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The Violent Take It By Force

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00:31 We would like to welcome you to today's Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is Jason Sliger.
00:36 I'm an evangelist with Amazing Facts Ministries
00:39 and today we are gonna be taking a look at a subject
00:40 from the Bible called "The Violent Taketh By Force."
00:44 In the 1992, Barcelona Olympic Games
00:47 there was a young man by the name of Derek Redmond.
00:50 Derek Redmond was a young man
00:52 that everybody was looking at to,
00:54 to win the race the 400 meter race
00:56 that he was running.
00:57 Derek had spent about
00:59 four years training for this race
01:01 and he was ready to win the gold medal
01:03 on the 400 meter run.
01:06 Derek that day, that he had been waiting for
01:09 had gone ready on the track,
01:10 he was there getting ready to run that race,
01:13 to win that race and to take home
01:15 that gold medal.
01:16 He was crouched down on the track,
01:19 getting ready waiting for that gunshot to sound
01:21 so that he could take off down that track
01:24 to win that gold medal.
01:26 As Derek waited he heard the gunshot sound
01:28 he got up and he began to run with all the energy
01:31 that he had within him.
01:32 As he turned the final corner
01:34 to go down that homestretch
01:36 to win that gold medal
01:38 Derek accelerated with all the power that he had
01:40 to win that race and all the sudden
01:43 he felt a terrible pain in the back of his leg
01:45 Derek had tore his hamstring.
01:47 Derek fell to the ground
01:49 and was unable to finish the race.
01:51 Well, Derek as he was laying there on that track
01:54 he tried to get up to make that end to finish that race
01:58 and he could not do it.
02:00 There was a man that ran out of the crowd
02:03 down to where Derek was this man was Derek's father.
02:07 And he ran to Derek and he said,
02:09 son, you don't have to do this.
02:10 You don't have to try to finish the race
02:11 you're in pain you cannot do this.
02:13 He said, father, I have to do it.
02:14 I have been training for so long
02:16 I have got to finish the race.
02:19 Derek's father looked at him and said Derek,
02:21 if you're gonna finish the race we're gonna do it together.
02:24 And so, Derek and his father they got up
02:27 and Derek with excruciating pain
02:30 finished that race
02:32 and was applauded by the people watching him
02:35 as he went across that finish line.
02:38 You know what friends,
02:39 each one of us are involved in a race,
02:41 its called as-- its a spiritual race
02:43 and if you would go with me
02:44 in your Bible to the Book of Hebrews Chapter 12
02:47 and we're gonna be reading verse 1.
02:48 Hebrew 12:1 the Bible tells us here in Hebrew 12:1
02:54 "Wherefore seeing we are also compassed about
02:56 with so great a cloud of witnesses,
02:59 let us lay aside every weight,
03:01 and sin which doth so easily beset us,
03:04 and let us run with patience
03:07 the race that is set before us."
03:10 The Bible tells us that we are running a race.
03:13 That we are involved in a race
03:15 and in this race God is asking you and me
03:18 to set aside the weight that so easily beset us.
03:21 You know, I can imagine
03:22 when Derek was training to run that race,
03:25 I'm sure may be-- when he was training
03:27 he had some weights to help build up his muscles
03:30 but when it came to that time of the race,
03:32 when he was getting ready to run to win that gold medal
03:35 I'm sure that Derek laid a side every weight
03:37 he had on the -- the best sneakers,
03:40 he had on the best
03:41 the lightest pair of shorts, the lightest top
03:43 he wanted to be the lightest he possibly could
03:45 so he can run the fastest.
03:46 And friends, God is asking us in this race
03:49 that we are running to lay aside the weights
03:51 that beset us in the Christian race.
03:53 The weights that beset us friends, the Bible tells us
03:56 are sins in our lives.
03:58 And the question that I ask myself
04:00 and the question I'm sure
04:01 many of you are asking yourselves
04:02 is how is it
04:04 that I can overcome sin in my life?
04:06 How is it that I can lay aside these weights
04:08 that the Bible says, so easily besets us?
04:10 How can I put a side these sins?
04:13 Well, I would ask you to go to the Book of Revelation.
04:15 Revelation Chapter 12
04:17 and we are going to look at verse 17,
04:19 the Bible says this,
04:21 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
04:23 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
04:26 which keep the commandments of God,
04:28 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
04:31 The Bible tells us that the dragon or Satan
04:34 as you study the 12th chapter of Revelation,
04:37 Satan is angry with God's remnant church, a church--
04:41 women in Bible prophecies often represented as a church
04:45 and the Bible tells us that Satan is angry
04:47 he is wroth, he is upset.
