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Blasphemy Of The Spirit

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00:30 Hello, my brothers and sisters.
00:32 I pray that you are being blessed today
00:34 as I'm here with you at the Faith Chapel.
00:36 My name is Carlos Pena.
00:38 I am the pastor of the Belvedere and the Rochelle,
00:40 Seventh-Day Adventist Churches.
00:42 The Lord said something to us while He was on this earth.
00:45 It is found in Mark chapter 3, verses 28 and 29.
00:49 And this is what he said.
00:50 He said, "Assuredly, I say to you,
00:52 all sins will be forgiven the sons of men,
00:54 and whatever blasphemies they may utter
00:56 but he who blasphemes against
00:58 the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness
01:00 but is subject to eternal condemnation."
01:04 Before we continue I invite you all
01:06 to have a short prayer with me.
01:08 Dear Father in heaven, we come before You, Father,
01:10 because we are Your children.
01:12 We pray, Father, that you forgive us our sins.
01:14 And we pray, father, that the Holy Spirit be here with us
01:17 as we study Your word.
01:18 We ask all in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
01:25 It is something to commit blasphemy
01:26 and have an unpardonable sin,
01:28 something that He will not forgive
01:30 because if your sins are not forgiven
01:32 then you cannot go to heaven
01:33 because only people that have their sins forgiven are saved.
01:37 So it's important to understand
01:38 just what it means to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.
01:43 The book of Luke chapter 12 and verse 10
01:47 gives a little bit more insight
01:49 as to what the Lord is talking about.
01:53 Luke 12:10 says the following.
01:55 "And anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man,
01:58 it will be forgiven him
02:00 but to him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit,
02:02 it will not be forgiven."
02:04 Verse 11 says, "Now when they bring you to the synagogues
02:08 and to the magistrates and authorities,
02:10 do not worry about what you-- what or what you may answer
02:13 or what you should say." And verse 12.
02:16 "For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour
02:19 what you ought to say."
02:21 First of all to understand what it means to blaspheme
02:24 the Holy Spirit we have to understand
02:26 what the job of the Holy Spirit is.
02:28 And this is also told by us in the Bible,
02:32 in the book of John,
02:34 chapter 16, verse 13.
02:41 The Bible says this, it says, "However,
02:45 when He, the spirit of truth, has come,
02:47 He will guide you into all truth for He will not speak on
02:51 His own authority but whatever He hears He will speak
02:54 and He will tell you about things to come."
02:57 So we see right away that it is the job of the Holy Spirit
03:00 or one of His functions is to guide us to the truth.
03:03 So what we have to understand
03:05 and ask ourselves just, what is the truth?
03:08 Now there are many definitions of truth
03:09 by philosophers in the world
03:11 but there is also a definition of truth by the Bible itself
03:15 and the Bible very plainly lets us know just what truth is.
03:19 And let us see what the Bible tells us what truth is.
03:23 In the letter to-- in the book of John 17:17
03:27 or chapter 17, verse 17,
03:30 the word of God says this,
03:32 it says, "Sanctify them by Your truth.
03:35 Your word is truth."
03:37 So we know right away that the word of God is truth.
03:40 So we have to ask ourselves just what is the word of God
03:44 and where is the word of God found?
03:46 You know, the word of God is found,
03:48 of course, in your Bible, from the book of Genesis
03:50 all the way to the book of Revelation.
03:52 All of this Holy Scriptures are inspired by God
03:55 or inspired by the Holy Spirit to make--
03:58 He inspired men to write these things.
04:01 I've always believed that there is only one truth
04:03 and there is only one Holy Spirit
04:05 and the Holy Spirit guides everyone to that one truth.
04:09 So we must be open minded.
04:10 We must be-- allow the Holy Spirit
04:13 to guide us to this truth.
04:15 And one thing that He will use, He will use the word of God
04:18 which is the Bible to guide us to the truth.
04:23 The truth is found in scripture.
