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The Lingering That Kills

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00:31 We like to welcome you to the Faith Chapel once again.
00:33 My name is Jason Sliger.
00:36 I'm an evangelist with the Amazing Facts Ministry
00:39 and I enjoy sharing the Bible with those
00:40 that I get a chance to share the Bible with.
00:42 And today we're going to be taking a look at the subject
00:45 "The Lingering That Kills."
00:48 The lingering that kills.
00:49 To begin our study today I would like to go to
00:51 the Book of Luke, the 17th chapter
00:54 and we're gonna be looking at verses 28-30
00:57 the Bible tells us here
00:58 "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot,
01:01 they did eat, they drank, they bought,
01:04 they sold, they planted, they builded
01:06 but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire
01:10 and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.
01:13 Even thus shall it be in the day
01:16 when the Son of man is revealed."
01:18 We have to understand the context
01:20 of this chapter here and realize
01:22 that Jesus is talking about the end times.
01:24 He is talking about the end times
01:25 and pointing us in the direction
01:28 to look at the story of Lot.
01:29 And you're seeing during the time of Lot
01:31 they bought, they sold, they ate, they drink,
01:33 they did all of these things and then the Bible says
01:35 that it rained fire upon that city there,
01:38 that city called Sodom and Gomorrah.
01:41 As the fire rained down and destroyed that city
01:43 Jesus tells us "that as it was in the days of Lot
01:47 so shall it be in the days when the Son of Man comes."
01:50 I ask myself a question
01:51 when I look at this scenario here
01:52 and say well what is it
01:54 that I can learn from the story of Lot
01:56 that can help me better prepare myself
02:00 for when Jesus comes He comes very soon
02:03 I believe, to take each one of us home to be with Him.
02:06 I want to continue in this passage of scripture
02:08 and jump down to verse 32.
02:11 There's three words there and the Bible says this.
02:13 It says "Remember Lot's wife."
02:17 Now I ask myself the question okay,
02:20 its one thing for Jesus to say look at the scenario of Lot
02:23 and what took place in destruction of the Sodom
02:26 and Gomorrah and all of the issues that surrounded.
02:29 But then Jesus says this He gives this stark warning
02:32 and He says "Remember Lot's wife."
02:34 I ask myself why did Jesus ask me to remember Lot's wife?
02:37 There's not really that much
02:38 that's written about Mrs. Lot in the Bible
02:40 when actually go to Genesis there is very little
02:43 written about Mrs. Lot but none the less
02:45 either all of the people during that time
02:48 Jesus points us in the direction of Mrs. Lot
02:50 and He says "Remember Lot's wife."
02:53 I ask myself the question
02:54 why did Jesus tell us to remember?
02:56 You know I looked up this word remember in the Greek
02:59 and the definition for the word
03:00 remember in the Greek was to rehearse.
03:03 What are you doing when you rehearse something?
03:05 When you rehearse something its like
03:06 you reacted out inside of your mind.
03:08 It's something that's vivid.
03:09 It's something that's very inside of your mind
03:12 as you're thinking about it blow by blow play by play.
03:14 Jesus is telling us to rehearse what happened to Mrs. Lot?
03:18 What happened to Lot's wife?
03:19 Its something that's should be become alive
03:22 to each and every one of us.
03:23 What took place during the time of Lot and his family?
03:28 We go back and again look at verse 28 of Luke Chapter 17.
03:32 And the Bible says this
03:33 "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot
03:35 they did eat, they drank, they bought,
03:37 they sold, they planted, they builded."
03:39 The Bible tells us that during the time of Lot's era
03:44 that they were buying, they were selling,
03:45 they were planting, they were building,
03:46 they were doing all these types of things.
03:47 And friends do you know
03:48 when I look at this passage of scripture
03:50 its almost like reading a newspaper
03:52 that's taking place toady.
03:54 You know people in the world today
03:55 they're very concern about their financial wellbeing,
03:58 their house, their bank account,
04:00 their job, their family, their friends,
04:02 they're very concerned about the things in this world
04:05 and not as concerned sometimes about
04:08 what's gonna take place in the end of the world.
