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The Joke That Tickled God

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00:32 Greetings friends, welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:36 I am Dr. P. C. Willis, Sr.
00:38 the Adult Ministries Director
00:40 for Lake Region Conference of
00:41 Seventh Day Adventists.
00:43 I welcome you here as we study
00:44 the striking topic
00:46 "The Joke that Tickled God!"
00:52 Can anything tickle God? Friends we'll see today.
00:54 So we encourage you to take notes today as we
00:57 study this most important topic.
01:01 Please note that the Devil has fooled people into thinking
01:04 that they can commit sin repeatedly and get away with it.
01:09 This scheme of the devil has been so successful
01:12 that millions of people today have come to the conclusion
01:16 that there will be no future literally burning lake of fire
01:21 where those who have disobeyed the will of God
01:24 will be punished.
01:25 They actually believe that everyone is going to heaven.
01:30 How incredible it is, I've never been to a funeral
01:34 where people actually said, "Folks today we have a problem"
01:39 "this person's going the other way... "
01:41 I've never been to one have you?
01:44 I've been to hundreds of funerals.
01:46 I've done hundreds of funerals.
01:48 And never no matter how the person lived
01:51 whether they were very wicked, they never said...
01:54 "This person! Ooh, we have problems today!"
01:57 So people have been fooled by the Devil's lie.
02:02 In spite of it all God has endeavored to save man,
02:06 in spite of man's sin.
02:08 God has sent His prophets to warn man about sin
02:12 and to persuade him to turn from sin.
02:15 Consider Matthew 23:34
02:40 Oh, this is terrible, ladies and gentlemen.
02:42 God has sent His prophets, His spokespersons
02:46 but they have been misused, abused and dismissed.
02:50 So God has sent His Son to make it possible for man to be saved.
02:54 But men have rejected the Son!
02:57 Note carefully Matthew 21:37-39
03:18 Ladies and gentlemen,
03:19 that's what people are still doing today.
03:23 In their minds, they are dismissing the Son.
03:26 But people took Jesus and literally killed Him!
03:31 God has sent the Holy Spirit
03:34 to influence man too accept the righteousness of Christ.
03:37 But men have despised the Holy Spirit.
03:41 Look at Hebrews 10:29
04:06 Oh, be careful my friend how you step on the cross.
04:09 Your foot might slip and your soul be lost.
04:13 When you have done despite to the Spirit of Grace,
04:16 At some point You may commit the sin God never forgives.
04:21 But God has given man His Word, the Bible.
04:26 But man has refused to read it much less obey it.
04:30 we discover this striking text:
04:44 It is striking because in Psalms 119 the question is asked,
04:47 "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?"
04:49 And the answer comes quickly,
04:50 "By taking heed thereto according to thy Word. "
04:53 If you want to get right then you must read the Bible.
04:58 How do you get it? You read it. You absorb it.
05:00 Then it becomes a part of you.
05:02 A story is told of a man who had trouble with his mouth.
05:06 He was so quick with the word when somebody did anything
05:09 he would eat them up one side
05:10 and down the other by using words
05:12 and yet he called himself a Christian
05:14 So he finally went to his pastor and said,
05:15 "You have to help me, I have cried and I've prayed
05:17 but nothing is happening. "
05:19 So he was given by his pastor a formula
05:23 He said, "I want you to read 2nd Peter seven times a day"
05:28 Get the book of 2 Peter.
05:29 Now remember Peter always had a word to say.
05:32 So it was a good thing to put this man who was very mouthy
05:35 with a disciple who had trouble with his mouth.
05:37 And he got it straight.
05:39 He had to read 2nd Peter seven times a day.
05:43 You know what? The man was a smart man.
05:46 He followed the counsel of his spiritual advisor, the pastor
05:49 who was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
05:53 Whenever that man got riled up
05:55 what would come out of his mouth?
05:56 2nd Peter would come out of his mouth!
05:58 Repetition deepens the impression.
06:01 It's the mother of all learning.
06:03 If you want to get better you must fill yourself
06:07 with the Word of God.
06:08 I do evangelistic meetings
06:10 and I've done them all over the world.
06:12 Over 100 evangelistic campaigns.
06:15 And over 8000 people have accepted the Lord
06:18 and been baptized.
06:19 And I came across a story where a lady was going
06:21 to one of those meetings.
06:22 And as she was going she had a no good lazy son at home
06:25 who began to make fun of her.
06:28 Like people do anytime you come to the Lord
06:30 somebody is going to make fun of you.
06:33 In fact the book 'Desire of Ages' states,
06:35 anytime God is about to do a work
06:37 Satan moves upon somebody to object.