04:24 Everything the scripture says is the truth.
04:26 It comes from the Holy Spirit Himself.
04:28 It comes from the word of God.
04:30 So as we learn to study the Bible,
04:32 as we take time to read the Bible,
04:34 as we take time to go through the Bible
04:36 we must also take time to be willing to change
04:39 if we come across something in the Bible
04:41 that does not agree with what we think or how we live.
04:45 You know, when we come upon certain passages
04:47 that are difficult to understand
04:49 we must also pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit
04:51 so that He can help us understand.
04:54 Because there are things in the Bible
04:55 even now that are difficult for me to understand.
04:58 So as you start to study the Bible,
05:00 as you start to read the Bible,
05:01 pray that the Holy Spirit will give you understanding
05:04 so that you can make those changes in your lives.
05:07 And be not afraid to make those changes
05:10 because as the Holy Spirit shows you these truths in the Bible
05:13 whatever they may be. You know, before that time
05:16 if you did not know that was a truth,
05:18 you were not sinning. You were okay with God.
05:21 But now that you know the truth, then you must make a decision.
05:24 You will either accept the truth
05:27 and accept the truth in your life
05:28 and continue to live that truth in your life
05:30 or you can choose to reject that truth and not accept that truth
05:35 and act as if you had never heard that truth.
05:37 Well, up to that point you were not breaking the law of God,
05:40 up to that point you were not sinning
05:42 but if you continue from that point
05:44 forward to reject the truth
05:45 that you already know then now you are sinning,
05:48 now you are breaking the law of God.
05:50 And you are in a very dangerous situation before God.
05:54 Because the Holy Spirit takes his time
05:57 to show you what the truth is. That is His job.
06:02 If you reject anything that the Bible says,
06:04 you are rejecting the Holy Spirit.
06:06 And if you are rejecting the Holy Spirit,
06:09 you are calling Him a liar.
06:10 You are saying I know more than You do,
06:12 therefore, I don't have to accept what the truth
06:15 that You are showing me is.
06:16 And by rejecting the Holy Spirit and by calling Him a liar,
06:19 you are in effect blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.
06:23 How can the Lord forgive you if you know the truth
06:27 and refuse to follow the truth?
06:30 Unfortunately, that is the situation
06:32 with most of the human race.
06:34 You know, a lot of people get to know
06:36 what the truth is but they choose to reject it
06:39 and they choose to behave
06:40 as if they had never heard the truth
06:42 and they are in very shaky grounds.
06:44 They are on dangerous grounds.
06:47 Because if you know the truth and you refuse to follow it,
06:50 then the Lord cannot forgive you.
06:52 How can He? I urge my brothers and sisters,
06:55 that if you know certain truths of the Bible
06:57 that you have been rejected,
06:59 I urge you to change your lives and act accordingly.
07:02 Accept those truth that the Holy Spirit has shown you
07:05 and begin to live those truth
07:07 that the Holy Spirit has shown you.
07:08 And not only that, teach others what the Holy Spirit teaches you
07:12 because at the end that is what we are here for.
07:15 We are just not here to learn. We are not here study.
07:18 We're also here to teach others what the Lord teaches us.
07:23 Another question that we have to answer ourselves is this,
07:26 What is the word of God?
07:28 Well, my brothers, the word of God
07:29 is the whole Bible.
07:30 From Genesis all the way down to the book of Revelation.
07:34 And I know there are certain religions and certain peoples
07:38 that reject part of the Bible.
07:40 I know that our Hebrew brothers and sisters
07:42 they do not study the New Testament.
07:44 They only study the Old Testament.
07:46 Some of our other brothers and sisters
07:47 reject some of the letters of Paul.
07:49 Some other brothers and sisters reject the book of Revelation
07:53 when all of the Bible has been inspired by the Holy Spirit
07:57 and given to men to write these things down
07:59 that the Lord showed them in visions.
08:01 So they are all the truth and they all point to the truth
08:04 and they make a nice complete whole.
