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00:28 Hello, welcome to our program.
00:30 Thanks for joining us today.
00:32 My name is Henry Juarez.
00:34 I've been working with young people,
00:35 I've been a youth leader for the past 12 years,
00:37 first in Texas and now here in Illinois.
00:41 The message today that I'm going to share with you
00:43 is an easy one to grasp hold of.
00:46 It's something that we all need to hear.
00:48 It's about the coming of Jesus.
00:50 And before we get started,
00:51 I'd like to have a word of prayer.
00:54 Father in Heaven, as we look forward to Your coming,
00:58 I pray that each one of us is making
01:00 whatever provisions we need to,
01:02 whatever preparations, to meeting you,
01:06 to being ready to go home with you.
01:08 It's my prayer that somebody here today listening
01:12 will get a glimpse of You
01:14 and how You treat us, how You value us.
01:17 In Jesus name, amen.
01:22 When I was a boy about eight or nine years old,
01:25 I was living in San Antonio.
01:27 We got a word that my uncle Simon
01:29 who lived in Washington D.C. was coming to visit.
01:33 Now he lived so far away that we rarely got to see him.
01:37 Maybe three or four times as I was growing up
01:39 I remember seeing him.
01:41 There was years in between visits.
01:44 And we got all excited because Uncle Simon was coming.
01:47 But it wasn't just me and the kids who got excited.
01:51 My aunts and uncles, my cousins,
01:52 my grandmother and grandfather, they got excited too,
01:56 because Simon was coming
01:57 and you should have seen the commotion
02:00 as people were getting ready for that return.
02:04 People were--I know one uncle who finally got enough time
02:10 to patch up his screen door
02:12 that his wife had been nagging him about.
02:14 But my aunt got a big surprise when,
02:18 not only did he patch the door, he went ahead and replaced it.
02:21 He replaced the door, another uncle painted his house
02:25 to the pleasure of his wife.
02:27 She said, "Oh, he should come more often
02:29 if this is gonna happen. "
02:31 One of my uncles didn't know him,
02:33 he married into the family.
02:35 He didn't know Uncle Simon but he caught the Simon bug
02:39 and my dad saw him downtown one time
02:41 and he said "hey, look Rudy, I got new shoes. "
02:44 "Oh, really?" "Yeah, because Simon's coming. "
02:47 He didn't even know Simon, but he got new shoes
02:49 because Simon was coming.
02:52 You know, it was so amazing to me that when he did come,
02:56 when Uncle Simon arrived,
02:59 he didn't care about the screen door,
03:01 he didn't care about the house that had been painted,
03:04 he didn't even care about my uncle's new shoes.
03:07 He didn't come for all of that.
03:10 He came to see his family and to spend time with them.
03:15 You know, we're told that Jesus is coming,
03:18 Jesus is coming back soon.
03:20 Are we getting ready for His return,
03:23 as my family was getting ready for Simon's return?
03:29 You know, Isaiah 25:9, there's a text
03:34 that I really like because it gives an idea
03:38 of what the people who are here waiting
03:41 for Jesus are gonna be like.
03:44 Isaiah Chapter 25:9 it says,
03:48 "And it shall be said in that day,
03:50 Lo, this is our God, we have waited for Him,
03:55 and He will save us, this is the Lord,
03:59 we have waited for Him,
04:02 and we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation. "
04:07 Well, waiting for Him the crowd of people,
04:11 a group of people is gonna be waiting
04:13 for the return of Jesus.
04:15 And my question is, are you one of those
04:17 who are waiting for Jesus?
04:19 Are you making preparations to meet Him again,
04:21 face to face this time?
04:25 Are you waiting for Jesus?
04:29 You know, my question here is
04:33 of concern because we're told that
04:36 Jesus is coming as a thief in the night.
04:40 If you'd like to look at that,
04:41 it's in Second Peter Chapter 3,
04:44 and a lot of people are confused about what this means.
04:48 Second Peter Chapter 3:10.
04:53 They're confused because
04:54 it says, He's coming as a thief in the night,
04:56 that means that He's gonna come
04:59 and snatch people up without us being aware of it.
05:04 But I don't think that's what it means.
05:06 Second Peter 3:10 says, "But the day of the Lord
05:08 will come as a thief in the night. "
05:11 First of all he is declaring that it will come,
05:14 it's going to happen.
05:16 He's coming as a thief in the night,
05:17 "In the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise,
05:21 and the elements shall melt with fervent heat,
05:24 and the earth also and the works that are therein
05:26 shall be burned up."
05:28 This is going to happen.
