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00:31 Greetings, friends, welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:34 I am Dr. P. C. Willis,
00:36 the Adult Ministries director for Lake Region Conference
00:39 of Seventh-day Adventists in Chicago.
00:43 And we welcome you here
00:44 as we study the Word of God today.
00:46 This study is entitled " "What doest thou here, Elijah?"
00:52 "What doest thou here?"
00:54 Let's consider this text, as we study this message.
01:00 It is found in 1 Kings 19:1-9.
01:07 "And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done,
01:11 and withal how he had slain
01:12 all the prophets with the sword.
01:15 Then Jezebel sent messenger unto Elijah, saying,
01:19 So let the gods do to me, and more also,
01:22 if I make not thy life as the life
01:25 of one of them by to morrow about this time.
01:30 And when he saw that, he arose,
01:33 and went for his life, and came to Beersheba,
01:37 which belongeth to Judah, and let his servant there.
01:41 But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness,
01:45 and came and sat down under a juniper tree
01:48 and requested for himself that he might die
01:51 and said, it is enough now, O lord take away my life,
01:56 for I am not better than my fathers."
01:58 Stop right there for minute.
01:59 It's interesting if you want to do die
02:01 he should have stayed there let Jezebel kill him.
02:03 But now he is saying, take my life but he is running.
02:06 Verse 5 "And has he lay and slept under a juniper tree,
02:10 behold, then an angel touched him,
02:12 and said unto him, Arise and eat.
02:14 And he looked, and behold,
02:16 there was a cake baken on the coals,
02:19 and a cruse of water at his head.
02:21 And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.
02:26 And the angel of the Lord came again the second time,
02:29 and touched him, and said, Arise and eat
02:31 because the journey is too great for thee.
02:34 And he arose, and did eat and drink,
02:36 and went in the strength of that meat
02:39 forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God.
02:45 He ran for 200 miles
02:47 and he came thither unto a cave, and lodged there
02:50 and behold, the Word of the Lord came to him,
02:53 and he said unto him, What doest thou here, Elijah?
03:00 Ladies and gentlemen, and Christian friends,
03:03 the import of this question has not lost the force
03:07 or pointedness to us as hearers today.
03:11 From the time it was asked some 3000 years ago.
03:16 In fact we are inextricably
03:18 joined to Elijah like Siamese twins.
03:21 Today as this question is asked by God
03:24 so quietly and yet so pointed.
03:28 Elijah was God's man with God's message.
03:31 We are God's children with God's message.
03:36 God doesn't have grandchildren,
03:38 stepchildren or any other type of missing family member
03:44 and neither is God an absent parent.
03:48 We are His children and He is our father,
03:53 we are brothers and sisters,
03:55 family members of the family of God.
03:59 Moreover we have God's message,
04:02 God's last message to give to a dying world gone insane.
04:07 We have the three angels' message of Revelation 14,
04:10 this is not a piece and safety message.
04:14 Elijah was special, I say again Elijah was special.
04:20 Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen,
04:22 he looked special, he dressed special,
04:25 he worship special, he was a man
04:28 who prayed until something happen.
04:32 We are special. How special are we?
04:35 1 Peter 2:9 gives it clearly.
04:41 "But ye are a chosen generation,
04:43 a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
04:47 a peculiar people, that ye should shew
04:50 forth the praises of him
04:51 who hath called you out of darkness
04:54 into his marvelous light."
04:57 Ladies and gentlemen, God called us to be peculiar.
05:01 He didn't called us to be strange or clear.
05:06 One of my favorite writer states
05:09 in the book Fundamentals of Education
05:11 page 289, paragraph 1.
05:13 " There are many in the church
05:15 who at heart belong to the world,
05:17 but God calls upon those
05:19 who claim to believe the advanced truth,
05:22 to rise above the present attitude
05:25 of the popular churches today."
05:27 What do you mean popular churches today?
05:29 Friend, I read about a church in Texas
05:32 where the man had thousands of members.
05:35 In fact, they are going into a football stadium
05:38 and he is so careful about what he says.
05:41 He says he doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings.