06:40 And he was making fun of her
06:42 because she couldn't quote the text yet
06:43 she couldn't do this and that.
06:45 And she became angry. She said, "Come here boy!"
06:48 When he heard that word he straightened up and came
06:51 and he thought he was going to get a good whipping.
06:52 She said, "Go get a bushel basket and set it in the yard. "
06:54 So he went and got a big bushel basket
06:56 and set it in the yard.
06:57 "Now take that bucket and go fill it at the well. "
07:00 So he filled it up and brought it back.
07:02 Then she said, "Now pour it in that bushel basket. "
07:04 So he poured it in. And she kept him going about 10 times.
07:07 From the bucket to the basket, the water just ran out.
07:10 But he was afraid because she was angry now
07:12 and she was giving him orders.
07:14 "Go get another bucket and bring it and pour it in that basket. "
07:16 He's pouring it in and finally she stopped.
07:19 She asked him, "How much water is in that bushel basket?"
07:22 And he said, "Nothing. "
07:23 And she said, "Yes but it's cleaner. "
07:26 Friend when you get the Word of God
07:28 in you, you might not be able to remember everything.
07:30 But it will clean your body and your mind.
07:33 Hallelujah!
07:34 You need to feast on the Word of God.
07:36 And let God clean you up.
07:39 God has given us His Word but men haven't even read it.
07:43 They have refused to read it much less obey it.
07:46 And God said He was grieved.
07:50 God has always had two characteristics
07:52 to identify His people.
07:54 I want you to get this. God has always had a people.
07:58 Ladies and gentlemen, in the text
08:01 Revelation 12:17, we discover a striking text...
08:21 God has always used these two identifying marks
08:25 to identify His children:
08:28 the Ten Commandments and the faith of Jesus
08:31 have always been the identifying marks.
08:34 Before the cross men looked forward to the death of Christ
08:37 on Calvary while they kept the commandments
08:40 Since the cross Christians look back
08:43 at the death of Christ upon Calvary,
08:45 while they show their acceptance of Him
08:48 by keeping His Commandments.
08:50 A person can say they love Jesus
08:54 until their tongue drops out of their mouth.
08:56 But unless they show their love for Him
08:59 by obeying His commandments
09:02 they are hell bound.
09:04 Friends I want you to note what it states in Matthew 15:8,9
09:11 Consider this wonderful text.
09:14 Matthew 15: 8, 9...
09:24 Now listen as I read, it states...
09:30 "This people draweth nigh unto Me with their mouth,
09:33 And honoreth Me with their lips,
09:36 but their heart is far from Me.
09:39 But in vain do they worship Me,
09:42 teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. "
09:46 There are individuals who would rather crawl up a staircase
09:50 on their knees than just simply do what God asks them.
09:54 There are people who will travel half way around the world
09:57 thinking they'll find something with the face of Jesus or
10:00 one of the saints on a tree or out in a desert.
10:03 They'd rather do that than what Jesus simply said.
10:07 He asks, "If you love Me,
10:10 keep my commandments. " John 14:15
10:13 A simple request, "If you love Me,
10:16 keep my commandments. "
10:18 And in 1 John it is stated that
10:20 "... the commandments are not grievous. "
10:22 Oh friends, it's not enough to say that you love Jesus
10:26 you must show it by your actions!
10:29 I'm reminded of a story
10:31 of a very wicked man when he was drunk.
10:34 He was a good man when he was sober.
10:36 But he's a terrible fellow when he got a little liquor in him.
10:38 Now this fellow would tear places up
10:41 with just a little liquor.
10:42 Mostly he was alright. He would bring his check home.
10:45 He had his wife in a beautiful home.
10:47 But he would always cut up when he got a glass or 2 of liquor
10:51 and then he'd always go running to his wife
10:53 and he'd say, "Honey, I've got three little words for you"
10:57 "I love you. "
10:59 Well one night he got some liquor in him and he pushed
11:02 the baby grand piano out the front window.
11:04 It was a mess, all the neighbors were out looking to see
11:07 what in the world was happening.
11:08 He woke up, he was laying flat on his back on the front lawn.
11:11 Then the police sirens were coming down the street
11:14 and he looked around and said "Oh, I'm in trouble now... "
11:16 He jumped up and there's his wife. She was sick of him.
11:19 And she was standing in the door
11:21 with her terry cloth robe on
11:22 and her Mickey Mouse house shoes
11:24 and he rushed up to the door and said,
11:25 "Honey, I have three little words for you. "
11:27 "I love you. "
11:28 She had had it up to here. She looked back at him and said
11:30 "well I have two for you... "
11:32 "Show me!"
11:34 Friends, if you love God you'll show Him.
11:37 And His commandments are not grievous!
