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00:30 Hello, I'm happy to welcome you to "Faith Chapel."
00:33 I'm Pastor Rick Remmers from Chicago, Illinois.
00:37 Few years ago, there was a speedboat driver in a race
00:41 and he was in an accident.
00:43 He described that as he was going along at near top speeds
00:48 his boat hit a wake at an unusual angle.
00:52 It caused him to loose control
00:54 and his boat spiraled out of control
00:58 and he was thrown from his boat deep down into the water.
01:02 He was so deep in fact that
01:04 he couldn't even tell which way was up.
01:06 He had to force himself to be calm
01:08 and to hold still until his life jacket
01:11 finally started to pull him up to the surface
01:14 and then he could start swimming
01:16 and move on up to the top.
01:19 Sometimes, our lives feel like they're spinning out of control
01:23 just as that driver was
01:25 and we are seen so confused and frustrated,
01:27 we are not sure which way to turn,
01:29 we are not sure which way is up
01:32 but we need to learn the lesson that that driver did
01:35 and that we need to hold still and to look for the guidance
01:39 that God wants to bring to us in our lives.
01:42 God has many ways of leading us.
01:44 First and foremost he gives us instruction in His word
01:47 as to how we are to live our lives.
01:51 Today, we want to look at the experience
01:54 that Mosses had on Mount Sinai in order to understand
01:58 the lessons of guidance that God has for us.
02:02 Mount Sinai is also called in the scripture Mount Horeb.
02:06 It's in the interior of the Sinai Peninsula
02:09 and the Israelites arrived there
02:11 at the foot of Mount Sinai in their third month
02:14 after leaving their slavery in Egypt.
02:18 Today, scholars are uncertain
02:20 of exactly the location of the biblical Mount Sinai.
02:24 Many think that it's the north western
02:27 peak of two Ras Safsafa there in the Siani Peninsula.
02:32 It has an altitude of 6,500 feet,
02:35 roughly the size of the Smoky Mountains
02:37 here in the Eastern United States.
02:41 Just to the north of this mountain
02:43 there is a large plane, two miles long by a mile wide
02:48 that would have been about large enough
02:50 for the encampment of the children of Israel
02:53 as they waited for God to appear there at Mount Sinai.
02:58 What are the lessons that we learn
03:01 from Moses experience there on Mount Sinai?
03:06 We find in Exodus 3:1, 2
03:11 "Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro
03:14 his father in law, the priest of Midian.
03:17 And he led the flock to the backside of the desert,
03:19 and came to Horeb the mountain of God.
03:23 And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him
03:25 in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush.
03:28 So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire,
03:32 but the bush was not consumed."
03:36 We find here that Moses was tending his sheep,
03:42 he had grown up in Egypt, he had the promise
03:45 that he would be the Pharaoh the king of Egypt
03:49 until he killed one of the slave masters.
03:53 He went off into Midian into the Sinai Peninsula
03:57 and there he tended sheep for 40 years.
04:01 Near the end of this time, he was there tending his flocks
04:04 and God appeared to him in this bush
04:07 that was in flames but not being consumed.
04:13 Moses had spent many hours,
04:16 many years on the side of Mount Horeb or Mount Sinai.
04:21 He knew what it was like to converse with God.
04:24 In fact, we find that sometime later he returns to this place
04:29 this time with the children of Israel with him
04:32 and in Exodus 34:28, 29
04:36 we read of Moses experience here on Mount Sinai later on.
04:41 "So he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights,
04:45 he neither eat bread, nor drink water.
04:47 And he wrote upon the tablets the words of the covenant,
04:50 the Ten Commandments.
04:52 Now it was so, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai
04:55 and the two tablets of the Testimony
04:57 were in Moses' hand
04:59 when he came down from the mountain,
05:01 that Moses did not know
05:03 that the skin of his face shone while he talked with Him."
05:09 We need to recognize that
05:11 spending time with God changes us.