04:10 And friends, I believe that
04:11 more important than the things in this world
04:13 and things that we have obtained in this world
04:14 is a relationship with God.
04:16 And you see unfortunately
04:17 as we look at the story of Mrs. Lot
04:20 I must say that at that time the little bit
04:22 that is written about her there as we look at it today
04:25 unfortunately God was not number one in her life.
04:29 And I believe that's why God is pointing us
04:31 in the direction and saying,
04:32 remember Lot's wife, think about Lot's wife,
04:34 rehearse what happened to Mrs. Lot,
04:36 think about it make it become something that alive to you.
04:40 Friends, what do you seek after in your life today?
04:42 Do you seek after the things in this world?
04:45 Do you look for fame and popularity?
04:48 Do you search after financial wellbeing
04:50 and a good paying job?
04:51 What is number one in your life?
04:52 What is the thing that you think about
04:53 when you wake up in the morning?
04:54 Do you think about God or do you think about
04:56 what's you're going to do that day?
04:57 You see friends, God is telling us
04:59 to remember Lot's wife
05:00 so that the same thing that happened to Mrs. Lot
05:02 will not happen to you and to me.
05:04 God does not want to do destroy His people.
05:06 He wants to take all of His children home with Him.
05:09 But unfortunately there will be people
05:10 in this world during the end times
05:12 that will hold to their treasures,
05:14 that will hold to the things of this world
05:16 and unfortunately the Bible says
05:18 that they will be destroyed
05:20 if they do not seek after God first.
05:23 And Bible tells us to remember Lot's wife,
05:24 so what I have done in my study is
05:26 I have gone back to Genesis to take a look
05:28 and to look at what happened in scenario that surrounds Lot
05:31 and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
05:34 Genesis 13:12 the Bible says this.
05:39 "Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan,
05:41 and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plain,
05:45 and pitched his tent toward Sodom."
05:48 The Bible says that Lot pitched his tent towards Sodom.
05:53 Now the Bible says that Abraham he actually
05:56 he was living in the land of Canaan
05:57 and you know if you read the stories surrounding it
06:00 Lot and Abraham's herdsmen
06:02 they started having arguments and so Abraham and Lot
06:05 thought it would be better if they separated.
06:07 So Lot chose Canaan or Lot actually chose
06:12 the cities of the plain and Abraham chose Canaan.
06:15 And so the Bible says, now listen to me
06:16 now this is very interesting.
06:18 The Bible tells us
06:19 that Lot pitched his tents towards Sodom.
06:21 Now that doesn't mean that Lot right away moved into Sodom
06:24 and some people think some people well, okay,
06:26 they separated and Lot moved
06:27 right into Sodom and Gomorrah.
06:28 No that's not what the Bible says.
06:30 The first thing that Lot did
06:31 is he pitched his tent towards Sodom.
06:33 Now you know friends, there are steps that we take
06:37 to committing sin in our lives.
06:39 Some times we don't automatically
06:40 commit sin right away but there are steps
06:42 that we may take that lead us
06:44 in the direction of committing sin
06:46 and transgressing God's holy law.
06:49 And I believe that in the scenario with Lot
06:51 as God points us in the direction
06:53 in the end times about Lot and what took place
06:55 in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah
06:57 and also the scenario with Mrs. Lot or Lot's wife
07:00 I believe that the first mistake
07:02 unfortunately that they made
07:03 was pitching their tents toward Sodom and Gomorrah
07:06 that Pagan city, that godless city,
07:09 that city that was void of God and full of sin.
07:12 See friends, God doesn't want us to live
07:14 in areas like that
07:16 where there is sin and suffering all around us.
07:17 God wants His people to be in a place
07:20 where there is a pure environment
07:22 so that they can get to know
07:24 their Lord and Creator it better.
07:25 The first step I believe in the wrong direction
07:28 that Lot made and his family
07:29 was pitching their tents towards Sodom.
