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00:30 Hello and welcome again to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is Pastor Mark Duarte and our message today
00:37 is entitled "Little Big Man," nothing to do with the film.
00:41 Before we begin would you join me for a word of prayer?
00:45 Heavenly Father, we thank You so much
00:48 for the freedom that we have to study Your word,
00:52 to own a copy of Your word, to pray and to seek You
00:57 without surrounding persecutions for the most part.
01:00 We thank You God that You send Your Holy Spirit
01:03 to help us to understand the things in Your word.
01:06 And as we study it today
01:08 we pray that we may not only understand
01:10 but that it may become and living an active part
01:13 of each of our lives.
01:14 For we ask it in Jesus name, amen.
01:19 Don't you think it's hard to like "mean people."
01:23 Yeah, dishonest people at best make you uncomfortable.
01:29 People who're in the habit of using foul language
01:32 they are very unpleasant to be around.
01:36 Selfish people, they tend to drain ones energy.
01:41 And people who abuse or control
01:45 or manipulate others often have very few friends
01:48 unless their friends are just like them.
01:50 Well, you know, there was a man in the Bible
01:53 whose name was Zacchaeus,
01:54 who was probably a little of all the above.
01:58 You'd to be that type of person
02:01 really to be a tax collector in that day.
02:05 Really you had to sell out if you were a Jew
02:07 and a tax collector.
02:09 You had to sell out in your culture
02:10 and to much extent your faith in God
02:14 as a practicing Jew and a practitioner of Judaism,
02:18 to join the forces of the occupying Roman Empire
02:22 and be a collector of taxes for them.
02:26 Now, there may be someone who's watching
02:28 who works in a tax office or does something like that
02:31 but even you know,
02:32 people are not really excited about taxes,
02:35 paying them or having to pay or to do or so forth.
02:38 Well, it wasn't any different in those days,
02:40 perhaps, even worse
02:41 because Roman armies could come through
02:43 and in whole district to collect taxes fore seizure
02:46 and you had to give, you had to pay or else--
02:50 And the "or else" had lot more to do
02:52 then a court case and making extension
02:54 as we sometimes do with our income taxes
02:57 it had to do with--
02:59 and the story we want to look at today is
03:01 found in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 19.
03:05 And there through--
03:07 all the way through the tenth verse is that
03:09 but we want to begin by reading the 1st verse
03:11 of Luke Chapter 19 and it says,
03:15 "Then Jesus entered and passed through Jericho."
03:22 "Jericho" does that sound familiar to you?
03:27 Seems to me there was a town way back
03:29 and there is a song
03:30 "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho."
03:32 Yeah, he did fight it.
03:33 And that's the same name and really Joshua is too
03:38 because you see Joshua was the Old Testament
03:40 or Hebrew version of the name Jesus
03:44 which comes through the Greek.
03:46 But first Joshua fought a battle
03:48 and walls came tumbling down.
03:51 He had walls to deal with.
03:53 The second Joshua, the second Jesus if you will,
03:56 also had a battle of walls to fight.
04:00 There were walls that had to be brought down in His day.
04:03 Both of them had a connection with the Jericho,
04:05 town by the same name.
04:07 Both Jesus and Joshua and you know,
04:10 Christians today have to do--
04:12 have to deal with some of those same walls.
04:14 We're not talking about stone or brick walls,
04:17 we're talking about walls that have to do that are being built
04:21 and that are set up in human hearts.
04:23 Walls of things like prejudice, walls of racism,
04:28 fear, hatred, anxiety, walls of spiritual darkness.
04:34 But when the love of God surrounds people,
04:38 when Jesus entered
04:40 just as Joshua and the children of Israel
04:42 went round and round
04:43 until the walls came tumbling down.
04:45 When Jesus entered the town as Jesus in this story
04:48 pass through Jericho walls come down.
04:52 What kind of walls are you talking about?
04:54 Well, some of the ones I just mentioned
04:55 as we'll see as the story proceeds.
04:57 Jesus will bring down personal walls of sin
05:02 that stand between us,
05:04 between Him, between our friends,
05:07 our family members, our loved ones, our children,
05:09 our parents back and forth, walls,
05:11 you see that's the devils strategy.
05:14 Build walls between people,
05:16 break and cut and harm those relationships
05:18 and especially build walls between people and God.