08:08 The situation that we may be in is we may think
08:11 we know more than God and choose to reject
08:13 certain portions of the Bible.
08:15 And we have no authority to do that
08:18 because the whole Bible is inspired
08:20 by the Holy Spirit Himself.
08:24 Do not get yourself in a situation
08:26 where you're rejecting the truth
08:27 that the Holy Spirit shows you.
08:29 Because if you reject the truth that the Holy Spirit shows you,
08:32 you are once again in very dangerous grounds.
08:35 I urge all my brothers and sisters
08:37 to learn to accept everything that the Bible says,
08:40 to learn to accept everything that is written for you
08:42 because the Lord took time to inspire the--
08:45 to inspire men to write these things down for us.
08:48 Especially in these last days
08:50 where the whole human race needs to get to the Bible more
08:54 and learn more about what the Bible says.
08:57 But the only way to get to it is to learn to study it.
09:00 And you learn to study it on a daily basis.
09:03 To get more on what the truth is in John chapter 14, verse 6,
09:09 the Bible gives a further definition of what the truth is.
09:13 And it says this, "Jesus said to him,
09:16 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.
09:19 No one comes to the Father except through Me.'"
09:22 Jesus himself talking to us
09:24 lets us know that He is the truth.
09:28 And this great truth that the Father
09:30 has given us is to be followed.
09:31 He is our great example on how to do things,
09:35 our great example on how to live.
09:37 Jesus is the answer to everything.
09:40 Jesus-- the Bible is written about
09:41 Jesus from the book of Genesis
09:43 all the way to the book of Revelation.
09:45 Just because Jesus was born in the New Testament
09:48 does not mean that he was not around
09:50 when the Old Testament was being written.
09:52 Jesus was there Himself even though
09:55 Jesus was born in Bethlehem
09:56 does not mean that he did not exist before that.
09:59 Jesus has always existed.
10:01 Jesus has always been our truth.
10:03 He is our example and we should learn more about Him
10:07 so that we can do the things He did
10:09 and walked the way He walked
10:11 and do everything the way He did it.
10:13 Jesus is all--has always been our example
10:16 and He will always be our example.
10:18 He is our only hope for us to get
10:20 out of the situation that we are in.
10:22 He is the way and He is the truth.
10:24 No one goes to the Father except through Him.
10:28 So how do we learn about our Lord Jesus Christ?
10:31 Well, we go back to the Bible and we see what Jesus did.
10:35 And we believe as Jesus believed.
10:37 We taught as Jesus taught.
10:39 One of the things that we may not have in common
10:41 with most Christians as we try to believe what Jesus believed.
10:45 So what did Jesus believe about certain things?
10:48 That's what we do, you know.
10:50 And another example of what the truth is,
10:52 the Bible lets us know in Psalms 119, verse 151.
10:59 It lets us know, it says, "You are near, O Lord,
11:04 all Your commandments are truth."
11:07 So here we see the complete
11:09 biblical definition of what the truth is.
11:13 The Bible lets us know that all the word of God,
11:16 all scripture is the truth.
11:18 It is what the Holy Spirit uses to sanctify us.
11:22 The Bible also lets us know that Jesus Christ is the truth
11:25 and He is our example in everything that we do.
11:29 And the Bible also lets us know
11:31 that the commandments of God are truth.
11:36 It is what we use in our lives to change ourselves.
11:41 Now I know that keeping the law of God
11:42 or keeping the commandments of God is not going to save us.
11:46 But not keeping the-- not keeping them
11:49 and knowing that they should be kept may condemn us.
11:52 You know, this great country of ours,
11:54 this great country of ours is known for its liberty.
11:56 It's known for, you know, the rights that the people
12:00 of this great country of the United States have.
12:02 But the people have these rights,
12:04 the people have these liberties
12:06 because this is a country that is run by law.
12:09 The Constitution of this great country lets us know
12:11 that the people that live in this country have rights.
