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00:29 I welcome you to our program today.
00:32 My name is Dennis Uffindell,
00:34 and I'm looking forward to the opportunity
00:35 of sharing God's word with you.
00:38 You know, we human beings have a problem, we like to sin.
00:44 We don't like to admit that but that is the truth.
00:48 But the truth goes even further than that,
00:50 we can't help sinning
00:53 and so that puts quite a heavy pressure
00:55 on people who want to do what is right.
00:58 Now unfortunately Christians even--
01:02 sincere Christians have often not diagnosed
01:06 what the real problem is that we face.
01:10 And so they don't really understand
01:12 what the gospel is all about.
01:14 You see our problem is not that we like to sin.
01:19 I want to focus on what our real problem is.
01:24 I don't know whether you've noticed it,
01:25 but in the Bible there are many, many symbols of Jesus.
01:29 To me it's fascinating that everyone of them
01:33 is something that is important to us
01:35 in this life in the ordinary sense of the word.
01:38 For instance, we like security.
01:43 And the Bible says that Christ is our rock.
01:46 Now rock represents security
01:50 and we're all floundering if we don't have security.
01:54 Christ says, "I'm that."
01:58 Water is absolutely vital to us.
02:01 I'm glad that they provided me some water here.
02:04 We need water constantly.
02:05 We can't live without it for very long.
02:08 The simple fact is that without Jesus Christ
02:15 we can't live spiritually.
02:18 And so He illustrates Himself as the water of life.
02:23 And then He also speaks of Himself
02:25 as the bread of life.
02:28 And we know that while we much prefer to eat more,
02:31 much more than simply bread,
02:32 at the same time if I've got bread and water,
02:36 I can survive for a long time.
02:39 Jesus meets our fundamental needs.
02:43 We also need light, and Jesus said,
02:46 "I'm the light of the world." so He is my light and yours.
02:52 He also says, "That all power is given on to Him."
02:58 And I'm weak but He is strong,
03:01 so I can draw my power from Him.
03:05 I don't know about you,
03:06 but I often find myself very foolish.
03:11 But Jesus is not, He says, "He has all wisdom."
03:15 And so I can draw my wisdom from Him.
03:18 And one thing if we're honest with ourselves that we all know
03:22 and that is that we are unrighteous.
03:26 And the Bible says, "The Lord is our righteousness."
03:32 I also have inclined not to know the way,
03:35 we only have to look it all the different religions
03:37 and ideas that human beings have believed
03:40 and followed to know that
03:43 all those divergent ways cannot possibly be right.
03:47 It can't be, but Jesus said, "I'm the way."
03:52 So He is our answer to that.
03:55 Also the Bible says,
03:56 "That the wage of sin is death."
03:59 I don't about you, but I don't want to die.
04:02 What happened?
04:04 Jesus sacrificed His life so that I don't have to die,
04:07 so He is my answer to that problem too.
04:11 And one of the most beautiful of all,
04:14 Jesus is said to be the life.
04:19 He is my life, so Jesus is everything to me
04:24 and that's why He calls Himself,
04:26 "The I'm impart."
04:29 Because He is everything to us.
04:33 Which brings us to a very important fact
04:37 that I hope we will never ever forget
04:39 and that is this, God has no answer
04:43 to the sin problem, but Himself.
04:47 We can imagine all kinds of other answers,
04:50 but He said, "I'm the only answer."
04:53 Not doctrines, not even churches,
04:56 not good deeds, just Him.
05:00 Now of course there are many things
05:02 that help us along the Christian way,
05:05 and I'm not knocking those and churches,
05:07 and doctrines, and those things all help.
05:11 But unless they point us to Jesus Christ,
05:15 then in fact we will not have the answer to our problems.
05:20 You see our real problem is separation from Him.
05:24 And if you look back to when sin started
05:25 in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve,
05:28 what happened?
05:30 Eve chose to believe Satan instead of God.
05:36 And having made that choice,
05:38 she was separated from God
05:40 and Adam choosing to go with her was separated too.
05:42 So when God came to talk with them
05:44 in the garden at the cool of the day,
05:48 as He'd customarily done.
05:50 What did they do? They ran away.
05:52 They were acknowledging
05:54 the very fact of this separation.