05:23 Verse 2 of Luke Chapter 19.
05:27 We read these words Luke 19:2, "Now behold,
05:31 there was a man named Zacchaeus
05:34 who was a chief tax collector, and he was rich."
05:41 Zacchaeus was not only a tax collector,
05:44 he was chief tax collector.
05:47 Now, none of us lived back in that time
05:49 and the best we can do is
05:51 whatever is recorded in history or in biblical commentators
05:54 and so forth we kind of put together the picture
05:56 but being a tax collector if that wasn't bad enough
05:59 for being the chief tax collector
06:01 he wasn't even able to make an excise to his fellow Jews,
06:04 "well, do you see they make me do it."
06:05 You are the chief, how can they make you do that?
06:07 And not only wasn't the chief he was a rich
06:10 as a result of being a chief tax collector.
06:15 Where did all that money come from?
06:17 From cheating.
06:19 Remember earlier we talked about the uncomfortableness
06:22 we have around dishonest people.
06:24 I mean would you lend your car and give the keys to someone
06:27 that you know is a dishonest person
06:30 and that you know has a history of car theft.
06:33 Well, you'd have to have some pretty
06:35 interesting circumstances to do that.
06:37 But then normally we wouldn't. Would we?
06:40 Chief tax collector,
06:41 he had the authority of Rome and the power of Rome,
06:45 the Roman Empire which rule that part of the world
06:48 at that time in history.
06:49 People knew who Zacchaeus was.
06:52 He had the things
06:54 really that so many people are spending the time
06:56 and their effort even going through
06:59 years of difficult studying college
07:01 to get a name and a degree
07:02 so that they can have a position
07:04 which enables them to financially have those things
07:09 which Zacchaeus had all of them.
07:12 The money, the power, the influence, the prestige--
07:16 yeah, there's a lot of people didn't like him.
07:17 But "hey, who cares about them
07:18 I'm in Flynn with the good group."
07:21 Is that the purpose that some have in life?
07:23 Well, if it is then you probably just like Zacchaeus.
07:27 All of the outside stuff was there
07:29 but the heart was empty.
07:32 The heart was empty and cold.
07:35 Some persons may feel that they're too intelligent
07:38 or I'm satisfied, no thank you
07:41 I don't need God or may be you may feel that
07:44 you're a kind of chief sinner in your own way--
07:49 a chief sinner.
07:50 We may feel that we are too bad to save,
07:54 how is it possible?
07:55 But even Paul was saved
07:59 and even he considering rightly in his own way
08:02 had something interesting to say
08:04 which we find in the letter of Timothy.
08:07 First Timothy and in 1 Timothy letter 1:15,
08:12 Paul says this,
08:14 "This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance,
08:18 that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,
08:21 of whom I am chief."
08:27 "Chief of sinners though I be, Jesus shed His blood for me,"
08:33 one hymn says.
08:35 Well, Zacchaeus, he may have known he was a sinner
08:38 but there was some stifled conviction there,
08:40 some conscience in the background
08:42 on a back shelves.
08:43 He became rich at the expense of others
08:45 and continued to do so.
08:47 You see, riches are not a bad thing.
08:50 It is God the Bible says who gives power to get wealth.
08:54 And but He gives power to get wealth
08:56 rightly not at the expense of others.
08:59 So there's nothing evil about being rich,
09:01 the Bible says that it is the love of money
09:04 that becomes a problem.
09:05 And that's in the same book that we just read from
09:08 over there in 1 Timothy.
09:10 Only now, we want to look at chapter 6:10 of chapter 6,
09:15 we find these words,
09:16 "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,
09:22 for which some have strayed from the faith
09:24 in their greediness,
09:26 and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."
09:31 You see, riches those of us
09:33 who don't have it may look appealing
09:36 and if I could only be like that,
09:38 if I could only have what they have then I would be happy.
09:41 And of course, I'd give a lot to the church too.
09:43 Would you? I've often has to be--
09:46 Just the other day one of my own son said,
09:48 "What would you do if you won the state lottery?"
09:50 I said, well, first of all I wouldn't
09:52 play the state lottery.
09:53 "Well, what if you did?
09:54 What if somebody gave you, you find a ticket
09:55 and you won, what would you do with the money?"
09:58 And I said, "well, you know,
09:59 I don't know have to think about that."
10:01 That is money that in some respects as ill-gotten gained,
10:05 is it really mine?
