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For He Spoke And It Was Done

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00:31 I like to welcome you once again
00:32 to another Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is Jason Sliger,
00:35 I'm an evangelist with the Amazing Facts Ministries
00:38 and enjoy sharing the Bible with those
00:39 that I have an opportunity to share the Bible with.
00:41 And today we are going to take a look
00:43 at a subject in God's word
00:45 and that is of the utmost importance to us
00:47 and one that I found has changed my life
00:49 in a dramatic way.
00:50 I've entitled our study today,
00:53 "For He spoke, And It Was Done."
00:55 You know, as I look back in my life
00:56 and I see how God is worked in my life
00:58 and I'm sure that you could do the same thing
00:59 as you look back on your own life.
01:01 I think about where I was before
01:03 I gave my heart to the Lord.
01:04 A young man searching after the things in this world,
01:07 a young man that loved fame and popularity,
01:10 a young man that loved wealth and prestige,
01:13 a young man that was searching after all of these things,
01:16 looking for friends and family members
01:19 and achieving goals here in this world
01:22 and God was the last thing that was on my mind.
01:24 God was the last thing that was in my thoughts.
01:26 And I know when I used to go to church on the weekends
01:30 and spend sometime there inside the church,
01:32 I would sit and think to myself man, this is so boring,
01:35 I can't wait until this preacher has done preaching
01:38 so that I can go and do whatever it is
01:40 that I was gonna do the rest of that day.
01:41 God was something that was not in,
01:44 on my interest list as I was growing up.
01:46 But then all of a sudden I remember, one day,
01:49 I basically hit a brick wall, and all I could do was look up
01:52 and I came to a point in my experience with God
01:55 where I had to say to myself,
01:57 if God is really all that people crack Him up to be
01:59 then He can do something in my life.
02:01 I've reached a point where the things in this world
02:04 were no longer fulfilling,
02:05 where the things in this world
02:06 weren't bringing true joy and happiness.
02:08 And friends, in case you haven't figures it out yet,
02:10 the things of this world don't bring joy.
02:12 The only thing that brings joy and experience is God.
02:15 And I came to that point, that brick wall in my life
02:18 and I looked up and I said, okay God,
02:19 if You all that You cracked up to be,
02:21 if You are what everybody says You are,
02:23 I'm gonna give you a chance and friends,
02:25 when I gave God that chance I've never regretted it.
02:28 Now that I look back on my experience
02:29 and see what God has done in my life,
02:31 I know that God has changed my life
02:34 and made into a new person, a new creature,
02:36 one that does not seek after the things of this world
02:39 but rather has a desire to seek after God first.
02:42 And I ask myself the question
02:44 as I look at this experience in my own life
02:46 and I'm sure many of you here today
02:47 could identify with me.
02:49 What was it that made the difference?
02:50 What was it that made the difference in my life
02:53 to go from searching after the things in the world,
02:55 to go after enjoying all the pleasures of the world,
02:58 all the simple things in this world
03:00 to come into a point in my life
03:01 where now I repulse and hate those things
03:04 and love to spend time with God?
03:06 What was it that made the difference?
03:07 Friends, the thing that made the difference?
03:09 The one thing that made a difference
03:10 as I look back on this experience
03:12 was God's Word.
03:14 The Bible is what made the difference
03:16 and I remember shortly after I gave my heart to the Lord
03:19 and was baptized.
03:20 Spending time in my dormitory room
03:23 early in the mornings,
03:24 I remember when I first gave my heart to the Lord
03:27 waking up early in the morning
03:28 before, everybody else had woken up
03:30 and spending time at my desk with my light on,
03:33 spending time studying the Bible.
03:35 The Bible had become something that was so interesting to me
03:38 that I wanted to spend as much time as
03:40 I possibly could studying its, the Bible, God's word
03:44 and getting to know God better.
