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The Greatest Blasphemy

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00:29 We want to welcome you to our program today.
00:32 We're going to deal with the topic that many Christians
00:35 wouldn't have thought of as being a problem.
00:37 But before we do that,
00:38 I just say my name is Denis Uffindell
00:41 and glad to be sharing this program with you.
00:44 Let us have a word with the Lord before we start.
00:49 Dear Father in Heaven,
00:52 we come to You in Your worthiest day,
00:55 and our desire is to hear You speaking to us,
00:59 that we might receive of Your instruction
01:02 and be blessed in a progressive work with You.
01:05 And so give us attentive ears,
01:08 and listening hearts to Your spirit
01:10 we ask in Jesus' name, amen.
01:17 The topic that I have for you is by name blasphemy.
01:23 Now, you might think that
01:24 that's a little strange to talk to Christians about
01:26 because you may not think that
01:28 that's a problem for a Christian.
01:30 But I would like to ask you a question.
01:33 How many of you have just blasphemed God this week?
01:37 Most of you, I am sure would say no.
01:41 But I think as we go on a little bit,
01:42 you may find, you have to change you mind.
01:46 What is the meaning of blasphemy?
01:48 Well, the Apostle Paul in 1st Timothy 6:1 says this,
01:53 "That the name of God
01:54 and his doctrine be not blasphemed."
01:58 And in Titus 2:5,
01:59 "That the Word of God, be not blasphemed."
02:04 And he is talking about Christians living lives that
02:07 are inconsistent with Christianity,
02:10 and therefore bringing blasphemy
02:13 upon the name of God and upon the Bible.
02:17 So may I just point this out, the tragedy is,
02:22 that many people never become Christians
02:24 and others leave because of the inconsistency
02:28 of the lives of those who profess to be Christians.
02:32 In this case, they are causing
02:35 the name of God to be blasphemed.
02:38 So it is a serious thing.
02:40 But one might say, well, we are not responsible
02:42 for the evil that other people do.
02:46 Well, that's not altogether true
02:47 because we are responsible
02:49 for what we cause other people to do,
02:53 and we need to bear that in mind.
02:56 And there is another thing.
02:57 You remember that Solomon,
02:59 while he was a very fine follower
03:02 of God as a young man,
03:04 he later allowed things to happen in his life,
03:08 which drew him away from God.
03:12 And as a result, his life became a terrible blasphemy
03:15 against the name of God.
03:17 And he almost lost his way totally,
03:20 and never came back,
03:21 but fortunately he did come back.
03:25 Now, there is such a thing as an unforgivable blasphemy.
03:28 And Jesus speaks about that in Matthew 12:30 to 32.
03:35 He says, "All manner of sin
03:38 and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men:
03:41 but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost
03:43 shall not be forgiven unto men."
03:46 Now on the surface of it,
03:47 it would appear that here is a sin so bad,
03:50 that even God says, "Sorry, I am not forgiving that."
03:53 But that is not really what it's all about.
03:57 There are several aspects to this.
04:00 First of all there is a blasphemy
04:03 which is a progressive hardening of heart.
04:07 We read about that, so far as the children of Israel
04:09 are concerned in 2nd Kings 17:13-14.
04:14 It says there,
04:16 "The Lord testified against Israel saying,
04:19 "Turn ye from your evil ways."
04:22 Notwithstanding, they would not hear,
04:24 but hardened their necks like their fathers
04:28 that did not believe in the Lord their God."
04:31 So here is a progressive saying,
04:34 no to God that results in the end
04:37 in someone being unable to ever say yes to Him again.
04:41 So it's a very dangerous thing to do that.
04:46 In the case of the Jews before the time of Christ,
04:49 time and the time again this happened until,
04:52 when Jesus left the temple for the last time,
04:55 He said, "Henceforth,
04:56 your house is left unto you desolate."
04:59 What did He mean by that?
05:01 He meant that God's presence would never be there again.
05:04 And as a nation, they ceased to be His people.
05:07 And as individuals, we can deal with that today.
05:11 That's why the Apostle Paul in Hebrews Chapter 3 says this,
05:16 "Today, if you will hear His voice,
05:19 harden not your hearts."
05:21 So, there is a time to say yes,
05:25 and there's a time
05:26 when perhaps it's to late to say yes.
05:30 What really was their failure?
05:32 It was to act in faith, upon the leading of God.
05:36 You see it's one thing to say I believe,
05:39 it's another thing to act on that belief
05:41 and prove that that belief is real.