12:14 The people that live in this country have certain freedoms
12:17 that are given to us by the constitution.
12:19 It is the law of the land.
12:22 Imagine yourself if this--
12:23 if the laws that run this country were done away with.
12:27 If the laws that run this country
12:28 were done away with, there would be no freedom.
12:31 There would be no rights.
12:33 There would be no civil liberties.
12:35 There would be no hope.
12:36 There would be complete chaos.
12:38 Let us keep in mind that the law truly does bring liberty.
12:42 The true--really, the law really does keep us safe.
12:46 And just like the laws of this country keep us safe
12:48 and give us these rights, so does the law of God keep us safe
12:52 and give us rights that nobody else has.
12:56 When the Lord was asked
12:57 while He was on this earth what the two great commandments are,
13:00 He said, "Love the Lord thy God with all your heart
13:03 and with all your soul and with all your mind."
13:05 And He also said, "Love your neighbor as yourself."
13:09 When you study the Ten Commandments
13:11 you see how these Ten Commandments
13:13 are related from those two.
13:14 In fact, these Ten Commandments
13:15 come from those two great commandments.
13:19 They are what they hang from.
13:21 This is the great law that runs the entire universe.
13:24 The Ten Commandments are simply--
13:25 they were written in a way as
13:27 how they apply to the human race.
13:28 And that is how those two great commandments apply to us.
13:33 If we truly understand that the law of God is truth,
13:36 we are not going to blaspheme His name.
13:38 We are not going to use His name in vain.
13:41 We are not going to have idols.
13:42 We are not going to bow down to them.
13:44 We are going to keep the seventh day Sabbath,
13:46 because that is what the law tells us to do
13:49 and the Bible itself has let us know
13:51 that that is where the truth is.
13:54 Now the last six have to do
13:55 with loving our neighbor as ourselves.
13:57 If we truly love our neighbor as ourself
13:59 we are not going to steal from our neighbor.
14:02 We are not going to commit adultery.
14:03 We are going to honor our parents.
14:05 We are not going to desire anything that is our neighbors
14:08 because we love our neighbors.
14:09 When you study the law and for what it truly is
14:13 we see that the law is a relationship law.
14:16 It's, how do we relate to our Father
14:18 and how do we relate to each other?
14:20 That is truly what the law is about.
14:22 Now we read it sometimes
14:24 and we see a lot of do's and don'ts.
14:25 But in reality it is about relationships.
14:29 And the Lord wants us to relate with Him.
14:31 The Lord wants us to relate
14:32 with our fellow brothers and sisters.
14:34 How do we choose to do that?
14:36 And the more you study the Bible,
14:38 the more you see that the Ten Commandments are holy
14:41 and they are true and they are just and there is nothing wrong
14:46 with them as they are written in the book of Exodus.
14:51 Unfortunately, many people want to think
14:54 that it's possible to change the law of God
14:56 and they do not follow the law of God the way it is written.
15:00 but it is up to us who now know the truth to show these people
15:04 what they should be doing.
15:06 To show these people that the law of God is good.
15:09 Because that is what the Bible tells us what the truth is.
15:13 Once again the Bible lets us know
15:15 that the word of God is truth and we have been shown
15:18 that the whole Bible is truth, not just the New Testament,
15:22 not just the Old Testament, but every bit of the Bible
15:25 is where the truth is found.
15:28 You know, many people say that the book of Revelation
15:30 is difficult to understand and they refuse to study it
15:33 because it is difficult to understand.
15:36 But one of the reasons that it's difficult to understand
15:38 and people don't really take time to read it
15:40 is because most of the book of Revelation
15:42 is found in the Old Testament, almost word for word.
15:46 So if you don't take time to study the Old Testament
15:49 there's no way that you can study the New Testament.
15:52 You know, when John the Baptist was on this earth
15:55 and when he saw Jesus for the very first time,
15:58 the very first words that came out of John's mouth were,
16:01 "Behold, the Lamb of God
16:03 who takes away the sin of the world."