07:31 And I can almost imagine in my minds eye
07:33 that Mrs. Lot and the family
07:35 were encouraging Lot and saying you know what
07:37 there's some benefits that we might get
07:39 if we pitch our tents towards Sodom.
07:40 You know, we can drive our little oxcart
07:43 down to Sodom and Gomorrah
07:44 and if we pitch our tent down there
07:46 and we'll be able to get some of the modern conveniences,
07:48 buy some of the fresh fruits and vegetables
07:49 and the produce there,
07:50 be able to get some of that freshly squeezed grape juice
07:53 and that freshly squeezed olive oil
07:55 and have all of the modern conveniences of living
07:58 near that city of Sodom and Gomorrah.
08:00 I can imagine Mrs. Lot saying you know Lot,
08:02 if we pitch our tents towards Sodom
08:04 it will be more convenient for us
08:05 to maybe we'll be able to send our kids
08:07 to the schools over there in Sodom and Gomorrah
08:09 so that they can have a little close to be a little bit closer
08:11 and have to be able to journey right there
08:13 and be able to go to school.
08:14 You know I'm sure there was a lot of rational
08:16 for why they pitched their tents towards Sodom.
08:18 But listen my friends,
08:19 we should not rationalize against God
08:22 and think maybe this will be a good thing for me to do
08:26 when in actuality it may draw us further away from God.
08:29 So we have to think things all the way through
08:30 and ask ourselves the question
08:31 is this going to draw me closer to God?
08:33 Is what I'm getting ready to do is gonna draw closer to God
08:36 or is it going to draw me further away from God?
08:38 And unfortunately I believe that
08:39 the step that Lot and his family made
08:41 in pitching their tents towards Sodom
08:43 was the first mistake that Lot and his family made.
08:45 We continue our story in Genesis 19:15, 16
08:50 the Bibles tells us here.
08:52 "And when the morning arose, then the angels hastened Lot,
08:55 saying, Arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters,
08:59 which are here lest thou be consumed
09:02 in the iniquity of the city."
09:04 Now let me explain to you a little bit of the scenario
09:06 that's taking place here.
09:07 Lot had been now moved into the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.
09:10 He no longer pitches his tents towards Sodom and Gomorrah.
09:13 The Bible later on tells us that now he's moved into it
09:16 he's bought himself a condominium
09:17 and he's living it up there inside of the city
09:19 in Sodom and Gomorrah
09:21 and God sends two messengers,
09:22 two angels to Lot and his family.
09:25 And he says listen Lot, there's going to be a destruction
09:27 of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.
09:29 Sodom and Gomorrah is going to be destroyed
09:30 by fire and brimstone and I want you
09:33 a righteous man one of my people.
09:36 I want you to move out of the city.
09:38 I want you to leave the city.
09:39 I want you to gather your family and get out
09:41 and so these angels are appealing to Lot
09:43 and he's saying arise lest you be destroyed
09:46 in the iniquity of the city.
09:48 Now the passage goes on to say in verse 16 it says this.
09:52 "And while he lingered, the men laid hold upon his hand
09:57 and upon the hand of his wife,
09:59 and upon the hand of his two daughters
10:01 the Lord being merciful unto him
10:04 and they brought him forth, and set him without the city."
10:09 Now I want you to realize a word
10:10 that just was spoken here.
10:12 The Bible says and well he lingered.
10:16 Can you imagine that?
10:18 The angels are there telling Lot
10:19 listen the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
10:21 are going to be destroyed with fire and brimstone.
10:23 And the Bible says that Lot lingered
10:26 in the face of that destruction.
10:28 Now I'm gonna read to you a brief definition
10:30 from the Hebrew lexicon and what the word linger means.
10:34 The word linger the definition the word linger is to question,
10:38 to be reluctant, to delay to teary.
10:43 Let me ask you a question. Do you sometimes question God?
10:49 Do you sometimes linger or tarry
10:53 to follow His commands?
10:55 Do you sometimes say God, why do you do this?
