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The Moral Purpose Of Prophecy - Part 3

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00:31 Hello and welcome back to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I'm Robb Long, the speaker for the
00:34 Revelation of Hope seminar based in Kansas City.
00:38 Well friends we've been studying what is call the
00:41 moral purpose of prophecy Today we have part three
00:45 our four part series, once again I want to encourage
00:48 you to try to obtain a copy of the moral purpose
00:51 of prophecy the book by Louis Weir
00:53 and you can get information on how to obtained
00:56 your copy by contacting 3ABN.
00:59 You know, in this series we are discovering to our
01:02 delight that a relationship with Jesus and salvation
01:05 through faith in him is taught not only in the
01:08 Gospel of the Bible, but also in the amazing
01:11 prophecies of the Bible as well.
01:13 In fact we are finding that every correct interpretation
01:16 of prophecy it shines a bright light
01:18 directly on the Jesus and reveals that salvation
01:22 from sin comes through faith in him.
01:26 Every correct interpretation of prophecy
01:28 will strengthen your soul to resist sin and encourage
01:32 you to seek the righteousness of Christ.
01:35 This is the moral purpose for which prophecy is given.
01:40 Again our theme text, Second Peter chapter 1,
01:43 in verse 19, there Peter says,
01:45 we have also a more sure word of prophecy;
01:49 where unto you do well that you take heed,
01:52 as unto a light. A light that shineth
01:55 in a dark place until the day dawn and the day star,
01:59 that's Jesus arise in your hearts:
02:01 Friends according to Peter, the purpose of prophecy and
02:04 and the study of prophecy is to cause Jesus and his
02:09 righteousness and his character and his glory to
02:12 arise within our hearts. Now, Satan knows
02:16 the power of Bible prophecy to reveal Christ
02:18 and salvation through his name and so,
02:21 Satan tries to rob the scripture of it's life
02:24 changing, transforming power. And he brings in false
02:27 interpretations, private interpretations of prophecy
02:32 that are not inspired by the Holy Spirit.
02:34 And we've learned that we must be very careful
02:37 how we study prophecy. Lest we be mislead
02:40 by Satan's devices and by another spirit
02:43 other than the Holy Spirit. Now we have seen that
02:47 we can learn a great deal friends,
02:49 by the mistakes of others in the past,
02:52 when it comes to interpreting the prophecy.
02:55 It has been said that those who do not learn
02:57 from the past they are doomed or destined to repeat it.
03:00 Well, I don't believe that you and I have to repeat
03:04 the failures of people in the past when it comes
03:07 to interpreting prophecy. I think we can learn
03:10 from their mistakes and then we can avoid
03:13 the pitfalls that Satan has so craftily
03:15 laid for our feet in these last days.
03:19 Now, we have found that the Jews of Christ
03:22 time as a people, as a nation they failed
03:26 to study prophecy in the light of God's
03:28 moral purpose for them as a people.
03:31 They read the prophecies, they studied them,
03:35 but for all of their knowledge,
03:36 they did not understand the prophecies
03:39 that they read. And, so great was their
03:41 misunderstanding of the prophecies
03:43 that they actually fulfilled those prophecies
03:46 and didn't even know that they were doing it.
03:49 Unwillingly, the Jews of Christ time fulfilled
03:53 all that was written of him, the Messiah in
03:56 condemning him to death, not knowing what they did.
04:00 How could such a thing happen,
04:02 how could such a zealous, earnest, sincere group
04:05 of religious people miss the boat so completely?
04:08 Well, we learned that the Jewish leaders
04:11 were not in harmony with Christ's moral purpose
04:15 and his mission which was to save them
04:17 from their sin. Desire of Ages page 212
04:22 told us that the Jewish leaders had studied
04:24 the teachings of the prophets concerning the Kingdom
04:27 of the Messiah, but they had done
04:29 this not with a sincere desire to know the truth,
04:32 but with the purpose of the finding evidence
04:34 to sustain their own ambitious hopes.