16:06 Now you may not think that's important but try to explain
16:09 that verse without using the Old Testament.
16:12 First of all, how do you know what the Lamb of God means
16:15 unless you go to the Old Testament
16:17 and see what the lamb represent
16:19 and see what the lamb is about?
16:21 Even the very word sin, you cannot understand
16:23 what sin is unless you go back to Genesis
16:26 and see what Adam and Eve committed the first sin
16:29 and you can understand what sin is truly about.
16:32 So that simple verse that John said to Jesus Christ
16:34 cannot be understood unless you go back to the Old Testament
16:38 and see where sin developed
16:40 and also see what the Lamb of God is all about.
16:44 I always question these people that when you show them
16:46 quote from the Old Testament they simply say
16:48 that it's in the Old Testament.
16:49 It does not apply to them anymore.
16:51 But I say to these people, you cannot understand
16:54 the New Testament unless you study the Old Testament.
16:58 You cannot understand Jesus Christ
16:59 and His mission unless you read about
17:01 what He was supposed to do in the Old Testament.
17:04 Because the Old Testament tells us
17:06 what Jesus the Messiah was supposed to do
17:09 and we can see how Jesus fulfilled scripture in His life
17:13 by studying what the Old Testament says about Him.
17:16 So my dear brothers and sisters,
17:18 please take time to understand
17:21 just how important it is to study
17:24 the whole word of God,
17:27 the Old and the New Testament.
17:29 They are still inspired by the same Holy Spirit
17:32 and the same Holy Spirit
17:33 is still guiding us to the whole truth.
17:36 And as we get to know more about our God
17:38 and we get to know more about our Lord Jesus Christ,
17:40 as we study scriptures, the Holy Spirit will continue
17:43 to lead us to find out more truth.
17:47 And once again He has let us know
17:49 that the commandments of God are truth.
17:52 So the question again, how do we blaspheme the Holy Spirit?
17:56 Well, reject His truth
17:58 and you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit
18:00 because the Holy Spirit takes time to teach you.
18:04 It is important to realize that we are in a school
18:08 and the Holy Spirit is the teacher.
18:11 And we are all in that school somewhere.
18:14 Some of us may be in kindergarten,
18:16 some of us may be in first or second grade
18:19 or some of us may be in high school.
18:21 Some of us may be in college or a major university
18:24 going for various degree but we are all in the same school.
18:28 And it is the teacher-- the teacher is the Holy Spirit
18:31 who takes time to teach us.
18:33 And He will not teach us more unless we grasp
18:36 what He's teaching us before.
18:37 In other words, He will not take us to the next class
18:40 or the next grade until we have mastered those grades before us.
18:44 And I have seen people that have been in the church
18:46 for 15, 20 years and have not gotten out of first grade.
18:51 You know, they are still there.
18:53 You know, they don't understand.
18:54 They're still there causing problems for the church
18:57 because they refuse to grow.
18:59 You know, when you look at a child,
19:01 when you look at an infant
19:02 and if that infant is not growing
19:05 then we take him to the doctor to see
19:06 what is wrong with that child
19:07 because we know that that child should be growing.
19:10 It is the same thing with us in our spiritual lives.
19:13 You know, we are all born-again Christians.
19:15 We all start out as infants
19:16 but the Holy Spirit expects us to grow.
19:19 But if we refuse to grow
19:21 it is because there is something wrong with us,
19:23 not with the Holy Spirit.
19:25 Because He is doing everything He can to teach us
19:28 that He is guiding us to the truth.
19:30 And He uses the same method that He has used forever.
19:34 The same methods that He uses with us,
19:36 He has used in the past.
19:38 He is always showing us the Lord.
19:39 He is always showing us scripture.
19:41 He is always showing us the law.
19:43 You know, when you look at what has happened
19:45 throughout history, you know, we can see
19:47 that the people of God reject one truth or the other
19:51 but very rarely accept the whole complete truth.