05:31 But if a thief were gonna come to your house,
05:34 if a thief decided "I've been staking it out,
05:37 I've been observing and I know his habits,
05:41 I know this person's routine,
05:46 and I know exactly when to strike. "
05:49 Do you think a thief before he came
05:51 would send you a note saying I'm coming on this date
05:54 with--I'm coming on this date at this time?
06:00 No, if he sent you a note telling you when he was coming,
06:02 not only would you be there waiting for him
06:04 but you'd have the police there with you waiting for him.
06:08 He's coming unannounced.
06:10 Oh, and when the thief comes he's only gonna
06:12 dig through your garbage to see what you left out
06:14 that he could use, right?
06:16 No, he's coming to things that are valuable to him,
06:19 he's gonna leave your trash behind.
06:22 In the same way Jesus is coming unexpected.
06:27 He's coming not to take your trash,
06:32 He's coming to take something
06:33 that's valuable to Him and that is you.
06:38 He is coming unannounced
06:40 and He's coming for value,
06:42 so He does come as a thief in the night.
06:45 Now we not knowing when He's coming
06:48 need to be ready because it could be anytime,
06:51 and that's what I think the urgency is.
06:54 He's coming as a thief in the night,
06:56 but not to be sneaky about it
06:57 just because we don't know when He is coming.
07:00 He's coming unexpected, but we need to be ready.
07:04 We need to be waiting for Him like Isaiah said,
07:08 "Jesus is not coming for a trash,
07:10 He's coming for His precious valuable children. "
07:17 I'd like you to turn to John Chapter 8 now.
07:20 There's a story in the Bible that concerns a woman
07:25 and the way that she was made to feel.
07:27 John Chapter 8. And we'll begin with verse 3.
07:33 "And the scribes and Pharisees
07:35 brought unto him a woman taken in adultery,
07:38 and when they had set her in the midst,
07:42 They say unto him, Master,
07:44 this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.
07:47 Now Moses and the law commands us,
07:50 that such should be stoned, but what sayest thou?"
07:57 They said Jesus,
07:59 they drag this woman threw her at Jesus' feet
08:02 and said "Jesus, we caught this woman doing something bad,
08:06 something she shouldn't have doing,
08:08 we caught her doing a no, no. "
08:09 Now the Law of Moses says that we have every right
08:13 to stone this woman but we're asking you,
08:16 what do you say what should do with her.
08:19 And Jesus stooped down on the ground
08:21 and started writing with His finger in the dirt,
08:25 in the sand there.
08:28 They were looking at Him and saying,
08:29 why is He avoiding the question?
08:32 "Jesus, tell me what should we do?
08:36 Moses law says we should stone her, what do you say?"
08:39 So Jesus stands up. Look at verse 7.
08:42 "So when they continued asking him,
08:45 he lifted up himself, and said unto them,
08:49 He that is without sin among you,
08:52 let him first cast a stone at her.
08:56 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. "
09:01 I don't know what He wrote.
09:03 Maybe He was writing their sins,
09:06 maybe He was writing things that
09:08 they identified with an uh-oh,
09:10 she's not the only guilty party here, I am too.
09:14 But whatever He wrote on there was very effective
09:17 because the Bible says that starting from the oldest,
09:21 down to the least they started walking away.
09:25 Let's look at verse 10 again.
09:30 Let's look at verse 9.
09:32 "And they which heard it,
09:34 being convicted by their own conscience,
09:36 went out one by one, beginning at the eldest,
09:40 even unto the last, and Jesus was left alone,
09:43 and the woman standing in the midst.
09:46 When Jesus had lifted up himself,
09:47 and saw none but the woman, he said unto her,
09:51 Woman, where are those thine accusers?
09:55 hath no man condemned thee?
09:59 She looked around and She said, No man, Lord.
10:02 "And Jesus said something very assuring to her--reassuring.
10:07 He said, "neither do I condemn thee,
10:10 go and sin no more."
10:13 Now Jesus was the only one in that group
10:15 who was without sin.
10:17 He was the only one
10:18 who was able to follow that Law of Moses
10:21 and be the one without sin and cast that first stone.
10:24 Did He do that? No.
10:27 He said, I don't condemn you either.
10:31 But don't continue what you're doing,
10:33 go and sin no more.
10:35 Now, I have a piece of paper.
10:40 It's just a little piece of paper
10:44 but it's been given a value the value is $20.
10:51 Now a lot of people would take this in an instant.
10:55 Yeah, I'll take that,
10:57 that's a valuable piece of paper.
10:59 But they might not if I crumbled it up.
