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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel
00:33 The program designed to increase your faith
00:36 by the preaching of God's word.
00:38 My name is Alexander Biscette.
00:40 My message for today is captioned
00:43 the Sabbath thrice restored.
00:46 The Sabbath thrice restored.
00:49 I invite you to join with us as we begin this program
00:52 with a word of prayer.
00:55 Our loving heavenly Father.
00:57 in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son,
01:00 we approach Your throne of grace.
01:03 We pray that You may forgive us for our sins.
01:06 Give us the Holy Spirit to guide us
01:09 as we study your Holy Word.
01:12 Help us to understand your Word more clearly,
01:16 Convict us of truth by the prompting of the Holy Spirit
01:20 and help us Lord to accept it we pray in Jesus' name
01:25 Amen.
01:27 The Sabbath thrice restored.
01:30 There are three critical times in the history of salvation
01:35 when God has emphatically called for the restoration of
01:41 the Sabbath in the life of his people.
01:44 In today's message we will take a look at those three
01:50 critical times in salvation history.
01:55 When God has had to restore the Sabbath.
01:58 Our topic, the Sabbath thrice restored
02:02 Let us begin by going to the Book of Genesis
02:07 Where the Sabbath was instituted at creation
02:10 Genesis chapter two, verse one through three
02:15 The Bible tells us:
02:48 This is at the end of Creation week.
02:51 This was when God instituted the Sabbath.
02:54 So the Sabbath was established
02:58 at Creation.
03:01 When God rested from all His works.
03:04 Then the Bible tells us God blessed the Sabbath
03:08 He stored His special blessings upon it
03:11 and God sanctified the Sabbath
03:15 meaning that He set it apart, He set it aside,
03:20 as the day of rest and worship for his people.
03:25 Adam and Eve were created on the sixth day
03:30 and my friends, what a joy it must have been
03:34 for Adam and Eve to enter into this experience, wonderful
03:41 experiences of worshiping God, being in the presence of God,
03:48 to worship Him on this very first Sabbath at the end of
03:54 Creation Week.
03:55 So, the Sabbath was instituted at Creation
04:00 Now there are three times when the Sabbath has been suppressed
04:07 or lost,
04:10 and three times God has restored it.
04:16 The first time was when the people of God were enslaved
04:22 in Egypt.
04:24 When they were slaves in Egypt they lost their freedom
04:30 to worship God.
04:33 They didn't have the freedom to worship God, as they know.
04:38 Now, obviously, many of them remained faithful to God,
04:44 but by and large they did not have the freedom to worship God
04:49 as a nation as they know.
04:52 As a matter of fact, Moses many times called on the Pharaoh
04:57 and said "Let my people go"
05:01 God has said "Let My people go
05:04 that they may worship me in the wilderness. "
05:07 So worshiping God was one of the issues.
05:11 And Pharaoh as you know hardened his heart, did not harken
05:16 into the voice of God, continued to oppress the people of God
05:22 until finally, God had to deliver his people, then we know
05:29 of course how God inflicted Egypt with ten plagues.
05:36 The last one of course being the one that did it.
05:41 When Pharaoh lost his first-born when it struck very
05:46 close home to Pharaoh, when he lost his first-born, when all
05:51 the first-borns of Egypt died.
05:54 Finally Pharaoh allowed the people of God to go.
05:58 And then after they left,
06:01 Pharaoh said "but wait a minute, why did I let them go?
06:05 Perhaps we can go and catch up with them and bring them back
06:10 into slavery, why should I let them go?"
06:13 That was the time, my friends, when Pharaoh caught up with them
06:16 at the Red Sea.
06:17 That God performed a marvelous miracle.
06:22 When he opened the waters of the Red Sea
06:26 and allowed his people, Israel, to walk on dry land to safety.
06:34 On the other side of the Red Sea the people begun the journey
06:40 towards the wilderness of Shur.
06:44 My friends, it is one of the most fascinating stories
06:50 in the entire Bible.
06:52 How God brought them out of slavery, opening the waters
06:55 of the Red Sea.
06:56 And they begun their journey across the wilderness
07:02 and we are told my friends, they went through the wilderness
07:05 of Shur.