05:45 Friends, let me tell you something
05:47 I don't care if god hurts my feelings
05:49 as long as He saves me.
05:51 There are lot of people out there
05:52 who say they love the Lord and they are very sincere.
05:55 But according to the Bible they are sincerely wrong.
05:58 If you have to tell someone you're going the wrong way,
06:01 turned around, I don't care if it hurts their feeling
06:03 as long as they turn around.
06:05 They're some people who say,
06:06 "Oh, what you don't know can hurt you."
06:08 That's a lie.
06:09 It's a dark night, there is no lights anywhere.
06:12 The bridge is out and you're driving down the highway
06:14 at 65 miles an hour.
06:16 Oh, what you don't know can hurt you, that a lie.
06:19 If you go off that bridge,
06:20 if you go off the end of that road
06:21 you will be killed.
06:23 And that same logic ladies and gentlemen,
06:26 that its foolishness is applied where God is concerned.
06:30 People say oh, what you don't know can hurt you,
06:32 after all Gods gonna save everybody.
06:35 No, He is not.
06:36 To go to heaven you have to know something.
06:38 Friend's, heaven is free but it's not cheap
06:41 and if you want to go you must make provisions.
06:44 That's why the Bible states, Therefore be ye also ready,
06:47 for in such an hour the Son of Man cometh."
06:49 Such an hour when you think not,
06:51 the Son of Man cometh.
06:54 "Where is the self-denial today?
06:56 Where is the cross-bearing that Christ has said
06:59 should characterize His followers?
07:03 The reason we have had so little influence upon
07:07 unbelieving relatives and associates
07:10 is that we have manifested little decided difference
07:14 in our practices from those of the world.
07:17 Parents need to wake up and purify their souls
07:20 by practicing the truth in their home life.
07:23 When we reach the standard,"
07:25 listen to this incredible statement,
07:26 "When we reach the standard
07:28 that the Lord would have us reach,
07:30 worldlings will regard Seventh-day Adventists
07:33 as odd, singular, strait-laced extremists.
07:38 'We are made a spectacle unto the world,
07:41 and to angels, and to men.'
07:44 " God wants His people to be different
07:47 not strange or clear, special.
07:52 Take courage, Elijah was a man,
07:56 a manly man, a man like us today.
08:00 In fact, in the NIV James 5:17 states
08:05 and I want you to see it.
08:06 "Elijah was a man just like us.
08:10 He prayed earnestly that it would not rain,
08:13 and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years."
08:18 Imagine God taking a man just like us,
08:23 and listening to him pray
08:26 and giving him the key to heaven
08:29 that it didn't rain for three and half years.
08:31 Oh, friend, are you a praying person?
08:34 Do you have the keys in your pocket?
08:40 You can if you are a praying person
08:44 and God will hear you and answer.
08:47 Elijah had a clear message.
08:49 Remember we are to pray until something happens.
08:53 Elijah had a clear message repent come back to God
08:57 and He will get you together.
08:58 He will take care of you. He will clean you up.
09:01 It was expressed to Israel on a mountain top as
09:04 "How long halt ye between two opinions?"
09:07 If the Lord be God follow him,
09:09 but if Baal then follow him.
09:11 We have a clear message
09:13 if any man worship the beast and his image
09:15 and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand
09:19 the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God
09:22 which is pored out without mixture
09:24 into the cup of his indignation
09:26 and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
09:29 in the presence of the Holy Angels
09:31 and in a presence of the lamb.
09:33 Understand clearly Elijah was sent
09:36 to fight against idolatry,
09:38 a false system of worship of Baal
09:41 headed by a wicked,
09:43 painted a bejeweled woman in called Jezebel.
09:47 Somebody ought to say, amen.
09:51 We have been called to fight against idolatry
09:54 a false system of worship called by God the great whore
09:59 Babylon the great, the mother of harlots,
10:01 the abominations of the earth
10:03 depicted in Revelation the 17th chapter
10:06 as a wicked, tainted up, bejeweled woman.
10:11 Elijah's job preach the word, our job preach the word.
10:17 Note carefully ladies and gentlemen,
10:19 Jesus said in Matthew 28:19, 20,
10:22 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
10:25 baptizing them in the name of the Father,
10:26 the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."