04:48 He doesn't like God's church and he has gone to make war
04:52 with God's remnant church.
04:55 The church right before Jesus comes back.
04:57 Friends, why is Satan wroth with God's and time church?
05:01 Why is Satan wroth with God's people?
05:04 The reason why he is angry with God's church is
05:06 because God has a gift that He wants to give to His church.
05:09 He has this gift called eternal life
05:10 that He wants to give to each and everyone of us.
05:13 And Satan knows the way
05:14 that he can most effectively take away that gift
05:16 that God wants to give to you
05:18 and what God wants to give to me
05:19 is to tempt us with sin and to cause us to flaw
05:23 into those temptations of sin.
05:26 So, the way that you and I
05:27 are going to be able to receive this gift
05:29 that God wants to give to us
05:30 is to learn from the Bible
05:32 on how we can have victory over sin in our lives.
05:36 If you would go with me in your Bibles
05:38 to the Book of Matthew, Matthew 11:12,
05:44 the Bible says this,
05:45 "And from the days of John the Baptist until now
05:48 the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence,
05:51 and the violent take it by force."
05:55 When I first read this Bible passage,
05:57 it was kind of alarming to me
05:58 because I never read something so--
06:00 so strong in its language.
06:02 The way that God is speaking here saying that
06:04 those people who want the kingdom of heaven
06:06 and I know that you want the kingdom of heaven.
06:07 I know that's my-- my desire
06:09 I want to have that kingdom of heaven
06:10 that God has for each one of us.
06:12 The Bible tells us in Matthew 5:5 that the,
06:13 "the meek, shall inherit the earth."
06:15 And God has a gift that He wants to give you
06:17 and He wants to give me and the Bible says,
06:19 that those people who want this gift
06:21 that those people who want to receive
06:23 that kingdom of heaven that they'll take it by force.
06:27 Now, I don't know if you ever thought about it
06:29 in this sense before
06:30 that you have to be violent in the sense
06:32 of taking the kingdom of heaven
06:34 but that's exactly what the Bible is saying.
06:35 The Bible is saying that if we want that
06:37 kingdom of heaven we have to take it by force.
06:40 Now, as I was contemplated
06:42 and meditating on this Bible passage
06:43 I was thinking to myself,
06:44 how is it good way that I can illustrate this?
06:46 How can I make this practical to myself?
06:48 And I thought of a little illustration
06:50 to kind of help me understand this passage
06:52 and hopefully it will help you as well.
06:54 Think friends, that you have a little two little boys
06:57 little Jonny and little David.
07:00 Little Jonny and little David
07:01 they're having a good time together,
07:02 they're playing on the swing set,
07:04 they're swinging back and forth
07:05 and they're just having a good old time
07:07 playing with each other as little kids often times do.
07:10 And all of a sudden little Jonny
07:12 walks over to the park bench,
07:14 he reaches down into his pocket
07:16 and he pulls out a lollipop that
07:18 I might say his father gave to him.
07:21 He takes the wrapper off of that lollipop
07:23 and begins to enjoy that beautiful piece of candy
07:26 that his father had given to him.
07:29 And as he is enjoying it
07:30 little David is looking over that little Jonny
07:32 and you can almost imagine
07:33 what is going through the mind of little David.
07:35 You got it, that's right.
07:37 Little David wants that piece of candy as well.
07:39 He wants to enjoy that piece of candy too.
07:42 And little David might go over to little Jonny
07:45 and try to take that piece of candy out of his hand.
07:48 But let me ask you a question,
07:49 you're a little kid one time I'm sure
07:51 what would little Jonny do?
07:52 Is little Jonny just gonna stand by and say
07:54 all right go ahead you go ahead and take that piece of candy
07:56 I'll just let you have it.
07:58 No, little Jonny is not gonna do that.
08:00 Little Jonny might grab that piece of candy
08:02 even tighter in his hand and pull his hand away
08:06 and say no, you can't have it
08:08 this is a gift that my father has given to me
08:10 and continue to enjoy that gift from his father.
08:13 Friends, God has given each one of us a gift.
08:16 Do you know what that gift is?
08:17 That gift is eternal life.
