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00:30 Hello, welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I'm Pastor Mark Duarte and our message today
00:35 is titled "Look, Here is Water."
00:38 Would you join me for a word of prayer?
00:40 Our heavenly Father, we thank You
00:42 for giving us Your word the Bible.
00:45 And we thank You for giving us Jesus,
00:47 who is the word, who became flesh
00:49 and dwelt among us and brought to us
00:52 salvation, a future and a hope.
00:56 Guide us as we look at Your word today.
00:58 And we thank You in Jesus name, amen.
01:03 As a result of some very serious persecution
01:07 which began in Jerusalem after the stoning of Stephen,
01:11 the believers were scattered, scattered.
01:14 And the-- one of the disciples,
01:17 one of the workers there Philip,
01:18 he went about preaching the Bible says, in Samaria.
01:22 That's not an easy thing for a Jew to do, not in those days.
01:25 And it says, he preached the word and nothing else.
01:29 The word, what word?
01:30 Well, he preached the Bible and he preached Christ
01:33 who is the word made flesh.
01:36 He had a message you see, just as you and I,
01:39 just as every Christian does,
01:41 we have a message that must be proclaimed to the world.
01:44 No fancy human philosophy did he use,
01:47 no quaint stories, just the word.
01:49 The story of Jesus as the old hymn says,
01:52 "Tell Me The Old Old Story."
01:55 The reception of Philips preaching was wonderful,
01:57 the account tells us and many were baptized.
02:01 The natural result of receiving God's word is baptism,
02:06 from the beginning to that point
02:08 and baptism is not the end of things
02:11 it's really the beginning, the new birth, the new life,
02:13 the new man being made after the image of Christ.
02:17 Just as the inevitable result of two people
02:20 falling deeply in love will usually cumulate in marriage
02:25 and spending the rest of their lives together.
02:27 Now on the way back to Jerusalem,
02:29 Philip and some of the others
02:31 they continued to preach in the villages along the way
02:35 and while engaged in that active evangelism,
02:38 active witnessing, Philip was given a very special message
02:42 by an angel of the Lord, a true angel.
02:46 And its active labor that we most often come up
02:50 with little blockades here and there,
02:52 we know, what do we do next?
02:54 What do we do next?
02:55 And the Lord leads and the Lord lets us know.
02:57 In this case it was an angel.
02:59 Don't know, if you remember a few years back
03:02 angels seemed to be a very, very popular thing,
03:04 television shows, angel this and angel that,
03:07 little trinkets you can buy at the store with angels
03:10 and cards with it, everything was angels.
03:12 But let's not forget that in the scriptures
03:14 there are two kinds of angels.
03:15 The angels of the Lord and those fallen angels.
03:19 The angels of the evil one but Philip knew the difference
03:23 which was which and who was who.
03:25 And so that brings us up to the story today
03:27 which is found in the Book of Acts
03:29 and that's Chapter 8 in the Book of Acts.
03:32 And we want to begin by picking up the story here in verse 26,
03:36 and we'll look at this verse by verse.
03:39 Acts 8:26,
03:42 "Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying,
03:46 'Arise and go toward the south along the road
03:49 which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.'
03:52 This is desert."
03:56 Well, we are familiar with the word Gaza, the Gaza strip.
04:00 Lot of things still happening
04:01 in that area of the world today.
04:03 But notice in that verse, the angel of the Lord came
04:06 and the first thing the angel said to Philip was, "arise."
04:10 So someone imagines, well, was he sitting down
04:12 when the message came?
04:13 No, no, no, no.
04:14 Arise, what did he mean arise?
04:16 God's call is always an upward call.
04:21 To follow Him we have to get up and go where He leads.
04:26 Christians who only warm pews at church
04:30 year after year and month after month,
04:32 they really shot changed themselves
04:34 and never experienced the joy
04:36 and adventure that active service brings.
04:39 And I know if anyone who has experienced that
04:41 has now said, amen.
04:43 Active service.
04:45 They will soon begin to find fault
04:47 with their fellow Christian brothers and sisters
04:50 and find fault and gossip and, you know,
04:53 the cure from many of our ills in church
04:56 and among one another and even in families is to arise
05:00 and obey the gospel commission to go.
05:03 Go where? Wherever it is that the Lord leads.
05:06 That's the exciting part.
05:07 Philip had to arise and go
05:10 and the Word of the God is living and active.
