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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 A program designed to increase your faith
00:35 by the preaching of God's word.
00:38 I am Alexander Biscette.
00:39 I come from the Island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.
00:43 The topic of my message for today is "Paul and the Sabbath."
00:48 "Paul and the Sabbath."
00:51 I trust that this message will help to answer
00:54 many of your questions regarding Paul and the Sabbath,
00:58 that it will increase your faith,
01:01 and give you a clearer understanding
01:04 of God's will for your life.
01:09 Please join with us, as we pray to begin.
01:13 Heavenly Father, we thank you
01:16 for the privilege we have to share Your word.
01:21 As we enter into this interesting study of Your word,
01:26 we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Lord.
01:30 Be with me and be with our viewers and listeners.
01:34 And help us, Father,
01:36 to come to deeper clearer understanding of Your word.
01:40 And as you enlightened us, Father,
01:43 we pray that the Holy Spirit may also convict us
01:47 that we may surrender to Jesus Christ
01:50 and embrace Your will for our life.
01:53 We pray in Jesus name, amen.
01:57 The Apostle Paul can be described
02:02 as the New Testament champion
02:08 on the teaching of salvation by grace through faith.
02:14 Paul is the apostle to the Gentiles.
02:21 It's been described this way.
02:24 And Paul in his ministry to the Gentiles
02:29 emphasized and made it clear that salvation
02:33 can be earned by no other method
02:37 but a simple surrender by faith,
02:42 a simple faith surrender to the grace of God,
02:45 so that you may be saved by grace through faith alone,
02:50 not by works, lest anyone should boast,
02:54 we're saved by grace.
02:55 Paul champions the cause for the cross of Jesus Christ,
02:59 and we must continue to lift Jesus up,
03:03 and to come to Calvary for grace,
03:06 for mercy, for salvation.
03:10 Salvation is by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
03:15 But, my friends, as we come to Jesus,
03:19 we are saved by His grace.
03:22 When He cleanses us, justifies us,
03:25 gives us this new life,
03:28 we need to know how to live for Jesus.
03:33 And, my friends, oneof the high points
03:38 in the experience of God's people
03:40 that God looks forward too
03:43 once every week is to meet in His people.
03:48 That's a high point for God.
03:50 Once a week, when God meets with His people,
03:55 His people meet together in fellowship to worship Him.
03:59 God looks forward for this joy, but, my friends,
04:04 the misunderstanding of God's word
04:06 and defective interpretation of the scriptures have led many
04:12 to disregard the Sabbath and deprive themselves,
04:18 and God of the joy of meeting with them
04:22 on the day that God has blessed and made holy.
04:25 Since Paul is a champion for righteousness by faith
04:29 and salvation by grace through faith,
04:31 many have pointed to his teaching,
04:35 to try to find grounds for the obrogation
04:40 or the abolition of the Sabbath.
04:44 Because of--some of Paul's pronouncements,
04:47 many have come to the conclusion
04:50 that Paul did away with the Sabbath
04:55 in somehow or that he taught
04:58 that the Sabbath was no longer necessary.
05:01 But have you ever heard the expression
05:04 that actions speak louder than words?
05:08 I believe, my friends, this is one instance in which
05:13 the actions of the apostle speaks louder than his words,
05:20 for many people have misunderstood his words.
05:25 But if we take a good look at his behavior,
05:29 his actions, his practice,
05:31 how he practices his Christianity,
05:34 we will realize that in,
05:37 in fact Paul has not taught
05:42 that we should do away with the Sabbath,
05:45 but instead he has affirmed it
05:49 in his own religious practice
05:53 and the way he lived his Christian life.
05:56 Let us go to the Book of Acts,
06:02 Chapter 13:42-44.
06:12 In that passage of scripture, we read,
06:18 "And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue,
06:23 the Gentiles besought that these words might be
06:27 preached to them the next Sabbath.
06:30 Now when the congregation was broken up,
06:34 many of the Jews and the religious proselytes
06:38 followed Paul and Barnabas, who speaking to them,
06:43 persuaded them to continue in the grace of God.
06:46 And the next Sabbath day came
06:49 almost the whole city together
06:53 to hear the word of God."
06:58 This, my friends,
07:01 took place during Paul's first missionary journey.
07:07 During Paul's first missionary journey,
07:10 Paul came to Antioch in Pisidia,
07:16 and on the Sabbath he went into the synagogue.
07:22 You find his background in Acts 13:14-15.
07:27 On the Sabbath, he went into the synagogue
07:31 and this time as we will see
07:33 in other instances that we will read.
07:37 He sat down as opposed to
07:43 teaching or persuading as we find in some other references.
07:48 He came and he sat.
07:51 He came and sat in the congregation,
07:54 himself and Barnabas.
