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00:31 I would like to welcome you again
00:32 to another "Faith Chapel" experience.
00:35 Today, we are going to look at the Bible again,
00:37 we are going to look at another subject.
00:38 My name is Jason Sliger,
00:40 I'm an evangelist with "Amazing Facts ministry."
00:43 And I enjoy sharing the Bible with as many people
00:45 as I possibly can as I meet people from place to place
00:48 sharing the Bible is a passion
00:50 and something that I enjoy to do.
00:51 Today we are gonna be taking a look at a subject
00:53 that I have entitled "Let this mind be in you."
00:56 I remember when I was a young boy,
00:59 I would go out and enjoy
01:01 playing in the snow as a little boy.
01:03 I enjoyed going down the hill on my sled
01:06 and making snow angels in the snow,
01:08 making snow balls and snow fortresses
01:11 and just having a good time playing in the snow,
01:13 that was a time of the year
01:14 that I really used to look forward to,
01:15 and I remember one experience
01:17 that was very, very impressionable
01:18 upon my mind that took one winter.
01:21 My mother had called me and she said Jason,
01:24 I want you to come outside,
01:25 I want to show you something and so I came outside
01:28 and my mother said here's a pair of black gloves,
01:30 I want you to put these black gloves on.
01:31 I put these black gloves on,
01:32 I was obedient listened to my mom
01:34 and she said now, Jason what I want you to do is
01:35 I want you to hold your hand out
01:36 and I want you to allow the snowflakes to fall in your hand
01:39 and I held my hand out
01:40 and these snowflakes were falling on my hand
01:42 and she gave me a magnifying glass
01:44 and I began to look at all of these snowflakes
01:47 and how intricate they were designed
01:48 and how each one of them were different
01:50 and I remember standing there
01:52 in utter amazement looking at each different snowflake
01:55 as an individual and how intricate
01:57 and how beautiful each one of them were.
01:59 That was an impression upon my mind
02:01 that was made that I haven't forgotten
02:03 and now that I have started to study the Bible
02:05 I look at the snowflake and I see that
02:07 there is a very important object lesson
02:09 that we can learn from the snowflake.
02:10 You know the snowflake in and of itself
02:11 is very beautiful.
02:13 It's a beautiful creation of God,
02:16 but the snowflake in and of itself
02:19 doesn't really make that much of an impact on a city.
02:23 If one snowflake were to fall
02:25 it wouldn't really make that much impact,
02:27 but friends when snowflake upon snowflake
02:29 upon snowflake fall upon a city,
02:32 there's an impact that is made
02:33 and may be some of you live in a city
02:35 where the snow has fallen
02:37 and its made a powerful impact upon your city
02:39 and you have remember it from generation
02:41 from time upon time from year to year
02:43 you remember that particular snowfall that took place
02:45 that knocked the power out of whatever it did to your city.
02:48 You probably remember that time and you know what, friends,
02:51 I think of ourselves as snowflakes,
02:53 each one of us of God's children.
02:55 I think of ourselves as individual snowflakes
02:57 and you know in and of ourselves
02:58 we can make a difference in the world
03:00 just on our own we can make a difference.
03:03 But I think to myself as snowflakes
03:05 how much more of a powerful impact
03:07 we can make on the world, if we have a snowflake unity.
03:13 If we have a snowflake unity
03:14 and bond together as a snowflakes do,
03:17 we can make a powerful impact on a city,
03:19 we can make a powerful impact on this world
03:22 just like the snowflakes do
03:23 when they come together in a snowflake unity.
03:26 You know, God is looking and searching
03:29 throughout the world for a group of people
03:30 that are unified under Him.
03:32 The Bible tells us in Psalms 133:1 it says,
03:37 "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
03:39 for brethren to dwell together in unity!"
03:43 The Bible tells us that it's a good and pleasant thing,
03:45 it's a beautiful thing for brethren
03:47 to dwell together in unity.
03:49 For us to bond together, to come together,
03:52 to pull together and to be unified
03:56 under Jesus to have that snowflake unity.
03:59 I ask the question.
04:00 Do you have unity amongst your family?
04:02 Do you have unity amongst your friends?
04:05 Maybe I could ask, do you have unity
04:06 amongst your church family?
04:09 Is there a unity or are you always looking for avenues
04:12 and areas to pick and to pull people apart
04:16 and to cause there to be a disunity amongst that unit?