03:45 Man as I spent that time early in the mornings,
03:48 early in the morning before the sun had rouse,
03:51 getting out of my bed and sitting at my desk
03:54 and pulling out my Bible and my concordance
03:56 and spending time flipping through the pages of scripture
03:59 and reading the stories in the gospels
04:01 and in the Old Testament,
04:02 I realize that God loved me with all of His heart.
04:06 And God wanted to see a difference in my life
04:08 and as I studied that Bible, as I studied God's word,
04:10 God began to create inside of my heart
04:13 something that was new, something that was different,
04:15 something that was exciting.
04:16 And friends, I believe that God can do that
04:18 for each and every one of us.
04:20 That God can recreate inside of our hearts,
04:22 a desire, a longing to become a new person,
04:25 a better person.
04:26 I ask myself the question what is it that takes
04:29 a drunk man that makes him into a sober man?
04:31 What is it that makes somebody that addicted to drugs
04:33 become clean from that addiction?
04:35 What is it that makes a man
04:37 that used to physically abuse his wife
04:39 become a kind and loving man?
04:41 What is it that changes a woman
04:44 that does not like her children,
04:46 that yells at her children,
04:47 that hates her husband and yells at them all the time,
04:49 what is it that makes her a kind
04:51 and loving mother and wife?
04:52 What is it that changes men in this world?
04:55 Friends, it's not your education,
04:57 it's not your job, it's not your popularity,
04:59 it's not the things that you gain in this world,
05:01 the thing that changes men is God's word.
05:05 The Bible, when you read God's word
05:07 it changes our heart, it changes our lives.
05:10 And today I want to spend a little bit of time
05:12 looking at this idea of how the Word of God
05:14 changes our hearts, changes our lives
05:16 and makes us into different people.
05:19 I would like to take a look at our first Bible text
05:22 today in Colossians 1:16, the Bible tells us here,
05:27 "For by him were all things created,
05:30 that are in the heaven, and that are in the earth,
05:32 visible and invisible, whether they be thrones,
05:36 or dominions, or principalities, or powers,
05:39 all things were created by him, and for him."
05:43 See the Bible tells us here
05:45 that God has created all things,
05:47 that by Him all things were created,
05:50 He created the things that are seen,
05:52 He created the things that are unseen.
05:53 God has created all things.
05:57 See friends, the Bible tells us that
05:59 God has the ability to create things
06:01 and that God created all things in the world.
06:03 He created them in the beginning
06:04 and He is creating them-- I believe even still
06:06 probably today.
06:08 God has created all things
06:09 and God wants to create inside of us,
06:11 God wants to recreate inside of us a new creature,
06:14 a new being, a new person
06:15 that's why I believe that
06:16 God is still working in His creation today.
06:18 He is working on creating inside of your heart
06:21 and inside of my heart
06:22 a character that reflects the character of Christ.
06:26 I remember I was doing meeting in Kansas,
06:29 I'm in the flatten lands of Kansas
06:30 and as I was doing the meeting there was a young lady
06:32 that was attending the meeting by the name of Rehan.
06:34 She was attending our meetings and coming night by night
06:37 and then as she was listening to the Bible
06:38 being presented night by night.
06:40 As she was listening to those passages or scriptures
06:42 being unfolded in front of her eyes
06:44 as she was listening to the appeals night by night.
06:46 As she listened to these Bible studies for four weeks
06:49 at the end of that time she came up to me
06:51 and she said, Jason, I want to give my heart to the Lord.
06:54 I want to be baptized.
06:55 I want to give my life completely over to God.
06:56 What is it that changes a person?
06:58 Friends, the thing that changes somebody,
07:00 the thing that recreating somebody a new being,
07:02 a new person,
07:03 the thing that recreates inside of your heart and my heart
07:05 a different person is God's word.
07:07 And the Bible says that God has created everything
07:09 and I believe that today, like I said,
07:11 God is wanting to recreate inside of our hearts
07:14 something new that reflects His character.
07:17 We got to the Book of Psalms 33:6
07:20 and see what the Bible says here.
07:22 "By the word of the Lord were the heavens made,
07:24 and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth."