07:56 So they came simply to worship.
08:00 But after the ridden of the law and the prophets,
08:04 we are told that the leaders of the synagogue send to call them,
08:10 because they knew they were in the congregation.
08:13 And I suppose we still do things like that today,
08:17 when a distinguished leader of the church
08:23 comes and sits in the congregation,
08:25 we like to kind of get them to come on the podium
08:29 and get involved and do something in the service.
08:33 Well, on this occasion in question,
08:35 Paul was invited to come and to say something,
08:40 they turned the pulpit over to Paul.
08:43 And on that day the Bible tells us
08:46 that Paul delivered a memorable message,
08:54 teaching about Jesus Christ,
08:57 and how the Bible had prophesied about His coming
09:02 and how Christ came and fulfilled the prophecy.
09:04 It was a moving moment in the ministry of the Apostle Paul
09:10 and what we find in Acts 13:42-44
09:15 which we read a while ago is that at the end of the service
09:19 after the Jews had gone out of the synagogue,
09:24 interestingly the Gentiles who were present worshiping
09:30 on that Sabbath requested, they asked the Apostle Paul
09:35 to preach that same message again,
09:38 but what comes after is interesting.
09:41 They said they would like the same message
09:44 to be preached to them the next Sabbath.
09:49 I have always found it interesting
09:51 that this request came from the Gentiles,
09:56 because many people who say,
10:00 "Well, Paul, did away with the Sabbath
10:03 claim that Paul taught the Gentiles
10:06 that the Sabbath was no longer necessary.
10:09 But here we find Paul together with Jews and Gentiles
10:14 worshiping God on the Holy Sabbath day.
10:16 And at the end of the service,
10:19 the Gentiles are so impressed,
10:21 so blessed by what they have heard.
10:24 I could tell you now that outside of the ministry of Paul
10:29 and the apostles, they would not have heard
10:32 much of what they heard, because the Jews
10:35 did not accept Christ as the Messiah
10:38 and Christ was not being preached,
10:40 so they were moved by it.
10:42 And they told Paul, "Listen, we want you
10:45 to preach this message the next Sabbath."
10:48 Now at that point, if Paul had been teaching
10:52 because of the resurrection as people claim,
10:55 that Christians were no longer
10:58 obligated to worship on the Sabbath
11:00 and now they were worshipping
11:04 on the first day of the week
11:08 How should I say, in a commemoration
11:11 or celebration of the resurrection,
11:14 if there was any first day worship going on,
11:19 the Gentiles who were so eager
11:23 to hear this message again would have told Paul,
11:28 we want this message preached tomorrow.
11:30 But they couldn't say that because there was no worship
11:34 on the first day of the week.
11:36 So they were willing to wait
11:38 the next Sabbath for the message.
11:41 And they went out and spread the word abroad
11:45 and when the next Sabbath came,
11:49 the Bible tells us that the whole city
11:53 came to the synagogue on the Sabbath,
11:58 they came to hear the word of God.
12:02 Oh, my friends, what a joy it would be
12:06 to see the whole neighborhood where you live,
12:11 the whole city, coming to God and worshipping Him
12:13 on the Sabbath in harmony with His Commandments.
12:16 But let me tell you this, God expects you,
12:21 you don't have to wait on anybody,
12:23 God expects you to do it.
12:25 If you do it, it's gonna bring joy to Jesus Christ.
12:29 All right, let's go back quickly to the point I'm making,
12:33 Paul worshipping on the Sabbath day
12:35 during his first missionary journey.
12:38 During his second missionary journey,
12:41 we still find the apostle worshipping God
12:45 on the holy Sabbath day.
12:48 Acts 17:1 and 2, the Bible tells us, my friends,
12:58 "That when they had passed through
13:03 Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica,
13:10 where was a synagogue of the Jews.
13:13 And Paul, as his manner was,
13:17 went in unto them, and three Sabbath days
13:22 reasoned with them out of the scriptures."
13:28 This is during Paul's second missionary journey.
13:34 During his first missionary journey,
13:37 he stopped at Antioch in Pisidia
13:41 and he went to church on the Sabbath,
13:43 got involved in the service,
13:45 and we just read what happened.
13:47 After he preached, people came, they loved the message,
13:50 the Gentiles who were worshipping said,
13:52 "Give us the same message the next Sabbath."
13:54 Paul agreed to preach it.
13:55 The next Sabbath the whole city came out,
13:58 that was Paul during his first missionary journey
14:01 at Antioch in Pisidia.
14:04 Now on his second missionary journey
14:08 Paul stops at Thessalonica and as his custom was
14:14 or as his manner was he went into the synagogue
14:20 on the Sabbath day, and three Sabbath days
14:24 reasoned with them out of the scriptures.
