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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel
00:33 The program designed to increase your faith
00:36 by the preaching of God's word.
00:38 I am Alexander Biscette.
00:40 and today we are talking about Jesus and the Sabbath.
00:45 Jesus and the Sabbath.
00:49 Once again I invite you to bow your heads and join us as we
00:53 begin with a word of prayer.
00:55 Dear God, our loving heavenly Father,
00:59 we thank you so much for Jesus.
01:03 We pray that your holly spirit will be with us
01:08 to guide us as we study Your Word
01:12 and as we learn from Jesus, our Savior
01:14 how to live for You, in Jesus' name.
01:18 Amen.
01:21 Jesus and the Sabbath.
01:26 At the very beginning of this message,
01:29 I want to take the opportunity
01:32 to tell you
01:37 to reinforce the fact
01:40 that our salvation
01:43 is based on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
01:47 on the Cross of Calvary.
01:49 I want to make that clear, I want to make that plain because
01:52 I believe it is important that we understand that.
01:56 That we are saved by Grace through Faith.
01:59 Jesus came and gave His life on the Cross of Calvary.
02:04 He died so that you
02:08 and I might be saved.
02:11 He died, He gave his life for us and that's where our salvation
02:14 is.
02:15 It is a free gift of God.
02:17 You cannot work to earn salvation.
02:21 Salvation is by Grace through Faith.
02:24 Because of what Jesus did for us on the Cross of Calvary.
02:29 But, my friends, Jesus has also preserved for us
02:35 a wonderful blessing
02:39 That comes only with the joy and worship
02:45 of Jesus on the Sabbath.
02:49 It comes only with the worship and the fellowship
02:53 the joy that we get when we meet on His holly Sabbath day.
02:59 And Jesus has preserved this for us both by precept
03:03 and example.
03:05 And today we want to take a look
03:08 at how Jesus is related to the Sabbath.
03:13 At Creation God instituted the Sabbath and established it
03:19 as the perpetual, memorial of God's creative power.
03:26 God's intention is that the Sabbath should be a blessing
03:31 to god's people,
03:33 for time and eternity.
03:36 And when Jesus came
03:40 to this earth
03:42 to live and to carry out his earthly ministry
03:47 we find no indication
03:50 in His teaching or in His practice
03:55 that suggests us in any way that Jesus Had lessoned
04:01 the emphasis on the Sabbath or that He had done away with it
04:05 in any way.
04:06 What we find
04:08 is that Jesus
04:10 precept and example
04:13 upheld the Holly Sabbath Day.
04:18 And Jesus was often found in the temple
04:24 worshipping God on the Holly Sabbath Day
04:27 just as he expects us
04:29 to be found worshipping Him on His Holly Sabbath Day
04:36 Luke chapter 4 and verse 16
04:40 the Bible tells us that it was Jesus' custom to worship on
04:44 the Sabbath.
04:45 it says:
04:59 So my friends,
05:01 Jesus came to Nazareth
05:05 when he had been brought as a child
05:08 and the Bible says "as His custom was"
05:12 he went into the synagogue to worship
05:16 this was Jesus' first visit to Nazareth
05:20 since He left along early 27 to begin His earthly ministry
05:30 He came back to Nazareth
05:32 to visit
05:34 and he went into the synagogue.
05:36 It was His custom, meaning that it was His habit, His practice
05:42 by the way that's all he knew.
05:44 When Jesus was a child He often worshiped in the synagogue
05:47 often went there with His parents and often had
05:50 the opportunity even to read from the Law.
05:52 And from the vast knowledge of the Word of God even
05:58 as a child He was able to expound the Word to the
06:03 amazement of many
06:05 but it was Jesus' custom.
06:06 So we can begin here and notice that Jesus, when He was on Earth
06:12 continued to worship on the Holly Sabbath Day.
06:16 Even when He became an adult even after He begun His
06:19 earthly ministry.
06:21 He continued worshipping on the Sabbath, it was His custom.
06:28 There are several other references in the Scripture
06:33 that strengthen Luke's point that it was Jesus' custom
06:40 to worship on the Sabbath.
06:42 For example in Mark chapter 1 verse 21
06:46 we find Him worshipping in the synagogue at Capernaum
06:51 the Bible says:
06:52 a
06:59 This is when Jesus has made his first disciples
07:03 Peter, Andrew, James and John.
07:05 They followed Jesus, they were the first disciples who
07:08 followed Jesus.
07:09 And on the first Sabbath, after they begun to walk with Jesus
07:13 they went in the synagogue at Capernaum
07:16 Here we have Jesus worshipping on the Sabbath
07:19 at Capernaum and He is taking part, He is leading in the
07:23 worship service as well.
