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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is Thomas Gill and I come from India.
00:37 This program is designed to especially enrich you
00:40 and give you the power of God's word, so that you'll be
00:43 strengthened so mightily, that God can move you
00:47 in the areas in which you've never moved.
00:49 The message which I'm going to share with you
00:51 from the word of God, the title is
00:54 "Can someone tell me when Jesus is coming?"
00:57 Before we listen to the message let's have a word of prayer.
01:02 Heavenly Father, we want to thank You for Jesus,
01:04 who had promised so many years back that He's going to return.
01:09 And we wait for Your soon return and as my brothers
01:12 and sisters are watching this program, I just pray
01:14 that your spirit will enrich then mightily,
01:17 so they will hang on to Jesus Christ
01:19 and they will meet Him in the clouds.
01:22 In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
01:26 If you have your Bibles, you can turn with me
01:28 to the scripture from 2 Peter 3:3,4.
01:40 It says: [text on screen]
01:56 There are people, those who ask this question
01:59 in my ministry when I meet them:
02:01 "Pastor, can you tell me when is Jesus coming?"
02:04 There are people, those who go through the scripture
02:07 and try to find out when is Jesus coming.
02:10 Now, I would like to put this question to Lord Jesus Himself,
02:15 who said 2,000 years back "I'm going to come very soon. "
02:20 Now very soon doesn't mean 2,000 years because people
02:23 can't understand that the Lord said He is coming soon
02:26 and it is almost 2,000 years now.
02:28 Many people have lost their faith in Jesus,
02:31 just because He had not come.
02:33 D. L. Moody, one of the preachers who was preaching
02:35 in America, he read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
02:39 and you know what? He found out for his interest
02:44 that there are 2,500 mentions that Jesus is coming back
02:51 to this world.
02:52 Now, when the Bible says 2,500 times that Jesus is coming,
02:55 it means it is very important to understand the subject:
02:59 "When is Jesus coming?"
03:01 So, let's read from the Bible. Jesus Himself spoke like this,
03:05 John 14, the very profound and very power words
03:08 of Jesus Himself when He was on this Earth.
03:11 When Jesus was talking to people,
03:13 John 14:1-3, He said this: [text on screen]
03:41 The Bible mentions that Jesus is coming very soon,
03:44 and this is the hope of people in the past and all the ages
03:49 which are going to come.
03:50 Every believer of the Lord, Jesus Christ, is supposed
03:54 to believe that He's going to come.
03:56 Now, why am I saying "supposed to believe"?
03:58 Because the Bible simply says so.
04:00 Now do we have any account from the Bible that it's going
04:05 to be fulfilled? I would say "yes".
04:07 We are going to learn today how we can trust
04:10 in these last hours, that Jesus is going to return very soon.
04:15 Charles Wesley was one of the founders
04:18 of the Methodist church.
04:19 In his life he wrote around 7,000 songs.
04:22 Now I do sing, I play music and I have
04:25 some classical instruments, some classical understanding
04:29 of Hindustani music and I have learned it,
04:34 but I have not sang 700 songs in my life,
04:39 or written 700 songs.
04:41 My wife is a writer too, she writes Christian hymns,
04:44 she writes Christian songs, and I do sing her songs,
04:48 but he wrote 7,000 songs, Charles Wesley that is.
04:52 But of the 5,000 songs that he wrote, he wrote on the soon
04:56 return of Jesus Christ.
04:58 This passion was there in his life, so that he could not have
05:02 any other subject in his heart and mind, but to sing
05:06 that his Lord is going to come soon,
05:09 and that's what he was singing about.
05:11 If you will go to the epistles of Paul, there are
05:13 around 13 epistles, or letters, which Paul had written
05:17 in the Bible, in the New Testament.
05:20 I studied them more than 25 times, or even more,
05:24 but I found out that almost 10 books which Paul has written
05:29 in the Bible, out of the 13, he didn't forget to mention
05:34 that Jesus will return one day.
05:37 Now, if we go to certain scriptures in the Bible,
05:41 they will tell us that Jesus is going to return.
05:44 Let me share one scripture with you in the last book
05:47 of the Bible, Revelation 1:7.
05:51 John explains it like this: when he was with Jesus
05:57 working for 3 and a half years and he carried the gospel
06:00 around the world after Jesus had gone to heaven,
06:04 and he mentions in Revelat. 1:7 [text on screen]
06:23 Now, the Bible says that Jesus is going to return.