07:07 This is the desert region, according to Bible commentators
07:12 reaching from the Eastern border of Egypt, to the Southern border
07:18 of Palestine and touching in the South the mountains of the
07:24 Sinai peninsula.
07:26 In Numbers chapter 33 and verse 8 this desert region is called
07:32 the wilderness of Etham.
07:35 It was through the Southern part of this desert that Israel
07:42 marched in the South-Westerly direction along the shores of
07:47 the Red Sea.
07:48 They journeyed three days and found no water,
07:52 interestingly they begun to murmur.
07:56 Now, the Israelites must have carried a supply of water with
08:01 them, coming out of Egypt, for they knew that they were going
08:06 into the wilderness.
08:08 But understandably they've been going for three days.
08:11 And by now their supplies are either run out and they are
08:19 thirsty, and they begin to complain.
08:22 Now it's interesting that just three days ago God performed
08:26 a marvelous miracle, to open the Red Sea so that they could walk
08:30 to safety.
08:32 But, yet they are complaining for water because they have not
08:35 seen water in three days.
08:37 How short, my friends, our memory can be when it comes to
08:42 the goodness of God.
08:43 'Cause Israel the people of God, they were like that in
08:46 the wilderness.
08:48 But then they came to a place called Mara
08:51 and they discovered that there was water at Mara
08:54 But to their dismay, the water was bitter, and they could not
09:00 drink the water at Mara.
09:04 After they murmured and complained, God told Moses "cut
09:09 down a tree and cast it in the water which when Moses did, the
09:14 water became sweet.
09:17 Now it is very interesting because there is no evidence,
09:23 my friends,
09:24 that this tree that had the ability to turn water sweet
09:29 exists anyway in the region.
09:32 On the discussion, the bitter waters of Mara have been
09:36 identified as the El Huraro, the first oasis South of
09:41 the Sins.
09:42 It lies on the ancient road to Sineai, the ancient road to the
09:47 Sinai copper mines about 47 miles from the town of Sin.
09:54 When the Israel have got there so the water was bitter
09:56 they murmured and complained as I have just said and God made
10:01 the water sweet, but, my friends what is interesting is that
10:06 the people who lived in the area the people who live in that
10:13 neighborhood known as the Bedouins or bedowins, they know
10:21 of no means of making these waters in that area drinkable.
10:29 But yet we were told that it happened.
10:33 Now how is that possible? What can we think of?
10:36 Well it is either God caused Moses or directed Moses to use
10:44 a tree that no longer exists in the area, or perhaps it was
10:52 a direct intervention of God, a miracle of God to turn
10:58 the bitter water into sweet, drinkable water.
11:04 I personally believe that it was the latter.
11:07 I believe God performed yet another miracle in turning
11:11 the bitter waters of the El Huara and making it drinkable.
11:19 Once again God proved that He is able, He has a capability.
11:25 He is able to provide for His people, to supply their needs
11:31 even when they lacked their faith to thrust Him implicitly.
11:37 Even when we lack the faith to thrust God implicitly, God can
11:41 still supply our needs.
11:44 When Israel left Mara, they journeyed towards the wilderness
11:50 of Sin,
11:52 Situated between Elam and Sineai.
11:56 Once they got there they begun to murmur about food.
12:00 They murmured, my friends, because they remembered sitting
12:05 by the flesh ports of Egypt, and eating bread to the full.
12:10 And they begun to accuse Moses and Aaron, of bringing
12:15 them out of Egypt into the wilderness to kill the whole
12:20 assembly.
12:22 It was then, that the Lord promised to give them food, to
12:26 give them flesh in the evening and bread in the morning.
12:32 In Exodus 16: 13 and 15
12:36 It came to pass, that at evening quails came up and covered
12:43 the camp, and in the morning, the dew laid round about
12:47 the home.
12:48 And when the dew that laid was gone up, behold upon the face
12:55 of the wilderness, there laid a small round thing as small as
13:01 the hoarfrost on the ground.
13:04 And when the children of Israel saw it they said to one another
13:09 it is manna.
13:10 For they did not know what it was and Moses said unto them:
13:16 "This is the bread that the Lord had given you to eat"
13:23 Now what is this manna? Moses compares this manna to coriander
13:28 seed, an herb, Coreandrum Sativum which grows wild in the
13:34 near east.