11:02 You know, I was-- I work with editing
11:06 and I was editing some tapes, so logging them.
11:10 One of the tapes that I saw was of a prison in California.
11:15 They had a graduation ceremony
11:16 from the prisoners there who were getting their G.E.D.
11:22 and somebody there said "before you all graduate,
11:27 I'd like to tell you something. "
11:30 And He told us this story that I'm--this illustration
11:35 that I'm sharing with you
11:37 and I thought it was really appropriate for here.
11:39 He showed them the $20 bills and said,
11:41 "Now if I were to crumble this up,
11:44 how many of you would still take it?"
11:46 And all of those hands went up, "I'd still take that $20 bill. "
11:50 He said, "really? It's all wadded up.
11:53 Surely it's not the same value.
11:55 Maybe it's only worth $18 now. "
11:57 No it's still worth $20.
12:00 And so he said,
12:02 "well, what if I were to throw it on the ground
12:04 and step on it,
12:06 what if I were to step on it?
12:11 Now would you like that $20 bill,
12:14 how many of you will take it?"
12:16 And all their hands went up.
12:18 He said, "I don't understand it,
12:20 when it was brand new and crisp, it was worth $20.
12:23 Now its all crumbled up and stepped on.
12:26 Maybe even stained from the bottom of my shoe.
12:29 It's still worth $20, you'd still take it.
12:33 If you were to see it as you were walking down the street
12:37 crumbled up and you say oh,
12:39 there is a piece of paper with the 20 on it,
12:42 you would still pick it up.
12:45 They said, yes we would.
12:46 How about you, would you pick it up?
12:48 You sure would.
12:51 And the reason you would pick it up is
12:53 because even though the condition of it has changed,
12:58 the value of it hasn't changed,
13:01 the value remains the same, It's still worth $20.
13:06 Now think about your life and he was telling these people,
13:10 "You all have done some bad things,
13:12 that's why you're here in prison.
13:14 You all have done some bad things
13:16 where your lives have now been crumpled up
13:19 and disfigured, maybe defaced.
13:23 But I want you to realize
13:26 that no matter how bad you've been,
13:28 no matter what you have done,
13:31 God still looks at your value
13:33 and He is waiting to come and just straighten you out,
13:41 straighten up your life
13:43 because you're still worth something to Him.
13:46 Jesus saw that woman,
13:50 that dirty prostitute laying at His feet
13:54 and He saw her value and He reached down,
13:58 He didn't think it was too much trouble
14:00 to bend down and pick her up.
14:05 He admired her so much, He loved her so much,
14:08 this was His child, she still had value to Him.
14:13 And so He picked her up and He made a difference
14:17 in her life saying, I don't condemn you either.
14:21 And He says the same thing to you.
14:23 It doesn't matter what you have done,
14:26 it doesn't matter how far you've gone,
14:28 how bad you've been, where you've ended up
14:31 or where you are now.
14:34 God is waiting for you
14:36 to come so that He can smooth out
14:39 the rough edges in your life and to make you whole again.
14:43 He wants to restore the value in your eyes,
14:47 the value is still there but He wants you to realize
14:51 that you're still a valuable child of God.
14:57 Second Corinthians 5:17 gives a beautiful illustration
15:02 or a beautiful text telling what this all means
15:08 because when you come to Jesus
15:09 just like this woman came to Jesus,
15:12 you don't stay the same.
15:13 Second Corinthians Chapter 5:17 says,
15:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ,
15:21 he is a new creature, old things are passed away,
15:25 behold, all things are become new. "
15:29 If you are in Christ.
15:32 Come to the foot of the cross, come to the feet of Jesus,
15:36 so that He can do for you what He did to that prostitute,
15:40 so that He can take you and make you a new creature,
15:44 a new creation, give you a brand new start.
15:48 He is not going to reject you, because of how dirty you are,
15:51 sinful you are, He's going to restore
15:54 the value in your eyes.
15:57 It's always been there for Him
15:59 and He's going to reassure you that you're still valuable.
16:07 Jesus was on a donkey,
16:11 He was riding up the road that leads to Jerusalem
16:17 and as He was on that donkey,
16:19 there are multitudes of people surrounding Him, praising Him,
16:24 waving palm branches at Him saying
16:27 "Hosanna, King of the Jews."
16:30 Some taking off their coats and putting in on the path,
16:32 so that the donkey can walk across it.
16:36 All of these people were excited,
16:38 but Jesus was not happy.
16:41 Something was troubling Jesus,
16:43 and Jesus finally gets to the point
16:45 where He could overlook the whole city of Jerusalem
16:49 and He puts His hands, His face in His hands
16:52 and He starts to weep.