05:45 So while at one stage, in the time of Jesus,
05:48 some of those who eventually crucified Him,
05:51 actually did believe in Him,
05:53 because they did not act upon that belief
05:56 because of the attitude of others.
05:59 In the end they ceased to believe, and they were lost.
06:05 But there's another factor,
06:06 and even perhaps more common factor,
06:10 that we have to bear in mind.
06:12 It would have been impossible,
06:13 I believe for them to have done that,
06:16 if they had spend real time with Jesus
06:20 or with God and His word,
06:22 opening their hearts to Him everyday.
06:26 The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
06:29 is the progressive choice not to spend time with Him.
06:33 I'd like to repeat that because it's so important.
06:36 The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost that Jesus spoke
06:39 of is the progressive failure choice,
06:44 not to spend time with Him, which in the end proves fatal,
06:49 because the time comes,
06:51 when we are incapable
06:53 of spending time with Him anymore.
06:57 You know, one of the most beautiful symbols
06:59 that God uses of His relationship
07:01 with His Church is that of marriage.
07:06 In fact, in Jeremiah 3:14, He says,
07:09 "Turn, O backsliding Israel," says the Lord God,
07:13 "For I am married to you."
07:15 So He talks of it as a marriage relationship.
07:18 It's similar in the New Testament,
07:20 in Romans 7:4,
07:21 "Ye also are become dead
07:23 to the law by the body of Christ,
07:25 that ye should be married to another,"
07:28 meaning to Christ.
07:31 Now, I don't know what you know about
07:32 the marriage relationship, because all of us
07:35 are in different positions there.
07:36 But the only meaning for one that I know of,
07:39 is where we have such a beautiful relationship,
07:43 that we love to spend time together.
07:46 It's the only satisfactory one,
07:49 and that's the only satisfactory one with Christ.
07:54 He therefore says in Revelation 2:4,
07:59 "I have somewhat against you,
08:01 because you have left your first love."
08:05 Now I am glad to say that I am confident,
08:07 that has not happened with my wife.
08:11 But I would be very, very unhappy,
08:14 if I knew that that had happened.
08:16 And that's what happens to many marriages,
08:19 and why eventually, they are dissolved.
08:22 It's because they have not spend time enough together
08:26 to keep that marriage relationship of love alive.
08:30 And that's why the Lord said to them
08:32 in Chapter 3 of Revelation and verses 15 and 16,
08:37 "Thou art neither cold nor hot.
08:40 And because you are neither cold nor hot,
08:42 I will spue you out of my mouth."
08:44 That's another way of saying, your failure,
08:48 to really love me with warm affection makes me sick.
08:54 And I know that they would make us sick,
08:56 if that was our experience with our spouse.
09:00 And that's why He says in another place,
09:03 that He is jealous.
09:05 Just imagine, Almighty God, jealous in relationship to us.
09:12 Why?
09:14 Because we are not showing enough interest in Him,
09:18 as compared with other people
09:20 and other things, that we enjoy doing.
09:24 In a beautiful book, The Desire of Ages,
09:28 the writer, one of my favorite authors,
09:30 puts it so well in a couple of paragraphs,
09:32 I would like to read them to you.
09:35 She says this, "It is not necessary for us
09:38 deliberately to choose the service
09:40 of the kingdom of darkness,
09:43 in order for us to come under its dominion.
09:47 We have only to neglect to ally ourselves,
09:50 with the kingdom of light."
09:51 In other words to spend time with God.
09:54 He goes on to say,
09:55 "The only defense against evil is the indwelling of Christ
10:00 in the heart through faith in His righteousness.
10:03 Unless we become vitally connected with God,
10:05 we can never resist."
10:08 And finally, "Without a vital connection with God,
10:11 through the surrender of ourselves to Him
10:13 moment by moment, we shall be overcome."
10:18 So that puts it very, very plainly
10:20 and very, very straight,
10:22 but it's essential we understand that.
10:26 He wants us to keep that connection,
10:29 to keep our hand in His, our ears tuned to His voice,
10:33 because we love to commune with Him.
10:38 The greatest compliment we can pay a person,
10:41 do you know what that is?
10:43 It's to choose to spend time with him.
10:46 If we choose to spend time with him,
10:48 we are telling them,
10:49 you are a person worth my time and my attention.
10:56 I value you.