13:35 It produces a round aromatic fruit that is white or
13:40 yellow-grey used for seasoning and medical purposes.
13:45 In Exodus 16: 31, Moses refers to the manna as coriander seeds.
13:57 That is white, and the taste of it was like wafers made with
14:02 honey.
14:03 And so God provided them this manna - they were to gather this
14:08 manna dearly, every manna caught in to eating ability an omer
14:12 for each member of his household.
14:15 The omer is the equivalent of 2 dry quarts.
14:20 And they gathered enough for the day that every person
14:24 enjoyed an ample supply.
14:27 God gave Moses specific directives that none of it was
14:31 to be left over, for the next day.
14:34 Some people disregarded God's directive and kept some of the
14:40 left-overs for the next day.
14:42 But it bred worms and stank.
14:45 And Moses was wroth with them.
14:48 Then, my friends, the Bible says they gathered mana every morning
14:54 and every morning God provided a fresh supply and it came
14:59 to pass that on the sixth day they gathered twice as much
15:04 bread, two omers for a man and all the rulers of the
15:10 congregation came and told Moses.
15:12 And Moses said unto them: "This is that what the Lord have
15:17 said: Tomorrow is the rest of the holy Sabbath unto the Lord.
15:23 Bake that which you will bake today and sift what you'll sift
15:28 today.
15:29 And that which remaineth overly up for you to be kept until
15:34 the morning.
15:36 And they laid it up until the morning as Moses said and it
15:40 did not stink, neither was there any worm there in.
15:44 Why? Because God now told them to do it.
15:50 On the sixth day collecting up for two days and God would
15:54 preserve it and He did.
15:56 And so we come to Exodus chapter 16 verse 26 to verse 30.
16:04 God was doing something very special.
16:57 Yes, my friends, so God was doing something special as he
17:02 provided food for them in the wilderness, He took the
17:08 opportunity to restore the Sabbath that had been suppressed
17:16 in Egypt.
17:18 So this is a point, or the first point in the history
17:23 of salvation,
17:25 when God emphatically restored the Sabbath.
17:31 He taught them all over how to observe the Sabbath even as He
17:36 fed them miraculously in the wilderness.
17:40 You see there were many people born in Egypt, generation of
17:47 Jews born in Egypt in oppression who never had the freedom to
17:54 worship God in the holy Sabbath day the way they are to.
17:59 And so God restored the Sabbath.
18:01 In Exodus chapter 20 verse 8 to 11, when God gave Moses
18:06 the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath was included there
18:10 embedded right in the heart of the Commandments.
18:51 So God restored the Sabbath, right there after Israel came
18:59 out of Egyptian slavery.
19:02 But then again, my friends, that would not be the last time,
19:05 God would again restore the Sabbath after the Babylonian
19:09 captivity.
19:10 The people of Israel went into Babylonian captivity, and God,
19:16 when he brought them out, had to restore the Sabbath again
19:21 and that would be the second time that God had to restore
19:25 the Sabbath.
19:27 And we will find this one in Isaiah chapter 58 and verse 13.
19:36 The Bible says:
20:01 This is at the end of the Babylonian captivity.
20:06 God told them, when you come out of the Babylonian captivity
20:09 and you come to rebuild the temple and reestablish yourself
20:13 as my people you have to honor the Sabbath and keep it holy.
20:17 As a matter of fact they went into captivity because of
20:20 disregarding the Sabbath.
20:21 And all the various things that they did on the Sabbath like
20:25 bringing in their heavy burdens and so on, animals and
20:29 provisions for trade when they came to worship at the temple.
20:33 And now they were coming out of Babylonian captivity, God,
20:39 reinstituted the Sabbath because in Babylon, my friends, they
20:44 did not have the freedom again to worship God.
20:49 You would recall of course they were faithful ones, like Daniel
20:53 and the three Hebrew boys as well faithful to God, but they
20:56 didn't have the freedom.
20:57 So the Sabbath was suppressed in Babylon, and at the end of
21:03 Babylonian captivity God brought it back.
