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00:29 Hello, welcome to our program.
00:31 Thank you for joining us.
00:32 My name is Henry Juarez.
00:34 I am a youth leader.
00:35 I've been a youth leader for the past 12 years
00:37 beginning in Texas and now here in Illinois.
00:40 And I'm going to talk a little bit
00:42 about what God requires from us.
00:45 But before we do that, let's have a word of prayer.
00:48 Father in heaven, today as we open Your word
00:51 and find out Your requirements
00:54 to having a lasting meaningful relationship with You,
00:58 I pray that we take this information
01:01 and we apply it to our lives, in Jesus name, amen.
01:06 When I was growing up,
01:08 one of my favorite evening past-times
01:11 was spending it with my father.
01:13 He worked all during the day
01:15 and it was those evening moments that we cherished.
01:18 And on several occasions,
01:20 we all would try to wrestle him to the ground.
01:24 There were four children at that time
01:26 and I remember our goal was to knock him down.
01:29 And so one of us would grab one leg,
01:31 the other would grab the other leg,
01:33 one would hop on his back and try to pull him
01:35 and the other would hop on from his front,
01:37 pulling his neck down.
01:39 My dad was a little sneaky though or a little prankster,
01:43 little tricky because just as he was about to go down,
01:46 he would put his hand to his back and say,
01:48 "Oh, oh, my back, my back."
01:50 And we didn't want to hurt our father,
01:52 so all of us let go.
01:53 And we were concerned with big eyes,
01:56 you know, "Are you okay, dad?"
01:57 And he'd say, "Oh, oh, my back, my back."
01:59 And then he'd look for the closest person
02:01 and he'd grab him and knock him down.
02:03 And the game would start over again.
02:06 Well, sometimes he was already lying down on the floor
02:09 on his stomach and now the game was to roll him over
02:12 and flip him onto his back.
02:14 And two of us would be on one side pulling
02:17 and the other two would be on the other side pushing,
02:21 trying to get him over and just as he was about
02:23 to roll over, I don't think
02:26 I've ever been a part of him rolling over,
02:28 he's always found some kind of renewed strength
02:31 and made some kind of move and there he was,
02:33 back on his stomach again
02:35 and we'd have to start all over again.
02:37 I play this game with my two children now.
02:39 And we really enjoy it.
02:41 Even 2-year-old Silvia gets in on the action
02:44 as we have these little wrestling matches
02:46 in our living room.
02:49 Well, I grew up watching wrestling on television.
02:53 There was a guy back then who had a different mask
02:56 that he wore every time he came out to wrestle.
02:59 His name was Mil Mascaras,
03:01 which means 1,000 masks.
03:03 One time we were in Mexico
03:05 and we saw his poster, we saw masks.
03:09 And my brother and I decided to each buy one
03:11 and so that made our wrestling matches at home
03:14 a little more interesting when we had the masks on.
03:18 But, you know, I've always had that question
03:21 and even today more so, is wrestling fake?
03:24 Do they cheat a lot?
03:26 And I remember when wrestling was sane,
03:29 when it was kosher back then not like it is today.
03:33 Back then, if there was a wrestler in trouble
03:35 and he put his foot-- put his leg on the rope,
03:39 the referee would tap the opponent on the back.
03:41 He'd have to get up, the person on the bottom
03:44 would get up and they'd start all over again.
03:47 And I saw this one program
03:48 where one of the wrestlers was in such deep trouble,
03:51 he tried putting his foot on the rope,
03:54 but he was just a little few inches away.
03:56 He just couldn't quite make it there.
03:58 And he decided to take matters into his own hands.
04:01 He reached around his opponent
04:03 and tapped him on the shoulder himself.
04:05 And the guy thinking that it was the referee,
04:07 got up, and he was able to get up
04:09 and continue wrestling.
04:11 My brother tried that on me one time
04:13 and I said, "I saw the same program,
04:14 it's not gonna work."
04:16 Now some of you are probably wondering
04:18 what is wrestling have to do
04:19 with the word of God, with the Bible?