04:19 Friends, God is looking for a group of people
04:22 that can be unified.
04:23 I like to read a definition to you of the word unity
04:27 it says, "Unity is a thing undivided itself,
04:31 but separate from ever other thing."
04:33 That is a definition from Webster's dictionary.
04:34 It's something that's undivided itself,
04:36 it's not separated in and of itself
04:38 but it's separated from every other thing
04:40 and you know what friends,
04:41 God is wanting a group of people
04:42 that are not separated amongst themselves,
04:45 that are unified amongst themselves but they are --
04:47 they are separated from the things in this world.
04:49 They do not have anything to do
04:50 with the sinful pleasures in this world.
04:52 They pull together, they are unified amongst themselves
04:55 but they are separated from the things in this world.
04:57 That's what God is looking for
04:59 a snowflake unity amongst His people.
05:02 What I want to do today
05:03 is I want to take a look at two stories from the Bible
05:06 and I want to look at a scenario of disunity
05:09 amongst some of God's people.
05:11 And then I want to look at another scenario of unity
05:13 amongst God's people.
05:14 And I want to look at these two scenarios and see
05:17 what we can learn about these two stories
05:20 and how it made an impact on their life.
05:23 Let's begin in Mark Chapter 9
05:25 and we are gonna begin reading in verse 30.
05:26 The Bible says this, "And they departed thence,
05:29 and passed through Galilee;
05:31 and he would not that any man should know it.
05:34 For he taught his disciples, and said unto them"
05:37 listen to what Jesus is gonna teach his disciples.
05:39 "The Son of man is delivered into the hands of men,
05:42 and they shall kill him; and after that he is killed,
05:46 he shall rise the third day.
05:48 But they understood not that saying,
05:52 and were afraid to ask him."
05:56 Now, the question that I ask myself is why is it
05:59 that the disciples did not understand this lesson
06:02 that God was trying to teach them.
06:03 That Jesus was trying to teach them.
06:04 They are traveling along the way,
06:06 He is teaching them a lesson that one day
06:08 that He will be betrayed into the hands of men,
06:10 that He would be killed, that He would be crucified.
06:12 Now, is this an important lesson
06:14 for the disciples to learn or not.
06:16 I believe that it's a very important lesson that
06:18 they were-- that they needed to learn
06:20 that soon Jesus would be crucified,
06:22 that their Master, their Messiah,
06:24 the one that they were following around
06:25 would soon one day be crucified.
06:27 It's a very important lesson but the Bible says
06:30 that they understood it not.
06:33 Now, the question that I ask myself right away,
06:35 immediately the question that I ask myself is
06:37 why didn't they understand this lesson?
06:39 Why was it that they did not understand the lesson
06:41 that Jesus was trying to teach them?
06:43 What was it that prohibited them
06:45 from having a full knowledge of this lesson
06:47 that Jesus was trying to teach.
06:49 Well, let's continue in this passage of scripture
06:51 and see what else the Bible reveals to us in the story.
06:53 It goes on and it says, "And he came to Capernaum,
06:57 and being in the house he asked them,
07:00 What was it that ye disputed among yourselves by the way?
07:05 But they held their peace, for by the way" listen to this,
07:09 "they had disputed among themselves,
07:12 who should be the greatest."
07:15 So, friends, what do we find out here is that
07:17 as they were traveling along that road
07:19 and Jesus was instructing them this very important lesson,
07:21 the Bible says that they were disputing among themselves,
07:24 they were arguing amongst themselves,
07:25 they were saying I'm going to be the greatest.
07:27 I'm gonna sit on the right hand of God,
07:28 I'm gonna sit on the right, I'm gonna be the best,
07:30 I'm gonna be the highest in the kingdom of heaven.
07:32 They were busy arguing amongst themselves
07:34 who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
07:37 As a result of their arguing about
07:40 who would be the greatest,
07:41 they missed out on a very important lesson
07:45 that God or Jesus was trying to teach them.
07:48 Now, I think about this and I ask myself the question.
07:52 How many lessons do we not learn and understand
07:58 as a result of may be some disunity
08:00 that we have in our family,
08:02 amongst our friends at our job in our churches?
08:06 How many lessons do we miss out?