10:58 And when we spend our days doing our own thing,
11:01 whether it be our work, our sports, our friends
11:05 or the whole combination and spend no time with God,
11:10 what we're really saying is,
11:12 "I don't think you are worth spending time with."
11:15 And that my friend is the greatest blasphemy.
11:23 What we're saying is not so much that I don't believe,
11:30 but saying you are not worthy of my attention.
11:35 Now, let me ask you the question again.
11:39 Have you blasphemed Jesus Christ this week?
11:43 It's a solemn question, isn't it?
11:45 When we see it that way. I hope you haven't.
11:49 But in our busy program
11:51 and the devil makes sure that he is getting faster
11:53 and faster every year,
11:56 it's so easy to have time with God crowded out.
12:00 I have found for myself, the only way to make sure that
12:03 that does not happen is for me,
12:06 right at the beginning of the day,
12:08 to spend the quiet time with Him.
12:11 If I do that, then it's easier
12:15 to keep Him in my mind later on in the day.
12:18 But if I allow that to be crowed out then,
12:20 I found that the devil brings this and that
12:23 and the other thing in, so that in the end,
12:25 I come to the end of the day very tired
12:30 and it is not been done.
12:33 So spend time with Jesus.
12:38 It's our greatest need.
12:40 He intents it to be our greatest joy,
12:44 and the beautiful thing about it is
12:46 that spending time with Jesus
12:48 has a transforming effect upon our whole lives.
12:51 It beautifies them.
12:53 I will never forget when I was a student in college
12:55 back in Britain many years ago.
12:58 A very dignified gentleman came to our campus
13:03 and it just so happened that it was summer time
13:05 and I worked on the college farm,
13:07 during the summer to earn
13:08 some money towards the next school year.
13:11 And we didn't have time to change during lunch time,
13:14 so we came in our dirty clothes.
13:17 Now at that college, we were assigned to certain tables.
13:21 We did not just go through the cafeteria
13:23 and sit where we liked.
13:25 And I was horrified, when I discovered
13:27 that this important gentleman
13:28 was going to be on the same table as I was.
13:31 I just felt so unprepared to be in that situation.
13:37 But I've never met him before.
13:39 And when I did
13:41 and we sat at the table together, everything changed.
13:45 Somehow or another, he had such a gracious way with him,
13:48 that he not only made me feel at ease,
13:51 but he increased my sense of self-worth.
13:54 And he made me aspire to greater things.
13:58 Now if a simple human being can do that,
14:02 then how much more can the presence of our God
14:06 in our lives do that to us.
14:09 There's no question.
14:11 It must be very, very powerful.
14:14 Now I read in Luke 6:12.
14:21 "Jesus went out into a mountain to pray,
14:24 and continued all night in prayer to God."
14:29 Think about that for a moment.
14:31 Our perfect savior, who never yielded to a wrong thought,
14:37 let alone did a wrong act,
14:39 so much needed the presence of His father in His life
14:43 that He would spend all night with Him in prayer,
14:46 in order to have the strength
14:47 He needed for the next day's tasks.
14:52 And then I thought to myself,
14:53 when that first really impacted me,
14:58 how much time have I spend in prayer to God?
15:03 Most of us would wonder, well what on earth
15:05 could you say praying all night?
15:08 But Jesus not only had plenty to talk to God about,
15:13 He wanted all that time, and He needed all that time.
15:18 And how much do you and I
15:20 need real time with God in prayer?
15:23 There is no possible substitute,
15:26 for spending time with God.
15:29 Furthermore,
15:32 it is deepen by our understanding of each other.
15:36 That's why it is essential to listen.
15:39 You know, I have noticed that most of our prayer life
15:43 is like a one way telephone conversation.
15:47 We talk, talk, talk, talk, talk,
15:48 and we are finished we say amen.
15:51 And if you like, down goes the telephone.
15:55 But God wants to talk to us. How does He do that?
15:59 He talks to us in His word.
16:02 And we have to be willing to spend time,
16:04 listening to what God has to say in His word.
16:11 And one of the best ways of doing that
16:14 is having read it, to meditate upon it,
16:17 so that it has the time too sink in.
16:20 Because I don't know,
16:22 if you'll like me, but I suspect you are.
16:25 It's possible to read a page of something,
16:27 and at the end of it, you haven't got any idea,
16:29 what you read, even though
16:31 you read every word and every line,
16:33 because our mind can be so easily
16:35 be distracted to other things.
16:38 If we are going to listen to God,
16:40 we must give real attention to it,
16:43 and think about what He has said.