05:58 The only solution to our problem
06:02 is reunion with Him, not all the other things
06:06 that we so often focus upon.
06:08 And that's what's wrong with legalism.
06:11 You've doubtless heard the term legalism.
06:13 And it means trying to earn your way
06:15 by doing what is right.
06:17 And also many religious people, sincere people try to do that.
06:23 The problem with that is, that He is concerned
06:25 with the symptoms rather than the disease.
06:30 Sin is the symptom of our separation from God.
06:35 The answer to the problem is reunion with Him,
06:39 not trying to do things that are right.
06:41 Because inevitably when we try to do that
06:44 without Him, we will fail.
06:48 And the Apostle Paul said, in these wonderful words,
06:51 "Christ liveth in me,
06:53 and the life that I now live in the flesh
06:56 I live by the faith of the Son of God,
06:59 who loved me, and gave himself for me."
07:03 So this man who hated Christians
07:06 and who is opposed to the cause of God
07:09 was transformed by the fact that he opened his heart
07:13 for Jesus Christ to come and live in him
07:16 and express Himself in him.
07:20 Then the question can be asked. Then why am I so weak.
07:24 Because I want to live the Christian life.
07:28 God knew that this would be a problem
07:31 and He of course has an answer to it,
07:33 that we might be victorious,
07:36 and the answer is what we call the incarnation.
07:40 What has happened?
07:41 The Son of God takes on a human nature
07:45 and so as one combined person God and man,
07:50 He comes down to earth to illustrate
07:54 and to be the answer to our sin problem?
07:57 That's why when He came to earth,
07:58 He was called Immanuel that is God with us.
08:03 Not God looking down on us and frowning at us,
08:07 and saying, "Why do you do this
08:10 and I'm disgusted with you for that."
08:12 But God saying, "I'm coming to you as a sinner,
08:16 to unite you with Myself
08:20 that you may cease being a lost sinner.
08:24 Isn't that wonderful?
08:26 That's the kind of God that we are dealing with.
08:29 And it was also to demonstrate the invincibility of truth.
08:34 You say, how does that happen? Well, how did Jesus come?
08:39 You see, He could have come as a mighty angel,
08:41 with all the intelligence and power that an angel has
08:45 and scattered the powers of darkness.
08:48 He didn't do that
08:49 because I don't have that option.
08:51 How did He come?
08:54 As a man, well, not even as a man,
08:57 He came as a tiny babe.
09:00 Can you imagine anything weaker
09:03 and more helpless than a new born baby?
09:07 By coming in that form, you know what Jesus was saying,
09:12 "I want to show you just how weak evil is.
09:17 That I could come into the fortress of Satan
09:20 which is this wicked little world
09:22 in the weakest possible form and I could triumph,
09:25 demonstrate the weakness of sin,
09:28 and the power of truth.
09:30 Now that gives me courage, it doesn't give you?
09:32 Tremendous courage because I know
09:35 that if I hang on to truth,
09:37 and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
09:42 And He has promised to keep holding me,
09:45 then I cannot fail.
09:48 Hell at its strongest is not enough
09:52 for truth at his weakest.
09:56 That to me is one of the most beautiful things in the Bible.
10:02 In Romans 8:37 the Apostle Paul says, this,
10:06 he says,
10:11 "In all these things we are more than conquerors
10:14 through Him that loved us."
10:16 Not by the strength we develop,
10:19 but by the strength that He represents
10:21 when He come into our lives.
10:24 And Jesus demonstrated as a real man
10:28 with a real human nature,
10:30 and He said, "I and my father are one."
10:34 That was the key to His victory over Satan,
10:36 every time from a little child, until He died upon the cross,
10:42 He and His father are one.
10:46 And the answer for His life
10:49 is the answer for your life and for mine.
10:54 In the wonderful book The Desire of Ages,
10:56 one of my favorites it says this, very simply,
11:01 "We may overcome as He overcame."
11:04 And that sums up
11:05 what the Bible has to say on it.
11:08 We have to follow His steps, and then we can overcome.
11:12 The one great difference between Jesus Christ
11:16 and us or the two is
11:18 one that He was in His own person the God man,
11:23 the other thing is that He never sinned.
11:27 And that was because He was always
11:28 united with His father.
11:31 But He was victorious in the same nature
11:34 that you and I have.