08:08 How many important instructions
08:09 as God try to give His people but we miss out on them
08:12 because of the disunity amongst us?
08:14 Friends, God is trying to teach us
08:16 very important lessons and it's important
08:18 for each one of us to have a snowflake unity,
08:21 a unity that is spoken about in Psalms 133:1
08:24 that it's good and pleasant for God's people
08:26 to dwell together in unity.
08:28 We need to have a unity amongst ourselves
08:30 in order for us to properly understand
08:33 some of the lessons that God is trying to teach us.
08:36 Now, I ask you another question.
08:38 How effective do you think
08:41 the disciples were in witnessing for Jesus
08:44 at this point time in their life?
08:47 It's obvious that they were very ineffective
08:49 in their witness for God.
08:50 In fact they might have been not being a good witness.
08:53 In fact they probably were witnessing
08:55 of repelling people away from God
08:57 instead of drawing them to God
08:58 because of their pride and their arrogance
09:01 and their desire to be number one.
09:03 Friends, they were un--
09:05 they were unusual in evangelism,
09:07 they were ineffective in their evangelism why?
09:09 Because they had a disunity amongst themselves.
09:12 You know, I believe that sometimes
09:13 we as God's people are not as effective
09:16 in outreach to others and sharing God's word
09:19 to the lost people in this world,
09:21 that we are not as effective as we could possibly be
09:23 because of disunity amongst the people of God.
09:28 Are you starting to see the scenario
09:29 in how it's being painted here on the Bible
09:31 about how we need to have a unity amongst God's people,
09:35 so that we can learn the lessons
09:36 that God is trying to teach us
09:38 and so that we can have a better opportunity
09:40 in reaching out to other people
09:42 and be a more appropriate witness for God.
09:43 Now, I want to look at another example,
09:45 another experience here amongst the disciples
09:47 and we are gonna turn to Acts Chapter 1
09:49 and we are gonna begin in verse 4 and 5.
09:51 Notice what the Bible says here,
09:53 " And, being assembled together with them, commanded them..."
09:56 Now, this is Jesus talking to the disciples,
09:58 "that they should not depart from Jerusalem,
10:00 but wait for the promise of the Father,
10:02 which, saith he, ye have heard of me.
10:06 For John truly baptized with water;
10:08 but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost
10:10 not many days hence."
10:13 The Bible tells us here that Jesus is once again
10:15 instructing His disciples, He is saying
10:17 don't leave Jerusalem, don't go away
10:19 because John truly baptized with water
10:21 but you're gonna be baptized with a baptism
10:23 what the Bible calls the Holy Spirit.
10:25 So in both scenarios we see that
10:26 Jesus is teaching the disciples,
10:27 He is teaching them in the other scenario,
10:29 they did not learn the lesson.
10:30 He is teaching them again, here we ask ourselves a question.
10:32 Did they learn the lesson this time?
10:34 We continue verses 12 through 14
10:36 in Acts Chapter 1 says,
10:38 "Then returned they unto Jerusalem..."
10:40 Notice they follow Jesus' teaching.
10:41 "They return to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet,
10:45 which is from Jerusalem a Sabbath day's journey.
10:47 And when they were come in,
10:49 they went up into an upper room,
10:52 where abode both Peter, and James, and John,
10:54 and Andrew, Philip, and Thomas, Bartholomew,
10:57 and Matthew, James the son, and it goes on, Simon Zelotes,
11:01 and Judas the brother of James."
11:03 It continues here and it says,
11:04 "These all continued with one accord
11:07 in prayer and supplication, with the women,
11:09 and Mary the mother of Jesus, with his brethren."
11:13 Notice what the Bible says here.
11:14 It says that they continued here in what?
11:17 It says in one accord.
11:19 They followed Jesus' teaching of go into Jerusalem,
11:22 go into Jerusalem the way Jesus asked them to go.
11:25 They listened to His teaching
11:26 and when they got there the Bible says,
11:28 that they all continued there together in one accord.
11:32 So one Scenario you had disunity
11:34 and in other scenario you have unity
11:36 and them coming together in one accord.
11:38 What was the result of their unity?
11:40 You probably understand the story in Acts Chapter 2
11:43 about how they had this powerful experience
11:46 what we call the day of Pentecost.
11:48 Let's take a look at it, Acts 2: 1 through 4
11:51 the Bible says this,
11:53 "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come,
11:55 they were all with one accord in one place.