04:37 They studied the prophecies, but they didn't,
04:40 they weren't so interested in what kind of Messiah
04:43 he would be and the truth about him as a Messiah
04:46 and the principles of his kingdom as they were
04:48 about finding evidence to support what they hoped
04:51 would happen, the kind of Messiah
04:53 they were hoping for and the kind of kingdom
04:55 that they desired. The Jews of Christ time,
04:58 what were they hoping for? Well, they hoped
05:00 to be exalted above all the other nations
05:02 as God's chosen people. They hoped to be the head
05:05 and not the tail, the lender and not the borrower.
05:09 Even the disciples of Jesus early on were cherishing
05:14 hopes of sitting at Christ's right hand
05:17 and ruling with him in a glorious kingdom
05:19 of earthly prosperity. Now, there is something
05:24 that we must consider very carefully.
05:28 Friends, did you know that millions of professing
05:31 Christians today are misapplying the
05:34 prophecies about literal Israel and the Messiah
05:38 in the same fashion as did the Jews
05:40 of Jesus time, did you know that?
05:42 Think about it, think about it.
05:46 The Jews chose prophecies, they chose prophecies
05:49 that promised the triumph of Israel over their
05:53 literal enemies in battle. They selected prophecies
05:56 like Ezekiel 38, Ezekiel chapter 39,
05:59 Zechariah chapter 12 and chapter 14,
06:01 that all depicted the triumph of Israel
06:05 as a nation over their literal enemies in battle.
06:08 And, they took those prophecies literally they
06:11 cleaned them and they felt certain of God's
06:14 protection and blessing upon them in battle.
06:16 And, you know today friends many Christian teachers
06:20 are interpreting these prophecies of Israel
06:22 in the very same way. Teaching that Israel
06:25 as a nation will always be favored by God
06:28 and will always be assured of his protective care
06:31 and favor, but listen both the
06:35 Jewish Rabbis of Jesus time and many Christians
06:38 teachers today have failed to recognized the
06:41 spiritual qualities, the spiritual characteristics
06:44 that are required of those whose victory in battle
06:48 is assured by God. And, here is a case in point.
06:51 In Jeremiah of 31 verses 35 and 36,
06:55 God says, thus saith the Lord,
06:58 which giveth the Sun for a light by day,
07:00 and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars
07:03 for a light by night, which divided the sea
07:06 when the waves there of roar,
07:07 the Lord of hosts is his name.
07:10 And then he says if those ordinances speaking
07:13 of the Sun and the moon of the stars depart
07:15 from before me, says the Lord,
07:16 then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being
07:19 a nation before me forever. Now, the Jews,
07:24 they read these verses and they thought well,
07:26 this is telling us that just as the Sun and the moon
07:30 and the stars will always remain in place.
07:33 So, Israel as a nation will always be God's
07:37 chosen favorite people, but they had no conditions
07:42 on this prophecy. But notice,
07:44 notice the verse that comes before this prophecy
07:48 that we just read. It's in Jeremiah 31
07:51 in verse 33 and look what it says there.
07:53 God says this shall be the covenant that I will
07:56 make with the house of Israel after those days,
07:58 says the Lord. I will put my law
08:00 in their inward parts and write it in their hearts,
08:03 and they will be, I'm sorry and they
08:05 and will be their God, and they shall be my people.
08:09 Now, the promise of Israel being a nation was all
08:12 conditioned on a covenant that God
08:14 was making with them, a covenant is an
08:15 agreement friends. And, there are always at least
08:17 two parties in an agreement and there are conditions
08:19 that both parties must meet in order for the contract
08:22 to be enforced. God said, if I can write
08:24 my law in your hearts and in your minds,
08:27 then I'll be your God and you will be my people
08:29 and just as the Sun and moon and the stars
08:32 will always remain, so you will always
08:34 remain as my people. But it was all conditioned
08:37 on his law being written in their hearts.
08:40 That's the moral purpose of prophecy.
08:42 Desire of Ages page 106, put it this way
08:44 "To a people in whose heart his law is written,
08:48 the favor of God is assured".
08:51 Friends the favor of God is assured,
08:53 but it's the people in his heart his law is written,
08:57 but in this and many other instances the Jewish nation
09:01 over looked these conditions upon which the promises
09:05 to them were made. And, in overlooking
09:07 the conditions of course they failed to experience
09:11 and realize those conditions and as a result
09:14 of that they forfeited their title to those
09:18 promised blessings that had been made.
