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00:01 Please stay with us,
00:08 3ABN presents
00:16 this closed captioned program.
00:29 Praise God. My name is Roland Nwosu
00:32 pastor of the Salt Lake City Central SDA Church
00:34 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
00:36 We're glad you joined the program today.
00:39 You see everything today has a "how-to" resource.
00:44 How to cook, how to do-it-yourself,
00:47 how to garden or how to remodel yourself.
00:50 But, why not?
00:52 How to stay in church and not stray out,
00:55 Why not?
00:56 How to stay connected with Jesus.
00:59 So, in today's sermon we want to explore with you
01:05 how we as Christians who want to believe in God
01:09 who have believed in God,
01:11 people who want to have their lives
01:13 connected with Almighty God
01:15 how we can do that.
01:17 How to stay connected to Jesus. Let us pray.
01:23 Father, we are willing right now
01:27 Pull us to You, plug us in to You,
01:30 let's be connected to You,
01:33 and when we are we ask that you give us the power that we need
01:36 to live the life, power to be active,
01:41 power to shine, power to be alive,
01:44 in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.
01:47 Amen.
01:50 The Christian journey
01:55 is one that requires
01:56 a disciplined life.
01:58 I want to share with you 10 ways
02:01 we can stay connected with Jesus
02:05 especially in a world that is so distracting, so confusing,
02:10 a world filled with distractions
02:13 and all kinds of concerns and issues that tend to pull us away
02:19 from the way that God wants us to walk in.
02:22 Ten ways to stay connected with Jesus
02:26 and to stay connected continually.
02:30 First is to pray, you see, prayer is something
02:36 that is indispensible in the Christian life.
02:39 Point # 1: Pray in good and bad times.
02:45 If we must stay connected to Jesus
02:47 we cannot afford not to pray.
02:50 King David said that he prayed, he cried unto the Lord
02:56 in the morning, at noon time and in the evening.
03:03 Prayer is a key that unlocks
03:09 Heaven's storehouse we have been told.
03:12 Prayer is a strong resource.
03:16 It is the key in the hand of faith
03:18 to reach the storehouse of God our Father.
03:24 You see, Paul tells us not to stop praying
03:28 but for us to continually pray,
03:31 he says, "Pray without ceasing. "
03:35 What does it mean to have a prayer life,
03:39 to never cease practicing the presence of God?
03:43 It does not mean to kneel down and pray
03:45 every day or to close your eyes and pray while driving,
03:49 better not do that because that would not be right.
03:51 It means actively living in the presence of God
03:54 regardless of what we are doing.
03:56 It means having a prayerful
03:58 life, having a life of prayer,
04:00 practicing God's presence,
04:01 acting as if God is there with us... with us
04:07 seeing Him face to face,
04:12 because He is there with us all the time.
04:15 In Mark 11:24 we are told to believe when we pray and have
04:21 faith, explicit faith in God.
04:34 You see, we have to believe
04:36 not based on a lack of understanding in God.
04:46 It's a belief that He who has said it is faithful and sure
04:51 to accomplish what He has said.
04:54 Believe God in every circumstance,
04:58 believe in His leading,
05:00 believe that His Word will come true.
05:04 2nd Point: If we must stay connected to Jesus
05:09 and connected to Him all the time we must study His Word.
05:15 You see, the Bible is Jesus in a written form,
05:20 God has communicated to us
05:26 through the written Word.
05:29 We love to read letters from our loved ones.
05:33 We like to communicate with our loved ones,
05:35 God has communicated to us through the Bible,
05:40 through His Word.
05:42 To stay connected with Him
05:44 we are to be in touch, in constant contact
05:49 with the Word, searching the Scriptures
05:51 knowing what God's will and plan is for us.
05:55 You see, God has revealed His will in the Scriptures.
05:59 We are told that we must study to show ourselves approved
06:08 unto God.
06:10 Paul told Timothy, "do your best,
06:14 do your best to present yourself
06:17 to God as one approved as a workman
06:21 who does not need to be ashamed
06:24 rightly dividing the Word of Truth. "
06:28 God's Word is sure, it's a sword,
06:36 it's a weapon that we can use in our spiritual fight.