06:27 John is saying: "Behold, He comes in the clouds of heaven. "
06:30 If we go to the book of Acts, it mentions that Jesus was taken
06:34 up in the clouds. As He went so He is going to come.
06:39 This is such wonderful thing to understand and to see
06:43 what God wants us to understand today.
06:46 Jesus is going to return and all things are possible with God.
06:51 The Bible says "Heaven and Earth shall pass, but my word"
06:55 "shall never pass". We need to hang on
06:57 to the words of God.
06:59 Some people can't really hang on to the word of God.
07:02 They say: "What more proof can we have, so we can trust"
07:06 "that Jesus is really going to come?"
07:08 I would like to share some things with you
07:10 which will give you an understanding,
07:12 but before that, I would like to share one verse with you
07:15 from the book of Titus 2:13.
07:19 The book of Titus is a very tiny little book from the Bible.
07:23 It says in the book of Titus 2:13: [text on screen]
07:35 What blessed hope? The soon return of Jesus.
07:43 The Bible says and talks to us, that you need to look
07:47 at the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ
07:50 because that is the blessed hope.
07:52 If you are looking for His coming, you have a hope,
07:57 which is so blessed, which nobody can take away.
08:00 I was sharing with you how we can be sure
08:04 that Jesus is going to come. Well, there is a good answer
08:09 which I found in the Bible.
08:13 If you area believer of Jesus, and I want you to believe
08:16 in Jesus because there is no other way, there is no other
08:19 savior, there is no other God apart from Jesus Christ,
08:23 but in case you are not a believer,
08:25 let me share with you this: as I read my Bible, you understand
08:31 that there is a person in history called Jesus Christ.
08:35 Now, I have never seen Mahatma Buddha, but I know,
08:38 because history tells me that there was somebody
08:41 called Mahatma Buddha.
08:42 Like for example, there is a tiny little group called Sikhs.
08:46 Now, the Sikh religion is very prominent in Punjab.
08:50 65% or 70% of people living in Punjab are Sikhs
08:57 Punjab is a state in North India, however, if I say
09:01 that there was no Guru Nanak, because they had 10 Guru's
09:04 and the first Guru was Guru Nanak Dev, I would be
09:08 the biggest fool, living on the face of the Earth
09:11 because he lived almost 300-400 years back.
09:15 That man was alive on this Earth.
09:17 If I say, or you say, there is no Jesus Christ, we become
09:21 fools, not because of the Bible, but because there was
09:26 a man in history, his name was Jesus Christ, and the Bible
09:30 gives us so much account of the Lord, which no other book
09:33 can give, so I would like to ask you to understand
09:37 the scripture very well, because it tells us this:
09:42 the Bible says that there are around 1,500 prophecies
09:45 which were given concerning the birth of Jesus.
09:49 Jesus came around 2,000 years back, it's almost 2,000 years
09:53 that Jesus has come into this world.
09:55 There was a prophecy, there were several actually,
09:58 but all together there were around 1,500 prophecies
10:02 made about Jesus Christ, which were fulfilled by Jesus Christ,
10:06 and which fits only to this man, only to this personality
10:11 from history, who died on the cross and rose from the grave.
10:16 Now, 1,500 prophecies in the Bible, just for 1 person
10:22 in the entire Old Testament, 39 books, that's so amazing.
10:26 How much more amazing can it be, just regarding
10:30 that Jesus was a real person and all those prophecies
10:33 were fulfilled when he was born, when he was preaching,
10:37 when he came sitting on the donkey to Jerusalem,
10:40 when he was spat on, when he was slapped,
10:43 when he was dying on the cross, all these things were fulfilled
10:47 in Jesus Christ.
10:48 So, we have an account that past prophecies
10:52 before the birth of Jesus Christ, or before His dying
10:55 on the cross, the prophecies were made
10:58 by the prophets of the old.
11:02 Take the prophecy of Isaiah 53.
11:05 He will be crucified, that's what the entire chapter
11:08 speaks of, He will be condemned, He will be led by the people
11:13 to die on the cross, and every person will go away.
11:17 This prophecy was fulfilled, the prophecy
11:20 was spoken by Isaiah almost 800 years before Jesus Christ.
11:25 Talk about David making a prophecy in Psalms 22,
11:29 where it says: "My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?"