10:28 Teaching them how many things?
10:29 Some things, part of the things?
10:31 No.
10:32 The Bible say its teaching them
10:33 all things what so ever I have commanded you
10:36 and low I am with you always
10:39 even until the end of the world.
10:43 Friends, before we go any further
10:45 I want you to know
10:46 that this message is a God conversion.
10:50 Oh, help me some by. How does God deal with sins?
10:54 This is not so much an examination of Elijah
10:58 but an examination of God and how he deals with sinners.
11:03 So that you can take courage on how God is dealing with you.
11:09 Here is a man Elijah with a high and holy calling
11:13 and here we are with a high and holy calling.
11:17 But this man Elijah is imbued with a special job,
11:20 a machine as it work and yet human
11:24 given to extreme highs and very low lows.
11:28 How does God react to a man like that?
11:31 How does God react to us?
11:34 Here is the man running from Jezebel.
11:37 Get the picture, he has done wonders
11:39 in the side of the people
11:42 when the fire fell Elijah said catch those men
11:46 and don't let one escape.
11:48 And they marched 450 prophets
11:51 of Baal down to the river Jabbok
11:53 and Elijah with his own hand killed all of them.
11:56 And then he went up to look for water.
11:59 Here he is he told Ahab get yourself together
12:01 of course I hear the sound of an abundance of rain.
12:04 And after he prayed seven times
12:06 and his servant comes back and says.
12:08 "What do you see?"
12:09 I see your hand, a cloud about
12:11 the half the size of a man hands
12:13 and Elijah takes off running.
12:15 He leads Ahab down the mountain side.
12:20 Ladies and gentlemen, he is a tired man.
12:22 He lays down to sleep
12:24 and he is awaken out of that sleep
12:25 with a message from Jezebel.
12:29 What is that message?
12:31 About this time to morrow, you going to be like
12:33 one of those men of mine that you killed,
12:36 and Elijah takes off running
12:39 because, he heard a message from a wicked woman.
12:43 What gets you to running?
12:44 What causes you to jump up and run for your life?
12:48 In fact, he is running so hard he had the leave is messenger.
12:52 He is moving, he is breaking
12:54 Olympic track records, running from a message.
12:58 What gets you running? Is it a letter in the mail?
13:01 Is it somebody who whispers they're going to get you?
13:05 What causes you to take off running?
13:07 In fact, he has to leave his messenger
13:10 and he runs and he wraps himself
13:12 around a broom tree, a juniper tree.
13:15 It's a small scrub brush that people would take
13:18 and use it as a broom.
13:19 Its so small he has to curl himself
13:22 around it to get shape
13:23 and here he is out here praying Lord,
13:25 take me, take me.
13:27 He falls asleep under a juniper tree
13:29 and asked to die.
13:30 The Bible says so how does God react?
13:33 He sends an angel to feed him.
13:36 The angel, "arise and eat."
13:39 There is no record that Elijah even thanked the angel.
13:41 He is so exalted, he falls back to sleep.
13:44 The angel touches him again
13:46 the journey is too hot for thee.
13:49 This is how God deals with sinners.
13:54 How do you deal with them?
13:56 When you learn about somebody in the church
13:58 that has done something wrong what do you do?
14:00 Is there a gossip session?
14:02 In which you dissect, and re-dissect the incident
14:05 with relish or do you invite them into a meal
14:08 come on sit down let's talk.
14:12 God's first reaction
14:14 to a prophet gone wrong is this.
14:16 He sends an angel and feeds him two meals.
14:21 This lets me known number one,
14:23 God does not forsake me when things go wrong.
14:26 All happy day,
14:28 I am glad God promise never to leave me alone
14:32 and the devil is intent on convicting us
14:35 just the opposite.
14:37 When you've done wrong you're not just alone
14:41 trapped in your cocoon of loneliness
14:44 but those demons come and exaggerate the problem.
14:47 Look at what you did.
14:49 There's no need to pray, God's not gonna here you,
14:53 go on get in the bed
14:55 and take your chances in the night.