07:28 The Bible tells us here, we ask the question,
07:30 how did God create all things?
07:32 How did He create the things in the beginning
07:34 and how does He recreate things today?
07:36 The way God created was by His word.
07:38 The Bible says, "For by the word of the Lord
07:40 were the heavens made."
07:41 He spoke and-- and as He spoke those words,
07:44 that is what created the things here on this earth.
07:47 I believe that that's how God created
07:49 and I believe that that is how God
07:51 can recreate in our hearts
07:53 something new by His word,
07:55 by the word that He speaks.
07:56 And friends, God has not stopped speaking to His people,
07:59 God still speaks to you and to me
08:01 through the inspiration of His word.
08:03 The Bible says, "For He spoke and it was done."
08:05 He spoke these words,
08:06 we go on and we look at Genesis 1:3.
08:09 Notice what the Bible says here,
08:10 it says first command to create it says,
08:13 "And God said, 'Let there be light,
08:15 and there was light.'
08:16 " This is the first creative commandment
08:18 that God has given to us.
08:20 He spoke and He said, "Let there be light."
08:23 And as soon as He spoke, there was light.
08:25 As soon as He spoke that word
08:27 the light rolled in through somewhere
08:30 and now there was light in this earth.
08:31 When God said let there be trees, there were trees.
08:34 When God said let there be fish, there were fish.
08:36 When God said let there be animals, there were animals.
08:38 When God said let there be the grass,
08:40 the green grass that carpets the earth, there was grass.
08:43 When God said let there be water, there was water.
08:46 When God spoke, it happened, my friends.
08:49 As soon as He spoke it, it happens.
08:51 Notice what the Bible says here in Psalms 33:9.
08:54 The Bible says, "For He spake, and it was done,
08:57 He commanded, and it stood fast."
08:59 Now I want you to remember this passage of scripture
09:02 as we continue our study today
09:03 because it's very important for us
09:05 as we apply this to our lives living today.
09:07 The Bible said, "For He spoke, and it was done,
09:10 He commanded, and it stood fast."
09:11 So think with me if you would,
09:13 the Bible tells us He spoke and it was done.
09:16 As soon as God said, let there be light,
09:18 there was no time that elapse, from the moment that He spoke,
09:21 let there be light, to the moment
09:23 when there was light in the earth,
09:24 it happened instantaneously.
09:26 When He said, let there be animals on the earth,
09:29 there were animals instantaneously.
09:30 When He said, let there be grass,
09:31 there was grass at the moment He spoke it.
09:34 There was no time that elapse between the moment
09:36 when He spoke that word
09:37 and then moment when that thing was done.
09:39 Now, I want you to remember that
09:40 because that's important point as we come back and apply this
09:43 to our own lives living here today.
09:46 The Bible tells us in Titus 1:2
09:49 that God cannot lie.
09:51 The Bible says, God cannot lie, it's not of His nature,
09:53 He cannot speak lying things.
09:56 If He spoke something it would happen.
09:57 Now the difference between my word
09:59 and a difference between my word and God's word
10:03 is that when God speaks,
10:04 when God says something, when He speaks a word,
10:07 it happens just the way He spoke it.
10:09 Now if I were to speak a word and say,
10:11 let there be a house, would there be a house?
10:14 Of course, it wouldn't.
10:15 I would have to go down to the local store,
10:17 buy the lumber, buy the nails, buy the sheetrock,
10:21 buy all the wires,
10:22 buy all the things that I need to make a house
10:25 and then I'd have to go back,
10:26 I'd have to pound those nails into the wood.
10:28 I'd have to cut them, I'd have to run the wires.
10:30 I'd have to lay the sheetrock.
10:31 It would take time for me to build the house.
10:33 Now God on the other hand when He speaks
10:35 it happens instantaneously.
10:37 If He said, let there be a house,
10:39 there would be a house.
10:40 If He said, there is a car, there would be a car.
10:42 If He said, there is a field of tulips and roses,
10:45 there would be a field of tulips and roses.