10:58 God, why are you having me go here?
11:00 God, why are you allowing this to take place in my life?
11:02 Do you linger sometimes in the face of destruction?
11:06 You see the Bible tells us that one day
11:07 the earth is going to be destroyed
11:09 that the Bible the Bible tells us
11:11 that world is going to be destroyed
11:12 and that God is going to come back
11:13 and take His just people with Him
11:15 and destroy the unjust.
11:16 And you know what friends,
11:18 the thing that's going to do destroy the unjust
11:19 is those sins that they hold to.
11:21 The Bible tells us that sin cannot dwell
11:22 in the presence of God and that sin will consume
11:26 those people who are holding on to it.
11:28 And the thing that will destroy the people in this world
11:31 is not whatever, whatever they think it might be.
11:33 The thing that is going to destroy people in this world
11:35 my friends, is holding on the sin.
11:37 And I ask you the question
11:38 do you sometimes linger in the presence of God?
11:41 Do you sometimes question what God has asked you to do?
11:44 Do you sometimes say God,
11:45 do you really want me to give up this sin?
11:47 Do you really want me to give up
11:50 this thing in my life that I love so much?
11:51 You see friends,
11:52 God does not want to take away the good things from us
11:55 but He wants to take away the bad
11:57 and replace it with the good.
11:58 And so friends, whenever God asks us
12:00 to get rid of something in our lives
12:02 we should never linger as Lot did.
12:04 We should never tarry.
12:05 We should never question God and what He is asking us to do
12:08 but we should follow God's command explicitly
12:11 and do exactly what God has asked you
12:13 and asked me to do.
12:14 Now again I ask you if you were Lot
12:16 what would you have done?
12:18 You have built your occupation there.
12:20 You have got a home. You've got family.
12:22 You've friends, you've probably got a nice bank account,
12:25 you have whatever it maybe
12:26 you're now living up living it nicely
12:29 in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah
12:30 what would you have done?
12:31 Friends, I believe
12:32 what you would have done in that situation
12:34 might be what you do in the end of this world
12:35 when Jesus comes and says listen,
12:38 I want you to separate yourself
12:40 from all these things in the world
12:41 and I want you to dedicate your life completely to me.
12:44 Friends, what would you have done?
12:45 Notice what the Bible says
12:50 the Bible says this, "I made haste."
12:52 Now this is David talking here listen to what he says.
12:54 "I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments."
12:59 That word delay in that passage of scripture
13:01 is the same Hebrew word that is used in Genesis 19
13:05 when the Bible says that Lot lingered.
13:07 The Bible-- David here is saying I made haste
13:11 and delayed not to keep Your commandments.
13:13 And you know what I pray that this is your prayer
13:16 that you will delay not to keep the commandments of God,
13:18 that you will delay not to make haste
13:20 and keep God's commandments holy
13:21 as God has asked you and asked me
13:24 to keep those commandments that He has given to us.
13:27 Those guidelines, those principles
13:29 that bring us closer to God not further away.
13:32 Let's continue our story
13:34 as we continue to unfold the story
13:35 of Lot and his family and be good disciples
13:38 as Jesus said, "remember Lot's wife."
13:40 Let's continue and see what happened
13:42 the Bible tells us this.
13:46 "And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth abroad,
13:51 that he said,
13:53 Escape for thy life look not behind thee,
13:57 neither stay thou in all the plain
14:00 escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed."
14:04 The Bible here is telling us something very interesting.
14:07 It says that the angel came to Lot and his family
14:09 and it said and the angel said I want you to flee.
14:12 I want you to leave the city.
14:13 I don't want you to be in the city.
14:15 I want you to leave plains just take off and leave.
14:18 Now let me ask you a question.
14:19 And then the angel actually said look not behind you.
14:23 Don't look behind you don't look at
14:24 what's going behind you.
14:25 Now let me ask you a question physically
14:27 now not mentally but physically was it something
14:29 did the angel asked them to do something that was difficult?
14:32 Is it difficult not to look behind you
14:34 and just continue to move straight?