04:22 Well, before you change the channel
04:24 realize that wrestling is biblical.
04:26 We read that Jacob wrestled with an angel all night long,
04:31 but the one that I really want to share with you
04:32 is in Ephesians Chapter 6.
04:35 You might be familiar with it now.
04:38 Ephesians Chapter 6, beginning with verse 11.
04:46 Ephesians 6:11 says "Put on the whole amour of God,
04:51 that ye may be able to stand
04:53 against the wiles of the devil.
04:55 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
04:59 but against principalities, against powers,
05:02 against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
05:04 against spiritual wickedness in high places."
05:10 If you think wrestling is bad here on earth,
05:14 think about what the rulers of the darkness
05:17 of this world are gonna try to pool over on us.
05:20 It's really gonna get messy here,
05:22 but we don't have to be afraid
05:24 because God has supplied us with the means to get through this.
05:29 Let me give you another illustration in sports.
05:33 In my eighth or ninth grade years,
05:35 I went to a Baptist school
05:37 and we competed in sports against other schools.
05:40 And one of the first sports
05:41 that we were engaged in was soccer.
05:45 And we enjoyed it.
05:46 The school provided the uniforms for us,
05:50 but everybody hated wearing those shin guards.
05:53 They were just uncomfortable.
05:55 We would wear them in the game.
05:57 We understood the purpose
05:58 and the value of having them on while we were playing.
06:01 But we didn't really enjoy having them on
06:03 as we were standing on the sidelines waiting our turn
06:06 and so some of us would take our shin guards off.
06:10 And the coach was always trying to--
06:12 he was ragging on somebody to put their shin guards back on.
06:15 He says, "You're not fully dressed.
06:17 That's part of your uniform.
06:19 You have to be fully dressed in your full uniform."
06:22 Well, when we would compete against other schools,
06:25 the coach made it a point
06:27 that he would have everybody rotate in,
06:29 whether we were good or not, we all got to play.
06:33 And this one occasion at this soccer match
06:36 that we were engaged in, there were four gentlemen,
06:38 four boys who didn't get to play.
06:41 One of them, his name was Jack.
06:43 Jack was in eighth grade with me and he began crying.
06:49 He saw that there were, like, 2 minutes left in the game
06:51 and these four boys hadn't been rotated in
06:53 and the coach was rotating people who had already played.
06:57 He said, "I know I'm not gonna get to play in this game."
07:01 And he started to cry.
07:02 He was an eighth grader just like me.
07:06 Well, the game was over.
07:07 And in the locker room these four men,
07:09 these four boys confronted the coach.
07:12 And they said, "Coach, you're not fair.
07:14 We're gonna tell on you. You weren't right.
07:17 You should have rotated us."
07:19 And the coach said something that I will never forget.
07:23 He said, "Guys, we were out there to play soccer
07:29 and everybody who was in full uniform got to play.
07:34 You four boys didn't have your shin guards on.
07:38 And I couldn't send you out there unprotected."
07:42 Well, one of the boys said,
07:43 "But coach, we had them with us."
07:46 And the coach said, "Having them with you
07:49 isn't gonna help you.
07:50 Having them on is what's gonna help you.
07:54 I could send you out there unprotected.
07:57 I was hoping that you would put on your full uniform
08:01 so that I could send you out there in the game.
08:04 No, I didn't let you down.
08:08 You let me down.
08:10 You let your team down and you let yourself down."
08:16 Turn back to Ephesians Chapter 6,
08:20 going back to verse 11 again.
08:23 It says, "Put on the whole armour of God,
08:29 that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."
08:33 You need to put on your whole armor, all of it.
08:37 Look at verse 13, "Wherefore take unto you
08:40 the whole armour of God
08:42 that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
08:46 and having done all, to stand.
08:50 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,
08:53 and having on the breastplate of righteousness.
08:56 And your feet shod with the preparation
08:58 of the gospel of peace.
09:00 Above all, taking the shield of faith,
09:04 wherewith ye shall be able to quench
09:05 all the fiery darts of the wicked.