05:14 As Moses spent time in the mount,
05:17 as he was in the presence of God
05:20 he was-- he was changed and we are changed day by day
05:26 as we take time with God as well.
05:28 And the first lesson on receiving guidance from God
05:31 that we find from Moses on Mount Sinai
05:34 is that we need to have a place to talk with God.
05:38 Moses would go there and he would commune with God.
05:40 Now, this 40 days of fasting and communing with God
05:44 was really quite a supernatural event.
05:46 I encourage people to engage in fasting
05:50 but this was a supernatural fast.
05:53 It is not humanly possible
05:56 to go for 40 days with out food and water.
06:00 But Moses was spending time in the presence of God
06:03 and God sustained him through out this process
06:06 and there he spent time in the presence of God
06:10 worshipping, communing with God friend to friend.
06:14 So often we find the experience of Moses
06:17 described in the scriptures
06:19 and instead of God's communication with Moses
06:22 being described as prayer it simply is a conversation
06:26 that unfolds as Moses and God communicated friend to friend.
06:33 Moses is there in the mount and he experiences
06:38 what its like to commune with God.
06:40 Each of us needs to have a place
06:42 where we can come and we can meet with God,
06:45 where He can share with us His will for our lives.
06:49 Where He can encourage us and strengthen us.
06:52 Moses faced many challenges
06:54 as he led the children of Israel.
06:56 Day after day it seemed like there was a new crises.
06:58 `The people were trembling
06:59 because they didn't like the food that they had
07:02 or there wasn't enough water.
07:05 And Moses repeatedly would come back
07:08 and meet with God and receive the instruction
07:11 that God had for him.
07:13 I remember when I was in my early teens,
07:15 my grandfather was living in Boulder, Colorado
07:19 and I went and spent a summer with my grandparents
07:22 and work with my grandfather.
07:23 He was a custodian for the county courthouse.
07:26 A five story building and we'll go
07:28 in after hours in the evening and clean the courtrooms
07:31 and the offices that were there.
07:34 That left me free during the day
07:35 and I would go and they were just
07:37 across the street from church there
07:40 at the foot of the Rocky Mountains
07:42 and I would-- I would crossover and I would go
07:44 running and walking through those mountains.
07:47 I would enjoy stopping and enjoying the view
07:50 not only of the mountains but of Boulder,
07:52 down in the valley below.
07:54 And there was a place where I could spend time
07:58 communing with God, where I could pray,
08:00 where I could share my concerns where He could mold
08:03 and shape my life and my thinking.
08:06 A few years later, my later teens
08:08 I was working for Camp Mohaven in central Ohio,
08:14 and there I had a cabin full of boys to care for.
08:18 They had endless energy and it seemed like one of them
08:21 was always getting into trouble.
08:24 Each morning before they would wake up
08:26 I would get up early and just below the boys division
08:30 there was a-- a wooded area with a beautiful tree house.
08:34 And in the morning I would climb up into that tree house,
08:37 it was actually quite a large one,
08:38 large enough that-- that you could have
08:40 a whole unit of campers sleeping in there at night.
08:44 But I would climb up into that tree house
08:47 and look out through the woods
08:49 and I would see the sun burning through the--
08:51 the morning mist coming off the Mohican River
08:54 and there I would take my scriptures and I would open up
08:58 and morning after morning spend time with God
09:02 receiving the patience and wisdom
09:06 that I would need in order to be a councilor of that day.
09:09 I had a place where I could meet with God,
09:12 where He would commune with me,
09:15 where I could take time and be filled with peace
09:18 before I went into a day filled with activity.
09:23 Few years later I was working at
09:25 Big Lake Youth Camp in central Oregon.
09:27 And there-- there was a rock
09:29 that I would go to in the morning
09:31 before the business of the day
09:33 and take the Bible and spend time with God.
09:37 Today I'm not living at a youth camp
09:40 but I have a chair that I go to and I'll take time with God.
09:45 Each of us needs to have a place
09:47 where we can go and we can meet with God
09:50 as we as Moses did at Mount Sinai.