21:06 And when He brought it back, He brought it back with a great
21:08 promise in Isaiah 58: 14.
21:11 There's a promise even to Israel here, still given to us today.
21:34 My friends this is God's promise at the end of the Babylonian
21:38 captivity, for those who would keep His Sabbath be holy.
21:43 But still this is not all, there is still a third time when God
21:48 has had to restore the Sabbath in the life of His people.
21:55 My friends, he restored it after slavery in Egypt, he restored
22:01 it after Babylonian captivity and now, in the end of time, God
22:07 is restoring the Sabbath in the global proclamation of the
22:13 Gospel, God is restoring the Sabbath.
22:17 In Egypt, Sabbath was suppressed because of slavery, in Babylon
22:22 God's people went into captivity and lost the freedom to worship
22:27 God and enjoy the Sabbath, when they came out of Egypt, God
22:30 restored it, when they came out of Babylon, God restored it,
22:34 Right now God is restoring it again at the end of time.
22:37 Why?
22:39 Because, my friends, there was a time when the Sabbath was again
22:46 lost, or suppressed, or God's people would be prived of the
22:51 Sabbath.
22:53 That is, doing the time that is known as the Dark Ages.
22:59 The Medieval period there when Christians were persecuted, and
23:04 murdered for their faith and oppressed and the worship of the
23:09 true God was suppressed, the Sabbath was then lost, because
23:14 even in the reformation that came after, the great reformers
23:19 did a great work, fantastic work but, my friends, they did not go
23:24 all the way.
23:25 But God has a people who have discovered God's mandate
23:30 to restore the Sabbath in the global proclamation of
23:34 the Gospel.
23:35 Revelation chapter 14 verse 6.
23:38 And the Bible says and John says:
23:56 So the everlasting Gospel is being preached but look
23:59 at verse 7.
24:18 My friends, this verse there in Revelation 14:7 reverts right
24:23 back to the Sabbath commandment
24:26 My friends, it was told you are listening to a quote of the
24:30 Sabbath commandment.
24:32 Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment
24:36 is come and worship Him who made heaven and the earth the sea and
24:41 and the fountains of waters.
24:43 The Sabbath, my friends, reminds us that God is the Creator
24:49 And when we worship God on the Sabbath we honor him as Creator,
24:55 and the Devil, my friends, would like to do away with the
24:58 Sabbath.
24:59 So during the medieval period, during that ages, the Sabbath
25:02 was taken away.
25:04 But now, in the end of time, in the global proclamation of the
25:09 Everlasting Gospel, the Sabbath is being restored, my friends.
25:14 And we know that, because it is evident in Revelation 14:7
25:25 But also, in Revelation 14:12, Jesus is coming for those who
25:34 have the faith of Jesus and keep the commandments.
25:36 This is how it reads:
25:46 So, my friends, Jesus is coming for the people,
25:50 not the people who are trying to be saved by works,
25:54 there's no salvation by works, there's no salvation by Law,
25:57 but the people who are saved by grace and a faith that works
26:03 they have the faith of Jesus and they keep the commandments
26:07 of God.
26:08 And God wants you, my friends, to be among his last day people
26:14 who by God's grace are restoring the Sabbath, in the end of time.
26:19 We are going to meet the Sabbath in heaven, but we must learn
26:22 to enjoy it here.
26:24 Isaiah 66 verse 22, the Bible tells us that we will find the
26:29 Sabbath in heaven.
26:50 So the Sabbath will be in Heaven my friends, that goes to show
26:54 that when God instituted the Sabbath at Creation, it was His
26:58 intention that the Sabbath, my friends, would last for time
27:03 and for eternity.
27:05 And so, my friends, I invite you in giving your life to Jesus
27:10 Christ, to embrace all of his truth, and allow Him to restore
27:14 his holy Sabbath, in your experience.
27:18 Be one of those who is thunder for Jesus Christ, in the end of
27:22 time as the Sabbath is being restored, in the global
27:26 proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel.
27:31 I pray, that you will come to know Jesus in such a way,
27:35 that the joy of Sabbath worship and fellowship will become
27:39 special to you, as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ
27:44 May God richly Bless you as you continue to live your life
27:48 for Him, and to do as He says in His Word.


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