06:43 Studying God's Word is indispensible as well,
06:47 if we must connect ourselves with the Savior,
06:53 if we must stay connected to Jesus
06:55 we cannot but study His Word.
07:04 Studying daily, reading inspirational books,
07:10 there are many that we have, many men and
07:16 women of God have written, have been inspired,
07:19 encourage yourselves reading the Word of God.
07:24 In the book of Acts 17:11, we are told that the Berean's,
07:32 after hearing the sermon, after hearing the Bible studies,
07:52 Even Jesus Himself told us that
07:57 man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word
08:03 but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
08:05 So we know that the Word of God is food
08:09 for our spiritual bodies.
08:11 It's more than necessary food.
08:13 Job said, "I have not departed from the commands of His lips
08:17 I have treasured the Words of His mouth
08:20 more than my daily bread. "
08:22 There is another point, Point # 3:
08:27 If we must stay connected to Jesus,
08:30 faithful church attendance is necessary,
08:35 it's not just on the day of worship but
08:38 when the church doors are open for worship.
08:40 The Bible tells us in Luke 4:14-16
08:47 that Jesus went to church.
09:19 So here we see that Jesus of Galilee,
09:21 regularly, His custom was to go to church service.
09:25 Why did Jesus need
09:27 to attend church?
09:28 He needed to be encouraged, He needed to be supported,
09:31 He needed to keep in contact with His Father
09:34 knowing that He Himself came from Heaven.
09:37 If Jesus needed to go to church,
09:39 if Jesus needed to keep in touch with His Father
09:42 how much more us today.
09:46 We are told not to neglect the assembly or meeting together
09:54 of the brethren, as some have formed a habit of doing,
09:57 let us encourage one another
09:58 and all the more as you see the day approaching.
10:03 Point # 4:
10:06 If we must stay connected to Jesus,
10:10 if we must stay in church and not stray out
10:13 or backslide we must trust in God and God alone,
10:17 we cannot trust in friends.
10:20 Micah the prophet said in Micah 7:5
10:40 Even your own spouse, don't put your confidence in them,
10:44 God is the One in whom we can trust.
10:48 Yes, the Bible does not say, don't trust your spouse,
10:51 in the sense of when they say something
10:54 to you in relationships, yes trust them,
10:57 but when it comes to spiritual matters,
10:59 when it comes to moral matters,
11:00 where only God Himself is the Arbiter,
11:05 is the ultimate authority,
11:07 God is the ultimate authority and not your spouse.
11:11 So we cannot trust anyone else in matters of spirituality.
11:14 King David says, "Do not put your trust in princes
11:19 not in mortal man who cannot save. "
11:23 King Solomon says, "He who trusts in himself
11:26 is a fool. " And who is a fool?
11:29 A fool is someone who has denied there is no God,
11:34 And if we don't trust God and God alone
11:41 then we run the risk of being disconnected.
11:47 You see, we cannot trust in ourselves either
11:51 because, the prophet Jeremiah tells us
11:56 that the heart of man is desperately wicked,
11:59 no one can understand it.
12:02 Don't trust in yourself, trust in God.
12:08 The prophet Isaiah says, "Trust in the Lord forever
12:10 for the Lord Himself is God; He is eternal
12:13 He is the Rock, Eternal, the Immovable Rock. "
12:17 Trust in the Lord.
12:19 Point # 5:
12:21 If we must stay connected with Jesus,
12:23 if we must stay in church and not stray out
12:27 if we must keep our faith active and alive,
12:30 we must mind our own business,
12:34 mind your own business, let other people alone.
12:39 Mind your business because it is your business
12:41 between you and your God
12:42 and between them and their God.
12:44 And Paul makes it very clear to us in 1 Thessalonians 4:11
13:04 So the Bible tells us to live a quite life,
13:13 we can stretch it out and include that,
13:16 there are some people who study to make noise,
13:18 who study to cause confusion in a group,
13:22 in the church, among their associations at work
13:25 at school, I don't know, wherever!
13:27 But, the apostle Paul says make it your business
13:33 to stay to yourself and mind your own business
13:36 and work with your hands
13:40 just as the Gospel has been entrusted to us.