09:52 A place that's quiet, a place where we can come
09:57 and set aside the business of the day,
10:00 set aside the-- the anxious thoughts that we have
10:03 and just let God minister to our hearts,
10:07 where He can guide us
10:08 where he can send His Holy Spirit
10:10 to give us the instruction that we need
10:13 in order to follow Him for that day.
10:15 He promises that He will lead us and He will guide us
10:19 but we need to be willing to take the time
10:21 in His presence to let us do that.
10:25 As Moses spent time in the presence of God there,
10:28 now Sinai, God communicated
10:30 some important specific things to him,
10:32 to guide him in his work.
10:34 In Exodus 3:10 we find that
10:38 there is instruction that God brought to Moses.
10:42 He says, "Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh
10:47 that you may bring My people,
10:49 the children of Israel, out of Egypt."
10:53 The second lesson that we find on guidance
10:56 from Moses experience on Mount Sinai is that
10:59 as we spend time with God, He gives us a message to share.
11:03 In this case it was a message that Moses was to take
11:06 to the Pharaoh of Egypt to let his people go
11:09 so that they could worship Him,
11:11 so they could experience freedom,
11:12 so that they could receive the promise land
11:15 that God wanted to give to them.
11:19 He had a message to deliver to Pharaoh a little later on,
11:24 after the people had left Egypt.
11:27 The people were gathered with Moses there
11:30 at the base of Mount Sinai
11:31 and God gave Moses a message for all of Israel
11:36 and by extension all of us today as well.
11:38 Exodus 19:3, 4
11:41 gives us the instruction that Moses received.
11:46 "And Moses went up to God, and the Lord called to him
11:50 from the mountain, saying,
11:51 "Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob,
11:54 and tell the children of Israel
11:56 you have seen what I did to the Egyptians,
11:59 and how I bore you on eagles' wings
12:01 and brought you to Myself."
12:04 We find here that God has a message
12:07 for Moses to take to the children of Israel.
12:10 He wants to guide them,
12:11 He wants to give them the Ten Commandments,
12:14 He wants them to understand
12:16 that He has led them out of Egypt for a purpose,
12:19 He wants them to understand that He will care for them
12:21 that as they need to cross the Red Sea,
12:24 He is willing to-- to part the water for them,
12:27 as they need daily bread He will provide the manna.
12:32 God had a message for Moses to give
12:35 to the children of Israel
12:37 and each one of us has a message to give His will
12:41 and we need to be willing to-- to go out boldly
12:44 and to share the message that God has for us.
12:47 Peter Cartwright, was a 19th century
12:50 circuit riding Methodist preacher.
12:53 And he was known for being an uncompromising man
12:56 and being bold and straight forward in his preaching
12:59 and one time he was told that
13:01 President Andrew Jackson was going to be in the congregation
13:05 when he was preaching and he was encouraged
13:08 to be guarded in the message that he presented
13:11 so that it wouldn't be offensive to the president.
13:14 When Cartwright got up to preach, he said,
13:16 "I understand that Andrew Jackson is here.
13:20 I have been requested to be guarded in my remarks.
13:23 Andrew Jackson will go to hell if he doesn't repent."
13:28 The congregation just was aghast
13:30 that he would be so straight forward and blunt.
13:34 They were anxious to see the president's response
13:36 and after the service was over
13:38 President Jackson went and was shaking hands
13:41 with Peter Cartwright and he said,
13:43 "Sir, if I had a regiment of men like you,
13:46 I could whip the world."
13:48 The president wasn't offended he recognized
13:51 that it was absolutely true.
13:52 And Peter Cartwright was simply being bold
13:54 with the message that God had given to him.
13:58 You and I need to be bold
13:59 with the message that God has give to us.
14:03 We find in-- in Acts that the apostles pray for boldness
14:08 because the message that they had to give about
14:11 a risen Jesus Christ was not well received by some people.
14:17 And the message that we have about Jesus Christ
14:19 isn't always well received either
14:21 but God calls for us to be willing to speak
14:24 with great boldness to step forward.