08:18 The gift of the kingdom of heaven
08:20 the Bible tells us and the Bible says,
08:22 that those who want the kingdom of heaven,
08:24 they will take it by force.
08:26 They'll take it by force.
08:27 They'll possibly stand by and let Satan take that gift
08:31 that God wants to give to each one of us.
08:32 They won't stand there and just say go ahead Satan
08:35 you go right ahead and take it.
08:36 They're going to fight.
08:37 They're going to fight with
08:38 every fiber inside of their body
08:40 to obtain that gift
08:42 that God wants to give to each one of us.
08:44 Go with me in your Bibles to the Book of Ephesians,
08:46 Ephesians Chapter 6
08:48 and we are gonna being in verse 11.
08:50 Ephesians 6:11 the Bible says, this,
08:52 "Put on the whole armor of God,
08:54 that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
08:58 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
09:00 but against principalities, against powers,
09:03 against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
09:05 against spiritual wickedness in high places.
09:08 Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God,
09:12 that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
09:15 and having done all, to stand.
09:17 Stand therefore, having your loins
09:19 girt about with truth,
09:20 and having on the breastplate of righteousness.
09:23 And your feet shod
09:24 with the preparation of the gospel of peace."
09:26 Notice what the Bible says, here,
09:27 "Above all, taking the shield of faith,
09:31 wherewith ye shall be able to quench
09:33 all the fiery darts of the wicked.
09:36 And take the helmet of salvation,
09:38 and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,
09:40 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
09:44 watching therefore unto with all perseverance
09:48 and supplication for all saints."
09:51 The Bible tells us here, to take on the armor of God.
09:54 The Bible says, to put on the whole armor of God
09:57 and I find it very interesting
09:58 how the Bible here talks about putting on armor.
10:01 Let me ask you a question.
10:02 What is armor used for?
10:04 Armor is often used for war.
10:06 It's used for battle.
10:07 It's not something that a solider would put on
10:10 to go down and visit one of his friends
10:12 at the local restaurant.
10:13 It's not something that a family member would put on
10:16 to go visit his family
10:17 but armor is something that an individual puts on
10:20 he is making a statement saying
10:22 I'm getting ready for what?
10:23 Battle.
10:25 I'm getting ready to go fight a battle,
10:26 I'm getting ready to go fight and engage with the enemy.
10:29 And the Bible tells you and me
10:30 that we need to put on this armor of God.
10:32 Now, I don't have the time to go into
10:34 elaborate on each portion of the armor of God.
10:37 But God is telling us to put on this armor why?
10:40 Because He is telling us to get ready for a battle
10:42 and He tells us about this battle
10:44 as that we have already read in Revelation 12:17
10:47 where the dragon is worth, he is angry, he is upset.
10:49 He wants to make war with God's end time people.
10:51 And friends, God is warning us,
10:53 He is telling us ahead a time to put on the armor of God.
10:58 That is what's going to give us the power,
11:00 that's is what's going to give us the strength
11:01 to over come these sins in our lives,
11:04 to overcome the temptations
11:05 that Satan is placing before us.
11:07 Friends, do you put the armor of God on
11:08 when you wake up in the morning?
11:10 As you go through out the day do you put the armor of God on?
11:13 Do you spend time sharpening your sword
11:15 everyday that the Bible says, the sword of the Spirit,
11:18 the sword of the Word of God?
11:19 Do you spend time
11:21 putting on the helmet of salvation?
11:23 Do you spend time my friends, putting on the armor of God
11:26 as you go through out your day
11:28 and each day that you go through?
11:31 What I want to do today in our study is
11:33 I want to pick up on one aspect of the armor of God
11:35 that the Bible is talking about.
11:36 The Bible says, above all taking the shield of faith.
11:39 Now when the Bible says, above all that tells me
11:42 and I'm sure it tells you
11:43 that one of the most important parts of the armor of God
11:47 is taking this thing called the shield of faith.
11:50 The Bible says, above all, taking the shield of faith.
11:53 What does it mean to have faith?
11:54 What does it mean to have faith in our life with God?
11:57 You know we could talk about faith
11:58 as it is written there in Hebrew 12:1 where it says,
12:03 "Faith is a substance of things
12:04 hope for the evidence of things not seen."
12:06 But friends, let's try to make this
12:07 a little bit more practical and you know in my experience
12:10 I like to look at Jesus
12:12 and look at what Jesus did in His life
12:14 and as I look at what Jesus did
12:16 that helps me to know what I should do
12:18 because Christ is our example in all things, right.