05:14 The scripture say,
05:15 like a two edge sword cuts both ways.
05:17 It cuts, but it cuts to heal.
05:20 It must move our hearts to get up and to arise and go.
05:25 God does not simply ask people,
05:28 go over there, I'm not gonna tell you where.
05:29 It's true with Abraham, He said,
05:30 go to a place I will show you,
05:32 didn't seem to really have named it
05:33 but God has a specific place and a specific purpose,
05:38 a specific type of ministry
05:40 He wants us to be involved with.
05:42 Often times we have these lofty dreams,
05:44 well, I'll be doing this and I want to do that,
05:46 when the ministry may be right under our noses, right here.
05:50 One preacher I remember many years ago saying,
05:52 we need as Christians to learn to pray the prayer.
05:55 God, today use me in Your service.
05:59 Help me to make a difference in somebody's life,
06:01 to reach out and touch someone's life for You
06:04 and help me to see the opportunity.
06:07 How often have opportunities past us by
06:10 even though we have prayed, use me today.
06:13 It reminds me one time many years ago in Japan
06:17 that I was a volunteer missionary there
06:19 working with language schools
06:21 and I was on a train in the evening coming back
06:24 from teaching an outside class at a company, group of people.
06:29 And I was dog tired sitting there on the train,
06:32 some of the seats faced each other this way
06:33 and some are lined up parallel.
06:35 And as I sat there it was in the night and of course,
06:38 so there was a reflection of the lights from inside
06:40 and I could see several rows in this direction,
06:43 there was a young girl looking at me
06:45 and really looking at me.
06:47 It made me uncomfortable and I said,
06:49 oh, I don't know what she's looking at
06:51 but took out my book, started to read,
06:53 after a couple of minutes or so I felt a presence come
06:56 and just sit down next to me and it was her.
06:58 And I wondered, what does she want?
07:00 She turned over to me and she said,
07:01 excuse me, where are you from?
07:02 You know, and we exchanged small talk
07:04 and her with her limited English
07:06 and my-- with my regular English
07:08 'cause I couldn't speak very much Japanese at the time.
07:11 And one thing led to the next and first thing,
07:14 you know, I gave her a card, invited her to the school,
07:17 she came began taking English classes,
07:19 joined the Bible study classes
07:21 and all the results of being on a train just tired,
07:25 just thinking I'm doing my regular my whole hmm thing here
07:28 but God uses some of the things
07:30 we least expect to touch peoples lives
07:33 if we are willing to arise.
07:34 And what if what I'd said, err...
07:36 and moved and got off the train?
07:38 But being open and willing to just talk
07:41 even though I was so tired having used English
07:44 all day along there, it doesn't matter.
07:46 And in the text we read,
07:48 it says, that Philip was sent on this road
07:51 which was a desert road.
07:56 Sometimes the most unpromising looking places
08:00 or opportunities or situations can reap some of the benefit,
08:05 some of the most wonderful results for the gospel,
08:08 for the benefit of the kingdom of God
08:10 but for those who like Philip,
08:14 who are willing to go for God.
08:17 The desert road was a descending road
08:21 the scripture says, kind of like a downhill road.
08:24 It was downhill literally from Jerusalem.
08:26 The road to service may take us into places that
08:29 for us may seem beneath us or in a place,
08:31 whoa, I got a downgrade my life here,
08:33 cut things and drop things.
08:35 And I remember in working with voluntary missionaries
08:38 for years that often times they would call
08:40 or write a letter, what should I bring?
08:42 What do I need to spend a year as a volunteer?
08:44 And sometimes even having received the letter
08:46 and the explanation they would show up
08:48 at the airport with all these suitcases and stuff.
08:51 One young lady one time, it's still kind of funny to me,
08:54 showed up with one suitcase full of shoes, only shoes.
08:58 And we told her, you better mail those home,
08:59 you're not gonna need all those shoes over there in Asia
09:01 and she didn't, and she did,
09:04 that is she didn't need the shoes
09:05 but she mailed them home.
09:06 Let's continue looking now as we learned from Philip
09:11 and putting your self-interest aside verse 27 here
09:14 in the same chapter of Acts Chapter 8.
09:17 "So he arose and he went.
09:20 And behold, a man of Ethiopia,
09:22 a eunuch of great authority
09:25 under Candace the queen of Ethiopians,
09:27 who had charge of all her treasury,
09:29 and had come to Jerusalem to worship."