14:35 No, its not physically difficult
14:37 but see the thing was is that they were mentally attached
14:40 to that city of Sodom and Gomorrah
14:42 and I might add that when Mrs. Lot and Lot and his family
14:45 moved into the city of Sodom and Gomorrah
14:47 not only did Mrs. Lot move into that city
14:51 but the city moved into her.
14:53 And when she was walking through that plain
14:54 and she was walking through that plain
14:55 that message was going in their minds
14:57 and message was going through their heads
14:59 that the angel gave them
15:00 look not behind thee and leave that plain.
15:05 Go and leave.
15:06 Now it wasn't something physically difficult to do
15:07 and you know what listen to me now.
15:10 What God asks us to do when God asks us to do things
15:13 it's not difficult what He asks us to do.
15:15 The thing is that, we make it difficult on ourselves
15:18 because sometimes we become attached to sins.
15:21 If we ask God to dis-attach ourselves from sins
15:25 it would not be as difficult as sometimes it is.
15:28 But you see Mrs. Lot had become attached to that city.
15:30 She had grown to love it.
15:32 She had grown to enjoy the modern conveniences
15:34 of all the safe ways
15:36 and all the different shopping centers'
15:38 and all the different plazas
15:40 and stores and things of that nature.
15:42 She had grown to enjoy living in that area of the world.
15:47 And friends, unfortunately listen to me now
15:49 she enjoyed living in Sodom and Gomorrah
15:51 more than she enjoyed obeying the Word of God.
15:56 The story goes on in verse 26
15:58 of Genesis Chapter 19 it says this.
16:01 "But his wife looked back from behind him,"
16:05 and the Bible says "she became a pillar of salt."
16:10 Lot's wife she turned around, she looked behind
16:12 and she became a pillar of salt.
16:13 Jesus said "Remember Lot's wife."
16:15 He pointed us in the direction of Lot's wife.
16:17 He said remember Lot's wife. Remember what Lot's wife did.
16:20 Friends, Lot's wife she loved the city of Sodom and Gomorrah
16:23 more than she loved to obey God.
16:25 And I ask you the question
16:26 do you love your sins in your life?
16:28 Do you love the things in your life?
16:29 Do you love those pet sins that you have in your life
16:32 more than you love God?
16:34 And I pray that the answer you give to yourself
16:36 and your mind and before God is that no God,
16:38 I love You more than I love any sin in my life.
16:42 You know what friends, as I look at the story
16:45 something very interesting comes up in my mind.
16:48 You may ask yourself the question
16:49 well, that's pretty harsh for God to destroy
16:51 Mrs. Lot for just looking behind her
16:53 at city of Sodom and Gomorrah.
16:55 But you know what friends,
16:56 God calls that kind of action sin.
16:59 Whenever we go against the Word of God
17:01 no matter how big or how small
17:03 we may rationalize it to be in our minds,
17:05 no matter what it is if we go against that Word of God
17:08 the Bible calls that kind of action sin.
17:11 And when Mrs. Lot by the mere
17:12 turn of the head turned her head
17:14 and looked behind her that was a sin
17:18 and God had to destroy her
17:19 as a result of the sin she had committed.
17:22 You know I look at few other stories in the Bible
17:24 we don't have time to look at them in detail
17:26 but I will look at the story of Nadab and Abihu.
17:28 Many of you may know this, many of you may not.
17:29 Nadab and Abihu were they were priests
17:32 they were sons of Aaron
17:34 which was the high priest in the sanctuary system
17:37 in the Book of Leviticus.
17:39 Nadab and Abihu one day they got some strange fire
17:44 and they took it inside the sanctuary.
17:45 Now you have to remember
17:46 the Bible tells us that God said
17:48 that there was only certain kind of fire a sanctified fire
17:51 that was supposed to go into the sanctuary.
17:52 But they took common fire,
17:54 they took it inside the sanctuary
17:55 and the Bible says
17:56 God destroyed them just like that.
