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00:29 Hello, friend and welcome to a visit--
00:32 visit where we going spend a few minutes with Jesus.
00:35 I am Don Pate for "Between the Lines"
00:37 and it's my distinct privilege to spend time with you.
00:42 Looking at some of the Gospel events
00:44 where we can come to know Jesus better
00:47 than may be we have before.
00:49 And start to get even better taste
00:52 what would be to be with Him forever.
00:55 What a joy? What a hope? What a blessed hope we have.
00:59 And so as we begin to look at a very famous Gospel event.
01:03 I would invite you to the pray with me
01:05 that may be the Holy Spirit will find a way to peel back
01:09 a page that we've not seen before.
01:11 To bring it into a fresh reality for us today.
01:14 Let's pray, Lord, thank you so much today
01:18 for our precious privilege of having the word
01:22 and having the opportunity to spend time in the word.
01:25 We would ask you to teach us to grow us,
01:29 to mature us more toward the stature of Jesus.
01:34 This is our prayer in Christ name, Amen.
01:39 Id' like first to spend time looking at an event
01:43 that is so well known within Christianity
01:46 that some has would become just casual with it,
01:51 that it would become a somewhat content
01:54 with the fact they well.
01:56 I know that story and as result,
01:58 you remember the old phrase in English
02:00 familiarity breeds contempt.
02:03 And we--we get to know as so well
02:05 that it loses it's power, it loses it's bite.
02:09 I'd like first to spend time
02:10 with an event recorded in the Gospel of John.
02:13 John Chapter 11, now soon as I say John Chapter 11
02:16 you're probably way ahead and you say okay John--
02:18 John 11:35 Jesus wept. There you have it, okay.
02:21 We're going to spend time with Lazarus story. It's true.
02:25 And yet I have a feeling my friend that there is something
02:30 that we yet had to discover in this passage.
02:33 That will make a difference in,
02:35 how I live my life this afternoon.
02:38 Tomorrow morning, middle of next week,
02:41 if I allow the Holy Spirit to teach me,
02:44 and so I do invite you to take your Bible
02:45 and turn to the fourth Gospel of New Testament.
02:48 To the Gospel of John we're gonna spend
02:50 a few minutes with Jesus.
02:51 And I have a feeling that you're not gonna invest
02:54 yourself in anything better in the next few minutes
02:56 then spend a time with Jesus.
02:58 So I invite you turn to John Chapter 11,
03:01 now you remember how the story starts,
03:03 It says that, "there was certain man" verse one.
03:07 "There is a certain man who was sick,
03:08 named Lazarus, of Bethany,
03:11 the town of Mary and her sister Martha."
03:14 Now it was that same Mary who anointed the Lord
03:18 with ointment and wipe His feet with her hair,
03:22 whose brother Lazarus was sick.
03:23 Now that's very important that this definition of focusing down
03:28 on the fact that would this is the Mary we're talking about.
03:32 We're not talking about any of the other three
03:33 or four, five Mary's available in the New Testament.
03:36 By the way just little Bible trivia here,
03:39 Mary is not the most common name of the Bible.
03:41 There are more women named something else
03:44 then Mary and that may surprise you.
03:46 And when I tell you unless you're a real Bible student
03:48 you will know this. When I tell what it is,
03:50 you'll go, "Oh, really".
03:51 I never would have guessed it's the name Makkah.
03:53 There are more women name Makkah
03:55 in the bible than Mary" but certainly
03:57 when you get in the New Testament
03:59 they're seems to be this competition
04:01 of the dueling Mary's-- Mary this, Mary that
04:03 and sometimes we tend to get confuse
04:06 what's wonderful about those first two verses
04:08 is the john is doing something.
04:11 That probably caused some of the early Christians to go
04:15 "Excuse me, John did you just say what I thought you said?"
04:18 You see John was the last Gospel written.
04:22 And he by his own confession
04:24 especially at the end of the book.
04:26 He by his own confession as look my intention in--
04:29 in giving you the stories is to fill in the blanks.