11:34 This prophecy was made by King David, knowingly,
11:39 and we can understand that David never died, he never
11:43 prayed like this, so why say: "My God, You have forsaken Me"?
11:46 The worlds Jesus spoke on the cross, there were 7 words
11:50 according to the Bible, which He spoke.
11:52 One was "I thirst", one was "My God, My God,"
11:56 "why have you forsaken me?"
11:57 So this prophecy exactly fits the life of Jesus Christ,
12:02 and this personality called Jesus, so past prophecies
12:05 were fulfilled in Jesus.
12:08 When He spoke, saying: "I'm going to return. "
12:14 we can understand that if the past is fulfilled through
12:17 His birth, resurrection and death, this also
12:20 will be fulfilled, that Jesus is going to come.
12:22 What are the signs of Jesus' soon return?
12:25 Well, the Bible mentioned a couple of the signs,
12:27 and they are very major signs. They will take not 1 community,
12:31 not 1 nation, not 1 type of group, but these signs
12:35 will be all over the world.
12:38 By this, we will know that He is returning very soon.
12:41 May I share some of them, some parts, with you
12:44 from the Bible because that will give you more understanding.
12:48 If you have a Bible wherever you are sitting, in a church
12:52 or in room, in a plane, or in a car, wherever you are listening
12:56 to this message, or maybe afterwards, you can open
12:59 to this scripture. Matthew 24.
13:01 The entire chapter is a very anointed chapter.
13:04 It talks about the soon return of Jesus Christ,
13:07 and certain signs which He gives us, that we can
13:10 understand that He is coming back.
13:12 The first verse which I would like to read is Matthew 24:6,7.
13:17 [text on screen]
13:38 Now, the Bibles says that there shall be wars.
13:41 Who is saying this? Jesus Christ!
13:44 Who was crucified, and who rose up, and who lived on this Earth
13:48 for 40 days after His resurrection, who went up
13:51 into heaven, He doesn't want His disciples to be deceived
13:54 in any way.
13:55 He said: "Before I will come, there will be wars"
13:58 "on this earth. " If you have ever read a book
14:02 by Doug Batchelor, it says in one of his books that there are
14:06 around 14,000 wars which have been fought by different
14:10 nations, different tribes, different people until today.
14:14 Now, according to the Bible, we are living almost
14:16 in the last century of the world, that's what I believe,
14:21 but it's almost 6,000 years that this Earth has been created,
14:25 but 14,000 wars have taken place.
14:28 Somebody told me that approximately, I might be
14:34 a little bit wrong, that there around 202 countries
14:39 in the world. On the world map you will find these countries.
14:45 The thing is, all these countries,
14:48 inwardly or outwardly, are fighting.
14:51 They are fighting for one thing, to say: "We are supreme. "
14:56 "We are this... We are that... "
14:57 I come from India. Our land, our nation was
15:03 set free from the British rule almost 50 years back,
15:08 but India and Pakistan are always at war.
15:12 Talk about Israel and Palestine.
15:15 Pope John Paul II, 5 years back when he went there,
15:20 and gave a message, he said: "I would like the people"
15:24 "of Israel and Palestine to be at peace. "
15:28 Bill Clinton came to India, these were his first words:
15:31 "I want Pakistan and India to be at peace. "
15:34 The world's countries are longing to be at peace
15:37 with each other, but the word's of Jesus were very true,
15:41 "there will be wars, and there will be nations after nations"
15:46 "fighting with each other. "
15:48 The reason why all these things are happening,
15:51 don't think that God is doing it, Jesus did not say that:
15:54 "I will interfere and I will create war. "
15:57 My people believe this, it's not like that.
16:01 Jesus said: "These things are going to happen before I come. "
16:08 There was a cricket match which India and Pakistan played,
16:11 there were several other cricket matches as well back home,
16:14 they played so many cricket matches, and India
16:17 went to Pakistan to play cricket and Pakistan came to India
16:22 to play cricket, for what? For one single reason.
16:25 They said in the newspaper, they said on the television,
16:29 on the radio, that India and Pakistan should live in peace,
16:33 that's why we are holding these cricket matches,
16:36 and thousands of people came to watch them.
16:39 Is there peace between Pakistan and India?