09:08 And take the helmet of salvation,
09:10 and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."
09:14 Now what does the Bible say about your uniform?
09:19 To put it all on.
09:21 Put on the whole armor of God.
09:24 Now the similarities between God and my coach,
09:28 you know, both of them supplied the uniform to us,
09:32 but neither of them got us dressed.
09:36 We have to get dressed ourselves.
09:38 We decide whether we're gonna put on our whole uniform,
09:41 put on our whole armor
09:44 or if we're gonna leave our shin guards off
09:46 and be exposed to the kicks of the devil.
09:49 It's up to us.
09:51 They can't make us put our uniform on.
09:55 They just supply it for us.
09:58 Here is the game plan.
09:59 On God's team, we all start out equal.
10:03 We're all the same.
10:04 Our physical abilities and talents and all that,
10:07 those have nothing to do with anything.
10:11 But two characteristics determine
10:15 how long we get to play
10:17 and what the final outcome for us is.
10:20 And those two characteristics are the word of God and prayer.
10:27 These are the links to God.
10:29 By spending time in the word of God,
10:31 by spending time in the Bible,
10:32 you will find the strength and the ability to overcome.
10:37 Jesus quoted scripture
10:39 and He was very effective in defeating Satan.
10:43 We have the same potential.
10:45 We can defeat Satan too by quoting our scripture.
10:47 Now did you notice one of the uniform,
10:51 one of the armor was the word of God.
10:54 There was the sword of the Spirit
10:57 which is the word of God.
10:59 This is your uniform.
11:01 This is part of your armor.
11:03 And if you take the time
11:04 to find out what it says and how to use it,
11:07 if you take the time to sharpen your skills,
11:09 you're gonna be victorious.
11:11 If you have the rest of your uniform on too
11:14 and not expose any part to this conniving devil
11:18 that's out there ready to get you at your weakest link,
11:21 at your weakest point.
11:24 You need to spend time in this to figure out what it says
11:27 and how to use it so that you can be victorious
11:30 just like Christ was.
11:31 He was our example.
11:33 Prayer, prayer is our own personal time at the throne.
11:38 Imagine wanting to make an appointment
11:41 with the President of the Unites States
11:43 or the President or ruler in your country.
11:47 These men, these rulers,
11:49 these people are very, very busy
11:52 with the affairs of their nation,
11:54 of their country.
11:55 Do you think that they will drop what they are doing
11:58 just to have an appointment with you?
12:01 Most likely not.
12:03 However, use your imagination
12:05 and let's suppose a miracle took place.
12:08 And they decided that they were gonna give you some time.
12:11 They were gonna make an appointment with you.
12:14 When you go in to see this person,
12:17 they're gonna want you to cut right to your point.
12:20 They're not gonna want much small talk.
12:23 They're not gonna want to hear about
12:24 what your hobbies and interests are.
12:27 They're not gonna want to know
12:28 that your 8-month-old baby is learning to walk already.
12:32 They don't care about that.
12:34 They want you to state your purpose,
12:36 make your point
12:37 so that they can go on to the next person
12:38 and the next big issue.
12:43 You would feel very, very awkward
12:46 if you were in that meeting, meeting with this person
12:50 realizing that he's looking at his watch and saying,
12:52 "When is this gonna be over," and,
12:54 "Okay, have you made your point yet?"
12:55 You wouldn't really appreciate that meeting, would you?
12:58 And I wonder if sometimes we are the same way
13:02 like that with God.
13:05 You see, we look at God in prayers,
13:09 "Oh, yeah, it's time to pray.
13:11 Uh, we better pray now,"
13:14 as if God were imposing on your day
13:17 when God doesn't want to be a distraction here
13:22 or an imposition for you.
13:24 He wants you to enjoy this because spending time with God,
13:29 you have all the time in the world.
13:31 You know what God says?
13:33 "Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden
13:36 and I will give you rest.
13:38 Rest here with me.
13:39 Take however long it takes for you to find rest
13:43 and gain your strength again with me,
13:45 with my word in prayer, in conversation with me.
