it's not a court of holy life,
03:54 it is also a facility of recovering and healing saints
04:00 who depend on the graces
04:04 and the mercies of their Lord Jesus Christ.
04:08 It is a facility of recovering sinners
04:10 who actively are seeking daily
04:14 nearly new world of their spiritual powers
04:17 through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
04:20 There is a difference though
04:22 between the world and the church.
04:24 While the world does not know Christ,
04:28 the members of the church know Him and follow Him.
04:34 And they are seeking to follow the footsteps
04:38 and the example that Jesus has let.
04:41 What is the church?
04:42 The church is God's reservoir of His graces.
04:47 The reposit, all right,
04:49 the storehouse of the graces of God.
04:52 It is a storage for the riches of the grace of Christ.
04:56 A church is a theatre, the auditorium of God's grace
05:00 where grace of God is revealed and demonstrated
05:03 through and among His people.
05:05 You see we as a church members of the church
05:08 are channels-- or ages
05:11 through which God dispenses His graces to the world.
05:16 We ought to reveal the gracious powers of God,
05:20 the powers that transform hearts of people.
05:24 We are therefore God's hands and feet,
05:26 we are instruments in His hands,
05:28 we are His functional instrument.
05:30 You see people have the right
05:32 to come into a church to come among God's people
05:36 and find God active in and among them.
05:40 They have their right to come to church
05:42 and expect to hear and expect to see
05:44 and expect to feel and experience the grace of God.
05:47 You see God's grace ought to be active
05:50 in the church through us, through you and through me.
05:53 What is the church?
05:54 A divine council tells us
05:56 that the church is God's appointed agency
06:00 for the salvation of humanity.
06:02 It was organized for service
06:05 and its mission is to carry
06:07 the gospel of Jesus Christ around world.
06:10 His ministry is to invade the kingdom of evil
06:14 here on this earth through the powers
06:16 of that Jesus Christ has given to her.
06:19 Why is the church called out?
06:23 The Bible says that Jesus brought the church,
06:28 the members of the church with His own precious blood.
06:32 Why did He go through so much to bring forth His church
06:36 and establish it through human history.
06:39 God called Adam from the dirt's,
06:41 from the dirt of the ground to serve Him
06:44 as His creator and to teach his children
06:47 the ways of God.
06:48 God called Noah, Noah from the,
06:50 from the evil and depress society of this day
06:53 to become the preacher of righteousness to His people.
06:57 Yes God called Abraham out of his evil
07:00 and deprave society, is adulterous moon worshiping,
07:06 child sacrificing society to a land
07:09 flowing with milk and honey.
07:10 Yes God called the children of Israel
07:13 from the house of bondage,
07:14 so that they may serve Him in the wilderness--
07:16 so that they may, they maybe elite
07:19 so they might be elite of God to all the Gentiles.
07:23 God called them out from the bondage of sin into
07:29 the marvelous light of being God's light to all nations.
07:35 You see in order to accomplish the responsibility
07:38 God has given us the church.
07:44 Like the Hebrews of the old God placed them
07:49 at the center of the world's civilization
07:51 between the great continents of Europe and Africa and Asia.
07:57 God called them to be the truly all nations' church.
08:01 To create the largest church on earth,
08:03 a truly all nations start a church
08:06 where the representation of all nations of the world
08:09 who come and worship God without fear.
08:12 A church where all nations will come
08:15 and learn of the mercies and of the true God, His attributes.
08:19 His grace and then return back to their homes
08:25 and show how loving and merciful God's love is.
08:31 That was God's purpose for the Old Testament church,
08:34 but Israel failed.
08:36 They failed in their God giving message,
08:39 they failed in their God giving mission.
08:41 They not only rejected the mission
08:43 but they rejected the giver of that mission.
08:48 Jesus came and He was rejected
08:52 but Jesus has established a New Testament church.
08:56 To continue a mission that was given
08:58 to the Old Testament church.
09:02 Why did God called the New Testament church?
09:05 Jesus made it clear, I am the way,
09:13 I am the truth, I am the life,
09:15 I came that they may have life
09:17 and have it more abundantly Jesus said.
09:20 For His son of man came to seek and save the lost.
09:25 In Mathew Chapter 28 verses 18 through 20
09:30 Jesus said that "And Jesus came
09:33 and spoke to them, saying,
09:35 'All authority has been given to me
09:38 in heaven and on earth.
09:40 God therefore and make disciples of all the nations,
09:44 baptizing them in the name of the father
09:46 and of the son and of the Holy Spirit,
09:50 teaching them to observe all things
09:52 that I have commanded you, and lo,
09:54 I am with you always, even to the end of the age.