10:47 Whereas we would have to go, dig that soil,
10:50 plant those flowers and allow them to grow.
10:52 God's word and our word are distinctly different
10:55 because God's word-- Now, listen to me,
10:56 now this is an important point,
10:58 God's word has creative ability.
11:01 It has a creative power deep with inside of it
11:04 that as soon as God speaks the word
11:06 it takes place just the way He has spoken.
11:09 Now you may think, well, God did that creation
11:11 back in the time of Genesis Chapter 1
11:14 and Genesis Chapter 2, during that time of creation.
11:17 But He's not doing any creation today.
11:19 Now wait a minute, God has given us His word,
11:21 God has given us the Bible composed of 66 books.
11:25 And friends, this word is spoken by the same God
11:29 that spoke things into existence.
11:31 These words right here,
11:33 yes, they were given by holy men of God
11:34 as they spoke as they're removed by the Holy Ghost.
11:37 Holy men wrote it down as they were inspired
11:39 by the Holy Spirit.
11:40 But this is God's love letter to you and to me.
11:43 And this word, I'm suggesting to you today
11:45 has the same creative power deep within it
11:48 that God had when He spoke things into existence
11:51 way back in the beginning of the Bible,
11:53 back in the time of Genesis.
11:55 The same creative power that God had
11:56 when He spoke light into existence,
11:59 when He spoke animals into existence,
12:01 when He spoke the grass into existence,
12:03 the same power, the same word
12:05 is right here, my friends,
12:06 that you're holding in your hands
12:08 and that I am holding in my hands,
12:10 it has the same power.
12:11 You see, the Bible is not just any book.
12:13 The Bible is not just another book
12:15 laying on the shelf,
12:16 it's not one of the hundreds of books
12:18 that you have in your library.
12:19 The Bible has created power.
12:22 It's a different book, it's a living book.
12:24 Yes, it's thousands of years old,
12:26 its thousands and thousands of years old.
12:28 Yes, that is true my friends,
12:30 but this book, even though it's old,
12:31 even though it's thousands of years old
12:33 still has creative power that can change your life,
12:36 that can change my life
12:37 and that can change anybody's life
12:38 that's around you.
12:39 That is the Bible that you're holding in your hands.
12:42 That's why we become changed people,
12:43 that's why now I love God
12:45 whereas before God was boring to me.
12:47 That's why I love to study the Bible now
12:49 whereas before the Bible was boring to me.
12:50 That's why I enjoy spending time with God
12:53 when before spending with God was drudgery.
12:55 Because the Bible has creative power
12:57 and it changes our hearts.
13:00 Now I want to look at some passages of scripture
13:02 that illustrate this from the gospels.
13:04 If you would go with me in your Bibles
13:06 to Matthew Chapter 8
13:07 and we're gonna be looking at verse 5.
13:09 Matthew 8:5-8, the Bible says this.
13:13 "And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum,
13:16 there came unto Him a centurion,
13:18 beseeching Him.
13:19 And saying, Lord, my servant lieth at home
13:21 sick of the palsy, grievously tormented.
13:24 And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him.
13:29 And the centurion answered and said,
13:31 Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof,
13:34 but speak the word only,
13:37 and my servant shall be healed."
13:40 Notice what the Bible says here about this
13:42 special man called the Roman centurion.
13:43 This Roman centurion, he came to Jesus
13:46 and he said to Jesus, he said, Jesus, I have a servant,
13:48 he's sick, he's grievously tormented.
13:50 He has ailment, he has this disease called palsy.
13:53 And Jesus-- And he came to Jesus, he said,
13:55 "Jesus, please, come heal my servant."
13:56 And then when Jesus said, "I will come."
13:59 His heart was changed and he said, "Wait a minute,
14:01 I'm not worthy that you should under my roof
14:03 but just simply speak the word,
14:05 just simply utter the word and my servant will be healed."
14:08 Notice what the Bible goes on the same verse 13.
14:11 It says this.