09:32 Philip met a eunuch
09:35 from the chord of the queen of Ethiopia.
09:39 Who would ever expect to find such,
09:41 such a person of great position
09:44 on a desert road in a lonely place going downhill
09:48 but he went when the Lord told him to go.
09:49 Now eunuchs were usually chamberlains
09:52 used in the Royal women's quarters
09:54 and they could hold a high office as a man
09:57 which he did without any problems of the things
10:00 that could potentially happen in that area of the palace.
10:03 But the eyes of the Jews, in the eyes of the Jews
10:06 this man was cut off not being a Jew,
10:09 not being a part of the congregation
10:11 or of the covenant,
10:12 he was someone who was considered a gentile.
10:16 And he may have been cut off in the eyes of the Jews,
10:18 but he was not cut off in the eyes of God
10:21 and that's the most important part.
10:24 So here he was having comeback from Jerusalem
10:27 having gone up there for the purpose of worshiping,
10:29 a seeker after truth with enough money
10:32 to have purchase for himself a scroll from the scriptures
10:35 we will see which were all handwritten in those days
10:38 on under simple cover as we have the Bible in our time.
10:41 And I want to read from the Book of Galatians 3:28.
10:46 Galatians 3:28. We read these beautiful words
10:50 "There is neither Jew nor Greek,
10:53 there is neither slave nor free,
10:56 there is neither male nor female,
10:58 for you are all one in Christ Jesus."
11:02 One in Christ Jesus.
11:05 There is the source, there is the motivating factor,
11:08 there is the power for true unity among men and women
11:13 and the only place to find Christian unity
11:17 which is only found of course in Christ.
11:20 So Philip met this man.
11:22 This man was a trusted servant,
11:24 in charge of the queens treasury, we just read.
11:28 He was an honest seeker of truth
11:30 just as he was honest in his worldly dealings.
11:33 And though he was custom to living in luxury,
11:36 he was not satisfied.
11:38 With all that he had something was still lacking,
11:41 something was missing from his life
11:43 and he probably went to Jerusalem
11:45 to find that missing something
11:48 and to find peace of mind and peace between him and God.
11:53 Did he find it?
11:54 Perhaps he did, partially anyway.
11:57 He had been there to worship.
11:59 His trip was a personal pilgrimage if you will.
12:02 And no doubt he had prayed much for God
12:07 to touch him at a level that only God could
12:10 and putting together all the faith that he could muster.
12:13 And so here he was away from the noise
12:15 and the crowds of Jerusalem
12:17 and in his chariot reading the scroll
12:19 and there were no distractions on the desert road
12:22 and God sent him a personal teacher as an answer to prayer.
12:27 What is my reason for going to church?
12:30 Do you go to church?
12:32 What's your reason for going--
12:33 what your reason for not going to church?
12:35 That could be another topic.
12:37 What's your reason for going to church?
12:38 What do you hope to find when you go there?
12:40 What does it mean to worship God?
12:43 Often times I fear we forget
12:46 that aspect of the church body in assembly in worship.
12:52 Worship is something that we give to God.
12:55 Years ago I remember an old preacher saying
12:57 when I was in my early 20's
12:59 that the word worship has something to do
13:01 with blowing kisses of adoration to God.
13:04 Well, that's what this man had gone to do.
13:07 And certainly I hope we can experience that also
13:10 as we go to church to worship
13:12 and as we turn our hearts towards God,
13:14 they blow kisses to Him
13:15 because it is God who draws us and pulls us into His worship.
13:20 We'll back in Acts and verse 28 of chapter 8.
13:24 Act 8:28 "He was returning, and sitting in his chariot,
13:30 he was read Isaiah the prophet."
13:33 Reading from the prophet Isaiah
13:35 and I was found that interesting.
13:37 No chapters and verses in those days
13:39 so somewhere in that scroll
13:40 somehow he opened to that portion exactly where he was
13:44 and he was reading and not understanding everything
13:46 that was going on,
13:47 but he was diligent and diligence is necessary.
13:51 We have to face it. We have to believe it.
13:53 Often times we open the Bible and wonder,
13:55 what is this mean?
13:56 What is God trying to say to me here?
13:58 Give Him time, compare scripture with scripture.