11:58 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven
12:01 as of a rushing mighty wind,
12:03 and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.
12:06 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire,
12:11 and it sat upon each of them.
12:12 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,"
12:15 the Bible says, "and began to speak with other tongues,
12:19 as the Spirit gave them utterance."
12:22 Notice what happened here friends,
12:23 they were together in unity,
12:24 they were in that, in that upper room in Jerusalem
12:26 they were there the Bible says,
12:28 continuing in one accord and as they were there
12:30 on the day of Pentecost in one accord,
12:31 the Bible tells us that the Spirit of God,
12:33 the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them in a mighty way
12:37 and the Bible says that they all began to speak in tongues.
12:40 They began to speak in different languages
12:42 so that other people could understand
12:44 what they were teaching.
12:45 Now they weren't doing this, they weren't,
12:47 they weren't speaking in some unknown tongue
12:49 but they were speaking in a tongue
12:50 where people could understand them
12:52 as Peter got up on that day of Pentecost
12:54 and he preached that powerful message,
12:55 he preached that message from the bottom of his heart
12:58 about Jesus being the Messiah and all the truth
13:01 that Jesus had taught while He was here.
13:02 As he got up and preached that truth, my friends,
13:04 people's hearts were moved, people's hearts were touched
13:07 and even though where there are people there
13:08 of many different languages and many different dialects,
13:11 they all understood in their own tongue
13:13 as Peter preached to them
13:14 on that powerful day of Pentecost
13:16 and notice what the Bible tells us
13:17 the result was in Acts 2:41.
13:20 The Bible says, "Then they that gladly received his word
13:24 were baptized and the same day
13:26 there were added unto them about three thousand souls."
13:29 As a result of the disciples unity,
13:31 as a result of them coming together
13:33 and putting aside their differences,
13:35 coming together in one accord
13:36 the Bible says in Acts Chapter 1
13:38 as they are coming together in that unity
13:41 the Bible tells us that the result of that unity,
13:44 the result of that might I says snowflakes unity
13:47 amongst God's disciples was the baptism of 3,000 souls.
13:52 The baptism of 3,000 people gave their hearts to God,
13:55 they gave their hearts completely over to them
13:57 as a result of their unity amongst themselves.
14:01 Allowing God to use them, allowing God to fill them
14:03 with the Holy Spirit, they were used by God.
14:06 Now, let me ask you a question as a result of their unity here
14:09 how effective were they in evangelism?
14:11 How effective were they in witnessing to other people?
14:13 They were very effective as we have just read
14:15 in baptizing 3,000 people in one day.
14:19 Do you see the difference when God's people are unified
14:22 and when God's people are disunified?
14:24 When God's people are disunified
14:25 we are ineffective,
14:26 we don't learn lessons that God wants us to learn.
14:28 When God's people are unified
14:30 they are effective in witnessing
14:31 and they learn the lessons and receive the gifts
14:34 that God wants to give to each one, everyone of them.
14:36 I ask you a question once again.
14:38 Do you have unity amongst your family?
14:41 Do you have unity amongst your friends?
14:43 Are you unified at your church? Are you unified at your work?
14:46 Is there a unity that's taking place amongst you
14:49 as part of God's people,
14:50 as part of God's remnant church?
14:53 Is there a unity that's taking place
14:54 amongst your brothers and sisters?
14:56 I plead with each and every person
14:58 that I share this message with,
14:59 that they would put aside their differences
15:01 and that we will come together in unity.
15:03 Now, when we come together in unity
15:04 we don't compromise truth, we never compromise truth,
15:07 but we always come together and unify.
15:10 The thing that unifies God's people,
15:12 the thing that brings us into unity
15:14 is following a plain thus saith the Lord.
15:18 We never compromise truth for the sake of unity friends
15:21 but we always hold up the Bible
15:22 and the Bible will lead God's people to unity
15:24 if we go by the Bible and the Bible alone.
15:27 I would like to continue our study
15:29 and look at this idea of unity
15:31 from another book of the Bible in Philippians
15:33 we are going to the 2 Chapter and the 2 verse.
15:35 Notice what the Bible says here,
15:37 "Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded,
15:40 having the same love,
15:42 being of one accord, of one mind."