14:12 "And Jesus said unto the centurion,
14:15 Go thy way and as thou hast believed,
14:17 so be it done unto thee.
14:19 And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour."
14:25 Do you see the power--
14:26 the creative power of Gods word?
14:27 The centurion told Jesus he said
14:29 Jesus just speak the word, just utter the word
14:30 and my servant will be healed
14:32 and Jesus says go home Roman centurion,
14:34 your servant is now healed and the Bible says
14:37 in that selfsame hour,
14:38 in that very time that Jesus utter the word
14:40 even though there was distance separating Jesus
14:43 from that sick man that had palsy
14:45 that was laying there in that bed
14:46 unable to move because of his ailment.
14:48 Even though there was distance separating them
14:50 Gods word has this creative power
14:53 and that's that centurions servant
14:56 was healed of his ailment.
14:58 You see the creative power in Gods word.
15:00 Let's look at another example
15:01 here in Mathew 14:24-32.
15:04 Notice what the Bible says.
15:06 "But the ship was now in the midst of the sea,
15:08 tossed with waves for the wind was contrary.
15:11 And in the fourth watch of the night
15:13 Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.
15:16 And when the disciple saw Him walking on the sea,
15:19 they where troubled, saying,
15:21 It is the spirit and they cried for fear.
15:24 But straight away Jesus spake unto them, saying,
15:26 Be of good cheer. It is I be not afraid.
15:29 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou,
15:33 bid me come unto thee on the water.
15:37 And he said, Come.
15:38 Notice that word come.
15:39 And when Peter was come down out of the ship,
15:43 he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.
15:45 But when he saw the wind boisterous,
15:47 he was afraid and beginning to sink,
15:50 he cried, saying, Lord, save me.
15:51 And immediately Jesus stretched forth His hand,
15:54 and caught him, and said unto him,
15:56 O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?
15:59 And when they were come into the ship,
16:02 the wind ceased."
16:04 Lets take a look at the story here of Peter.
16:07 The Bible says that they were held on these on the water,
16:10 man, the winds where won't rolling
16:12 the waves are beating
16:13 and they where there alone and then all the sudden
16:16 they seen this mysterious figure out
16:17 on the water
16:18 and might have glowing or whatever it was,
16:20 and they where fearful.
16:21 The Bible says they were afraid
16:22 because they thought it was a spirit
16:24 and they cried out for fear
16:25 and Jesus said don't be afraid it's Me.
16:27 And Peter, Peter said to Jesus, he said, Jesus
16:30 if it is You please have me come out on the water.
16:32 Now let me ask you a question
16:33 can we physically walk on water?
16:35 No we can't.
16:36 It's very obvious when you walk into the water
16:37 you begin to sink right away.
16:39 If you jump out of the boat, you are going to sink.
16:41 If you walk out from the beach unto the water
16:43 you begin to sink in the water.
16:44 We cannot walk on water.
16:46 But when Jesus, listen to me now,
16:47 Jesus spoke a four letter word, that four letter word was come
16:50 C-O-M-E.
16:51 He said come and that enable Peter to step out of that ship
16:55 and to walk on the water.
16:56 And that word come created the ability
16:59 for Peter to be able to walk on water.
17:01 Let's look at another example here
17:03 in Mark Chapter 4
17:04 and we're gonna look at beginning in verse 35.
17:07 Mark 4:35 it says this
17:10 "And the same day, when the even was come,
17:12 He said unto them,
17:14 Let us pass over unto the other side.
17:16 And when they had sent away the multitude,
17:19 they took him even as he was in the ship.
17:22 And there were also with him other little ships.
17:24 And there arose a great storm of wind,
17:27 and the waves beat into the ship,
17:29 so that it was now full.
17:31 And he was in the midst, in the hinder part of the ship,
17:34 asleep on a pillow and they awake him,
17:37 and say unto him, Master, carest thou not
17:40 that we perish?"
17:43 Notice this story here that Jesus has given to us
17:45 here in the gospels.