14:59 Oh, friend, too many people are listening
15:01 to the testimony of demons.
15:03 I want you to get this
15:04 when Jesus cast out demons out of people
15:07 and He had shut them up, because they were testify.
15:10 Have you come to tournament me before my time?
15:12 And that's where people are there
15:13 think of the serve God they will be tormented.
15:16 Can you imagine that? God says give me your heart.
15:20 Oh, its torment, its torment.
15:22 You're listening to the testimony of demons.
15:25 Do you believe God or do you believe demons?
15:29 Why don't you give your heart to Jesus?
15:32 Satan would have you believe friends,
15:36 that it's no use serving God that when you fall
15:39 you're just in trouble and you keep on falling.
15:42 That's not so.
15:44 If you're in difficulty you need to come back
15:47 to the one who loves you most in best.
15:50 If Satan knocks you down get up and come out swinging.
15:54 If he backs you into a corner come out fighting.
15:57 You must fight the good fight of faith
15:59 believing God and doing what He said
16:03 put it on the whole armor of God
16:05 don't leave home with out it.
16:07 It's better than American Express.
16:09 Give yourself to Jesus
16:10 and be prepared to meet the enemy
16:13 by putting on what God has given you
16:16 so that you might be victorious in your Christian fight.
16:19 I want you to know ladies and gentlemen,
16:22 that I've got good news for you.
16:24 God love you.
16:26 He loves you when you're up
16:27 and He loves you when you're down.
16:29 He is the God of the high and He is the God of the low
16:33 and He just loves sinners.
16:36 He came all the way from heaven down to save sinners.
16:40 Now this does not glorify sin or popularize sinners.
16:45 Oh, no, friends, what it says is this.
16:48 You're never really alone and He is only a prayer away.
16:53 If you don't believe what I've just said
16:55 that God does not for sake of us when we are down
16:58 or leave us when things go wrong,
17:00 He doesn't called the angels together
17:03 for a worship gossip session
17:06 but His great heart is broken
17:08 and His great arm of love reaches a little longer
17:11 than it ordinarily would to get us back.
17:14 Just ask Adam.
17:16 If you don't believe him ask Samson.
17:20 If you don't believe Samson ask David.
17:23 If you don't believe him ask Jacob.
17:26 If you don't believe him ask Peter.
17:28 If you don't believe him ask Paul.
17:31 If you don't him ask me.
17:34 God says my strength is made perfect in weakness.
17:40 God love to lift up the fallen and care for the dying.
17:45 God loves to bring the lost back home.
17:49 So the angel wakes up the Aaron prophet
17:53 and says arise and eat
17:57 the journey is too hot for thee.
18:00 Oh, just remember this friend,
18:02 the journey is always hard
18:04 when you're run in away from God.
18:05 The Bible says that the way
18:07 of the transgressor is the hard.
18:11 Its better not to go down that road
18:14 you've got to come back the same way.
18:18 Give yourself to Jesus.
18:20 Elijah arose and did eat and drink
18:24 and when went in the strength of that meal
18:28 forty days and forty nights and the Horeb the mount of God.
18:32 Now let's pause right here
18:34 and give credit to God superior diet plan.
18:38 Forty days and nights on one meal
18:40 more than 200 miles on one meal.
18:44 What kind of a meal was that?
18:47 We may not know what it was,
18:49 but we certainly know what it was
18:51 an according to Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14
18:54 we know it wasn't cat fish or pig tails,
18:57 it wasn't oysters or pork chops,
18:59 it was God's diet plan.
19:03 And if you just try--
19:05 if you will just try it like Daniel
19:07 for 10 days you will be so much the better for it.
19:11 Remember, Daniel was 10 times better
19:15 than all the men in Babylon
19:18 because of just 10 days eating God's diet.
19:23 Remember ladies and gentlemen,
19:25 healthy body, healthy mind.
19:27 You can eat crocked and think straight.
19:31 God wants you to be healthy in body and mind
19:35 so that you can show forth the praises of God.
19:41 Here Elijah gets to a cave and the word of the Lord
19:43 came to him and God ask him
19:45 "What doest thou here, Elijah?"