10:07 How would I use it, how would you use it?
10:08 But that's beside the point.
10:10 This man knew what he did with his own money
10:13 and he became rich on that and really the plight,
10:17 the problem of the so called advanced modern society toady
10:22 the society that you and I were part of
10:24 is we think we are rich and increased with goods
10:27 as it says in Revelation 3:17.
10:32 And let's read that together. Revelation 3:17.
10:36 "Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy,
10:40 and have need of nothing'
10:42 and do not know that you are wretched,
10:44 miserable, poor, blind, and naked."
10:50 Wow. What a commentary?
10:52 Think about that,
10:53 you think you are rich and have need of nothing,
10:55 no thank you I'm satisfied,
10:57 I don't get-- need to check that right
10:58 you one out one spiritually in the same way.
11:01 Spiritually the same it says,
11:03 you've become wealthy and have need of nothing.
11:06 How many of us only need drive a few miles
11:09 to find a bookstore with Christian literature,
11:12 Christian museum or if it's too far away you can go online
11:15 and just search up one of the websites
11:18 that sells all kinds of interesting thing.
11:20 Right at the fingertips free,
11:22 I myself I own several version of Bible maybe too many.
11:26 We have all of this wealth
11:27 and we have sermons and we have broadcasts like this,
11:30 we have radio, we have television
11:32 so many other things.
11:33 A wealth of spiritual things
11:35 and yet had they made a difference?
11:39 Had they made a difference?
11:40 It's not just the physical in which
11:43 this society considers itself to be rich
11:47 but often times even in the spiritual
11:50 and thinking that riches are found
11:52 in the form of these very strange
11:54 and exotic type religions and philosophies
11:56 but it says without really knowing that you are wretched,
12:00 pitiful, miserable, blind and naked all of these
12:04 and then he counsels them to buy the gold,
12:06 tried in the fire, all those good things
12:08 which will change the situation for that person.
12:11 But we need to go back to Luke now
12:12 and look at verse 3 of chapter 19, verse 3,
12:18 "And he sought to see who Jesus was,
12:20 but could not because of the crowd,
12:24 for he was of short stature."
12:28 Zacchaeus became famous in the history of the Bible
12:32 and Christianity for being the short guy.
12:35 He was a big shot in his work and in the eyes of his cohorts
12:40 but really spiritually he was a midget
12:43 and thus the title "Little Big Man."
12:49 There are many big people who are spiritual midgets,
12:54 their growth has been stunted so they can't see Christ
12:58 but whoever wants to see Christ can't see Him.
13:02 It's often the case as we read in this scripture
13:04 that those who want to see Christ
13:06 and have the desire to see Him
13:08 and to understand are prevented
13:10 from seeing Him because of the crowd.
13:13 The crowd, what's the crowd? It's a group of people.
13:15 People, sometimes even those closest to us
13:19 get in the way unknowingly sometimes
13:22 and block our sight and block our experience
13:27 and if that is your experience take courage, friend.
13:30 Look at the experience of Zacchaeus and don't give up.
13:35 Don't give up, lets go on
13:36 and read verse 4 of the same chapter Luke 19:4,
13:41 "So he ran ahead and climbed
13:43 into a sycamore tree to see Him,
13:46 for He was going to pass the way."
13:49 Zacchaeus, you see, ran ahead of the crowd.
13:52 He didn't run with the crowd,
13:54 in fact, crowd wasn't running
13:55 they were walking taking their sweet time
13:57 it was difficult to Jesus to,
13:59 for Jesus to pass through some of the villages
14:01 because so many people would come to hear him.
14:03 Sometimes the Bible says,
14:05 He couldn't even enter the village.
14:06 They came outside because the crowds were so large.
14:08 So as they're gradually
14:10 and slowly making their way along Zacchaeus says,
14:13 "I want to see Him and I see the crowd
14:15 where people standing there and looking."
14:16 And he comes up, "excuse me"
14:17 and they're looking see who it is
14:18 and moved shoulder to shoulder and he comes on the other side
14:20 and he tried to look through the legs
14:22 and they close those up.
14:25 No where they're gonna let him see,
14:26 "this tax collector, this chief tax collector."
14:29 And they're in the crowd Jesus is walking in the middle
14:32 and over the heads of the others
14:33 you see Zacchaeus perhaps,
14:34 jumping up and down trying to see,
14:36 it didn't work because of the crowd.