17:46 This is the story about Jesus
17:48 and the disciples passing over the lake,
17:50 and in the midst of that travel over across the lake.
17:53 The Bible says that there is a storm that arouses
17:55 great mighty tempers that took place.
17:57 And the Bible says that Jesus was
18:00 He was sleeping in the midst of that storm.
18:02 He was sleeping on His pillow.
18:03 Disciples come to Him and they say Jesus,
18:05 Master, do you care whether we perish or not.
18:08 They where so frightful,
18:09 they probably have their buckets
18:10 and they where trying to get the water
18:11 out of the ship as fast as they could
18:13 and they look over they see Jesus He is sleeping.
18:17 And they're think in their minds,
18:18 they think to themselves, what how can He be sleeping?
18:20 Doesn't He care whether we perish or not.
18:22 Can He, can He sense that we're in the storm
18:24 and that we are about to loose our lives.
18:27 And so, they come to Jesus and they say Master,
18:29 carest thou not that we perish.
18:31 Now, let me then ask you question
18:32 does Jesus care whether we perish or not,
18:33 brothers and sisters?
18:35 Of course Jesus cares for each one of us.
18:37 He cares whether we perish or not
18:39 and that's why He has given us
18:41 His spoken word, His 66 books of the Bible
18:44 to guide us through our quest of this life,
18:46 to guide us through our journey here in this world.
18:49 Let's continue the story and see what it says
18:51 in the very next Bible passage.
18:53 It says this.
18:55 Mark 4:39 it says.
18:57 "And He arose, and rebuked the wind,
18:59 and said unto the sea, Peace, be still.
19:03 And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm."
19:07 The Bible says that when disciples came to Jesus
19:11 and they said Master, carest thou not that we perish.
19:13 The Bible says that Jesus arose and as He arose
19:15 He said to the wind and the wave.
19:17 He spoke three words, He said peace, be still.
19:21 And when He spoke those three words
19:23 all the sudden the wind and the waves ceased.
19:25 The wind stopped to blow,
19:27 the waves stop coming into the ship.
19:29 All the sudden the Bible says
19:31 there was a grate calm.
19:33 You see friends, Jesus' word,
19:35 Gods word has creative power.
19:37 If we where in the midst's of storm
19:38 and I said to the storm peace, be still
19:40 that storm would continue to rage.
19:41 But with God on the other hand when He speaks,
19:43 when He says something
19:44 His word has creative power in it.
19:47 And whatever He says has to take place
19:49 because that is God and His word
19:52 and the Bible tells us that God cannot lie.
19:55 So the Bible tells us here that when Jesus arose up
19:57 He spake and He said peace, be still
19:59 and the Bible says that
20:00 when He spoke that word peace, be still
20:02 that there was a great calm.
20:04 You know what Jesus wants to arise up in your heart.
20:06 Jesus wants to come up into our lives.
20:08 He wants to arise up in our lives
20:10 and in our experience
20:11 and He wants to say to the winds of life,
20:13 to the strife that you go through,
20:15 through the job difficulties, the family difficulties,
20:18 the friend difficulties,
20:20 the financial difficulties that you are going through.
20:22 God wants to rise up in the midst of your storm,
20:24 He wants to say peace, be still.
20:26 And friends, He is given us His word
20:28 to give us that peace in the midst of storm.
20:30 And all we have to do is go to those passages,
20:32 the scriptures that inspired Word of God
20:35 and God will rise up in the midst of your difficulty,
20:37 in the midst of your trail
20:38 and He will say to your heart and to your mind
20:40 please, be still.
20:42 So, we've looked at these examples
20:44 of the creative power in Gods word.
20:46 Now let's do a little bit of application
20:47 and apply it to our own lives and see what the Bible says
20:50 as we continue our study in Psalms 51:10-12 it says this.
20:56 "Create in me a clean heart, O God
20:57 and renew a right spirit within me.
20:59 Cast me not away from thy presence
21:01 and take not thy holy spirit from me.