14:26 One of my favorite illustrations of this
14:29 is the two demoniacs in Jesus ministry.
14:32 Jesus had-- had spent the night crossing
14:34 the Sea of Galilee with His disciple
14:36 and they pullover on to the shore
14:38 and as they were getting out of the boat there are two
14:41 demon possessed men that come down
14:43 and they have been terrorizing the villagers around there.
14:46 And the disciples run away
14:47 and leave Jesus to face these two praised men.
14:52 Jesus casts the evil spirits out of them.
14:55 They go into a herd of pigs in fact and drive the pigs
14:59 into their drowning in the Sea of Galilee.
15:03 Jesus, spent some time talking with those demoniacs
15:06 but rather shortly the people from the village come
15:10 and they say to Jesus we cannot deal with a prophet
15:14 that has the kind of power that you do, please leave us.
15:18 And so Jesus gives instructions to these two demoniacs.
15:21 He gives them instruction to go back and to share
15:24 what they know about Him with their family and friends.
15:31 Now, they didn't have much time to learn from Jesus.
15:35 They didn't have time to study out every thing about Jesus.
15:40 But they had a testimony what Jesus had done for them.
15:44 Jesus had set them free from the power of Satan
15:48 and they rejoiced in the freedom
15:50 that Jesus had brought to them.
15:52 And so they go back they didn't have seminary training,
15:55 they hadn't understood all of the scriptures
15:57 but they went back and shared what Jesus had done for them.
16:00 They had a message and they gave it faithfully
16:02 and we find that later on when Jesus returned
16:05 to those villagers the people openly welcomed Him
16:08 because those two demoniacs had been faithful
16:10 in sharing a witness of how Jesus had lead them.
16:16 You and I may not feel very qualified
16:19 to speak on behalf of God.
16:21 But each of us has a testimony of the peace and the assurance
16:25 and the promise that Jesus had brought to our lives.
16:28 And we can share that with other people
16:30 when other people are experiencing
16:32 devastation in their life,
16:34 when they're facing perhaps a diagnosis of cancer.
16:37 When they face the death of a loved one,
16:39 when they face the loss of a job
16:41 and the future is uncertain for them
16:43 we can share the hope and the promise
16:46 that God has given to us for the future.
16:49 Each of us has a testimony
16:50 and we can freely share that with people who are around us.
16:55 Another lesson that we find from Moses experience
16:58 there on Mount Sinai is that when we spend time with God,
17:03 He changes the course of our life,
17:05 He doesn't leave us the way that we are.
17:07 He brings change and transformation to us
17:10 and we can be thankful for that
17:12 although sometimes it brings uncertainty
17:15 and a feeling of being unsettled as well.
17:18 Moses was changed instead of being a--
17:21 a humble shepherd who year after year
17:24 would care for his father in law's flocks
17:27 he was called to be a great statesmen recognized
17:30 down through the centuries as being a great law giver.
17:35 We find that Moses was also transformed
17:37 from taking care of sheep
17:39 to taking care of a huge group of people.
17:44 He was to be the one that would organize them,
17:46 that would lead them on behalf of God
17:49 and his life was changed.
17:52 Moses went from relative obscurity,
17:55 there in the Sinai peninsula
17:57 to becoming a great historical figure.
18:01 Moses went from being inarticulate,
18:05 lack in confidence
18:06 in being willing to speak before Pharaoh.
18:08 To becoming someone who could speak
18:10 not only before a great monarch
18:12 but before millions of people as well.
18:16 We are often fearful of the changes
18:18 that God wants to bring to our lives.
18:21 We often times wonder what--
18:22 what will God call us to do differently
18:26 and it brings them out about a certain amount of uncertainty
18:30 but God says that He will be with us
18:32 and He wants to change us in a way
18:34 that not only is helpful and beneficial for us
18:37 but as a blessing to other people
18:39 and gives glory to God.
18:41 He calls for us to be willing to accept
18:43 His guidance in our lives.