14:39 So it says he went ahead of the crowd, smart move.
14:45 "And he climbed a sycamore tree."
14:48 Now, if you ever climbed a tree
14:50 you know there are certain things that you have to do
14:52 and there are certain things that you never do.
14:54 What you have to do is drop what you are holding.
14:57 You need both hands to climb a tree.
14:59 So, he had to have his free
15:01 in order to climb to get a higher more,
15:04 a loftier view to see Jesus.
15:06 There is meaning there.
15:08 And some of things that you never do in climbing a tree,
15:11 ladies will know about that,
15:13 you don't climb a tree wearing a skirt.
15:16 Well, in these days there were robes, did he care?
15:20 Obviously not.
15:21 He was not self conscious he only had one focus,
15:24 one desire, one thing that was totally consuming him,
15:28 "I've got to see who this Jesus is."
15:31 Because he realized the emptiness in his heart
15:34 nothing else had satisfied him, "could it be the rumors
15:37 that I've heard about this man, could it be?"
15:39 You know I believe Jesus went through
15:41 Jericho that day specifically and just for Zacchaeus.
15:47 You read the story,
15:48 after that happened next place just for Zacchaeus
15:52 that's how important you and I are.
15:54 I mean when we look at ourselves
15:56 if you looked at your finger prints
15:57 recently put something black
16:00 and your read and put it on the paper
16:02 and look at that and realize
16:04 there's nobody else in the world
16:05 who has that finger print.
16:07 Just as unique or even more unique than a snowflake.
16:12 We are unique and we are special to God whoever we are.
16:17 And so Zacchaeus climbs this tree
16:18 goes out on a limb so to speak, he had to have a higher view.
16:23 He left the low lands of earth to beaten track
16:25 where everybody else was
16:26 and he had to climb in order to see
16:29 and we, you and I, we need higher goals,
16:32 a higher standard, higher expectations
16:35 if we would have a clearer view of Jesus.
16:37 Does the Bible say that?
16:39 Well, lets look and see in Colossians 3,
16:43 Paul's letter to the Colossians in chapter 3 of that book
16:47 and we want to read verses 1, 2 of Colossians 3
16:51 and I'm turning there in my Bible Colossians 3:1, 2.
16:57 "If then you were raised with Christ,
17:00 seek those things which are above,
17:02 where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.
17:05 Set your mind on things above, not on things on earth.
17:09 For you died and your life is hidden with God in Christ,
17:13 with Christ in God."
17:15 Set your mind on things above,
17:18 things above and that's what Zacchaeus said he got up
17:21 and so here he is in this tree
17:22 and I see the crowd coming towards Him.
17:24 There slowly painstakingly making way
17:27 and He is looking and He says,
17:28 "okay, oh, there that looks like
17:29 the center of the group there
17:31 and that must be Jesus, that's got to be Him.
17:34 Yeah, I'm sure that's Him."
17:36 And then scattered through out there
17:38 kind of in the inner circle are the disciples of the Christ
17:41 and the group continues to move forward
17:43 and continues to move forward and he realizes,
17:46 "wow, do I have a front row seat, nobody even knows
17:49 I'm up here all the others-- hey, I'm pretty smart, ain't I?
17:53 Up here in this tree."
17:54 And the crowd continues to move and move
17:56 and all of a sudden they stop right under the tree.
18:00 And then He thinks, "wow, may be He's gonna preach now.
18:04 Not only do I have an excellent view
18:06 I can hear perfectly up here."
18:08 And the crowd stops and the people are wondering
18:10 what's going on perhaps,
18:11 they're even wondering is Jesus going to preach now.
18:14 And suddenly something almost horrifying happens
18:18 the Lord turns His gaze upwards into the tree.
18:22 Now, have you ever done that little thing in public
18:24 where you know on a crowded street you stand there
18:26 and you look up and just wondering
18:28 how many other people are gonna pass by
18:29 and look at you and look up
18:31 and see what you're looking at up there.
18:32 You ever done that?
18:33 Or have you seen someone else looking up
18:35 and you look up to see what they're looking at?
18:38 Normally all the gaze turns up
18:40 and there is Zacchaeus in the tree.