12:20 So, how did Jesus have faith?
12:22 Go with me in your Bibles
12:24 to the Book of 1 Timothy Chapter 6,
12:27 1 Timothy Chapter 6
12:28 and we are going to look at verse 12.
12:30 1 Timothy 6:12 the Bible says, this,
12:32 "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life."
12:36 Listen to the language here,
12:37 "Whereunto thou art also called,
12:39 and hast professed a good profession
12:41 before many witnesses."
12:44 The Bible says, that we are to fight
12:46 the good fight of faith.
12:47 Now, doesn't that just go along with our subject
12:49 our theme today of this spiritual warfare
12:51 that we are fighting in,
12:52 the spiritual war fare between us and Satan.
12:55 The Bible says, that we are to fight
12:56 the good fight a faith.
12:57 Now what does it mean to fight
12:58 the good fight a faith?
12:59 How can I make this practical in my life today?
13:02 How can I truly fight the good fight of faith?
13:06 Well, let's take a look at this from the Bible
13:07 and go to the Book of John 8:29.
13:10 I want to take a look and see how Jesus fought
13:13 the good fight of faith.
13:14 John 8:29 the Bible says this,
13:17 "And he that sent me is with me,
13:20 the Father hath not left me alone
13:22 for I do always those things that please him."
13:25 Notice what the Bible says here, the Bible says,
13:28 that Jesus is telling us
13:30 that the father had not left him alone.
13:31 Now keep in mind what we are studying here.
13:33 What we are studying is that
13:35 fighting the good fight of faith
13:36 and we are looking at an example of it
13:38 from the life of Jesus.
13:39 Jesus said, to His disciples
13:41 as they were listening to Him preach that day
13:43 or whoever it was that was listening to Him
13:45 preach that day.
13:46 He said that God had never left Him alone.
13:49 Even though Jesus was separated
13:51 by that space between heaven and earth,
13:53 even though now he had taken the form of humanity,
13:56 even though now He was hear on this earth
13:58 they were still together, they were still united together
14:00 from the study of God's word
14:02 and also through prayer, meditation
14:03 that Jesus often did with His father.
14:06 Jesus said, the Father had not left me alone,
14:08 now, just think in your minds
14:10 if you had eternity to get to know somebody,
14:12 if you had the ceaseless ages of eternity
14:15 never beginning, never ending
14:17 to get to know one person.
14:18 How well do you think you get to know them?
14:20 I'm sure we get to know them pretty well.
14:22 So Jesus and the Father
14:24 they had a very closely knit relationship,
14:26 they had a very close relationship.
14:28 They loved each other very much.
14:30 And even though they were separated by that space
14:33 from heaven to earth, they were still united.
14:35 They still had a relationship. They were still very close.
14:38 But what happened
14:39 to Jesus and the Father's relationship?
14:41 Go with me to Isaiah 53:6 the Bible tells us here,
14:46 "All we like sheep have gone astray
14:48 we have turned every one to his own way,
14:51 and the Lord" the who?
14:53 The Lord, the Bible says, "hath laid on him"
14:56 that Him is Jesus
14:58 "the iniquity or the sin of us all."
15:01 The Bible tells us that we are like sheep
15:03 that we have gone astray
15:04 and that the Lord or God
15:06 had laid on Him Jesus the inequity of everybody,
15:10 the inequity or the sin of the word.
15:12 Now, just think for-- with me for a moment
15:14 if you would.
15:16 When we commit sin in our lives,
15:18 when we do something that is wrong,
15:20 when we trespass against the law of God
15:23 and now, we have guilt and sin in our lives
15:26 what is that goes into your mind?
15:28 What do you think about when you -- when you lie,
15:30 when you cheat, when you steal?
15:31 When you do something that you know is not right?
15:32 When you know that you have done something wrong
15:34 in the presence of God
15:35 what goes through your mind?
15:36 You have this guilt.
15:37 You have this guilt that,
15:38 now I need to make this thing right.
15:40 I have done something wrong,
15:41 now I need to go make this thing right
15:43 before God.
15:45 Jesus had the inequity of the world placed upon Him.
15:48 Now, imagine with me for just a moment.
15:51 If you had the guilt or the weight of sin
15:55 of your whole life not just one sin
15:58 but the sin of your whole life placed upon you
16:01 at one moment in your life
16:03 how do you think you would feel?