13:48 I can provide this for you."
13:51 He says, "I've set aside 1 day in 7
13:54 to spend the whole day with you.
13:57 Please don't trample it
13:59 as if it has no significance to you."
14:03 Here we have the opportunity to meet with the Father
14:06 for as long as we want.
14:08 He is interested in our hobbies.
14:11 He is interested
14:13 in our 8-month-old learning to walk already.
14:15 He gets a kick out of that.
14:17 That is so neat.
14:19 He longs for us to go into detail
14:21 about the things that we're involved in,
14:24 the things that are important to us.
14:26 And He wants us to see-- He wants to see us victorious
14:30 when it comes to wrestling
14:31 with the rulers of the darkness of this world.
14:34 He wants to see that our armor is on, all of it,
14:38 so that no part is left vulnerable to the devil.
14:42 Prayer is our alone time with the Father.
14:45 The more time we spend in prayer,
14:47 the stronger the bond between us,
14:49 and the more we long to go home with Him
14:52 so that we can see Him face to face.
14:56 You know, in the Bible there are four words
14:59 that I believe are the saddest words
15:01 ever recorded in the Bible,
15:03 especially if they are spoken to you.
15:06 Those are found in Matthew Chapter 7
15:10 in verse--beginning with verse 21.
15:14 Matthew Chapter 7 beginning with verse 21 says
15:18 "Not every one that saith unto me,
15:20 Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven
15:24 but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
15:28 Many will say to me in that day,
15:30 Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?
15:34 And in thy name have cast out devils?
15:37 And in thy name done many wonderful works?
15:41 And then will I profess unto them,"
15:43 these four saddest words, "I never knew you,"
15:49 I never knew you, "depart from me,
15:54 ye that work iniquity."
16:01 He is saying not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord,
16:05 shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.
16:07 Who is it that calls Jesus Lord?
16:11 Are the people in the world, the sinners
16:14 those who are not even claiming Him,
16:18 are they the ones calling Jesus, Lord?
16:21 No, it is the Christians.
16:23 Christians call Him Lord
16:25 and it's saying not everyone who says Lord, Lord,
16:27 not every Christian is gonna make it into heaven.
16:30 Not every one that says unto me, Lord, Lord.
16:33 And then it says, "But He that doeth the will of my Father
16:38 which is in heaven."
16:39 Many are gonna come to Him and say,
16:41 "Lord, but we did things for You.
16:43 Everything we did was in Your name, for Your best interest.
16:47 We taught our Sabbath school class.
16:49 We got up and lead praise and worship music.
16:51 We went door to door giving Bible studies.
16:54 We were in pathfinders.
16:55 We were training your children.
16:57 Lord, all of these things we did for You.
17:00 We went on mission trips."
17:02 And Jesus is gonna say, "I never knew you.
17:05 I wanted to get to know you, but you never came.
17:10 I wanted to get to know you, up close and personal.
17:13 I wanted to spend time with you.
17:16 I wanted to walk and talk with you.
17:18 I wanted to hold your hand.
17:19 I wanted to be intimate with you.
17:23 I wanted to say I love you.
17:26 And I wanted to hear you say that you love me back,
17:32 but I never knew you.
17:34 We never got acquainted.
17:36 Depart from Me, you who are cast into hell's fire
17:40 that wasn't even prepared for you,
17:42 but for the devil and his angels,
17:45 but because you didn't come to know me,
17:48 because you didn't take advantage of every opportunity
17:51 that I extended to you, you've missed out."
17:57 We need to take time
17:59 to get to know Jesus on a personal level.
18:02 And we do it by spending time in His word
18:06 and by spending time in prayer.
18:09 In my senior year in high school,
18:11 I helped my senior class
18:13 in a couple of track and field events.
18:15 We were competing class against class.
18:18 And there were two events,
18:19 two races that I was involved in.
18:21 One of them was a 3 mile cross country race
18:24 and the other one was just a 1 mile race.
18:28 Now I remember getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning.