14:28 Now the Bible says it was his manner,
14:32 Acts 17:2, it was Paul's manner.
14:35 In the case of Jesus, Luke 4:16,
14:38 the Bible says, it was Jesus' custom.
14:41 It is saying the same thing here for Paul.
14:45 The word translated manner in Acts 17:2
14:49 in the word "Iofos" meaning custom or to be accustomed to.
14:57 So it was Paul's custom to worship on the Sabbath,
15:01 and here at Thessalonica, three Sabbath days
15:05 he reasoned with them,
15:09 he reasoned with them out of the scriptures.
15:14 In Acts 18:4, we find Paul again
15:19 reasoning in the synagogue.
15:21 It says, "And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath,
15:29 and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks."
15:34 "He reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath,
15:39 and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks."
15:46 Now Luke says in Acts 17:2,
15:53 it is his manner, his custom
15:56 to worship on the Sabbath.
15:58 And this is supported, my friends,
16:00 by his behavior during his first missionary
16:03 journey as we read a while ago in Acts 13:14 and 15
16:10 how he came into the synagogue and sat down,
16:13 was invited to preach, and we have seen
16:15 what happened after he delivered the sermon, in Acts 13:42-43.
16:21 So his behavior supports the claim that Luke makes,
16:27 that it is his custom or his manner
16:30 to worship on the Sabbath.
16:31 Now in Acts 18:4 he says he reasoned every Sabbath
16:38 and persuaded Jews and Greeks.
16:41 Now, every Sabbath for how long, you may ask.
16:46 Evidently, he was not
16:49 a permanent resident of Thessalonica.
16:53 Every Sabbath for how long?
16:55 My friend, Paul was there at Thessalonica
17:00 for at least 18 months, for a year and 6 months.
17:05 And every Sabbath during that time,
17:08 Paul went into the synagogue to worship on Sabbath,
17:14 and he reasoned meaning he talked, he discussed,
17:20 he debated, he persuaded both Jews and Gentiles.
17:26 Now this raises an interesting question.
17:31 What is it that Paul is reasoning so much about?
17:35 We can see clearly that going to church on Sabbath,
17:40 worshipping on Sabbath is his custom,
17:42 is his habit, his way of life.
17:45 He knows no other day of worship.
17:49 But what is it that Paul is reasoning
17:53 so much about in the synagogue?
17:55 What is his discuss all about?
17:58 What is the discussion?
18:00 What is Paul's contention as he preaches
18:05 and teaches in the synagogue on the Sabbath day?
18:11 We will find it in Acts 17:3.
18:18 The Bible tells us, "Opening and alleging,
18:24 that Christ must needs have suffered,
18:29 and risen again from the dead,
18:32 and that this Jesus whom I preach unto you, is Christ.
18:38 This Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ."
18:43 This is the message that Paul is carrying
18:48 to the Jews, to the Gentiles, as he worships on the Sabbath.
18:53 It has nothing to do as to weather or not
18:57 they should continue worshipping on the Sabbath.
18:59 It has nothing to do at all, the Sabbath is not the issue.
19:06 The issue is Christ.
19:09 We find it again, in Acts 18:5-6.
19:16 "And when Silas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia,
19:24 Paul was pressed in the spirit,
19:28 and testified to the Jews that Jesus was Christ.
19:33 And when they opposed themselves and blasphemed,
19:38 he shook his raiment, and said unto them,
19:42 Your blood be upon your own heads,
19:45 I am clean from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles."
19:51 Again we see, my friends,
19:54 that the issue is not the Sabbath.
19:57 The issue is Jesus.
20:01 That Jesus was the Christ, the suffering Messiah,
20:07 or the suffering Savior was a message
20:12 that the Jews refused to accept.
20:17 So in going from Sabbath to Sabbath,
20:20 worshipping in the synagogue and teaching and preaching,
20:23 discussing, reasoning and debating and persuading,
20:28 Paul is trying to get one thing across.
20:32 Jesus as the Messiah who died on the Cross of Calvary,
20:37 that the Jews may come to see
20:41 that the promise for the Messiah
20:43 had been fulfilled in Jesus,
20:46 but they kept on resisting this message, my friends.
20:51 They kept on resisting this message.
20:54 They just could not accept it.
20:58 So this was Paul's message.
21:00 This was Paul's contention.
21:03 It had nothing to do with whether or not
21:06 Sabbath should be kept or not be kept.
21:11 Paul was a Sabbath keeper.
21:14 Now we know Paul emphasizes
21:16 very strongly salvation by grace through faith.
21:21 They know what it means, by which we might be saved.
21:26 For our salvation is rooted in the Cross of Christ.