04:32 That you had for a long time,
04:33 some sense of Jesus did this and he also did this
04:37 and oh! Yes, he did this
04:38 but he said there are stories in between the gaps there.
04:40 You never heard because he said,
04:42 "I--I saw when Matthew said, and I saw when Mark said,
04:45 and I saw and reported and I saw Luke when reported.
04:47 And they're good. It's great but it's not enough.
04:51 I need to give you more,
04:52 of course when you come to the end of the book.
04:54 Jesus, I give up, I quit.
04:56 You know, if I feel the whole sky with the stories of Jesus.
04:59 You know, we can just
05:00 keep going and going that'll have to be enough.
05:02 That's obviously still more of modern paraphrase
05:04 of how John describes it.
05:06 But He is very clearly shares that his intention
05:09 is going to be that he is going to give stories
05:11 and insights that you wouldn't have discovered
05:13 if you only read Matthew, Mark and Luke.
05:15 Now one of the few Gospel stories
05:19 that is told in all four of the Gospels,
05:22 one of the few is the story of a woman,
05:25 a fallen woman who washes the feet of Jesus.
05:28 And--and wipes that up with her hair.
05:32 It's very interesting that the first three gospels
05:35 the ones that written Matthew, Mark and Luke.
05:37 They didn't say who the woman was?
05:39 And they just said, "you know, this woman a notoriously,
05:42 you know woman of ill repute refuge, you know.
05:45 And that she did this act and it was embarrassing and--
05:48 You know, but Jesus said, it's a great sweet Gospel story.
05:51 And that we are to tell the story
05:53 where of the gospel goes forward
05:55 Jesus commanded the story to--to go on.
05:57 He wanted the story of this anointing
06:00 perpetuated to the end of time.
06:03 John must have nearly strip the gears
06:07 of some of the early Christian
06:08 because John written may be 15, 18 or 20 years
06:12 after the other three Gospels were already finished
06:15 and being disseminated around among the followers.
06:18 John suddenly starts write the stories
06:20 and this is all by the way,
06:21 this is all tell you the story about the reason of Lazarus
06:24 and about his sister, whose name was Martha
06:26 and her sister whose name was Mary.
06:28 And but he says, oh, we remember Mary,
06:29 Martha sweet wonderful saints.
06:31 Oh, just grate ladies of the Lord.
06:33 And John says, oh, by the way Mary was also the fallen woman.
06:38 He was the one who revealed the identity of the woman,
06:44 who was the women of ill repute at the feet of Jesus.
06:47 Now how could he get away with that why would He do it,
06:50 that--it's very simple most people believe it
06:52 because Mary probably was not alive anymore.
06:55 That this Gospel was written 15, 18, 20 years
06:58 after the others and when Mark reported it
07:01 as he heard from Peter, he probably said,
07:03 ah, this is great story and Jesus said,
07:05 we got a tell a story but I can't tell you who it was?
07:07 And I would just the names irrelevant
07:09 because Mary was still alive
07:11 and you know why should we embarrass her,
07:13 but when she is dead, what harms are going to do?
07:15 And how it must of just shaken
07:18 the foundations of the early church
07:19 when they read this and they said,
07:21 "Mary fallen woman, it saintly Mary what your kidding?
07:25 When He reveals the identity of the woman in this passage,
07:29 it just--just a wonderful insight,
07:33 Lazarus is very sick and the sisters
07:36 verse three, they sent a messenger up to find Jesus.
07:39 But Jesus was not right there and the Bethany
07:41 is just a half skip on a jump over the mount of olives.
07:44 Now the mount of olives, is not much,
07:47 it is in even the biggest mountain
07:48 around Jerusalem by the way.
07:50 It's just a decent hill at best.
07:53 I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and you know,
07:56 we've got some mountains in the middle of the town
07:57 that a whole lot more of the mountain.
07:59 I mean right in the middle a town,
08:00 we've got mounts are whole a lot more of the mountain
08:02 the mount of olives.
08:04 And just over that little ridge was the village of Bethany,
08:08 it was suburb of Jerusalem.