18:31 I had a running partner, Bob.
18:33 Bob and I would get up at 5:00 in the morning.
18:35 We would do our stretching and then we would run together.
18:41 We were running partners down the same course
18:43 that we were gonna run later on in the year,
18:46 down the same course
18:47 that our 3 mile cross country race was gonna go.
18:51 We went for several weeks
18:52 on the same course running together.
18:54 5 o'clock every single morning getting up
18:57 until Bob broke his leg playing soccer.
19:02 He couldn't run anymore.
19:04 I didn't have a running partner and so I stopped training.
19:09 What a terrible excuse,
19:11 a terrible excuse to stop training, huh?
19:15 What excuses are we making
19:19 in not training in our spiritual race?
19:22 Not training for that.
19:24 What excuses are we making for not wearing
19:26 our full whole armor?
19:30 We need to stick to what we started.
19:32 We need to continue training.
19:35 We can't ever say, "Well, I think I've trained enough,"
19:37 and then coast until race day.
19:40 We've got to keep there, keep at it.
19:43 Now the 1 mile race, it was held on the track
19:46 and we had to run around the track four times.
19:49 One of the little tricks that we used to get in shape
19:53 and to practice for this was we would get the ankle weights,
19:57 tie them around our ankles and we'd run with those.
20:01 And we would try to get faster and faster
20:03 but using the weights on us.
20:05 And then on race day, we took the weights off
20:08 and it seemed like we were soaring through the air.
20:10 It seemed like we were flying
20:12 because we didn't have this weight
20:14 that was holding us back.
20:17 There's a text I'd like to share here too,
20:19 Hebrews 12:1, 2.
20:26 Hebrews 12:1, 2, actually, just verse 1,
20:32 "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about
20:36 with so great a cloud of witnesses,
20:38 let us lay aside every weight,
20:41 and the sin which doth so easily beset us,
20:44 and let us run with patience the race that is set before us."
20:50 We need to get rid of our weights
20:53 and the sin that so easily beset us
20:56 so that we can run full steam ahead.
20:58 But when you start that 1 mile race,
21:01 you don't start full steam ahead because you'll soon lose steam
21:05 before you even get halfway through.
21:08 You need to pace yourself first.
21:10 And here we are at the beginning of the race,
21:13 the gun goes off and we all take off
21:15 at the same time in a gentle stride.
21:19 We're each looking at each other making sure
21:23 that we're not getting too far ahead,
21:25 but we're not getting too far behind either.
21:28 We're just taking a look at each other
21:31 and just going at a nice even pace.
21:34 We go around that first lap.
21:36 We go around that second lap.
21:38 We're all here basically in a group still.
21:41 As we get to the third lap,
21:42 we start increasing our speed.
21:45 And as we get to that fourth lap,
21:47 we're really going.
21:48 When we get to that final curve and we see that finish line,
21:51 we're in a full sprint
21:53 as if we were running the 100 yard dash.
21:55 We're giving it our all, giving it our best shot.
22:00 I believe that we have entered into that final stretch
22:05 in this race that God has laid before us
22:07 since the beginning of time.
22:09 I believe that we're living in a very critical
22:12 and significant and a historic time in God's timetable.
22:16 Things are happening quickly.
22:19 This is the final stretch.
22:20 Bible prophecy is being fulfilled as never before.
22:23 And I believe that we could be the very generation
22:27 that ushers the return of Jesus.
22:29 At any moment, we could hear that trumpet sound
22:32 and look in the east
22:33 and see Jesus coming in the clouds of glory,
22:36 in full glory and honor and majesty and power.
22:39 I believe we will get to see that.
22:44 We can look up there and see Him
22:46 riding in that white horse coming to us,
22:50 coming to take us home with Him to spend eternity with Him.
22:54 But you know what?
22:56 I believe that if you don't have your shin guards on,
23:01 I believe that if your whole armor isn't on,
23:05 that somehow maybe,
23:07 you won't be one of those who are waiting for Him.