10:01 Jesus said I will build my church,
10:05 I will build this church
10:06 and the gates of hell will not rebel against it.
10:10 God established His church for a purpose of soul winning.
10:14 The souls of those who are in the church
10:16 and the soul of those who are outside the church.
10:18 Therefore when a church is no longer
10:21 interested in the salvation of souls,
10:23 when a church is no longer-- when a church no longer
10:26 considers the salvation of souls as his primarily job,
10:31 that church is no longer wanted to exist.
10:35 It becomes something else, it become some agents,
10:37 agency for a propagation of something else.
10:40 So but the question then is?
10:41 How can the church that is called out
10:44 by God be faithful to God
10:48 and fulfill her mission and the purpose for her call.
10:53 I just want to suggest to you four general components
10:56 of the churches ministry here on earth.
11:00 If any church must accomplish
11:04 her divine responsibility and remain faithful to God,
11:08 at least four major components,
11:09 components ought to be present.
11:12 In Acts Chapter 2 verses 42 through 47
11:16 we see an example of such components
11:19 in action in the early church.
11:23 The disciples, it says and they-
11:27 "Disciples continued steadfastly in their apostles'
11:32 doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread,
11:36 and in prayers.
11:38 Then fear came upon every soul,
11:41 and many wonders and signs were done
11:44 through the apostles.
11:47 Now all who believed were together,
11:50 and had all things in common,
11:52 and sold their possessions and goods,
11:54 and divided them among all,
11:57 as anyone had need.
11:58 So continuing daily with one accord in the temple,
12:01 and breaking bread from house to house,
12:03 they ate their food with gladness
12:07 and simplicity of heart, praising God
12:09 and having favor with all the people.
12:12 And the Lord added to the church daily
12:13 those who were to be saved."
12:18 So the first component we see here is
12:21 the component of nurture.
12:22 A church ought to nurture.
12:24 In verse 42 we see that, that the apostles,
12:27 the disciples devoted themselves the apostles' teaching,
12:30 they studied, they learned it word of God together.
12:33 They taught the word of God.
12:35 Studying of the scripture is primary for an existence,
12:38 for the existence of the church.
12:41 Members of God's church ought to study together.
12:45 They got to exalt and encourage one another.
12:48 They support each other, building each other up,
12:51 keeping the back doors close and keeping
12:54 the front doors of the church open.
12:57 The Christian church ought to be a place,
12:59 it ought to be a place
13:00 where the weaker brother and the weaker sister
13:04 can trust the spiritually stronger brother
13:06 or spiritually stronger sister to pull them up
13:10 in the Lord and not to tear them down.
13:12 The church ought to be a place where--
13:14 besides the usual potlucks and lunch putties,
13:19 the Christian church ought to be
13:20 a loving and caring community
13:22 where everyone can come and feel accepted
13:26 and saved and comfortable, where no one can come
13:29 and share--where everyone can come and share with
13:32 one another their burdens without hearing it
13:35 repeated by somebody else.
13:37 Yes the church of God ought to be a loving place.
13:42 A second component that I'd like to share with you
13:44 is the component of worship.
13:45 The Bible tells us that they worshiped a devoted step
13:50 fast single minded fidelity to God.
13:54 In the early church worship was not
13:56 a half-hearted marriage.
13:59 It was not a 11 to 12 service.
14:03 You see it was not a one hour service.
14:04 Christians met even in their private homes for worship.
14:12 Is your home open for your fellow Christian to worshipping?
14:19 But we're told that at some point
14:28 the Christian church had churches, house churches,
14:34 the church in the house of Priscilla and Aquila.
14:38 The church in the house of Christians in current.
14:44 But in spite of its simplicity and joy
14:51 in the service in the early church.
14:55 The length of service in those days were as long
14:58 I still remember reading Paul preaching almost all night long
15:04 when Eutychus fell through the window and died.
15:10 But thank God, he was resurrected.
15:11 But then let me address the third component
15:16 because the issue of worship is one that is important.
15:26 The third component in the ministry
15:28 of the church is fellowship.
15:32 This is very primary and very important.
15:37 In the early church there were in fact
15:40 it was a mixed group, they were filthy rich,
15:43 moderately rich, and extremely poor people.
15:49 They worship together.
15:50 The Bible says, they have all things in common.
15:54 They were slaves free people men and women
15:58 young and the very old,
16:00 but one thing that they had in common
16:02 they all loves Jesus, they all believed in Jesus Christ.
16:06 And you know what?