11:40 I want you to know,
11:41 if you see a Christian who believes in Jesus only
11:45 or one who believes in the commandments only
11:47 his religion is no good.
11:49 Now most Catholics and Protestants believe in Jesus
11:53 but they don't keep all of the commandments.
11:55 The Bible says the true Christian will keep both.
11:58 The Orthodox Jews keep the commandments
12:00 but they do not believe in Jesus
12:02 therefore, their religion is no good.
12:04 The Bible says you must do both.
12:08 There is only one group of people in town
12:11 both keeping the commandments and having
12:15 the faith of Jesus Christ.
12:17 And Jesus said this is the way you can identify
12:21 His true followers.
12:23 And that is the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
12:27 They keep the commandments of God and have
12:30 the testimony of Jesus Christ.
12:33 God is sending the everlasting Gospel
12:37 to all the world.
12:39 In Revelation 14:6
12:41 it tells us ladies and gentlemen
12:43 and I want you to know that whenever God speaks,
12:46 He speaks three times.
12:47 He speaks once to the Father,
12:49 once to the Son,
12:50 and once to the Holy Ghost.
12:51 That's God, Their each speaking.
12:53 Now I want you to get this.
12:55 When God was speaking
12:56 to the world that was going to die by a flood
12:58 in Genesis the 6th chapter
13:00 you discover that God spoke three times.
13:02 "God said,.. ", "God said.. " and "The Lord said.. "
13:05 In Revelation 14 you find God speaking to a world
13:08 that is going to die by fire!
13:09 Any time Jesus speaks, He speaks twice.
13:12 He speaks to the Father and to the Holy Ghost.
13:14 So every time He says something this is His modus operandi.
13:17 He says, "Verily, Verily... "
13:19 "Amen, Amen... "
13:20 "Simon, Simon... "
13:22 "Martha, Martha... "
13:23 "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.. "
13:27 Every time Jesus says something
13:29 He said it twice,
13:30 so you could understand Him.
13:31 Well ladies and gentlemen, God has a threefold message.
13:34 He's speaking once to the Father
13:36 once to the Son and once to the Holy Ghost.
13:38 In the book of Revelation Chapter 14
13:43 We call it God's Final Message, the Three Angels Messages...
13:47 In Revelation 14:6 it states:
14:03 God is speaking to people. Everybody is not a 'kind'
14:06 Everybody is not a nation.
14:08 Everybody is not a tongue.
14:10 Even in this place. We have individuals
14:11 from all over the place.
14:13 From Texas, from New England,
14:15 from south, from north,
14:16 everyone has a different tongue as it were,
14:19 a different type of brogue.
14:21 And ladies and gentlemen, we are all people.
14:25 I'm so glad we are all people.
14:28 Tall people, short people, skinny people, fat people,
14:33 good smelling people, stinky people.
14:36 People!
14:37 God has the everlasting Gospel
14:39 for all of us!
14:40 He has it that we might be saved from this wicked world.
14:47 God sends this message to us to cause us to study the Scriptures
14:52 In John 5:39, note carefully this text.
15:08 Friends get it! The Bible testifies of Jesus!
15:11 The Old Testament speaks, the New Testament says, "Amen!"
15:15 The Old Testament is the foundation,
15:18 the New Testament is the superstructure.
15:20 And it's all about Jesus.
15:23 I want you to understand friends
15:25 that this day in which we're living
15:27 is all about Jesus.
15:29 The faith we have is all about Jesus.
15:32 You might be a fine person.
15:34 You might be a wonderful person,
15:35 You may be 'all that and a bag of chips'.
15:38 But friends, it's all about Jesus!
15:42 If you don't have Jesus, you don't have life!
15:46 "Search the Scriptures," Jesus said.
15:48 And what Bible did He have?
15:50 It was the Old Testament.
15:52 You have some people who want to throw out the Old Testament.
15:54 But the Old Testament is still good today.
15:56 2 Timothy 3:16,17 says, "All scripture is given
16:00 by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine
16:03 for correction, for reproof, for instruction in righteousness
16:06 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished
16:10 unto all good works. "
16:11 God wants you to have it all.
16:13 You can have it all when you take the whole Bible
16:16 from Genesis to Revelation.
16:18 Friends, God said, "Search the Scriptures
16:21 for in them ye think ye have eternal life
16:24 and they are they which testify of Me. "
16:27 We must prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.
16:31 In Amos 4:12
16:34 we discover why God sends the Everlasting Gospel
16:38 to all the world.
16:54 Oh yes friends.
16:55 Is God going to allow this Gospel to be preached
16:58 over and over again and let man go marching into sin forever?
17:04 No! God will punish those who refuse to repent.