14:02 Think and pray and read and go back and pray
14:05 and read again until the Lord reveals
14:08 what He has in His mind and in His word for you.
14:10 The seeds of truth
14:11 you see had been planted in this man's heart,
14:14 but he needed the personal labor of Philip
14:18 the missionary to bring him further understanding
14:22 and to a final decision for Jesus Christ.
14:26 In a book called Acts of the Apostles
14:29 page 109, are these words "The angel sent Philip,
14:34 the angel sent to Philip could himself have done
14:37 the work for the Ethiopian."
14:39 Angel could have done it and done it much quicker.
14:42 "But this is not God's way of working.
14:45 It is His plan that men are to work for their fellow men."
14:49 Men meaning people are to work for their fellow people.
14:53 And then a very good book Evangelism page 438 says this
14:58 "Personal influence is a power."
15:02 Did you know that?
15:03 "Personal influence is a power."
15:05 God wants to utilize your uniqueness
15:08 in ministering to someone.
15:11 "The more direct our labor for our fellow-men,
15:15 the greater good will be accomplished."
15:19 It's a beautiful quote. Beautiful quote.
15:22 And then verse 29 in Acts Chapter 8
15:26 "Then the Spirit said to Philip,
15:28 'Go near, and overtake this chariot.'"
15:31 Go near and overtake this chariot.
15:34 That's amazing.
15:36 The Holy Spirit told Philip
15:38 to overtake the Ethiopians chariot.
15:41 First of all it's amazing that Philip was so in tune
15:44 with the Lord that he could understand
15:46 that it was the spirit and not just some inward urge
15:49 that was telling him to do this clearly,
15:50 overtake the chariot.
15:52 Now I don't know about you,
15:53 but I haven't overtaken there many chariots lately.
15:56 Now presumably the man must have been
15:58 at a slow gate for the horse or at least the slow trot
16:02 but that's quite the thing to overtake
16:04 and they are moving and I can see Philip
16:06 here running along side and the man's reading
16:09 and he's looking and he sees the guy
16:10 walking next to him there.
16:12 Aren't you glad that the Lord sends it just the right time?
16:16 Some person, some message,
16:19 some blessing to overtake us
16:21 and that's exactly what he did, he overtook this man.
16:25 How sad it is.
16:28 When individual spend their lives
16:30 trying to run away from God instead of turning around--
16:33 that's what repentance means,
16:35 to turnaround to choose a new direction
16:37 and running towards him
16:40 overtake the chariot and then verse 30.
16:43 Acts 8:30.
16:45 "So Philip ran to him, and heard him reading
16:49 the prophet Isaiah and said,
16:51 'Do you understand what you are reading?"'
16:55 The Ethiopian admitted, he didn't understand.
16:59 And he needed someone to explain
17:01 that difficult portion of the scripture for him.
17:05 And that same beautiful book Acts of Apostles
17:07 it summarizes it nicely so I'll read it, page 109."
17:11 This Ethiopian represented a large class
17:14 who need to be taught by such missionaries as Philip.
17:18 Men," men and women, "who will hear the voice of God
17:22 and go where He sends them."
17:24 Have you heard His voice?
17:26 Are you willing to go where He sends you?
17:29 Continuing the quote.
17:30 "There are many who are reading the Scriptures
17:33 who cannot understand their true import.
17:36 All over the world our men and women
17:38 looking wistfully to heaven
17:41 and praying to the Lord send help.
17:43 Prayers and tears and inquiries go up from souls
17:46 longing for light, for grace and for the Holy Spirit.
17:51 Many are on the verge of the kingdom,
17:53 waiting only to be gathered in."
17:57 On the verge of the kingdom, waiting only to be gathered in.
18:02 And so Philip did little jogging there
18:04 and he caught up and then we go to verse 31
18:06 and we'll read straight through to verse 34.
18:10 Acts 8:31 and he said
18:12 "How can I, unless someone guides me?
18:16 And he asked Philip to come up and sit with him.
18:19 The place in the Scriptures which he read was this.
18:22 'He was led as a sheep to the slaughter.
18:25 And as a lamb before its shearer is silent,
18:29 so he opened not His mouth.
18:31 In His immolation, His justice was taken away.
18:35 And who will declare His generation
18:38 for His life is taken from the earth.'
18:43 So the eunuch answered Philip and said,
18:47 'I ask you of whom does the prophet say this,
18:50 of himself or of some other man?'"