21:03 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation
21:06 and uphold me with thy free spirit."
21:09 The Bible tells us here
21:10 that this is the experience of David
21:12 right after he committed that terrible sin
21:14 with Bathsheba killing her husband,
21:16 taking her to be his wife,
21:17 committing adultery with her and all that stuff.
21:19 The Bible tells us that right after that David was
21:21 sorry for his sin.
21:23 And he came and he said God create in me a clean heart.
21:25 Create in me a clean heart
21:26 this heart that I have now had been defiled by sin.
21:29 This heart that I have now has been defiled
21:32 by this terrible deed that I have just done.
21:34 And now He is coming to God and he is saying God,
21:36 please create in me a clean heart.
21:39 How many of you today have experience
21:41 the burden of sin, the guilt of sin,
21:44 the experience of falling and doing things
21:47 that you know or not pleasing in the sight of God?
21:49 How many of you have experience that?
21:50 I'm sure we all have.
21:51 And I'm sure each one of us
21:52 would like to have an experience like David
21:54 where we can cry out to God
21:56 and say God, create in me a clean heart.
21:58 Create in me a new heart, take away this stony heart
22:01 and give me a new heart that is a more like You
22:04 that's more in fashion with You.
22:07 Notice what the Bible goes on to say.
22:09 As we look at Ezekiel 36:26
22:11 in response to this Bible passage it says.
22:13 "A new heart also will I give you,
22:15 and a new spirit will I put within you
22:17 and I will take away the stony heart
22:19 out of your flesh,
22:20 and I will give you an heart of flesh.
22:22 And I will put my spirit within you,
22:24 and cause you to walk in my statutes,
22:26 and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them."
22:30 The Bible tells us here
22:32 that God wants to give us a new heart.
22:34 David cried out and he said
22:35 create in me a clean heart oh God,
22:37 and renew a right spirit within me.
22:38 And then in Ezekiel 36:26 God creates a new heart.
22:43 God creates a clean heart.
22:44 God gives us a new heart, He takes away that stony heart
22:48 and He replaces it with a new heart
22:50 that is like in fashion according to His will.
22:52 Now let's put some thoughts together here
22:54 that we've been looking out
22:55 with a creative power of Gods word.
22:58 In Genesis 1 God said, Let there be a Light.
23:00 We studied in the Bible that when God spoke that word
23:03 that when He said, Let there be a Light
23:05 it happened instantaneous.
23:06 When God spoken and He said peace, be still,
23:09 the waters and the winds ceased automatically.
23:11 When God said, to the Roman centurion,
23:14 go thy way, your servant is healed.
23:15 His servant was healed immediately.
23:17 When Jesus said to Peter in that ship when He said come.
23:20 He was able to walk out of that ship right away
23:23 and walk across that sea.
23:24 When God speaks it happens instantaneously,
23:27 it happens right away.
23:28 Now let me ask you a question.
23:29 When we cry out to God,
23:31 and say God, create in me a clean heart.
23:33 Give me a new heart, God.
23:35 Restore to me the joy of salvation.
23:36 Let me ask you something, how long does it take
23:39 to receive that new heart from God?
23:41 If God spoke light into existence immediately.
23:45 When God said peace, be still and happen immediately.
23:48 When God heeled the Roman centurion's servant
23:50 and happened immediately.
23:52 Friends, He can give you a new heart immediately.
23:56 Now that is an interesting concept
23:57 that was something that was life changing for me.
23:59 It was something that changed my life
24:01 as I understood that God can create in me a clean heart
24:05 instantly, right away.
24:07 He can change my heart
24:08 and make it in fashion with Him.
24:10 Now obviously this takes place
24:12 if we have a true desire to follow God and His will.
24:15 If we're truly repented of our sins,
24:17 when we come to God
24:18 and claim that Bible promise in 1 John 1:9 it says
24:21 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful
24:23 and just to forgive us our sins,
24:24 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
24:25 If we are truly repented of our sins
24:27 and we come and we ask God,
24:28 God, please create in me a clean heart.