16:07 Jesus makes the difference
16:09 in the personal relation and socializations.
16:14 The Bible says that all the believers were together
16:17 and had everything in common,
16:19 selling their possessions and goods.
16:21 They gave to anyone as they had need.
16:26 The last component is evangelism.
16:29 The early knew that if they were
16:32 to be faithful to their Lord
16:34 they must reach out to other through evangelism,
16:37 through missions and sharing their lives
16:39 and possessions with those in need.
16:42 You see they knew what they believe,
16:43 they knew what Jesus had done for them personally.
16:46 They had the earth to share.
16:48 They had the willingness to share.
16:50 They had the desire to share.
16:53 They knew that they must bring
16:55 other people to Christ to bring back the children of God
17:00 who are lost in the world to increase the kingdom of God.
17:04 You see the result of this kind of ministry
17:06 in the early church was spiritual growth
17:09 for the members of the church.
17:10 Miracles were a lot where,
17:12 where miracles and science were preformed
17:15 in the church because the people were faithful.
17:18 They sacrificed, they endured, they loved one another,
17:24 they encouraged one another, they exalted one another,
17:27 love, support and encouragement for one another increased
17:32 and the Lord added to their ministry.
17:34 The Lord added to their numbers daily
17:37 those who have been saved.
17:40 What about us today? What about us?
17:47 Can those things happen today in our own time?
17:52 Let me say it to you that I do believe
17:53 that these things are possible today
17:55 and they're happening even around the world.
17:58 We have-there are great resources
18:00 available to us today.
18:02 You see in order to accomplish our mission today
18:05 God has lavished upon us great gifts.
18:10 God has giving gifts to the church
18:13 to help her accomplish her ministry.
18:16 God has given to each one of us graces
18:19 according to His riches and glory.
18:23 To each one of us
18:24 grace has been given us Christ apportioned it.
18:27 That is why it says when He ascended on high,
18:31 He led captives in His train and gave gifts to men.
18:37 Each believer listening today has a gift.
18:42 If you believe in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior,
18:44 you've been called out,
18:46 you've been given a gift to share
18:48 to use for the building up of a kingdom of God.
18:54 What is your gift?
18:56 And what are you doing with your gift?
18:58 Are you using your gift to buildup God's church,
19:03 to give God the glory?
19:08 You see the church
19:12 is God's repository of grace.
19:18 The church is a community filled with various kinds of gifts,
19:22 endowments and gifts that God has given us
19:27 to empower us to do His work.
19:30 You see the church is a community
19:32 in which members find their happiness
19:35 in the service of others.
19:41 As members of Christ body having one gift,
19:46 each one represents a body part,
19:50 one person maybe the eye,
19:52 the other person might be the ear,
19:53 some other person might be the legs,
19:55 some other person might be the hands,
19:57 but each gift, each body part is important.
20:01 No one is small, important than the other,
20:04 none no one is less important than the other.
20:06 All are needed in the hands of God
20:08 to fulfill the ministry for which God has called us.
20:12 You see success and faithfulness in God's side
20:15 is doing the best with the gifts
20:17 He has given to us.
20:20 We have this misconception about what success is.
20:25 God does not require success from us.
20:28 He requires us to be faithful to Him.
20:31 then He will provide the success.
20:34 You see we cannot be all Apostles,
20:37 we cannot all be Prophets and Prophetesses.
20:40 We cannot all be teachers,
20:41 we cannot all be miracle workers, or teachers,
20:45 or doctors and nurses, or worker of health and healing.
20:50 We cannot even all speak all in tongues at the same time,
20:54 or we hear at the same time.
20:57 The Corinthian Christians were more interested in statues
21:00 than the gifts God gave them.
21:02 And Paul warned them and he recommend
21:05 and Paul recommended in more excellent way.
21:07 And he said listen all His gifts you have,
21:09 all His gift you might have them and express them,
21:11 but if you do not have love is nonsense.
21:15 That's a more excellent way
21:17 to exercise our spiritual gifts
21:19 and that is through love a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
21:23 You see when the Holy Spirit is in us
21:25 when we receive the Holy Spirit
21:27 after having accepted Jesus as our personal Savior
21:30 that Holy Spirit in us becomes the power
21:33 that energizes us to work to do the work of God
21:38 and accomplish the purpose for which
21:40 God has given us His gifts.
21:43 Paul went on to explain what love means
21:45 in First Corinthians Chapter 13
21:48 but that you already know love is the greatest.
21:57 Through the Holy Spirit we express
22:04 each of our gifts with and through and in love.
22:12 Dear Christian friends,
22:14 the foundation of the church is Jesus Christ.