18:48 A 350-- 350 years ago, there was a shipload of travelers
18:53 that landed on the northeast coast of America.
18:57 These were brave people willing to crossover the ocean.
19:00 In the first year they-- they established their homes
19:04 and settled into a town together.
19:07 The next year they decided they would--
19:09 they would organize a town government
19:11 and so they elected leaders that could-- that could help
19:14 take care of the social needs that they had.
19:18 The third year that town government decided that
19:21 they needed to built a road
19:24 five miles westward into the wilderness.
19:27 But the next year
19:28 the people tried to impeach their town government.
19:31 They said why in the world do we need a road
19:34 that goes five miles west into the wilderness?
19:37 A few years, before they had been willing to go
19:39 thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean
19:42 willing to face all the uncertainties
19:44 of a trance Atlantic ship trip and now, they were at a point
19:51 where they weren't willing to go few miles into the woods.
19:54 They had so settled into their own homes into their community.
19:58 And sometimes we can become so settled into our plans,
20:02 so settled in to our routines of life
20:05 that we are not so sure of we want God
20:07 to bring the change to us.
20:09 We are not sure if we are willing
20:11 to allow God to guide us
20:13 into the next chapter of our lives
20:15 and we want to be reserved and holdback
20:19 but God has a purpose and a plan
20:22 and He says that He will guide us.
20:25 One of the ways that He does that the most concrete way
20:28 that He does that is through His word.
20:31 And with Moses He gave the Ten Commandments
20:35 that Moses was to share with the children of Israel.
20:37 He was to record them so that down through the ages
20:40 we would continue to have
20:42 God's instructing guidance for our lives as well.
20:46 And some how in our culture today we look at the laws
20:50 being something restrictive and something to be feared
20:52 because it doesn't allow us to do what we choose to do
20:55 but the scriptures have a completely different
20:57 perspective of the law, it's a very positive one.
21:01 In Psalm 119:33 and onward
21:04 we find this description of the law.
21:07 "Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes,
21:10 And I shall keep it to the end.
21:12 Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law.
21:14 Indeed, I shall observe it with my whole heart.
21:18 Make me walk in the path of Your commandments,
21:20 for I delight in it."
21:23 God has the commandments that He has given
21:27 that are to be a delight, a joy in our life.
21:30 It says, we follow them that we find great fulfillment
21:33 that we find ourselves
21:34 having positive relationships with other people.
21:37 It's in following His law that we experience
21:42 the greatest blessing in our life.
21:44 And so He calls us to follow His laws and His instructions.
21:49 Unfortunately we often times come up with our own laws
21:53 that run counter to Gods.
21:55 We have our own will and we have life commandments
21:58 that we have accepted from other people
22:00 and usually these are negative messages
22:02 about the things that we can't do
22:04 and we come to believe that,
22:06 that we have to go into a certain occupation
22:09 or we believe that we can't do anything
22:11 or that we are not worth anything.
22:13 And yet in God's word He assures us
22:16 that He values us greatly.
22:18 He assures us that He has a plan
22:21 and purpose for our live.
22:25 Robert Fulghum is a creator, writer
22:28 and he has written a book entitled
22:29 "All I Ever Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten."
22:32 And while it seems a little bit simplistic
22:35 it shares some good wisdom for us.
22:38 "Most of what I really needed to know about how to live
22:41 and what to do and how to be I learned in Kindergarten.
22:45 Wisdom was not on top of the graduate mountain,
22:47 but there on the sand box at the nursery school.
22:50 These are the things, I learned share everything.
22:54 Play fair. Don't hit people.
22:57 Put back things where you found them.
22:59 Clean up your own mess.
23:01 Don't take things that aren't yours.
23:04 Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
23:06 Wash your hands before you eat.
23:07 Flush.
23:09 Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
23:11 Live a balanced life, learn some and think some
23:13 and draw and paint and sing and dance
23:15 and play and work every day some.
23:17 Take a nap every afternoon.
