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00:30 Hello, and welcome again to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I'm Ronny Shelton, and I hope that you've got your swords
00:36 with you today because we fight not against flesh and blood.
00:40 We fight a spiritual battle, and we have to have
00:42 a spiritual weapon.
00:45 Turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew 24.
00:49 In Matthew chapter 24 we find that Jesus is telling His
00:53 disciples that the end of the age is near, and He begins to
00:56 give us signs of His coming.
00:58 He doesn't want us to be surprised, you see.
01:01 He wants us to know ahead of time.
01:03 He talks about it as a fig tree produces buds,
01:11 and we know that summer is near.
01:14 He says, so can you know that the end of time is near.
01:17 So if you will, go with me to Matthew chapter 24,
01:20 and starting in verse 1.
01:34 As I think about that, a number of years ago I was privileged
01:37 to go over to Jerusalem and see the temple that's there now.
01:41 I can imagine in Jesus' day going out on an early spring
01:47 morning and seeing the sun glistening off of the
01:51 granite stone.
01:52 It's wet with dew.
01:53 I can imagine how beautiful this must have been.
01:55 The disciples thought, you know, let's show this to Jesus.
01:59 So they took Jesus out and said, Lord, look at this building.
02:02 Isn't this magnificent?
02:03 Isn't this a wonderful, wonderful tribute to God?
02:07 Jesus said something in verse 2.
02:09 I'm sure they were so surprised.
02:23 I can imagine the disciples, their faces just dropping.
02:26 They couldn't believe what He'd just said.
02:28 Nothing short of the end of the world could make this happen.
02:32 So they were so surprised!
02:35 I mean, imagine the magnitude of this thing!
02:37 It's going to be torn down?
02:38 I want to say that when the Babylonians Armies came
02:46 in A.D. 70 that the buildings were set afire, and the gold
02:53 the silver ornaments were melted and ran down
02:55 in the cracks of the rocks.
02:56 I can imagine how many people must have been out there with
02:59 crowbars, and sticks, and all, prying the stones apart.
03:02 If that weren't enough, Ellen White tells us in Manuscript 35,
03:06 in 1906, that angels from God were dispensed to that site
03:12 to make sure that no stone would be left upon another.
03:17 So the angels themselves helped turn over the stones.
03:20 Let's read on now in verse 3.
03:43 You see, Jesus here is going to give some signs that they be not
03:47 taken unawares.
03:48 He doesn't want us to be surprised.
03:51 He doesn't want us to be under sneak attack from the enemy.
03:55 So he begins to lay out what the signs are of the end of the age,
03:59 you know, the end of the world.
04:00 So Jesus said in verse 4, Jesus answered and said unto them
04:06 Take heed that no man deceive you, for verse 5 says,
04:10 for many shall come in My name.
04:17 And shall deceive many!
04:20 You see, there's going to be many, many people that are
04:23 surprised because they're not reading the signs.
04:25 We go on and on in our daily life, in a daily
04:28 hum drum of our life.
04:29 Just the old rut of getting up and going to work, and coming
04:33 home, and watching some TV or whatever, and then going
04:36 to bed, and in the morning it starts all over again.
04:39 We begin to not smell the roses along the way.
04:42 We begin to not look up anymore and look at the signs.
04:46 Jesus says, I want to tell you in advance of what's
04:50 coming ahead.
04:51 In verse 5 He had said, There shall be many false Christ's.
04:58 Having been in Africa some months ago, while we were there
05:02 we learned that there had been three men claiming to be Christ.
05:05 Christ, meaning the Anointed One.
05:08 Jesus is His name, Christ is His title.
05:11 He is the Anointed One.
05:12 There have been three men in Africa who claimed to be Christ.
05:16 Each said they had risen from the dead, and each had
05:20 twelve apostles.
05:22 Many, many were fooled.
05:24 Many were tricked into thinking this was the Messiah.
05:27 We must know our Bibles.
05:29 Again, Jim Jones in Guyana, if you remember that
05:33 a few years ago.
05:35 Jim Jones said, I am Christ, and 900 people lost their lives.
05:39 900 people followed him, drinking poison, and committing
05:43 suicide at his direction because he said that he was Christ.
05:47 Now I can bring it a little closer to home for you, maybe.
05:52 There was a man just a few years ago in Waco, Texas, by the name
05:55 of David Koresh.
05:56 David Koresh said, I am Christ, and look at how many people
06:02 lost their lives following a man, you see.
06:04 There have been so many others!
06:06 The Haley's Comet people, and so many different groups
06:09 following a man, and it has eventually led to their death.