17:09 Note this striking text in 2 Chronicles 36:14-16
17:41 "betimes" = urgently
18:14 No remedy, friends.
18:16 Nobody could save them.
18:18 The cup of their indignation was full and overflowing.
18:23 God said He would punish those who refuse to repent.
18:28 So trouble will come to those who refuse to come to God.
18:33 In Jeremiah 25:30-33
19:51 Oh friends, imagine that day.
19:53 That day when Jesus comes and takes His saints
19:56 but the wicked are spread out all over the ground.
20:00 No undertaker there, no family members standing around crying.
20:03 You are either in heaven, on your way to the Holy City
20:07 and going to heaven or you are
20:09 dead upon the ground.
20:11 But we are not finished. Consider this text:
20:13 In Jeremiah 4:23-27
21:12 What do you mean Lord?
21:13 What do you mean you won't make a full end?
21:14 That's during the time of the 1,000 years
21:18 when the earth will be at rest.
21:20 And now here is Satan,
21:22 he is bound, as it were, with a chain of circumstances
21:28 on this earth with all his evil angels.
21:31 The wicked are dead, the righteous are gone
21:33 the living righteous are caught up.
21:35 The righteous dead have been resurrected.
21:37 And here's Satan, as it were, stewing in his own mess.
21:41 The earth, he has something to work with.
21:44 When God created, He created something out of nothing.
21:48 But He's given Satan something to work with.
21:49 Now go ahead Satan and create something.
21:51 See all the angels he's deceived.
21:53 There they are sizing up his head.
21:55 "Now we've been following this fellow low these many years...
21:59 ...and now he'd better show us something. "
22:01 "He wanted to be God. " "This is his chance! "
22:03 Satan takes off.
22:06 Somebody said he goes around
22:08 the world, comes back
22:11 and gathers his evil angels.
22:12 They come over to see
22:13 and here's a big field of waving grass.
22:16 "What is it? " It's astro-turf...
22:18 He can't create anything.
22:21 Help me somebody.
22:22 Friend I don't want to be there when God
22:25 has a controversy with the wicked.
22:28 Please understand. God's messengers are His ministers.
22:33 And God's message is, Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
22:37 God's reproofs include many of the messages that you
22:40 have heard in the Faith Chapel.
22:42 And friends you do well to understand it
22:45 it so that you can do well.
22:47 God sends this message of warning to those
22:50 who have heard the Gospel but refuse to accept it.
22:54 But instead they treat it lightly.
22:56 Woe unto you that are full! For you shall hunger.
22:59 Woe unto you that laugh now for you shall mourn and weep.
23:05 Consider this text in Luke 6:25
23:22 Oh consider this ladies and gentlemen.
23:23 God says there are those who spurn the Gospel message
23:27 and who today laugh at it
23:29 and scorn those who proclaim it.
23:31 God said His day to laugh will soon come.
23:35 And those who laugh now will then weep and mourn.
23:38 Is this the 'joke' that tickled God?
23:41 Let us turn to the book of Proverbs
23:45 Proverbs 1:23-33
26:26 The way is clear.
26:28 There is no middle ground.
26:29 You're either right or you're wrong.
26:32 It's either the truth or it's a lie.
26:35 You are either worshipping God or you're worshipping the Devil.
26:38 There's no middle ground. There are no shades of gray.
26:41 You're either right or you're wrong.
26:44 Ladies and gentlemen, listen to God.
26:47 Give yourself to Him.
26:50 Now is the time to say, "Yes" to God
26:52 or one day because you laughed at Him
26:55 He's going to laugh at you.
26:57 I can imagine a sound going all the way back from eternity
27:00 and laughter coming forth...
27:02 "Oh Lord, I'm ready to do right now. "
27:05 TOO LATE!
27:07 One day someone's gonna be standing in the supermarket line
27:09 somebody's gonna be buying a Buick and something is going
27:13 to happen up in the sky.
27:14 What's happening?
27:15 Jesus is Coming!
27:16 "Oh Lord, I'm ready now... "
27:18 TOO LATE!
27:19 That's why the Bible says, "Be ye therefore also ready...
27:21 for in such an hour as you think not... "
27:24 For individuals who laugh at God
27:26 this is the 'joke', that tickled God?
27:29 Friends, when Jesus comes I want Him to call my name.
27:33 I want to hear him say well done thou good and faithful servant.
27:36 Come you blessed of my Father, inherit a place prepared for you
27:40 from the foundation of the world.
27:43 I want to rise from this earth.
27:45 If I'm asleep I want to come up out of the ground.
27:47 I want to see Jesus. I want to be received.
27:49 And it can be ours if you accept Him today.
27:51 Oh, be faithful friends.
27:53 God bless you.


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