15:46 Paul here is talking to the people
15:48 as he is writing this book here the Book of Philippians.
15:52 As he is writing to those people
15:53 there he is saying fullfil ye my joy,
15:55 that ye be likeminded, that you be unified
15:57 that you come together in like mindedness,
16:00 that was the thing that brought joy to Paul.
16:02 And I might add it that was the thing
16:03 that brings joy to God, that's the thing
16:05 that brings joy to God's people
16:07 as that they are unified under Him.
16:10 friends, God is pleased, God has joy inside of His heart
16:15 when His people are unified under the truth of His word.
16:18 We continue this passage of scripture in verse 3 and 4
16:20 of Philippians Chapter 2, it says,
16:22 "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory,
16:25 but in lowliness of mind
16:27 let each esteem other better than themselves.
16:30 Look not every man on his own things,
16:33 but every man also on the things of others."
16:36 The Bible tells us here,
16:37 let nothing be done through strife or vainglory.
16:40 In other words, we are not to be pushing our way
16:42 through the crowd and claiming that
16:44 we are the best that we are the best person,
16:46 nothing is to be done through strife or vainglory
16:48 but in lowliness of mind the Bible says, In other words,
16:50 we are to have humble minds, meek minds, humble minds
16:54 that are fashion like on to God.
16:56 Let's go in this passage and look what it says,
16:59 verse 5 through 8 it says, this,
17:01 "Let this mind be in you..."
17:02 Now, you know where I've got my sermon entitle from.
17:05 "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,
17:08 Who, being in the form of God,
17:10 thought it not robbery to be equal with God,
17:12 But made himself of no reputation,
17:15 and took upon him the form of a servant,
17:17 and was made in the likeness of men,
17:19 And being found in fashion as a man,
17:21 he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death,
17:24 even the death of the cross."
17:27 The Bible says, that we are to have a mind like Jesus.
17:32 It says, let this mind be in you
17:33 which was also in Christ Jesus who took on the form of man.
17:37 The Bible says, that He took on the form of man.
17:40 Now, just think about that God becoming a man.
17:44 I believe that it was--
17:45 that it was a tremendous thing for God to give up,
17:47 for Jesus to give up his Godship and become
17:49 a man to be fashion like men, He was still God
17:52 but He was also a man, he took the form of a man,
17:54 He has now become the Bible says
17:57 that Jesus had a mind that was humble,
17:59 He humbled Himself, He had a humble mind.
18:02 Friends, the key ingredient, listen to me now,
18:04 the key ingredient to being unified in God's church.
18:08 The key ingredient that unifies God's people is humility.
18:13 The key ingredient that brings us together,
18:15 that draws us together as God's people
18:17 is having a humble heart and as the Bible says,
18:21 let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.
18:24 We see that Jesus had a humble heart,
18:26 Jesus had a humble mind,
18:27 He had a humble way of thinking and the Bible says
18:30 that mind is to be in your mind and to be in my mind,
18:34 God wants His people to be humble.
18:38 How do you think of yourself?
18:40 Do you think of yourself as may be the best person?
18:43 Do you think of yourself as somebody that is
18:45 highly thought of in society?
18:47 Do you think of yourself as maybe
18:49 one of the better people at your job,
18:51 one of the better people in your church,
18:53 one of the better people among your family?
18:54 Do you think highly of yourself
18:55 or do you have the mind of Jesus
18:57 who had a lowly humble mind?
19:00 You see, friends, if we put aside our pride,
19:02 if we put aside our differences.
19:03 If we put aside that pride
19:05 that is what's gonna bring people together in unity.
19:08 Unity under the truth of God's word,
19:10 not unity under our compromised truth
19:11 but unity under the truth of God's word
19:13 if we put aside our differences
19:15 and humble our self, God will unify His people.
19:21 I'd like to share with you a passage of scripture
19:22 where Jesus is praying
19:24 for His disciples and His followers.
19:26 It's a prayer that He is praying to His Father
19:29 and I want to show you what it is
19:30 that Jesus was praying for when He spent that time
19:33 praying to His Father about His followers.
19:36 Notice what the Bible says here in John 17: 11,
19:41 "And now I am no more in the world,
19:44 but these are in the world, and I come to thee.
19:48 Holy Father, keep through thine own name
19:50 those whom thou hast given me,
19:53 that they may be one, as we are."