16:55 And you can find it in Matthew Chapter 23:37
16:59 but He says, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
17:01 how often I would like to have gathered you
17:04 as a hen gathers her chicks but you would not,
17:07 you wouldn't let me get close to you. "
17:10 There was the businessman down there.
17:13 He had talked to Jesus many occasions
17:15 and he had come to believe what Jesus was saying
17:18 and what He had to offer.
17:21 But he came to Jesus one day and said you know,
17:23 Jesus, I really believe what you're saying
17:25 and I understand it and I agree with it.
17:28 But right now, my business is on a--
17:31 you know, unsteady right now,
17:32 it's on shaky ground and I feel that
17:35 if I took a stand towards you, I could lose it all.
17:39 I wouldn't be able to support my wife and my children.
17:42 But give me a couple of years,
17:44 let me get my business order in, business things in order.
17:48 And then I'll be ready to make a decision for you
17:53 and to follow you all the way.
17:56 And oh, how that crushed Jesus' heart.
18:00 Because Second Corinthians 6:2 says,
18:04 "Behold, now is the accepted time,
18:07 behold, now is the day of salvation. "
18:09 You may not get another chance. Do it today.
18:15 That hurt Jesus.
18:17 How many of us are putting our business
18:22 in front of following Jesus.
18:25 When Jesus tells us follow me all the way,
18:28 keep all of My commandments, keep a day holy.
18:32 The fourth commandment says, keep the seventh day.
18:35 But we say, you know, we have to work on that day
18:37 to provide for the family.
18:39 These days you know we have to work that sixth day
18:42 which is the-- we have to work Saturdays
18:44 which is the sixth work day, the seventh day of the week.
18:50 And Jesus is saying,
18:52 don't concentrate on your business,
18:53 concentrate on following me.
18:56 Now is the accepted time, you may not get another chance.
18:59 Follow me and all these other things will fall into place.
19:04 Overlooking that city there was a society woman down there.
19:08 She'd come to Jesus and said, "Jesus, I believe you too.
19:13 But you know, I am just afraid
19:15 because none of my friends believe you
19:17 and they make fun of me
19:19 when I bring this up and they ridicule me.
19:22 And I don't think I could handle all this
19:24 made fun of and this ridicule, but I have a plan.
19:29 I'm going to slowly and gradually work on them
19:34 and one of these days I know it,
19:36 one of these days, I'll get through to them
19:38 and they will come to you as a group.
19:41 Wouldn't that be better?
19:42 Coming as a group to you rather than just me by myself?"
19:47 And that hurt Jesus too,
19:48 because Jesus doesn't save groups,
19:51 He saves individuals.
19:53 Now a group can be saved but one individual at a time.
19:58 Are you in a group that isn't ready to follow Jesus?
20:04 Leave them behind because Jesus is calling you.
20:07 And if you put Jesus off to go try to win them over,
20:11 chances are they're gonna change your thinking
20:13 and win you back to their side.
20:16 Follow Jesus now while you can.
20:19 And in following Jesus, be the example for them
20:24 that will lead them to Him.
20:27 But Jesus was looking at all those people
20:29 who for one reason or another
20:32 didn't accept Him and it was crushing Him.
20:37 And how He longed to have somebody in that city
20:44 that would stand up for Him.
20:47 Does He long for somebody in your household,
20:50 in your community to stand up for Him?
20:52 Could that somebody be you?
20:55 Stand up for Jesus while you can.
20:57 Stand up to Him, stand up for Him
21:00 while there's still time for you.
21:02 Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.
21:07 You may not get another opportunity.
21:10 Remember that prostitute
21:15 who was--who had given their life to Jesus,
21:20 who had come at Jesus' feet and Jesus transformed her.
21:24 He was thinking about her in the garden
21:30 and He was thinking this is why I was doing it,
21:33 because in the garden, he was wondering
21:36 "God is this even worth it?"
21:39 He was wondering "God, is there any other way
21:42 that I can accomplish what I came to accomplish
21:44 without having to go through with it?"
21:46 And Satan was right there ready to whisper in his ears
21:49 "Jesus don't do this because its not worth it for you.
21:53 You know, all these people who you came to
21:55 and mingled with and all that, they're not accepting you,
21:59 just give them up start over. "
22:02 Satan was there saying "look, not even your closest friends,
22:06 your disciples not all of them are here
22:09 and even the 11 that are here,
22:12 they're not with you, they're not understanding,
22:14 they're not in turn with you, they're back there sleeping.