16:46 And then it becomes absorbed into our being.
16:49 Wishing has never built houses,
16:53 or painted pictures or dug gardens, has it?
16:57 It's when we actually do it, that it happens.
17:02 And it will not cultivate
17:03 our marriage relationship with Christ.
17:06 Many people say, "Oh, I would love to or I wish to",
17:11 but they don't give it the time or give Him the attention.
17:16 You know, I happened to know a couple,
17:18 where there's been a real problem that way,
17:21 because her big plea is, "listen to me",
17:28 but she will start to talk to him,
17:29 and he will walk out of the room.
17:31 What does that do to a relationship?
17:33 It's destructive to a relationship.
17:36 So when we read the Bible,
17:37 or when we have talked to God in prayer,
17:41 we must stop and listen to what He has to say.
17:45 And some of our greatest blessings will come.
17:50 And so I appeal to those,
17:52 who have neglected to spend real time with God,
17:56 with Jesus each day;
17:58 don't treat your invitation to a personal time with Jesus,
18:03 with indifference or neglect.
18:06 That's blasphemy.
18:09 It's like putting a millstone around your neck,
18:12 and then trying to swim.
18:13 It's impossible.
18:15 Rather let's help ourselves, by ensuring
18:21 that our union with Christ is growing stronger,
18:24 by spending real time with Him.
18:27 Cultivate it. Give it time and attention.
18:33 Be with Him, in the quiet.
18:35 Pour out your soul to Him in prayer.
18:39 You know, one Christian writer has said,
18:41 not to pray weak prayers, and weak prayers are prayers,
18:45 where there is no vital connection with Him,
18:48 and where our own innermost feelings
18:50 are not being expressed.
18:54 Be with Him, in the quiet.
18:56 Be away from all the distractions.
19:01 And listen carefully to Him from His word,
19:06 what He has to say.
19:08 You know, the Bible tells us about a man
19:10 by the name of Enoch.
19:12 In Genesis 5:24, it says this,
19:17 "And Enoch walked with God:
19:20 and he was not, for God took him."
19:24 You know, to me that is a beautiful saying.
19:26 What is it saying here?
19:28 His walk with God got closer
19:29 and closer and closer through time,
19:32 until in the end God said,
19:35 "I can't leave him there any longer.
19:38 I must take him home with me."
19:40 Isn't that beautiful?
19:41 And that's what He wants,
19:42 of course, to do with all of us eventually.
19:44 And Jesus has promised to come back for those,
19:47 who look for Him,
19:49 who really want to be with Him and spend time with Him.
19:53 He placed, Enoch did,
19:54 the emphasis where it ought to be.
19:57 And the result was what? Living eternally with God.
20:04 And so I ask this question, what is most important?
20:08 No matter what one may say to the contrary,
20:12 what matters most to me, or to you
20:16 is what you spend your time with.
20:19 So, if we spend our time with God,
20:22 whenever we can, we are saying,
20:25 He has top priority,
20:27 but if it's even working for Him,
20:30 but not spending time with Him, then we are really saying,
20:33 "Well I enjoy doing the other things,
20:35 but I don't really enjoy first spending time with You."
20:40 And Jesus pointed this out, in a little story.
20:43 Two very close friends of His were Mary and Martha.
20:47 They were sisters.
20:48 He often spent time in their home.
20:51 On one occasion,
20:54 Martha was busy working in the kitchen,
20:56 preparing a meal, for Jesus and dallas for the disciples.
21:01 And she was getting a little behind probably.
21:03 And so, she came in, and there was Mary,
21:07 sitting at Jesus' feet.
21:09 And she said to Jesus,
21:13 "Tell Mary to come and help me."
21:17 And Jesus smiled as He looked at her,
21:19 and He said, "Martha, Martha.
21:21 You are troubled about many things,
21:23 but Mary has chosen the better part."
21:27 And what was that better part?
21:29 To sit at the feet of Jesus, commune with Him,
21:33 listen to Him and grow inner love for Him.
21:37 And that's what He wants for us.
21:41 If we spend time, with everything
21:44 and everyone else but with Him,
21:49 we are being unfaithful to our marriage relationship,
21:52 just as we would be to our wife or husband.
21:56 If we pay only lip service,
21:58 in the time we spend with God, it is in fact blasphemy.
22:04 When I first saw it that way,
22:06 I shredded about what that may be saying,
22:10 about my personal preference,
22:13 so far as spending time with God is concerned.