13:49 You see, the devil always finds work for idle hands,
13:55 idle hands, empty drums make the most noise.
14:00 Those who complain most are the ones who don't do anything,
14:07 but when we mind our business
14:11 certainly God will fill us up with His Spirit.
14:17 You know there is something else
14:19 that the apostle Paul told Timothy once
14:22 he should take care of the tale bearers
14:27 and busy bodies in church.
14:52 Have you made some calls you weren't supposed to?
14:54 Christian friend, if we must stay connected with Jesus
15:01 we must mind our business,
15:03 we must stay off the phone,
15:05 we must stay off the couch,
15:09 and do things we are supposed to be doing,
15:13 calls that we ought not be calling,
15:15 visits that we ought not be making,
15:18 tale bearers and busy bodies,
15:21 you know the church grapevine.
15:25 If we must stay connected, mind your business,
15:31 follow Christ and not others.
15:34 You see, apostle Peter had that problem.
15:38 Jesus was sharing with His disciples one day
15:42 when He was telling Peter how he would be dying,
15:50 how he'd die when he gets old,
15:52 and John came by and apostle Peter said
15:59 "How about him... "
16:30 Mind your business, why do you care, what is that to you?
16:34 "Follow Me Peter,
16:35 it is not your business if I want him to live forever.
16:39 How does that matter to you?"
16:43 Some of us as Christians because we are supposed
16:47 to love one another, we are supposed to care for one another
16:49 we get into people's business,
16:51 and it discourages some people,
16:54 it burns some people.
16:55 We say things we are not supposed to say,
16:58 people are hurt,
17:02 and they don't feel that church is a place to come and share
17:07 their inmost concerns and problems.
17:11 That is not the will of God,
17:15 mind your business,
17:19 and talk to the Lord about it in prayer.
17:23 I want to share with you the # 6 Point:
17:26 If we must stay connected to Jesus and stay in church
17:29 and not stray out
17:33 we must be witnesses of Christ
17:40 because that is our first job.
17:43 You see, in Acts 1:8 we're told the reason the Holy Spirit gives
17:51 us power is to energize us
17:54 to do the work of the ministry.
17:56 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you"
18:01 and Jesus said, "You will be My witnesses
18:04 in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and in Samaria
18:10 and to the ends of the earth."
18:13 So the purpose of the Holy Spirit,
18:17 the reason why Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit
18:23 is to do the work of His ministry,
18:26 to do the work of the church.
18:28 So when we receive the Holy Spirit
18:31 we receive power to do God's work,
18:34 because that is the purpose for which
18:36 the Holy Spirit has been given to us.
18:39 Point # 7:
18:42 Don't be deceived,
18:44 don't be a fake, be real,
18:50 be a real Christian.
18:51 As my friend told me this afternoon, she said,
18:55 "We should not be afraid as Christians",
19:00 because God has not given us a spirit of fear
19:03 but God has given us a spirit of strength,
19:07 fearlessness, and boldness
19:09 before His presence.
19:11 Don't be deceived God is not mocked.
19:15 Love of the brethren is essential for we know that
19:21 for we know that we have passed from death to life
19:23 because we love our brothers.
19:24 And anyone who does not love
19:27 remains in death.
19:29 Now some of come walking into a church
19:33 and we act like we are so holier than all the people.
19:38 We smile but inside we don't have the love for one another.
19:42 Be real.
19:45 If we must stay connected
19:46 we must be genuine.
19:50 In 1 John 1:8
20:07 Point # 8:
20:09 Love, love one another.
20:14 If we must stay connected with Jesus
20:17 If we must stay connected to Jesus
20:20 and stay plugged in to Him, the power source
20:24 of our spiritual life
20:26 we must love one another.
20:28 Yes the Bible says, "Love your enemies. "
20:31 Love one another.
20:34 And don't show favoritism.
20:37 In 1 John 4:20, 21
21:13 Love is primary,
21:17 love is essential in the church of God.
21:22 Oh, how many have left the church because
21:26 they complained or they felt they were not loved.