09:22 Notice how Jesus recognized this reality
09:26 and he confronted the Jews leaders of his time
09:29 with this sobering truth. In Matthew 21,
09:33 in verse 43, Matthew 21:43,
09:35 as Jesus saw that the Jewish people and their leaders
09:38 were rejecting him as the Messiah.
09:40 That they had said, we will not have this man
09:42 to reign over us and one day they would say
09:45 we have no king, but Caesar.
09:46 Jesus spoke very seriously and he said,
09:50 I say to you the kingdom of God will be taken
09:54 from you and given to a nation bringing
09:59 forth the fruits thereof. The kingdom of God
10:03 will be taken from you he said and given to a
10:06 nation bringing forth the fruits there of.
10:08 Friends, one of the clearest and most consistent teachings
10:11 in the New Testament is the principle that
10:14 the kingdom promises made to national Israel
10:16 in the Old Testament are given to a new nation
10:19 of people in the New Testament Era.
10:22 Notice what Paul says in Romans chapter 2,
10:25 verses 28 and 29. There Paul says,
10:28 for he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly,
10:32 neither is that circumcision, which is outward
10:34 in the flesh. But he says,
10:37 he is a Jew, which is one inwardly
10:39 and circumcision is that of the heart,
10:41 in the spirit and not in the letter,
10:43 whose praise is not of men, but of God.
10:48 Friends according to Paul in the New Testament Era?
10:50 A person is not a Jew based on any ethnic
10:53 or heritage or lineage, neither on any outward sign
10:58 like circumcision, a person is a Jew
11:01 spiritually inwardly, circumcision is that
11:04 of the heart. Now, Jesus said that
11:08 the kingdom would be taken from national Israel
11:10 and given to a nation that brings forth the
11:12 fruit there of. What are the fruits
11:14 of the true people of God that receive the kingdom?
11:17 Well, in Galatians chapter 5, verses 22 and 23,
11:21 look what Paul says there. But the fruit of the
11:24 Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering,
11:29 gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance,
11:35 and then he says against such there is no law.
11:39 And, so according to Paul here,
11:41 we link this with what Jesus said about the fruits
11:43 of the kingdom. According to Jesus and Paul,
11:45 the kingdom promises fall to a nation that brings
11:49 forth spiritual fruit, that exhibits the spiritual
11:53 fruits of love, joy, peace, patience,
11:56 temperance, and the like. Now, what nation is it that
12:01 inherits these wonderful promises,
12:03 describe in the Old Testament prophecies given
12:06 to national Israel. What nation is the
12:08 kingdom given to? Is it given to the
12:11 United States? Is it given to Germany
12:13 or France or China or some other nation,
12:16 lets see what the Bible says. In first Peter chapter 2,
12:19 verses 9 and 10. Peter says this,
12:21 he is speaking to the Christian church and he says,
12:24 you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,
12:28 notice now, and holy nation. A holy nation,
12:32 a peculiar people; that you should show forth
12:35 the praises of him who has called you out of darkness
12:37 into his marvelous light and it goes on to say,
12:41 which in time past were not a people,
12:43 but are now the people of God.
12:47 Friends, according to Peter here,
12:48 he is referring to the Christian church as a nation,
12:52 but its not a literal nation with boundaries
12:56 or a capital city, it is a spiritual nation,
13:00 it's a holy nation made up of holy people,
13:03 who are bearing spiritual fruit to the glory of God,
13:06 they are showing that they have been called out
13:09 of darkness into marvelous light.
13:11 In other words, they are doing what God
13:12 wanted national Israel to do in the Old Testament
13:14 and that is bear fruits of righteousness to the glory
13:18 of his name. Now, what is this spiritual
13:20 nation that Peter speaks about here?
13:22 What is this spiritual nation actually called,
13:25 does it have a name. Well, in Galatians chapter 6,
13:28 verses 15 and 16, notice what Paul says there.