22:19 The foundation of the churches ministry
22:21 is character not professional skill or experience,
22:26 not how long you have been in the church.
22:31 The nature of the churches ministry
22:32 is service not being served,
22:36 not what the church can do for me
22:38 or not what I can get out of the church.
22:41 You see the motive of the ministry of the church
22:44 is love to God and love to man,
22:47 service to God and service to man not money,
22:50 not power, not man, not woman,
22:53 not anything other but the love to God and man
22:58 that is the motive of ministry in the church.
23:03 The measure of churches ministry on earth is
23:07 faithfulness and sacrifice, not success or profit.
23:13 The authority of the churches ministry is
23:15 submission to the will of God, not pulling ranks
23:18 among ourselves or with others in the household of God.
23:23 Yes not nepotism, not racism and--
23:30 and he who knows Jesus,
23:36 he who is a child of God within the household
23:40 of the church accepts one another,
23:44 accepts each other as one as brother, as sister.
23:50 You see the purpose of our ministry
23:51 in the church is to glorify God,
23:53 not to glorify ourselves.
23:55 The tools of our ministry in the church,
23:59 our prayer, Bible study, trust in the Lord.
24:05 Dear friends, it is not the tool of the churches ministry
24:10 is not marketing handbooks, is not ingratiating manner.
24:16 The privilege of our ministry in the church is growth
24:18 which maybe-- which maybe depth or inward growth
24:25 rather than in numbers.
24:27 The power of ministry in the church
24:30 is the Holy Spirit not programs, not activities
24:34 and certainly not the pastor or the Bishop
24:38 or the leaders of the church,
24:40 but it is the power of the ministry
24:42 in the church is the Holy Spirit.
24:46 The model of ministry in the church
24:48 certainly is Jesus Christ, the foundation, the founder,
24:52 or the author and the finisher of our faith.
24:54 Our primary purpose in all we do in church as,
24:58 as a church is to glorify God.
25:00 For God is the one who created
25:02 the heavens and stretched them out,
25:05 it was He who spread out the earth and its off spring.
25:10 It was He who gives breath to the people on it
25:13 and the spirit to those who walk in it.
25:17 Yes the Christian church was founded
25:20 on Jesus Christ, the solid rock.
25:23 All the human associations, clubs and organizations
25:27 were founded on sinking, shifting, slippery sound,
25:31 they cannot provide us with any ultimate security
25:36 We cannot trust them either
25:39 but Jesus is the one that we can trust.
25:43 All strong empires and kingdoms have failed
25:47 because they are founded on strong men,
25:50 but Christ builds His church,
25:53 He chooses weak men and women
25:56 to build His church and uses their weakness
25:58 to be their strength and He discovers
26:01 and who He discovers in Him the potent power
26:06 beyond that of humans.
26:10 In the weakness of the members of Christ church,
26:12 Christ makes their powerlessness their strength
26:15 and their weakness He makes them eternally strong in Him.
26:19 To this group the God had brings His gift of eternal presence
26:24 and the powers of evil
26:25 and death will never prevail against it.
26:28 All corrotion-- and corruption of the years
26:33 will never prevail against this church.
26:36 Dear friends, the devil may inflicts you and your family
26:39 with pain, sickness and disease,
26:41 but he cannot touch your spirit
26:43 because you are the church of the living God.
26:46 Cities may tumble and crumble
26:48 but the center of God the New Jerusalem
26:51 for which the church ways will come and remain forever.
26:55 Amish may vanquish and vanish
26:57 but the soldiers of Christ,
26:59 you and me will remain victorious.
27:01 Kingdom may topple and rumble,
27:03 but a kingdom of God believed by the church
27:05 and preached by the church of which
27:07 the churches impart will remain and last forever.
27:10 Ideologies church may continue
27:13 to rise and fade into oblivion,
27:15 but the truth of God faithfully preached
27:17 by the church will remain wars,
27:20 threat of wars and fears of wars sinking to excursion,
27:24 disillusionment but the peace of Christ
27:27 promise by our Master and preached
27:29 by the church will no, no end.
27:31 The church of Christ will never, never die.
27:34 Yes Jesus Himself is the solid rock on which I stand.
27:39 The church of Christ will never, never die.
27:42 Thank God for a sure foundation
27:44 we have in Jesus Christ.
27:46 Yes friends, you are a member of the church,
27:49 you are the church of God.
27:51 You are a member of the living church of God.
27:55 Be you strong, be you faithful and He that shall come,
27:58 shall come and not tarry, behold I come quickly.


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