17:59 There is another story that the Bible will tell us
18:02 about a man by the name of Uzzah.
18:05 The Bible tells us that Uzzah was a man
18:07 that pretty much he loved God.
18:09 And one day what was happening
18:10 was that the Ark of the Covenant
18:12 was being brought back into the city.
18:14 And the Ark of the Covenant unfortunately was not being
18:17 transported the way God wanted to be transported.
18:19 It is being transported on an oxcart
18:21 and the Bible tells us that God wanted
18:22 the Ark of Covenant to be carried by the Levites,
18:25 the priests on their shoulders.
18:26 And they were bringing
18:27 the Ark of the Covenant into the city
18:29 and as it was going along the road
18:31 it hit one of the mini potholes in the road there
18:34 and it began to slide
18:36 and Uzzah out of his love and respect for God
18:38 and the Ark of the Covenant he reached out
18:40 and he to stabilize the Ark of the Covenant
18:42 and the Bible says God destroyed him.
18:43 Why?
18:45 Because only the Levites
18:47 where to touch the Ark of the Covenant
18:48 and Uzzah had disobeyed.
18:50 And we look at another story, another story
18:52 we go back to Genesis Chapter 3.
18:54 And we look at the story of Adam and Eve.
18:56 Eve was there before the tree
18:57 of the knowledge of good and evil
18:59 and the serpent was speaking to her.
19:00 Hath God really said that you shall not eat
19:03 every tree in the garden?
19:04 And Eve was beguiled by the serpent
19:07 and then before we know it
19:08 Eve plucks that fruit off and begins to eat it.
19:11 Now is there anything wrong with eating fruit?
19:13 You may have ate fruit
19:14 sometimes throughout course of your day.
19:15 Did you sin as a result of eating that fruit?
19:17 No, you didn't but God had said
19:20 don't eat this fruit of this tree
19:22 and Eve went against what God said
19:24 and 6,000 years later
19:25 we have been dealing with the result of sin.
19:27 What does God call of all of these
19:28 little tiny actions, my friends?
19:30 God calls these little things sin.
19:32 What do we learn from these stories?
19:34 The thing that we learned from these stories is this,
19:37 God is concerned about the little sins in our life.
19:40 God is concerned about the little things that we do.
19:43 God is concerned about some of the little pet sins
19:46 that we may have in our lives.
19:47 Those ever so often may be those little white lies,
19:50 those little indulgences into sin.
19:52 God is concerned about those things my friends,
19:55 and God wants us to eradicate every sin out our life
19:58 and to draw close to Him and to Him alone.
20:02 I ask you the question,
20:06 do you enjoy those pet sins in your life
20:10 or do you want to give your life
20:11 completely over to God as some of the other
20:15 Bible characters in the Bible have?
20:17 We continue our study today
20:19 and we look another passage of scripture here.
20:23 In Luke Chapter 14 and we're gonna look at verse 33.
20:26 Luke 14:33 Jesus is talking to His disciples here
20:30 and He says this "So likewise, whosoever he be of you
20:34 that forsaketh not all that he hath,
20:37 he cannot be my disciple."
20:40 Jesus said that if you do not forsake everything
20:43 if you don't get rid of everything
20:44 if you don't stop searching after the things in this world,
20:47 if you do not forsake all you cannot be My disciple.
20:51 I ask you the question have you do you forsake
20:53 all things in your life and make God number one?
20:55 Now that doesn't mean that we are to live a lazy life
20:58 and never do anything in our life.
20:59 That's not what God is asking us to do.
21:01 But what God is asking us to do
21:03 is to place our priorities in the right order.
21:05 What is number one in your life?
21:06 What is the first priority that you have?
21:08 Is you first priority to God
21:10 is your first priority to man and the things in this world?
21:13 Jesus says if you don't forsake all,
21:14 forsaking all means forsaking your family,
21:17 forsaking your friends, forsaking your job,
21:19 your occupation,
21:20 maybe forsaking your bank account,
21:23 maybe forsaking whatever it may be
21:25 the thing that you love more than you love God.