11:35 So remember this and never forget it,
11:38 God has no answer to your sin problem
11:41 or mine or anyone else's, but Himself.
11:46 He wants to come and live in you and me.
11:51 And that is why He came to demonstrate
11:53 what that union can accomplish not only in His son,
11:58 but also in you and in me.
12:03 Now I've discovered that Satan has a tactic.
12:08 Have you noticed that
12:09 those who are weak are inclined to shout,
12:12 to try and make it look as though they're strong?
12:15 I never forget a little case where this happened.
12:18 My brother and I, my younger brother
12:20 and I were on vacation together
12:21 and we decided to go horse riding.
12:23 Now it just so happens that I had done
12:26 quite a bit of riding at one stage in my life
12:28 but he had virtually never got on a horse's back before,
12:31 and so he was nervous
12:33 and when they brought the horses out,
12:36 he wanted me to have the lively horse
12:38 and he had placid horse.
12:39 Well, anyway we had a good ride out in the countryside,
12:42 but to get back to the stables we had to go through the town.
12:46 It's only a small town
12:47 but there was a lot of hustle and bustle,
12:49 at summer time and with the traffic
12:52 my horse started to prance a bit
12:54 and he became afraid.
12:55 Why?
12:56 Because he was afraid that my horse would bolt
12:58 and if it did then his would bolt
13:00 and he wouldn't know what to do.
13:02 Even though I was holding mine in tight.
13:04 So what did he do, he started to bark orders to me.
13:06 Now he didn't know what to do
13:08 but he sounded good with all this loud voice
13:11 and apparent confidence.
13:13 And the devil does exactly the same thing
13:15 and tries to get away with it.
13:17 But don't believe Satan, believe God.
13:22 The truth is that Satan knows that God is all powerful
13:26 and that he is comparatively weak.
13:29 But he wants to deceive us and he often gets away with it.
13:35 Now I come to the assured faith
13:37 because relationships are based on faith, aren't they?
13:40 If my relationship with my wife is to be worth anything,
13:45 I must trust her and trust her fully.
13:49 And that's why in the Bible talking about
13:52 Abraham's faith, it says simply this,
13:55 "Abraham being fully persuaded that,
13:58 what God had promised, he was able also to perform."
14:03 Notice that half enough, half and half wondering
14:06 whether God would be able to or not.
14:09 But fully persuaded
14:11 that God was able to keep His promise, I like that.
14:16 Now remember too that the very message of the gospels
14:19 underlines this important truth.
14:22 You know, two blind men came to Jesus.
14:26 What do you suppose they wanted?
14:27 They wanted their sight restored,
14:29 but that kind of thing does not happen, does it?
14:31 Somebody just seeing touching people's eyes
14:34 and they healed and so because he knew that
14:38 their faith was a little weak He said to them,
14:41 "Be it on to you according to your faith."
14:47 They put themselves by faith in the hands of the Lord,
14:51 and their sight was restored.
14:55 And so He says to you,
14:57 "Be it on to you according to your faith.
15:01 If you'll trust me fully,
15:03 there is no limit to what I can do for you."
15:07 Do you know, we have a beautiful little story
15:09 in the New Testament that illustrates this.
15:14 When Mary was told that
15:18 she was to be the mother of our Lord,
15:22 even though she was a virgin and she just simply said,
15:29 "Be it on to me according to your word."
15:31 Isn't that lovely?
15:32 This'd never happened before,
15:34 it was going to put her in a very vulnerable position
15:36 because people would be talking about her.
15:42 But she simply trusted God.
15:44 And God was able to do wonderful things
15:47 because of that trust.
15:50 And he could do that too.
15:53 Remember a wonderful truth that the sisters of Lazarus said,
15:59 you know he had died.
16:00 Jesus was away, they wanted Him to come
16:03 before he died but Jesus delayed
16:06 because He wanted to illustrate a very important thing.
16:09 And when finally He came
16:11 and Lazarus was dead and buried,
16:14 Martha said to Him and Mary a little later,
16:17 Lord if you'd been here, by brother would not have died.
16:21 Tremendous and wonderful truth there.
16:24 It is impossible to die spiritually or physically
16:28 when we are fully united with the Lord
16:30 unless the Lords sees as he did in Lazarus's case.