18:43 This chief tax collector,
18:45 this rich man with the authority
18:47 of Rome sitting up in the tree
18:49 and if I were him I would have immediately checked my robe
18:52 be sure the thing is closed and the Lord looks up at him
18:56 and they make eye contact,
18:59 "He's looking at me. He's looking at me."
19:02 Well, lets go on and read verse 5 of Luke Chapter 19.
19:07 "And when Jesus came to the place,
19:09 He looked up and saw him and said to him,
19:12 'Zacchaeus, make haste and come down,
19:16 for today I must stay at your house.'"
19:20 I almost hear Jesus looking at this curious short man
19:25 sitting up in the tree and He Says,
19:27 "Zacchaeus" how do you his name? Interesting.
19:32 That's why I believe He came there
19:34 especially for "Zacchaeus, make haste, hurry up
19:38 and come down because today
19:40 I just have to stay at your house."
19:42 I mean, "hey, you are a character
19:44 but you are really a character.
19:46 Come down and I must stay at your house.
19:48 In the midst of all of those people."
19:50 Jesus knows Zacchaeus was on that tree.
19:53 And He longed for a better life and for peace of mind
19:57 Jesus knew what was in his heart.
19:59 And when Jesus stopped in that spot it was no accident
20:03 I don't believe in accidents, in fate and blind chants.
20:07 The Lord is guiding in the affairs of this world
20:11 and what may seem like chance to us like,
20:13 "whoa, how could God would have known about that?
20:15 What about this?" Things that He allows, definitely.
20:18 Things that He works most definitely.
20:21 All things work together for the good to them that love Him
20:24 and who're called accordingly His purpose
20:26 the scriptures tell us.
20:27 So, Jesus stopping under that tree was not an accident
20:31 it was for the saving of Zacchaeus
20:33 and for his house and Jesus said
20:35 "I must stay at your house today,
20:38 not tomorrow, not next week but today."
20:41 And you know, from that moment on
20:43 Jesus had a place in Zacchaeus's heart
20:47 and in Zacchaeus's home forever more.
20:51 He began on that day a new walk becoming a new man
20:56 and He wants to come into all of our homes
20:59 and in all of our hearts too.
21:02 Just think for a moment whatever problems
21:05 you may be having in your life
21:07 or in your home whatever challenges,
21:08 a spouse, a child or someone else,
21:11 have you asked the Lord to take that problem?
21:13 Have you asked for His guidance?
21:15 And if you have asked Him to show,
21:16 what percent of the problem is being caused by yourself
21:20 and how you can make a difference?
21:23 I remember vaguely a story of a wife
21:26 who was in tears talking to a minister about her husband
21:29 who was a big problem and abuser in the home
21:32 and wishing that she had a new husband.
21:35 And the preacher saying something to the fact,
21:37 well, the best way to have a new husband
21:38 is to give him a new wife.
21:41 Makes a lot of sense or vice versa
21:43 the best way to have a new wife is to give her a new husband.
21:48 Revelation 3:20, we read these
21:51 very, very important words in Revelation 3:20.
21:57 Words of Jesus and He says,
22:01 "Behold or look I stand at the door and knock.
22:05 If any one hears My voice and opens the door,
22:09 I will come in to him, and dine with him,
22:13 and he with Me."
22:17 Have you heard the voice? The knock at the door.
22:20 Have you opened the door?
22:21 "I must stay at your house today" Jesus said.
22:24 And going on in Luke 19:6.
22:27 "So he" that is Zacchaeus,
22:28 "he made haste and came down, and received Him joyfully."
22:33 You see, it's important to do what the Lord says
22:36 when He says to do it, "make haste and come down."
22:38 "Well, not with all these people watching here."
22:40 "Hurry up and come down there."
22:42 He made haste and came down and received Him joyfully.
22:45 There is a difference happening being born in his life.
22:49 Being in the tree and then being called down was certainly
22:51 some what of a humbling experience for Zacchaeus
22:54 but he received Jesus gladly and with joy,
22:57 the joy that is only born
22:59 from knowing personally who Jesus is.
23:03 And from walking from and knowing
23:04 what He does in each of our lives.
23:07 A few minutes earlier
23:08 he had been the most miserable man in town--
23:12 where Jesus is, there is joy.
23:15 And so I ask you sincerely have you received Jesus?
23:20 Have you taken His invitation knocking at the door
23:24 and have you opened the door,
23:25 one artist drew-- painted a picture of Christ
23:29 standing at the door and knocking
23:31 you may remember you may have seen it.