16:04 Probably would feel like
16:05 your life was being crushed out.
16:08 Now, just imagine with me the Bible says that
16:10 the inequity of the world was placed upon Jesus
16:13 at one moment in time.
16:15 The inequity from Adam
16:17 all the way down to the end of this world,
16:19 the inequity from the time
16:20 that Eve plucked that fruit off of the tree
16:22 of knowledge of good and evil all the way down
16:25 to right before Jesus comes back
16:27 the equity of the world the sin of everybody
16:29 the sins of the millions and thousands of
16:31 billions of people in this world,
16:32 every sin that they had committed,
16:34 every wrong that they have done,
16:35 every transgression that they have committed,
16:38 everything that they had done wrong
16:40 was placed upon Jesus right there on the cross.
16:42 The Bible says that the inequity of the world
16:44 was placed upon Him.
16:45 The sin of the world now
16:46 to add another dimension to this
16:49 the Bible tells us that Jesus was tempted
16:51 in all points like as we are yet without sin
16:53 in Hebrews Chapter 4.
16:55 And so Jesus had never experienced the guilt of sin.
16:57 Jesus had never known what it was to sin.
17:00 He had never experienced sin in His life before
17:02 but now we find out that the sin
17:05 or the inequity of the whole world
17:06 not His sin but other people's sin
17:08 was placed upon Him on the cross.
17:12 Now, I don't know about you but that--
17:13 that says something to me.
17:15 You know, I think about Jesus and Him dying on the cross
17:18 and all that tremendous mental and physical pain
17:22 that He went through,
17:23 the physical agony of being crucified to a tree,
17:26 being beaten with the cat o' nine tails,
17:28 being hit in the face
17:30 and all the things that He went through.
17:31 Yes, it was gruesome.
17:33 The physical pain was terrible.
17:35 But friends, the Bible tells us
17:38 that the sin of the world was placed upon Jesus
17:41 and I believe that not only the mental pain--
17:43 not only the physical pain was terrible
17:45 but I believe that the mental agony
17:47 that Jesus went through was excruciating.
17:49 The mental agony of sin and to continue our study
17:52 in Isaiah 59:2 the Bible tells us this.
17:57 "But your iniquities have separated
17:59 between you and your God,
18:00 and your sins have hid his face from you,
18:03 that he will not hear you."
18:06 The Bible tells us that our inequities
18:09 separate us from God.
18:11 Now, keep in mind now we are looking at this idea
18:13 of fighting the good fight of faith.
18:14 It's all gonna come together here in just a moment.
18:17 The Bible says, that inequities separate us from God,
18:20 that sin separates us from God.
18:21 Now, let's kind of put our--
18:23 our Bible passages together here.
18:25 First Jesus says,
18:26 that the Father had not let me alone
18:27 because I do all those things that please Him.
18:29 God has never left me alone,
18:31 God has never left me even though
18:33 I'm here on this earth.
18:34 And then the Bible goes on and it tells us
18:36 that the sin of the world was placed upon Jesus
18:39 as He hung there on the cross
18:40 and then we find out that sin separates us from God.
18:42 How do you think Jesus felt
18:44 as he was there on that cross that day
18:45 being separated from His father,
18:47 being separated from the God that he loves so much,
18:50 the God that had never left him alone,
18:52 He is now separated from him because of your sin
18:55 and because of my sin?
18:57 Can you imagine what was going through the mind of Jesus?
18:59 I can almost imagine.
19:01 You know some people say,
19:02 wasn't that difficult of a thing for Jesus
19:04 to die on the cross.
19:05 It wasn't that hard of a--
19:06 of an experience we had to go through
19:08 because Jesus knew that in three days
19:09 He was gonna resurrect form the tomb.
19:11 Yes, friends, He did know that,
19:12 but who gave Him that promise?
19:13 Who was it that told Him
19:15 that in three days, He would resurrect?
19:16 That's right, it was His father.
19:17 God had given Him that promise
19:19 and now the God had given Him the promise
19:21 that in three days, He would resurrect.
19:22 Now, that God had turned His back on Him.
19:24 He had been separated from that God
19:26 that He had given Him this promise.
19:27 And I can almost imagine in my minds eye,
19:30 that Satan was there.
19:32 Satan was there tempting Jesus thinking man,
19:35 You have gone through all of this.