06:13 If only people knew their Bible better.
06:16 Christ's feet will not touch the ground!
06:19 Let's look at that text in 1 Thessalonians 4:17.
06:23 And there it says:
06:36 You see, we're going to be caught up
06:38 to meet Him in the air.
06:39 His feet will not touch the ground.
06:42 If people only knew their Bibles they could not be fooled by
06:45 anyone claiming to be Christ.
06:46 His feet will not touch the ground.
06:49 We which are alive and remain will be caught up to meet him
06:52 in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
06:57 Praise God!
06:58 Back to our text in verse 7.
07:12 Have you heard of any wars lately?
07:14 It seems you can't watch any sort of a newscast, or read a
07:19 newspaper without hearing about wars somewhere on the face
07:22 of this planet.
07:23 World War I was estimated to have had 20 million deaths.
07:30 Then just a few years later World War II came along.
07:33 If you remember brethren, that was the war
07:36 that was supposed to end all wars.
07:37 There would be no more after World War II.
07:39 The war that ended all wars!
07:41 Some 50 million people lost their lives.
07:44 50 million it's estimated; not all just guns, and knives,
07:48 and bullets, but so many people were displaced, were driven from
07:51 their homes, into the rocks, and into the mountains.
07:53 They died of starvation.
07:55 They died of freezing to death.
07:57 Displaced from their homes.
07:59 There's never been a time on planet Earth when more land
08:03 devastation has taken place as there was in World War II.
08:08 More land was destroyed in World War II than any other time.
08:12 So the World War II that ended all wars, didn't end the wars.
08:16 It was just a few years later and the Korean War came long.
08:20 After that the Vietnam War, and we know about the Gulf War,
08:24 Bosnia, and Kosovo, and on and on and finally to this day,
08:29 Iraq and the United States, where men and women are giving
08:34 their lives, and taking lives.
08:36 You see, Jesus said that in the last days there would be wars
08:41 and rumors of wars.
08:42 This has all happened.
08:43 I hope that you can see that; that you can agree with
08:44 me on that.
08:46 Jesus goes on and He said that there would be famines.
08:48 According to UN environmental studies 3 billion acres of
08:54 productive land have been destroyed since 1955.
08:57 You talk about famines!
08:59 Urbanization is just eating up our farmland, besides all of the
09:04 bugs and the pesticides that we use on our plants.
09:06 Jesus said there would be famines, and we know of famines
09:08 all over across the world.
09:10 We know there are well known countries famous for famines
09:12 such as Ethiopia, some African countries,
09:16 and some of the countries in India.
09:18 There is also some starvation in our area as well.
09:22 Statistics say that 57 million people die each year.
09:26 Of that 57 million people, 60% are malnourished,
09:32 20% are starving.
09:35 Jesus said that this would be a sign of the end.
09:38 I hope you can agree that that has happened.
09:41 Also in verse 7 Jesus said there would be pestilences.
09:46 Pestilence in the original language could be translated
09:49 to disease.
09:50 After traveling abroad I found out that in Africa Aids is the
09:56 number one killer.
09:57 Aids is killing people over there, and in India,
10:00 and some of the third world countries, as well as Europe
10:03 and the United States.
10:04 People are dying of Aids, and we can't find a cure for it.
10:06 Malaria is number 2.
10:11 The number 2 killer in Africa is malaria.
10:14 More recently SARS has come on the scene; West Nile.
10:20 Traveling through the port Hong Kong, we saw people
10:26 wearing masks over their faces that go through the airport.
10:29 They didn't want to breathe the air that was in the airports.
10:31 As we came down the tarmac from the plane, somebody had a
10:36 temperature probe and they would point it between our eyes.
10:38 They'd point it to everybody as they came along,
10:40 checking temperatures; looking for people that were infected
10:42 with the fever, so that they could quarantine them.
10:46 Jesus said that there would be diseases.
10:50 We have diseases now like we've never had before on this planet;
10:54 diseases without cures.
10:56 Then also in verse 7 Jesus said that there would be earthquakes
11:01 in many places.
11:03 Earthquakes in many places!
11:05 Most of us don't realize that there are some
11:07 6,000 earthquakes every year.
11:09 In the last 90 years there have been approximately 2 million
11:14 deaths due to earthquakes.
11:17 On December 26, 2003 in Bam, Iran had a big earthquake
11:24 and 41,000 people lost their lives.
11:29 They lost their lives due to an earthquake that was so big that
11:36 41,000 people are missing.
11:38 We thought that was big!