08:11 Whenever Jesus came down into Jerusalem as we see in the story
08:14 he would make himself at home in Lazarus's dwelling.
08:19 And you know, that's like,
08:21 there are certain people let you just know,
08:24 you go to their house, you can just crash.
08:26 You can just relax, you can kick off your shoes.
08:29 You can help yourself to their food.
08:31 You can turn on their music, you didn't pet their dog
08:35 or you can ignore their dog.
08:37 There are certain places where you can just feel at home
08:39 because there people have this wonderful gift hospitality.
08:42 The place where you know,
08:43 in our vernacular we say you can let your hair down.
08:45 You don't have to always been impressing them
08:48 and be correct, you can be yourself.
08:50 It's a wonderful thing to have people,
08:52 they've friends like that.
08:54 And certainly we see in the text here.
08:56 That apparently was the-- the safety zone,
08:59 that apparently was the area of retreat for Jesus
09:02 when he went to Jerusalem because anytime
09:04 you got near the city, thanks got explosive.
09:06 That extremely controversial keeps always guarding himself
09:11 and waiting for the next attack,
09:13 how are they gonna come to get me this time when,
09:15 what are they gonna accuse me up this time.
09:16 What are we going to you know,
09:18 find is--is the trick where they gonna trick us up?
09:21 And Jesus always sensing this around Jerusalem.
09:24 But if you just got across the Kidron valley
09:27 and one up the little slope of the mount of olives
09:29 just over the ridge there and went to Bethany
09:31 when he got there to safe.
09:34 It was place of sanctuary form of place of refuge.
09:37 As result when Lazarus goes ill Mary
09:42 and Martha immediately it says,
09:44 verse they send a messenger why-- why not.
09:46 I mean Jesus has gone up and down the cost of Israel
09:49 resolving the problems of sick people and hurting people
09:52 and here Lazarus, their brother,
09:54 who was a good man number one,
09:56 number two, he doesn't deserve this.
09:57 Number three more than that Jesus owes him
10:00 and we think about it.
10:02 Jesus had taken advantage
10:05 of the hospitality of Lazarus many times.
10:08 And doesn't you know, Jesus kind a owe Lazarus.
10:11 If I was one of the sisters that probably
10:13 would have gone through my mind.
10:15 As soon as Jesus hears the Lazarus sick,
10:17 he is going be here right now.
10:19 He isn't gonna delay a moment to get here
10:21 because this is His Friend, more than that.
10:23 He owes Lazarus and how incredible
10:27 at must have been when Jesus heard,
10:30 he looked at his disciple's verse 4,
10:32 He heard about the--the sickness,
10:34 the illnes of Lazarus?
10:35 And He says, it's not unto to death.
10:37 Oh, it isn't. I think it is, isn't Jesus.
10:42 I mean doesn't he die?
10:44 Jesus is obviously dealing with bigger picture here.
10:48 He's obviously dealing with something larger
10:50 than just falling a sleep for a brief amount of time.
10:55 When he's taken about the issue of really dying,
11:00 the separation from God.
11:03 That Jesus is not taken about just this time out of death
11:09 which is resolve with resurrection this rest.
11:14 As Jesus said, "look we're not talking about a problem
11:18 there is un-resolvable here.
11:20 This story, it's not gonna end in death.
11:24 A granted there will be a little bit of death hear so what?
11:27 Death's noting.
11:31 I have many senior citizen members just few months ago,
11:36 I had 12, 11, 11 memorial funeral services in 13 weeks.
11:42 It's been a whole new world for me to deal with people
11:46 as they are coming to be end of life.
11:48 To help people die well
11:50 and it's not a bad ministry actually.
11:52 I have skin my knees a few times
11:54 and I've had some lessons to learn
11:56 but for me to face having the memorial services not uncommon,
12:00 I have another one in two days.
12:02 That I'll be the privilege to minister to a family that way.
12:07 And those of us who believe in the resurrection,
12:10 those of us who know that Jesus
12:12 had the problem of death resolved,
12:14 it's not big deal to his followers.