07:27 Then in Mark chapter 6, verse 2
07:31 There's an other recorded instance of Jesus worshipping
07:33 on the Sabbath.
07:49 This were His own people
07:50 who could not understand how this young men who grew up
07:54 among them had become one with such great authority and had
07:58 such wisdom.
07:59 Matthew records this
08:02 incident in Matthew chapter 13 and verse 54, but Matthew
08:06 makes no reference to the Sabbath.
08:09 He simply says that Jesus taught them in the synagogues
08:13 in the synagogues.
08:14 This is interesting because in Matthew 4: 23
08:18 Matthew says Jesus went about all Galilei
08:23 teaching in the synagogues.
08:25 Again he does not mention the Sabbath.
08:29 But this are references
08:32 to Jesus worshipping on Sabbath
08:36 taking part on the worship service on Sabbath
08:40 and even leading out in teaching in many instances.
08:43 So all this references
08:46 versus Old Scripture that places Jesus in the synagogue in
08:50 various places
08:52 at different times on the Sabbath day only serve to
08:56 strengthen Luke's position that it was Jesus' custom
09:00 to worship on the Sabbath day.
09:05 Jesus Himself, my friends, alludes to it
09:10 in John 18: 20
09:12 when He was accused
09:15 during His trial, when He appeared before Caiafas
09:20 and Caiafas questioned His disciples about His doctrines
09:25 and His teaching, he wanted to know what is it that He was
09:29 doing so wrong.
09:31 And Jesus answered and said in
09:35 chapter 18 verse 20
09:37 Jesus said:
09:52 He does not mention the Sabbath,
09:54 but again the references made to the synagogue
09:58 and Jesus had been teaching in the synagogue all the time
10:02 "and you found no fault of what I were doing. "
10:05 What has happen suddenly?
10:06 Of course, what we know,
10:08 how they were conspiring to put Him to death
10:11 because they could not handle his ministry.
10:15 Jesus, it is His custom to worship on the Sabbath,
10:19 Luke tells us that clearly, and many references in
10:23 the New Testament support the fact that it was His custom
10:27 to worship on the Sabbath day.
10:31 During His earthly ministry
10:33 there are a number of encounters recorded in counters
10:36 between Jesus and the Pharisees
10:38 when they accuse him of doing things that were not lawful
10:41 to be done on the Holly Sabbath day.
10:44 And many people, scholars, commentators, preachers,
10:51 have come to the conclusion
10:53 that Jesus somehow got rid of the Sabbath, abolished it,
11:00 abrogated it, did something, got rid of it,
11:03 because of some what He did on the Sabbath day.
11:07 We will take a look at some of what Jesus did on the Sabbath
11:10 and see how he clarifies
11:14 the Sabbath, the intent and purpose of the Sabbath.
11:21 I want us to take a look at His authority,
11:24 the authority of Jesus.
11:26 How he astuted His authority in this matter of the Sabbath
11:31 Mark chapter 2 verse 23 and 24
11:37 records an interesting development.
11:41 It says:
12:02 This is the first one.
12:03 Jesus walked through the corn field with His disciples,
12:10 and they were hungry and they begun to pluck the grain and
12:13 they ate
12:15 and He was accused by the Pharisees.
12:19 In response to the accusation
12:23 Jesus recalled that what David did when he handled
12:30 the showbread in the temple which was reserved only for
12:33 the priest.
12:35 In so doing he taught us a very important principle in
12:39 Sabbath observance.
12:42 He showed that reliving hunger and attending to human suffering
12:50 are all in the spirit of the Lord, in the spirit of
12:54 the Sabbath.
12:55 The Sabbath must be a blessing and not a burden to God's people
13:03 The Sabbath must be a blessing and not a burden to God's people
13:12 It is heard that Jesus exercises His authority
13:16 as Lord of the Sabbath.
13:19 Mark chapter 2 verse 27 and 28
13:24 We read from the word of God:
13:41 The Sabbath was made for man
13:44 and not man for the Sabbath, therefore
13:47 the Son of Man, meaning Jesus is Lord also of the Sabbath.
13:56 The Sabbath was made for the benefit and wealthy of mankind.
14:03 Here's the bible commentary puts it this way.