19:57 Notice the prayer here that Jesus is praying to His Father.
20:00 When Jesus was spending some time praying to God
20:03 on your behalf and on my behalf.
20:06 He prayed to God and He said Father,
20:08 I pray that these my disciples, my followers,
20:11 that they may be one as we are one as You Father
20:16 and I had a loving unified relationship together.
20:20 I'm praying that My disciples that My followers
20:22 will have a similar experience in their unity.
20:25 Now, I don't know about you,
20:26 but when I think about this thought,
20:27 it's a pretty heavy thought thinking about
20:30 having a unified experience like Jesus and the Father.
20:33 When you look at the Bible, when you study the Bible,
20:34 you see that Jesus and the Father
20:37 had an incredible relationship that Jesus and the Father
20:40 the Bible says, Jesus tells us
20:42 that He and the Father were never separated
20:44 even though they were separated through distance.
20:46 They were still unified together,
20:47 they still had a tight relationship together
20:49 through prayer and through studying the Bible
20:51 and through meditation on God's word.
20:53 Jesus and the Father had a close relationship.
20:56 And Jesus is here praying to God
20:58 and He is saying listen, Father, I want My disciples,
21:01 My followers to have a similar type of unity,
21:03 a similar type of experience
21:05 as you and I have in experience.
21:08 Notice what the passage goes on to say in verses 20 through 23.
21:11 Jesus continues His prayer,
21:13 "Neither pray I for these alone,
21:15 but for them also
21:17 which shall believe on me through their word,
21:19 That they all may be one, as thou, Father, art in me,
21:23 and I in thee, that they also may be one in us,
21:29 that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
21:32 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them,
21:35 that they may be one, even as we are one,
21:39 I in them, and thou in me,
21:42 that they may be perfect in one,
21:45 and that the world may know that thou hast sent me,
21:48 and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me."
21:53 Do you see Jesus' theme recurring over
21:55 and over again here as He is praying to His Father.
21:58 The thing that He is praying for
21:59 He repeats it over and over again
22:01 that they may be one as we are one,
22:02 that they may be one as we are one.
22:04 Father, I pray for My children, My disciples
22:07 that they would have a unity
22:09 similar to the unity that You and I have.
22:12 I ask you the question once again?
22:15 Do you have unity in your home? Do you have unity in your job?
22:18 Do you have unity amongst your family?
22:20 Do you have unity amongst your friends?
22:21 Do you have a unity in your unit,
22:24 in your sphere of influence, do you have a unity?
22:27 Friends, God is looking, He is looking out over the world,
22:30 He is looking for a group of people
22:32 that are unified amongst themselves
22:35 but separate from every other thing in this world
22:38 and I don't know about you
22:39 but I want to be part of that group of people
22:41 that are unified with God,
22:43 that are unified under His banner,
22:45 that are unified together with Him and Him alone.
22:49 Unified under that banner of truth,
22:51 that comes from His word.
22:53 I would like to read a quotation to you.
22:56 This quotation comes from 6th volume of the Testimonies,
22:59 page 151 and this is paragraph two.
23:02 Notice what Ellen White says,
23:04 as she comments on this prayer of Jesus.
23:06 She is commenting on the prayer
23:07 that Jesus just prayed that we have just read.
23:09 Notice what she says,
23:12 "Satan works to make the prayer of Christ of none effect."
23:16 Did you catch that?
23:18 She is saying here that Satan's job
23:20 he is working his thing that he spends his energy on
23:24 is to make the prayer of Christ of none effect.
23:27 In other words, he is wanting to make this prayer
23:28 that Christ has been praying
23:30 to have a unity amongst his people,
23:32 he is trying to work to make that prayer of none effect.
23:35 Notice, what she goes on to say,
23:36 she says this, "He makes continual efforts
23:40 to create bitterness and discord."
23:44 Do you understand why now
23:45 you struggle with unity in your family?
23:47 Do you understand why now sometimes there is bitterness
23:50 and discord amongst your family,
23:51 amongst your friends, amongst young church members?
23:54 It's because she is telling us
23:56 that Satan is working to create bitterness
23:59 and discord amongst God's people,
24:00 because she goes on to say, she says this,
24:03 "For where there is unity there is strength."