16:34 That is better for him to die.
16:38 And so the heart of the problem is this,
16:41 Jesus presence in your life and mine
16:45 is the only answer to our needs.
16:49 We worry about our sinful acts, He worries about our state.
16:54 Our sinful act are the things we do
16:58 that of course are displeasing to Him
17:00 and that hurt other people.
17:02 But what He is most concern about
17:05 is our separation from Him, which causes the problem.
17:09 You know, if you went to a doctor
17:11 and he had diagnosed you wrongly,
17:15 would you be very happy?
17:17 No, you'd be very vulnerable.
17:19 And so unless our problem is diagnosed properly,
17:23 we're not going to have the cure.
17:26 And our problem is not that we do wrong things.
17:30 Our problem is that we're separated
17:32 from the one who alone can keep us
17:35 from doing wrong things.
17:38 Which brings me to something else.
17:40 If you ask what is the greatest sin?
17:45 I wonder what you'd say.
17:48 I would say that it's the opposite
17:50 of what Jesus said was the, "One essential."
17:54 And what He said simply was this,
17:55 "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God
17:58 with all thy heart, with all thy soul,
18:00 and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself."
18:04 Love for God is the great thing,
18:07 that is the unifying factor,
18:10 that makes all the difference between my being a sinner
18:14 and my being a Christian.
18:16 Now let me put it another way.
18:20 Jesus in the Book of Revelation wrote some letters
18:23 to the churches through different periods of time
18:25 in the history of the world.
18:27 The interesting thing is that to the last one,
18:31 the Church of Laodicea which is the church today,
18:36 after pointing out what a terrible state
18:39 that they were in.
18:40 He then makes clear what the problem was
18:43 because He says, "Behold I stand at the door and knock."
18:48 Where was Jesus then?
18:51 He wouldn't be knocking
18:52 if He wasn't on the outside, right?
18:56 So we are poor, and miserable, and blind,
18:58 and naked as it says in that letter,
19:01 which means we don't have the righteousness of Christ,
19:03 we can't even see spiritually clearly.
19:07 We're devoid of all that is good.
19:10 And yet He still, He says His church
19:13 and He said the answer is, "Let me in."
19:17 That's the thing.
19:19 Now that can pose its own problems.
19:22 But let me assure you,
19:23 it's the only answer to your heart longing
19:27 and the only answer to your need.
19:30 The Apostle Paul put it this way
19:31 in the Ephesians Chapter 3 he said, the goal is
19:36 "That Christ may dwell in your heart by faith,
19:40 that you might be filled with all the fullness of God."
19:44 Isn't that wonderful that He is willing to do that
19:46 in people like you and me?
19:48 I think it's thrilling.
19:50 And in another place,
19:53 Apostle Paul gave this wonderful assurance
19:56 in Romans 8 he says, "For I am persuaded,
20:00 that nothing that is shall be able to separate us
20:05 from the Jesus Christ, our Lord, from the love of God,
20:09 which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
20:12 Nothing can, no one can impose that upon us.
20:16 Not the devil or anybody else.
20:19 His presence the Bible tells us is fullness of joy,
20:24 its security, and He will keep us,
20:27 no one He said will be able to snatch you out of My hand.
20:30 If that's way you choose to be.
20:34 That's the wonderful thing.
20:36 So then the whole purpose of Christian living
20:38 is to establish the closest possible union
20:42 between ourselves and Jesus.
20:45 Isn't that beautiful?
20:47 The great high creative God,
20:49 who made everything who has everything,
20:52 longs most of all for the one thing
20:55 He doesn't have often times in this world
20:58 and that is a love relationship with human beings.
21:03 He wants it with you.
21:06 This is victory and this is joy.
21:11 In Colossians 2:9, 10 it says,
21:13 "For in Him dwelleth all the fullness
21:17 of the Godhead bodily.
21:19 And ye are complete in him."
21:23 So not because you are an important person
21:26 in the church, not because you can say,
21:29 I've stop doing all those things
21:30 an I do all these good things.
21:34 No, but because we have found
21:37 that the only answer to our need
21:41 is this union with Jesus Christ.
21:43 That we'll have to talk to Him, We'll have to listen
21:45 to what He has to say in the Bible
21:49 because we love Him
21:52 and have allowed Him to unite us with Himself.