12:17 It's a little inconvenience.
12:19 It's a little separation time from with the loved ones
12:23 where we grieve not as those who have no hope
12:25 Paul says, in I Thessalonians.
12:28 We grieve because we're gonna missed their presence,
12:32 we're gonna missed their friendship
12:33 but it's not un-resolvable
12:35 we don't grieve is those who have no hope,
12:37 this things isn't gonna end in death.
12:40 But that God and the son of God might be glorified
12:45 that Jesus response and He so delays.
12:48 And the messenger that was sent back to Bethany empty-handed
12:53 Jesus was not in tow. Jesus wasn't come along.
12:57 Imagine Mary and Martha looking down the path,
13:00 just waiting for Jesus.
13:02 Boy soon as gets here this all of our fear and our--
13:05 the lost that were going to experience here,
13:06 our brother, I mean you know we're woman
13:08 how we gonna make in the world without him
13:10 and he is been our protector and defender and on and on.
13:12 All of the in security could be gone just like that.
13:15 When Jesus shows up they looked out
13:18 and Jesus didn't return with the messenger.
13:21 Can you put yourself back in those days,
13:23 can you put yourself into the sandals in Mary and Martha
13:25 standing and looking at this messenger coming back.
13:28 Did you find Jesus? Oh, yes, I did.
13:31 Oh, he did and you told him, what was we said, yes.
13:33 Told him the Lazarus-- this isn't messing around,
13:35 this is serious sick.
13:36 Yeah I told him, he is very-very ill,
13:38 I mean this is a great situation.
13:40 And is he coming?
13:41 The messenger probably shrugs his shoulders that I don't know.
13:45 I tried, imagine what they did those two sisters.
13:51 What a frustration that must have been to them.
13:55 Jesus in verse 5 before we get away from
13:58 and it says, Now Jesus loved Martha,
14:01 and her sister and Lazarus."
14:06 I feel loved him so much
14:08 then why is he putting them through this?
14:11 He obviously has a much larger agenda in the story
14:16 and obviously we're going see how it plays out.
14:19 But I tell you when you're on this edge
14:21 of it looking into the unknown,
14:24 it's hard to see the love of God behind back.
14:27 It's hard to see the love of Christ
14:29 when you staying right at the edge of the cliff
14:30 and everything is unknown and need to step forward.
14:33 It's hard to see that.
14:35 Jesus stayed where He was verse 6,
14:38 is He stayed for two more days after that.
14:41 And then finally, he said to His follower,
14:43 let's head on down to Judaea.
14:45 And the disciples said, verse 8 because there--
14:48 you know they kind of forgotten
14:49 about this Lazarus thing may be, I don't know.
14:51 May be not, may be they're just scratching their head
14:54 they don't understand Jesus.
14:55 But the disciple said, but master
14:57 whenever we get around Jerusalem anymore,
14:59 I mean things gets serious.
15:01 Things get really-really intense.
15:02 Master you can't us to go down to Jerusalem easily.
15:04 You know, may be we ought not to.
15:06 And Jesus said, "come on, there is a time for this
15:09 and the time for that, verse 9 he says,
15:10 Are there not twelve hours in the day?
15:13 If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not,
15:15 when you walk in the timing of heaven
15:17 everything is gonna be fine.
15:19 If you walk in the time mean of heaven"
15:22 and he said, verse 11, "Our friend Lazarus sleeps.
15:27 And I am going, that I may awake him out of sleep."
15:31 The Granath, you know, he's out, he's unconscious.
15:34 He is oblivious, he is gone,
15:35 you know, but it's not unsolvable.
15:37 And of course, they heard sleep, oh--oh, no big deal,
15:39 the fever is gonna break.
15:41 Is gonna feel but Jesus said, you're not listening verse 14,
15:44 "Lazarus is dead."
15:46 You know, I called it sleep and I meant sleep
15:49 but normally you would use the term "dead."
15:52 There is no messing around with this.