18:54 Who is he talking about?
18:55 What's going on? I don't understand.
18:57 The Ethiopian really needed to understand this prophecy, why?
19:01 Because it was a prophecy of the coming Messiah.
19:04 Who had already come.
19:06 Who had already died as a sacrifice.
19:08 The suffering servant sent for my sins
19:11 and for your sins and for the sins of the world,
19:14 all these questions running around in this mans mind,
19:18 it began to be answered from this point in the story
19:22 that which was the desire of his heart.
19:24 Philip came to unfold.
19:26 And verse 35 we read "Then Philip opened his mouth,
19:31 and beginning at this scripture preached Jesus to him."
19:36 Beginning right where the man was
19:38 he preached Jesus to him.
19:40 You know, that's the type of Christian that I want to be.
19:43 That's the type of Christian I hope that you want to be
19:46 that wherever a person is in their experience
19:48 that we will be so familiar with God's word
19:51 that spirit will bring it back to our memory
19:54 and we'll be able to go right their
19:55 and up open the word and unfold it to them
19:58 right where they are at.
19:59 And beginning with that scripture,
20:01 Philip began sharing God's word from that text
20:05 which the Ethiopian had been reading and trying so hard
20:08 and praying so fervently to understand.
20:11 We need to begin where the people are at.
20:14 No matter what point we may begin at,
20:16 it's interesting for the Christian
20:17 for the one who loves the Lord.
20:19 Wherever you begin it always comes back to the same place,
20:22 Jesus the center focus of God's word.
20:26 He is the center of the Bible and the center of all truth.
20:30 No wondered He said of Himself I am the way,
20:33 the truth and the life.
20:35 And so here's Philip explaining to this man
20:38 what the scripture means and what's going on in here
20:41 and the man-- I can only imagine
20:44 was thrilled in his heart as the meaning
20:47 and the understanding of the word came forth
20:49 and you mean this Jesus of Nazareth.
20:52 He is the one and he already came
20:53 and you are one of His followers,
20:55 you are, you are wow.
20:57 And how did you say you came here?
20:59 An angel of the Lord told me in answered to your prayer.
21:01 Can you imagine what he must have felt like to know?
21:06 We can experience similar things in our life
21:08 and many times we have but sometimes
21:12 we don't have these earth shattering experiences
21:15 that say, wow, what a miracle God has worked for me
21:18 or may be we're just too blinded
21:19 for one reason or another
21:21 to realize what God has done for us.
21:23 But you know, we'll understand it better
21:25 by and by as the song says, we'll indeed.
21:29 And in verse 36 of the same chapter,
21:32 "Now as they went down the road,
21:34 they came to some water.
21:36 And the eunuch said, 'See, or look here is water.
21:41 What hinders me from being baptized?'"
21:44 Look, here is water what hinders me
21:48 from being baptized?
21:50 Now those words for an evangelist.
21:52 Those words for a pastor, for a minister,
21:55 certainly are exciting.
21:57 But those words for any Christian
21:59 can be some of the most exciting words
22:02 you ever experience in your life.
22:03 If you've never had that experience
22:06 of working with someone and being a part of the process
22:09 that leads to their making a decision for Christ,
22:12 you have missed out on a large portion.
22:15 I'm not even gonna put a percentage on it.
22:16 A large portion of what it means to be a Christian
22:20 and the joy of Jesus.
22:22 Just to see someone say, and to see the lights dawn
22:25 as it were to come on in their heart and to say,
22:27 yes, this is what I want.
22:29 Most recently at the church that I am pastoring
22:34 we had a family who came from Japan
22:37 and they came from Japan to seek
22:40 a little bit more extra help if there is anything else
22:42 it can be done or could be done
22:44 for they are very young daughter 29-years-old
22:47 and with terminal cancer, bone cancer.
22:50 They've been giving up.
22:52 In Japan they were told matter of days
22:55 and they actually through a serious of miracles
22:57 were able to actually fly her to the States
23:00 almost like escaping from the hospital
23:03 and fly her to the States,
23:04 she was able to get treatment at major hospital
23:07 and was there in the States getting this treatment
23:11 for three months.
23:12 She did eventually pass away but not before
23:15 she was brought into contact with people from the church
23:19 including my wife and I and many other church members
23:22 from her own lip she said, I want to go to church,
23:25 not a Christian but I want to go to church.