14:08 God did not create man
14:11 because He had a Sabbath and needed someone to keep it
14:16 rather an old wise creator
14:20 knew that man, the creature of His hands needed opportunity
14:27 for moral and spiritual groove
14:30 for character development
14:33 he needed time in his own
14:36 interests and pursues
14:39 should be, I think I need to read this again,
14:44 he needed time in which his own interests and pursues
14:49 should be subordinated
14:52 to a study of the character and will of God as revealed
14:57 in nature.
14:59 And later in revelation
15:01 The seventh day, was a day of God to meet this need.
15:08 The seventh day was a day of God to meet this need.
15:14 So the Sabbath
15:17 is made for man to be a blessing to man.
15:21 It must not be made a burden.
15:24 It must be a blessing.
15:27 Jesus performed many acts of healing on the Sabbath day.
15:34 We have seen that, when His disciples plucked the leaves
15:38 of corn, on the Sabbath day
15:42 that Jesus did not stopped them.
15:44 And we have seen His response
15:47 when He was accused of allowing His disciples to do that which
15:51 is not lawful on the Sabbath day.
15:53 Before we go to some of the acts of healing
15:56 I want to make this point, I think is very important
15:59 listen carefully.
16:01 In all of the instances
16:05 when Jesus did things on the Sabbath, whether when He allowed
16:09 His disciples to pluck the ears of corn, or the grain, or when
16:13 He performed acts of healing and compassion on the Sabbath.
16:19 In all of those scenarios, or situations or cases
16:26 the Sabbath itself
16:29 in question or contention
16:34 there was never an issue of whether the Sabbath should be
16:38 kept or not.
16:40 The issue was always about what should or shouldn't be done
16:45 on the Sabbath.
16:47 That was always the issue.
16:50 The Pharisees never accused Jesus of doing away with
16:54 the Sabbath.
16:55 It was about what should or shouldn't be done on the Sabbath
17:02 Jesus performed a number of healing acts of compassion
17:06 on the Sabbath.
17:09 Let us take a look at the one we find in Mark, chapter 3
17:15 verse 1 through 5.
18:21 Very interesting encounter
18:24 between Jesus and the Pharisees
18:28 On the Sabbath day
18:30 over the healing of a crippled man.
18:34 And, my friends, you can look at this verse
18:38 and you will see that the issue is not about the Sabbath
18:46 Or whether or not Jesus is abolishing the Sabbath.
18:49 It is about what may or may not be done on the Sabbath.
18:54 And Jesus was asking them
18:57 Is it good, is it a good thing to do good in the Sabbath day?
19:01 Can we attend to the hurting on the Sabbath?
19:05 Can we heal the sick on the Sabbath?
19:09 Can we relieve suffering on the Sabbath?
19:12 Can we reach out in compassion to those who need it on
19:15 the Sabbath?
19:19 And they held their peace.
19:21 Because, my friends, they knew that they took care of
19:24 of the animals on the Sabbath they went and watered
19:27 the animals, and took care of the cattle and all of that,
19:30 but yet they were in opposition
19:34 to the fact that Jesus was healing people on the Sabbath
19:37 day.
19:38 So the problem here is not whether or not the Sabbath
19:41 should be kept
19:42 Jesus, it is His custom, it is His lifestyle, as a matter
19:46 of fact, my friends, it is His Sabbath when He says
19:48 The son of man is Lord of the Sabbath.
19:52 It is my Sabbath, Jesus is saying.
19:56 And it is His Sabbath
19:58 if Jesus is lord of the Sabbath
20:01 then Jesus is the best one to prescribe the rules
20:06 to decide what should or should mot be done in the Sabbath.
20:11 So Jesus is the one who defines the rules.
20:15 Jesus my friends is the one who is in the better position
20:21 to define the Sabbath to us.
20:23 Jesus did not abrogate the Sabbath by his acts of healing
20:27 and compassion, instead, as Lord of the Sabbath
20:31 he affirmed His true intention for the Sabbath as a day of
20:37 deliverance for the disconsolate.
20:39 A day of hope for the hopeless
20:42 And a day in which the weary may find rest in the hands
20:49 of Jesus.
20:51 Jesus shows His concern for the Sabbath
20:54 When in Matthew 24 verse 20
20:57 He told His disciples
21:08 You see, because Jesus knew
21:10 that the Romans were going to attack Jerusalem and will siege
21:13 the city
21:15 and the people would have to run for their lives and so on
21:19 and Jesus said pray, it's going to happen,
21:23 but pray that it does not happen in the Sabbath.
21:26 And you may not have to flee and run on the Sabbath.
21:29 Why?
21:30 Because Jesus knows the importance of the Sabbath
21:33 he shows His respect for it, it means that Jesus never
21:38 nullified the Sabbath.