15:54 And in verse 15, this is so powerful,
15:56 "I am glad for your sakes that I was not there,
15:59 "I am glad for your sakes that I was not there,
16:01 to the intent that you might believe."
16:03 If I would been there with Lazarus
16:07 this would not have happened.
16:09 And I am grateful that I wasn't there, wow! Lord.
16:13 And I love the next verse. This is so great.
16:16 Thomas, Thomas steps forward, you know, doubting Thomas.
16:21 I mean, if he is doubting Thomas
16:23 and never doesn't anything right, right?
16:24 Wrong, doubting Thomas.
16:27 It is so sweet, he is first one to step up and he says,
16:30 wait a minute Jesus, if you're going to Jerusalem to die,
16:33 I am going with you to die.
16:34 That doesn't sound like doubting Thomas to me,
16:38 that sounds like a man who is God,
16:40 an incredible passion and faith in Jesus.
16:43 Let's go that we die with him, that's one Thomas.
16:48 At verse 16, "So after four days of being dead"
16:53 verse 17, Jesus finally gets to Bethany.
16:56 Noticed what happens in the story verse 20 and onward.
17:01 Then Martha, as soon as she hears
17:05 that Jesus was coming over the brow the hill,
17:08 Martha went out meet him,
17:11 but not Mary and sits Mary stayed in the house.
17:16 Oh, you've to know why?
17:17 Martha, you remember in the story
17:19 that often she was proper one.
17:21 Ahe was the one who had always do things correctly.
17:24 She would take care of the kitchen.
17:26 She do the right thing even if it killed her, even if hurt.
17:29 She do the right thing.
17:31 And the right thing was to come out to Jesus
17:33 and be gracious as much as she probably
17:35 wanted to scream at Him.
17:37 It was the right thing to do and Martha
17:40 that she was the appropriate one.
17:41 But Mary you're not gonna confused Mary and Martha ever.
17:45 Mary is not gonna play that game.
17:47 Mary is not gonna be appropriate.
17:48 She is just gonna let her emotions hang out there.
17:51 I can imagine that Martha may have gone
17:53 and then said, you know, Jesus is coming over the hill
17:55 there we better go greet Him because
17:56 and that's the right thing to do and almost here,
17:59 Mary looking at her sister and saying, you go if you want to,
18:02 I am not getting anywhere near Him.
18:04 When we needed Him, he didn't come.
18:06 Here my brother is our brother our is given Him so much
18:08 and he didn't show up. I don't need a man like that.
18:14 I--I thought he was different.
18:16 I thought that he would be the kind of man,
18:19 who would be there, you know,
18:21 exactly the way, I think I need Him.
18:23 And--and I knew how I needed him now.
18:25 And He doesn't show up what kind a man is this?
18:28 I am not going out and like a petulant child,
18:31 you get the sense that,
18:32 It's almost like Mary just storms a little feet
18:35 and she sticks out her little leg and she--
18:37 I am not gonna do it. She is hurting so badly.
18:40 And she doesn't have the appropriate
18:44 self control of her correct sister.
18:50 Martha came out verse 21, it is so sweet
18:55 Lord if you'd been here, this wouldn't happen,
19:01 my brother would not died.
19:06 By the way when you get to verse 32,
19:08 when Mary finally breaks and approaches and come to Jesus,
19:14 she says exactly the same thing.
19:17 Lord if you'd been here, this wouldn't happen.
19:21 I've already confess to you that
19:23 I have more funerals more memorial services
19:27 than the average pastor.
19:31 Wow! I don't think I've had a service that
19:34 I haven't thought for a moment somewhere in the service.
19:38 Jesus if you'd been here,
19:39 we wouldn't having this funeral today.
19:43 Jesus, if would have already come,
19:45 we wouldn't having this memorial service.
19:46 Jesus if you'd been here,
19:48 I won't be standing here looking
19:49 that this widow going through her loss.
19:51 Jesus if you'd been here, I think that often,
19:55 which is exactly what the two sisters say,
19:57 they both say the same thing Him.
19:59 Lord if you'd been here, this wouldn't happen.
20:01 And the truth is Jesus confesses, I know.