23:33 And there is a doorknob only on the inside of the door,
23:36 no doorknob on the outside.
23:37 He doesn't come in,
23:38 have an interesting thing in the culture of Japan
23:41 which is perfectly normal.
23:43 If you leave your door unlocked
23:45 because in the old days most doors
23:46 there were sliding doors took a little getting used to it
23:50 in my time of living there in Japan
23:52 I used to warn the voluntary missionaries
23:54 who came in, be sure you lock your door. Why?
23:57 Japan is not a dangerous country, is it?
24:00 And I say, well, it's not what I'm talking about
24:03 because the custom is to open the door step in
24:06 and then announce that you are there saying,
24:07 excuse me please in Japanese.
24:09 Knocking, no knocking just walking in and 'gomen kudasai'
24:13 they say in Japanese very polite.
24:15 But if you happen to be in a straight line of sight there
24:18 and partial undress you got an interesting situation.
24:24 So you keep the door locked
24:26 but you have to open the door here in America,
24:29 don't we when someone knocks
24:30 and let them in or keep it chained for somebody
24:33 they don't but don't chain the door,
24:35 don't chain the door when Christ is knocking
24:37 open it and let Him in.
24:39 And verse 7 goes on to say Luke 19:7,
24:43 "But when they," that is the crowd the people,
24:45 "when they saw it, they all complained, saying,
24:48 'He has gone to be a guest of a man who is a sinner.'"
24:52 You know, that one verse right there is a gospel in miniature.
24:56 He has gone to be the guest of a man who is a sinner?
25:00 That's good news, thank God
25:02 that He goes to be the guest of people men and women
25:05 who are sinners if not what hope would we have.
25:08 What hope would we have?
25:10 And then verse 8,
25:12 "Then Zacchaeus stood and said to Him,
25:14 'Lord, look, I give half of my goods to the poor
25:16 and if I have taken anything from anyone
25:18 by false accusation, I restore fourfold.'"
25:23 And we should go on to read also in verses 9 and 10
25:27 "And Jesus said to him,
25:28 'Today salvation has come to this house,
25:32 because he also is a son of Abraham
25:34 for the Son of Man has come to seek
25:36 and save that which was lost.'"
25:41 True repentance and true conversation
25:46 happened in Zacchaeus's life.
25:48 What's the evidence of that?
25:49 What he said, if I have defrauded anyone
25:52 I restore to Him
25:53 and not just once but several times over
25:55 and if I have taken anything by that you know--
25:57 he made the wrongs right showing that he had repented.
26:02 Of course, the people no doubt
26:04 were very, very happy about that.
26:05 And I can see the Lord standing
26:07 with a very pleasant smile on His face
26:09 seeing once again the grace of God at work
26:12 in this man's life.
26:14 And then finally what He said there,
26:16 the people were still--
26:17 he's going to be guest of a man who say,
26:18 He said "salvation has come to this house
26:21 for he too is a Son of Abraham."
26:24 And what we read in verse 10 earlier,
26:26 the Son of Man has come to seek
26:30 and to save that which was lost.
26:35 Interesting words that Jesus did not say
26:38 He came to save that which is lost but that which was.
26:43 In the case of Zacchaeus before Christ entered the town
26:47 he was a lost man without a hope in this life
26:50 or without a hope for the next
26:52 but when Jesus did pass,
26:54 when Jesus did come and call him down from the tree by name
26:59 and say I must go to your house.
27:01 Didn't He even preach just I must to go to your--
27:03 I mean you're not embarrassed to spend time with me?
27:06 No. You love me that much? Yes.
27:09 You care about me that much? Hmm.
27:12 I'm a new man and he was a new man
27:15 and no longer was he lost
27:17 but he was saved that which was lost.
27:21 Zacchaeus experience has been the experience of people
27:24 throughout history for thousands of years
27:27 and it can be your experience and my experience.
27:31 Wherever we are at this moment doesn't have to remain the same
27:34 if we're separated from God.
27:37 We don't have to climb trees to do it.
27:39 All we need to do is to say,
27:40 "Lord, here I am would You come into my heart, into my house?"
27:46 And you know, He will.
27:48 And He will stay with you both now and for eternity.
27:52 Praise the Lord. And may God bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17