11:41 Then exactly one year to the day, December 26, 2004,
11:46 a 9.0 devastating earthquake just rocked our world.
11:51 The power of that quake is said to have speeded up the rotation
11:55 of this planet for a split second, slightly knocking it
12:00 off of its axis.
12:01 The total devastation is untold at this time.
12:05 The last I heard, some 200 thousand people have died.
12:09 Another sign that we are living in the end of the world!
12:13 Jesus told us in another place, in Luke 21, that there would be
12:18 signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars, and the sea,
12:21 the wind, and the waves roaring.
12:24 We certainly have seen the waves roaring recently in the Tsunami.
12:29 Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, the moon,
12:34 and in the stars.
12:35 Maybe you've heard of it, and maybe you haven't;
12:37 but May 19, 1780, the dark day in New England.
12:41 In New England they said that at about noon a mist came up
12:45 and it got darker, and darker, and covered 7 or 8 states
12:48 up in the New England area.
12:50 It stayed dark for twelve hours.
12:53 It was so dark that the roosters and the hens, and the animals,
12:57 all stockyard animals began to go to the barn, and the birds
13:01 went to their nests thinking it was dark; thinking it
13:04 was bed time.
13:05 They said you could hold up a white sheet of paper
13:07 and you couldn't see it in front of your face at high noon.
13:10 They were to have a full moon that night.
13:14 The moon didn't come up when it was supposed to.
13:17 It was delayed some three hours.
13:19 When it did finally come up it was blood red.
13:22 That's a phenomena that hasn't been explained yet by science.
13:28 They still do not know why.
13:31 They don't know why it got dark that day.
13:34 They don't know why the moon came up blood red.
13:37 It's all in history.
13:38 You can check it out.
13:39 They haven't explained it yet!
13:41 Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, the moon,
13:46 and the stars.
13:47 It reminds me of the meteor shower of 1833 when they said
13:51 there were so many meteors streaked across the sky,
13:53 and fell out of the sky, it looked like it was snowing
13:56 there were so many.
13:57 They'd never seen another sight like this; such a meteor shower,
14:03 to such great extent; covering such a large territory.
14:07 It's not been explained.
14:10 Let's go back to our text in verse 8.
14:35 Are we seeing that happen today, brother and sisters?
14:38 I know that we are.
14:40 We are seeing that all across the country where brethren
14:43 are fighting against brothers; country against country;
14:47 family against family.
14:50 We're seeing that the love of many is growing cold,
14:53 brothers and sisters.
14:54 Jesus said there will be these kind of times;
14:58 these kind of times ahead.
15:00 They shall deliver you up, He says, to be afflicted,
15:04 and they shall kill you.
15:05 We don't have to look very far back into history to find out
15:09 about so many places where people have given their lives
15:12 for the cause of God.
15:13 Deny God or die; and so many have died.
15:17 They were betrayed by their own family members.
15:23 Jesus said you shall be hated among the nations
15:27 for My names sake.
15:28 You see, we've had all of that happen.
15:30 We've seen all of that.
15:32 Jesus then goes on in verse 10, And many shall be offended,
15:37 and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
15:39 In verse 11 He continues:
15:48 Again we don't have to look very far for false prophets.
15:52 We don't have to look very far at all with the psychics
15:55 newspaper items; the columns by the psychics,
15:59 the 900 phone lines where you can call in and get your reading
16:03 for the day.
16:04 Jesus said there would be many false prophets in the last days.
16:10 We don't have to look very far to see these.
16:12 They've always been, by the way, they're not just new.
16:15 They're really surfacing now.
16:17 The internet is full of them.
16:20 After 9/11 of 2001, the most searched name on the internet
16:27 was Nostradamus.
16:29 Nostradamus, the psychic who made many predictions.
16:33 His name came up to be the most searched name on the internet
16:37 of anything on there.
16:39 People were running to the psychics to find out,
16:41 What's going on?
16:42 If we would only study our Bibles.
16:45 If we would study this chapter: Matthew 24, where Jesus is
16:48 laying out the signs before the end.
16:52 Another Psychic that comes to mind a few years ago was
16:57 Shirley MacLaine.
16:58 Shirley MacLaine wrote several books on her psychic
17:02 experiences, and in one of those books she claims to have lived
17:06 as a peg legged pirate.
17:07 Yes, a peg legged pirate!
17:10 She said she lived as an Indian princess.
17:12 She was a man from Atlantis.
17:15 She was the lover of Emperor Charlemagne.
17:20 You see, we can have a whole list of false prophets;
17:24 of psychics.