13:32 For in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision
13:36 availed anything, nor uncircumcision,
13:39 but he says a new creature. In Paul's eyes,
13:43 only those that become new creatures in Christ,
13:46 that is all that avails. The Bible says,
13:49 if any man were to be Christ he is a new creature,
13:51 but then he says as many as walk according
13:53 to this rule, peace be them and mercy,
13:56 upon thee Israel of God. Notice friends,
14:00 Paul is referring here to those that are regenerated
14:05 through the new birth, they become new
14:07 creatures in Christ, their lives have been
14:09 transformed spiritually and he refers to them
14:12 as the Israel of God. The church has the same name,
14:18 Old Testament, New Testament refer to as
14:20 the Israel of God. In Ellicot's commentary,
14:24 notes on Revelation page 96 and page 125,
14:27 listen to this quote it says. "The Christian church
14:31 absorbs the Jewish, that is absorbs the Jewish
14:36 church and inherits her privileges and adopts
14:41 with wider and nobler meaning her phraseology,
14:44 Ellicot says, the Israel of God,
14:48 the church of Christ, takes the place
14:51 of national Israel". Clearly here is being
14:56 expressed the sentiment that, the church is the
14:59 New Testament, Israel of God, which actually takes
15:02 the place of national Israel in the Old inheriting
15:06 her privileges and phraseology.
15:08 Now, friends you may not realize this,
15:10 but this idea, this teaching that the church
15:14 replaces national Israel as spiritual Israel today
15:18 was and also inherits her promises and her
15:22 privileges was the widely held due of the majority
15:27 of Christians for hundreds of years.
15:30 For hundreds of years Christians realized that
15:33 the church had replaced Israel as a nation and
15:36 inherited her titles and her privileges
15:39 and her blessings. For example,
15:40 one verse of the popular Christian hymn crowned
15:43 him with many crowns says, ye seed of Israel's
15:48 chosen race he ransom from the fall,
15:51 here the Christians are being referred you as,
15:53 the seed of Israel's chosen race.
15:56 This interpretation of spiritual Israel
16:03 being the church, exalted the moral purpose
16:04 of prophecy and called Christians to be a holy
16:06 people set apart that would glorify God
16:09 and reflect his righteous character to the world.
16:11 This interpretation of the church as spiritual Israel
16:14 gave depth and gave meaning to the Old Testament
16:17 prophecies making them come alive.
16:20 This interpretation brought prophecy to life and infused
16:24 it with power and spiritual vitality for the Christian.
16:27 After all, the church could now hope for the
16:31 fulfillment of every promise made by God,
16:34 but left behind by his Old Testament people.
16:38 And, so that truth friends did so much to energize
16:43 the Christian church for hundreds of years,
16:45 but then came something known as Dispensationalism,
16:49 have you heard of that, Dispensationalism.
16:51 Now Dispensationalism was a revolutionary new
16:55 teaching that and most cases is traced back to a man named
16:58 John Nelson Derby and Dispensationalism
17:01 said that the prophecies concerning Israel skip over
17:06 the church and find a literal fulfillment in a literal
17:10 Jewish kingdom that comes after the
17:13 church age is passed. Dispensationalism teach us
17:17 that there is a rapture of the church and then the
17:20 promises to national Israel are fulfilled in a literal
17:23 Jewish kingdom after the church age is over.
17:25 Now, here is something very amazing,
17:30 where this was once a new and revolutionary teaching,
17:35 it is actually become the commonly held belief of the
17:39 majority of Christians in our world and is actually
17:41 the teaching of prophecy that is being promoted
17:44 by most of the major seminaries in our land today.
17:47 But unfortunately, unfortunately
17:51 Dispensationalism has robbed the church,
17:54 robbed the church of its true and rightful inheritance,
17:57 removed from the church the moral purpose of prophecy
18:00 and also took the moral purpose away
18:03 from Israel as a nation. In other words, the
18:06 moral purpose has no barring on national Israel,
18:09 they get rewarded in the end and it has no affect
18:12 upon the church, they are ruptured out
18:13 and taken away. And so this eliminated the
18:17 moral purpose of prophecy, is teaching called
18:20 Dispensationalism. Satan has succeeded friends,
18:23 in stripping God's word of its sanctifying power,
18:28 through a false system of interpretation that largely
18:31 ignores God's moral purpose for prophecy and once again
18:35 Satan has used rigid literalism to do the job.