22:17 Jesus, it's not worth it. Don't go through with it. "
22:23 But there were some people that He kept thinking of,
22:26 and that's what made Him worthwhile for Him.
22:30 Do you think that you made it worthwhile
22:34 as Jesus was thinking about you
22:39 as He looked through time into today's date
22:43 and as He saw you?
22:45 Were you one of those who made it worth it for Jesus?
22:50 I pray that it was,
22:53 I pray that you were the one
22:57 who made it worth it for Jesus.
23:02 Going back to that prostitute, Simon gave a party
23:07 and Jesus was the honored guest
23:10 and as they were there mingling and having a good time,
23:14 in walked this prostitute, in walked Mary Magdalene.
23:19 This former prostitute,
23:24 and she was so thrilled
23:27 with the way that He had
23:29 touched her life and transformed it,
23:31 she left her past behind her.
23:33 Now somebody once said that her past, her prostitution,
23:38 the money that she made from that, she was saving up
23:41 and she had like a year's supply there
23:44 and it was money from her past
23:47 that she had to do something with,
23:48 to get rid of somehow and she came up with the thought
23:52 "I will honor the one who had freed me from this past",
23:57 and so she took that money and went and spent all of it
24:01 and gave it, and bought some perfume.
24:04 Came to that party and when she found Jesus,
24:08 she came to where He was seated, broke that jar of perfume
24:13 and spilled it at His feet,
24:16 took her hair and started wiping His feet with it,
24:22 showing that Jesus this is my past.
24:26 I took my past-- the money from my past
24:29 and bought this and I'm pouring it at your feet.
24:32 Have you done that?
24:34 Have you packaged up your past and given it to Jesus?
24:40 Have you said "I want to leave this behind,
24:42 I'm giving it to you so that you can dispose of it properly?"
24:46 That's what Jesus wants you to do.
24:51 We're told that Jesus was weak, He hadn't had a lot of food
24:55 since the last supper, He hadn't had lot of sleep
24:57 but there He was walking up the hill to Calvary.
25:02 And He was weak and He was falling down.
25:05 And somebody gave a beautiful illustration
25:07 saying that, when He was down on the ground
25:10 wondering if it was worth it,
25:13 that whiff of perfume from couple of nights before
25:16 that Mary had put on Him, He caught a glimpse--
25:20 a whiff of and said yes, it is worth it.
25:24 And as He got up there on to the hill
25:29 and they nailed Him to the cross,
25:31 it was the thief on the cross who believed
25:34 that made it worth it for Him.
25:36 It was this Mary who gave--
25:41 who changed her life because of Him,
25:43 who accepted Him, who made it worth it for Him.
25:47 It was acknowledged that some people living today
25:50 would stand up for Him and say "I am going to accept You
25:54 and I'm going to be one of those waiting for You"
25:57 that made it worthwhile for Him.
26:02 And some people say if I had been there that day,
26:04 that crucifixion day, I would have looked up to Jesus
26:06 and said "Jesus I accept you. "
26:09 But what about today?
26:11 Can you look up to Jesus and say "I accept you.
26:15 Now I am going to live for you. "
26:17 That's what Jesus wants,
26:19 that's what would make Him happy.
26:23 Are you waiting for Him?
26:25 Now some of you feel impressed
26:29 that you know, my life hasn't been what it should be.
26:32 I've never really packaged up my past
26:33 and given it to Jesus, I've never come to Him
26:36 and you'd like to do that right now?
26:37 I encourage you to do that.
26:39 And others have given your life to Him
26:41 but your life hasn't been following exactly in line with
26:47 making Jesus proud and pleased.
26:50 And so you'd like to say, Jesus I'd like to recommit myself.
26:54 I invite you to do that right now as well.
26:56 Let's have a short prayer.
26:58 Father in heaven, as we look into our lives
27:02 and see that we're not where we should be,
27:05 and we see that we're still clinging to our past
27:07 I just pray that You help us package it up
27:10 and lay it at your feet and leave at there.
27:14 And I pray, Lord, that
27:16 we have a working relationship with you,
27:19 that we give our life to serving and living for You.
27:24 I pray that You come into our hearts,
27:26 into our lives and transform us, make us into new creatures,
27:30 in Jesus name, amen.
27:33 You know, my Uncle Simon isn't coming anymore,
27:38 but Jesus is coming and He doesn't care
27:41 about your screen door, or your painted house,
27:44 or even your shoes.
27:47 He is coming to see His family
27:50 and to take them home with Him.
27:53 It is my prayer that you are one of those waiting for Him,
27:57 that He is coming to take home.


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