19:37 You have given your life off for these people
19:38 that are spitting on You and beating You
19:40 and now they've crucified You to a cross.
19:41 You have given your life off for those people
19:43 that are now saying, if you be the true God
19:45 come down from that cross.
19:47 You're giving Your life up and now You're gonna be
19:49 totally separated from your Father.
19:50 You'll never gonna see Him again.
19:52 I can almost imagine Satan tempting Jesus
19:54 in His mind about that
19:56 that he'll never see His father again.
19:59 But notice what the Bible goes on to say,
20:01 I want to take a look at the-- the very last words
20:04 that Jesus spoke.
20:05 The very last words that came out of the mouth of Jesus,
20:08 here as we go on in our study in Luke 23:46.
20:12 Luke 23:46 the Bible says this,
20:16 "And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice,
20:20 he said, Father, into thy hands
20:24 I commend my spirit and having said thus,
20:27 he gave up the ghost."
20:29 Friends, do you hear the cry of faith
20:33 in those last words that Jesus spoke,
20:35 those last words that came out of His mouth.
20:38 He said Father, into your hands I commend My spirit.
20:41 Father, into your hands I give it on to you.
20:44 If it means I'm going to be eternally separated from you
20:46 so be it but Father, if it means that
20:49 I'll one day be reunited with you
20:51 in that heavenly kingdom.
20:53 Then I'm happy for that
20:55 but father I completely rested into your hands.
20:58 I completely give my life totally over to you
21:00 it doesn't matter
21:01 I want you to be the guiding light of my life.
21:04 I want you to be the one that makes decision.
21:06 Friends, that is what it means
21:09 to fight the good fight of faith.
21:11 The Bible tells us
21:12 that we are to fight the good fight of faith
21:14 and we see in the life of Jesus
21:16 that He truly fought the fight of faith,
21:19 that He truly gave His life completely over to God
21:22 and that he was willing to do what God wanted Him to do.
21:26 Friends, how many of you today will like to
21:30 fully yield your life over to God like Jesus did
21:34 and fight the good fight of faith like Jesus did?
21:38 You see friends, if we truly yield our lives over to God
21:41 and fight the good fight of faith just like Jesus did
21:44 we'll become more victorious Christians in our life.
21:47 We will truly have a more victorious experience.
21:50 Sin will no longer pull us down.
21:53 Sin will no longer hold us back in that Christian race
21:56 that the Bible talks about in Hebrews Chapter 12
21:58 that race that the Bible says to lay a side those sins
22:01 and those weights are so easily beset us.
22:05 I would like to read a quotation to you
22:07 from Ellen G. White
22:08 this is the Youth Instructor April 25, 1901
22:12 this is what she says,
22:14 "When Christ bowed His head and died,
22:17 He bore the pillars of Satan's kingdom with Him
22:19 to the earth.
22:21 He vanquished Satan in the same nature
22:23 over which in Eden Satan obtained the victory.
22:27 The enemy was overcome by Christ in His human nature.
22:30 The power of the Savior's Godhead was hidden.
22:32 He overcame in human nature," listen to this
22:36 "relying upon God for power."
22:40 Listen to what she says now, this is powerful she says,
22:43 "This is the privilege of all."
22:46 The privilege of you, the privilege of me,
22:48 is to rely upon God to give us the power,
22:51 to give us the strength, to give us the victory
22:53 over sin in our lives.
22:54 She is says, this the privilege of everybody.
22:56 Friends, that's the privilege that you have to rely upon God
23:00 to truly be able to be more victorious Christian
23:02 is to rely upon God as Jesus relied upon God.
23:05 She says, this is the privilege of all.
23:08 This is the privilege that God has given to you.
23:09 Friends, do you rely upon God for your victory?
23:12 You go to Him and prayer and say God,
23:14 please give me the strength to over come these sins in my life
23:18 or do you rely upon your own power,
23:20 your own strength to over come sin?
23:22 Friends, listen to me and I'm talking from experience
23:24 if you rely upon your own strength
23:26 you'll not be a victorious Christian.
23:28 The only way that you'll be victorious
23:29 is the way that Jesus was victorious
23:31 and that was by relining upon God
23:33 as his source and strengths.
23:35 She closes this quotation by saying,
23:37 "In proportion to our faith will be our victory."
23:42 In proportion to your faith, in proportion to the faith
23:45 that you have now know that the Bible tells us that
23:47 God has given each one of us a measure of faith.