18:39 In the book prophecy and the church,
18:42 pages 256 and 258, I read this quote,
18:45 it says, "Dispensationalism has its source in a faulty
18:49 and unscriptural literalism, literal interpretation seems
18:53 to make Bible study easy and also seems reverend,
18:56 it argues on this wise, God must have said just
18:59 what He means and must mean just what he has said,
19:02 and what he have said is to be taken just as he said it,
19:04 i.e., literally. But the fulfillment,
19:07 which he, Jesus offered the Jews was so different
19:10 from their literal and carnal desires
19:12 and expectations that they sent their King to Calvary".
19:18 Friends, Jesus had no real promises of glory,
19:24 for a nation that was rejecting him and
19:27 preparing to crucify him as a false messiah
19:30 and a blasphemer, and neither will Jesus
19:32 have any promises of glory for Israel or any
19:35 other nation for that matter, without a decided
19:38 change in character, without repentance for sin
19:41 and the bearing of the fruits of righteousness through
19:44 the grace of Jesus. Now, don't get me wrong,
19:47 I believe that many Jews can and will be saved
19:51 in the last days, but it will happen
19:53 when they are converted to Christ and accept
19:56 his salvation and when that happens friends,
19:58 according to Paul, they are not Jews any longer,
20:00 they are Christians. They are part of the Israel
20:05 of God that new nation of holy people whose
20:08 circumcision is not outward in the flesh,
20:09 but inward in the heart by the spirit.
20:13 Now, that's brings me to this very important principle.
20:16 Friends, the things in the Old Testament
20:19 that were literal and local in nature.
20:21 In the New Testament they often take on
20:23 a spiritual and world wide application,
20:26 for example; in the Old Testament,
20:27 the temple was a literal building in a local place.
20:30 You could touch it and go in and out of it.
20:32 But in the New Testament, the temple Paul talks
20:34 about is not a literal building,
20:35 but it's a spiritual temple. It's the people of God
20:38 that are being built up as a temple for the
20:40 habitation of God to the spirit.
20:42 Babylon in the Old Testament was a literal city on
20:45 a literal river Euphrates at a local place.
20:48 But in New Testament, Book of Revelation,
20:50 Babylon becomes a spiritual city,
20:52 a spiritual kingdom that is world wide
20:54 in its influence. All nations are drinking
20:56 it's wine, Revelation says.
20:58 And so it is with Israel, it was a literal nation
21:01 in the Old Testament in a local place,
21:03 in a local part of the world. But in the New Testament,
21:05 Israel becomes spiritual and world wide in its scope.
21:10 Now a failure to understand the truth of spiritual Israel
21:13 has led many well meaning expositors of the scripture
21:17 to apply almost the entire Book of Revelation
21:21 to literal, national Israel. Did you know that?
21:25 Many Christians don't bother to study the
21:27 Book of Revelation, because it's prophecies
21:30 they assume apply only to national,
21:33 literal Israel. Now friends think about the
21:36 seriousness of that. God has an urgent end-time
21:40 message for his Church. God has an urgent end-time
21:43 message for his people in the last days.
21:45 Days that will be fought with Satan's most
21:48 overmastering deceptions and delusions.
21:51 God's message in Revelation is designed to prepare the
21:54 people for the second coming of Christ.
21:57 God's urgent messages is found right in the heart
22:00 of the Book of Revelation, but God's urgent and end-time
22:04 message of Revelation, that he gave to his Church
22:08 is largely ignored today because the Church
22:11 has been taught that the book is only for the Jew.
22:15 Now it is true that the symbolism in Revelation
22:18 is almost exclusively Jewish in nature.
22:21 But the Jewish symbols, friends, that we find
22:24 in Revelation hold profound meaning for spiritual Israel,
22:29 the Church of God today. Indeed someone said,
22:33 a Lewis Weir said, that the entire message
22:38 of Revelation can be understood correctly
22:40 when it is seen through Jewish eyes as the
22:43 spiritual Israel of God. Christians must make the
22:47 symbolism of Revelation applicable to the Church
22:49 or miss the entire message of this all important book.
22:55 Professor. John W. Milligan, in his book the Revelation
23:02 of Saint John on pages 27 to 30 said this,
23:04 "The Christian Church even among the Gentiles
23:08 had been grafted upon the stem of David.
23:10 She had an interest in Zion and Jerusalem.
23:13 She saw in Babylon a type of her enemies.
23:16 She felt herself to be the true Israel of God.