21:27 The Bible tells us if we do not forsake all of these things
21:30 that we cannot be God's disciple.
21:33 And friends, I don't about you
21:34 but I want to be disciple of God.
21:36 I want to give my life completely over to God
21:38 and say Lord, I want to be a disciple for You.
21:40 I want to follow Your path that You've asked me to do.
21:43 You know what friends,
21:44 the path of a true disciple for God is a joyful path.
21:47 It's a path of joy and happiness.
21:49 It's a path that brings happiness to our life and peace
21:53 that God wants to give to all people a peace
21:55 that passes all understanding.
21:57 And friends, the question is, are you willing to forsake all
22:01 to give you life completely over to God?
22:02 Do you know what?
22:04 You know when you look at the woman
22:05 caught in the adultery
22:07 the story about the woman that was caught in adultery.
22:09 Jesus looked at her when her accusers had left
22:13 and He said to that woman caught in adultery
22:15 He told her He said "go and sin no more."
22:19 He didn't say go and taper off your sins.
22:20 He didn't say go sin less and less
22:22 but He said to that woman caught in adultery
22:24 He told her He said "go and sin no more."
22:27 The story in 1 John 2:1,
22:29 John is writing there in to some of the people
22:31 and he says, he says to them he says,
22:34 these things write I unto you that you sin not.
22:38 Not that you sin less and less,
22:39 not that you taper off your sins,
22:40 not that you do little bit,
22:42 something a little bit different, but he says
22:43 I write these things unto you that you sin not.
22:45 You see, God is looking for people
22:47 that can have total true and total victory
22:49 over sin in your lives.
22:50 And you know there's this school of thought
22:52 in the world today that you cannot overcome sin,
22:54 that you cannot overcome those bad habits in your life.
22:57 But friends, the Bible tells me and it tells you
23:00 that we can do all things through Christ Jesus
23:03 which strengthens you and strengthens me.
23:05 It doesn't matter what it maybe.
23:07 It doesn't matter what sin you may be struggling with.
23:09 It doesn't matter what it maybe
23:10 but friends, we can overcome
23:12 all things through Jesus Christ who gives us strength.
23:15 I remember, I was doing some meetings
23:18 in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States of America.
23:22 And there was a lady there
23:23 that was coming to my meetings night by night
23:25 and this lady she came to me one night
23:27 after I had finished my sermon about
23:29 how our bodies are the temple of God
23:31 and how we need to take care of our bodies.
23:32 And as she came to me and she said Jason,
23:34 you know I have been struggling with smoking for years.
23:36 I have been struggling with this addiction
23:38 and I want to give this addiction up.
23:39 I want to get rid of this she was actually
23:41 a Sunday school teacher in a church.
23:43 And she said I don't want to do this any more.
23:44 Can you please help me to gain this victory?
23:48 And I said to Elizabeth, I said we can do that.
23:50 And one day I schedule an appointment to go
23:52 visit Elizabeth in her home me and a friend of mine.
23:55 We went over to Elizabeth's home
23:57 and asked Elizabeth I said Elizabeth,
23:58 do you really want to have the victory?
24:00 She said yes Jason, I really want to have the victory.
24:03 Said in order for us to--
24:04 in order to for you to get the victory
24:06 you have to be willing to get rid of everything
24:09 all of those things, all of those things
24:11 that surround this sin of
24:12 or this addiction to cigarettes.
24:15 I said what you need to do is
24:17 you need to get rid of those cigarettes
24:19 and you need to get rid of those ashtrays
24:20 you get rid anything that has anything to do
24:22 with smoking and claim the victory
24:23 that God can give you through His word.
24:25 She said are you sure, do I really have to do that?
24:27 I said yes Elizabeth, the Bible tells us
24:29 that we are not to make any provisions for the flesh,
24:30 to fulfill the lust thereof.
24:32 We cannot make any provision for the flesh to commit sin.
24:36 We have to get rid of those provisions.