24:30 Friends, listen to me now it happens instantly.
24:34 Friends, you can have that new heart just like that.
24:37 You can have that new heart right away.
24:40 God can give you that new heart
24:41 if you claim His promises from His word
24:43 where the Bible says
24:44 a new heart also will I give you new spirit
24:46 will I put within you.
24:47 Now let me tell you something very interesting
24:48 about getting and gaining this new heart.
24:51 When you kneel down and you pray
24:52 just like David did many years ago
24:54 and prayed and said God,
24:55 create in me a clean heart, oh, God.
24:57 When you kneel down and you pray that
24:59 you may not feel
25:00 like you received that new heart instantaneously.
25:03 You may not feel like
25:04 you've gained forgiveness for your sins.
25:06 You may not feel like you're new person.
25:08 But friends, as Christians we don't go by feelings.
25:12 We go by this four letter word called, Faith.
25:15 We have faith in Gods promises,
25:17 that when God says I will give you a new heart,
25:20 I will take away that stony heart
25:21 and give you a new heart
25:22 we believe by faith
25:24 that God is going to keep His end of the promise
25:28 that God is going to keep His end of the deal
25:30 and that He will truly give us that new heart
25:33 that you and that I so desperately look after
25:36 and want to receive.
25:37 Friends, let's continue our study
25:39 and just look at a few more passages of scripture here.
25:41 In 1 peter 1:23, the Bible tells us this.
25:44 "Being born again, not of corruptible seed,
25:46 but of incorruptible," by the what?
25:49 The Bible says, "By the word of God,
25:51 which liveth and abideth for ever."
25:55 How we born again in John Chapter 3
25:57 the Bible tells us that those that we need to be born again,
26:00 He was talking to Nicodemus there Jesus was
26:02 and He says that we need to be born again.
26:04 And the Bible says that the way we are born again,
26:06 the way that we receive this new birth experience
26:09 is by the Word of God.
26:10 When we study the Bible, when we study Gods word
26:13 that studying of that Bible of Gods creative word
26:15 is what gives us the ability to have that new heart,
26:19 the new creative experience and being born again.
26:22 We are born again friends, by the Word of God.
26:24 If we don't study the Bible
26:25 how can we expect to born again?
26:27 We cannot be born again if we do not study the Bible.
26:30 That's what the Bible tells us
26:35 it says this.
26:36 "Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
26:38 that I might not sin against thee."
26:41 God has asked us to hide His word in our hearts.
26:44 And as we hide Gods word in our hearts
26:46 it's the hiding of His word in our hearts
26:48 that enables us do not sin against the God.
26:52 Do you see the importance of studying Gods word?
26:54 Do you see the importance of spending time
26:56 looking at the Bible, studying it
26:58 and reflecting upon it
26:59 and allowing God to recreate inside of your heart,
27:02 a new heart, a new mind, a new spirit?
27:05 Friends, God is looking for a group of people
27:08 that will truly commit their lives
27:09 completely over to Him.
27:11 And say God, I want to live my life
27:13 according to the dictates of Your word.
27:15 I want to live my life according to how You have
27:17 asked me to live my life from Your word.
27:19 Not the way I want to, not would I want,
27:21 not the way I want to live, but how You want me to live.
27:23 Friends, is that your desire today?
27:25 Is it your desire to allow Gods word
27:27 to create inside of you that new heart,
27:29 that new experience
27:30 and have that new experience instantly?
27:33 Friends, if that is your desire,
27:35 if it is your desire to have that new heart,
27:37 that new life changing experience,
27:39 I would just ask that you bow your heads right now
27:41 as you sitting in your home
27:42 and that you'll ask the God and say God,
27:44 I want to receive that new heart.
27:46 I want to receive that new experience.
27:48 I want You to create in me a new heart.
27:50 And friends, I pray Gods richest blessing upon you,
27:52 as you receive that new heart,
27:55 that He wants to gift each one of us.


Revised 2014-12-17