22:17 History tells us that in the testing time,
22:21 those who fail to spend time with Him now,
22:25 will be among the deliberate blasphemers then.
22:28 And that's the last thing I want it to happen to me.
22:32 You know the stories told in the Bible,
22:34 of the man by the name of Daniel.
22:37 Daniel was taken as a young slave to Babylon.
22:41 There he was taught in all the wisdom of the Chaldeans
22:44 and I'm sure they tried to persuade him,
22:46 to follow their way of life.
22:49 But he chose not to.
22:51 He chose instead, to spend time with his God.
22:55 And I read in the Bible, that three times everyday,
23:02 he knelt and spent time with God in prayer.
23:07 And if you know anything about his story,
23:10 you'll remember, perhaps you heard it
23:12 as a little child in Sunday school
23:15 or Sabbath school, of how Daniel,
23:18 because of his faithfulness, was thrown into the lions' den.
23:21 It doesn't say anything there about him trembling with fear.
23:26 The monarch who was mistakenly dragged
23:28 into making the terrible mistake
23:30 of condemning him to the lions' den, he trembled.
23:36 But when the next morning, he came back,
23:40 and he asked Daniel, 'Daniel, are you all right?'
23:43 And Daniel could say, 'My God has sent His angels,
23:47 and has shut the lions' mouths.
23:50 He knew what it was,
23:52 to have such a relationship with God
23:55 that he had nothing to fear,
23:58 nothing to fear.
24:02 Many year ago now, it occurred to me,
24:06 that if I really trusted God,
24:09 then I would be able to say without fear to Him,
24:13 'Lord you bring me whatever experience
24:15 You see that I need, in order that I might be
24:17 a growing Christian in relationship with You.'
24:21 But then I thought, but He could do
24:24 some pretty terrible things, what if.
24:29 And I was filled with fear.
24:31 And then I realized that I did not really trust Him,
24:35 because if I knew that He only wanted the best for me,
24:37 and that He loved me, better that I love myself,
24:40 I wouldn't have anything to fear.
24:44 The next two weeks, I didn't get very much sleep at night.
24:49 And I had no peace of mind as I battled over these things.
24:52 Naturally Satan didn't want me, to be willing to give him that.
24:58 But finally, I had to come to the point,
25:02 because I didn't want to be separated from Jesus,
25:06 to get on my knees and say to Him,
25:10 'Lord, You do what You will.
25:15 I choose to trust You.'
25:17 I must confess that at that point in time,
25:21 I couldn't have been, more wet with perspiration,
25:25 that if I had been in a sauna.
25:28 But I made the commitment. I made that decision.
25:32 And once that was made,
25:34 I had peace of mind and a much greater joy,
25:38 with my Lord Jesus Christ.
25:41 You see He knows, what's He's doing.
25:43 Unfortunately, Denis Uffindell doesn't
25:46 and I suspect that much of the time,
25:48 you don't either.
25:50 But He says, not only is all power given unto me,
25:54 but He is all wise, He never makes mistakes.
25:59 So if He governs my life, and I let Him,
26:03 because I have learnt to trust Him,
26:07 then I can have the peace that He spoke about,
26:09 the peace that passes all understanding.
26:12 And the joy, that no one can take away.
26:17 Would you like that joy?
26:19 Would you like that peace
26:21 in this world of turmoil and pain?
26:24 I want to assure you, that you can have it.
26:28 Jesus said 'My peace, I give unto you.'
26:33 We can have it,
26:34 if we will put out our hands by faith
26:37 and take it and claim it for ourselves.
26:41 But the only way, we'll ever do that
26:43 is if we spent so much time with Him.
26:45 We've learnt to trust Him, with all our hearts.
26:51 If that's you choice, will you pray with me right now?
26:56 Dear Lord, we give our hearts to You.
27:01 We choose to spend the time with you
27:03 that is necessary to have
27:05 a true marriage relationship with You.
27:08 And we claim Your promise,
27:11 to guide and direct and overrule in our lives,
27:14 for Your glory and our joy.
27:18 And we thank You for doing so,
27:22 in Jesus' name.
27:25 Now my friend,
27:28 when you get up from this program
27:30 and go your way, how are you going
27:32 to plan you day as a Christian?
27:36 Is Jesus going to have first place
27:37 in your time and in your heart?
27:42 I trust so, because that's what
27:45 He wants to have more than anything else.
27:49 And that's the only way
27:52 that you will have aboard the joy and the peace,
27:56 that can never depart from you.


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