24:38 And so she got up, she walked around her house,
24:40 she gathered her things, she got her ashtrays
24:43 her cigarettes her lighters and everything
24:45 and she placed it in the plastic bag
24:47 and she came into that living room
24:48 where me and my friend was sitting down
24:50 and she said here it is.
24:51 I said okay Elizabeth, I took the bag
24:53 I put it down on the carpet there in the living room
24:55 and we got down in a circle and we prayed.
24:57 We held hands and we prayed and I prayed and said "God,
25:00 Elizabeth is wanting to claim the victory.
25:01 Give her the victory today.
25:02 She wants to overcome the sin of smoking
25:04 please give her the victory."
25:05 My friend prayed God please give Elizabeth the victory.
25:08 Elizabeth she prayed there that day and she said
25:10 God please give me the victory I don't want to smoke anymore.
25:13 And after we finished those prayers
25:14 and claim the promises of God's word
25:16 we got up that promise
25:17 that we can do all things through Christ Jesus.
25:19 It doesn't matter what it is
25:20 we can be as over comers my friends, over sin.
25:23 We got up off that carpet.
25:25 We stood up and Elizabeth looked at me
25:26 and she said Jason I feel different.
25:28 And I said Elizabeth, you're different.
25:29 You're not a smoke anymore.
25:30 You've gained the victory through Jesus Christ your Lord.
25:33 You've gained the victory through the Bible.
25:34 Not too long ago I was talking to Elizabeth.
25:37 I went back to that church and I visited there
25:39 and I talked to Elizabeth
25:40 and I said Elizabeth, how is it going?
25:41 She said I haven't' struggled with addiction for cigarettes
25:43 and since we had that prayer in my living room.
25:46 You know what friends,
25:47 victory over sin is not just for you,
25:49 it's not just for me and it's just for Elizabeth,
25:51 its not just for anybody, its for everybody in this world
25:54 God wants to give everybody the victory over sin
25:57 and God wants to give it to you today.
25:59 Friends, you can overcome anything
26:00 it doesn't matter what it is.
26:01 It could be a big sin it could be a little sin
26:02 God could give you the victory.
26:04 God is looking for people that are willing to forsake all
26:07 to become a disciple of Him.
26:09 Notice what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians6:17.
26:12 The Bible tells us "Wherefore come out from among them,
26:16 and be ye separate, saith the Lord,
26:19 and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you."
26:24 The Bible says here that we are to come apart
26:27 that we are to separate ourselves
26:28 from the things in this world,
26:30 that we are not to be amongst those things in this world.
26:33 We are to separate ourselves
26:34 and to become a part of God's family.
26:37 To not have anything to do
26:40 these sinful things in this world
26:41 but to completely give our lives
26:43 over to Lord to separate ourselves
26:45 from those terrible wicked things in the world.
26:48 I want to share one more passage with you
26:50 in Galatians Chapter 2, Galatians 2:20.
26:54 The Bible tells us here "I am crucified with Christ
26:58 nevertheless I live yet not I, but Christ liveth in me
27:01 and the life which I now live in the flesh
27:03 I live by the faith of the Son of God,
27:06 who loved me, and gave himself for me."
27:10 The Bible tells us I'm crucified with Christ.
27:14 I'm is self.
27:16 Self is to be crucified with Christ, friends.
27:18 And I ask you the question today
27:19 are you willing to sacrifice yourself
27:22 to give your life completely over to God?
27:24 Just like Jesus says not My will
27:26 but thy will be done as He was there
27:27 in the garden of Gethsemane.
27:28 Are you willing to be like Jesus and to say "God,
27:31 completely I want to give my life over to you?
27:33 I want to be like you.
27:34 I want to follow the warnings
27:36 that you've given us in Your word
27:37 about the story of Lot and Lot's wife.
27:40 I don't want to be a Lot's wife I want to be a child
27:43 that is fully dedicated over to you
27:45 that has given their life completely to You
27:48 and wants to fully surrender to You."
27:50 Friends, is that your desire just like God know today
27:53 as you make that commitment to Him in your heart.


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