19:55 When Jesus was on this earth, the people of God,
19:58 His people, the people of Israel claimed to keep the law.
20:02 But yet they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ.
20:05 Now we know that the law is truth
20:07 and we know that the scriptures are truth.
20:09 And the people during Jesus' time, especially
20:12 the Pharisees, they were masters of what the Bible said.
20:16 And in fact, one of their favorite sayings was
20:17 that if they had lived during the time of the prophets
20:20 they would not have stoned the prophets.
20:22 And yet see what they did to our Lord Jesus Christ.
20:26 So they grasped part of the truth
20:28 but they didn't grasp the complete truth.
20:31 And now us, as Christians 2000 years later,
20:34 we claim to know and believe and accept Jesus Christ
20:37 but we rejected the rest of the truth.
20:40 Some of us Christians reject
20:41 what part of the Bible says about Him.
20:44 And some of us Christians reject part of the books of the Bible.
20:47 And some of us Christians reject the law.
20:50 But the people of God will always accept
20:53 the complete truth which is, of course,
20:56 the whole Bible, which is, of course,
20:58 accepting His Son as the Savior of the world and, of course,
21:02 accepting the law of God as the law that not only rules us
21:06 but rules the entire universe.
21:09 It is time for us to wake up.
21:10 It is time for us to understand that we live in the last days.
21:14 That we are living right before the coming of the Lord
21:17 and there will be a people who will be
21:20 ready to accept the Lord.
21:22 We are told many times that there will be a people
21:25 who do keep the law and who have
21:27 the testimony of Jesus Christ.
21:29 And they will be ready for their Master
21:31 for when He returns.
21:33 And I pray that all of us here will be ready for that day.
21:37 I pray that all of us here are willing to accept the truth,
21:41 whatever it may be and however painful
21:44 it may be because I know that the truth can be painful.
21:48 I know that the truth can divide families.
21:51 I know that the truth can divide friends.
21:53 But in a situation like that, it is better to follow God
21:57 rather than men because people are not going to save you.
22:01 God is going to save you. The kingdom is coming.
22:04 The kingdom of glory is a kingdom where there--
22:06 it is a kingdom run by law.
22:08 And God has shown us over and over and over again
22:11 that a kingdom must have law
22:14 so that there can be law and order.
22:16 If there is no law, there is no order.
22:19 Sometimes we think that the law is bad,
22:21 that somehow the law restrains us.
22:23 But it does not. In fact, the law gives us freedom.
22:27 It is the law of liberty. It is a law that is good.
22:31 It is a law that is truth.
22:34 You know, and there are certain situations also
22:37 where we may catch ourselves lying to the Holy Spirit.
22:41 We know in the books of Acts 5:1-11,
22:45 there is an interesting story about a couple.
22:48 And it is a couple that lied to the Holy Spirit
22:52 and then Holy Spirit took things into His own hands.
22:56 And sometimes when we think of the Holy Spirit,
22:58 we think of the Holy Spirit as being someone
22:59 that is very timid.
23:01 But we can see that sometimes He does take matters
23:03 into His own hands and takes action.
23:06 We will start reading in the book of Acts chapter 5
23:08 starting at verse 1.
23:10 It says, "But a certain man named Ananias
23:13 and Sapphira his wife, sold a possession.
23:16 And he kept back part of the proceeds.
23:18 His wife also being aware of it
23:20 and brought a certain part
23:22 and laid it at the apostles' feet.
23:24 But Peter said, 'Ananias, why has Satan filled
23:26 your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit
23:30 and keep back part of the price of the land for yourself?
23:33 While it remained, was it not your own?
23:35 And after it was sold, was it not out of your own control?
23:38 Why have you conceived this thing in your heart?
23:41 You have not lied to men but to God.'"
23:45 Verse 5 says, "Then Ananias, hearing these...
23:56 Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last.