19:50 This is a time when God could have crowded in on him
19:53 and beat him up but He didn't do that.
19:56 He simply asked him a question?
19:59 What doest thou here?
20:01 Isn't this interesting?
20:02 It's just like us looking at a friend and say
20:05 what were you thinking?
20:07 Here is God looking at His prophet who ran
20:10 because a woman said a rumor about him
20:13 and he took off running, running.
20:17 Its not the first time people ran
20:18 when they was serving the Lord.
20:20 Here are the disciples in a boat.
20:23 Can you imagine this they are in a boat with Jesus,
20:25 Jesus is just fed the 1000's with a few loafs and fishes
20:29 and the people wanted to name him king.
20:30 He says, no lets get in the boat lets go
20:32 and they get in a boat
20:33 and Satan says I am gonna kill him now.
20:35 Let's get Him right now. Let's get a storm going here.
20:37 He is a prince of the power of the air.
20:38 So, he wants to wipe them out
20:40 and here is Jesus sleep in the back of the boat
20:42 and these sailors they knew how to handle the boat.
20:45 They've been in storm before
20:46 but they'd not seen a storm like this
20:48 and only when they tried everything but failed
20:52 did they remember Jesus.
20:53 Friend's sometimes we waste time
20:56 doing it our way like Frank.
20:58 I did it my way, you can't do it like Frank,
21:03 why don't you do it like God.
21:05 Give yourself to Him, save yourself some sweat,
21:08 some hurting some bumps.
21:10 Only when they remembered Jesus
21:12 that they call upon Him
21:13 and Jesus always responds to a call for help.
21:16 And they cried out to Him
21:18 Oh, Lord, don't you care that we perish?
21:21 And Jesus stood up and the literal translation
21:25 is in the Greek,
21:26 Jesus said shut up
21:29 and unbeatably there was a great calm
21:31 and unbeatably the boat was at shore
21:33 and the disciples are wondering,
21:34 what manner of man as this
21:36 that even the winds and waves obey Him?
21:39 But Satan is not through with Him yet.
21:41 He comes at them with two demoniacs
21:44 out of the tomb naked,
21:45 broken chains and they're filled with 6,700 demons,
21:51 two men and they take off running
21:53 a mildly down the beach and finally somebody says
21:56 where is Jesus and when they turn around
21:58 here He is again with His hands up.
22:00 Jesus always had His hands up.
22:03 Let me tell you something friend,
22:04 would it be wonderful if you were so full of the Holy Ghost
22:07 that when trouble came you would just lift your hand
22:09 and it will stop there.
22:10 Are you a praying person? It does stop there.
22:14 God says if you call upon Him
22:18 "He will answer you,
22:19 and show you great and mighty things,
22:20 which thou knowest not."
22:22 Jesus stopped those demons with His hand.
22:26 And I want you to note He stopped the demons
22:30 but when the men got back
22:33 they discovered those men were clothed
22:35 in their right minds and the demons were gone.
22:37 What happened?
22:38 They say well, we couldn't kill Him in the boat,
22:40 we couldn't kill Him with the demoniacs.
22:42 Let's stop them with a financial burden.
22:45 Let us go to these hogs over here.
22:46 Two thousand hogs that sounds like three demons per hog.
22:50 Can you imagine that?
22:51 Demons even make hogs crazy
22:54 and they rush down into the water and drown.
22:56 And when the people came all they could think about
22:59 was their financial loss.
23:01 Satan couldn't get them in the storm,
23:03 he couldn't get them with demon possession
23:06 but he got them when people considered the financial loss.
23:11 The testimony of demons again,
23:13 have you come here to torment me?
23:15 Friends, do you think
23:16 that's what Jesus does when He comes?
23:19 Some people act like that if they were to heaven
23:21 Jesus will take them and throw them in jail.
23:24 He didn't come for that He said the reason I have come
23:27 is that you might have life, inhabit more abundantly.
23:31 Here He is speaking to His child.
23:33 What are you doing here?
23:34 And that's the question to us today.
23:37 What are you doing?
23:39 Don't you know that you are loved,
23:41 wanted for give it an understood?