17:25 Jesus said this will be a sign of the end; that we are running
17:29 out of time.
17:30 Now I want to bring up just one more to you,
17:36 and her name is Jeanne Dixon.
17:38 Jeanne Dixon said that she was a prophet of God, and that she was
17:44 a medium to work toward God just as Moses and Elijah,
17:47 and some of the main prophets of God.
17:49 Jeanne Dixon said she was doing the work of God,
17:51 and she was a prophetess.
17:53 Yet she predicted that the President would die in office.
17:59 Everybody said, oh yeah, yeah, she predicted that John Kennedy
18:02 would be killed in office.
18:04 But if we look at that closer we'll find that she didn't even
18:09 predict that Kennedy would be elected.
18:10 She said he would lose the election, and yet she's
18:15 accredited as having said President Kennedy would
18:18 die in office.
18:19 If we looked closer we'd find out she didn't even think he was
18:21 going to be in office.
18:22 She was one of several psychics who helped set up President
18:27 Reagan's morning schedule.
18:29 Did you know that?
18:30 The Reagan's consulted the psychics every day
18:32 for their schedule.
18:33 Before they left the house they wanted to hear from the psychic.
18:36 She was one of those.
18:38 The National Enquirer says that Jeanne Dixon was rated as
18:44 30% accurate, and they're happy about that.
18:47 Can you believe that?
18:48 They were happy that she was 30% accurate.
18:51 Yet she claimed to be working the work of God?
18:56 You see, brothers and sisters, a true prophet of God will be
18:59 100% correct.
19:01 If God is inspiring the prophets they're going to be right on
19:05 target every time, not 30% of the time.
19:07 There was a book written by Ruth Montgomery.
19:11 She wrote the book of the story of Jeanne Dixon.
19:15 In this book she calls Jeanne Dixon "the gift of prophecy".
19:21 Does that sound kind of far out to you?
19:25 "The gift of prophecy" applied to Jeanne Dixon when she was
19:28 only 30% correct?
19:30 Jesus said, brothers and sisters, there would be many
19:33 false prophets, and we're seeing them all over.
19:37 Let's go back to our text in verse 12.
19:49 The love of many will wax cold.
19:53 You see, brothers and sisters, we live in a society now
19:57 where the love of many is so cold; stone cold.
20:01 We are a society who kill our own children, born and unborn.
20:06 A society where we abuse our elderly.
20:09 Where we maim, murder, rape, ravage, and plunder
20:13 our neighbor.
20:14 A society where a woman in the news just a couple of weeks ago
20:19 strangled another pregnant woman, and cut her open and
20:22 removed her baby, and claimed it as her own.
20:24 The love of many shall wax cold!
20:26 I just returned from a campaign in Oklahoma a few days ago.
20:33 It was on the news out there that a teenage girl in high
20:36 school had gone, left the school, and went into the woods
20:40 in the back, and gave birth to a baby.
20:42 She left it in the woods and went right back to class
20:46 as though nothing happened.
20:47 Jesus says that the love of people will grow cold,
20:53 and it has.
20:55 We live in that time, in that age now.
20:57 I hope you will agree with me.
20:59 Jesus predicted, and He was right on target again.
21:02 Then Jesus gives us a bit of encouragement.
21:10 He says, But he that endures until the end,
21:12 the same shall be saved.
21:14 Amen?
21:15 He that endures until the end!
21:17 We can't give up on God.
21:20 We can't give up.
21:21 We can't turn away.
21:22 We can't walk away from Him.
21:23 Where would we go?
21:24 Jesus asked the disciples and they said, Where would we
21:28 go Lord, you have the words of eternal life.
21:30 Where would we go?
21:32 To whom?
21:33 There's no place!
21:35 You see, brothers and sisters, Jesus makes one more prediction.
21:39 All of these others have come to pass in Matthew 24.
21:43 We've seen that.
21:44 All of them have come to pass, but there's one yet
21:46 that still remains.
21:47 That's in verse 14.
22:02 You see, this gospel of the kingdom, this gospel of Jesus
22:06 Christ and in His word right here.
22:08 This gospel must be preached in to the entire world as a witness
22:13 unto Him, and then the end shall come.
22:16 You see, we're not everywhere.
22:18 Everywhere in this world the gospel has not been preached,
22:20 but are working towards that.
22:24 The Adventist denomination was raised up in the 1800's
22:31 to spread this gospel; to get this gospel
22:35 into all of the world,
22:38 You see, the Adventist denomination was not brought up
22:41 to be a sitting church.