21:57 So never forget, no matter what the devil
22:00 or anybody else says, never forget,
22:03 God has given us no answer to the sin problem but Himself.
22:10 Isn't that beautiful?
22:12 That's the greatest gift He could possibly give
22:15 not just the Christ on the cross 2,000 years ago,
22:19 though that was an important step
22:21 to make Him that possible.
22:23 But He has given Himself in person to you and to me.
22:31 And he wants day by day, to walk with us.
22:36 That's why in Jesus' last great prayer
22:41 before He went to the cross.
22:44 He was praying for His disciples
22:46 and not just for His disciples but for the believers
22:49 all the way down through to the end of time
22:51 and that includes me and it includes you.
22:55 And He said, "His great prayer was
22:58 that they should be one as He is one with the Father."
23:04 Isn't that amazing? That He should be one.
23:10 That we should be one with Him, just as He was with the Father.
23:13 I can't imagine how that could even be possible, can you?
23:17 After all their union was perfect,
23:21 but He is capable of creating a perfect union with you
23:26 and with me if that is our choice.
23:30 Now the Apostle Paul knew
23:31 what it was to have struggles in the Christian life.
23:35 And doubtless he tried the wrong answer sometimes
23:37 but I find some beautiful words
23:40 in Romans Chapter 7 on the last two verses.
23:43 He says, "O wretched man that I'm."
23:46 Why does he say that?
23:47 Because he had found
23:49 that while he was wanting to do what's right,
23:50 he found himself doing sometimes what was wrong,
23:54 and he became discourage sometimes
23:56 and he said, "Who shall deliver me
23:59 from the body of this death?"
24:02 Now notice his answer,
24:03 "I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord."
24:08 So the answer for that greatest of the apostles
24:13 was the presence of Jesus Christ in his life.
24:18 It's the answer for your struggles in your life,
24:23 because Jesus never fails.
24:26 Where He is there is victory.
24:30 Bible says this is the victory that
24:32 overcometh the world even our faith,
24:34 what is our faith?
24:36 Our faith is our faith union with Jesus
24:40 that makes it possible for Him to do
24:42 all that He wants to do in your life and in mine.
24:48 So then he says "So then with the mind
24:50 I myself serve the law of God,
24:52 but with the flesh the law of sin."
24:56 Now, when I'm united with Him, I no longer do that,
25:03 because He expresses Himself in my life and in yours,
25:10 if we will let Him.
25:13 It's been my joy as a minister
25:15 to be able to share this wonderful Savior,
25:18 Jesus Christ with people on an individual
25:21 and personal basis many times.
25:24 And I've seen people whose lives were sad
25:28 and miserable and worthless according to them.
25:35 And see their lives be turned to joy instead,
25:39 because they found what it was to have Jesus.
25:45 There is a beautiful little song
25:46 which is also a poem that I would like
25:49 to share with you in this regard.
25:52 It's entitled Then Jesus Came.
25:55 One sat alone beside the highway begging
26:00 His eyes were blind, the light he could not see
26:05 He clutched his rags, and shivered in the shadows
26:09 Then Jesus came and bade the darkness flee
26:15 From home and friends the evil spirits drove him
26:19 Among the tombs he dwelt in misery
26:22 He cut himself and evil powers possessed him
26:26 Then Jesus came and set the captive free
26:32 "Unclean! unclean!" the leper cried in anguish
26:36 The deaf, the dumb, in helplessness stood near
26:41 The fever raged, disease had gripped its victim
26:46 Then Jesus came and dwelt, Himself, within
26:52 When Jesus comes, the tempters power is broken
26:58 When Jesus comes, the tears are wiped away
27:03 He takes the gloom and fills the life with glory
27:09 For all is changed
27:12 When Jesus comes to stay
27:17 If my friend, you have invited Jesus Christ into your heart.
27:23 Now, remember He intends--
27:26 He wants to be a permanent resident there.
27:31 There may be times when you do foolish things
27:34 and you pull away for little bit.
27:35 Turn your eyes back to Jesus.
27:38 He is more than willing to accept you
27:40 and He alone can see you through.
27:45 Because Christian living centrally
27:51 is one thing living with Jesus Christ
27:55 in control of our hearts and minds.
27:58 Amen.


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