23:50 And it just depends on what you do with that faith.
23:52 It just depends on how you use that faith.
23:54 Friends, the Bible tells us
23:57 that God is looking for victorious people.
24:00 In the way that we are victorious
24:02 is by fighting the good fight of faith.
24:03 One of the elements of the armor of God
24:06 to have on that faith, that shield of faith.
24:11 We look at 1 John5:4 the Bible tells us here,
24:17 "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world
24:21 and this is the victory"
24:23 listen to what the Bible is saying here,
24:24 "this is the victory."
24:26 This is how we have victory
24:27 "that overcometh the world, even our faith."
24:31 The Bible tells us, this is the victory,
24:33 this is how we have victory, this is how we over come.
24:36 The way that we over come friends
24:37 is by having the victory through faith
24:40 and the question that I ask you today
24:42 is how much faith do you have?
24:45 Do you have a faith
24:46 that yields its life completely over to God
24:50 or do you have a faith
24:51 that relies upon your own strength,
24:53 your own wisdom, your own knowledge,
24:55 your own accomplishments?
24:57 Friends, we need to be like Jesus,
24:58 to rely completely upon Him
25:01 to ask Him to give us the victory
25:03 over sin in our lives.
25:04 I remember a time when I was at home one day,
25:07 I was back home on a break
25:10 and there at home I was spending some time
25:13 getting some studies put together
25:14 my family had left,
25:16 I was actually living in England at that time
25:17 my family had left to go back to America
25:19 to visit some family over there
25:20 and I was at home by myself
25:22 having a few days of just kind of rest and relaxation.
25:26 I remember the time I was actually
25:27 if I remember correctly in my bedroom,
25:29 in my room studying the Bible.
25:31 And my Bible said open before me,
25:32 I was working on some studies.
25:34 And all the sudden out of no where
25:37 out of the blue,
25:38 Satan came with me, came to me with a temptation.
25:43 And as I was sitting there studying the Bible
25:45 and I was having this temptation go through my mind
25:48 I got up from my desk and I started facing the floor
25:53 and thinking what am I going to do?
25:55 Am I going to yield or am I not going to yield?
25:57 Am I going to fall in temptation
25:59 or am I going to become victorious?
26:00 Going back and forth, walking pacing back and forth,
26:03 thinking about this contemplating it,
26:05 looking at it from all angles and friends,
26:07 I came to a point walked upstairs in our house,
26:11 walked upstairs to one of our upstairs bedrooms.
26:14 I could take you to the spot, I could take you to the house,
26:16 I could take you to the very square of the carpet
26:18 because it was such a powerful experience
26:20 in my life.
26:21 I knelt down in that room in that cold English house
26:27 I knelt down and I prayed.
26:29 And I said God if you want me to be a victorious Christian
26:32 You are gonna have to give me victory in my life.
26:34 God if you want me to be a more victorious Christians,
26:37 if you want me to over come this sin,
26:39 if you want me to over come this temptation.
26:41 You're going to have to give me the victory
26:43 because in and out myself I cannot over come sin.
26:46 And friends, we have to come to a point in our experience
26:48 where we know that we cannot overcome sin
26:50 under our own strength.
26:52 We try and try and try over and over again
26:54 but friends, we cannot do that.
26:56 The only way that we are going to overcome
26:57 is by coming to God, beseeching His throne,
27:00 by praying just like Jesus did in the garden of Gethsemane.
27:03 Father, if it is your will let this cup pass from Me,
27:05 nevertheless not my will but thy will be done.
27:08 And I knelt down there and I prayed and I said God,
27:10 please give me the victory and God gave me the victory.
27:14 Friends, listen victory is not just for me,
27:15 it's not just for Jesus, it's not just for the disciples
27:18 but victory is for every Christian.
27:20 And today, I ask you the question
27:21 how many of you want to be a victorious Christian.
27:24 How many of you truly want to have victory in your life
27:27 and say God I want to give my life completely over to You
27:30 and live a life just like Jesus
27:32 and walk by faith not by sight.
27:34 If that is your desire, if that is your desire
27:37 I pray that you get down on your knees right now
27:39 and that you'll pray and say God,
27:41 I want to give my life completely over to You.
27:43 I want to walk by faith just as Jesus walked by faith
27:46 and fully surrender my whole life over to You
27:51 into Your care and keeping.
27:53 May God bless you in your journey.


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