16:42 Ask Indians, ask those people,
16:44 those who go about their business, those who live
16:47 in Cashmere, hundreds of people, thousands of them,
16:50 have been killed in the attacks of bombs, suicide attacks,
16:54 and with guns, ammunition, everyday every newspaper
16:58 in India is filled with wars and rumors of wars.
17:02 The words of Jesus were fulfilled right there in your
17:06 living room, or as you are watching this program.
17:10 Jesus was saying there shall be wars, and rumors of war
17:13 "Let not your heart be troubled" these were the words
17:17 which He said.
17:18 I would like to share something more.
17:20 Jesus said: "when I come, just before My return,"
17:24 "just as I'm about to leave heaven and come"
17:27 "with mighty thousands and trillions of angels"
17:30 "back to this Earth, this will happen, there will be"
17:33 "a sign before I come back to this Earth. " - what sign?
17:37 He said, Matthew 24:37,38,
17:43 very important verses for us to understand, [text on screen]
18:09 Now, the Bible explains something, it says:
18:13 "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be"
18:17 "before I return. " Now to understand
18:19 the days of Noah, I never lived in the days of Noah,
18:23 none of you have lived, but the Bible mentions
18:26 that Noah lived in the very first chapters of the Bible,
18:32 right after Adam and Eve, Noah was there,
18:36 and he preached for 120 years. As he was preaching,
18:39 he was convicted that rain is going to come, the flood
18:43 is going to come, but what kind of a generation was he
18:46 living among? The people in those days,
18:51 for your personal study, you can read the entire chapter
18:53 of Genesis 6, it will explain to you what kind of people
18:56 they were; They were violent,
18:59 but that was not the only sin. The great sin
19:02 which the people of Noah's day were doing, was that they
19:06 were sexually immoral people. The Bible explains
19:10 in Genesis 6, saying their every thought was evil,
19:14 their every desire was evil, they were so much in sin,
19:19 that even if a lady was walking, and if she's going past,
19:23 they would only speak evil about her,
19:26 they would only think about raping her,
19:29 having sexual things with her, or having every kind of passion
19:35 which is like a beast, which is like the worst
19:38 kind of animal on this Earth, they had those kind
19:41 of desires.
19:42 The people of the world will be the same, Jesus said.
19:45 Now, as we just read the words, it says:
19:48 "They will be marrying and they will be"
19:50 "eating and drinking".
19:52 Now, those of you who are not married, don't think that you're
19:56 not suppose to get married, you can go ahead and get married,
20:00 you can go ahead and eat and drink. What the Bible
20:03 is saying, it's talking about being unconcerned about Jesus'
20:08 second coming. Eat and drink what is
20:11 healthful for your body, marry just 1 person
20:14 who will love you and whom you will love too.
20:17 But the Bible is saying that it will be as it was
20:20 in the days of Noah.
20:21 The days of Noah were evil, are we living in the evil days?
20:27 I was on the internet some time back,
20:29 and I found out on one website that there are more than
20:34 1 million nude pictures of ladies, just on the internet.
20:41 The internet is a great blessing, we can write emails,
20:45 we can store so many things, we can get so much information,
20:49 but nude pictures, every thought of this generation is evil.
20:55 I used the internet back in India when I was there,
20:59 I used the internet at certain internet facilities
21:03 because I don't have the internet at home, so I just go
21:07 and use it outside, I saw most of the people want to
21:11 lock their doors, they don't want anybody to know
21:14 what they are doing, they want to be very private.
21:19 Now, the Indian government has passed a law, the police
21:22 want to catch those people who are hiding, and using
21:26 the internet because it is violating the society,
21:29 because whatever they see on the internet, on the screen
21:33 of the computer, that's how they behave outside
21:36 with ladies, and ladies behave outside with the gents.
21:41 Why? It is just because the words of God
21:44 are being fulfilled "as it was in the days of Noah"
21:47 "so it shall be in the end times. "
21:50 Everything is exactly fulfilling as Jesus said:
21:55 The words of Jesus are not to be taken lightly,
21:59 they are very profound and they have a great meaning for
22:03 the end of time, and I, as a minister of God, can let
22:08 you know that we are at the very last hour of the history
22:12 of the world, "as it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be"
22:17 "in the end time. " I just want to share
22:19 one strategy with you on the divorces and marriages.
22:23 I just got it from one of the books which I was reading,
22:27 it says that in 1870 if there were 34 marriages,
22:33 I'm talking about the US, there would be only 1 divorce,
22:37 but in 1900, if there were 12 marriages, they would have
22:42 1 divorce and in 1930, if there were 6 marriages,
22:49 one would be divorced.