23:19 When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic,
23:22 hold hands, and stick together.
23:23 Be aware of wonder.
23:24 Remember the little seed in the plastic cup.
23:27 The roots go down and the plant goes up
23:29 and nobody really knows why or how,
23:32 but we are all like that.
23:34 Goldfish and hamsters and white mice
23:36 and even the little seed in the plastic cup
23:38 they all die so do we.
23:41 And then remember the book about Dick-and-Jane
23:43 and the first word you learned, the biggest word of all, Look.
23:47 Everything you need to know is in there somewhere.
23:49 The Golden Rule and love and basic sanitation,
23:52 ecology and politics and sane living.
23:56 Think what a better world it would be if all,
23:59 the whole world had cookies and milk
24:01 about three o'clock every afternoon
24:03 and then lay down with our blankets for a nap.
24:06 Or if had a basic policy in our nation or other nations
24:09 to always put things back where we found them
24:11 and clean up our own mess.
24:13 And it is still true, no matter how old you are
24:17 when you go out into the world,
24:18 it is best to hold hands and stick together.
24:24 God's commandments are not complicated,
24:28 they are simple instructions
24:30 for how we can live our life day by day
24:32 and experience the fullness and the completeness
24:35 that God has in store for us.
24:38 He wants to guide us,
24:40 He wants us to experience a full and complete life.
24:45 The lesson of Moses on Mount Sinai
24:50 gives us some great wisdom
24:52 that we can use in our lives every day.
24:55 First of all what is God saying to you?
24:59 Are you taking time everyday to spend in God's presence
25:04 to allow Him to speak to you?
25:06 Are you willing to listen
25:08 as He gives you guidance and instruction?
25:11 What are the commandments that God has for you certainly
25:14 there's a Ten Commandments that apply to us all
25:17 but often times there are specific question,
25:20 specific challenges that we face in life
25:22 and God has instruction in His word
25:24 that will help us to make wise decision.
25:29 What is the message that God is giving you to share?
25:32 Who was it that God is calling you to share with?
25:35 Who was around you in your home
25:38 where you work in your neighborhood
25:40 that God wants you to share the good news
25:42 of who He is and what His plan is?
25:47 Another lesson is that God wants to change
25:51 the course of your life.
25:54 He has a plan for you and He will lead you day by day
25:58 change by change giving you courage,
26:01 giving you strength in order to do it.
26:03 We need to have the wisdom to be willing to follow.
26:08 A school teacher once lost her life savings
26:11 in a bad business scheme
26:13 that had been explained to her by a swindler
26:15 and she had bought into it and decided to invest
26:18 and after everything
26:19 that she had spent her life working for was gone.
26:22 She finally went to the better business bureau
26:25 and she explained what it happened
26:28 and what she had lost.
26:29 And they said, why on earth did you come to us earlier?
26:32 You could have checked with us
26:34 the references on this businesses man.
26:37 Didn't you know about the better business bureau?
26:40 And this woman responded, oh, yes, she said,
26:43 I have known about you all my life
26:45 but I didn't come to you because I was afraid
26:48 you would tell me not to invest.
26:52 A foolish decision unwilling to hear the instruction
26:58 that could have saved her so much heartache.
27:01 And so often we approach God in the same way.
27:04 Unwilling to ask for His guidance
27:06 concern that He'll lead us in a way
27:10 that is unknown and yet God is our Creator,
27:14 He is our Savior and He is our soon coming King.
27:17 He knows every day of our lives,
27:19 He knows every event that will happen in the future.
27:22 And so when we come to Him for guidance,
27:25 He will take us and lead us in the way
27:28 that we would choose to go
27:29 if we knew the end from the beginning.
27:32 God wants to guide us just as He did with Moses.
27:36 And I encourage you to take time each day in His presence,
27:39 to seek the ways that God is wanting
27:42 to change the direction of your life,
27:44 to share the good news of who He is
27:47 and what He has with others around you
27:50 and experience the joy of knowing
27:52 that God is leading you everyday.


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