23:28 And so they brought her in the wheelchair
23:30 with the oxygen tank to church and I though
23:33 there are some people who have no physical ailment,
23:35 they are just too lazy to get out of bed
23:37 to come to church.
23:38 But here was this girl, I mean,
23:40 a choir exhausting for her who came to church
23:43 and sat there within ear short of the Word of God.
23:47 And to make the long story short, short.
23:50 She did pass away but the family said
23:54 they wanted to have her funeral at the church,
23:57 a Christian memorial service before taking her remains,
24:00 cremated remains back to Japan.
24:03 And again I had the privilege of taking part in that.
24:05 And right after the memorial service
24:08 and a very small reception
24:10 for the 50 years old people who had come.
24:13 Her older brother turned to me and said,
24:15 turned to one of the members and said
24:17 I want to be baptized.
24:20 Oh, what a thrill to know that here was a man
24:23 who has never studied the Bible
24:25 yet except for the few messages he has heard at church
24:28 in the sermon and he wants to be baptized.
24:31 Can you imagine the thrill that Philip felt
24:33 when he said, hey, wait, wait, stop, stop here is water.
24:37 Who wants to prevent me from being baptized?
24:39 And then Philip told him,
24:41 if you believe with all your heart, you may.
24:45 So the chariot stops right there in the row.
24:49 They step down of the chariot,
24:51 they head down toward whatever body of water that was.
24:55 And in the scripture it's very interesting
24:57 as you read that they went down into the water,
24:59 Philip baptized him and he says,
25:01 and he came up out of the water
25:02 which we could go into but we have no time.
25:05 True Biblical baptism.
25:09 They went down to the water together
25:11 and here is this man going down into the water
25:15 as a gentile one who was unknown
25:17 and uncared for by the people who were considered
25:20 the children of God and as he comes up he's a new man.
25:24 And not only is he a new man,
25:26 but he's a new creation in Jesus Christ
25:30 with a new life, with new purpose.
25:35 What an exciting thing?
25:36 He didn't may be realize it at the time
25:38 but he also came up out of that water
25:40 as a new missionary.
25:42 And he went back home to the court of that queen
25:45 as the first Christian there,
25:47 the first that I can find reference to.
25:49 Back to that court to tell what great things
25:52 God had done for him.
25:54 And we know today there are a lot of Christians
25:56 in Ethiopia and I wonder
25:58 if you trace the roots far back enough,
26:00 how much of that began with this eunuch,
26:03 this in the eyes of some insignificant person.
26:07 But a person who was significant to God
26:09 and whom God reached out and touched,
26:12 whom God had a special purpose for
26:14 just as He has for you, just as He has for me
26:17 and that purpose unfolds
26:19 as we are about the father's business.
26:22 And Philip, what if he had made excuses?
26:24 Go down to the road from Gaza,
26:26 I mean, that's a desert road, its hot down there,
26:28 there are thieves that I could get mugged.
26:30 What's not down there?
26:31 All the people are here in Jerusalem,
26:33 why should I go down to such a deserted place?
26:37 There's nobody down there.
26:39 There's no people down there, I could get mug down there.
26:41 There are thieves on that road, its famous for that.
26:44 But none of these excuses did he make?
26:46 He listened to what the angel told him.
26:49 He listened to the prompting that the Holy Spirit
26:51 and he moved on that prompting.
26:54 And I am very, very happy that he did that Ethiopian
26:58 was very, very happy that he did
27:00 and no doubt became a very powerful witness
27:04 for the Lord back in Ethiopia.
27:06 Now someone today, perhaps yourself,
27:10 is on a desert road and heading downhill
27:13 in the opposite direction of the Lord.
27:15 Your life is dry and you're thirsting for God
27:19 whether you realize it or not.
27:21 Today could be your opportunity to make that decision to come
27:25 all the way over on the Lord side
27:27 to make that decision for baptism, yes.
27:31 Is He calling you? Has He been calling you?
27:34 Look, here is water.
27:36 Look, now is the time to make this decision
27:38 for your good, for the good of others
27:42 because the Lord is the one who does the calling.
27:44 The Lord is the one who sends and who does the whole thing.
27:48 Don't put it off.
27:49 Turn your life over to Him and may God bless you
27:53 and keep you in His name.


Revised 2014-12-17