21:29 We must love one another,
21:36 support one another,
21:39 encouraging one another,
21:40 exhorting one another,
21:43 sharing with one another,
21:45 that brotherly kindness that God has given us
21:49 within His household.
21:50 Let me share the # 9th point with you.
21:53 The Bible tell us that helping others
21:59 through unselfish service
22:02 is one essential purpose for which
22:05 the church was established.
22:08 Galatians 6:9
22:24 Let's not be weary in well doing,
22:27 because at the proper time,
22:29 when He that shall come shall come
22:32 we will reap the harvest
22:34 if we have done faithfully.
22:37 Jesus told a story in Matthew 25.
22:40 He told a story about the sheep and the goats,
22:43 the ones that will be on the right hand
22:45 and the others that will be on the left hand side.
22:47 There is a difference between the sheep
22:50 that will be on the right.
22:52 They were the ones who served
22:56 with faithful, unselfish service.
23:02 They fed the hungry,
23:05 they gave drink to the thirsty,
23:08 they clothed the naked, they visited the sick,
23:12 and those in prison,
23:13 that was unselfish service at work.
23:16 At that time when the King shall come
23:22 He will reward us beyond what we have spent on others,
23:27 that is His promise.
23:29 There is nothing that we have spent on others
23:33 that will go unrewarded.
23:36 Jesus calls for our unselfish service to people,
23:39 and it's through service to other people,
23:45 and for other people,
23:46 that we ourselves receive the greatest blessings.
23:52 It is through giving
23:54 that we ourselves as Christians
23:57 as children of God
23:59 receive blessings from the Lord.
24:02 Let me share with you the # 10th point:
24:06 which I believe is the most important,
24:08 because there are so many things that are
24:10 so distracting and confusing in our world today.
24:16 The # 10th point is that we must focus.
24:20 If we must stay connected to Jesus,
24:23 if we must remain plugged in
24:25 to that Power Source, Jesus Christ our Savior
24:29 we must focus on Him.
24:32 Focusing means refusing to be distracted.
24:38 Though the things around our world, around us,
24:42 around our homes, around our work
24:45 might shake us, might try to test our faith
24:48 through trials and difficulties,
24:51 through sufferings and pains,
24:53 keep focused, children of God.
24:56 We must focus on Jesus if we must stay connected.
25:00 10 Points: why and how we must stay connected with Jesus.
25:06 We must focus on Him.
25:08 Hebrews 12:2
25:39 So you see, Jesus was focused. He refused to be distracted.
25:45 You see, He had a mission to save souls,
25:48 mission to bring back His lost world,
25:52 He stayed focused on His mission.
25:56 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,
25:58 let us focus on Him,
26:00 let us not fix our eyes on the leaders of the church,
26:03 let us take our eyes away from the pastor,
26:06 or from the elders or from the deacons
26:08 but let Jesus be our example.
26:12 Apostle Peter says, "To this we have been called "
26:16 because Jesus suffered and He suffered
26:20 leaving an example for us
26:23 that we should follow in His footsteps.
26:25 He committed no sin,
26:27 our elders have committed sins,
26:29 and we are sinners saved by the grace of God.
26:33 No one in the church ought to be the focus
26:36 of any member of the church.
26:38 So, Jesus committed no sin
26:40 and no deceit was found in His mouth.
26:43 When they hurled insults at Him
26:46 He did not hurl back,
26:47 He did not retaliate,
26:48 when He suffered He made no threats,
26:51 instead He entrusted Himself
26:53 to the One who judges justly,
26:57 so follow the steps of Jesus,
27:01 focus on Jesus.
27:04 For He is the One who has walked that way,
27:08 that path before us, leaving us that example,
27:12 "For we have such a High Priest
27:14 who has gone on to Heaven
27:17 to the right hand throne of God,
27:18 having suffered all the things that we have suffered,
27:23 having been tempted in all ways that we have been tempted."
27:26 So we have such a High Priest
27:30 who Himself understands us,
27:33 be encouraged and stay connected with Him.
27:38 Plug into that life source
27:41 that only Jesus can sustain
27:44 and keep us alive.
27:46 May the Lord bless you and keep you.
27:48 May the Lord make His wonderful face to shine upon you
27:52 and give you peace now and forever.


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