24:00 So great fear came upon all those who heard these things."
24:04 Now it is interesting that as when his wife came in
24:06 the same thing happened to her.
24:09 Now when we think of the Holy Spirit sometimes
24:11 we think of a timid individual.
24:14 But we see that He is not timid at all.
24:17 When He gets angry, when He gets upset
24:19 this is what He does.
24:22 This family lied to the Holy Spirit.
24:24 They promised the Holy Spirit something
24:26 and then they didn't go through, they didn't follow through.
24:29 The Holy Spirit took matters into His own hands.
24:32 He did not forgive them and did what He had to do
24:35 for the good of the church.
24:38 My brothers and sisters, please do not lie to the Holy Spirit.
24:42 If the Holy Spirit is going to take time to show you
24:44 what the truth is and you tell the Holy Spirit
24:48 that you are willing to accept the truth,
24:51 when He shows it to you, you better accept it.
24:54 Because if you don't accept it,
24:56 you will once again be lying to the Holy Spirit.
25:00 And we do not want to be caught lying to the Holy Spirit.
25:04 We have to remember that God does not change.
25:07 God is the same today or yesterday, today, and forever.
25:10 He changes not. We are the ones that have to change.
25:16 Another way to upset the Holy Spirit is to bring
25:19 in strange fire to the temple.
25:23 Remember the brothers, Nadab and Abihu?
25:25 That is found in the book of Leviticus chapter 10,
25:29 verses 1 through 3.
25:34 This is what the Bible says.
25:36 "Now Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron,
25:39 each took his censer and put fire in it,
25:41 put incense on it and offered profane fire
25:44 before the Lord which He had not commanded them.
25:46 So fire went out from the Lord and devoured them
25:49 and they died before the Lord."
25:51 Now that's interesting.
25:53 Some people think and claim that God doesn't kill,
25:55 that God doesn't hurt.
25:57 But yet here we have two instances
25:58 where He took matters into His own hands
26:00 and they all had to do with holy things.
26:02 And Ananias and Sapphira promised
26:04 something to the Holy Spirit
26:06 and then they went back on their word
26:07 and the Holy Spirit took action.
26:09 Here Nadab and Abihu, sons of Aaron,
26:12 one of them was going to be the high priest.
26:14 They got a little bit-- a little bit drunk, I guess.
26:18 And they did things they weren't supposed to
26:20 and they brought strange fire into the sanctuary
26:22 or into the temple area
26:24 and the Lord took care of it Himself.
26:28 A strange fire in modern times would be a way of bringing
26:31 in strange doctrines into the church.
26:34 Every person that brings in his strange belief,
26:36 it better be tested by the word of God
26:38 to make sure that it is from the word of God.
26:41 And not some weird idea or weird way of thinking
26:44 that every now and then creeps into the church.
26:46 Everything must be tested and we must not allow
26:50 strange thoughts or strange ideas or strange doctrines
26:53 to somehow creep into the church
26:56 because that will only upset the Holy Spirit.
26:59 And once again they will take--
27:01 or He will take matters into His own hands.
27:05 I urge you, my brothers and sisters,
27:07 not to upset the Holy Spirit.
27:09 I urge you to accept everything that He teaches you.
27:12 I urge you not to lie to Him.
27:14 I urge you not to profane His name because He is God.
27:19 I pray--let us get together now and have a short word of prayer.
27:25 Dear Father in heaven, I thank you, Father,
27:27 for your Holy Spirit.
27:28 And the trouble that He goes through to show us the truth.
27:31 Teach us, Father, not to upset Him.
27:33 Teach us, Father, to follow His ways.
27:35 For we ask all in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
27:41 I urge you, my brothers and sisters,
27:43 never to take the Holy Spirit lightly.
27:46 He loves us very much. He loves Jesus very much.
27:49 And He continues to guide us to what the truth is.
27:51 And He expects us to follow the truth. Thank you very much.


Revised 2014-12-17