21:31 And my friends, we must never make the mistake
21:34 of believing that we can be saved by our works.
21:38 That mere Sabbath observance can bring us salvation.
21:43 That keeping of the Commandments can bring us salvation.
21:48 The Sabbath is not intended
21:51 as a method of salvation, my friends.
21:55 No, that is not the intent of it.
21:57 That is not the purpose of the Sabbath.
22:01 The Sabbath is intended to bring
22:05 those who are saved by grace
22:08 into proper fellowship and worship of God, their Creator.
22:15 When we are saved by grace, we are restored my friends.
22:20 We are reconciled to God and we are empowered by Jesus
22:26 to walk in harmony with God's will, God's law.
22:32 And God's law is not a burden.
22:33 It's not hard because Jesus
22:36 does not leave us on our own to do it.
22:38 He empowers us to live for Him
22:43 and He gives us His grace.
22:47 My friends, we know that even though Paul teaches
22:52 and emphasizes salvation by grace through faith,
22:56 and even though Paul is very strong
22:59 in teaching that there is no salvation
23:04 coming from law observance.
23:07 Paul is careful at the same time
23:10 to bring balance to his teaching,
23:12 and the problem, my friends,
23:15 many people have with the teaching of the apostle
23:18 is that they fail to understand the balance,
23:21 to come to grip with the balance
23:23 that Paul brings to his teaching
23:26 on the subject of the law and grace including the Sabbath.
23:30 When it comes to the means, the method of salvation,
23:35 Paul says the law and the Sabbath
23:37 has no part here at all.
23:39 It is all by grace through faith.
23:42 It is all Jesus, but once we come to know Jesus,
23:45 once we are saved by His grace,
23:48 Paul is very clear that we do not abolish the law.
23:54 Let us go to Romans 3:31,
24:00 Paul asked this question.
24:02 "Do we then make void the law through faith?"
24:06 The answer is no, "God forbid,
24:08 yeah, we establish the law."
24:11 And a very interesting question.
24:13 Do we make void the law through faith?
24:16 No, the apostle replies, God forbids,
24:19 instead we establish the law.
24:23 We establish the law by giving God
24:26 His rightful place in our lives.
24:31 We find there is grace for us when we sin.
24:34 Where sin abound grace much more abound.
24:37 But we do not continue in sin
24:39 just because we do not presume on the mercies of God.
24:45 We do not make void the law because of faith.
24:48 But we establish the law.
24:51 We establish the law by giving God
24:53 His rightful place in our lives.
24:56 We establish the law by surrendering our lives
25:00 to the will of God, subjecting ourselves
25:04 to the power of God, so that the indwelling Christ
25:08 can live His life within us in harmony with his holy law.
25:14 We established the law by observing it
25:20 through the grace and power of God.
25:22 The Sabbath included.
25:25 Romans 7:12, the apostle makes it clear my friends.
25:31 He says, "Wherefore the law is holy,
25:33 and the Commandment holy, and just, and good."
25:37 The law is holy, the Commandment's holy,
25:41 and just, and good.
25:42 So Paul brings balance to his understanding of law
25:46 and gospel by his actions, by his behavior,
25:53 by his going to church and worshipping every Sabbath
25:57 and living out in Sabbath services,
26:01 without any question, any issue as to whether or not
26:05 we should continue observing the Sabbath
26:07 but rather emphasizing Christ for salvation.
26:12 It makes it clear to us, my friends,
26:14 that the apostle Paul, nowhere in his understanding,
26:18 nowhere in his teaching,
26:19 makes any provision for the abrogation of God's law,
26:22 instead he says, let us establish it in our lives
26:26 by the grace of God because it is just and good and holy.
26:32 My friends, I want to invite you
26:35 to surrender your life to Jesus,
26:38 the same Jesus who saved Paul
26:41 on the road to Damascus by grace,
26:45 the same Jesus who inspired Paul,
26:50 to teach the message of salvation
26:51 by grace through faith and to practice it in his own life.
26:55 The same Jesus who died on the Cross for you,
26:58 now invites you to give your life to Him,
27:02 to accept Him as your Savior from sin
27:06 and once His grace is in your life,
27:09 by His power, to come to the joy
27:12 of the Sabbath, to come to the joy
27:16 of Sabbath observance, Sabbath worship,
27:20 and to meet Jesus, to enjoy fellowship with the saints,
27:24 to give God first place in your life.
27:26 My friends, it is my hope
27:30 that this presentation has helped you
27:34 to put the issue to rest
27:36 and to surrender your life fully,
27:39 completely to Jesus Christ.
27:42 Come into the joy of the Sabbath
27:45 as you walk with Him from day to day.
27:49 God bless you as Jesus becomes number one in your life.


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