23:19 She was well acquainted with the tabernacle and the
23:22 temple with their pillars and incense,
23:24 with their different alters, with a high priest robes,
23:28 with a seven branch candlesticks,
23:30 with the arch of the testimony,
23:31 with a hidden manner, with parchment rules written
23:34 both within and on the back. These symbols he says
23:37 were therefore closely adapted to her,
23:41 the Churches condition and must have gone home
23:43 to her with peculiar power". Here Milligan is saying
23:48 the Church recognize all the symbols
23:50 were applicable to her and they would have come home
23:53 to her because of the Jewish background
23:55 that most of the early Church members came out of,
23:57 they would have come home to her with peculiar power.
23:59 He goes on to say on page 72, "The book is absolutely
24:03 steeped in the memories, the incidents,
24:06 the thought and the language of the Church's past.
24:08 To such an extent is this the case that it may be
24:11 doubted whether it contains a single figure not drawn
24:15 from the Old Testament or a single complete sentence,
24:18 not more or less built up out of materials from
24:22 the same sources, that being the Old Testament.
24:24 Nothing can convey he says, a full and adequate
24:27 impression upon the point except the careful
24:30 study of the book, Revelation itself in this
24:33 particular aspect of it's contents".
24:37 He's saying that we can only understand
24:39 the Book of Revelation in the light of it's
24:41 symbolism that can be found in the Old Testament.
24:44 Now here are some examples of what Prof. Milligan,
24:47 is trying to convey. He says, even the crown
24:50 of life in Revelation 2, verse 10, is not the reef
24:54 of the victor in Grecian games,
24:56 but the Hebrew crown of royalty and joy like that
25:01 which Solomon wore. He says, the white stone
25:04 with a new name on it. In Revelation 2:17,
25:07 is not suggested by the white pebble,
25:10 which cast into the heathen courts of justice
25:13 into the ballot box, express the judge's acquittal
25:16 of the prisoner at the bar. But in all probability
25:19 by the glistening plate born on the high priest's,
25:23 upon his forehead and he says and all the
25:26 commentators agreed that the palms of chapter 7,
25:29 Verse 9, are not the palms of the heathen victor either
25:33 in battle or the games, but the palms are the feast
25:36 of tabernacles when in the most joyful
25:39 of all their national festivals,
25:41 Israel celebrated that life of independence on
25:45 which she entered when she marched
25:46 from Rameses to Succoth and exchanged her dwellings
25:49 in the hot brick fields of Egypt for the
25:52 free air of the wilderness, and the booze
25:54 which he erected in the open country.
25:57 The symbols of the apocalypse are to be judged
25:59 he says with the feeling of a Jew and not with those
26:02 of our own country for age. What he is saying friends
26:06 is that the crown prophecy means that
26:09 we as Christians can reign with Christ as kings
26:12 and royalty and joy and peace and prosperity
26:16 as Solomon did. The white stone
26:18 prophecy means that we will be priests
26:20 in the temple of our God. The palm branches
26:23 as we read in Revelation mean that we will be forever
26:27 free from the bondage of sin and breathe the free air
26:31 of heaven at the earth made new.
26:33 What glorious promises for the Christian
26:36 who understands this spiritual meaning of these
26:39 Jewish symbols in the Book of Revelation.
26:42 The entire Book of Revelation comes alive, friends,
26:46 it comes alive in our hearts and they burn within us
26:49 as these wonderful truths unfold,
26:51 but you know many are missing this blessing
26:56 and prophecy in Revelation today and for them
27:00 history is repeating itself. The Jewish interpreted
27:04 these prophecies with only the most literal of meanings
27:06 in mind and they missed the spiritual
27:08 significance entirely. Some Christians today
27:12 in making a literal application of these things
27:15 to literal Israel are missing the spiritual significance
27:18 of the Book of Revelation. May God help us, friends,
27:22 as the spiritual Israel of God today to see
27:24 and to claim these wonderful promises with all of their
27:29 forceful meaning for us with the moral purpose
27:33 that we might be a holy nation,
27:35 a royal priesthood and that we might show forth the
27:39 praises of our wonderful God. Now just a reminder friends,
27:43 don't miss our final program in the moral purpose
27:46 of prophecy when we look at what are being called the
27:49 fallacies of futurism. Don't miss it.
27:53 We'll see you next time.


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