20:04 He know, he already told His disciples that,
20:05 I am decidedly not going for a purpose.
20:08 It's for a greater glory, if I was there,
20:12 this would never happen.
20:15 It shows you why it so good the Jesus is?
20:18 You know, Lord, I am not.
20:20 I don't run in this foot prints of heaven very well
20:26 often tend to run ahead of God,
20:27 and that's personality some people tend to line behind God.
20:30 I tend to gonna run ahead of God to learn the footsteps
20:34 in the time of heaven it's so important.
20:36 I did a series on "Between The Lines"
20:38 while I go call the Methodical Messiah.
20:42 Is it ever crushed your mind Jesus was never in a hurry.
20:46 He had a world to save and He was never in a hurry.
20:52 He never ran anywhere.
20:55 Because he walking the perfect timing of His father.
20:59 Some of us that's a lesson we need to learn.
21:03 I certainly I --I don't run in been in Bethany you know,
21:07 right, I'd solved that out
21:08 and fixed at all that would have been me,
21:10 that been my personality.
21:11 Jesus had a bigger picture.
21:13 Lord, if you had been here, this wouldn't happen.
21:15 I know, do you believe that your brother will rise again
21:19 Jesus asked to Martha in verse 23
21:22 and she is oh! Yeah,
21:23 at the end of time it's all gone get resolved
21:24 and Jesus said, "You don't understand verse 25,
21:27 "I am the resurrection, and the life,
21:30 whoever believes on me even if he died,
21:33 it's irrelevant death is a not a permanent problem
21:37 to those who believe in Jesus Christ.
21:41 Yet shall he live, verse 27,
21:43 oh! I believe that thou art the Christ,
21:46 the Son of God, who should come into the world."
21:50 That I do believe, I know that.
21:51 I don't understand all the rests
21:53 of what happened in the last week here.
21:54 Jesus, but I do know that. Go get your sister Mary
21:59 verse 28, and of course,
22:00 Mary comes out heart broken.
22:03 And Jesus interacts with her verse 33,
22:06 it said, "He groaned in His Spirit.
22:09 Something happen inside of Jesus and when I was young.
22:14 One day it struck me. What is Jesus doing,
22:19 weeping John 11:35, Jesus wept.
22:22 Why does he do cry. He's already told his disciples
22:26 I am going to resolve this thing.
22:28 He has already we have affirm to Mary and Martha,
22:31 this is no big deal you know,
22:32 I know you hurting that is so big deal.
22:34 Jesus, he-- he is already there,
22:36 knowing what he's going to do?
22:38 So what's He crying about?
22:39 One day that bother me so much,
22:41 I've decided I was gonna spent sometime think
22:43 it about and I actually turn to "Desire of Ages"
22:46 to Ellen White to see if she had any insights of it
22:48 and when you know what, in "Desire of Ages"
22:50 there was a wonderful reference to this
22:52 and explanation and it's so good.
22:54 It's so logical. I think why didn't I--
22:56 why didn't I think of this.
22:58 You know, and the Lord, this is so good.
22:59 Number one Jesus wept because he was sorry
23:06 for the pain of Mary and Martha,
23:08 for what they gone through.
23:09 I mean this has been anguishing for them
23:11 and it hurt him that this children had been hurt.
23:15 Number two and this is simple logic, Jesus wept.
23:21 Because, he looked down the span of time
23:25 and he saw all the sisters at the grave's of their brothers.
23:30 He saw all the parents of the grave's of their children.
23:33 He saw, yes, eventually Jesus is gonna resolve this
23:36 all with resurrection in second coming.
23:37 He's gonna resolved with all but until then
23:39 we're going to have moment where we grieve.
23:43 0Not as those who have no hope,
23:44 but we will grieve and that hurt Him.
23:46 Because he had a reason to allow it to happen
23:50 but he doesn't enjoyed. And the third reason
23:52 that Jesus wept is,
23:53 I am sure he stood in front of that grave
23:55 and thought you know there are going to be graves
23:56 that I am not going to be open.