24:06 She says, when there is a unity amongst God's people,
24:08 when there is a unity amongst these people,
24:10 she says that there is strength.
24:13 And notice what she says here in closing,
24:15 "A oneness which all the powers of hell cannot break."
24:21 Do you see the power behind having a Christ like unity?
24:25 She says that Satan is working to create bitterness
24:27 and discord amongst God's people
24:29 because he knows that when God's people are unified,
24:32 when Satan sees a unified family,
24:35 when Satan sees a unified church,
24:37 when Satan sees a unified group of people
24:39 that are unified under the inspiration of God's word
24:41 under the truth of God's word,
24:42 when he sees that unified people,
24:45 I can think in my mind that he trembles and he is scared
24:49 and he does not want to see them unified.
24:52 So he works, he sends out all of his angels
24:55 to go out there and to create bitterness and discord
24:58 to play in their minds
24:59 to think bad thoughts about other people,
25:01 to think bad thoughts about their pastor,
25:02 to think bad thoughts about their wife,
25:04 to think bad thoughts about their husband,
25:06 their children, their family members,
25:07 their church family, whatever it maybe
25:09 he goes out there to create bitterness
25:11 and discord amongst God's people
25:12 because he does not want to see that power,
25:15 that power that all of the powers of hell
25:17 cannot break that power, my friends,
25:19 lies in unity amongst God's people.
25:21 I don't know about you
25:22 but I want to make, I want to have,
25:23 I want to be part of a snowstorm on hell
25:29 that will not, that will cause Satan to tremble
25:32 that will not that will make his efforts in this world
25:35 none and void, null and void
25:37 that will make them become just effortless.
25:40 I want to be part of that group of people
25:42 that come together under a Christ like unity
25:45 just like they were on the day of Pentecost.
25:46 And brothers and sisters, I'm suggesting to you today,
25:49 that if we are unified under the truth of God's Word,
25:51 if we come together in unity under Christ
25:54 that we will have a similar experience
25:56 that they had on a day of Pentecost.
25:58 There will be a similar experience
25:59 where God's people will be so unified
26:01 where they would draw together in such a mighty way
26:03 that friends there will be a powerful impact felt
26:06 throughout this whole world and I want to be part of it,
26:09 what about you?
26:10 How many of you would like to say,
26:11 I want to set aside my differences.
26:14 I want to set aside my differences
26:15 and be unified with my friends, my family,
26:18 my church family under the truth of God's Word.
26:22 I want to come together and say, brothers and sisters,
26:25 let's be unified under the truth of God's word.
26:28 How many of you want to be part of that movement of people?
26:31 That will make a powerful impact on this world
26:32 just like they did on the day of Pentecost.
26:34 You know, the Bible tells us, that God is love,
26:39 that God is the source of unity.
26:42 Love, if you have love for one another
26:44 we will come together and have a unity.
26:46 Jesus God is the source of unity.
26:48 And you know what, friends, the more we keep our eyes,
26:50 listen to me, now this is important point,
26:52 the more we keep our eyes focused on Christ.
26:54 The more we keep our eyes focused on God's word.
26:56 The more we keep our eyes
26:57 focused on the character of Christ.
26:59 The Bible tells us that we will come together
27:02 as we keep our eyes focused on Him,
27:04 it would just draw us together
27:06 because if you are focused on Christ
27:08 and I'm focused on Christ that's gonna draw us
27:10 on all together in a snowflake unity.
27:14 How many of you today would like to be
27:15 part of that group of people?
27:17 Be part of that movement
27:18 that is unified under the banner of Christ
27:20 and be an effective witness for Him,
27:22 to be an effective sharer of God's word
27:25 to the people in this world,
27:26 how many of you would like to be part of that unity
27:28 that snowflake unity
27:30 that's gonna make a powerful impact across the world,
27:32 that's gonna shake this world to its very chore,
27:35 How many of you would like to be a part of that?
27:36 I don't know about you
27:37 but I want to be part of that friends.
27:39 And if that's your desire, if it's your desire to say,
27:41 God I want to be unified, I know there is a disunity
27:43 amongst my family, my church family,
27:45 I want to be unified under Your banner.
27:47 If that's your desire to be unified
27:48 under the truth of God's Word,
27:49 I just asked that you'd kneel down and pray
27:51 and commit your life to God and live a more unified life.


Revised 2014-12-17