22:51 In 1990 they said that if there is 1 marriage,
22:56 there will be 1 divorce.
22:58 Can you see how marriage has been troubled,
23:02 how marriage commitments have been lowered down because
23:06 of sexual immorality, just because of the passion of the
23:10 lust which men and women in the nations of the world have.
23:14 Marriage commitments are just for a while, it's just like
23:18 changing clothes, we change our spouses.
23:21 There is not much love remaining in our married lives.
23:25 I was talking to my wife the other day, I said
23:28 there is a new name for sin today, like adultery is not sin,
23:32 you know what they call it? They says "we are having fun. "
23:36 Having alcohol, or having a drinking habit, they say
23:40 "it's just fun, it's just a part of the society. "
23:44 "We are not outdated", but if you go to the scripture,
23:47 the scripture tells us that we are not supposed
23:51 to live a sinful life.
23:58 There's another website which I went on,
24:03 in that also, they said that the people, the young minds,
24:06 when they are very young, maybe 3 or 4 or 5, when they go
24:11 and see the television, they have very bad pictures to see,
24:16 and whatever we behold, we become like.
24:20 It's very important to to understand in what hour
24:23 we are living.
24:25 There is another sign that I would like to mention, and it's
24:28 very important. The Bible says when all these
24:31 things are happening: floods, tsunamis, disasters, wars,
24:36 and all these problems are happening in the world,
24:39 you know, there is a last alter call which God
24:42 is giving to the world, and that is the compassion
24:46 of Jesus Christ.
24:47 The message of salvation shall reach to all nations.
24:51 When sin will be rising higher, higher and higher
24:56 the message of the gospel will also go far and wide.
25:01 Matthew 24:14, it says [text on screen]
25:15 The Bible says that the end is going to come when the gospel
25:18 is going to be preached. Just imagine how many
25:21 countries are receiving the channel, 3ABN.
25:25 Almost 99% of the world has 3ABN, and they're watching
25:30 the programs, spiritual programs and other programs
25:34 which will bless the lives of the people
25:37 because God doesn't want anybody to perish.
25:40 I have some information for you, 10 [?] people,
25:43 like 1 million people, came to Nigeria to one of the gospel
25:47 meetings, just imagine a sea of people listening to 1 gospel
25:51 preacher who was preaching on the top of his voice,
25:54 holding the microphone, but 1 million people came
25:58 to just 1 meeting because people are hungry in Africa
26:01 for the word of God.
26:03 I just have one more piece of information to give you:
26:06 30,000 Bibles were distributed in the Olympic stadium in Russia
26:11 Just imagine 30,000 Bibles, people just want it,
26:15 those countries which were atheist, they have Bibles now.
26:18 Those countries which were idol worshipers have
26:21 Jesus Christ now in their lives.
26:24 In one of the places I was hosting some meetings,
26:27 I was not the preacher, I was just hosting the meeting,
26:30 you know how many people were baptized?
26:32 Almost 26,000 people were baptized in 1 single crusade.
26:38 What an awesome thing it is.
26:40 Because the word of God says: "Before I come, the message"
26:44 "will go to the entire world. "
26:46 A young man who went to Africa as a missionary,
26:50 he had a wife and children, and he became old,
26:53 and he finished his work, he lost his wife in Africa,
26:56 and his children, he was coming back to America.
26:59 When he came back, in those times, I'm talking about
27:02 more than 50 years back, when he came back, he was
27:05 traveling by ship and the President of America
27:08 was also traveling on the same ship, so when the ship
27:13 landed at port, he was very much discouraged to see
27:17 thousands of people welcoming the president,
27:20 and he went to one of the rooms and he said: "Lord, you have"
27:24 "so many people for this president, and not even"
27:27 "a single man, or a single person came to welcome me?"
27:32 That night when he was praying in agony and discouragement,
27:35 the Lord gave him a small vision, I want you to understand
27:38 what the Lord said to him, it will impress
27:41 your heart so much, God said:
27:43 "For the president thousands of people came,"
27:47 "but my son, I am coming to receive you myself. "
27:51 Is it not true? If you have Jesus in your heart,
27:54 Jesus is going to come soon to receive you.
27:57 [Music for Credits]


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