21:41 instead He taught us how to keep the Sabbath.
21:44 He taught us that we can be compassionate on the Sabbath day
21:50 Even during the time of His death
21:53 those who have walked with Him for three and a half years
21:57 who had sat at His feet and learned from Him
22:01 observed the Sabbath when Jesus was buried.
22:05 Luke chapter 23 verse 54- 56
22:11 The Bible tells us:
22:41 These people
22:44 who had sat at the feet of Jesus
22:46 who had followed Him for three and a half years
22:49 They had heard His teachings, If Jesus had abolished
22:53 the Sabbath in any way
22:55 these people would not have rested according to the
22:59 commandments on the Sabbath day when Jesus was buried
23:02 as a matter of fact what actually happened was that
23:05 Jesus Himself rested on the Sabbath
23:07 even in His death and His followers did not desecrate
23:11 the Sabbath in trying to give Him a decent burial.
23:16 But they waited, and on the first day of the week
23:19 they came back, but on the first day of the week Jesus
23:22 rose triumphantly Matthew 28 verse 1
23:26 The Bible tells us:
23:39 So, my friends,
23:41 they rested on the Sabbath and they came early, the first day
23:45 of the week
23:47 to continue the decent burial process.
23:51 Because they wanted to embalm the body of Jesus and because
23:55 the sun was setting on Friday, they couldn't do it.
23:59 They respected the Sabbath.
24:01 That goes to show that neither Jesus,
24:05 nor His followers, my friends, up to the time of His death,
24:10 interfered with the Sabbath in any way.
24:13 They respected it, they observed it.
24:16 My friends, I thank God
24:20 that the same Jesus Christ who died for us on the Cross
24:23 of Calvary,
24:24 is the same Jesus Christ
24:27 who offers us such marvelous blessing
24:31 in fellowship with one another and the worship of God
24:35 the worship of Jesus on his holy Sabbath day.
24:38 Now think of what Jesus did for you on the cross of Calvary,
24:42 my friends, maybe you have not paused to consider this
24:48 Do you know, if you were the only sinner
24:52 who needed salvation
24:54 Jesus would've come and died for you anyhow?
24:59 He came to die for you
25:02 and is the same Jesus
25:04 who gave His life on the cross of Calvary,
25:08 who suffered and get summoned who suffered on the cross
25:11 of Calvary,
25:12 who had nails driven through His hands and feet
25:16 and a spear thrust through His side.
25:19 This same Jesus
25:21 who had a crown of thorns forced down his brow
25:25 who's body was broken
25:27 who gave his life on the cross for you.
25:30 It is the same Jesus
25:32 who wants to meet with you
25:35 on His holy Sabbath day
25:37 He is saying to you my friends I've given you six days in which
25:40 to live and do all your work,
25:42 but give me one.
25:43 This one day
25:45 because I love you so much.
25:47 Because I love you so much.
25:49 Give Me this one day
25:51 Let us spend it together,
25:54 let us have fellowship,
25:56 come and enjoy worship at my feet,
25:59 come and receive my blessings -
26:01 it is the same Jesus and every time we look or we think
26:05 of Calvary and what He did for us, my friends,
26:10 giving up everything for Him should become that much easier.
26:15 And worshipping on the Sabbath is not a hard thing to do.
26:18 As a matter of fact it is a beautiful thing
26:21 to meet with God's people and Jesus on His Sabbath.
26:26 My friends, Jesus intends for the Sabbath
26:30 to last through time and all eternity.
26:33 Jesus is coming soon,
26:35 and he is coming for a commandment keeping,
26:39 Sabbath observing people.
26:42 Not because they are saved,
26:45 because they keep the Sabbath.
26:48 They are not saved by keeping the Sabbath,
26:51 they are not saved by keeping the commandments of God,
26:54 they are saved because of the faith of Jesus.
26:57 But as they embrace the faith of Jesus,
27:01 they are lead also
27:03 to keep the commandments of God, because it is the only
27:06 way to walk in harmony with His will.
27:11 I invite you to give your life to Him,
27:13 and come into the joy and fellowship and worship
27:17 on God's holy Sabbath day
27:19 be one of those who experience the joy of Jesus
27:23 in worship on the holy Sabbath day.
27:27 I thank God that Jesus has given us such a blessing
27:33 that we may enjoy fellowship one with another
27:36 and setting everything aside, we can worship Him once a week
27:40 on His holy Sabbath day.
27:43 My friends, my prayer for you is that this too will become
27:48 your experience, will become your joy.
27:50 May God Bless you as you turn everything over to Jesus.


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