23:43 What do with thou here? What is in on your mind?
23:47 Have you given up on God,
23:48 your marriage, your children, life,
23:50 are you running from the church?
23:52 What are you doing?
23:53 Revelation 22:12 states it's an incredible text,
23:57 "And, behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me,
24:01 to give every man according as his work shall be.
24:04 And again in Revelation 3:11 it is an encouragement.
24:09 Note, carefully it states, "Behold, I come quickly,
24:12 hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown."
24:17 That means you're to hold on to your crown tightly
24:21 with both hands.
24:22 Don't let go of God.
24:24 The connotation is that there are special angels
24:27 who are just there to make crowns.
24:29 And friends, I have a big head,
24:31 my head is a special shape
24:33 it takes a lot of work for me to get a hat.
24:35 My crown is special
24:36 and nobody's got to take my crown
24:39 they may get your's
24:40 but they are not gonna get mine.
24:41 Are you holding fast that you have
24:43 that no men take your crown?
24:45 God says I can handle Jezebel.
24:47 Buck up friend, pull up your socks, dry your eyes,
24:50 what are you doing here? What are you doing?
24:55 It may be fine for hours
24:58 to live like they jotted well please
25:00 but not you, you know better you've been change.
25:02 You're saved, sanctified, wash by the water
25:05 and the blood plucked as a bran from the fire.
25:08 You are different.
25:10 So, God tells us "Cast not away therefore your confidence,
25:13 which hath great recompence of reward.,"
25:16 that's Hebrews 10:35.
25:21 Note carefully it says ye have need of patience,
25:24 that, after ye have done the will of God,
25:26 ye might receive the promise.
25:28 For yet a little while, and he that shall come
25:30 will come, and will not tarry."
25:33 Further more Matthew 7:13, 14
25:36 informs us note carefully God says,
25:39 "Enter ye in at the strait gate"
25:40 S-T-R-A-I-T straighten us here "for wide is the gate,
25:44 and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction,
25:46 and many there be which go in thereat.
25:49 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way,
25:52 which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
25:55 Thirdly, what doest thou here?
25:59 What are you doing friend, at the jewelry counter,
26:01 the night club, the theater, the motel, the liquor stone,
26:04 the coffee shop, that divorce court?
26:06 What are you doing there getting something
26:10 engraved on your body
26:13 hiding in a cave of shame as it were
26:15 thinking you are the only one whoever had setbacks,
26:19 breakdown's forgotten God
26:21 and have been overtaken by certain fear?
26:24 Do you think like that?
26:25 Take courage God's word does not change,
26:28 God does not change.
26:29 He wants you to have back bone
26:31 all taste and see that the Lord is good.
26:35 God puts His word to the test.
26:37 Do you know God?
26:38 He sends in earth, wind and fire
26:40 but they are program is ineffective
26:41 in moving the man of God
26:43 then the still small voice
26:45 and He wraps His face and comes out.
26:48 I am so happy that Jesus speaks a second time
26:52 that's His emo to meet God
26:54 we must come out of the cave
26:55 of what everybody else is doing
26:58 we must acknowledged that God is God
26:59 and knows what's best for us
27:01 and the fact that God does not change.
27:03 Know would how God response to His servant.
27:06 He tells Him return.
27:08 The same way He came, He's got to go back.
27:10 Return, friend.
27:11 By the way of the wilderness,
27:13 God has thousands that have not bow
27:15 their knee to Baal, nor kissed him.
27:17 God says I have yet 7,000 in Israel,
27:21 all knees which have not bowed unto Baal.
27:23 Somebody is going to be saved,
27:25 it might as well be us.
27:27 Everybody is not going to hell,
27:28 somebody is going to heaven.
27:30 Friends, let's choose to go to heaven.
27:33 God has 7,000 men who left their wives,
27:35 7,000 men who raised their children,
27:38 7,000 who will stand
27:39 for the right of the heaven fall,
27:41 let's join God 7,000.
27:43 Let's be men in women for Christ
27:45 and let God save us.
27:48 God bless you is my prayer.


Revised 2014-12-17