22:43 God didn't call us out of the world to sit in our pews
22:46 day by day.
22:48 He brought us out of the world into this faith to be
22:53 a movement.
22:54 The Adventist church is a moving church, one that's on the move,
22:58 and doing God's will, and spreading the gospel
23:01 into all of the world.
23:02 When this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all of the
23:08 world, for a witness unto all nations,
23:11 then the end shall come.
23:14 You see, I praise God that 3ABN is out there.
23:17 3ABN is around this world on seven satellites;
23:20 on every continent of this world.
23:22 Yet there are still some areas that haven't been reached,
23:26 because there are areas in the third world that have
23:29 no electricity.
23:30 They have no satellite reception.
23:32 They say they have no televisions.
23:35 Where that signal stops little foot soldiers like you and I
23:40 are going to have to take that message on out there.
23:42 The message of this kingdom has to be preached unto all of
23:47 the world, to every nation, and give those people a chance
23:51 to make a decision for God.
23:53 Amen?
23:54 When this gospel is preached, He said,
23:57 then the end shall come.
23:59 Until that time, He said, I want you to beware.
24:03 I want you to be on guard, and I'm giving you the signs
24:07 of the end.
24:08 You will know when the time is close.
24:11 Just as the fig tree starts putting on buds, and the flower
24:16 begins to shoot forth, He says, know that summer is nigh.
24:21 When He gives us these signs we can know, too,
24:24 that the end is near.
24:27 We don't have to be surprised.
24:29 But we will not know, brothers and sisters, if we don't study
24:32 the word of God.
24:34 If we don't realize that Jesus' feet will not touch the ground,
24:37 we can be deceived by one of those false Christ's.
24:41 One of those persons saying, I am Christ, can deceive many.
24:45 You see, the deceptions will be so strong in the end.
24:48 Jesus talks about them; that fire may come down from heaven;
24:52 that the Devil would work in lying wonders.
24:55 He would be showing signs that you would say that must surely
24:59 be God.
25:00 No, test it according to the word.
25:04 Isaiah 8:20, If they speak not according to this word,
25:07 it is because there is no light in them.
25:09 This word, you see.
25:12 So there will be many signs of lying wonders, lying healings,
25:17 lying prophecies, lying prophets trying to lead
25:22 God's elect away.
25:23 We must study this word, brothers and sisters.
25:26 We will be fooled if we do not.
25:31 It's just about over.
25:34 Time is running out quickly.
25:37 Jesus is coming soon!
25:39 Amen?
25:41 Jesus is coming soon, and we need to get ready,
25:45 and get our people ready.
25:47 We need to get out there and spread the gospel.
25:50 And, you know, it's so easy to say, well,
25:52 you know, I can't do that.
25:53 I can't be a part of spreading the gospel.
25:55 I can't go to Africa!
25:56 I can't go to India!
25:57 I can't go to Russia!
25:59 No, maybe you can't.
26:02 But you can help support someone who is.
26:05 You can help a person's ministry who is doing that very work,
26:09 the work of spreading the gospel.
26:12 You can support someone if you can't do it yourself.
26:15 Then I would bring that a little closer to home.
26:18 Maybe you are not physically able to go to another country,
26:23 but you have a mission field to work, because everybody in the
26:27 United States is not saved.
26:29 Everybody in this country is not headed for the kingdom.
26:34 Your mission field may be in your neighborhood.
26:37 It may be in your family.
26:42 It may be your spouse: your husband or wife.
26:45 It may be your children.
26:47 Your mission may be your parents, your neighbor,
26:52 those living right next to you.
26:55 You see, we all have a circle of environment that we operate
26:58 in every day.
26:59 We'll go to the grocery store.
27:02 We'll go get gas.
27:03 We'll go to the bank.
27:05 We'll go visit our neighbors.
27:07 We must tell them that Jesus is soon to come so this work can be
27:13 wrapped up, and we can be ready to meet Jesus when He comes.
27:17 When this gospel is preached unto all of the world for a
27:21 witness to all nations then shall the end come.
27:25 Praise God!
27:26 I'm looking forward to that today, and I know you are too.
27:30 Heavenly Father, we ask again Your special blessing upon each
27:34 ear that has heard this message today, Father.
27:36 We ask Your blessing.
27:38 Go with us now.
27:39 Give us strength to follow You fully and completely, Lord,
27:42 and to go where You lead.
27:44 Help us to be willing, Father.
27:46 In Jesus name, Amen.
27:48 Again, thank you so much for being with us today in
27:53 Faith Chapel, and may God bless each one of you.


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