23:58 Not opening with--with joy.
24:02 I am not going to be able to call him forth with joy.
24:07 And there must been painful to him.
24:10 He groaned in himself in his spirit.
24:12 His spirit was trouble, Jesus wept.
24:15 And then as there is a Greek idiomatic expressions here,
24:19 actually it's my understanding,
24:20 I aa not a great Greek scholar but I understand that Jesus,
24:23 it's--it's like he was a horse,
24:25 a mustang with His herd His flock and nostrils was flurry.
24:30 That's the description actually here.
24:32 That-- that Jesus was tensed and ready His muscles tensed
24:36 when it because He was ready to take on the devil
24:38 right there and Jesus was gone a win.
24:41 And He knew it.
24:43 And he couldn't wait to spring in the action
24:45 with His nostrils flurrying.
24:49 Could not this man who open the eyes of the blind
24:52 verse 37, couldn't He stop this and Jesus
24:55 verse 38, groaned in Himself
24:57 because there is a big picture here.
24:58 My children eventually you got to begin to catch on.
25:02 He groaned within Himself and He said, verse 39,
25:05 take away the stone, I've got a plan.
25:07 I've got a plan here today.
25:09 Today, I am taking on the host of evil,
25:12 myself again stole of them right here.
25:14 And you all gonna see it today I am going to reveal to you
25:19 just a fraction of the big picture today.
25:23 Take away the stone. Oh! Lord, don't do
25:25 that I don't the last sense of my brother to be,
25:27 you know, what he look like in a casket.
25:29 I don't want to last view my brother to be,
25:31 I don't want the last sense of my brother to be.
25:32 Lord, don't that and Jesus said, "No take it away.
25:36 If you believe, you're see the glory of God,
25:39 that's verse 40, and so they took the stone away
25:42 and verse 43, Jesus stood back and He shouted in
25:46 and dead ear's heard. And can you imagine,
25:50 I can't sense of the Jesus began to laugh.
25:54 I mean, you know, here comes this body
25:57 all wrapped up and round up
26:00 and this kind of thing and people stand going
26:01 and Jesus, you know, starting laughing.
26:03 He says, folks are you live him like that.
26:05 You know, unwind him, let them him free,
26:08 I mean come on, you know, it's not appropriate firm
26:09 to be standing all their bound up very close,
26:11 I mean he is obviously not dead anymore
26:13 and so they unbound him. Loose him
26:16 and let him go and Lazarus came back to life
26:19 probably stood round thought.
26:21 You know this is a very strange event here.
26:24 I missing something,
26:27 I think because he stepped out from death.
26:30 To see his own funeral have you ever speculated
26:33 down the line 12 years later,
26:35 17 years later have you ever speculated
26:37 what a potential second funeral for Lazarus.
26:39 What have been like.
26:41 May be Mary and Martha out live him again
26:43 0may be and they sit around at the second funeral
26:46 the talk about it and they contrast
26:49 the second funeral to the first funeral.
26:51 When you have a true perception of Jesus
26:53 as Lord and that even death itself is not big deal.
26:58 It's--it's just a little inconvenience
26:59 that when you come to understand
27:02 that Jesus is the resurrection
27:04 in the life and there is nothing in your life
27:05 or your experience even your death
27:08 that is going to handcuff him, is going to paralyzed him,
27:11 he's got this whole thing under control.
27:14 And in His good time,
27:16 He is going to bring it all to resolution
27:18 when you and I come to the place with me understand that.
27:21 Then, the big picture takes a hold us
27:26 and we look at the petty inconveniences of life
27:29 and even the painful things we say look,
27:31 "God's in control" and I will let Him be God
27:34 because through the Lord Jesus Christ
27:37 and the power of this resurrected
27:39 Jesus everything is going to be resolved.
27:41 Everything is to be going to be resolved
27:43 and I am just hang on till that day.
27:45 These two sisters learnt that lesson
27:48 and can you contrast the second funeral
27:50 to the first funeral of the day
27:52 when Jesus resolves it forever. Even for you.


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