23:12 And that just maybe He's not coming for you
23:16 because you are not ready.
23:19 You are not longing for Him to come.
23:21 You are not ready at a moment's notice
23:24 to say, "Okay, He's here. Great.
23:26 Here I am, Lord, take me."
23:28 If you are not ready, if you are not longing for Him,
23:32 if you don't have your armor on, He's not coming for you.
23:37 We need to spend time with the Lord and the Savior.
23:40 We need to get to know Him personally, intimately.
23:44 We need to get fully dressed
23:46 with the armor that He has provided for you. It's there.
23:50 All we have to do is put it on and learn how to use it.
23:55 We are all running a race.
23:57 Some of us are running for whatever we can gain
24:00 in this earth, whether it be possessions,
24:02 monetary gain, whether it be a spouse,
24:05 whether it be high positions.
24:07 Some of us are looking for that
24:09 while some of us are looking to receive
24:13 more lasting rewards of eternity.
24:15 Look at 1 Corinthians 9:24, 25.
24:24 It says, "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all,
24:30 but one receiveth the prize?
24:32 So run, that ye may obtain.
24:34 And every man that striveth for the mastery
24:37 is temperate in all things.
24:41 Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown,
24:45 but we an incorruptible."
24:48 Are you running for an incorruptible crown?
24:52 If so, what are you doing about it that you are in this race?
24:58 You know, I was listening to some messages
25:02 that were given at an ASI convention back in 2000.
25:07 They caught my attention because for those of you
25:09 who don't know, ASI is an organization designed
25:14 for businessmen and women
25:17 to share Jesus in the marketplace where they are.
25:19 And they have a convention where they come and say,
25:22 "Hey, this is what we did in our marketplace.
25:24 This is what we did in our business where we shared Jesus.
25:28 We were successful in this area."
25:30 And they picked the highlights of all of these people.
25:33 They picked the highlights and have them up on stage
25:36 so they can motivate and encourage other people,
25:39 other businessmen to do the same thing
25:42 in their business to try it out.
25:44 And it's very, very uplifting.
25:47 It's motivating to hear what other people are doing.
25:51 And they're not pastors and they're not professionals.
25:54 These people are people who are just regular laymen like us.
26:00 And these people seem to have a catchphrase
26:04 that they were all saying this particular year.
26:07 And that was something to the effect of
26:09 "5 minutes sooner."
26:11 What they were saying is, "Whatever we can do that
26:14 will help Jesus come 5 minutes sooner
26:17 than what He was planning to come,
26:19 I'd like to do that.
26:21 I'd like to be a part in something that will usher
26:23 Jesus' return even if it's just 5 minutes sooner."
26:28 Are you willing to do that?
26:32 Are you willing to do your part?
26:35 You see Jesus did His part.
26:37 2,000 years ago,
26:40 in an upper room somewhere outside Jerusalem.
26:42 The disciples are scared to death
26:44 because this person they spend the last 3 1/2 years with
26:47 the person they thought
26:49 was gonna set up their kingdom is now dead.
26:52 All courage is lost, all excitement and all that.
26:56 Their lives will never be the same again.
26:59 And they--little did they know that the same Jesus
27:06 who they are mourning at this moment
27:08 was about to come into that closed locked room
27:11 and tell them, "I am alive
27:13 and I need you to go spread my love to everybody."
27:18 And the disciples started doing that.
27:19 The people out there thought that they could kill Jesus
27:22 and kill His message, but, no, there goes Peter.
27:24 He's spreading it up again and the other disciples.
27:27 And Mary and Martha and some of these others,
27:29 they're doing the same thing.
27:31 What about you, are you spreading Jesus?
27:34 Are you sharing Him with everybody?
27:36 Are you trying to make Jesus' return just 5 minutes sooner?
27:40 Are you doing your best?
27:42 I pray that you are.
27:43 I pray that you dress yourself with the full armor of God
27:47 that He is coming for you, that you are longing to see Him,
27:52 that you are willing to do whatever it takes
27:54 to usher Him in just 5 minutes sooner.


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